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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." in egypt it has come to this. cars plowing into crowds. we will take you into everyday neighborhoods that show you what people are doing to protect themselves. bringing in the new year with a small army's worth of fire power. police responded but left. why they say they cannot stop such dangerous partying. verizon has a new message for some of its cell phone customers. why it may purposely slow it down. tonight we know who is doing this around the bay area. >> good decent kids. had everything going on in their lives. >> why these kids are suddenly so desperate. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. tonight we are not allowed to show you any live pictures from cairo. that's because the egyptian
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government has pulled the plug. they have banned western media from broadcasting live. it is now friday morning there. in a few hours protestors say they will march to the presidential palace to force president hosni mubarak to leave. anti-government demonstrators facing increasingly dangerous situations. this is disturbing. it shows a police van tearing right through the crowds running over people. and this one shows a diplomatic car also hitting, running over several protestors. elizabeth palmer shows us what anti-government activists are doing to protect each other. >> reporter: this is the epicenter of what is now open war. with the front line along the north side of liberation square. hosni mubarak opponents are penned in behind their own homemade barricades well supplied with rocks and running
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i.d.checks. some of those caught become prisoners of war. others to fall away. egypt's military take a more active role today trying to maneuver between the battling groups but their tanks were no match for the frenzied crowd. from early morning running battles ranged between the two sides. official figures say 10 people have been killed since late last night when heavy gunfire broke out in the city's center and ambulances shuttled some of the 800 injured to a makeshift clinic on the other side of the square. this morning when the smoke cleared we made our way to that neighborhood where there is strong support for the demonstrators. off a passageway we found the
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field clinic. chaotic but oddly cheerful. this is medicine. where are yous it coming from? >> the military. >> how are you getting it? >> the army are allowing medicine to come to us. >> it may not look like it but in the hail of gunfire this man is one of the lucky ones. >> is this from a rock? >> yes. >> reporter: this doctor is working round the clock here tending the wounded and telling the world. >> are you blogging live? >> i am the physician here. in my free time i am. >> reporter: the doctors insist they will treat anyone who needs it but it is pretty clear which side they are on. >> i will not leave this place until president hosni mubarak goes away. >> many americans heeded the
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warnings to get to cairo airport immediately if they wanted to leave the country. one traveler said she saw hundreds of people pushing each other. about 1500 americans left today on flights arranged by the u.s. embassy. there are an estimated 90,000 american citizens in egypt. have you heard them tonight fire crackers. welcoming in the lunar new year. but in some places it isn't just a backyard backk sparkler or two. >> reporter: so say they are ringing in the lunar knew year with a bang is a gross misunderstatement. roman candles. yes, even mortar shells. the celebration went on all day and well into the night.
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what's more, it is all illegal. >> fireworks are illegal in san jose. do you know that? do you care at all? >> i don't know. >> reporter: san jose has a strict ban on fireworks. while we were here san jose firefighters and police officers responded to a medical call of someone hurt by fireworks but it turned out to be a false alarm so with mortars exploding overhead both the fire department and police turned around and left. san jose police spokesman jose garcia says the department does not condone fireworks. >> it may appear to the public that we are not taking any action. that we are turning a blind eye to what's occurring but in reality what it boils down to is we have to prioritize our calls and make use of our officers to the best possibility given the circumstances that we find ourselves in now with the
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number of officers. >> spectators say it is an important part of the culture and they come every year even though they know it can be dangerous. >> it is not the safest place to be and it is a little dangerous but it is a risk you are willing to take to celebrate, new year's, sir. >> fireworks works is not 100% safe i guess if you put it that way i am. >> reporter: san jose police said they are basically taking a softer approach to this because there are more and more calls and fewer and fewer officers to answer them. we should also mention that the fire department says all day long they did not get a complaint of any fireworks out here. >> it is almost midnight. maybe it will quieten down a bit. kiet do in san jose. thank you. traffic is back to normal on the bay bridge after a truck dumped a load of sand, 50 feet
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long. three lanes were closed while crews scooped up the sand and that created a monumental traffic jam. cal train proposing eliminating half of its stations. 16 stops in santa clara and san mateo counties. the board says the cuts are necessary to help close a $30 million deficit the board won't make a final decision until april. the manager of a san rafael pistons restaurant is accused of pizza -- of spray painting the building saying go home. tim tucker was arrested, the manager of nearby extreme pizza along with a former coworker. police say one of the suspects was drunk. the manager at extreme pizza says the grafitti was not a company plan. for year's now bay area
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verizon customers enjoy taking comfort in the fact that their cellular service they felt was often better than at&t's. pup now that verizon is offering the iphone it has a message for some of its own customers. grace lee reports do too much and they will slow you down. >> reporter: the world of iphones is about to change. at&t has held a monopoly on the apple product for years. >> not very happy actually with at&t service. get a lot of dropped calls. >> reporter: but before you put verizon on a pedestal they issued a warning for all you data hogs. >> for the top 5% of users, the people that use the most data they said periodically we will slow your data speeds. and they haven't really said exactly how that will happen. >> reporter: why would the company tell current and potential customers this? it could be for the greater good. >> you have to understand that when have you a bunch of people using a lot of data it will
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make everyone else have a slower experience. so they like to say they are making it fair for everybody. >> reporter: meaning that by slowing down those data hogs the rest of us could see more bars of service. either category you fall into it didn't seem to matter for verizon sales. iphone iv preordering began today for its customers. by 5 p.m. it was sold out. he secured his just in time. >> i heard rumors maybe they would be getting an iphone eventually. >> how happy were you to hear that verizon was actually going to offer the iphone? >> ecstatic. >> reporter: and what about better service? trying out verizon's iphone in multiple spots today. >> that's what we found so far with testing the verizon iphone it connects calls faster. and it is better at keeping those calls once they are established. >> reporter: before you jump shift, at&t does have some advantages.
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talk to someone on your cell and you can surf the web at the same time but on verizon you cannot do both unless you have a wi-fi signal. also keep in mind we are not really going to know what type of service verizon provides or at&t provides until everyone switches. so we are talking six months to a year. got to also remember sprint, t- mobile, everyone will be moving around. >> good. competition is good. you can talk to somebody while you're surfing the web, while you're driving. >> and texting at the same time, right? >> not. >> no. >> just kidding. >> grace lee, thank you. >> thanks. well, kids are supposed to rough it a bit at science camp but not like this. what happened that forced dozens of bay area kids to go home early. a peaceful bay area suburb. a rash of break ins. >> i saw nine within probably a three-week period. the prescription drug behind the crimes. why the street prices suddenly sky rocketed. coming up next.
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the kids were supposed to be at
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walker c r petaluma dozens of kids got sick during a field trip. the kids were supposed to be at walker creek rank for four days for a sleepover science camp but the trip was cut short last night after about 70 students, teachers and staff suddenly came down with flu-like symptoms. >> sounded like they were frantic. they just wanted us to get her. we said fine. >> about 250 students were at the camp. fifth and sixth graders from redwood school in oakland and two other elementary schools. the health department is testing for organisms in their effort to determine the cause. well, there has been a big spike in home burglaries all around the bay area and police are noticing most of them have one thing in common. this is a story you'll see only on cbs5. allen martin shows us it has to do with what has become a very
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expensive little pill. >> reporter: a peaceful suburb. just a few months ago a rash of burglaries. >> the lock was broken. >> reporter: debra sullivan came home to find her bedroom in shambles. >> everything was a mess. >> reporter: in the master bathroom. >> i had a jewelry box and it was gone. >> i saw a nine in probably a three-week period. >> reporter: sonoma county detective began to notice similarities. >> i thought they were all related based on what was being stolen and how they were getting into the house. >> reporter: working with santa rosa police he connected the dots arresting 14 people including the ringleader. >> probably $100,000 plus range. >> reporter: mostly jewelry. but other evidence revealed the burglar's motive. >> we found drugs, syringes. most all were addicted to
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oxycotin. >> a rising price for the pill. one pill goes for $40. today that same pill goes for over $100. why? because the manufacturer of oxycoton is trying to stop people from abusing it. people crush up the tablets and snort it to get high like we saw a few months ago when we went undercover on a drug infested san francisco street. >> you snort it. >> the tablets can also be liquified and injected. >> they will put it on usually a spoon, put a little water on it, heat the bottom of the spoon. >> reporter: the manufacturer switched to a new version of the tablet called op. >> you try to crush it it just stays together. you can't inject it. >> reporter: but the old ocs are still on the street costing ever more and cops say causing a spike in property crimes. burglaries last year in santa rosa were up 18% from 2009. >> it is like an epidemic.
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nothing like i have ever seen before. >> reporter: assistant public defender kathleen pose says it is not the usual suspects. >> good families, good decent kids that i'm hearing were college bound had everything going on in their lives. >> reporter: but when they start using ocs she says -- >> the addiction level is almost immediate. they will do anything to get this drug. >> reporter: like alex johnson, 27 years old. his sister rose says alex was an energic kid who grew up to love fishing and outdoors until oxy took over his life. >> i wouldn't hear from him for weeks. he was ashamed of himself. >> reporter: johnson was arrested on a misdemeanor. two hours after getting out of jail he was found dead in the bathroom of a gas station just down the street. >> he had overdosed.
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it is just like horrifying. >> reporter: she says johnson's death is just a precursor. >> i fear that they are going to end up dying. they are certainly going to start using again or they are going to commit more crimes. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs5. >> and just yesterday police in morgan hill told us that they think that oxycotin addiction is behind a new rash of robberies there too police. vegas police say they have nabbed the thief who stole 1.5 million chips from the bellagio. witnesses say when he came in he was wearing a motorcycle helmet and waved a gun at gamblers and then robbery all the chips. they say he tried to sell high value casino chips to undercover officers. >> we are going to check in with roberta right now and see what the remaining week has in store weather wise. today we topped off at 62
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degrees and napa to 66. santa rosa. temperatures fell off very quickly as the sun set and now you want to cover up tonight because we are going to drop down into the 30s. not as chilly as last night. low 40s santa clara valley. mid-40s around the central bay. pretty much nonexistent wind. tomorrow after the morning commute we will see that offshore wind to the north east. otherwise 40s and 50s as you make your way out the door. jet stream to the north of the bay area. high pressure. huge. it will continue to expand and strengthen and as it does so our air mass is warming up. so things are blossoming a lot sooner than what they should be. blame it on the tree count if you have allergies. a little tinge in the atmosphere. moderate air quality with that offshore flow. the plumes get trapped close to the marin headlands. if you are headling to the high sierra grab the sun block.
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you won't need the chains. no snow in the forecast. temperature wise, 73 degrees in santa rosa up from today's high of 66 degrees. 65 concord. warmer across the santa clara valley. of the two days coming up this weekend sunday will be the warmest and i betcha we will have some record high temperatures. meanwhile, it is a dry weather pattern each day through thursday. we have got dry weather here. back east. we are feeling their pain still. this woman from san jose is stuck in new york. she sent us that photo. that was our sunset. thank you, stanley for sending that in. send your favorite photos to us. >> that's the second one from annie. i'm afraid she is never going to get home. >> i know. >> thanks, roberta. do you know why your hair turns grey? we will have that answer coming up on tonight's good question. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hairs. for most of you it is only a matter of time until you look in the mirror and see those little grey hairs. i have been staring at them for a while now. what makes our hair turn grey as we get older? that's tonight's good question.
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>> reporter: when i was a kid my hair was dark. even up through my 20s and 30s. i had a lot of hair and it was dark. look, there is a picture of me an carlos santana. then when i hit 40 things startedded to change. >> what happened to my hair? why did it turn grey. >> the answer you may not want to hear. the reason is purely based on mom and dad. >> mom and dad. like every kid i inherited my parents' genetic traits and for me that meant grey hair. but this chief of dermatology admits that scientists don't really know why we stop producing the stuff that puts the color this our hair. >> now, what is that trigger factor that tells the follicle to stop producing melanin.
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we are certainly working on scene genes that may explain why in certain people the follicle still continues to produce melanan and some don't. >> reporter: even heavy smoking can accelerate your grey hair but that's about it. >> can stress turn your hair grey? >> no. >> how about having kids. can that turn your hair grey? >> these are all myths. >> go to click on connect to send me your good question. >> monta ellis may have grey hair by the time he is voted to an all-star game. durell wright with this alley-oop jam. ,,,,
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becoming the first player ranked top 6th in scoring in back-to-back years to not make an all-star team. honored before tonight's game again the bucks. what's better the stephen curry pass or this alley-oop? monta ellis showing why he should be an all-star. he gets to the rim for two of his 24. warriors up 6 former warrior bringing milwaukee within two with 33 seconds to go. but monta ellis didn't fear the deer. he knocks down the jumper to bury the bucks. the warriors win 100-94. leading arizona with 21 points as the wild cats take over the top spot in the pac-10 with their win over sanford. cal looking for that are fourth straight win. allen crabb. just two for ten. but his three in the final seconds ices it for the bears.
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66-62. the gaels only game not televised this season. they won 79-71 playing pepperdine. sanford gets their 42nd pac-10 wins. bears beat the wild cats 73-63. known as the closer and the machine's neighbor now brian wilson can add pga tour caddie to his resume. >> look at me. this is fun. >> thank you. thank you. >> the beard carried the bag for pat perez in phoenix. no word on whether he was fined for wearing an all orange caddie jump suit. top 5. a sports reporter doing a story on racetrack
11:31 pm
safety. >> something tragic could happen. >> do it again. hurt my middle finger all of fingers. >> tragic indeed. lebron james provides the magic in orlando. 51 points for king james. but the heat win by just 4 points. number 3, stars and bruins. this is what happens when you skate with your head down. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> i think he will be okay. >> number 2. spurs and lakers. tim duncan for the game winner. antonio is there to tip it in. ohio state number 1 for a reason. nailing it half court trick shot before the game. as for the game, the buckeyes took care of michigan 62-53. >> people want to know why we laugh when a reporter falls down. because we have all done it and it is funny. >> especially when they are doing a story on racetrack
11:32 pm
safety. he was not safe. >> the irony. >> that's right. >> i have a quick question. why can they hit so hard in hockey but not in football. >> i whether work on that one. >> this local storage facility had 43 break ins in two years. the special offer that entices crime rings and what some companies are doing to make your storage safer. friday at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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