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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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could complicate your commute. skies mostly clear today, will it be mild by the afternoon? we'll tell you. 101 in san jose is problem- free but we have a surface street problem in the south by. i'll tell you where in just a few minutes. and good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it is thursday, february 3. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. thank you for joining us. time now is 5:00. well, we are following some overnight news out of marin county. 56 bay area kids became sick at a science camp and then had to be sent home. anne makovec is in oakland at one of the schools that the kids came from. oh, this sounds awful. good morning, anne. >> reporter: absolutely. as if the stomach flu isn't bad enough, that's what they're thinking it is, by the way, but no official confirmation on that. the marin county health department is working to find out exactly what made these people sick. but yeah, over 50 students and teachers at the camp were sent home, some of them attended the
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redwood day school here in oakland. they started going home around midnight. it happened at the walker creek ranch. that's an overnight retreat. it's a camping spot kind of near petaluma, part of the marin county office of education. it's an outdoor science school. someone at the ranch called paramedics around 10 p.m. last night reporting one sick person and when they got there, they found dozens of others, over 50 total, with flu-like symptoms mainly vomiting and some diarrhea. no one was sent to the hospital. but parents started to come to pick up their children starting at around midnight. >> there is no indication it was food-based. and it seemed to start in the bobcat cabin honestly so it may have been something that someone brought in and spread from there. >> reporter: of the students attending that ranch school, they were from three area schools: san ramon elementary school in novato, tassajara hills elementary school in
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danville, and then here again at the redwood day school in oakland. there were about 250 people at the ranch total at the time according to th principal and 56 people went home. so some people are remaining at the ranch and hopefully they will be healthy. elizabeth. >> all right, anne makovec live for thus morning in oakland. thank you, anne. 5:02. right now egypt's military is rounding up journalists after they came under fire from supporters of egyptian president hosni mubarak. this roundup may be for the safety of the journalists. also happening this morning in cairo, several army tanks have moved to protect an anti- government protest camp. gunfire overnight in the square at the center of the demonstrations, both rifle shots and automatic weapons fire. the government reports at least three people have died, 200 injured. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is urging egypt's new vice president to investigate
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the attacks on anti-government demonstrators. the state is telling pg&e to reduce the operating pressure on four of its natural gas pipeline. that announcement coming from the state public utilities commission investigating last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. amazing has recently run the pg&e has recently run them above safety levels. one is 3.5 miles between milpitas and san jose along another is a half mile long within the city of milpitas. the other pipelines are in santa cruz county and the central valley. this morning, a major step by caltrain that could lead to drastic cuts. christin ayers joins us now from millbrae to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in just a few hours, the board that owns and operates caltrain is expected to declare a fiscal emergency for caltrain all because of a $30 million budget gap and it could mean deep cuts
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to train service. let's take a look at some of the possible cuts on the table. the board could slash weekday service by in early half of the number of trains. there would be no service on weekends and no service from gilroy to the san jose diridon station. 7 peninsula stations altogether could be closed. now, those changes are just possibilities at this time. but if approved, they would start in july and they could be devastating for the 40,000 a week caltrain commuters. there could be more jam-packed highways obviously and more pollution on the roads. now, there are some grassroots groups who are fighting some of these changes. they have some solutions on the table right now like higher gas tax or bridge tolls but they may not come in handy and help this budget gap before this summer when we start to see some of these changes. back to you. >> a lot of worried commuters going to be watching to see what decision is made. thank you, christin ayers in millbrae. bart has some of the
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highest paid employees of any of the special districts in california. the state controller asked for salary information from hundreds of local government agencies. bart is the only special district with more than one person on the list of the 19 highest paid employees. three bart officials are on the list making more than $250,000 a year. live now to washington, d.c., president obama about to speak at the national prayer breakfast this morning. mark kelly, who is the astronaut husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords is also scheduled to speak. time now 5:05. let's check weather and traffic. first over to lawrence. a meteorologist at my old station used to call thursday "little friday." one step closer to the weekend. >> when you wake up on these early shifts you think, oh, just one more day, one more day and you have that weekend coming. hey, folks, i'll tell you what, what a weekend it's going to be.
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today's not going to be bad. but maybe just a little bit cooler than yesterday. temperatures just hovering above freezing in fairfield. 34 in santa rosa. 34 napa. 40s around the bay so a little chilly to begin the day. by the afternoon still looking at a great day but we are seeing some patchy fog sneaking along the coastline so temperatures probably going to come down a few degrees. still above average in santa rosa. usually at 59 degrees this time of year they are going to see about 66. that's 7 degrees above average. about 3 degrees above the average in concord at 6 2. about 36 in san jose. so no matter how you slice it still a nice day outside. time for a check of traffic with gianna. san jose have some better news on the trouble spot we have been monitoring in san jose. mt. hamilton was shut down in both directions between crothers and miguelito. they have implemented one way traffic controls so they have opened a few lanes in there. you can make it through the intersection. if you are working your way out and about throughout the rest of the south bay no troubles
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101/280 problem-free. bay bridge light no metering lights no delays on the toll plaza clear into san francisco. elsewhere the benicia bridge, we have seen some problems we have been dealing with windy conditions and fog but today, no troubles. things are nice and clear across the span. up next we'll check mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. first there was a big dumping of snow. now comes the bone-chilling cold. >> fun times. just how low the temperatures will go after a monster blizzard and the latest on flight cancellations. we just know that something really bad happened to our school today. >> a northern california school shut down this morning after the principal is shut and killed. how police say his friendship with the school janitor turned deadly. ,,,,,,,,
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weather looking good around the bay area, maybe not quite as warm as yesterday but close. still 50s and 60s for highs outside. much warmer weather on the way. we'll have details coming up. more flight cancellations this morning at bay area airports because of the storm that slammed the nation both to and from chicago and points east. the snow has stopped falling but it is still freezing this morning across the midwest including chicago, where it is 2 degrees. chicago schools are closed for the second day in a row. they have managed to get lake shore drive open this morning. a placerville school is closed this morning after the principal was shot to death allegedly by the school janitor. it happened yesterday at the
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louisiana schnell in plastic. -- in placerville. they had reportedly been friends and golfed together as recently as sunday. after the shooting the school was locked down and the school was evacuated after determining the shooter ran away. parents complained early on they weren't given any information about what was going on. >> it's uncomfortable. you know? no one feels really -- we're really sad. we just know something really bad happened to our school today. we love our school. we love our children. we just want our children with us to be safe and comfortable. >> the suspect was arrested yesterday at his el dorado county home. the principal was a married father of three daughters. a san francisco police officer faces embezzlement and registration fraud charges. the district attorney says officer gregory wheat pulled over a car last month for defective brake lights. he is cited the driver for having an improper registration sticker. but he is then accused of taking the sticker and putting it on his own car, which had an
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expired registration. the time is 5:11. a match made in heaven? the popular online dating sites that are joining forces. plus, she bought eggs, then came the recall. what she says her grocery store should have done to warn her. and so far, so good on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. if you are headed to oakland, we have roadwork, details coming up. ,, ,,,,
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good morning. just getting up? we have changes in the works today. not major but patchy fog along the coastline. is temperatures cooler around the bay area, as well. some places hovering just above freezing and looks like should be another nice day but temperatures may not be quite as warm as yesterday afternoon. patchy fog toward the beaches will keep numbers mainly in the 50s. 50s and 60s with plenty of sunshine in the bay. and the interior valleys. those temperatures up to 50s and mid-60s in some of the warmer spots although numbers down just a few degrees. yeah, high pressure still holding on strong but there is a weak system that's rolling over the top of it. you see it right here bringing a couple of high clouds across the skies and patchy fog beginning to gather along the coastline. a little bit of a sea breeze at the immediate beaches but not
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much. so doesn't look like a bad day just things cooling off just a tad but the high pressure system remains in place and i think as we head in toward the next couple of days, this is going to strengthen and those temperatures going to soar. i'll tell you what. this is going to be a spectacular weekend if you want to enjoy. temperatures up in the mid-70s. hey, for today not bad. 64 milpitas and fremont and 63 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures variety of numbers. into the 50s in brentwood and antioch but toward oakland, you're looking at 63. 62 berkeley. 61 richards. north bay temperatures not as warm. still nice. 66 in petaluma. pair of sixes also in santa rosa and 65 degrees in sonoma. so as we look out toward the next few days, we are expecting high pressure to kind of gather strength towards tomorrow warming up friday's it is. over the weekend other than some clouds, lots of sunshine
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temperatures in the mid-70s, truly a super weekend. let's check on traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. and let's start off with mass transit. now lately if you have taken bart you may have seen more police presence. this is due to the formation of a new critical asset patrol team focusing on security and safety on bart trains especially in the transbay tube and the berkeley hills tunnel. right now bart is cruising right on time no troubles to report in fact we have 37 trains. the rest of your mass transit problem-free as well ace, muni, caltrain no delays systemwide. let's jump over to the bay bridge now. so far, so good if you are headed to the toll plaza. the metering lights are off and a nice ride on the eastshore freeway coming away from the carquinez bridge car. if you are headed out of san francisco into oakland we have some roadwork center anchorage to yerba buena until 7:00 various lanes closed through there. the rest of the bay area though checking in problem-free no delays to report on the golden gate bridge this morning. everything clear coming out of
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marin county. problem-free on south 101. also, everybody clear on the san mateo bridge. looking live between 880 and 101. if you are headed along 101 itself, looking good north- and southbound. southbound clear to sfo, north out of the peninsula lots of green on the maps that indicate nice speeds through that portion. if you are cruising to the central freeway, here's a live look, traffic still very light there. now, in the south bay reports of an accident on mt. hamilton between crothers and miguelito. i know that one way traffic control is in effect through that area. so use caution. let's jump over to 101 in san jose. we have a live look at conditions in alum rock. traffic is seeing extra volume northbound but overall still light. back to you. >> thank you. 5:18. in the headlines, dozens of students and teachers got sick and had to be sent home from a science camp in marin county last night. a few of the kids developed flu-
5:19 am
like symptoms in the afternoon. and the bug spread quickly. by evening, 56 people were ill at the walker creek ranch. the caltrain board is expected to declare a fiscal emergency today allowing caltrain to implement more service cuts and fare hikes without conducting a full environmental review. caltrain faces a $30 million budget deficit. live now, these are live pictures from cairo. new clashes are breaking out as you can see. there are reports of shots being fired in the air around tahrir square. anti-government protestors are pushing back against supporters of president hosni mubarak. the united nations is now evacuating hundreds of its employees. businesses near downtown san jose high-rise hope its conversion to apartment living will fill it up with potential customers. the 360 residences is one of four condominium high-rises
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built downtown in the past few years. turns out four was too many during a bad economy. sales at 360 were slow, so it was decided back in november the units would be rented out instead. sales at the other three buildings have been doing better but they still have some homes available. you have our numbers. why didn't you call? that's the idea behind a lawsuit against safeway. women from san francisco and montana say the grocery chain should have let them know that products they bought at safeway were later recalled. they say the company should have looked up their contact information and those safeway club card databases to warn them. it is 5:20. well, before you take the anchor desk here, he has to get through a monster snowstorm. we are going to check in with my new co-anchor frank mallicoat and his family and the cat. [ laughter ] >> plus, we have heard men are from mars and women are from venus. forget all that. what the biggest single survey in history is revealing about the opposite sex. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. good morning. 101 live in san jose right now. so far no sign of brake lights. traffic is at the limit. we have a surface street problem in san jose on mt. hamilton road. i'll have more details on that plus a live look at the bay bridge, coming up.
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>> thank you. it is 5:23. we want to introduce you to frank mallicoat my new co- anchor coming from boston. frank has been checking in with us as he makes his trek across the country to the bay area so today frank lets us meet the family. >> all right, gang. it's time to meet the family. yours truly at the helm. this is my bride, monique. >> hello, everybody. >> what do you think of this road trip? >> well, we have only been at it one day and it's been a little challenging. but we'll get there. a lot of snow. a lot of snow, ice. take it slow. >> all right. and what have you got behind there? >> we are traveling across the country with my little kitty cat. >> scoop, say high, buddy, what's up? scoopy, wow, she was meowing up a storm but here's our rig. we have her in the back seat there. should be fun. time to move on, folks. we'll catch you hopefully in ohio or somewhere a little further west after today. snow permitting. see you soon.
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>> and frank is expected to join us on tuesday, next tuesday, that is if the weather cooperates. you can keep up with his journey. he is blogging his cross- country experience on our cbs "early edition" facebook page. hey, he is still in a good mood even despite some driving in snow. >> maybe a little tired. >> sitting in the car with your husband for 10 hours a day. >> and the cat meowing. >> all right. [ laughter ] giants fans can now stay up to date with the doings of pitcher brian wilson on twitter. the bearded closer opened a twitter account on tuesday and within 11 minutes, more than 2,000 people were following little. popular guy. he has been known for color quotes and off fiel antics. he was a key player last year. a match made in social networking heaven? two dating sites are teaming
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up. has bought rival okcupid in a deal reportedly worth $50 million. together the two sites have more than 9 million users. >> so are you happy about that? >> i have no opinion. what are you implying? >> you have a lot of dating stories on this show. >> who is producing these shows? [ laughter ] what do you think men and women really want? >> yeah. it may be the opposite of what you expect. according to the biggest survey ever of single women and men, men are more interested in love, marriage and children, compared to men just a few decades ago. and they fall in love more quickly. women, on the other hand, are more likely to want independence. >> you think that's the case? >> where was this survey done??? >> i asked because she's single. >> no, i don't find that to be the case actually. not in recent experience. men want, uhm....... yeah. >> to be independent. >> i think men in san francisco want to be independent. maybe this is done in the
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midwest. [ laughter ] >> or maybe i am just bitter and jaded. >> maybe not. >> maybe. it is 5:27. hey, developing news. journalists are now being evacuated from egypt. >> plus, uc students caught in the chaos. how the school was able to get them to safety. and dozens of fifth and sixth graders sent home sick from science camp. what administrators think happened coming up. it's being called a fiscal emergency. how cuts to caltrain could devastate riders and bay area drivers alike. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it is thursday, february third, i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. more than 50 students and teachers from across the bay area were sent home from a marin county science camp with flu-like symptoms. anne makovec is in oakland at one of the schools some of those students attended. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fifth and sixth graders here at redwood day school in oakland, one of the schools affected. there were three here in the bay area. administrators at the science camp where this went on, which is just outside of petaluma, don't think that it was a food-
5:31 am
borne illness. they believe this was just a virus that spread very, very quickly. so parents came to the camp to pick their kids up at around midnight last night. we have some video from that scene overnight. it happened at the walker creek ranch, an overnight retreat camping spot near petaluma. part of the marin county office of education, its outdoor science school. someone at the ranch called paramedics around 10:00 last night reporting one sick person. when they got there, they found dozens of others, 50 people total, with flu-like symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. >> 250 or 260 people in the whole campus this week, and a little over 50 have been ill. so that's a bigger-than-normal number so we just wanted to make sure again that the kids are safe and that we're getting them home and getting them to bed where they can get healthy again. >> reporter: the good news, no one was sent to the hospital.
5:32 am
again, three schools involved,san ramon elementary school in novato, tassajara hills elementary school in danville, and redwood day school in oakland, where all of the students were from. we are looking at fifth and sixth graders from each of those schools. and parents driving out there to the petaluma area to pick up their children around midnight. so quite a harrowing evening. the marin county health department is investigating this. back to you guys. >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in oakland this morning. this could be the day that a fiscal emergency is declared for caltrain. christin ayers joins us now from millbrae to explain what this could mean for the transit system. good morning, christin. >> reporter: good morning. it could mean that caltrain service would be gutted due to a $30 million budget shortfall. the deficit could mean devastating cuts for riders. in a few hours the committee that owns and operates caltrain
5:33 am
will discuss declaring a fiscal emergency. they are considering deep cuts to service that could result in more cars back on the roads. if it's approved, cuts could come as early as july. and here are the cuts that are currently on the table. the board could reduce weekday service by nearly half the number of trains. there are 86 trains on the tracks right now. there would be absolutely no service on weekends and no service from gilroy to the diridon station in san jose. seven peninsula stations could be closed. obviously, the concern for drivers is that highway 101 could be stop and go traffic. that traffic could increase on that road and obviously that would be more pollution and lots of stop and go for commuters. back to you. >> thank you, christin ayers live for us this morning in millbrae. pg&e must reduce the operating pressure on four of its natural gas pipeline. that announcement came yesterday from the state public utilities commission investigating last year's deadly explosion in san bruno.
5:34 am
regulators say pg&e has recently run the four gas lines above legal safety levels. those were located in milpitas, san jose, santa cruz county and the central valley. let's get a look at weather and traffic. and we are already looking ahead to the weekend, lawrence. >> i know. and i'll tell you what, our coming up weekend is going to be something spectacular weather-wise. one of the nicest weekends i some time. not much rain lately just showers the past weekend. temperatures outside right now under mostly clear skies inland hovering around the freezing mark into fairfield, 34 in napa, 34 in santa rosa so a chilly start to the day. we have patchy fog at the coast. that's the sign of a weak sea breeze. temperatures above average but cooler than what we were at yesterday. still 7 degrees above the average and 77 in santa rosa. about 62 for a high in concord. 61 in san francisco and 63 degrees this san jose but this
5:35 am
coming weekend, temperatures up into the mid-70s. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check on traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we're actually monitoring some breaking traffic news out of san francisco. two fires reported in the castro district, one at 16th between market and castro. i do have word that that fire is now under control. it has been contained to the attic of a home. but we have word of a second fire at hartford and 17th streets. we are sending fire crews -- we are sending news crews out to the scene to get more information. i learned they have shut down market between sanchez and castro because of these fires so expect delays around the area. of course, we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information. the rest of your roads are actually looking good. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge no troubles. and the bay bridge problem- free, metering lights off. back to you. >> thank you. it is now day 10 of unrest in egypt and americans are being urged to get out.
5:36 am
ines ferre is live in washington this morning. good morning, ines. what is the very latest? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, sydnie, the state department is saying that after today, it's unlikely that government chartered flights will be leaving cairo and they are ordering american citizens in egypt to leave the country now. egyptian troops have positioned themselves between opponents and supporters of president hosni mubarak. overnight, that same spot was the scene of some of the worst violence yet. heavy gunfire broke out and mobs torched vehicles and launched flares off rooftops. the state department urged any americans wanting to flee the country on a government flight to get to the airport immediately. the night of chaos capped off a day of deadly demonstrations that killed at least five people and left more than 600 injured. mubarak supporters charged into protestors on horses and camels
5:37 am
brandishing whips and hurling rocks. they were reportedly paid by mubarak's regime, a charge his government denied this morning the white house condemns the violence in egypt. officials are keeping up the pressure on mubarak to leave office immediately and warn u.s. aid will ride on his decision. >> president mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly who he is by beginning this transition immediately. >> reporter: tuesday mubarak announced he would step down in september. >> hosni mubarak also has to be careful here. the potential for mob rule, the potential for things to deteriorate so the crowds turn on him personally is considerable. >> reporter: protestors are calling for another massive demonstration tomorrow which they have declared the day of departure. it's the day they want mubarak gone. but so far, he has offered no sign of doing so.
5:38 am
secretary of state hillary clinton has phoned egypt's vice president. she wants those who are responsible for the acts of violence to be held accountable. >> so what has been the response of the egyptian government to that request? >> reporter: just today egypt's prime minister has given a public apology. he said that he apologizes for everything that happened yesterday. and he vows an investigation to see who was behind it. >> ines ferre live in washington this morning, thank you. meantime the university of california is using its own resources to get 19 ucla archeology students out of the country safely. the group flew on a charter flight to spain and should return to california later this week. and we will continue to follow the crisis in egypt as it develops. want to let you know that in our next hour, we are going to be speaking with cbs reporter vicki barker live in egypt.
5:39 am
a placerville school is closed this morning after the principal was shot to death allegedly by the school janitor. that shooting happened yesterday at the louisiana schnell school in placerville. police think there may have been an argument between the janitor and the victim. they reportedly were friends and had golfed together as recently as sunday. the janitor is now under arrest. the quality of your healthcare may depend on where you live. the best and worst states for treatment. and it's the question we have all been asking, who shot jr! the revival of a popular 1980s show. ,, ♪ ♪ do do da do doom da do ba do [ female announcer ] last year, ethan thompson and three friends from missoula, montana, put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again.
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[ female announcer ] ...and for being with your favorite storyteller... [ grandpa ] i love you when you are quiet. [ female announcer ] ...even after he goes home to nevada. [ grandpa ] and i love you when you are loud! [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. ♪ make your voice their valentine. good morning. we are monitoring breaking news
5:42 am
out of san francisco. two separate fires are in the works right now. the first is reported on 16th and between market and castro. it is a structure fire. it is under control and it's contained to the attic. now, the second fire was just reported a block away on hartford and 17th. market is closed from sanchez to castro because of the two separate fires that are burning in san francisco. again, 16th between market and castro, hartford and 17th the second one. we have a news crew headed to the scene for more information. other than that traffic is actually fairly quiet throughout the rest of the bay area. here's a live look at the bay bridge no troubles. pretty clear approaching the toll plaza. looking good across the upper deck into san francisco. if you are taking the golden gate bridge, also problem-free. 101 southbound only 8 minutes from 3 to 580. elsewhere another bridge check let's look at the san mateo
5:43 am
bridge where everything is clear in both directions. no troubles to report between hayward and foster city. through antioch stop and go westbound 4 slow and go out of antioch typical actually altamont pass typical this time of the morning. now to antioch we go. we are seeing stop and go westbound out of antioch. not too bad off the antioch bridge. no fog or wind advisories on the bridge through that portion. here's live look at 880/237. no troubles here traffic crewing along up to speed. that's a look at your morning commute. back to you. >> actually, gianna, i'll take it from here. you have to like the sunshine, don't you? ye. >> it's cooler out the door this morning. some of those temperatures hovering around the freezing mark especially in parts of the north bay. numbers around the bay area out toward the coastline into the 40s. there is some patchy fog developing out toward the beaches. that's a sign probably of some cooler weather today. not a major cooldown but temperatures coming down a few degrees. remember yesterday we had a high of 69 degrees in santa
5:44 am
rosa. probably not going to get there but close. temperatures in the 50s and 60s inland. patchy fog at the coast, cooler into the 50s. but the ridge of high pressure will start to build back in after weakening today. you see that patchy fog gathering along the coast. not a lot but just a sign of things that will cool down a bit today as that ridge weakens somewhat. looks like it's going to strengthen as we head into tomorrow. temperatures likely to move into the 70s by tomorrow afternoon in parts of the bay area and over the weekend, maybe even some mid-70s. how about that! we have a super weekend coming our way. 63 san jose, 64 morgan hill, 63 redwood city, 50s at the coast. east bay numbers running up into the 50s and the 60s. should be mostly sunny there, as well. north bay not as warm as yesterday but still good.
5:45 am
66 in petaluma and 66 degrees in santa rosa. so as we look out over the next few days, we are expecting plenty of sunshine and a whole lot of sunshine toward the weekend, maybe a couple of high clouds, but get a load of the numbers. the warmest spots mid-70s over the weekend, offshore winds going to blow, dry all the way to the coastline. as a matter of fact, dry for the next five to seven days but there is a sign as we head in toward late next week that rain could be making a return. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. we see our beautiful weather around here but they have a big mess to clean up in australia. a cyclone ripped through queensland yesterday tearing hundreds of homes apart and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to crops. fortunately though no one was killed. officials say advanced warnings kept everyone safe. some towns were evacuated before the cyclone hit with torrential rain and winds up to 170 miles per hour. here in the u.s., they are finally clearing hundreds of
5:46 am
stranded cars from lake shore drive in chicago. but they don't have the airports back to normal yet. several flights to and from the bay area have been cancelled this morning because of the weather. you need to call ahead if you're heading to the airport and back east. the snowstorm is over but the snow won't start melting until it warms up a bit. and right now, it is down to around 0 in chicago. here's a check of today's top stories. more than 50 schoolkids and teachers got sick at a science camp in marin county and had to be sent home last night. the fifth and sixth graders developed flu-like symptoms and parents had to pick them up. the students came from three elementary schools in the east bay. higher fares and worse service could soon the new reality for anyone who takes caltrain. the board is expected to declare a fiscal emergency today which would allow it to implement more cuts and fare hikes without doing a full environmental review. caltrain faces a $30 million
5:47 am
budget deficit. two women are suing safeway complaining the supermarket chain didn't notify them when products they bought were later recalled. one of the women is from san francisco. the the women say they have safeway club cards so the store has their numbers and should have called. new this morning, it is now up to the supreme court to decide the fate of the new healthcare law. yesterday, senate democrats shot down a repeal of the law recently signed by president obama. that vote was 51-47. last month, the republican- controlled house voted to repeal the measure. meantime, if you want better healthcare, you may need to move. betty nguyen explains in today's healthwatch. reporter: the quality of healthcare your child receives could depend where you live. a new report shows that kids in new england and the upper midwest get better healthcare than children in the south and southwest. according to the commonwealth fund, the top states for healthy kids includes iowa, massachusetts and vermont. some of the worst states are florida, texas and nevada. the report found children in
5:48 am
the top states are more likely to be insured and get regular checkups. people with metabolic syndrome may be at risk for memory loss. it is a combination of risk factors including abdominal fat, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. a new study found people with the condition were more likely to perform poorly on memory tests. researchers believe if people with metabolic syndrome improve their health they can slow down age related memory loss. a quick clarification on the popular cancer drug avastin. the drug is currently used to treat advanced cancers including breast cancer. but the fda has started the process to withdraw its approval to treat breast cancer. a new analysis of 16 previous studies is raising fresh questions about the drug's severe side effects. findings suggest patients using avastin have a higher risk of dying than patients on chemotherapy alone. those are some of the day's top health stories. i'm betty nguyen. cbs news, new york. verizon says it will start
5:49 am
taking orders for the new apple iphone today. only existing verizon customers can preorder the device for now. presales for the general public begin next wednesday. the company is offering several plans, voice and unlimited text starting around $60 a month. google is launching a new web store for android applications. the search giant says users will be able to browse and buy applications and have them installed remotely it their phones and tablets. previously the android market was only available on android- running devices. a pair of comedy central favorites returning to hulu. jon stewart and steven colbert were gone from the site for a year but they are coming back. terms of the deal not disclosed. it was one of the biggest television moments of the '80s. everyone wanted to know, who shot jr ewing? well, now larry hagman is about
5:50 am
to put that stetson back on for a remake of dallas. they have signed several original cast members for a pilot including patrick duffy and linda gray. but what about victoria plains principal? it was a big drama. >> will it be about their grandchildren? [ laughter ] >> them with canes ? >> i used to watch dallas every friday. it was a tradition. that and twilight zone. i remember that? >> i do. i do. and a lot more you don't remember. [ laughter ] it is 5:50. only the difference makers get it. the elite award wikileaks has been nominated for. and happy lunar new year. it starts today. what you can't do or else you'll get bad luck.
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assange... grabbed headlines after releas wikileaks is up for this year's nobel peace prize. the whistle blowing website grabbed headlines after releasing sensitive information. it was nominated by a norwegian lawmaker who says wikileaks is one of the most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparency. today is the last day for the spokesman for lieutenant governor gavin newsom. tony win acomputer is leaving. he planned to leave when newsom left last month but stayed on longer to help with the transition. the new spokesman will be christine falby. as you go to work today, be sure to wis everyone a happy lunar new year. today kicks off the year of the hare. a celebration was held last
5:54 am
night at the chinese-american international school? san francisco. mayor ed lee was there as 400 students performed and he had a surprise for the students. >> i know you are excited and know you're going to have fun. i hope that all of you can stick it out to the chinese new year's parade because they just told me that i get to be the grand marshal this year. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> that is exciting. celebrations were also held in the east bay. now a little about the significance of the hare. it is the fourth of 12 animals in the chinese horoscope and the rabbit thought to represent success and independence. people born in the year of the hare are said to be blessed with good health and longevity. so are you one? if you were born in these years, take a look. because it nsidered bad luck. and no house cleaning today... you could s >> you are forbidden from
5:55 am
outing can your hair because it's bad luck and no housecleaning today because you don't want to sweep away the good luck. >> the year of the rabbit supposed to be a good luck year. i'm the year of the serpent. >> i'm year of the rooster. >> what does that say about us? lawrence -- i think we are going to traffic first. we are going to gianna first. gianna, are you the year of the hare. >> yes. so no housecleaning or haircutting. >> not at all. we are monitoring breaking news out of the castro district. fire crews working on two fires possibly three. the first reported at the 3600 block on 16th street between market and castro. now, we did get word as of about 5:31 this morning that it was reported as a house fire. it is under control. the fire is contained to the attic. the fire crews are still on scene there. we have closures in and around that area. now, the second fire reported was just a block away. 3900 block of hartford near
5:56 am
17th street. fire crews are on the scene there. market is closed from sanchez to castro as a result. we got reports of a possible third fire in the area. we are getting all this information. we'll get it to see as soon as it comes in. chopper 5 is headed to the scene as well as a news crew. if you are heading to 16, avoid the area, your best bet to use mass transit. stick with bart to avoid delays in the area. bart is on time. let's check your forecast. here's lawrence. >> all right. we are looking good, gianna. we have a lot of sunshine but a couple of patches of fog along the coast. temperatures probably going to come down a few degrees. if you are going out the door, 30s and 40s right now but by the afternoon plenty of 50s and 60s around the bay area but the high pressure begins to really strengthen. temperatures in the 70s tomorrow afternoon. and get a load of the weekend in the mid-70s in the warmest spots staying high and dry for the next five to seven days.
5:57 am
happy chinese new year. it is the year of the rabbit. got a great picture here for you. our weather producer billy poone pulled this up. by the way, happy new year to you. i got a red envelope for, right? here you go. >> looking for one of those earlier. >> you can't take it? i'll save it. thanks, guys. [ laughter ] >> how much is in there? >> i hope it's enough for both jewel never know. >> lawrence, thanks very much. 5:57. coming up in our next half hour, we are going to continue to follow that breaking news in san francisco gianna was telling us about. the firefighters rushing to the scene of two fires. these two fires within blocks of each other. >> yeah. and there are reports now there may be a third. we'll have the very latest. and talk about a bad trip. dozens of local students returning home from a science camp where a lot of them got sick. we'll tell you what happened coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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