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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 4, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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cairo showdown. massive anti-government rallies expected in egypt to drive president hosni mubarak from office today. help wanted. economists expect the unemployment rate to go higher following today's jobs reports. and his decision. the astronaut-husband of wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords to announce today if he'll leave congresswoman gabrielle giffords to announce today if he'll leave her bedside to go into space. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone, on a very busy friday morning, i'm terrell brown, in for betty nguyen. this may prove to be a pivotal day in the fight over who will rule egypt. leaders of the anti-government
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movement are calling for a massive day of departure rally to force president hosni mubarak from office. the rally is expected to include a march on the presidential palace. demonstrators and police have already begun to gather. the u.s. is reportedly in talks with top egyptian officials about the possibility of mubarak stepping down immediately. he'd be replaced by a military-backed interim government. in a broadcast interview mubarak says he wants to resign but that egypt would sink into crisis. ines ferre is in washington with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. as protesters gather in cairo, washington is stepping up the pressure for egypt to resolve the crisis. this is the day protesters want president hosni mubarak gone for good. they've declared it the day of departure and plan to march to his polls aby masses demanding his immediate resignation. mubarak says he wants to quit but fears that would bring even more chaos to the country.
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for a second straight day thursday, opponents and supporters of the regime squared off. egyptian troops created a buffer zone between the two sides. but it didn't last long. even for doctors treating the wounded, the mission is personal. >> i will not leave this place until the president mubarak go away or i will die in this place. >> reporter: the obama administration is reportedly talking with egyptian officials about ways to resolve the crisis. their discussions are said to include having mubarak step down now, instead of when his term expires in september. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the violence thursday, and called for a smooth political transition. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> reporter: u.s. lawmakers also turned up the pressure. >> stop the blood-letting, let's start a peaceful transition to a free and open society. >> reporter: but on the streets
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of cairo, few are listening to calls from the outside world. focused, instead, on the battles pitting egyptian against egyptian for the future of their country. and in washington, the debate between democrats and republicans on this issue is somewhat muted. that's because they both view egypt as an ally in the middle east. they also want democracy for the country. but they also are both concerned about the possibility of extremist influence in a post-mubarak government. terrell? >> ines ferre in washington for us, thanks. meanwhile we turn to elizabeth palmer in good morning to you. what's happening there now? >> well, there were a few thousand protesters in the square overnight but the atmosphere was relaxed. they were chanting and singing. it's morning now, actually it's almost lunch time, and i can see long, long lines of people arriving, hoping to join the demonstrators in the square. it's really very orderly. the most orderly scene we've witnessed yet. the soldiers have set up a proper wire barricade, they're funneling the arriving people
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through a checkpoint where they have to show their i.d. and be patted down for weapons. as you mentioned, this day has been billed as the day of departure, and the opposition is hoping that this is the day president hosni mubarak steps down. but, most of all, i think they need to make sure they've got the numbers to keep the pressure up on the government. it does look as if, after friday prayers finish in oh, a couple of hours from now, we may see the hundreds of thousands of people there hoping to come into the downtown for one last massive show that the concessions so far are simply not enough. >> elizabeth, you know, we're hearing quite a bit now about the targeting of journalists. what effect is this having on the street? >> reporter: well, it's having a big effect in the arab world. because the two main arab at light channels were broadcasting live from tahrir square round the clock.
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and that not only allowed egyptians to see what was going on, but it allowed the crowd to organize itself in a closed feedback loop. they're not doing that now. so the coverage in the arab world will be cut back, muted. either the government's done it because they want to -- they didn't like having the scenes of violence on television and they want to censor it. or they're just doing it to try and calm things down. because everybody, everybody was shocked by that violence two nights ago. >> elizabeth palmer on the phone with us this morning from cairo. elizabeth, stay safe out there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. and as we reported the obama administration is in talks with top egyptian officials about the possibility of mubarak stepping down immediately. u.s. officials say a military-backed interim government is one of several ideas being discussed. the u.s., though, is not looking to impose a solution. they do stress, however, the decision has been made that mubarak must go if the crisis is
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to be resolved peacefully. meanwhile, america's top military officer, admiral mike mullen said the unrest in the middle east caught the u.s. by surprise. mullen says the u.s. military stands ready to provide any support egypt may need. the u.s. embassy in cairo is bringing in charter flights as needed to evacuate american citizens from egypt. more americans are trying to leave cairo as the anti-american sentiment grows. so far the u.s. has flown out some 2,200 u.s. citizens. >> it got kind of violent yesterday with the demonstrations and our apartment, our hospital, is right next to the river. so we decided it would be a lot safer and our parents were really worried about us. >> we were warned to stay away from the protest because we could become targets as americans. >> the u.s. embassy is saying anyone who wants to leave now should get out now. the united nations began evacuating its staff on thursday. back home that massive winter storm that covered a huge portion of the country has been replaced by bitter cold. windchills plunged to 30 below in some places.
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another storm system is making its way from the gulf of mexico to the northeast. it's causing some trouble this morning in east texas. this system is more of a rainmaker for the east coast. most flights have been canceled at houston airports. about three inches of snow is expected. don teague has more. >> surprisingly, a high bridge here. >> reporter: a nightmarish scene in northeast oklahoma where an suv carrying eight people slid off the ice-covered interstate. >> almost like a ski ramp. >> reporter: plunging 80 feet into a frozen river. three were killed. rescuers saved five others after using hammers to break the truck's window. >> as soon as they can get them extricated from the vehicle. >> reporter: heavy snow from this week's blizzard collapsed the roof of a school. and in texas, where bitter cold led to rolling blackouts wednesday, officials at parkland hospital are still fuming about their power being cut. >> can't just go down for 15 minutes and come back up. there's a recalibration. so it really does disrupt hospital care. >> reporter: icy roads are still making travel treacherous.
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in dallas, pittsburgh and green bay fans in town for the super bowl thought they'd get a winter break. but instead are feeling right at home. sidewalks are still covered with ice, kids are even playing ice hockey on the street. >> reminds me of being in detroit when we won super bowl xl. >> we've been going to packer games at lambeau field in pretty tough weather for a long time. >> reporter: this feels like home then? >> yeah, this is great. >> reporter: don teague, cbs news, arlington. "cbs moneywatch" time on a friday morning. a slow day for asian stocks during the lunar new year. ashley morrison here in new york with more on that. >> reporter: good morning to you, terrell. hong kong's hang seng was closed again for the holiday. in japan the nikkei gained more than 1%. today, wall street tries to finish off the week on a high note. on thursday better than expected news on retail sales helped push stocks higher. the dow gained 20 points while the nasdaq added 4. wall street's focus today, the labor department's january
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jobs report. it's expected to show the economy added 145,000 jobs last month, but that is barely enough to keep up with the population growth. the unemployment rate is forecast to edge up to 9.5%. ford is expected to recall 280,000 trucks here in the u.s. to fix a door problem. the recall affects f-150 trucks from 2009 and 2010 model years. the door handles on those vehicles could break, possibly leading to the doors opening in a crash. no crashes have been tied to the problem. the recall is expected to begin in ten days. and if you're planning on some pizza for your super bowl bash, call early. all the national chains are expecting a huge surge in orders, which could mean slow delivery time. super bowl sunday is traditionally one of the top five pizza days in the u.s. domino's alone expects to serve up to 9 million slices. the pizza giant says pepperoni is america's top topping. and accounts for 60% of all orders.
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and terrell, i'm sure there's a pizza in my house on that day. >> and i'll be eating half of a pizza. ashley morrison, appreciate it this morning. just ahead on the "morning news," decision day for mark kelly. the husband of gabrielle giffords tells whether he'll command the next shuttle mission. plus outrage over a brutal police beating caught on tape. the victim a teenage boy. this is the "morning news." 66 what are my options? ooh, many options. ooh. one keychain. b, trucker cap. look good for ladies. uh ok, how 'bout cash? cash? he want cash! want better rewards? peggy? switch to discover. america's number 1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover. uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives.
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a controversial video shows a houston teenager being beaten by police. the just-released video was from an incident last march. shows officers kicking, punching and stomping on the then-15-year-old during his arrest. his mother said her son's nose was broken and he had multiple bruises after the beating. community leaders held a news conference thursday to express their outrage. >> while others were trying to cover it up and have managed to keep it out of public eye for almost two years, the truth is finally coming out. and we're here today to say,
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enough is enough. >> four houston police officers were fired over the incident and face trial later this year. luck may have run out for a judge's son charged with robbing a las vegas casino. 29-year-old anthony carleo was arrested late wednesday. police say he was the man in a motorcycle helmet seen december 14th on security video running off with $1.5 million worth of gambling chips. he was picked up at the very casino he was accused of robbing, staying at the bellagio hotel as a guest. astronaut mark kelly is expected to go into space while his wife congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues her recovery from being shot. he spoke thursday at the national prayer breakfast in washington. >> as you can imagine the last month has been the hardest time of my life and the hardest time of my family's life. >> kelly has rarely left giffords' bedside since the shooting in tucson january 8th. but the website says kelly will announce his decision today to fly on the next shuttle mission.
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>> this is a tremendous decision for him. because he's worked towards this goal his entire life. if that's what he decides to do, he will put 100% into it. >> kelly will blast off on "endeavour's" final mission on april 19th. straight ahead your friday morning weather forecast. and in sports a sizzling lebron james has a magical night in orlando.
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in some cities around the country. sunny and 36 degrees in new york. partly cloudy and 80 in miami. sunny and 26 in chicago. mostly cloudy and 29 in dallas. and in los angeles, sunny and 62. a check of your national forecast on this friday. the latest satellite picture shows the entire southeast looking at the latest winter storm. it will bring rain and snow showers from texas to north carolina. the southwest and northeast are both clear. later today a wintry mix is going to fall on parts of the southeast. temperatures start to rebound in the northeast and stay relatively mild in the southwest. in sports this morning, lebron james helped miami increase its lead in the nba southeast division. james had a season-high 51 points for the heat against second place orlando. miami held off a late charge. they win 104-100. the heat's fourth straight victory. they're five games ahead of orlando. in los angeles, antonio mcdyess of san antonio chipped in a missed jump shot to beat the buzzer as time ran out. the spurs survive the lakers
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rally and get the win 89-88. san antonio has beaten the lakers twice and have won 12 of their last 14 games. in college basketball, number one ohio state remains unbeaten. sullinger of the buckeyes scored 19 points against michigan. 62-53 victory gives ohio state 23 wins in a row to open the season. this is only the second time that's happened in school history. and new york yankees pitcher andy pettitte is retiring. he plans to make that announcement later today here in new york. pettitte had 240 wins over 16 major league seasons. he has the major league record for postseason wins with 19. when we come back another look at this morning's top stories, and the other sport on super bowl sunday. watching the commercials. a sneak peek at some of the game-day action coming up. some of the game-day action coming up. yikes, this color just sucks the life out of me.
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plus.. oakland's mayor said they were fixed.. but police radios are acting up again. the new problems putting safety at risk. and.. fighting for their education. east bay parents and students.. make one final plea this morning.. to stop the district from shutting down their school. join us for cbs 5 early edition ... beginning at 4:30. ,,,, on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. a storm system is coming from the gulf of mexico that will trek through the southeast over the course of the day.
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scattered showers over the northwest, with rain and snow, in the central plains. northeast and southwest are all sunny and dry. a look at the top stories. anti-government demonstrators in egypt want president hosni mubarak out of office now. they're gathering for a mass rally, a march on the presidential palace, a so-called day of departure rally. and the labor department releases its jobs report for january this morning. it's expected to show the economy added barely enough jobs to keep up with demand, and that the unemployment rate will tick up. football fans know where they'll be this sunday parked in front of that tv set for super bowl xlv. of course there's that other component to the broadcast of the big game. the big commercials. companies have been gearing up all year. alexis christoforous has a preview. >> someone called alejandro? >> reporter: the goal is to be the ad you're talking about after the super bowl.
4:21 am
>> ole! >> reporter: companies are paying a record $3 million for a 30-second spot during the most-watched event on television. >> see it's like you said. a big rear end. >> excuse me! >> reporter: after a two-year absence, general motors is back in the game. >> back up, back up! >> reporter: gm's running five chevy ads. it's even giving away a camaro convertible to the super bowl's mvp. this year, six automakers are lined up to advertise nine different brands. creatures are making cameos. and the chimps are back. >> guys, can you give me a little space here? you parked a little close. >> reporter: companies paid ad agencies millions to come up with a memorable super bowl ad. but once again, doritos and pepsi asked consumers to create their own 30-second spot. >> they're already gone. >> no they're not. you left the best part. >> no, i'm pretty sure, they're gone. >> reporter: six finalists will have their commercials featured during the big game. >> i want to sleep with her.
4:22 am
i want to sleep -- i want a pepsi max. i want a pepsi max. >> reporter: they're betting an amateur can score them a touchdown with an estimated 100 million viewers. >> hey -- >> reporter: alexis christoforous, cbs news. >> ouch. and a wisconsin man hopes his hair-raising efforts help green bay on sunday. on thursday, chris van alstein got his first haircut in 14 years. the last time he got it cut was right before the packers super bowl win in 1997. the next year, when the team played the super bowl again, he didn't cut his hair and green bay lost. so he's hoping to bring the luck back by shaving his head. once he overcomes the shock of the whole thing. >> oh, my god. oh! breathe. >> deep breaths. deep breaths. he says after all that the packers better win.
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another update now on the situation in egypt that's been proved to be a day of reckoning for president hosni mubarak. anti-government demonstrators are gathering for a mass rally and march on the presidential palace dubbed day of departure. the protesters want mubarak to step down today. the obama administration is reportedly talking with high ranking egyptian officials about mubarak stepping down immediately, to be replaced by a military-backed interim government. in a broadcast interview mubarak says he wants to step down, but that egypt would fall into chaos. mubarak says he told president obama that he doesn't understand egypt and what would happen if he resigns. economics is a major part of what drives protests in egypt. nearly one out of five lives below the poverty line, earning less than $15 a week. mark strassmann hit the streets
4:26 am
of cairo for a closer look. >> reporter: this is the souk. the bazaar in a neighborhood called islamic cairo. merchants peddle produce, bread, coffee, whatever sells. and have rode out hard times in these same alleys since the tenth century. >> this is the first customer come to me from seven days. >> reporter: hamed runs the family business. his stall stands two miles from liberation square. where street armies fought for a second day. in the souk he sells tablecloths and pillow covers. we have this design. >> reporter: this revolt scared off customers. but he struggles even during good times. earning $100 a month for his family of five. and how hard is that? >> so, so, so, so hard. >> reporter: revolts don't happen in places where people are living large. revolts happen in places where hope is dead or dying.
4:27 am
and at least a quarter of all egyptians try to scratch out a living on less than $2 a day. marwah feels love at the front door. but squeezed everywhere else. this high school english teacher earns $13,000 a year. she's 42 and unmarried. like almost half of egyptian women over 30. and her last pay raise was five years ago. >> how long would i need to get myself a house? the prices are rising every single day. so, who's there to stop it? >> reporter: do you have hope it's going to get better? >> i don't know. this is, as we say in egypt, in god's hands. we are now between god's hands. >> reporter: since the pharaohs, egyptians have looked to the top for hope. they do again, but have a hard time seeing it. mark strassmann, cbs news, cairo. coming up a little later on "the early show," live coverage from cairo on this morning's anti-government demonstrations and the next move by the obama administration. also more on that dramatic rescue of passengers in an suv
4:28 am
that plunged into an icy river in oklahoma. we'll hear from two of the responders. and she's been called the sexiest woman alive. minka kelly tells us about her new movie "the roommate." all that and more coming up this morning on "the early show." that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday, i'm terrell brown. have a great morning, everyone. thank you. ,,,,,,
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