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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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of a million in egypt. the country braces for its largest your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. >> new this morning. march of a million in egypt the signs protesters are gaining the upper hand. >> plus, a second chance for giant pot farms in oakland. how the city hopes to get around a legal challenge. and a balmy start across the north bay this morning. reduced visibilities there but high pressure promises dry mild weather for the next couple of weeks to come. and foggy freeways and roadwork. what areas to avoid coming right up. and good morning. it is tuesday, the 1st of february. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now 4:30. tens of thousands of
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egyptians are already gathering in the streets of cairo this morning. the city is bracing for today's march of a million. terrell brown tells us the army has agreed to keep the protest peaceful. reporter: protestors camped out in the heart of sky overnight ready to hit the streets in force. organizers are calling for a million people to march and demand the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak. there are signs that mubarak's military support may be slipping. official promised not to fire on peaceful protestors and admitted the people's concerns are legitimate. hoping to ease the the growing unrest, mubarak appointed a new cabinet monday and also asked his vice president to open talks with the opposition. still, that wasn't enough to quiet protestors who defied the government-imposed curfew again. the obama administration didn't seem impressed either. monday the white house press
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secretary dismissed mubarak's cap net cabinet appointments. >> this is not about appointments. this is about action. this is what people here and around the world need to see. >> reporter: the obama administration sent a special envoy to egypt. frank wiser in is there to meet with officials including mubarak. u.s. citizens on the other hand went to the airport to get out. >> i have been there and that's some of the most wonderful people. they're not violent people. they're just tired of being treated horrible. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has evacuated more than 1200 americans so far and expects to fly out roughly 1400 more in the coming days. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. the reaction here in the bay area from muslims and from people who have family still in egypt is one of worry and of hope. yasmine is an exchange student from egypt studying at uc- berkeley. she says her family in egypt is fine but she is upset about the u.s. response to the uprising. she also insists this movement
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is about democracy, not religion. she says everyone is united by the same goal to get rid of the egyptian president. >> not a single islamic slogan being raised in those demos. they are just all pro- democracy, pro justice, pro- accountability and holding responsible those who committed a lot of wrongdoings on the part of the egyptian people. >> the u.s. has supported president hosni mubarak for decades. one concern is that if he is ousted, the next leader may not be such a good partner. a top google executive is missing in egypt amid the widespread protests. he is the head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. he reportedly traveled to cairo for a conference but has not been seen since last friday. a friend says he wasn't very political but he had been tweeting about the crisis in egypt. 4373. back in the bay area, a vigil is planned tonight for a man known as the community dad in
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west oakland. 64-year-old berry bingham was found dead in his home last week. he was a union leader and had been the first african-american member of the alameda school board. >> tonight's candlelight vigil will be in front of bingham's home at 526 henry street scheduled to start at 6:00. union officials and community activists are scheduled to speak. san francisco police trying to find two tourists who may have information about a double homicide at fisherman's wharf. a man and woman were shot to death sunday night inside of a souvenir shop where they worked. the suspect is the owner of a neighboring store. police believe it was all over a dispute about the sale of similar merchandise. the tourists that the police want to talk with left the area before they finished giving their eyewitness accounts to detectives. a new effort in oakland to license large-scale pot farms, this time by linking them to medical marijuana dispensaries. previous attempts have run into
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legal problems but now, councilwoman desley brooks has a plan to allow five new dispensaries in oakland with their own off-site farms. she wants to allow farms for the four dispensaries that already exist. the proposal would cap the size of each farm at 50,000 square feet. the state of the state of california, governor jerry brown put it this way to state lawmakers: >> california faces a crisis that is real and unprecedented. each of us will have to struggle with our conscience and our constituency as we hammer out a sensible plan to put our state on a sound fiscal footing. >> brown wants a special election in june to ask voters to extend some temporary taxes for five more years. >> might see plan to rebuild california -- my plan to rebuild california requires a vote of the people and i believe it would be irresponsible for to us exclude
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the people from this process. they have a right to vote on this plan. >> well, the governor says he doesn't like the choices available to deal with california's $25 billion deficit. and he is asking lawmakers to offer a better solution. new campaign finance reports show democrat jerry brown was outspent by 5:1 in his gubernatorial race against republican meg whitman. brown spent about $36.5 million on his campaign. whitman spent $178.5 million including $144 million of her own money. the oakland tribune did the math. brown spent $6.71 for every vote he got. whitman spent more than $43 per vote. 4:36. you can expect a big announcement this week from oakland's top cop. chief anthony batts says he will let oakland mayor jean quan know by the end of the week if he is going to remain
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chief. batts had applied to become police chief in san jose but didn't get the job. he said he had concerns about the support and resources being provided to the oakland police department. but batts seemed encouraged that the mayor agreed to bring back 10 police officers laid off last july. >> you expect to fulfill your in the. >> i'm very happy with the things that the mayor is doing. the mayor and i are sitting down and that's a conversation we'll have during this week. >> the chief says the meetings will determine if his vision will fit oakland's vision of the future. today counselors will be on hand at an elementary school in oakland to help any students upset about a false alarm yesterday. it all started when someone calling himself a custodian called 911. he said a man was on campus with a rifle and barricaded himself inside a classroom. police locked down la escuelita
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elementary school and evacuated all the children moving them to a secure location. then they searched the school, room by room, but found nothing. now school district police want to know who made that alarming calling. >> we are going to try to utilize some forensic techniques at our disposal to find out who made the call. >> the oakland unified school district says it appears that the 911 call was placed from somewhere on campus and the ensuing evacuation lasted about three hours. all right. another foggy start to our morning commute. jim bernard has the forecast. >> we have a fog advisory until 10 a.m. for the north bay valleys, we are seeing visibilities reduced to less than a quarter mile there. so caution is advised on that type a situation. fog extends patchy throughout the rest of the bay area this morning. it is not quite as dense as we
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see in the north bay. and it should be lifting through the morning hours. temperature-wise we are looking at upper 30s in the north bay today. a little warmer than yesterday. mid-40s to low 50s in and around the greater bay area and daytime highs today pretty close to yesterday, still pushing the upper 50s into the low 60s with warmer temperatures on the way by the end of the week. we'll take a close-up look at that coming up later on. right now, here's a look at traffic with gianna. >> good morning, jim. thank you. let's start off in the east bay. we have a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge so use caution across the span this morning. also, through solano county. around the benicia bridge foggy through here, as well. you can barely make out any cars there on our cameras so use caution across the span. bay bridge problem-free. metering lights off still early no delays to report but if you are traveling along 880, southbound between winton and jackson, we have some roadwork in effect, should involving wrapped up by 5:00 today. we have roadwork also on the dumbarton bridge. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. back to you. >> thank you. the chaos in egypt already having an impact on oil prices what it means for your price at the pump. >> plus, the first city to ban plastic bags is now setting its eyes on the phone book. how it could get a lot tougher for the yellow pages to end up on your door. >> and one tiny chip, one big mistake. the problem that's costing a silicon valley giant a billion dollars.
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lots of fog around the bay this morning but later today, we'll see more sunshine working its way out as temperatures in the east bay head into the mid- to low-60s. warmer temperatures on the way for the weekend. details coming up next. >> we are definitely going to enjoy it after seeing what's happening in the midwest with that new snowstorm. 4:42. the city of san francisco could be the first in the nation to place a ban on the yellow pages. today, san francisco supervisor
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david chiu will introduce legislation that would outlaw unsolicited distribution of those phone books. chiu says the books clog upland fills and cost up to a million dollars a year to recycle. the proposed ordinance would allow the yellow pages to be delivered only if the company confirms you actually want one. coming soon a safeway near you. the company is opening six new stores in the bay area. they will be in pleasanton, castro valley, el cerrito, campbell, los gatos and burlingame. it's all part of a plan to compete with rival grocery stores. a spokesman said each new safeway will have about 200 employees. ripple effects from the crisis in egypt potentially disrupting the flow of oil from the middle east and pushing up the price of gasoline. alexis christoforous has more in this morning's moneywatch report. reporter: the middle east is home to the world's biggest oil producers and investors are worried the violence in egypt could spread to other areas in the region and disrupt the flow
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of oil. oil prices have jumped more than 7% since the riots broke out in egypt last week and crude oil tops $92 a barrel monday. analysts predict the chaos in cairo could send oil past $100. everything from heating oil to gasoline is tied to crude. gas has stayed above $3 a gallon for weeks now and experts say we could see $4 gas well before spring. that spike in oil prices sent energy stocks higher. exxonmobil led the way after the company said it earned $30 billion last year. the dow jones industrial average rose 68 points to finish its best january since 1997. for the month it gained 2.7%. the nasdaq was up 13. it rallied about 2% for the month. plans for a tiger woods signature golf estate in dubai have been shelved because of the financial downturn. it was supposed to be on the city's desert outskirts including a boutique, hotel and
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sheik style palaces. the announcement comes a week before woods is scheduled to play in the dubai classic. the golf developer left open the possibility that work could resume in some future date. for more, stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. intel says it will cost about $1 billion to replace a defective computer chip that has ended up in some computers. the company found the design flaw in a chip in processors marked core i-5 and core i-i. intel says it shipped 8 million of the defective shipped. but fully assembled pcs for those ships have been on sale only since january 9. who is number one in the world among smart phones? google's android, if you ask consumers. more than 33 million of those phones were shipped during the 4th quarter last year. nokia's symbian came in second followed by the iphone. i wonder where my samsung rogue
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for miles and broke windows five miles away. today's eruption was the b today a revived volcano in southern japan threw boulders for miles and broke windows five miles away. today's eruption was the biggest yet since it burst to life last week for the first time in 300 years. the latest blast knocked down trees and broke hundreds of windows. the volume cane know is in a remote mountain range but so far no serious injuries. a monster winter storm has
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its eye on a good part of the u.s. san francisco is already expecting flight delays. from the rockies to new england, forecasters predict heavy snow and ice this week followed by a wave of bone- chilling cold. today a blizzard watch is in effect in wisconsin, illinois and indiana. they are expected to see the brunt of the storm with 2 feet of snow. >> meantime, this is a live look at new york city. st. louis again, kansas city and milwaukee are expected to see the real brunt but obviously, expected to hit much of the east coast. >> two feet of snow across the midwest and 100 million people could be affected by this. wow. >> in the meantime i sat in the sun reading a book for a half hour around here. >> we're on the right side of this weather pattern here as it comes to fruition as advertised. looks like it could be a major
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groundhog day storm for much of the eastern half of the country. i don't think the big rodent is likely to see his shadow here tomorrow as he will be buried in snow from the looks of things. on the other hand, we are looking at fog. dense fog at times in the north bay, low clouds in and around the bay this morning, classic summer pattern for us. we'll see sunshine by this afternoon as winds pick up out of the north. an offshore breeze developing to clear the clouds out and warm things up slightly. so if you liked yesterday you will love today. by this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions, a bit of fog rather patchy around the bay this morning, densest fog in the north bay and again that high pressure system parked off the west coast stationary and it will be our dominant weather feature. now, what's happening here is the storm track is going across the top of this high pressure system and diving down the front range of the rockies into the eastern half of the country bringing in a lot of cold canadian air and setting up the ingredients for this big storm that they are advertising here
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for the east coast. that all misses us as a result of where that high pressure system parked. we'll look for our highs today a degree or two warmer than yesterday. low 60s for most locations in the south bay. upper 50s to low 60s on the peninsula. and over to the east bay, more of the same as we see a few more 60s popping up there today as afternoon sunshine will prevail once again in the north bay also coming out of the fog to warm into mid- to low-60s for most locations by this afternoon. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we'll check out that trend for the weekend as we see the warming trend continuing really kicking into gear by friday with some mid- to low- 70s expected just in time for the weekend. as we continue this high and dry pattern into if not through next week. that's a look at weather right now. let's check in with gianna and get your latest traffic. >> thank you, jim. well, we have foggy conditions and some roadwork this morning. the good news is no accidents right now. but, of course, limited visibility through solano
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county so parts of highway 12 and 80. also, they have a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge right now. use caution across the span. lots of green though, still pretty early, traffic moving along on the eastshore freeway. if you are headed anywhere near the dumbarton all this week especially overnight, there is a closure in effect. the retrofit project got under way today. they will have lanes closed, two to be exact, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., for the rest of the week. again this is an overnight closure so all lanes are open. they wrapped things up early this morning. you're looking live at the dumbarton. no delays to report, traffic moving well through this portion. from you take the san mateo bridge this morning, traffic looking good. very light, only 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. the golden gate bridge also checking i problem-free, but we're seeing fog. limited visibilities so use caution. bay bridge toll plaza traffic light, metering lights are off, only 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. mass transit a good choice this morning. bart, ace, muni and caltrain are all on time.
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live look at the conditions in the south bay, here's 101 at mckie. traffic still very light this early morning. that's a look at your morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. the surfer who was in a coma after crashing during mavericks is speaking out now about his ordeal. 30-year-old jake trette was thrown over a 25-foot wave during the competition and then slammed by two more waves and knocked unconscious. a kayaker spotted his body and he was brought ashore after being under water for 8 minutes. trette said he doesn't remember everything, but somehow he knew he would be okay. >> something told me i was going to be all right. i don't know if that's a near- death experience. but there is something out there that told me i was going to be fine, like somebody whispered in my ear, you know? you're going to be fine. you're going to make it. just hold on, you know? >> yesterday, trette thanked the moon rescued him. on a video link he told
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results, thanks, buddy, i'm alive because of you and hopefully we get to hang out one day, he told russell. the federal government is taking action to stop bedbug infestation across the country. a two-day national bedbug summit kicks off today in washington, d.c. just last month exterminators were fighting off the insects in an apartment in mountain view. they will focus on how to fight the problem as well as control and prevention. with more on health news, here's betty nguyen. reporter: a new link between tonsillectomies and weight gain in kids. a stuffed nearly 800 children found those who have their tonsils out were more likely to become overweight after surgery. the surgery allows children to consume more calories because they can swallow more easily without pain. more than half million children have tonsillectomies every
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year. seniors age 85 and older are more likely to have cognitive disorders that can affect judgment, memory and thinking. >> and new research about why women with insurance don't get screened for breast cancer. the study published in the journal of women's health says obese women avoid mammograms because they can be painful and women under 60 report they are too busy. also, women with health insurance coverage for less than five years get mammograms less often. those are some of today's top medical stores. i'm the transportation security administration is refusing to hire private screeners at the airport despite calls from a powerful florida congressman to do so. the request came two months ago asking to use private security guards to pat down air passengers. a tsa spokesman said they will not be used unless a clear advantage emerges in the future. the issue of airport security intensified last year when
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passengers complained about full-body scans and patdown searches. get your frustrations out before you get behind the wheel in santa cruz county. today the county will begin enforcing a plan to curb aggressive driving. the stepped-up patrol will last through the end of february. officers will focus on roadways where there have been complaints of road rage. they will also focus on other problems. >> speeding violations or cell phones, texting, seatbelts, school zones specifically. we have three school zones here that we work. >> officers will concentrate on different areas around the county throughout the month. red light cameras lifesavers or accident causers? today the insurance institute for highway safety comes out with a study that says the cameras have cut fatal crashes by 24% in 14 large cities. the institute says the cameras help remind drivers that red means stop.
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but the national motorists association actually disagrees. it says previous studies show the cameras increase the number of crashes. it is 4:57. the governor says it all comes down to you. what he says could happen if voters don't sign off on tax increases. we're live at sfo with the latest on efforts to evacuate americans from the political unrest in egypt. that's coming up. a yellow book ban in san francisco. it could happen. we'll tell you why one group says it would be unconstitutional. plus, oakland's dream of licensing giant pot farms could still be a reality. how the city is hoping to steer clear of a federal controversy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. we take you live to egypt to the square preparing for the march of a million. egypt is bracing for its biggest protest yet. plus we are live at sfo with the new efforts to bring stranded americans home. >> and closing the book on the yellow pages. why one bay area cities says


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