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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  January 22, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PST

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san jose suddenly experiencing an unusual rash of homicides. the city's already one third of the way toward its total from all of last year. more cars being pulled out of a canal in the central valley. they are providing some hope for those trying to find a missing 4-year-old. and an abrupt end to a controversial run to one of the host of cable network's hosts is suddenly gone. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm anne mackovic. >> i'm jim bernard, in to take a look at the gorgeous weather out there today. home of the america's cup is
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shining this morning. sunny skies, clear weather for the foreseeable future. we'll be warm and dry here. as you can see already across the golden gate, lots of blue skies. a little patchy fog in some of the inland valleys around sunrise, but that's burning off. we'll see temperatures warming into the mid to upper 60s today, a bit hazy at the beach, with a big swell running along the shoreline. we do have a high surf advisory up here due to the swell. other than that, that's about it. as we are going to continue high and dry here for the foreseeable future, those details will be coming your way in your complete forecast, here a little later on. >> surf, but no mavericks. thanks, jim. topping the news this morning, a gas leak caused by a car accident overnight in san jose forced the evacuation of several homes. at about 3:00 this morning, a car crashed into an outdoor gas meter near some businesses on second street, just south of downtown. the fire department confirmed
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the existence of a gas leak. 20 people were evacuated from four homes. this morning, a hazmat team determined that the houses were safe and the people living there were allowed back in. the car involved was empty when crews arrived. san jose police looking into yet another homicide. the city's seventh in just the first three weeks of the new year. that is more than one third of the total from all of last year in a city usually known for its low crime rates. the sjpd was called to an intersection on the east side at about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. they found a man who had been shot at story road and capital expressway. this morning, the santa clara count coroner's office identified the victim as 18- year-old hugo gutierrez. so far, no arrests in that killing. the crime investigation shut down the busy intersection during the evening commute. it didn't re-open until 1:00 this morning. city officials say the spike in homicides they have been seeing is likely an aberration and three of the seven homicides
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are part of the same case. >> i know that does seem like an unusually high number, but as far as whether it's a trend or not, i can't speculate on that. >> the city has just 20 homicides in all of last year, the lowest figure in about a decade. so far this year, the number of homicides is slightly more than in san francisco, which had more than double the murders of san jose last year. both of those cities and oakland are ahead of last year. bay area law enforcement agencies say they have busted a massive prostitution ring involving dozens of immigrant asian women. investigators say they raided 10 locations thursday in alameda, contra costa, and santa clara counties. they arrested 8 people accused of operating that ring. nine women were detained. investigators say they are poring over a mountain of evidence. >> the evidence that we saw yesterday was the kind of evidence you see in the movies,
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ledgers, cash, assets all of the paraphernalia associated with prostitution. >> investigators think the ring leaders brought dozens of women to the u.s. from taiwan and china. the women are now being given support services. those raids were the culmination of a year-long investigation initiated by the hayward police department. the teenager who says she was gang raped outside richmond high school has settled a civil case with the school district for a reported $4 million. attorneys tell the contra costa times says the deal means the girl will not have to go to trial or give depositions in the case, but prosecutors say they will be asked to testify in criminal cases dealing with that october 2009 attack. six people are facing trial. the girl will reportedly get $2.5 million up front and she'll get the rest over 40 years. the pipeline that blew up in san bruno last september had
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several cracks and defects in the wells that held it together. that revelation came from a federal report released last night. these are photos of segments of that pipe reviewed by the national transportation safety board. initially, pg&e had said the pipe was seamless. this report is the first in a series and doesn't identify the cause of the blast specifically. pg&e says it is implementing all of the ntsb recommendations to improve safety. well, today marks day five in the search for a northern california boy snatched from his grandmother's arms. sheriffs investigators are concentrating their search on a canal in the central valley. kit dough shows us what is being pulled from that water. >> reporter: from the depths of the delta canal, no news is good news. the fourth vehicle dragged out this week was not the getaway car. >> it is encouraging that we have not found the car. that leaves hope and possibility that our suspect could still be out there somewhere, our victim could still be out there alive
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somewhere. >> reporter: on tuesday, investigators say jose rodriguez kidnapped 4-year-old julianna kardinas, ripping him from his grandmother's arm. this is surveillance of the getaway car, a silver 2003 toyota corolla, captured moments before the alleged kidnapping. the canal has been the focus of the search ever since a farm worker saw a car matching the description with a man and boy inside disappear into the water. julianna is not the suspect's biological child. what's more, the boy's mother is eight months pregnant with the suspect's baby, but they broke up months ago. tabitha is still hopeful. >> i know jose is out there running around somewhere, or he's at somebody's house. but he's running out of money and he's running out of places to go. >> the aunt of an abducted child being found alive and well decrease dramatically, about 48 hours, 72 hours after the child is taken. >> reporter: former fbi
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profiler candace delong has experience with mentally ill criminals and paints a much darker picture. rodriguez has a violent criminal past and a history of hearing voices. he stopped using his credit card and cell phone, leaving no electronic trail since the alleged kidnapping. >> statistically, and the facts that we know about the abduction itself, how it went down, tell me the likelihood of this having a happy ending quickly is low. i hope i'm wrong. >> crews will continue searching that canal, while authorities discuss whether or not to discontinue the amber alert. talks with iran have collapsed with the country refusing to curb its nuclear program. during two days of negotiations in istanbul, iran demanded two things from the european union. to end a united nations sanction, and an agreement that tehran can continue to enrich uranium. the european union called those
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expectations unrealistic, and iran refused to let the u.n. better monitor its nuclear activities. talks broke down with no set date for another meeting. six western powers, including the u.s., make up the european union. president obama says he is determined to do all he can to spur the nation's economy. he told workers yesterday at a general electric plant in upstate new york that his administration's job is to ensure that businesses can take root and people can find good jobs. that's a tall order. the white house chose the ge plant because it had recently expanded and will play a central role in a trade deal with india. the president is also forming a new council, led by ge's ceo to advise him on the best way to create jobs and stay competitive with other countries. on wall street, the dow jones industrial average has now been in positive territory for eight straight weeks. the dow closed yesterday, up 49 points, closing at 11,871. analysts are watching to see if
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the dow can keep building on its eight-week streak, now that a seven-week streak for the s&p 500 has just come to an end. among key sectors, industrials, financials, and energy gained this week, while technology stocks slid. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is now in texas, where she's already started rehabilitation. doctors say her transfer from tucson to a houston rehab center yesterday was flawless. they say she has good movement on the left side of her body. the right side is where she's really challenged, because that is controlled by the left side of her brain, which is now damaged by that bullet wound. still, doctors are optimistic about her potential for progress. >> she looks spectacular and always from a neurological point of view first, she came into the icu and she was awake, alert, calm, looked comfortable. i think we were already feeling some interaction, which is
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important. >> giffords will stay at that rehab center in houston until she no longer needs 24-hour medical care. the average stay is one to two months. it is 20 minutes before 9:00 now, and more good news in the weather department. it's been picture perfect besides that fog. >> and that's even patchy here this morning, as we'll see clear skies out there again today. warmer temperatures, continuing high and dry through the week. looks like our midwinter break will stretch out to a month or better of dry weather for the region. we see patchy fog looking back at the bay this morning, giving way to mostly sunny skies throughout the area. i'll have the sizzling details, coming up next. and the countdown has reached zero for cable tv host keith observerman. what led to his abrupt sign-off of nbc's hit show. what federal budget cuts are doing to evers to save hangar 1. we'll be right back. ,
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a beautiful morning in the bay area. the last of a silicon valley hand lark might be thrown away. hangar 1 is already gutted
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because the walls contain asbestos and lead. in a couple of months, the corrugated windows will be torn off as well, because of potentially toxic sealing. the new republican-led house took millions of dollars in restoration funding for hangar 1, so the navy plans to send those materials to a landfill instead. nasa hopes to come up with the money to save them. hangar 1 was built in 1932 to house the uss macon, an air ship that was nearly 800 feet long. keith olbermann is now out at msnbc. he led the countdown program for nearly eight years. now he and management have agreed to end his contract, ending his final show last night. olbermann said he sometimes felt overwhelmed by controversy. >> there were many occasions particularly in the last two and a half years that all that surrounded the show, but never the show itself, was just too much. but your support and loyalty, if i may use the word encystens
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ultimately required that i keep going. >> countdown has been the top rated show on msnbc. the network is not commenting on why olbermann is leaving, but there are reports it's linked to olbermann's defiant response to his suspension last year after he gave money to democratic candidates. the waves are big enough this morning to prompt a high surf advisory off the coast. jim has more in a minute. but check this out. surf is up in hawaii as well. towering waves crashing oahu's northshore, waiting for the green light for the the eddie, named after hawaiian surfer eddie icao, only held when waves reach at least 40 feet. and around here, they are going to be getting pretty high. >> 20, 25 feet on the local beaches. we do have a high surf advisory
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up across the region as well, due to the building swells across the pacific. obviously it's affecting hawaii and weather wise, we'll continue high and dry with surf being the main story for the next couple of days. we take a look out at ocean beach and, yeah, we can see it. looks pretty small from this viewpoint. caution advised on the beaches here for the weekend, as, again, we do have a high surf advisory up for the region. clear skies likely to prevail, or expected to prevail through the day. a little patchy high cloud cover drifting across the region, and some of the inland valleys have patchy morning fog. we see a dense fog advisory continues along the i-5, mainly from sacramento south. they will be looking at early morning conditions, with the high surf advisory up for the coastline here. we'll expect the swell to continue through the day, with waves 15 to 20 feet, possibly
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higher. again, use caution if you're taking the dog for a walk out on the beach here today, as the seas will be a bit lumpy out there through the weekend. mavericks, not quite big enough for them, so they will hold off, waiting for a bigger event this winter, which is anybody's guess when that will happen. we'll look for mostly sunny conditions to continue across the region here, with a little patchy fog and a little high cloud cover, but certainly not going to interfere with all that sunshine out there, as temperatures peek out in the interior, upper 60s to low 70s. mid to upper 60s at the bay, even at the beach, looking at mid-60s once again, with just patchy cloud cover increasing through midweek at the shoreline with the storm track continuing to go by to our north as a result of this dominant high pressure system out here in the pacific. most of the rain has been into seattle and portland. they have been looking at minor flooding up there all week, while as you can see, california's barely picking up any clouds due to that blocking high pressure system. even that storm track is
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weakening this weekend. several more waves out there, so we continue to see storms marching across the pacific that are just going well to our north here. looks like that trend will continue for the next week, possibly two as we look at that patchy morning fog giving way to a warm week, as once again, we can expect rainfall totals to hold above 100% for most locations, but in a week of no rain, we've dropped 10% already in these totals here. if we extend that another week or two, we'll probably be down to near normal before the next round of rain arrives across the area here. between now and then, we'll look for warm temperatures to prevail under mostly sunny skies here. as we take a look at the seven- day forecast, we can see mid to upper 60s expected around the bay today, possible 70s in the interior valleys, and mostly clear skies. a few clouds here and there and fog developing through the week, but at this point, again, high and dry conditions will prevail right on into and
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through next weekend and actually next chance of rain is pushed way off about two weeks or better at this point. so that's a definite midwinter break here and looks like it's going to last. >> it has been really gorgeous. almost summer-like that when it starts to get dark early, it seems weird. >> i know. not much fog. >> thanks for that, jim. a school system in a financial crisis. why is the university of california approving millions of dollars in pay raises and other incentives? we'll have that story, coming up. first, here's tony t talking about africa. well, apricots are coming from chile, loaded with flavor, nutritional value, and for the winter, you can't beat that. their summer, our winter, and the summer fruits are coming in. let's talk selection. when you buy them this, is what you want to look for. orange on the outside, the better they are on the inside. a slight give to the touch. skin free from any shriveling and the less greening, the
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dusting off something from the archives, it was on this date in 1970, the first-ever regularly scheduled flight for a boeing 747. it was a pan american airline flight, a name from the past. the flight from new york to london did have some problems. it was delayed seven hours because of cargo loading issues. then a substitute 747 was brought in because the original had some engine problems as well. 747's, of course, still in use to this day. regents for the university of california met in san diego this week, facing the challenge of closing a billion dollar budget gap next year, but despite that, the uc system will offer more than $4 million in incentive pay to hundreds of employees. uc san francisco administrators
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will be rewarded with more than $40,000 for meeting performance goals. a uc spokesman argues that the university system must offer pay raises in order to remain competitive. this report follows an announcement that the system will turn away up to 30,000 qualified students over the next decade. in sports, the warriors found themselves 9 points behind the sacramento kings last night, with 3 minutes to play. then the rally began for golden state, after a turnover, ellis sends the ball to wright, capping off a run. ellis hit a tying jumper with less than a second remaining. the game went into overtime and the warriors beat the kings 119- 112 for their fourth straight win. on the ice in downtown san jose tonight, the sharks will try for their fourth straight win. face-off against the minnesota wild, 7:30 at the shark tank. college basketball, only two of the big local teams are
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at home today. santa clara hosts portland, and gonzaga at san francisco. st. mary's ranks 22 in the nation with a 17-2 record, ativan der built. san jose state is at hawaii. stanford's on the road at ucla. the cal bears are down in los angeles to face usc. another sign that silicon valley is taking over the world. the traditional snowball fight goes high tech. you'll see how, as weekend early edition continues. ,,
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my second diagnosis--
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we've got live shows going on tonight, if you're thinking of a night out on the town on this saturday. the old 97th will rock the fill more in san francisco at 9:00 tonight. hotel california, that's an eagles tribute band plays at the theater in antioch at 8:00 p.m. and if you're up for comedy, jay mohr performance tonight at 7:00 and 9:00 in downtown san jose. a snowball fight yesterday in an area you don't often see snowfall. >> in downtown tulsa, oklahoma, about 40 people met at high noon, brought together by notices on several social media websites. the event was all in good fun and it lasted about half an hour.
8:58 am
one 5-year-old boy used something called a snow chuck, a plastic device that looks like a giant ice cream scooper. anyway, it enabled quicker snowball formation and higher velocity. >> that might be cheating! won't call a 5-year-old boy out on that. finally, an unusual game delay at an australian open. >> before one of the matches, the girls dropped tennis balls onto the court and it didn't bounce. the ball stuck to the court. the problem? an air bubble. fills drilled holes into the surface to let the air out and underneath the court. [ laughter ] not much of a match going on there. >> ---- let the air out and subsequently, you can see the ball bounced just fine. the match is under way. >> and the crowd goes wild!
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we're taking off a bit early this morning. thanks for joining us ,,,,,,,,


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