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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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tumoil... egypti you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." tonight a nation in turmoil. egyptians finally hear from their president. how his words further inflamed antigovernment sentiment. >> keep your eyes out for jose. don't look for the car any more. just keep your eyes out for jose. >> the mother of a kidnapped 4- year-old gets the news the boy's body was not in a sub merged car. where police say they will look now. where is the pied piper when you need one. apparently there isn't one. you would think a cyclist would get a ticket for this. why they are now being directed to ride in the middle of some streets. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. the internet has been blacked out. cell phone service turned off. and foreign media roughed up. still, none of that is working
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for egypt's president as he tries to reverse the momentum of a revolution and hold on to his power. elizabeth palmer is in the middle of it all in cairo. >> reporter: by night fall central cairo looked like a war zone. antigovernment protestors had fought their way past police and pushed into the very heart of the city cheering and chanting "we demand the end of the regime." hours earlier after friday prayers cards set out to march but almost immediately they were stopped by lines of police in full riot gear that beat them. that's the front line right there. that's where the police lines are preventing people from getting to the center of town. these demonstrators are pinned in and furious. . >> reporter: they want one thing. >> we don't want this party any
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more. go, please, out of egypt. >> reporter: people are demanding an end to the corruption, to abuse, unemployment, but above all they want to see the end of president hosni mubarak. >> go away. go away. >> reporter: protestors coming here from all parts of the city were determined to cross into downtown. a brave few rushed forward through the tear gas. they were pushed back again by the police. but the protestors refused to give up. at one point pausing as a group to pray. elsewhere around the city wounded were tended to by the crowd. they are firing rubber bullets says this demonstrator and they are firing them right in our
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faces. >> reporter: east of cairo protestors attacked a police van. the driver was finally forced to escape by driving through the crowd. as dusk fell in cairo the crowds had grown so huge pressing forward from the bridge throwing rocks until the police seemed simply to give up. and the crowd streamed forward into cairo's freedom square. the political parties of the president was looted and set ablaze. authorities had announced curfew in cities across the country but in cairo at least nobody paid any attention. then suddenly the army appeared. and the protestors cheered climbing on the military vehicles and welcoming the soldiers who appeared to be under orders to guard strategic public buildings. finally, after midnight, president hosni mubarak appeared on television and told
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the country, "i will ask my government to resign and tell the new government to work with the current situation." so president hosni mubarak has made a concession but it certainly isn't the one that the demonstrators were demanding. he is going to fire the cabinet but he does remain president and the power remains concentrated in his hands. elizabeth palmer, cbs5 news, cairo. >> president obama spoke to president hosni mubarak after his speech telling him to make good promise on a greater democracy and great economic opportunity. >> and i told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words. to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise. >> earlier the white house announced that the obama administration may cut its annual 1.5 billion aid package to egypt defending on president hosni mubarak's response to the protest. >> egyptians here in the bay area are praying for peace in
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their homeland. there was a special service tonight at st. antonios orthodox church in hayward. the priest sports democracy but says it has to be done the right way. >> our dogma teach us to pray for the president to give wisdom and to give them strength to rule and to govern egypt. >> he says it has been hard to get in touch with loved ones in egypt. investigators believe they now have a key piece of evidence in the kidnapping of 4- year-old juliani cardenas. the suspect's toyota was pulled out of the delta-mendota canal just before 6:00 p.m. tonight. but no sign of the little boy or his alleged kidnapper.
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kiet do on what investigators now believe happened. >> reporter: the canal took its toll on the car. the body was dented, the bumper dangling and windows smashed. after 11 days it didn't even look like a toyota corolla any more. there was no closure, just more questions. >> unfortunately, the vehicle is empty. jose and juliani cardenas are not in the car. >> reporter: one window on each side of the car was rolled down leading investigators to believe the bodies of alleged kidnapper jose rodriguez and 4- year-old juliani cardenas had drifted out. >> we wanted to find him alive. the reality is that isn't going to happen now. >> reporter: the kidnapping happened on january 18th when investigators say juliani cardenas was snatched from his grandmother's arms. the sheriff is confident the bodies are still in the canal since the farm worker who first saw the car disappear into the water said a man and boy were
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inside. the sheriff said there is little chance the suspect ditched the car and escaped. >> he isn't sophisticated enough. doesn't have the infrastructure, the finance or the support to pull off that kind of an abduction. >> reporter: dozens came to pray near sacramento. the boy's mother is also eight months pregnant with the suspect's baby. she says until the remains are found she is hopeful juliani is alive. >> everybody, please keep your eyes out for jose. don't look for the car any more. just keep your eyes out for jose. my son. and hopefully we find him. >> juliani is alive? >> i'm hoping so. i'm hoping so. >> reporter: the temperature of the water is 42 degrees and so if the bodies have floated downstream they will take at least a couple of days before they decompose and float back up to the surface and then police get that phone call. crews will be back out tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. in patterson, kiet do, cbs5.
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>> the suspect's mother also believes juliani is still alive. donna ovula said her son loved juliani too much to hurt the little boy. >> i still have faith. i'm going to have faith, you know, because i'm a strong believer in that. and i have faith and i will not let my faith down until my son surfaces or anything comes down. >> rodriguez regies has not been seen or heard from since january 18th. that was the day he allegedly snatched juliani cardenas and drove away. checking out headlines around the bay area tonight. police are searching for a suspect in the kidnapping of a worker at the sun valley mall in concord. she tells investigators that she was forced into a car at gun point yesterday and then driven to oakland and finally let go. one man has been arrested in this case. police are searching for a second. police are looking for a man who has been approaching students and exposing himself.
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at least to one. the first incident happened to a middle schooler walking home yesterday. then a few hours later the same man tried to grab a high school student on north park victoria drive. both got away. police say that the suspect is asian, in his 30s, driving a red chevy blazer with a faded engine hood. and a fire at a large home in danville may have been started by marijuana growing equipment. firefighters videotaped the flames early this morning. in the rubble they found evidence of a pot growing operation. one firefighter was slightly injured. there was no one home when that fire broke out. she wanted to do some baking, not build a bomb. a woman called san francisco police last night when she opened the box that she thought contained her new cooking mould from ebay and found a 40- millimeter mortar. several apartment buildings in her neighborhood were briefly evacuated. turns out the device was essentially harmless.
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the postal service is investigating. coming up. unwelcome neighbors in one bay area business district. >> they are repulsive. it is disgusting. we will show you what is running around in the dark that has people watching where they walk. and the convention custom- made for the bay area. the product that has people flocking to the south bay. and everybody was flocking back indoors again today because it was cooler and now the days of rain will arrive. we will pinpoint your weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs5.
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well, it is not just one or two. that would be tolerable. it is hundreds of rats. they have moved in near a busy shopping area. grace lee shows us what shop owners are having to deal with. >> reporter: skittering across an empty lot rats were feeding on a box of pizza. the owner shot this video to prove a point at a local business forum. it is pretty effective. the critters are eating out in the open in the space near his business. >> does that make your skin crawl? >> yes, it is horrible.
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>> it is repulsive. it is disgusting. maybe i'm not a very humanitarian person. >> perhaps it is not the best idea. >> reporter: he knows a lot about this problem. he runs an incense business that is across the street. >> at night you see thousands of rats in the dark and you see the ground moving over here. you see a couple hundred over here. >> reporter: washington says he doesn't know who it is but he says someone is feeding them and feeding them regularly. >> some random guy threw food over the gate and nobody is doing anything but it and the rats are eating all the food. >> reporter: however you may feel about rats, the fact is they are a public health issue. they are known to carry diseases. i haven't even talked about the
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worms, mites and flees they carry. the flees are known to carry the bubonic plague. all things marijuana are on display in the south bay. hemp-conreturned to san jose center today. industry experts, businesses and doctors are on hand at the convention center to share the newest products and services. the event runs through the weekend. well despite our current little dry spell there is still plenty of snow in the sierra. in the second snow survey of the winter state water officials say the snowpack remains above average. it follows the series of storms that dumped several feet of snow between october and december. remember? we had a lot of it. the department of water resources still plans to deliver more water to the farms and cities this year than last year. >> and they can expect more snow this weekend, right, roberta? >> that's right, on sunday,
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dana. this was first turning out to be a small system but now it will be a significant storm. this is the camera looking out towards the city of san francisco where we had a high today of 54. in65 degrees in gilroy. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. tonight 35 santa rosa. low 40s across the santa clara valley. mid-40s across the central bay and we will have the areas of dense fog in northern and eastern sections of the bay. earlier today which had this first area of low pressure blow through. you probably saw a few high thin clouds that carved a path for the secondary system that is really textbook perfect here. look at it as it coils up. that is going to be bringing us some rain showers as early as tomorrow, late afternoon in the
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north bay. watch our pinpoint forecast. did you see that lightening bolt? yes, there is a chance of a thunderstorm all weekend long as far as saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon is concerned. there is your sunday morning at sunup. everybody is wet. the north bay begins to clear up by the early afternoon hours and it takes until about sundown for the santa clara valley to clear and we will see anywhere from about a quarter to a half an inch of rain so that means snow in the high sierra. about up to 10 inches above 7000 feet. a couple inches down at the lake level. tomorrow's temperatures really flat in the 50s across the board. a few low 60s to the south of san jose. otherwise, rain on sunday. then high pressure quickly fills in on monday all the way through friday with gradually warmer temperatures. this was sent to us by stacy born of san francisco, house of fine arts. you did us proud, stacy. keep the pictures coming. that kind of woke you up, didn't it? >> yes, it did. >> i'm still thinking about
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those creepy rats. thank you. a bit of san francisco history about to become history. and a new challenge for drivers and bicyclists. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bridge. today the bridge starting next fall you won't find toll takers on the golden gate bridge. today, the bridge district voted to replace the employees with a fully electronic system. they say that it will save more than $19 million in the first eight years. the new system will be installed in february 2012 for testing. toll takers will likely be eliminated by november of that year. people have been collecting tolls on the bridge since it opened in 1937. bicyclists are a pretty common sight around san francisco and it appears that there is really nowhere they fear to pedal even in the middle of two main roads on post and sutter streets between vanes and union square. simon perez on the logic to
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this traffic design. >> i bike every day. commute to work. >> reporter: michael horn is among the thousands who two- wheel it in san francisco. the city is trying to establish dedicated or preferrential lane lanes. >> i like it. >> people like those. people feel safe in them. they think that they are a huge bonus to the city. and the fact that cycling has increased since 2006 is a testament to some of the things we are doing. >> reporter: on other streets, san francisco is trying out preferential lanes for bikes. he is not opposed to cycling down the middle but he stayed right because he was turning right. >> what is it like with the traffic on either side of you? >> it is not too bad.
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this is a city. you are going to run into traffic. >> honestly i like the middle because drivers they don't look to the right. either way, i'm going on the left of the car. >> reporter: on the other hand, some folks don't like the idea of having cars on both sides. >> sometimes it seems just kind of odd to be backing up traffic like that especially on busy streets like bush sometimes, or i usually ride down post. so i ride in the bus lane. i usually ride furthest to the right to try to stay out of the way of cars. >> reporter: the lanes to the right are for public transit and only public transit. >> there is a code that says we can't combine the travel only lanes with bikes. >> reporter: muni is working on a plan to somehow move the psychists over to the side but for now drivers have to get
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used to it? >> the middle lane is where they are supposed to be. bike lanes are for cyclists. >> reporter: based on my informal survey it seems the experienced bike riders don't mind being out in the middle of the street because they are going as fast as the cars are anyway it is the less experienced people that prefer the comfort and safety of being close to the curb. in san francisco i'm simon perez, cbs5. it will hopefully be a great game. there will definitely be great ads but something will be missing from super bowl xlv. 49ers for sure won't be there. neither will there be cheerleaders. this is the first super bowl that won't have cheerleaders. those ones are quiet. listen to how quiet they are. steelers and packers are two of six nfl teams that don't have any cheerleaders. they got rid of the extra support years ago. the nhl holds its all-star draft and the last pick came out the big winner.
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teams for sunday's all-star game... a new wrinkle that made tonight's draft feel like an the nhl let the players
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pick the teams for sunday's all- star game. a new wrinkle that made tonight's draft feel like an afternoon on the playground. >> you know, we are pretty competitive guys and nobody wants to get picked last but i guess that's what the media likes about it. the sharks only all-star dan boyle was taken by erik staal in the ninth round. so who was the last man picked? >> our last pick in the draft. we will take kesell. he wins a new car for being picked last. i don't remember that happening on the playground. former stephen curry scored 13 of in the 4th. less than 2 minutes to go. his dad has seen this before. but charlotte had two chances to tie it in the final seconds.
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wallace misses the three and guess who is wide open off the rebound? steven jackson banks it in with less than a second left to send the game into overtime. captain jack burned his former team for 31 points. charlotte stayed hot in the extra period knocking down their first seven shots. they win 121-113. it is the fourth straight loss for the warriors. round 2 at torrey pines. phil mickelson gets to eight under. bill haas is the leader at 11 under. tiger had an up and down round but finished strong with two birdies on the last three holes to get to six under. five strokes behind haas. it is time for your friday
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night top 5. first up, captain wilson on the george lopez show. >> chuck norris has been known to throw a 100-mile-an-hour fastball. throw chuck norris 100-mile-an- hour. >> number 4. andre iguodala with a pass too thaddeus young for an easy dunk. grizzlies beat the sixers. day 2 of the winter x games. jeff mullin found out the hard way that what goes up must come down. that's going to leave a mark. number 2, joe johnson lobs it. there is not a better left handed dunker in the league. the hawks beat the knicks. and at number 1 i would like to see someone try this next month at the dunk contest. a member of the suns squad ends up dunking himself and even managed to get out of the way for the next dunker. his name is nick coralis and said he went harder at it than he had planned. do you think? we will be right back. ,,
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our next it is the weekend. >> wraps up the week. >> and at


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