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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 26, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of a shooting. you will see a red sedan burst into flames after apparently crashing into a car and a fence near the oakland coliseum. an employee at a nearby business says that he saw the suspect get out and shoot at the officers. the police confirmed that they shot at the man. and then the police pulled the suspect out and tried to revive him but he did not survive. now, first reports indicate that the pursuit may have started at the scene of a shooting in east oakland. this is 73rd and lockwood street. the area is littered with evidence markers. just about 40 minutes ago we saw a fire truck in the area as well as someone being loaded into an ambulance. >> over to my right behind me, the driver of the vehicle fled from the vehicle. the passenger of the vehicle exited the vehicle. was engaged by officers and was shot and killed. the suspect who exited the passenger's side was armed with two firearms which were recovered here at the scene. next to his person as well as
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under his person. additionally one of the things that were a little bit difficult to do is at that time the radio system was still down so we could in the request medical attention. the officers then took it upon themselves. >> this is a fluid situation. we have a crew trying to get to the scene right now. we will have more at 10 and 11. >> tonight environmentalists on the peninsula are caught in a role reversal. they are telling the city not to plant trees. it is over a plan to put in 1,000 new trees at bedwell bayfront park to combat carbon emissions. morning sayr says why the trees could do more harm than good for this particular park. mark? >> reporter: this certainly does not happen very often where an environmental group opposes a big tree planting but they say this particular project just has too many downsides. bay front park covers 574-acres
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near highway 84. until 1980 this was a landfill but is now a wide open space used for hiking, walking and jogging. now the city is proposing on putting in 1,000 new trees and shrubs here even that has environmentalists concerned. >> the meadow up above is a place where migratory birds come in and land. >> robin is with friends that is fighting the proposal. they believe that the owl will be at risk if the new trees are planted. >> what they need is the grassy meadow with the edge man habitat where they can get back for protection but hunt out over the grassy area. >> they say the new trees and shrubs would offset 200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. it includes a 500 to 700 free-
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tree buffer to protect the habitat in the grasslands and march bees. scott is a regular park visitor. >> from an environmental reasons it is better to leave it as open space and land and that's what the critters and burrowing owls like best. >> but others say more trees are always a good thing. >> i will love it more. trees are good. >> reporter: okay. >> i love trees. >> reporter: and the city council here at the park did approve an environmental declaration to keep this project moving forward. this is being paid for with a grant application to the state. there is a very tight deadline on this, allan. some of those documents need to be in in a few weeks now. the environmental group is accusing the city of moving too quickly. too fast. they want to get their hands on the money they say and not getting all of the facts. the city has said they have done all of the research and they are moving forward. >> the state agency is
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soliciting money from the very company it oversees. tomorrow night the california public utilities commission hosts a fundraiser at san francisco's merchant's exchange building. the state's power providers including pg&e will be there at $20,000 a table. it is for the recently created foundation for staff rewards and hosting foreign guests. in the meantime a group of ex-cons and ex-gang members have a beef with. g and e. and today they came to san francisco to let the company know that they are frustrated. mike sugarman shows us the utility temporarily pulled a plug on the program that the men counted on. >> reporter: these guys know about bringing heat ex-cons and ex gang members. >> a quarter turn. >> reporter: gone from packing heat to regulating it. >> i was in, like, a bad situation where i couldn't get no job. tried to go everywhere. couldn't find no kind of work. >> reporter: jose is one of the
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former gang members now trained energy efficiency contractor trained by anti-gang crusadeer ed roche. >> the way i get them in the door is by teaching these programs and i teach them service so it changes their lives. >> reporter: they train for federal certificates in energy efficiency programs. they go up on the roofs of commercial buildings and check heating and cooling systems kind of like a smog check for a car. the service is free for consumers. pg&e pace the group along with 500 other contractors with money it has already collected from ratepayers. the program has come to a halt pg&e says while it might be improved. >> we have temporarily scaled back the program to look on ways to improve so we can improve those energy savings for the least amount of money. >> reporter: these ex-cons and ex gang members aren't happy. >> it was hard to get work and now that i did all of a sudden our funding is cut and i can't
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work. i can't support my family. i am on the bridge of losing my house. >> reporter: it is never easy with these prison records it is hard to find work. >> reporter: as soon as they complete the research they will be back on the job. >> but these gentlemen came out to say that they can't wait. >> reporter: i didn't know anything about them. but these ex-cons and gang members didn't go into people's homes. they stuck with businesses and only spent time on the roof. as we say, dana, pg&e may reinstate this program within the next few months. >> what you just said you didn't even know about it. who did? maybe part of the efficiency is a change in their marketing strategy so people will know about it and use it. >> it could save you 15 to 20 percent some of these people were saying just by knowing what's wrong with your heating and airconditioning. >> mike sugarman, thank you. pg&e has been hit with another wrongful death lawsuit in the wake of another san --
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sanbruno gas explosion. the 20-year-old was visiting and he barely got out alive. the first payments from this special fund. >> i live on claremont drive. and this big missile came through the roof in my den. >> reporter: she is one of 99 families, victims of the sanbruno blast eligible to receive between $1,000 and $6,000. money that was donated to the city of sanbruno. >> i hesitated. i thought maybe i didn't really need it. but in many instances i do need it. so i am going to keep it and use it on my house. >> reporter: the city has checked almost $400,000 in donations and decided to hand out varying amounts of money to people affected to varying degrees. all they have to do is bring picture id to pick up their check.
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the temporary office opened in a city hall conference room at 8:00 this morning. >> we prepared in case. everybody showed up at once. we wanted to make sure that we had a quick and efficient process so that people were not burdened by having to stand in a long line. >> reporter: most of the victims got money already from the red cross, insurance companies and pg&e. >> is there kind of something special about this money though since it came from -- >> yes. and some of my friends i think even contributed. >> reporter: now, landlords are not eligible for this money if they weren't living in the home at the time. but if you think you should get some of it you can submit an application here at city hall. they have $58,000 left. well, a san francisco woman who posed as a victim of the sanbruno disaster will spend a month in prison. 24 jacqueline turner pleaded guilty to making a false claim for benefits. she is the fourth person convicted of trying to scam the system after the blast.
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checking other bay area headlines now. long-time union leader barry bingeham is being remembered tonight as a bighearted man with a passion for helping others. he served with local 1021 for nearly two decade. his body was found in his west oakland home last night. investigators won't say how bingeham was killed, only that there were signs of trauma and homicide is suspected. san jose police say a man shot to death by an officer yesterday attacked his partner. a nearby construction crew called the police when they spotted the man stealing their tools. when officers arrived, the man came at them with two knives. they tried tasering him but it had no effect so they shot him. the officer who fired the shot is a 16 year veteran of the force. and the suspected auto thief killed while fleeing police has been identified as a woman. christina ramoss of hayward was behind the wheel of a stolen pick-up truck that smashed into
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a power pole yesterday. the crash knocked out power to about 270 pg&e customers. a reward is out for a phony vet who performs surgeries in people's backyards and their living rooms. the pictures are disturbing because the results were gruesome. botched procedures on puppies. len ramirez on how this case may lead to other criminal activities involving dogs. >> reporter: it doesn't take an expert to recognize that this pitbull puppy is suffering from a botched operation. the same is true for this one. the four-month-old puppies were supposed to be getting an ear cropping but it became more of a mutilation. >> the ears are way too short here. it is just something that you won't see by a professional. >> reporter: the humane officers rescued the two pups from homes. the doberman had its ears and tails cropped. they had been contacted by a man named david mol diddonado
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who posed adds a professional vet. but the work not only looks bad but the cuts got infected and threatened the dog's lives. >> he charged $100. he anesthetized the dogs we are not sure with what. he did tranquilize the dogs. he did the surgery in the backyard of the gentleman's house on a picnic table covered with a sheet. when he stitched up the ears he didn't use real stitching materials used by a vet. instead he used straight up fishing line to sew them shut. so that in itself will increase your risk of infection. >> reporter: the flip-side of the man's business card says l cartel and has a 209 area cell phone number which has been disconnected. spca officials say the suspect could be part of a dog fighting ring. >> i don't know how the owners got connect we had this particular individual. certainly it could have been being prepared for the ring. it could also have been simply
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a cosmetic thing wanting their dog to look mean. >> after a week spca kennels and the care of a real vet they won't be adopted out. they are pieces of evidence while they seek out the phony vet. unfortunately, they believe there are many more cases of botched dog surgeries yet to be discovered. this is len ramirez, cbs 5. fighting a rough and tumble image at a bay area school. >> we have tremendous aspirations to be lawyers and doctors and engineers. >> the simple steps being taken to transform what is happening in the classroom. >> if it gets worse i can't sleep at night. >> help for homeowners. the program that really works and why everyone can take part. >> and a brand new mayor caught in a controversy. why jean kwan is already at odds with one city staffer. ,,
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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in [ music ] what was life like in san francisco a century ago? well, today kids unearth to peek into the past. students and staff at cleveland elementary school opened a 100- year-old time capsule. that copper box contained school books from 1909, a note from the mayor's office and a list of education salaries. teachers it says then they made about $2500 a year. but the kids' favorite part, well, actually opening that time capsule. >> what did you like the best? >> when they used the hammer and smashed the lock to get the copper box out. >> smashing it open. the time capsule was buried inside a wall in the school's playground. the school plans to bury another time capsule to be
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opened in another 100 years. well, it is a tough lesson in image and perception. a bay area school with a bad rap says it has cleaned up things on campus. but it has learned it is not easy to shed a rough reputation. simon fresh shows house how the oakland school is promoting a new image. >> reporter: 450 students attend frequent middle school. >> the reputation in the past was it wasn't really a safe place to attend. there is a lot of interruptions and disruptions, fighting. >> reporter: but principal gordine says that's no longer true. his students who he addresses affection ately as royalty leave that bad rap behind. >> i don't want anybody to think that the kids who attend this school are negative people or don't care about getting an education. that's quite the opposite. my kids have tremendous aspirations to be lawyers, doctors, engineers. >> reporter: to help change
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frequent's reputation the oakland school foundation is putting on a public relations offensive. >> with a positive image there is increased enrollment in the school neighborhood. school would love for the school's neighborhoods to be going to the school. >> reporter: the foundation has printed brochures and goes door- to door talking to the school's neighbors and opened a facebook account. >> you would normally do it in a middle school but i did it in high school year. >> reporter: the out reach support the students have received for a trip to washington, d.c. >> i prefer seeing it with my own eyes and learning about it. are. >> reporter: why? >> because i think it's a better way to learn. >> reporter: they will visit monuments, congress and the supreme court. each of the kids' parents has already pitched in $500 and they have raised $2,000 more with $7500 to go. >> how much do you think that increased participation is due to the better image?
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>> it is -- well, it is completely intertwined. you can't do one without the other. >> reporter: positive image plus parental support equals motivated, appreciative students. >> i feel like this is one of the biggest awards i have ever gotten. this is a very expensive trip and people are going out of their way to donate and help us get somewhere. >> reporter: those kids are really excited to go on this trip. all but one of them said this would be their first time heading to washington. >> this is a great story. it's really a simple thing sometimes to change perception. you have to believe it. you sell it to your friends. and it is just a self- perpetuating floss at this. >> it is. one of the key things i'm sorry, i said allan. but dana, one of the key things is to get investments from neighbors and businesses and other groups. when they see that positive things are going on rather than negative ones they are more likely to get involved. and it is a self-perpetuating
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things and the kids do even better. >> 45 that's great. love to hear from the kids when they get back from their trip. >> good idea. we will see if we can get some photos. >> a nice warmup we have going on roberta. >> amazing. san jose is at 70. and mountain view tied a record set back in 1986 of 69 degrees. now as the day is over, we see the sun officially set at 5:25. looking at some pretty mild conditions out there with clear skies. inland numbers still banking between 29 and 69 degrees. but we will notice it slipping back and forth into the eastland portions of our area. amazing to see that this morning. overnight clear conditions along the coast side. meanwhile tonight it will be colder than it was last night. 39 in santa rosa. and low 40s across the tri- valleys. we still have high pressure. and it is still firmly in
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place. but the big difference will be on friday we are going to see the return of an onshore push. that's going to lower the temperatures. but until then, we are going to see our 9th straight day of record warmth right here in the bay area for your thursday. and right here where i have this we will see 70s in san jose. that should be the record. 75 degrees in san francisco. the record there is 75. mid-high 70s. once the fog does clear, we will wake up each and every morning all the way through saturday with some fog. then we have a slight 10-20 percent chance of rain drop north of sonoma on sunday. slim pickings there. otherwise it is dry all the way to the next seven days. dana and allan talk about the next legitimate chance of rain coming up. >> thank you, roberta. >> well, facebook's founder has his own privacy invaded. that's up in two minutes.
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. losing a job often means losing your home. but now there are some new programs intended to help struggling homeowners. the question is will they help? on the consumer watch julie watts takes a look at how they work. >> they are pretty exciting if they do actually end up following through. four new state home programs for homeowners with hardship. it is intended to work out -- help out of work homeowners. they can get assistance for six months. >> reporter: david dickson has a difficult time getting around. and an even more difficult time paying his 4700 a month mortgage. >> it's worth i can't sleep at night. >> reporter: but the san jose stroke victim is finally getting a break thanks to the
6:24 pm
new state program for unemployed home openers. it is shrinking his payments to $700 for the next six months, down $3,000 each month. >> all of the worries that i was having started to diminish. >> this is completely new. >> reporter: stephen spears heads up cal hsa the state agency overseeing the program intended to help california homeowners with hardships. >> just through the lifeline all of those people have been told they have nowhere to go. >> reporter: like homeowners behind on their payments or deeply underwater or can't stay in their homes and need money to relocate. >> on paper they are great programs. they look like they will help a lot of people. but in practicality i have my doubts. >> reporter: sherry powers a homeowner's advocate is skeptical about the principal reduction program which requires matching contributions by lenders. so far none have signed up. >> we are approaching this
6:25 pm
program very cautiously. we caution them you can apply for the program. but keep in mind if your serviceer is not participating you are not eligible. >> banks are still thinking about that. >> reporter: they are working to get the banks to agree to principal deductions and hopes to have some onboard very soon. the combined programs could help an estimated 100,000 californians. >> maybe i will get to keep it one of these days. >> like david dickson. >> i am worried now but not as much as i did before they stepped in. >> reporter: now, the program that david is in kicked off this month. the other three programs start february 7th. but as we mentioned no banks or services have signed on to that yet so still waiting to see exactly who will sign on and who will be able to take advantage of it. but for more information at either of these programs head to our website web web click news and consumer. >> so many people need help. hope this works. >> still keeping our fingers crossed. >> julie, thank. >> yahoo is apparently not
6:26 pm
finished handing out pink slips. they will trim their force force by another 100 to 150 workers. just last month yahoo laid off 600 employees. the fourth quarter earnings doubled but overall revenue was down 10% last year. in the meantime gag -- google is hiring. the company says they will add 6,000 new workers this year and that is their biggest expansion ever. >> another change sure to raise the ire of facebook users when they click on like on a store or brand it may automatically be transmitted to their friend's pages as sponsored stories. and it's a feature that the user cannot decline. meanwhile facebook founder mark zuckerburg might want to change his own privacy settings. somebody hacked his fan page and left the message "if facebook needs money instead of going to banks why doesn't it let users invest in facebook in a social way." that post has been removed. >> the saviour of a city or target of a scandal?
6:27 pm
>> i am not stupid. i am the mayor of the city. i can listen to a lot of different opinions and decide my own mind. >> the controversy erupting around oakland's new mayor. >> mixed signals over teacher salaries and job security. the dilemma facing one bay area school board tonight. they get to travel, you know, they go to restaurants and stay in hotels. >> and opening up a new world to school kids. how this week's jefferson award winner gets students up to speed and keeps them there. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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call me. desperate for state money. . >> california's mayors told governor brown today we are desperate for state money. the mayors of nine cities including san jose, san francisco and oakland went to sacramento to try to salvage funding for their redevelopment agencies. governor brown wants to phase out nearly two billion dollars in redevelopment money. the governor also wants to eliminate tax incentives for companies that hire disadvantaged workers. >> all of us have historical high unemployment rates.
6:31 pm
we in my case, a very high poverty race. this is the wrong time to move away from job creation. >> governor brown says his proposals will actually redirect millions of dollars in property tax revenue to cities and counties. it is embarrassing for the city. that's what oakland city attorney says about the beef between him and mayor jean kwan. the fight is over her legal advisor, long-time friend of hers. phil matier shows us the war of words is heating up. >> thank you, for the media i hope you let them know that this open house for the community is this saturday. >> reporter: one thing you can see about new oakland mayor jean kwan she has certainly hit the ground running. unlike her predecessor who was rarely seen at public events she has led a whirlwind of clean ups and community meetings since taking office last week. >> she is all over the place.
6:32 pm
i call her the energizer bunny. >> reporter: the police chief may be jumping ship in san jose over cuts made to the police department made when she was a city council member. >> well, i have been talking to him every day. we are talking about whether there is anything we can do to make him more comfortable about staying. >> reporter: this week kwan got into a very public spat blasting her plan to bring her personal attorney dan siegle who is suing the city to stop its gang injunctions in as a paid advisor. >> i am not stupid. i am of the mayor of the city. i can listen to a lot of different opinions and decide my own mind. i don't have to be protected. >> it is embarrassing to the city it has degenerated into name calling and my office won't respond that way. >> reporter: and this is just the beginning. crime in schools are still major problems in oakland. the town's baseball team maybe moving to san jose. then there is the city's
6:33 pm
staggering budget deficit. $46million this year. $62million projected for next year. >> so she has got a very challenging time ahead of her. >> reporter: in the meantime kwan just keeps moving. so far that seems to be making the biggest impression of all to the public. >> doing good things in her neighborhood. >> doing good things than we had in the past so we will leave it at that. >> reporter: in other words, oakland is happy to see a mayor that's out there for a change. whether or not this continues remains to be seen because the more you are out there, the more people see your pluses but they also see your flaws. >> interesting. is this a clash of titans or is there really something here? >> between jean kwan and russo. he has really taken up badge with the idea of somebody stopping the gang injunctions which the city supposedly supports is going to be in there talking with department heads. you can't do that talk on monday and sue on tuesday. that's one thing. but two, honestly, these guys,
6:34 pm
russo and kwan they were city council members they didn't get along then. i don't think they will get along now. but the bottom line is oakland you are in for an interesting time and we will be there to cover her and everything else because it is definitely going to get interesting quick. >> long tenure, thanks phil matier. >> well, as we speak leaders in the oakland school district are considering giving teachers pay raises this as the district faces new budget cuts. supporters of the plan say the city can't afford to not give teachers more money. >> reporter: the oakland school budget could be cut by seven percent. layoffs and larger class sizes are possibilities as the district tries to cut expenses by $12 million. at the same time, all school district employees could get a two percent raise. a pay raise that could cost the district $2 million. while this comes at a difficult time economically, a district spokesman says the raises are an important investment in oakland's schools. >> it kind of scares me to think that something might actually be cut here or my
6:35 pm
other son's schools. but as far as the raises, i think teachers should have been, you know, getting raises a long time ago. >> i think that teachers, in particular public school teachers, deserve raises. i think the cost of living is going up. i don't know how teachers continue to stay in their profession. >> reporter: teachers say raises are long overdue and salaries are already among the lowest in the county. >> in the long term we think we are going to serve our children and also serve ourselves financially if we can give our employees better compensation to reduce the turn-over to get better results which attracts people back to the school district. >> teachers in oakland are very underpaid. and turn-over in oakland is very high. of the teachers that started in 2003, 80 percent were gone by 2008. $20 million that's the deficit the san francisco school district could face next year. last night the city said that
6:36 pm
if voters approve the governor's proposed tax package extensions, the district would face just a $2 million cut. but if voters reject that proposal, the number could be as high as that $20 million. another day of searching a stanislav county canal for a kidnapped 4-year-old boy. crews have pulled ten vehicles out of the water but none of them is linked to the kidnapping. last night the family of juliani held a candlelight vigil at the home where he was taken. his mother begged the suspect jose rodriguez to bring her son home. >> i forgive, jose, if you're watching this. i forgive you. >> i forgive this guy who took my grandson. i forgive him from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: deputies say their strongest lead is still the tip that a car matching the description of the suspect's drove into the canal last week. today deputies received a receipt showing where rodriguez purchased this car tires and
6:37 pm
the brand. they will now compare tracks found near the canal with those tires. keeping kids on track. how this jefferson award winner has made it his passion for nearly two decades. and finally something free at the airport. how thirsty travelers can get a fill-up. >> who was the last tennis player to win all four grand slams at the same time? here is a hint. >> i am not a crook. >> and the surfer who would be king if the waves come coming up. spent years keep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
juvenile court.. is now spending his retirement helping kids stay on track. sharon chin reports on this week's jefferson award winner. . an east bay sheriff's deputy who spent years in court is now spending his retirement helping kids stay on track. we report on this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: 11-year-old is hopping into track thanks to coach sam burns she has taken
6:40 pm
long strides in three mondays. >> i like learning new things about running and how you can go faster. >> next two go. >> reporter: sam has been teaching track since he founded the hill track club in 1993. he started coaching his two sons in richmond but more kids kept jumping in until it grew into a non-profit. sam is the head track coach. >> you can see it when they know they are doing well. they smile a little bit more. they bounce a little bit more. they talk a little more. >> reporter: and students and parents agree that under sam's coaching the kids don't just learn the sport but also develop discipline that extends into the classroom. >> shorter and kick quicker. >> reporter: kyla's mother keeps track. >> when i look at her initiating to get her homework without me reminding her or to be on her to get it done she usually has it done. >> reporter: keep the feet inside and don't let them hit those lines. >> sam coaches 50 kids every
6:41 pm
week age 9-15. it is affiliated with the richmond police activities league. >> use your arms. good technique. >> reporter: 1-year-old alicia jones says she has gained confidence with sam for three years. >> when you go and you know what you need to do you can do it. >> reporter: her mother says alicia's exercise is now more disciplined. >> i have seen a lot as far as her behavior. more focused learner in class. >> reporter: every year kids take them all over the country from oakland to washington, d.c. sam works with parents raising thousands of dollars a year running a concession stand at the oakland raider's home games so students can compete. >> they get to travel, you know, they get to restaurants, stay in hotels. they learn a lot of different things. and it becomes like a family atmosphere for a lot of the kids because we do a lot of things together. >> keep going all the way to the end and stay on your toes more. >> reporter: for sam who retired in juvenile court as a
6:42 pm
contra costa sheriff's deputies the track club is a time to give back. he earned track and college scholarships to attend uc berkeley and credits his coaches for making sports fun. >> they taught me the love of it. and i think that's why i still do it because i remember how well i was taught and treated when i was running. >> reporter: for keeping kids on track for nearly two decades, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sam burns. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> to learn more go to and click at the top of the page and go down to jefferson awards. hey, going through airport security, don'ts to that water bottle just yet. we will explain. >> what goes up but certainly comes back down? the day. the cooling will kick in. as eyewitness conditions with the pinpoint forecast right after this. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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washed out in san francisco. now, t "tap water re . >> old-fashioned water fountains are getting washed out in san francisco. now there are new tap water re- filling stations. the latest one was unveiled today at sfo. the company global path created
6:46 pm
a drinking fountain that let's you put your reusable water bottle right under the spigot. the goal is to ditch bottled water in plastic and promote tap from your own carry-on. going like this. >> you would. i forgot my bottle. [ laughter ] when you are out running around, you know, out on a good jog you just do what you got to do. hey, today i was out and on the bridge and looking in the direction of livermore. it was amazing to see the fog just stacked up. very, very dense. i would not be too surprised if we have another dense fog advisory issue back into the delta again tonight with the same scenario developing. but right now mainly clear skies. looking out from san francisco where today's high was 69 degrees to oakland at 70 degrees. typically we should be at 59. now, this is the deal. if you were out and about, again far inland you will notice the redevelopment of the fog. otherwise temperatures are still in the 50s to the low
6:47 pm
60s. tonight a chilly night. 39 overnight in santa rosa to the mid and high 50s across the valley. 43 in oakland. this was the eighth consecutive day of record highs here in the bay area. 70 in san jose. 80 in salinas. today a record. and the ridge of high pressure will stay here until it reverses on friday. when that happens we will return to the onshore push and some cooler temperatures. tomorrow will be the ninth day of record warmth right here which means no rain. this is how we are stacking up. precipitation is normal. we have 72 percent in san jose. and each and every day these numbers will continue to go downward with the lack of rainfall. meanwhile, going up is the pollen count. i know you have been suffering from it haven't you? i have been reading your e- mails. the alder and the juniper on the medium too high sides.
6:48 pm
a record temperature tomorrow in san jose at 70 degrees. 60s, 70s across the bay. the winds will be flat out of the east at 5 miles per hour. temperature a good 10 degrees into sonoma. napa a little cool-ish due to that cool air mass associated with that tully fog. each morning waking up with the tully fog through saturday. otherwise, on sunday this is really interesting. we have a storm to the north of us on sunday. a 10-20 percent of a couple of raindrops from sonoma to the north. again that's sunday. my bet is no precipitation at all. in fact, we are going with clear skies all the way through wednesday. and no legitimate risk of rain right here in the bay area until after february 8th. you know what kind of season it is? it's pup season. it is. elephant sales and their pups are out there right now. while the weather is pretty nice. it will be seasonal all weekend long. you might want to go see them
6:49 pm
as georgia did. and look at them dana kind of happy there. >> sealed the deal. >> thank you, roberta. >> it has been rumored but now we know the threat is reel. whatever you paid the last time you filled up that might seem like a bargain. tonight on cbs 5 at 11 why a repair job at a bay area refinely will mean higher prices at the pump in the near future. i will bet you can't guess how much the nfl commissioner makes. i was shocked. dennis nadal and raphael nadal goes for big tennis history up next. ,,,,
6:50 pm
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open..if he could capture the . >> last year raphael nadal won the french open and finally the u.s. open. so if he could capture the australia open it would mark four great grand slam titles a feat not accomplished since it was done in the nixon administration in 1939. he was taking on richard ferer. but he lost the first set 4-6.
6:53 pm
he was missing shots that he normally makes in his sleep. he lost the second set 2-6. and then after a changeover in the third set nadal injury time out for an apparent leg injury. match point he doesn't even try. ferer is headed to the australia open semi-finals. 6-4 6-2 6-3. ferer is the winner. >> following the state of the union president barack obama visited an energy efficient lighting industry in wisconsin. obama is a bears fan and his team was eliminated last week by the green bay packers. today he was in enemy territory. >> let me just get it out of the way. sunday was a tough day for bears fans. i see one guy with a bears' head here. he has got a lot of guts. i am not here because i lost a bet. [ laughter ] >> i just want to be clear about that.
6:54 pm
i have already gotten three green bay jerseys. [ laughter ] >> i have only been on the ground for an hour. >> he just has a gift, doesn't he? he is amazing. nfl commissioner says he will cut his salary to $1 if there is a work stoppage after the collective bargaining agreement starts in march. he makes $12 million a year including bonuses. i would negotiate a pay cut for roger gaudel. $10million for the commissioner? who pays to see him play? how many concussions does he suffer? they were not impressed with his gesture. >> one year ago tiger woods was in rehab dealing with the consequences of his extramarital affairs going willis on the golf course and losing all of his sponsors. on thursday he will make his 2011 debut at tory pines, san diego. one thing for certain golf is no longer number one on his agenda. >> i obviously was consumed by
6:55 pm
other things last year. and i had to deal with that. and life goes on. life moves forward. and that's what's exciting about this year is that having the proper perspective on things and my kids are doing great. and that's my number one priority. and golf falls somewhere, you know, down the list after that. >> okay. this is exclusive. watch this, dana. everybody watch this. this was sent to us by juror stephen's father. he is a freshman at valley christian in dublin. his dad said this happened at a recent practice. it was caught on tape by a gym security camera. he nailed seven consecutive shots at half court. have you ever seen anything like that? absolutely incredible. and it did happen. [ applause ] >> alex morton was two feet from breaking the world record after he conquered a 53-foot wave at mavericks last year. as he waits to hear from this year's competition whether or
6:56 pm
not it is going to happen, he is not slowing down. >> whim riding the waive it feels like i am not thinking about anything. >> alex morton's day job is fixing surfboards. but his passion is riding maverick waves. and in last year's competition, martin's paddled into a 63-foot waive riding one of the biggest waves ever. he easily reached the semi- finals and punched his ticket to this year's competition. >> i always get so much adrenaline in a big swell like that. everyone said it was such a big waive. but in my mind i was picturing something like not as big. when i saw the picture i was like, wow, that was really big. >> the brazilian native had a love for surfing as a child. >> i started surfing when i was 11-year-old in brazil. and quickly i started getting into competition. but something like small stuff. you know, not much money involved. and i wanted to do something different. so i decided to move here.
6:57 pm
so i can surf, you know. yes, this is my passion. >> reporter: martin has been living in san francisco's sunset district for 18 years. close enough to sunset beach for a quick surf at a moment's notice and a 30-minute drive to mavericks. >> it is close to the beach. the business is good. the whole point is like having the convenience to surf whenever the surf is up, whenever i want. no money can pay for that, you know. >> reporter: maverick surfers risk an awful lot for the thrill of riding the big waive but they wouldn't have it any other way. >> maybe in that moment maybe i should never surf here. as soon as you get out of the water you go i want to go back out. >> an incredible story. february 28th is the last day they can race that mavericks. otherwise it will be cancelled this year. >> i loved what he said i looked at the photograph and couldn't believe i did that. >> that is a big wave. now, th.
6:58 pm
call or click today.
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