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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the people who say they could be out of work without it. >> a bit fuzzy out there this morning with a dense fog advisory up for the north bay. we'll look for a clearing trend through the day as temperatures warm once again. and those foggy conditions affecting your drive on some bay area bridges. which ones to avoid coming up. and good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, the 1st day of february. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is 5:00. today protestors in egypt are calling for a million- strong march on the streets of cairo. they are demanding an end to the president's 30-year rule. egypt's military has pledged not to fire on protestors and recognizes their demands are legitimate. this is the strongest sign yet that the country will let the protests continue even if it leads to a fallen leader. it is about 3:00 in the afternoon right now in cairo and the unrest continues. the u.s. state department is evacuating thousands of americans from the country.
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sharon chin is live at the san francisco international airport, where we understand several flights are expected to arrive today. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. yes. we're expected to see some of the first evacuees from cairo to here. the u.s. is trying to evacuate 1400 more americans from egypt today. the state department says 1200 americans have already left egypt on chartered planes bound for cyprus, greece and turkey as countries scram to believe get their citizens out, passengers reporting chaos even shoving matches as they cram into the cairo airport that's poorly staffed because of curfews and traffic gridlock. here in the bay area, muslims and those with family in egypt are watching the political unrest. they wonder who will come into power if the u.s.-supported hosni mubarak will ousted. one of the stronger political opposition groups is a muslim brotherhood a pro islamic
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organization with ties to hamas. >> the chance that this becomes another iran, an enemy of the united states? >> well, that is always an issue. we don't know how the future will entail, but there's one thing for sure, this revolution is not a religious revolution. >> reporter: the exodus of foreigners from egypt continues today. again we are hoping that we'll see some of the first evacuees arrive here in the bay area at sfo later on today. elizabeth? >> thank you, sharon chin in san francisco. a vigil is planned tonight for a man known as the community dad in west oakland. 64-year-old berry bingham was found dead in his home last year. he was the first black alameda member of the school board. the vigil will be at 526 henry street at 6:00.
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union officials, clergy members and community activists are scheduled to speak. an elected official in oakland is making a new effort to license those large-scale pot farms by linking them to medical marijuana dispensaries. previous attempts have run into a lot of legal problems. now councilwoman desley brooks has a plan to allow five new dispensaries in oakland with their own off-site farms. she also wants to allow farms for the four dispensaries that also exist. the proposal would cap the size of each farm at 50,000 square feet. you want all those phone books you probably find on your doorstep? i have a big stack of them in front of my building right now. christin ayers is in san francisco, which might actually become the first city to ban the delivery of the yellow pages. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. the first city to turn the page on the yellow pages if you will. today city officials are introducing an ordinance that would make it illegal to drop
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one of these on your doorstep unless you specifically ask for it. david chiu says 1.6 million are delivered every year and they clog upland fills. they are expensive to resigning -- they clog up landfills and they are expensive to recycle. you would only get them if you requested them. but the yellow pages trade association claims that would hurt small businesses and violate their constitutional rights. >> i think the yellow pages were a very relevant tool in the 20th century. >> to single out yellow pages when there are free community newspapers and direct mail and other classified advertising out there we believe is unfair. >> reporter: now, chiu has called these obsolete in the internet age. i think a lot of people don't use them anymore because this end up using the internet. but the trade association is saying they get about 12 billion lookups every year. >> all right. christin ayers live for thus morning in san francisco, thank
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you. governor jerry brown says california is facing a real and unprecedented crisis with a $25 billion budget deficit. he wants to ask state voters to weigh in on what to do about it. >> at this moment of extreme difficulty, it behooves us to turn to the people and get a clear mandate on how to proceed, to extend taxes or to cut deeply into the programs from which under federal law we can still extract the sums required. >> the governor is calling for a special election in june to consider extending temporary tax for five more years. that would take some support from republicans to put issue on the ballot. >> republicans stand united as the only line of defense for california taxpayers. we believe that the best solution to help close our deficit is not by raising taxes but by creating private sector jobs. that is done by lifting
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regulations and by reducing frivolous lawsuits. for far too long, the legislature has strangled our economy by imposing mandates, regulations and taxes. >> connie conway says california voters have already made it clear they don't want to pay higher taxes. 5:06. let's check weather and traffic and go to jim bernard, who tells us after this fog clears, lots and lots of sunshine out there for us. >> we're headed for spring- like weather across the bay here. already looking that way with dense fog advisories up in the early-morning hours mainly in the north bay. some areas of reduced visibility down to a quarter mile or less, caution advised, of course in that type of a scenario with temperatures today headed a degree where to warmer than yesterday. still into the upper 50s to mid- 60s range for most locations. the big warmup heads our way though come the end of the week when we'll see again lots of sunshine as we have winds
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picking up out of the north and a warming trend that will take us right on into and through the weekend here as we'll look for those temperatures to peak out in the mid- to low-70s by next weekend. right now here's gianna with a look at traffic. >> thank you, jim. and it's a bit difficult to see the golden gate bridge this morning. let's go live right now, limited visibility across the span. no delays still light but you can hardly make out some of the cars there on the road. we have fog advisory in effect for some of our bay area bridges, the carquinez bridge one of them. we see foggy conditions on the benicia bridge. can't even make out the roadway through there. we are keeping an eye on that. so as soon as that fog lifts we'll let you know. that fog advisory extends to the carquinez bridge. antioch bridge this morning problem-free. no delays on the bay bridge. no metering lights. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. putting police officers back on the streets. >> oakland's last-minute push to keep its top cop and the new
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deadline chief batts is giving for his decision. >> they don't have parking provided, it can be the difference between being able to take the job and not take the job. >> the fight for precious parking spots could soon get more competitive. why one bay area city wants to give certain people a special pass. ,, ,,,,
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dense fog advisory advisory this morning, later today more sunshine working its way out around the bay as temperatures warm to the mid- to low-60s. right at the water. >> jim, thanks very much. it is 5:10. the san jose city council could decide today on a new police chief. it will be a closed meeting. the city manager is pushing for chris moore to get the job.
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moore has been acting chief since rob davis retired last fall. the "mercury news" is reporting some of community activists are opposed to moore because of issues involving the immigrant and minority communities. >> meantime, oakland's chief bats is still weighing whether to stay on the job after failing to get the san jose position. yesterday he said he is encouraged by jean quan's plan to rehire 10 of the 80 police officers laid off last year. batts has expressed concern about the resources available to the police department. mayor quan clearly wants him to stay. >> i'm sending him a valentine's gift. [ laughter ] >> that was pretty good. i apologize if i have stepped on anyone's toes as i have made some very tough statements in the last week. >> chief batts says he will make a decision whether he will remain chief by the end of the week. the financial picture in contra costa county is likely to remain grim for at least
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another 7 years. the county administrator delivered that news yesterday to the board of supervisors. on property taxes, he said assessed property values have dropped 13% since 2008. in addition, pension costs will jump more than 10% in the next fiscal year. residents are likely to see reduced services including public safety. the time is 5:12. parts of the country are bracing for a monster blizzard. how the nasty weather is actually impacting flights at bay area airports. >> plus, tensions escalate after a bay area university is busted as a front for illegal immigration. why the u.s. is being accused now of harassing those students. and give yourself some extra time as you head out the door. we're dealing with some foggy bay area bridges. i'll tell you which ones coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ wheezing breaths ]
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[ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. get ready for a major winter storm taking aim at a third of the u.s. this is a live look at new york city. we hear the storm is going to start in chicago about 3:00. some of the people are expecting up to 2 feet of snow. also, we just called federal government every sfo and they tell us they are already seeing a number -- we just called sfo
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and they tell us they are already seeing a number of flight delays to the east coast. oakland and san jose airports haven't reported delays yet. but again, call ahead. this week, forecasters predicting some heavy snow and ice from the rockies to new england. and after that, a wave of bone- chilling temperatures. they are saying 100 million people could be affected by this storm. today a blizzard watch is in effect in southern wisconsin and part of illinois and indiana, and elizabeth your friend is hunkering down? >> she was not a happy catcher. i talked to her on the phone yesterday and she was rushing to the gym before the big blizzard hits. [ laughter ] >> it's got to be getting a little old as they have had about 7 of these major storms in the last 7 weeks in the east, in large part due to our pattern in the west, which i'll show new just a minute. our pat pattern locally is densing into. it will be lifting through the
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day. winds will clear the fog out leaving us mostly sunny and warmer today. a degree or two, nothing dramatic. we'll look for the dramatic warmup by the end of the week. and again, we're seeing the fog at the coast. patchy at best. it's the densest in the north bay at this hour. and the winds will be picking up out of the north to scour out that low cloud cover. here's the high pressure system off the west coast. now, how it's feeding the midwestern storms is the cold air is going over the top of this high and dropping out of british columbia, saskatchewan and the cold canadian provinces along the front range of the rockies and across the rest of the country while it misses the west entirely. so again, this has been our pattern for the month and looks like it's going to continue for another week or two here as that high continues to build. offshore winds developing will clear things out across the area and warm things up through the weekend. we are looking for upper 50s and low 60s today, a degree or
5:18 am
two warmer than yesterday, but again the big warmup should arrive by the end of the week as we see the north bay as well into that mid- to low-60s range for the warmer locations as the fog gives way to more sunshine by this afternoon. probably hazy sunshine from the looks of things. and the seven-day forecast again brings in the warmest temperatures by the weekend as we see mostly sunny skies expected to prevail. a far cry from the eastern half of the country here. right now let's look at traffic with gianna. >> thank you, jim. i'll take fog over snow any day! limited visibility on the roads this morning so until that fog clears, give yourself some extra time as you head out. golden gate bridge, some fog just laying there across the span. so a few extra cars, overall traffic very light, no delays out of marin county now. now, the fog advisory continues for the carquinez bridge as well as parts of solano county. so heads up on the eastshore freeway or highway 12 for your morning commute. a bright spot is the bay bridge. metering lights are off, no
5:19 am
delays yet, clear across the upper deck into san francisco. if you want to use the san mateo bridge this morning, also a good choice. only 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. now, overnight we have a closure to report for the dumbarton bridge. the dumbarton bridge retrofit project got under way this week so closures monday through friday from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. they wrapped things up this morning. traffic moving well through that portion. but you can use the san mateo bridge overnight to avoid any of these closures. they will have a couple of lanes closed from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. monday through friday throughout the week. through daly city foggy on 280. that's a look at your morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. here's a look at this morning's top stories. right now, tens of thousands of egyptians are flooding cairo. these are the latest pictures from that rear square. it is the largest call for the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak. the army is promising it won't fire on demonstrators.
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today an oakland city councilwoman makes a new proposal to license large-scale pot farms within city limits. the idea this time is to link them directly to medical marijuana marijuana dispenseories. the proposal would cap the size of each farm at 50,000 feet. and san francisco's supervisors today consider a plan to ban delivery of yellow pages to every address in the city. the proposal would limit yellow pages to those who say they want the phone books. this morning, firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire that killed three pit bull puppies at a fremont pet store. the fire broke out yesterday morning in an open pen area at the puppy paws store on fremont boulevard. the fire was out in 15 minutes. fire crews saved six other puppies. the government of india urging federal officials to treat fairly hundreds of indian students who are enrolled at an alleged sham university in the bay area. prosecutors say the owner of tri-valley university in
5:21 am
pleasanton used that school to help foreigners obtain visa illegally. about 95% of the 1500 students in the school are from india. students told the indian consulate they have been treated badly by authorities. the future of sports at uc- berkeley is still up in the air. the deadline the school set for itself to eliminate three sports teams has come and gone but cal says they will make an announcement in the next 10 days. first they have to evaluate the level of commitment from donors who have raised more than half of the money needed to keep those programs afloat. the teams at risk are baseball, lacrosse, and men's and women's gymnastics. 5:21. is the honeymoon over for chelsea clinton? what has her new husband quitting his job and leaving home. plus, you're so vain, you probably think this story is about you ♪ >> can you sing it? >> the bay area city just
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good morning, all mass transit is on time but schedule changes take place today at the larkspur ferry. more traffic coming up. thank you. ch is will vote today on
5:25 am
whether to give nannies parking permits april of parents group asked for child care provider residential permits so nannies don't have to leave children unattended. it will allow the nanny to park all day in the family's neighborhood without having to move their car. some say it's elitist but some say that's not true. >> i think that's the perception of nannies. the majority of our families are two parent working families. >> people come to work in the city for all kinds of reasons and they don't get resident permits. so no. >> currently caregivers to older people can get permits and the parents group says this is no different. the song, you're so vain ♪ could have been written about at least one bay area city. elizabeth's city. >> my city? >> we work here. >> san francisco, it has been named the vainest city in the country that according to the daily beast. the rankings are based on the time spent in the spa, the gym orr personal care products.
5:26 am
san francisco spent the most in monthly personal care and it also had the largest percentage of people who are not overweight and go to the gym. rounding out the top 5, most vain cities, boston, new york, los angeles, get this hartford, connecticut. >> i'm surprised by that one. san francisco, though, i agree with. lots of single people focusing on the gym and working out and hair highlights... [ laughter ] >> okay. this one is questionable. i mean, really. is there trouble at home for chelsea clinton? >> the "new york post" reports clinton's husband has left his job at a new york city hedge fund to take off and go skiing in wyoming for a few months. the former first daughter will reportedly visit her hubby mark every few weeks. the two were married last summer at a top secret ceremony, very fanscy . the couple has not commented on the situation. >> i mean, look at her parents. hillary clinton and bill, i mean, spent a lot of time
5:27 am
apart. >> yeah. >> for different reasons. >> he is having a quarter life crisis maybe? >> maybe so. it is 5:27. coming up, we are continuing to monitor the situation in egypt where thousands are flooding into cairo. >> and to tax or not to tax. governor jerry brown gives an ultimatum to californians in his state of the state address. what could happen if we don't sign off on tax increases. the exodus from egypt. the latest on the evacuation of americans including those from the bay area. that's coming up. imagine never finding another one of these on your doorstep again. it could happen soon in san francisco. we'll tell you who is fighting the ban and why. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. february 1st. i'm elizabeth wenger. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it is tuesday, february 1. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:30. egyptian protestors are calling for a million strong march against the president of egypt demanding an end to hosni mubarak's 30-year rule. egypt's military has pledged not to fire on protestors and recognizes that their demands are legitimate. this is the strongest sign yet that the country will allow the protest to continue even if it leads to a fallen leader. well, the u.s. state department is in the process of
5:31 am
evacuating thousands of americans from egypt. as sharon chin tells us, escaping the uprising though is no easy task. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, some of the first evacuees may be arriving tonight here at sfo from cairo through a series of connecting flights. getting out of cairo airport has been "an absolute zoo." the u.s. embassy expects to fly out 1400 more americans today. more than 1200 americans got on chartered planes yesterday. they went from cairo to cyprus, athens and istanbul. passengers say the terminals are full of panicked people and passengers and staff are having a hard time getting to cairo airport because of government- imposed curfews. here in the bay area, those who have relatives in egypt have both worry and hope. an exchange student at uc- berkeley says her family in egypt is fine but she is upset about the u.s. response to the uprising. she says the movement is about
5:32 am
democracy not religion and getting rated of the egyptian president. -- getting rid of the egyptian president. >> not a single islamic slogan being raised in those demonstrations. they are all pro-democracy, pro- justice, pro-accountability and holding responsible those who committed a lot of wrongdoing on the part of the egyptian people. >> reporter: the u.s. has supported egyptian president hosni mubarak for decades and one concern is what kind of leader will rise to power if he is ousted. another concern, getting stranded americans out and again, we may be seeing some of those first stranded americans back here until the bay area tonight at sfo. >> thank you, sharon chin at sfo. a top google executive is missing in egypt. he is the head of marketing in the middle east and north africa. he reportedly traveled to cairo for a conference but hasn't
5:33 am
been seen since last friday. a friend said he wasn't political but had been tweeting about the crisis in egypt. kcbs radio's matt bigler will have a live report at 6:30. too many phone books thrown away, too few not being used. christin ayers is in san francisco, where supervisors might decide to ban mass deliveries of the yellow pages. good morning. >> reporter: city officials are introducing that ordinance today. it would pretty much ban companies from dropping these yellow pages off on doorsteps unless you specifically ask for them. we talked to the president of the board, david chiu, yesterday about why these need to be banned. >> five to 10-pound books, they are an obsolete tool. >> reporter: i'm joined now by amy healy, vice president of
5:34 am
the yellow pages trade association. obviously, some disagreement here over just how prevalent these yellow pages are and whether or not they would actually need to be banned. >> absolutely. i mean, we agree with supervisor chiu's goal to reduce unwanted directories. it serve no one's interests to deliver a book to someone who isn't going to use it. however to choke off a major advertising medium for thousands of small san francisco businesses is unwise. >> reporter: we are hearing an argument that these are obsolete. we had one digging one from 2004 because people use the internet. have these become a relic? >> not for millions of small businesses in america. certainly, our companies have diversified to providing local search information through print advertising, through mobile advertising, online yellow pages so small businesses are using a variety of means to market themselves and print gives a high return
5:35 am
on investment for them. >> reporter: you met with ed lee. were you satisfied with that meeting? >> we were. he was very willing to listen to our concerns and he showed some concern with banning one type of speech in the city of san francisco and treating one industry differently from others. >> reporter: so the yellow pages association today waiting to hear the specific language of this ordinance today and hoping that they will be able to find a happy medium between banning these, some environmental efforts to do that today and also keeping this open for small businesses. back to you. >> yeah. interesting controversy. all right, christin ayers live for us this morning in san francisco. thank you. it is 5:35. a bit of a pea soup start to the morning commute for some folks out there. but jim tells us there might be a ray of sunshine under all that fog. right? >> oh, we'll have some sun showing up by this afternoon, sydnie, but definitely fuzzy out there this morning as we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay. as we have seen across the golden gate, it's thick there,
5:36 am
as well. so out on the highways and byways this morning, travel with caution as there is plenty of area of reduced visibility here. temperature-wise today as the sun breaks out through the morning, we'll look for a degree or two warmer than yesterday. that will put us in the mid- to low-60s for most locations. the big warmup we are holding off until the end of the week when by next weekend looks like our offshore breeze will clear skies out and bring a warming trend taking us back to near the 70s here for the bay area. but it's time to check in with gianna and get the latest traffic. >> thank you, jim. and if you want to avoid some of that fog, you can always take mass transit. we are doing pretty good right now. bart, ace, muni and caltrain problem-free this morning. don't forget, there are schedule changes though that take place today to the larkspur ferries weekday afternoon schedule. check that before you head out. bart right now we have 39 trains running on time. and of course we are dealing with all this fo this morning. limited visibility across the
5:37 am
deck on the golden gate bridge but traffic light. if you are headed on the 101 or 280 through south city or daly city we have some fog there, as well. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:37. the san jose city council could decide today on a new police chief. it's going to be a closed meeting. the city manager wants acting chief chris moore to get the job. he has been in charge ever since rob davis retired last fall. the city council is examined to interview more today and then vote on whether to give him the job. expect a big announcement this week from oakland's top cop. chief anthony batts says he will let oakland mayor jean quan know by the end of the week. he had applied for the top job in san jose but didn't get the job. he has concerns about the support and service being provided to the oakland police department but he seemed encouraged that the mayor agreed to bring back 10 police officers laid off last july. >> does that mean that you
5:38 am
expect to fulfill your three- year contract, chief? >> like i said, i'm very happy that the mayor is pushing forward with the things that she is doing. to be perfectly honest is that the mayor and i are sitting down and that's a conversation we'll have during this week. >> the chief says those meetings will determine if his vision will fit oakland's vision of the future. the state of the state of california, governor jerry brown put it this way to state lawmakers: >> california faces a crisis that is real and unprecedented. each of us will have to struggle with our conscience and our constituencies as we hammer out a sensible plan to put our state on a sound fiscal footing. >> brown wants a special election in june to ask voters to extend some temporary taxes for five more years. >> my plan to rebuild california requires a vote of the people and frankly, i believe it would be
5:39 am
irresponsible for us to exclude the people from this process. they have a right to vote on this plan. >> the governor says he doesn't like the choices available to deal with california's $25 billion deficit. and he is asking lawmakers to off a better solution. >> new campaign finance reports show democrat jerry brown was outspent by a 5:1 margin in his gubernatorial race against republican meg whitman. brown spent about 36.5 million dollars on his campaign. whitman spent 178 and a half million including $144 million of her own money. the oakland tribune did some of the math. brown spent $6.71 for each vote he got. whitman spent more than $43 per vote. a vigil is planned for the the community dad in west oakland. 64-year-old berry bingham was found dead in his home last week.
5:40 am
he was a union leader and the first african-american of the alameda school board. tonight's delight vigil will be in front of bingham's home at 526 henry street starting at 6:00. union official, clergy and community activists are all scheduled to speak. tonight, the oakland city council will vote again on licensing large-scale pot farms. this time by linking them to medical marijuana dispensaries. previous attempts have run into a lot of legal problems but now, councilwoman desley brooks has a plan to allow five new dispensaries in oakland with their own farms off site as well as farms for the four dispensaries that already exist. the proposal would cap the size of each farm at 50,000 square feet. time now 5:40. lunch breaks, how often do you take them? the warning doctors have if you don't. plus... >> anything that's going to whiten your teeth and be easy,
5:41 am
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using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. u-s with snow and ice... as we take a live look at the white house. this is a live look at the white house. they are expecting a lot of snow. there is already snow and ice in the northeast. this is a live look at the white house. let's go now to what do we have next? dallas, texas. bitter weather expected to reach from the rockies all the way to new england. but get this. dallas-fort worth international airport has just been shut down due it a big ice storm there! here at home flights out of san francisco are already seeing a number of delays so call ahead if you are flying today.
5:44 am
no delays though have been reported so far at airports in oakland or san jose. there are calling that storm a whopper. >> it could be a big winter storm developing through the day for them. so the delays and the backups will only get worse as this thing settles in across the front range of the rockies and points eat. it will not be affecting the west weather-wise unless you're traveling across country. we're looking at dense fog a stagnant high pressure system across the west it will keep us mild for the foreseeable future. no snow to shovel or rain to push around here. we'll look for dry conditions. temperatures will be warming through the day. sunny this afternoon. strong winds this afternoon out of the north-northeast but that's as bad as it will get. winds clear skies out and warm
5:45 am
temperatures up over yesterday. fog pattern their morning, it's too early for visible imagery, we see there is extensive fog around the bay, dense in certain areas. and that will be improving hour by hour here as those winds start to developing out of the north coming off the top of that high pressure system. that will be our dominant weather feature here pretty much through the week and the warming trend will continue a degree or two warmer today than yesterday putting us into the low 60s for most locations across the south bay. peninsula still in the upper 50s as the clouds linger at the coast. east bay also into the low 60s today. and warmer yet in the north bay as we'll see some mid- to low- 60s there as their dense fog pattern gives way by midday to mostly sunny skies and that trend will continue through the week as mentioned with temperatures by the weekend warming into the mid- to low- 70s. got to love that. while we're talking blizzards elsewhere, we'll stay dry into next week. right now here's a look at traffic with gianna. >> thank you, jim.
5:46 am
i just got word that we are getting reports of bart delays 10 to 15 minutes from colma to sfo and from west oakland to dublin pleasanton. this is due to police activity at the civic center. foggy around the bay area. dealing with limited visibility across th carquinez bridge. nice speeds on the eastshore freeway and highway 4 through the portion. highway 4 coming off the antioch bridge, can't really see too much there. it is foggy. limited visibility here, as well. and, of course, once you come off the span you will see some slow and go conditions along highway 4 westbound through antioch. bay bridge not too bad. metering lights off. no delays across the upper deck into san francisco. san mateo bridge also a good choice this morning. clear, 14 minutes between 880 and 101. if you are headed over to 880 right now, northbound through oakland checking in with no troubles. we are seeing extra volume but
5:47 am
overall nice speeds. southbound 880 seeing slightly slower speeds approaching hayward but overall traffic moving well through there. highway 1 between bean hollow and pescadero creek, 24/7 project, one way traffic control in the area. that's a look at your morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. let's check the top stories. right now tens of thousands of egyptians are flooding into cairo. these are the latest pictures from tahrir square. it is the largest call so far for the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak. 1400 americans though are stranded in egypt. they are expected to fly home in the next few days. yellow pages are piling up on san francisco doorsteps but could soon be a thing. past. today supervisors will consider a plan to ban delivery of yellow pages except to the
5:48 am
households who say they want the phone books. and toll prices may go up on the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. the goal, too ease congestion. transit officials say the congestion pricing plan worked on the bay bridge where traffic dropped 15% during the busiest times. the higher tolls could go into effect this fall. also the retrofit project started on the dumbarton bridge overnight so you will see lane closures between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. weekdays again on the dumbarton bridge. coming soon a safeway near you. the company is opening six new stores in the bay area. they will be in pleasanton, castro valley, el cerrito, campbell, los gatos and burlingame. it's part of a plan to compete with rifle grocery stores. a spokesman said each new safeway will have about 200 employees. new teeth whitening products are hitting the market offering a do it yourself all
5:49 am
turn testify alternatives. wine and pearly whites are little pads moistened with whitening ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. they get a vote of confidence from a dentist. >> i wouldn't expect to have a big whitening effect but it is a good way to clean your teeth after a meal. >> she has good teeth. good model. whitening treatments from a dentist probably are still the most effective. but the inexpensive floss and whites are available online and they are expected to hit store shelves soon. with more health news, here's betty knew when. reporter: a new link between tonsillectomies and weight gain in kids. a study of nearly 800 children found those who have their tonsils out were more likely to become overweight after surgery. researchers say the surgery allows children to consume more calories because they can swallow more easily without pain. more than half million children have tonsillectomies every year.
5:50 am
over 5% of people aged 65 and older have at least one brain disorder like senility or dementia. that's according to the agency for healthcare research and quality. seniors age 85 and older were the most likely to have one or more cognitive disorders that can affect judgment, memory and thinking. and new research about why women with insurance don't get screened for breast cancer. the study published in the journal of women's health says obese women avoid them because they are painful and women under 60 are too busy. women with health insurance coverage less than five years get them less often. those are some of today's top medical stories. i'm betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. if you rarely take lunch breaks, you're not alone. most employees spend their free time on business development or working with clients or looking at facebook. but researchers warn the trend could be dangerous. they say lunch breaks may help fight mental burnout and
5:51 am
increase productivity. even talking with friends getting out into the sun or stretching can help you throughout the day. >> people i know either take two-hour lunch breaks or none. eating food by their desk quickly. 5:51. he wiped out during the mavericks surfing competition. this morning, the video link that he sent to his rescuer. >> the city needs money, isn't that why they have the red light cameras? >> drivers getting $400, sometimes $500 tickets in one california city. what the city wants to do with that money so drivers don't feel bad about paying up. ,, the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum.
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get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. ♪ do do da do doom da do ba do [ female announcer ] last year, ethan thompson and three friends from missoula, montana, put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again.
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♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ [ laughs ] we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. aving one person welcome back. a volcano in japan erupted again today shattering windows
5:54 am
and leaving one person injured. local reports said the explosion could be heard more than 4 miles away. hot rocks from the volcano even triggered small forest fires. some analysts predict the eruptions may continue for another year. how about this. a traffic ticket for a good cause. that's what one southern california city is proposing. the city of murietta wants to take all the money from the red light camera tickets and donate it to charity. running a red light there can cost you up to $500. in fact, there are not one, not two, but three cameras at this intersection. the city is voting to give some of the profits to food pantries, domestic violence centers and breast cancer research. the surfer who was in a coma after crashing during mavericks was back on the beach talking about his ordeal. jake trette was thrown over a 25-foot wave. he was then slammed by two more waves and knocked unconscious. a kayaker spotted his body and he was brought ashore after
5:55 am
being under water for 8 minutes. he says he doesn't remember anything but says he knew he would be okay. >> something told me i was going to be all right. i don't know if that's a near- death experience but there was something out there that told me that i was going to be fine, like somebody whispered in my ear, you know, you're going to be fine, you're going to make it just hold on, you know? >> yesterday he thanked the man who rescued him on a video link saying, thanks, buddy, i'm alive because of you and hopefully we'll get to hang out one day. all right. time now is 5:55. we have been talking about this snow, these blizzard conditions on the east coast and the midwest. we got nothing but a little bit of fog to deal with right, jim? >> we got nothing. i got nothing for you, elizabeth, just dense fog in the north bay, sunny skies, warm temperatures, hohum. just boring weather here through the week. but we'll take it compared to the blizzard forecast for the
5:56 am
rest of the country here. again, we'll see our fog clear out here this afternoon, offshore winds developing. that type of a pattern tends to warm up and that is exactly what we expect through the weekend. mid- to low-70s here just in time for the weekend as we continue high and dry through this week and probably next. don't see any rain on the horizon two weekends from now. that's a long shot at best. so again, look for mild weather here through the week at least on the west coast. right now, let's check in with gianna and get the latest traffic. >> thank you, jim. we're dealing with some bart delays this morning, about 10 to 15 minutes due to police activity that happened at civic center. so our delays are for the pittsburg-bay point direction. also affecting sfo, millbrae and daly city directions so give yourself some extra time on bart. the rest of mass transit is problem-free. foggy spot this morning along the golden gate bridge. it's looking a little better but limited visibility there
5:57 am
across the deck. okay delays coming out of marin county, no accidents on 101. if you are taking 101 near the central freeway southbound to sfo, traffic still very light this morning. here's a live look at the central freeway no troubles to report there. that's a look at your morning commute. back upstairs to you, ladies. >> thank you, gianna. it is now 5:57. in the next half hour, the march of millions this hour in egypt. we'll have a live report from cairo. americans stranded in egypt. the effort to get them back in the u.s. those expected back in the bay area today. and turning the page on the yellow pages. the ordinance that could outlaw delivering one of these to your doorstep. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a march of a million happening in egypt right now. we'll have a


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