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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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he' tay. after good afternoon i am sydnie kohara. >> i am alan martin.
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he has de-- allen martin he has decided to stay, today he confirmed he will remain oakland's top cop. ann makovec is in oakland where the chief is meet being the city's mayor. ann. >> reporter: i am in west oakland and the chief and mayor kwan will be speaking here answering questions about the fact that he is apparently going to keep his job as the top cop here in oakland. a little bit of history, he has been on the force as chief since 09, he signed a three year contract then applied for the police chief job down in san jose last fall, one year later that came as a surprise to city councilmemberthe mayor here in oakland when they found out last month turns out he did not get the job in san jose but still last week threatened to leave the chief's job in oakland any way. over the past few days he has had a lot of meetings with the mayor and others campaigning to keep him, even finding the money to rehire 10 of the laid off officers here in oakland
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from last year. promising to fix some of the pds equipment. in a statement today he said they understand the needs of the police officers who work diligently for the residents of oakland and are willing to work with me to address those needs. end quote. we also spoke with the president of the oakland police officers association this morning he says his waffling is reflective of the department's mood. >> we need good radios, we need good equipment, in order for whoever is left here to do the job p. you know, a lot of people are leaving these days, we have officers leaving at the tune of like 10 officers per month so the chief trying to leave is just an indication of what most of the police department is trying to do. >> so obviously he has somecast. s at this point one of the thing that is has been the
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community support when he said he might be leaving including something from a day care department here in oakland they had all the kids hold up a sign asking him not to leave we will hear from that worker coming up here at 5:00 p.m. on cbs 5. >> ann, other than the ten officers they say they will rehire back did they address any other specific issues? >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk and i think you guys have more information about the police radios in recent days there are issues with them not working and according to the police union today they said they were now riding two to a car so they have some level of communication and some back up. it is a patch work approach but does appear everybody is on the same table when it comes to communicating about this. >> okay ann in oakland. thanks very much. well, for the fourth time in 24 hours, suspicious fire breaks out in san francisco's castro district. this latest fire was outside a home on 18th street, arsenin
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vest gators found a piece -- arson investigators found a piece of plastic burning in front of one to have door ways a neighbor put out the fire. >> the only thing i could grab was a teapot and filled it with water they had a screen on the front of their door, you know to keep the bugs out and i guess that is what was burning. >> three other fires broke out in the same area yesterday investigators considered those suspicious and are working out to confirm if they are related. >> fire torching an apartment in san jose today. flames breaking out just after 6:15 a.m. near warring drive, maya dell ray a firefighter burnt his hand and a civilian was hurt the fire started in a down stairs unit and spread to the second floor and attic. transit executives in south bay are moving ahead with plans to give free rides to the
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homeless. valley transportation authority said people will first be screened by social service agencies to determine if they are in an assistance program to find them permanent housing up to 1850 transit stickers will be issued every three months. santa clara county will cover the cost. higher ticket places fewer train stations, both changes cal train riders could be seeing. transit aski proposed eliminating -- transit agency proposed eliminating half its stations, to help with the budget deficit. they are considering a .25 cents hike on all tickets and increases on day and monthly passes. there is a public hearing set for next month. with the deciding vote days away, parents, students, teachers rallied to save a contra cost to county school from being shut down. they aren't giving up until a decision is made.
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>> reporter: how worried are you that it will close? >> how worried? very worried. >> reporter: it is the reason why dozens of teachers, students, and parents got out of bed early today. gathered on a street corner and brandishing signs to save silver wood elementary >> i don't want it shut down. >> in a perfect world no schools would go. >> reporter: but this teacher knows better than that the district needs to save a million and a half dollarhas slated several schools for closure including silver wood. >> not broken we don't need to be fixed. >> reporter: some parents want the district to consider closing lower achieving schools. >> put those alternatives more strongly and deeply and do the right thing keep silver wood open. >> reporter: with other targeted schools fighting back in rallies like this one next
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month that could be a tough sell. the fate of silver wood and other schools up for closure will come down to a vote trustees will decide which schools will chose and which will remain open tuesday. in concord, cbs 5. in egypt today it is being called the day of departure after 11 days of demonstration48 hours violent clashes the crowd swelled again. tens of thousands of anti government protestors poured into cairo's central square demanding an immediate end to president mubarak's 30 year rule a smaller group of his supporters marched toward the square chanting he will not leave. army tanks blocked the two groups from coming together. >> everybody in egypt, want leave now if you really love this country, leave this
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country. >> the obama administration is discussing proposals with top leaders this egypt he would leave office immediately rather than the plan he had to serve out the remaining of his term and moments ago egypt's government decided to relax the curfew in place for days. >> a few more hours on the streets. coming up a warning for verizon customers why the company may slow down your service on purpose plus. >> no interest for a year. a great deal. so i don't remember how hard they pushed it, they mentioned it, it sounded good. >> yeah, then he got a bill for $1,300 why that 0 interest financing can wind up costing you big bucks. >> and working moms and kids, the real weight of all those long hours at the office. i am lawrence car know in karnow. wait until you see how warm it
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will get this weekend ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a live look at wall street now the dow up 12 points but it has been in a seesaw mode after mixed unemployment report, that jobs report catching wall street by surprise. new numbers out from the labor department show employers adding 36,000 new jobs last month, that is the fewest in four months but then at the same time unemployment fell 9% the lowest in 2 years. >> so to see the rate fall that much would indicate that a lot of people simply stopped looking for work. bad weather certainly did play a role. we saw big drops in construction, warehouse and transportation employment and
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governments continue to cut jobs and we have seen a number of positive signals in the economy of late, manufacturing, services expanding, so the feel is that the economy is getting better but job creation will continue to lag behind. >> another positive signal the unemployment rate is falling .8% in two months the biggest drop in 53 years. one place hiring, google, facing some of the stiffest competition ever. in one week they received 75,000 applications, and that beats the previous record from four year ago they plan to hire 6,000 new workers this year. >> verizon wireless has already sold out of iphone 4 for the preorders. but don't worry about it, the smart phone will be available in wide release next week. the company just started taking orders for presales yesterday. sold out within hours with the iphone debut, verizon is warning users not to be data
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hogs. 5% of customers who use the most data will have their service slowed down periodically, that could mean better service for the other 95% of users. >> you have to understand when you have a bunch of people using a bunch of data it will make everyone else have a slower experience. they like to say they are making it fair for everybody. >> the iphone 4 will be available in verizon stores february 10th. coming up, four simple steps you can take to prevent cancer. a big decision for congress woman gabriel giffords husband. will he leave his wife's side for outer space ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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could keep pgh >> today is world cancer day a new report shows simple lifestyle changes could keep thousands from getting cancer researchers say as many as 340,000 cases of cancer in the united states could be prevented by doing some simple things. including eating better, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight and drinking less alcohol. researchers estimate 35% of cancer deaths globally could be prevented through known interventions. new studies have found a link between working momchildhood weight gain researchers looked at the body mass index of children they found that the more years a woman spends at work, after her child's birth the more that child's body mass index rises.
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the increases however were small. in third grade the extra weight was a pound and scientists say this is not to bash working moms just a small effect they have discovered. >> congress woman gabriel giffords is showing such amazing progress her husband decided to go to space after all. nasa astronaut mark kelly is set to command shuttle mission this april he will resume training monday to command endeavor's final mission he has been on leave since his wife was shot in the head last month during the arizona shooting rampage. >> that snow storm putting a chill on this weekend's super bowl activities. >> dallas-fort worth blanketed by several inches of snow up to 8 inches some places that snow started coming down around midnight and airlines cancelled 120 flights, a lot of fans sitting at home right now. >> a lot of school cancelled too but sun expected to shine sunday but could close the roof. >> what do we do lawrence?
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it is a toss up do we enjoy this beautiful weather or watch the big game? >> it is a hard one. nice to make that choice though. we have an idea what we want to do but a great weekened ahead, a lot of sunshine folks in other parts of the country, worried about super bowl. chilly in spots check out dallas, cold temperatures, they have been hovering in the 20s and you know what, they are not going to get a whole lot warmer. 24 degrees in dallas, at this hour. only heating up into the 40s for super sunday. let's talk weather here in the bay area, outside we have some beautiful skies for you a few high clouds drifting overhead. mount vacca cam looking good high pressure holding on showing signs it will strengthen and that good old offshore wind will blow heating things up over the bay looking good too. a few high clouds streaming across the area as well. plenty of sunshine very nice weather temperatures get this today, 60s, a couple low 70s
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inland valleys, plenty of 60s inside the bay, 50s and 60s. that ridge strengthening a couple high clouds drifting over the top that is probably the worst you will see this ridge will build through the weekend. a little breezy over the mountain tops that air down below will heat up record breaking temperatures this weekend. numbers not bad at all, 67 degrees. san jose, 67 milpitas, 66 in redwood city east bay temperatures running into the 60s just about ere where you go. -- everywhere you go. north bay temperatures pop into the 70s. sonoma, santa rosa, some of the warmest parts of the bay area, looking toward your night time forecast temperatures running in the 30s and 40s chilly at night but these daytime temperatures fantastic. truly a super weekend ahead temperatures will sore into the mid-70s all around the bay area, beautiful to the coastline temperatures cooling off a little bit monday and tuesday. yep it looks like great weather
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cooling off rain as we head toward next weekend. quick picture, a lovely sunset from no, it is not my deck this is marcia irving of wood side. you will see many sights like this throughout the weekend. good look at the weather back to you. >> we will enjoy it, thanks lawrence. >> sounds tempting if you are making a big purchase, 0% financing but it can cost you a lot of money. julie watts with what is in the fine print. >> reporter: no question, justin miller has a big comfortable bed. >> it is great. we love the bed. >> reporter: it is how he financed the temper pee dick mattress that is keeping him up at night. >> we can pay upfront or they had a special deal. >> reporter: a city bank credit plan, 12 months interest free on the $5,600 purchase. >> no interest for a year is a great deal i don't row member how hard they pushed it,.
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>> reporter: -- deal, -- i don't remember how hard they pushed it. >> reporter: it was a great deal he thought but along came this with his 12th payment, a year's worth of interest. >> i thought this is crazy either this is a joke or a scam. >> reporter: how could this happen? turns out miller's one year interest free deal expired december 2nd, 2010. it says so in this teeny tiny type on his monthly statement but surprise, millers final payment was due december 7th, five days after the interest free deal expired. >> the statement due date was different than what they call the plan due date. >> reporter: miller believes that is an intentional trap to fool customers into making their last payment after the interest free deal expires. >> by that time, that is in the fine print that is one of those got you, very common practice in retail industry.
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>> reporter: jose helps educate consumers about financial products he says banks rarely go out of their way to tell customers about expiration dates on interest free deals. >> my recommendation is make sure to pay off the whole balance by the 11th month so they don't get hit with the interest accrued over the course of a year. >> city bank refused to discuss specifics of the case but tells consumer watch the terms of the deal are clearly explained in the 7 page contract. justin miller doesn't think so. he is telling his story on facebook and hoping to get the last word. >> i will never do business with city bank again. >> justin managed to convince city bank to reduce that from 1300 to $650 after we got involved they refunded the rest. julie watts, cbs 5. ,,
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sell them by the pound, .79 to .99 centss, large all the way around, naval small. thrown them on the counter. this time of year these are fairly large the flavour is there find a pint of grape toe they pros, 1 point -- tomatos, $1.29. always store them on the counter, don't wait too long a lot of sugar they decay quickly. >> blueberries, winter time you can't beat it when you buy them, dark color all the way around bring them home in the refrigerator, $1.49 per pint your average prices some markets lower some much higher. enjoy, eat fresh, stay healthy and save some money. bye bye. >> a dream come true for a homeless couple from wisconsin. >> going to super bowl. they won a free trip to the game including tickets, airfare, travel expenses worth thousands they have been living at a shelter after losing their
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home to foreclosure. >> we entered this contest and it was to give it to people that don't have the opportunity to go and who more so than a homeless couple with .90 centss in their pocket. they sent a mystery man into the streetthe winner was whoever found him asking the secret question have you been to dallas lately. >> good there are them they will have a fabulous time. >> cbs 5 news at noon. >> see you at 5 have a great weekend too. ,,
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a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future. do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.


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