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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  January 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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and i this morning oakland police investigating a first what prompted a school officer to open fire on a man outside a high school dance. plus the suspected arizona gunman faces a judge today the new push from prosecutors to move his trial. pockets of dense fog around the bay area, outside of that, will there be mostly sunny skycontinuation of this winter warm up your pinpoint forecast is straight ahead. >> construction to contend with, with your morning drive. i will tell you what areas to avoid coming right up. >> good morning, thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning back to work monday, january 24th, i am sydnie kohara > i am e less bit
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wenger. oakland police are investigating a deadly weekend shooting outside an off campus high school dance a police officer shot and killed a 20- year-old man saturday night the man was sitting with a woman in the car later discovered to have been stolen police say there was no known connection between the couple and the skyline high school dance going on at the joaquin miller community center. >> one of the occupants in the car tool a screw driver and stabbed one of our officers fortunately the officer was wearing a protective vest which saved him from serious injury, the other officer fired and hit one of the occupants. >> the man who was shot died at the scene the woman with him was not hurt. she was arrested for auto theft it was the first time in recent memory anyone could recall an oakland school officer being involved in a fatal shooting. a woman remains hospitalized with life threatening injuries after she was shot by daily city police
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officers were trying to pull her over near the cow palace saturday night when she hit a house and then backed her car into an officer. the police opened fire hitting her at least once, one male passenger was taken into custody the officer was not seriously injured. 4:32 a.m., divers and other workers using a drag line plan to resume their search tomorrow for the 4-year-old. they are taking a two day search that little boy was kidnapped last tuesday allegedly by his mothers boyfriend a witness told police a car matching the description of rodriguez's toyota corolla went into the channel, several cars have been pulled out, but none is the suspects car divers will resume their search farther down stream. the family of the missing boy has been holding a vigil overnight in hopes that his kidnapper will bring him home yesterday with help from
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volunteers the family passed out flyers with information about the kidnapping. san jose officials may try to get a judge to shut down a popular night club. the move to close club wet comes after a number of violent incidents the latest was new years eve when a woman was wounded in a fight and club staff refused to call police as she requested. the mercury news said they temporarily lost its entertainment license because of that incident. hundreds of people felt the south bay shake, a magnitude 3 earthquake at 11:12 p.m. the epicenterrer was a few miles east of san jose more than 150 people went to the u.s. geological survey's website to say they felt it but no reports of damage or injuries. arizona shooting suspect jared loughner set to be arraigned in court in phoenix today but they have filed a court request all future
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proceedingin tucson where the violence happened. all the victims and witnesses live in that area, six people were killed in a shooting rampage two weeks ago, 14 others were wounded including gabriel giffords who was shot in the head. >> meanwhile giffords condition is improving every day she remains in intensive care at a houston hospital because of build up of brain fluid. the doctors have inserted a temporary tube to drain the fluid, once doctors decide she is ready she will begin rehab in a nearby facility a member of giffords staff is now talking about the tragedy. >> i can't help but continue to see the shooter, rush past me, and shoot congress woman giffords and then he started spraying all of us with bullets i felt some contact with some body or something and it could well have been that the judge
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was trying to protect me if that is the case i am absolutely just devastated that his life might have been given to help me. >> the impact of the shooting and political aggression will be the hot topic of discussion tonight in san francisco a public affairs forum will be held at common wealth club, 6:00 p.m., register at commonwealth this morning people across the country are remembering fitness guru jack lalanne the san francisco native died at the age of 96 yesterday, at his home in morrow bay a big crowd turned out to celebrate his 95th birthday party johns grill san francisco. lalanne was a bodybuilder, television style and entrepreneur. sandra hughes looks at his remarkable life and legacy. >> my name is jack lalanne. >> reporter: he called himself the god father of fitness for
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the better part of a century that title stuck. >> out, in. >> reporter: jack lalanne opened his first gym in oakland california and was among the first to introduce weight lifting as part of a daily exercise routine. he became a household name in the 50s when his show hit the air waves. by then he had been working out for decades and he had the body to prove it which he did in a series of challenges that rivetted the country when he was 41 he swam handcuffed from alcatraz island to fisher man's war of in -- wharf in san francisco. he did it again at age 60 this time in shackles too pulling a thousand pound boat he set a world record for push ups, 1,033 in 23 minutes and made it his mission to get the rest of the country in shape >> i am going to get you in the best condition you have ever been in your entire life. >> reporter: by the 80s there were more than 200 jack lalanne
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health clubs the chain was sold to bally which later became bally total fitness. >> higher, one, two,. >> reporter: through it all americans flexed and stretched along with jack and his wife elaine as the show stayed on the year for more than 30 years as a pioneer in weight lifting he created promo types for gym equipment still used today. lalanne never stopped practicing what he preached his message was the same for young and old it is better to wear out than rust out. >> dying is easy, living is anathletic event you got the train for it. >> reporter: well into his 90s he worked out two hours a day often in his home pool in california swimming against a current. by then he had achieved his goal promoting exercise as the fountain of youth turning it into a way of life for millions of americans. >> ♪ let's say goodbye >> reporter: sandra hughes, cbs news los angeles.
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and john's grill paid tribute to their favorite customer last night in san francisco they placed his favorite salad at his favorite booth. there it is a shrimp spin niche avocado dressing created just for jack lalanne. >> breaking news a body has been found inside a burning car in san francisco, the car was found at webster street and grove street just after 2:30 a.m., a firefighter found the body inside no word how it started. we do know that car fire is now out, we have a reporter on the scene gathering information right now and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it in. 4:38 a.m. a quick look at weather and traffic before you head out the door this morning or at least start brushing your teeth good morning it was a beautiful weekend. >> it was a fantastic weekend
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and the weather certainly delivered and it is expected to deliver again this week we are starting with a little bit of dense fog particularly in the far east bay areas, we are already seeing a quarter mile visibility, in the travis airforce base that fog is going to move into southern napa county, san pablo bay, contra costa county. clear skies mean chilly temperatures 39 concord, 36 in liver more, 37 degrees fairfield, 40 santa rosa, mild along the coast, 51 san francisco, 53 pacifica. again as you walk out the door be careful of the fog, inland areas, mild inside and at the coast we expect mostly sunny skies today, more of that winter warm up 69 inland areas, of 5 at the base and -- 65 at the bay and coast but winds are expected to return much like
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they did last week more about that coming up in your pinpoint forecast for now an early look at the roadways. >> thank you robert good morning your monday morning drive off to a good start live look at highway 101, alan rocks to san jose not a lot of cars on the roadway, cars moving well. north of there you will find construction southbound 101, between hill dale, ongoing road work in effect until 5:00 a.m. this morning if you are working your way through oakland heads up high street on and off ramps both directions 880 still shut down hoping to have that reopened until 5:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m. it has been closed throughout the weekend and if you are working your way through san francisco howard closed between 1st and 2nd street expected to reopen some time this morning. back upstairs to you guys. >> thanks very much. 4:40 a.m. all eyes on president obama as he delivers the state of the union. >> preview of some of the promises he is expected to make
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to americans plus why the audience may look different this time around. >> looking at the glass half full. news for californians ,,
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the pres jobs will be the main focus when president obama gives his state of the union address he said last week it is time to put the u.s. economy into over drive. mr. obama is expected to talk about bringing down america's debt and get creative about creating jobs. >> we will have to out invite, out build, outcome pete out educate other countries. >> this is not a time to look at pumping up government spending. >> in the aftermath of the tucson shooting, some democrats and republicans plan to sit together during the president's speech. >> economic prospects appear to be looking up around the nation and california national survey
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of experts within companies shows 82% predict the economy will grow from 2 to 4% this year up sharply from 54%, who said the same thing back in october. in california, majority of companies, 54% say they plan to hire new workers and 46% say they will happen soon. also more than 60% of companies say they plan to hand out raises this year. wall street will be weighing in on earnings reports today and a chance to own a piece of rock history. alexis has today's money watch report. >> reporter: it is another big week for easternings, expect profit -- earnings expect profit reports for companies including american express, mcdonald's, yahoo!. on friday better than expected results from general electric sent the dow up but nasdaq fell back 14. atlanta is home to some of the most frugal shoppers in the
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company. according to, residents in atlanta use the sites online coupons more than anyone else in the country printing on average $1,000 in coupons, tampa was number two followed by cincinnati, st. louis, minneapolis. over 100 guitars and afternoons are going on the auction block from eric clap on the, blackie his custom built fender this marks the first time the rock icon has donated his historic amplifier collection to go on sale all proceeds will go to the drug and alcohol rehab center clap on the founded in 1998. this temporary hotel in spain is rubbish, literally. the corona save the beach hotel in madrid is made from 12 tons of recycled garbage the owner wants to raise awareness the damage garbage is having on beaches the five double rooms are fully booked for the four days it will take guests.
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for more head to cbs money hotel of garbage. >> i like it. >> ever stayed in a garbage hotel. >> no, but it was pink with a nice bed spread. 4:46 a.m. looks like gas prices will drain our wallets for quite some time but may be a silver lining down the road. >> parts of the country waking up to coldest temperatures in years how the deep freeze turned deadly in the northeast. they may be environmentally friendly but how toxic are those reusable bags. surprising findings that have bay area chains taking action
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people were killed when two car bombs exploded deadly car bombings in iraq 18 people were killed when two car bombs exploded in a holy city. crowds of site -- shiite
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pilgrims died. >> ten people were wounded in a roadside bombing in a baghdad neighbourhood. >> shoot out at washington state wal-mart left two people dead and two deputies wounded police got a call about a suspicious person at the store in port orchard deputies tried to talk to the man who ran and began shooting hitting three victims. a woman possibly a teenager was shot and killed by the gunman authorities believe they may have known each other. the gunman was then killed by deputies, so far, no motive for the shooting. a woman who raised a child she stole 23 years ago is set to face kidnapping charges in a new york federal courtroom. ann pettway surrendered on a probation violation charge she is suspected in the abduction of carlina white living under an assumed name. white tracked down her real mother earlier this month.
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>> bitter cold hitting the northwest and northeast with some of the coldest air in two years. 30 degrees below 0 other night. temperatures single digits philadelphia linked to a deadly fire that destroyed a historic home and in connecticut a resident started a fire using a heat gun to warm frozen pipes. football fans also braved the cold in chicago and pittsburgh the wind chill in pittsburgh below 0. >> we have absolutely none of that to worry about, we saw daytime highs over the weekend, 72 degrees redwood city, half moon bay and in oakland and guess what we expect more of the same today. we start today with a little bit of dense fog particularly in the far east bay areas,
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travelling along i-80, southern napa county. clear skies revealing chilly temperatures, 35 to 45 in our inland areas, look at this nice warm up inside the bay, 46 to 51 degrees already we are seeing the mid-40s at the coastline as well. i talked about it yesterday i talked about saturday all replicating themselves yet again today, 69 in our warmest of areas, 65 at the bay, 65 at the coastline as well. slight change in our weather as high pressure continues to build out over the pacific low pressure system sitting out over the pacific northwest, slowly begins to drag down into the high pressure as it does we expect winds to pick up later today east bay hills will see winds roughly 20 miles per hour but don't be surprise first- degree you see gusts up to 35 miles per hour. that happens tonight and into tomorrow then it dies out and then high pressure continues to build we see sunny skies, 61 daily city, 67 union city, 69
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degrees in los gatoses. east bay slight cooler temperatures because of the fog existing out there for antioch and brent wood, 59 the high, 65 expected high oakland, 67 hay worth north warms up, 60 san anselmo, many temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above seasonal averages your 7 day, clouds and fog, exist for today then with the change in winds we expect that to blow out tuesday, wednesday, thursday, another amazing week on tap a few clouds move back in for the weekend dry and warm. a look at your roadways. >> thank you robert so far fog not impeding traffic, lots of construction, both directions 880, on and off ramps from high street shut down, that in effect from high street. hopefully they will have that
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reopened. northbound 580 as you head through oakland. 42nd avenue, closed between 14th street and 880 expect to reopen up within the next 10 minutes, 880 itself, not doing bad as far as delays, 101 southbound, left lane closed until 5, delays they may be wrapping up as we speak the rest of 101 problem free, southbound into san jose northbound, along the peninsula, headed to sfo, bay area bridges, metering lights are off, clear on the freeway, 8 minutes, 101, south of there clear into san francisco and a live look at the san mateo bridge, so far so good 13 minutes between 880 and 101 when you hop into the car tune into our radio partners. that is a look at your monday morning commute back to elizabeth and sydnie. >> thanks very much. 4:53 a.m. a number of reusable plastic
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bags sold at popular retail stores could have dangerous levels of lead a consumer group is expected to release some findings today. disney themed plastic bags sold at safeway have 15 times more lead than the legal limit. safeway has stopped selling o by organics bags waiting for information from the bag maker. >> yoga could be the cure to a number of health problems, the u.s. has one of the highst cancer rates in the world and our lifestyle may be to blame. joel brown explains. >> reporter: a report out this morning shows the u.s. has the 7th highest cancer rate in the world according to research, 300 out of every 100,000 americans develop the disease every year experts blame obesity, alcohol use and smoking for high rates they say people can make lifestyle changes to lower risk but society also needs to make it easier for people to make healthier choices a good nights sleep could keep a childs
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weight in check, obese children tend to get less sleep than their normal weight peers and have more irregular sleep schedules researchers found a lack of sleep could raise the risk for heart disease and diabetes. >> growing evidence yoga can boost your health, researchers found exercise can help people suffering from a wide range of health problems from back pain and chronic headaches to sleeplessness and obesity, experts believe benefits stem from yoga's focus on the connection between mind and body those are some to have day's top medical stories i am joel brown cbs news, new york. a battle over a battleship is heating up in the bay area, the uss iowa has been decommissioned for decades now sits with the moth ball fleet. the navy opened up the application process to cities to relocate the historic world war ii battleship both vallejo
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and los angeles want it for a tourist attraction. gas prices continue to creep up here in the bay area and around the country. the latest national survey shows the average price of regular jumped almost 3-cents in just the past two weeks that means the average price for regular gas is now $3.11 a gallon, san francisco is again the highest in the nation at $3.37 per gallon the cheapest gas, salt lake city, $2.74 a gallon, also good news analysts say they don't expect prices to go much higher this winter. for the second year in a row toyota is the top auto maker in the world the company sold more than 8 million vehicles last year back in 2009 toyota dethroned gm as the worlds number one auto maker detroit based auto maker sold more than 7 million vehicles last year. we are following breaking news in san francisco.
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near the corner of webster and haight police are investigating a deadly car fire a body was found inside details coming up. arizona congress woman shot in the head remains in intensive care what is keeping her from moving her to rehab plus. >> i am going to get you in the best condition you have ever been in your entire life. >> remembering the bay areas very own fitness guru. how jack lalanne changed the way americans work out di,,,,,,,,,,,,
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firefighters make a disturbing discovery inside a burning car in san francisco what we are hearing from witnesses who tried to put out the flames. this morning, oakland police are investigating a first in the city's history, what prompted a school officer to open fire on a man outside a high school dance. and as you rise this morning, some dense fog in the far east of the bay and delta area, otherwise, will we see mostly sunny


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