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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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chaos erupts.. as thousands pack cairo's streets on the deadline day for egypt right now, chaos erupts as thousands pack cairo streets on the deadline day for egypt's president to step down. the new plans at that time white house to stop the violence -- the plans at the white house to stop the violence. and an you gent plea this morning. the last -- and the urgent plea this morning. the last minute push to save their school. could we be warming into the weekend? we'll tell you coming up. and i'll tell you what areas to avoid in just a few minutes. and good morning. sit friday, february 4th.
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time now is 4:30. thousands of protesters are in cairo's central square right now. it's the biggest crowd since a quarter million people showed up on tuesday. we report on the push to push egypt's president out of office. >> reporter: this is the day protesters want president hosni mubarak gone for good. they declared it the day of departure and plan to demand his immediate resignation. he says he wants to quit, but fears that would bring even more chaos to the country. for a second straight day thursday, opponents and supporters squared off. egyptian troops created a buffer zone between the two sides, but it didn't last long. even for doctors treating the wounded, the mission is personal. >> i will not leave this place until the president hosni mubarak go away. or i will die in this place. >> reporter: the obama
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administration is reportedly talking with egyptian officials about ways to resolve the crisis. the discussions are said to include having hosni mubarak step down now instead of when his term expires in september. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the violence thursday and called for a smooth political transition. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> reporter: u.s. lawmakers also turned up the pressure. >> stop the blood letting, let's start a peaceful transition to a free and open society. >> reporter: but on the streets of cairo, few are listening to calls from the outside world, focused instead on the battle pitting egyptian against egyptian for the future of their country. and these are live pictures of the protesters in cairo. today's protesters passed through a series of security check points following violence
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in that square yesterday. anti-government demonstrations face increasingly dangerous situations. a police shows tearing through the crowds and rung over a number of people. and another video shows a diplomatic car hitting several protesters. meanwhile, many americans heeded the warning from the state department to get to the airport immediately if they want to leave the country. they of course arrived to big crowds. one traveler said she saw hundreds of people pushing each other. about 1500 americans left yesterday on flights arranged by the u.s. embassy. there are an estimated 90,000 americans in egypt. back in the bay area, the man arrested for a double murder at fisherman's warf appears in court this morning. he is accused of killing a man and a woman working at a computer shop sunday night. he was scheduled to be
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arraigned on wednesday, but that was delayed until today because he was in a hospital. well, the glitch was supposed to be fixed, but more problems this week for the oakland police radio system. police say the radios malfunctioned not once but twice there. after the mayor said on monday that the city's it department had fixed the problem. on wednesday night, officer were able to communicate with each other, but not with dispatch. and yesterday, officers had to use hand signals. workers are now trying to fix the problems. a law firm that has an oakland city council woman on its staff will be allowed to represent proposed gang members. >> the city attorney wants an injunction against 40 members of the gang. yesterday a judge ruled that the defendants can use the law firm. the firm says it has established a firewall to keep
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the counsel woman cut off from information or talk about the case. you may have heard the sound of small explosions around the bay area last night. they were set off to celebrate the lunar new year, an important day in culture. some spectators say they know there is a safety risk. >> so fireworks is not safe, not 100% safe. i guess if you pit it that way, -- if you put it that way, then i am taking a small risk, but i like to have my kids experience the culture. >> san jose has a strict ban on fireworks, but police say they simply can't stop every fireworks display. grief counselors will be at schools today as students return two days after a principal was shot. the janitor told police he shot
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and killed the principal because he had been fired. the school district officials say that is not the case. the janitor reportedly argued with the principal about hiring a new night janitor and was unhappy about his pay. he had worked at the school since 2003 and greeted students every morning. >> we just had a way with kids, he knew how to inspire them and just really motivate them. >> the principal and the janitor had even been friends and golfed together as recently as sunday. 4:36. parents, students and teachers in the east bay will rally this morning to save a school threatened by closier. this is the final demonstration for the save silverwood elementary campaign. several schools are at risk of being shut down to trim the budget. trustees are expected to look at four scenarios when a final
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decision is made next tuesday. 16 stops are proposed to be eliminated. the board says the cuts are necessary to help close a $30 million deficit there. is far from a done deal. a public hearing is set for next month. and the board won't make a final decision until april. transit officials in the south bay are moving ahead with a plan to give free rides to the homeless. the valley transportation authority approved the plan yesterday. people will first be screened to determine whether they are in a program to help them find permanent housing. up to 1850 transit stickers will be issued every three months and the county will cover that cost. check this out, a 50-foot long sand spill on the big bridge has been cleaned up for the morning commute. a truck dumped a load of sand on the lower deck yesterday afternoon. three lanes were closed while crews scooped up all that sand. and again, this is just there
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for the evening commute. check out the back-up. the spill created a traffic jam that stretched for miles, all the way down the peninsula. >> i know, i was getting ready to get on the bridge, looked up, saw the traffic, stopped and went down the peninsula so it took me over two hours to get home. >> around 2:15 or so? >> yeah, something like that. but everybody got a chance to see the beautiful sunshine. unfortunately for them. >> well, aren't you looking at the bright side. >> i am. the glass is full this morning. it's friday. >> that's right. looking like we've got a great day coming your way. mostly clear skies, a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. temperatures chilly in spots. 30s this morning if you're stepping outside now. toward the afternoon, the temperatures going to start warming up today. and here we go, getting ready for the weekend, the high of 67 degrees today in oakland. about 70 degrees today in santa
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rosa. 67degrees in san jose. checking out the weekend. how about this, doesn't get much better than this in the middle of winter, temperatures soaring into the mid-70s in the bay area. offshore winds blowing, so maybe a little breezy over the mountains, but looking great. staying high and dry through monday and tuesday. cooling off it looks like as we head into the middle of the next week. time for the traffic check now. >> thank you. and our friday drive is off to a good start. just about midnight, chp issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. seeing fog, but overall, looking better. so it's limited visibility, use caution as you work your way through there. and working on an accident, chp was on the scene. a big rig tires that caught on fire. the right lane blocked, over to the right shoulder, minimal
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delays. everything looking good, headed out the door, 680, stick to the left. the bridge, don't forget, we have ongoing construction through here there. is an overnight closier, should be wrapping up in the next few minutes. various lanes closed through there. back upstairs to you. >> thank you very much. well, it sounds too good to be true, gas 39 cents a gallon. the glitch that had drivers doing a double take. >> it is too good to be true. a new recall affecting hundreds of thousands of ford trucks. the driver that could put drivers at risk in a crash. you have to understand that when you have a bunch of people using a lot of data, it's going to make everyone else to have a slower experience. >> rushing to get the new verizon iphone? not so fast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. time to start getting ready for
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weekend. and we've got a good sign of the great weather today. a lot of 60s around the bay area. a warm-up expected. we'll talk about that coming up. getting ready for weekend, you're about two days for the rest of us. we have been waiting since wednesday. welcome back everyone. verizon customers who are ordering iphones are getting a warning, don't be a data hog. verizon plans to slow down the biggest users. they say 5% of the customers that use the most data will have their service slowed down periodically which could mean better service for the rest of us. >> we have a bunch of people using a lot of data, it's going to make everyone else have a slower experience. they like to make they're saying it fair for everybody. >> they started taking orders from current customers yesterday and sold out. the company will open up sales to everyone else next week. the jobs outlook and ben
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bernie madoff are back in the news. >> reporter: hong kong's hang seng was closed for the holiday while in japan, the nikkei gained more than 1%. wall street tries to finish out the week on a high note. retail sales helped push stocks higher, the nasdaq added four. wall street's focus today, the labor department's january jobs report. it's expected to show the economy add 145,000 jobs last month, but that is barely enough to keep up with the population growth. the unemployment rate is forecast to edge up to 9.5%. fed chair ben bernanke warns the job growth this year will not be strong enough to drive down unemployment quickly saying it could take several years before the labor department returns to pre- recession levels. bomb shell allegations that jp morganchase knew what ponzi king bernie madoff was up to
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and did nothing about it. emails show that executives knew of the fraud. and ford is expected to recall 280,000 trucks here in the united states to fix a door problem. the recall affects f-150 trucks from the 2009 and 2010 model years. the door handles on those vehicles could break, possibly leading the doors to open in a crash. no crashes have been tied to the problem. the recall is expected to begin in ten days. >> that's your money watch. for more, stay with a computer glitch has now been fixed at a gas station. for a short time last night, drivers filled up on 39 cents per gallon at the 76 station. there was so much traffic, police had to block the entrances to keep new drivers from entering. certain calling grandma down the -- everyone is calling grandma down the street. >> word got around quickly.
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so what will it cost to score a seat at the super bowl? the cheapest and most expensive seats still up for grabs. plus, he walked out with more than a million dollars this chips. how this thief was finally busted. and we've seen some wild crash, but this one takes the cake. wow. is that possible? >> i don't know. >> how this car ended up nose- first in the snow.
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thief who stole one and half million dollars in chips from the bellagio. well, he couldn't hide for long. vegas police say they have nabbed the thief that stole $1.5 million in chips from a resort. security cameras caught him fleeing the scene. witnesses say he was wearing a motorcycle helmet and waived a gun and that's when he grabbed all the chips. late wednesday night, police
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arrested this man, the son of a vegas judge. they say he tried to sell some of the $25,000 high value casino chips to undercover officers. a gas station roof in massachusetts came crashing down under the weight of heavy snow. cameras caught it all on tape. the store manager says it happened during what would have been the busiest time of the morning. that day, the station ran out of gas and no one was actually underneath the awning. although he saw snow on the roof, the manager says he never would have guessed the roof would actually cave in. in a very odd sight in new hampshire this morning, you have heard of cars getting stuck many the snow, what about head first? the sedan skidded off the highway and slid down an embankment the car rose into the air and got stuck standing straight up. that's right. three feet of snow. fortunately, amazingly, the
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driver escaped with only minor injuries. >> wow. >> that looks like, isn't there a big outdoor exhibit in texas with all the cadillacs stuck in the ground something like that. >> got to be texas, right? just glad that wasn't our new anchor coming. >> that's right. he's driving across country. and i heard he was in salt lake city. >> okay. he's got a ways to go. that's a long haul. >> what a trip though. but for us, coming to beautiful sunny california. >> i bet by the time he's going to get here, he's going to be amazed at how nice sit. even more impressive toward the next couple of days. we have a couple patches of fog towards the coastline and a couple into the valleys towards the santa rosa area. clear inside the bay, high clouds moving overhead, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. cold if you're stepping outside, but get a load of the
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sunshine and warm numbers by the afternoon. today heath up two to four degrees, -- today, heating up two to four degrees. inside the bay, upper 60s. and coastline, 50sand 60s with mostly sunny skies. it's going to be a fantastic weekend. maybe some breezy conditions over the mown tops. but high pressure across the area right now. some of the fog down below. but the ridge is going to strength and that's going to bring warmer weather throughout the weekend, mid-70s around much of the bay area. the biggest problem, the winds blowing over some of the hill tops. numbers, how about this? 67degrees in san jose today. about 67 in san mateo. east bay, up into the 60s as well. beautiful sunshine into the afternoon hours. and the the warmest -- and the warmest up in the north bay, about 68 degrees in the valley. and as we look towards this
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weekend, super with temperatures in the mid-70s. high and dry, couple high clouds overhead, not too bad. cooling things off monday and tuesday. more cooling toward the middle of next week. traffic actually moving very nice right now on the toll plaza. it is friday lite. only 18 minutes on the east shore freeway from the bridge to the maize. and the upper and lower decks, looking good. everything is clear and free flowing in both directions. the golden gate bridge, we have a fog advisory in effect, issued just after midnight. at least this portion not too bad. seeing the deck okay through there, but a couple spots of limited visibility out of the tunnel and across the span. 680 this morning, southbound right after scotts creek, we do have a big rig partially blocking the right lane. chp and tow trucks on the
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scene, flairs up, minimal delay, still very light right now. stick to the left to avoid the problems through there. westbound 580 between airway and north livermore, road work in effect. should be wrapping up that in the next ten minutes. if you are working through hayword, we have this ongoing construction southbound 880. lanes blocked until 5:00. the bridge, same here, we have construction throughout, actually, wrapping up within the next ten minutes. lanes closed from the toll plaza and the high-rise. south bay, no troubles 101, 280, a nice ride right now on the parkway. traffic is very light this friday morning and if you're using mass transit, no delays, all running system-wide ontime. when you hop in the car, check in with our radio partners. that's a look at traffic. back to the news desk.
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>> thank you very much. obesity is on the rise and not just in the united states. and after-school jobs could be taking a toll on how well students perform in a classroom. today's health watch. >> reporter: pennsylvania researchers say a quick test on the sidelines could detect whether an athlete has suffered a concussion. it involves reading single digit numbers. any increase in the time to complete the test suggest that the person has a concussion. researchers studied boxers and fighters and found it was accurate in identifying people with head trauma. obesity isn't just a problem in the united states, it's on the rise around the globe as well. a new study finds that obesity has doubled worldwide in the last three decades. the most recent numbers show 205 million men and 297 million women are obese. and working too much after school could affect a teen's performance in the classroom
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and beyond. researchers followed 1800 high school students. they found working more than 20 hours a week was associated with academic and behavior problems. and those are some of the day's top medical stories. pizza wars, the manager of a restaurant accused of spray painting graffiti on a rival shop. a co-owner called police early yesterday morning when she saw someone spray painting the words gorkys home on her build -- the words, go home on her building. within minutes, police officers arrested the manager of a nearby extreme pizza. police say at least one of the suspects was drunk. >> you know, i'm here, very hardworking person, you know, just trying to do something nice. >> the manager at extreme pizza didn't want to go on camera, but says she regrets and it says it wasn't a company plan.
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he says the two suspects acted alone. a pigeon problem is keeping people from going out on the town. but that's what the city of commerce -- chamber of commerce thinks. they say it's forcing people to stay away from downtown shops. the solution? a pigeon relocation project. nine pigeons have been moved out of the area so far. >> wow, that's a lot. >> the last thing you want is to have your downtown have a concentration of these pigeons. >> not aware of any bird problems at all. i need a laugh. but it could be because i'm never looking down. >> and probably homing by j they'll be right back. >> hilarious. >> the mayor didn't know how much the project cost, but it's a project that some business owners think could be taken care of at a later time.
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>> eyes watering? >> when i start to laugh, my eyes water. we are just two days away from super bowl sunday. >> fans can get get tickets, but they have to shell out big bucks. >> right. about 1800 tickets remain on the league's official site. the cheepest seats, just over 2,900-dollars. for nearly $24,000, you can get a lower level seat at mid field. for the record, tickets to the first super bowl in 1967 ranged from 6 to $12. >> yeah, they weren't sure if the idea was going to work. wouldn't that be nice. >> or watch it for free at home. >> exactly. >> on tv. in your pjs. >> or at a bar. breaking news this morning, another fire is burn in -- fire is burning in firefighter. one transit agency wants to give free rides to the homeless. who is covering the cost.
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and it's down to the wire, three schools set for closier. how parents and students are rallying to save their school. morning... the new plan at the white house to force him out plus, deadline day for egypt's president. protesters pouring into cairo's main square this morning. the new plan at the white house to force him out of office. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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