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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 3, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ >> oh, my! [laughter] craig: don't be silly. geoff doesn't really wear glasses. [laughter]
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well, the show -- i love it when jim is here. he is very funny, isn't he? he's lovely and when he goes i always feel like oh, he doesn't watch "dr. who". that doesn't make sense at all. not when we, you know, live in the same apartment and solve crime together. [laughter] now that would be a show. [laughter] we got to go. good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." an urgent message to all americans in egypt. get to the airport. how camels are now being used in the protest. companies use it to spam you. so why can't one use it to warn you? how two women say safeway should be using your personal information. new clipper card complaints. the simple oversight that landed one commuter a $400 ticket. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. tonight the state department is telling americans in egypt do not wait for a call from the embassy. those that want to get out should go to the airport immediately. that as fire bombs and gunfire
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fly through the square in the center of cairo. three people were killed in overnight violence. the opposition movement has given egypt's president a deadline to step down. he has 15 hours left. this is a live look at the square. it is now thursday morning. protestors are continuing to throw molitov cocktails. katie couric has latest from cairo. >> reporter: it rapidly became clear, president hosni mubarak's words only inflamed the streets. supporters flooded the square. some rode in on horses and camels. by night fall it had only escalated. molitov cocktails replaced with sticks and stones of the afternoon clashes. a message on twitter spoke
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volumes. oh, my god, they are killing us. the thugs are killing it. >> it is appalling. >> reporter: this woman lost her eye covering a war. she was in the thick of things as pro-mubarak supporters conventioned. >> they came to try to clear the square of the antigovernment supporters. who have started fighting back. but were bloodied in the beginning. they are not chopping up the pavement to throw rocks back. it is mayhem down there. >> reporter: did the government organize this? >> this is organized at some level by the mubarak government level. we don't mow what level. supporters were busted in. quite a few are government employees. that simply does not happen in egypt without official
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sanctions. >> reporter: they denounced the fighting. >> if any of the violence is instigated by the government it should stop immediately. >> reporter: there is no sign the protestors will back down until hosni mubarak leaves office. they declared friday the day of departure. the day they want them gone. mubarak has offered no evidence he will agree to that demand. >> how do you see this shaking out? this seems like the beginning of a civil worse. >> it is going to get worse. >> we are going back to live pictures in tareer square right now. while the government has started to bring back internet service after a four-day blackout and they have eased the curfew giving people a few more hours of freedom even though the protestors have largely ignored the curfews you can see people gathering again. it is thursday more. that is tareer square in cairo. >> of course we will update on that story as need be. meanwhile two safeway shoppers say that the club card should
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have other privileges. they are arguing that they are not getting what they signed up for. grace lee shows us why they are suing the bay area based chain. grace? >> reporter: well, ken, according to the plaintiffs whenever you use your safe way card or punch in your phone number here at a cashier, they say that the company is benefiting by using your information tracking what you buy and in the same vein they say the company should be helping their own customers with dangerous food recalls. >> reporter: slapped with a lawsuit. two plaintiffs are suing safeway for not informing them of recalled food. one of the plaintiffs is from san francisco. her attorney says the grocery store chain has a duty to notify their customers. if you use a safeway club card the store should call you directly. >> what this case is about is when safeway has the information and they are able to get it to the consumers they should just do it.
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>> reporter: he says one of his clients received dozens of e- mails regarding other promotions but when she bought recalled eggs no call from safeway. it turned out some cookies may have been tainted and she said there was no contact from safeway. while safeway may not make this a practice, according to the plaintiff a lot of major retailers do. sam's club, wal-mart, costco called their customers when they bought products. >> the peanut butter recall a few years ago costco contacted customers that bought products and said specifically you purchased a product that could be subject to a class 1 recall. could make you sick or cause death. don't use it. safeway chose not to. >> reporter: another said the company's practices are consistent with legal and regulatory requirements. less than 50% of all grocery retailers even have club card
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programs thus the ability to contact customers individually is not an industry norm. they have been thinking about this case for a year. labell said they sent a letter to safeway asking them to change their practices and you would think they weren't doing it because of costs but according to labell the burden is on the suppliers. the supplier is supposed to pay for the food recall costs as well as the cost of the communication to the customers. so it could be a win/win according to labell. >> tech technologically it seams it seems it should work. the 4-year-old boy found dead in the delta-mendota canal died from drowning. authorities said that the body matches that of juliani cardenas who had been missing for two weeks.
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his suspected kidnapper's car was pulled from the canal last friday but he has not been found. other headlines in the bay area now. a san jose child care worker is behind bars accused of inappropriately touching girls at an elementary school. five girls say that keith woodhouse touched them during an after-school program at chase elementary. woodhouse confessed to inappropriate touching. investigators are trying to figure out if there are more victims. here is something you don't expect to see while riding public transportation. a man sprawled on the floor, lights up a pipe presumably smoking crack on san francisco's muni. this video was captured on the line yesterday and then posted on youtube. passengers appeared to be surprised at what the man was doing but they don't react to any stench which leads one to believe that he could be smoking crack. the clairemont hotel filed
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for bankruptcy. the chronicle reports the landmark in berkeley hills has fallen on tough times during the recession. the clairemont is expected to stay open during the reorganization. also tonight, families around the world and right here in the bay area are celebrating. tomorrow is the lunar new year. it is the year of the hare. linda yee shows us what people are eating tonight. >> reporter: it is all about food and family. a traditional chinese house will display tangorins with leaves symbolizing luck and wealth. on the eve before the new year, the young family celebrated at louis' in san francisco's chinatown picking specific dishes. >> namely fish because it is a surplus. on certain occasions for dinner you always choose fish. >> reporter: and the fish and chicken dishes have to be
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served whole. >> chicken must have had a head and feet. you know why? because there is a beginning, an ending. >> reporter: the most traditional new year's dish is a vegetarian one. this chef and tour guide explains. >> some of the vegetable items recognize good luck, happiness and joy. for instance, i don't know if you can see this, but this looks like hair, and this is bok choy. in chinese it means prosperity. a dry oyster in a lettuce cup. and this dry oyster with green onions and bamboo shoots. now, we chinese love to eat food that reminds us of happiness and joy but in this case when we say oyster we say this. in chinese it also sounds like
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good news. and then the prawns. in chinese the word for prawn is ha. so if we eat a lot of them what are we doing? hahahaha. >> reporter: food that brings joy, long life and wealth. there is something too it. wing is celebrating his 103rd chinese new year's dinner here at this restaurant. tomorrow is the first day of the new year an part of the traditions. you are forbidden from cutting your hair because that is considered bad luck. no house cleaning because you sweep away all the good luck. i'm with that. no house cleaning. >> i'm with sitting down and eating. don't have to cut the hair. >> 103 years. something about all these traditions working for him. >> why not. >> happy new year. >> thank you, linda. a $400 ticket. the clipper card mistake that you do not want to make. and another round of blizzard conditions blasting
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two thirds of the nation. it is actually going to be worse there tomorrow because of the cold temperatures. all that snow turns to ice and locally we have more of this on tap. the day it will pan out to be the warmest. we will ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mistake. a passenger says he got a 400 another problem logged with those new clipper cards adds up to a costly mistake. a passenger says he got a $400 fine from cal train and he blames the clipper card. len ramirez explains what happened. >> reporter: it happened on the morning commute out of san francisco. brian myer got on a train to go to work in mountainview intending to use his clipper card for which he pays $227 for a month of ride but the card must be tagged into the system once a month on the 1st of the
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month a step brian admits he skipped. >> i got on and forgot to tag it. i sat down and was going about my commute. i realized i hadn't tagged the card correctly. so 22nd street came up i got out to tag the card but the train doors were closing so quick i got back on and sat back down. >> reporter: moments later he says a conductor came up and busted him before he could explain he wasn't trying to steal a ride. >> he was shouting so loud and people were looking. you don't have to yell at me. i've paid for the clipper card. i can show you the receipt because hi it on my laptop but he wouldn't look at the receipt. he was just like here is the citation. >> how much was the citation? >> the citation will be $400. >> reporter: $400 on top of the $227 myer had already paid this month for the card. what irks him is the conductor wouldn't look at the receipt on
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his cell phone and laptop. >> i can't really second guess the conductor. >> reporter: this spokesperson says conductors have no reway. >> the tickets are quite expensive and it is not a pleasant experience to go through. unfortunately the conductor has only one thing to go on and that's what it says on his handheld reader. so if he was not able to see that this gentleman had a valid ticket then he had to issue him a ticket for fare evasion. and once that ticket has been issued, that has to be adjudicated in a court of law. there is nothing we can do at this point. >> reporter: these types of simple mistakes could be happening a lot more in the future as more and more people join the clipper card system. february will be the last month that caltrain uses a paper system for monthly passes. len ramirez, cbs5. also, 12 deaths being blamed on that monster snow storm that blanketed much of the midwest and the north east.
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the storm stretched 2000 miles across 30 states. chicago appears to have gotten the worst of it. heavy snow, blinding drifts made cars look like igloos. hundreds of drivers had to abandon their vehicles and wait to be rescued. the big deal tonight. windchills expected to hit as low as 25 degrees below zero. >> wow. >> what a contrast between what's going on there and what we have had over the past two days. we have been really fortunate. >> the good news is i just took a look at the readings in chicago it is 11 degrees but wind on the light side so windchill is still above zero at 5 degrees. here, the scene. clear skies over the city by the bay where we did have high temperatures today. 69 degrees in santa rosa. currently these numbers are all about 10 degrees cooler at this hour than last night at this time due to the lack of a wind. daley city at 48.
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walnut creek in the mid-40s. now tonight, without that wind we will have temperatures dip down to the freezing point to the north in santa rosa. east towards the tri-valley. mid-30s in santa clara valley. low 40s common across the central bay. tomorrow morning waking up with the chill in the air. a bit frosty in some of the inland areas. otherwise it looks like we will warm up to similar readings tomorrow. if not even a degree or two warmer than today due to that jet stream well to the north. high pressure and offshore flow. and with the warmer conditions we have a lot of things blossoming sooner than they should be. blame it on the junipers if you're sneezing on your thursday. 70 in santa rosa. average high 59 degrees. we should be at 60 in san francisco. low mid-60s santa clara valley. low 60s tri-valley. 62 fremont. otherwise friday will pan out to be the warmest day of this
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workweek over the weekend. go ahead. make outdoor activity plans. 70 at the beaches on sunday. and we are talking mid and high 70s inland. this is what i call a runner's high. endorphines flying. this is the view she had. she got out her iphone and snapped a picture and -- her smart phone. camera phone. whatever it was. >> she had a phone. >> she did. she snapped that photograph and said it was with my phone. maybe doesn't look that great. are you kidding me. >> that's exactly why we probably don't care too much about groundhog day around here, but people all across the country, well, they wanted to know if he saw his shadow. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> there he is. the result, he did not see his shadow. how could he? he had sunglasses on. but that means that spring is right around the corner for
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people back east. >> maybe he needs real glasses. >> did he not notice the snow? anyway, this was punxsutawney phil's 125th forecast. not that one though. you know, there have been many. he is only accurate about 40% of the time but he gets to keep his job. groundhog day. >> where will they find another rodent that will,,,, lights, camera, netflix! so we started with a free trial and we were hooked instantly!
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mcdonald douglas tc3. a twin engine specifically made to fly people in comfort. >> american airlines went to douglas and said can you make it wider, can you put sleepers in it and make it longer range? >> reporter: the company turned out more than 10,000 dc3c between 1935 and mid-1940s. willie turner of the hillier aviation says there are more than a thousand out there flying. passengers were treated to a whole new flying experience. one that included a galley for meals, a bathroom and plush roomy seating. imagine flying in the 1940s. look at the leg room. a testament to the plane's stout reputation and reliability. >> they would come back all shot up or beat up or lose an
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slapping it home from long range. the sharks did score the game's first three goals then held on for dear life. they won 4-3. now won six of seven games. it has been eight years since charles woodson was in the super bowl. he is now with the packers. he played with the raiders before that. disappearance of the pro bowl center barrett robbins who spent the day before the super bowl binging in mexico and not taking antidepressant medication. would his presence have made a difference for the raiders? woodson thinks so. >> well, he had a great effect on our team. he was our starting center. he was the captain of their line. that alters everything. especially for our offense. and i just think, you know, we didn't recover from it and ultimately lost that game. >> today was national letter of intent day. when high school football
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players commit to colleges. here is cbs5's in-depth coverage of cal and stanford's recruiting class. >> come on now. >> that's all you need to see seriously. >> they get four years of free education for their kids. >> that's pretty much the only people that are happy. >> do you recognize any of those names? >> not right now. new cardinal head coach david shaw says being in the orange bowl and winning has given them some much needed respect. >> when we go into a school now a days they don't shoo us towards the high g.p.a. kids that don't play really well. that was our first year here which was, we got a great kid for you. he doesn't start for us, you know, but he is really smart and his counselor loves him. now a days we walk into the schools and we are getting
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their best players. >> how about the top 5. signing with the georgia bulldogs. look what he brought. he brought a bulldog. good for him. to the press conference. at number 4 the fans in cleveland endured their 22nd straight loss. this guy, he is not drinking, ken. is he not drinking. >> his son just got a letter of intent today. >> to cal. >> five goals tonight. wings won 7-5. goalie fight. >> down goes freireizia. >> here is how this ended.,,,,,,
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