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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 5, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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wouldn't use it for that but you can take that back -- >> thank you. craig: you can take that back to springfield. what would you put on that? >> oh, my gosh. it's not large enough. craig: put a small thing on it. put a bit of little -- >> i'll put a flower on it. craig: yeah. maybe a little model of someone you -- who's your favorite celebrity? >> live or dead? craig: dead. -- >> elvis. craig: they saw him in 7-eleven. and they saw him in that truck stop. i love elvis. >> i do too. craig: what part of elvis do you like? at what period of his career was your favorite part of elvis? >> owe, the 1970's.
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craig: with the belt buckle and the do dad. >> yes. craig: elvis 56 for me. we're going to agree to disagree. if we all love elvis no matter what time period, then we can all get along. >> that's right. craig: well, i think we learned that on the show today, didn't we? wave bye-bye to the folks. we'll see you. [cheers and applause] ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." do you have what it takes to become a cop? only on cbs5. a new series that puts you in the shoes of a police recruit. the cairo airport is packed so tonight the u.s. military comes up with plan b to get americans safely out of egypt. and inside the biggest storage company in the bay area. >> it looks like they went through every single box. >> the policy cops say makes it easier for thieves to steal your stuff. and beer so good people are tonight lining up for hours. a bay hour brewery is suing up
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seasonal suds. >> i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. reality t.v. san jose style. the police department has come up with a series that it hopes shows you what it is really like to be a cop. kiet do reports it is the first time a police department in the united states has ever done something like this. >> i will go out right now and get my gun. >> reporter: san jose police want to win your hearts and minds by knowing you what's going on in their's. >> step too the blue. >> reporter: a ten-part documentary produced by san jose police. >> don't do this at home. >> reporter: falling recruits going six weeks for training. hard moments like this when the recruits cry after swallowing tear gas. >> is it fair to say the department is turning over a
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new leaf with these videos? >> we are going down a new road with them. absolutely. >> reporter: several incidents have hurt the department's imagine including this 2009 cell phone video of officers tasing and beating a vietnamese exchange student and this footage showing them chasing black students out of downtown. the department says the new videos are a long-term effort and not a knee jerk reaction. >> we should always be willing to extends the olive branch and educate the public as to what we do and why we do it. >> there is a pretty deep mistrust in the community. >> reporter: this is one of the department's sharpest critics on its treatment of minorities and even though one of the episodes highlights the officers' cultural sensitivity training he says it is not enough. >> people are really afraid to call the police and that's thought good. people shouldn't be fearful of the police. i'm not sure that this kind of
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video really moves us to towards rebuilding trust. >> reporter: a new episode will be released every other week on and youtube. joe is a former san jose police chief and says cops have to keep up with changing times and technology. >> that's the way it is. the police have to adjust to that. and the way to adjust to it is to be as open as possible and to give the public all of the information that's available. >> that includes this video? >> including videos. >> reporter: in this new media landscape it seems doing nothing is not an option. in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. in oakland, police chief anthony batts saying he is staying, this weeks after uncertainty of what he was doing. watch robert lyles story because kids may be able to teach the chief something else. >> reporter: the proverb said that a little child will lead
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them. in this instance it was eight little ones, 11 poster boards and one very determined preschool teacher. >> chief batts, please don't leave. you vowed to keep us safe. >> reporter: this woman thanked him for kindness and keeping your word. when anthony took over the beleague you're beleaguer he made a vow. >> to think that he might be leaving, i was just kind of on the fence. i didn't want him to leave oak. >> reporter: so she sketched his vow out and had kids hold the words and sent this photo to batts hoping to hold the chief to his words. it apparently work. >> to see this little thing. the preschoolers sent this thing with a big note that says
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chief, please don't leave which touched my heart. >> reporter: watch the interaction right in front of news cameras. watch this. is it the universal language of eye rolling. quan appears equally the same. arms crossed she never looks at the chief. while preschool patients rejoiced about the police staying. >> i heard just he is staying which is great news. >> reporter: perhaps the next preschool message should be addressed to the chief and mayor. play nice. in oakland, robert lyles, cbs5. the pentagon has just ordered war ships to the red sea in case they need to evacuate americans from egypt. the los angeles times also reports an aircraft carrier is sticking around in the eastern mediterranean. that as elizabeth palmer shows us the egyptian military appeared to take a side in the
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struggle. >> reporter: what a difference 24 hours makes. instead of running street battles demonstrators arriving at the square worked with organizers setting up check points. if there was any doubt which side the army was on, this mob of hosni mubarak supporters was left on the outside looking in blocked by tanks. today the square felt like the safest place in cairo with an air of celebration but the underlying anger with hosni mubarak hasn't gone away. >> he is dealing with us like a group of animals, not respectful people. >> reporter: opposition organizers wanting to come out for friday prayers. they certainly got the numbers they hoped for. the question is, will it be
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enough to force hosni mubarak out? there are people in egypt who are pushing for a compromise. a group of distinguished egyptians known as the committee of wise men has a proposal. for hosni mubarak to remain president until elections this fall but stripped of power. his vice president would take over immediately. the parliament would be dissolved and the protestors would get amnesty. but it is hard to believe many people in this crowd as tired as they are would buy into any deal that allows hosni mubarak to remain president even if it is only in name. cbs news, cairo. obama administration officials tell the new york times some of the possible exit strategies floated to egypt's president. among them going to his home in a resort home or going to germany for a medical checkup. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is recovering so well that her husband has decided to
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go back into space. nasa astronaut mark kelly is said to command a shuttle mission this april to the international space station. kelly will resume training on monday. he has been on leave since his wife was shot in the head last months in tucson. >> i know her very well. and she would be very comfortable with the decision that i made. >> well, nasa observed commander kelly for a week before allowing him to return to his command. kelly says that he is hopeful his wife will be in florida for the launch. >> well, it is friday, a day when many people like to have a beer or four. but wait until you see this. grace lee shows us a bay area brewery started serving a seasonal brew today that has people lined up for hours just to get it. >> reporter: so potent and so popular the india pale ail is only served in small 10-ounce glasses. >> it is like heaven.
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it is like the best i have ever had in my whole life. >> reporter: the once a year treat has gained a cult following. last year the santa rosa brewing company sold out of 200 kegs in eight hours. >> the release wasn't an even ounce. i just had somebody call me and tell me it was released today. >> reporter: this year the lines were just as long. some hard core fans waited for hours just to get a taste. the website beer advocate rated the younger as one of the best brews in the world two years in a row. this time the owners are rationing are supplying a secret number of gallons per day. >> it just happened for us. >> we were overwhelmed last year. we are not selling any beer to go this year. they have to consume it here. >> reporter: that didn't seem to be a problem. it is all helping to promote an image as a micro master
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brewery. >> i hear brewing beer is harder than wine? >> we are certainly a lot cooler. >> reporter: in order to protect its fresh taste it will only be here until february 17th and you can look for it in a few select bars in the bay area starting on wednesday. in santa rosa, grace lee, cbs5. coming up. a new diet. yes, we know that. we hear that every night in the locality news. diets that supposedly will work for you but u.c.f. doctors have found you can lose weights and lower your cholesterol in a couple of weeks if you eat like the flynnstones. sarah palin in california tonight to honor president ronald reagan but not so fast says one member of the reagan family. this local storage facility had 43 break ins in just two years. >> i think my stuff would have been safer in my car. been safer in my car. >> the special offer ,,,,,,
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sunday would 00th birthday. sarah palin spoke at a dinner in santa barbara tonight to celebrate ronald reagan. sunday would have been his 100th birthday. >> there isn't one replacement for reagan but there are millions who believe in the great ideas that he espoused. there is a whole army of patriotic davids out there ready to stand up and to speak
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out in defense of liberty. >> well, at the same time the former alaska governor said that she believes the u.s. is dangerously out of step with reagan values. the former president's son said he doesn't see the connection between palin and his father. >> there is really no comparison before the two of them as much as some people would like to make that comparison it doesn't really exist. >> ron reagan also called sarah palin, quote, a soap opera and said she is not a serious candidate for president. at some time or other many of us have had to store something in one of those storage places but how safe is your stuff? cbs5 consumer watch compiled police statistics in three bay area cities to find out. julie watts with the results of a month-long investigation. >> they cut the thing and slid the bar along with the lock on it. >> and the door opens it.
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>> when thieves broke into her storage locker this summer, carol lost all her family heirlooms. >> the family clock, the mantle clock. >> reporter: it happened on blossom hill in san jose in a storage facility. >> looked like they had plenty of time and went through every single box. >> reporter: plenty of time because how the employee told her the thieves pull off the heist. >> they come in in the middle of the night, break into other units, they move the stuff from those units to their units and then before the end of the month they move out. >> reporter: she took us on a tour to show us what she believes is a lack of security. >> there is no lock on this door. they come right in. get in the elevator and up they go. >> reporter: then once upstairs thieves have complete privacy. >> no cameras here in any of the hallways, in any of the interior buildings. >> reporter: in fact, she says the only camera that might have spotted suspects going into her building is missing and a public storage employee told
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her -- >> the back camera was stolen over a year ago. >> reporter: that's no surprise to this former public storage manager. >> traveling all over i got to see the very old storage facilities that i had. that's where i ran into most of the issues. >> reporter: but his biggest concern is the first month for a dollar promotion which he feels encourages thieves and san jose police agree. >> that does sometimes tend to attract those of the criminal element. >> we are definitely seeing that as a trend. >> reporter: according to police records this public storage here on blossom hill road had 43 break ins over the last two years. 43. that number seems high to you? it is because it is. consumer watch compiled a database of burglary reports for storage facilities from three of the largest storage companies in san jose, san francisco and oakland. while public storage does have more facilities and some had few if any break ins, the average number of break ins was significantly higher.
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more than eight times higher than one storage. why so many more break ins? well, we went undercover to investigate what the other companies might be doing differently examining security at a-won and extra space. >> what about security? >> we have an alarm for each unit. >> we found part of the reason this a-1 storage may have fewer burglaries had alarms in each storage unit. fewer break ins. the same number as this extra space storage. both facilities had outdoor cameras that appear to be functioning. back at public storage on blossom hill road, carol is getting ready to pack up and leave. >> i think my stuff would have been safer in my car. sitting out in my car on the street. >> reporter: on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs5. >> public storage declined to comment on our consumer watch investigation but some
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employees say the company's newer facilities also have alarms on individual units. there just aren't very many in the bay area. to check out the consumer watch database head to our website. >> people moving their t.v. sets outside to watch the big game sunday. >> that's a good idea, ken. because we are going to have record high temperatures especially on sunday. this is the scene of the city of san francisco this evening. temperature falling off into the 50s very rapidly once the sun sets now sitting right around 45 degrees. looks like overnight tonight our numbers will drop between 38 degrees in throughout the try valley and mid-40s around the bay. but, one thing. we have one snag in this forecast. a wind advisory. it is now in effect all the way through 6:00 p.m. on saturday for the delta. this blue highlighted air offshore winds out of the north, driven out of the north gusting up to 40 miles per hour especially in the highest terrain. let's pinpoint the overnight
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lows. coldest spot will be the tri-valley. 49 overnight in san francisco. 43 redwood city. 40 at the delta. looks like we are still under the influence of high pressure and it is not going to go anywhere. it is to bring in the storm track well to the north. they spilled into the bay area today. you probably saw a few clouds. they undercut the ridge of high pressure so we refer to it as a dirty high ridge but that's about it. otherwise the wind kicks up tomorrow, blowing the pollen around but it also warms up the air mass. temperatures tomorrow we should see a record high. really close to the record in san jose which was established back in 1912. that's a long-standing record. if you have been sneezing it is not because of the cherry blossoms thanks to brian who snapped that photo in walnut creek, it is because of the alder, juniper and ash count.
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73 in pleasanton tomorrow. upper 60s -- pacifica 67 degrees. low 70s in san jose. slightly warmer in santa clara. extended forecast. record shattering temperatures on sunday. and we will keep working this weather pattern each day all the way through friday. in fact, i'm not seeing any rain for at least 10 days out or more. how about this? tom sent this to us. watched this on the internet and sent this picture in from mexico where he is attending a wedding. >> there is the cake. >> boy, that looks just like our sunset, doesn't it? >> very pretty. >> to send your pictures to. >> even a caveman can do it. if you have some extra pounds and cholesterol to lose, u.c.f. and cholesterol to lose, u.c.f. researchers found [ bird chirping ] [ snoring ]
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what if you followed your primal do you have high cholesterol? instead of using powerful drugs
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what if you followed your primal urges instead? the benefits of going stone age. >> this doctor may look like a top chef. >> very, very simple. >> reporter: but he eats like a caveman. >> i feel great. and i add a little bit. >> reporter: the neuroscientist follows a diet eating only what prehistoric man ate half a million years ago. >> you can eat anything that would be able to be eaten without being processed. >> reporter: no grains, no bread, no dairy. lots of fruits and vegetables. fish, poultry and lean meat. >> and i love bison. >> reporter: what took him back to the stone edge. >> 10 years of cholesterol tracking. >> reporter: the scientist
2:03 am
noticed his cholesterol was going up, exercise and nothing really worked. he then went palao and in two short weeks. >> his cholesterol plummeted. in a few months it was completely normal. >> i was stunned. >> reporter: they tested the diet on out of shape volunteers. >> everybody's blood pressure went down. it got better. the average drop on this was 30 points which is really amazing. >> reporter: how do paleo foods do it. the doctor says it is complicated. the foods keep your body's chemistry in better balance. as for egger each night cooks two meals. one for himself and one for his wife and son. maybe he is not a caveman after all. >> pablo sandoval used to look
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like this. then he went on the caveman diet. and the cavs are ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the contracts of g-m brian
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what's the biggest perk to winning a world series? job security. the giants extended the contracts of g.m. brian sabin and manager bruce boche through the 2012 season. after the giants won the world series the two made it clear that pablo sandoval would have to get in better shape to keep his spot in the lineup and it appears the panda got the message. >> i don't know how many pounds i lost but i lost a lot. i have been working hard. a lot of vegetables. i'm eating right. >> last year one of the giants' catch phrases was fear the beard. this year it might be all about the stash. >> i started growing it about a month ago and this is all i got. it is kind of sad but true. this is my little contribution to the beard. hopefully -- actually, just keeping the hat on my face. i was going for the johnny depp
2:07 am
from chocolate. all right. >> former a spent 13 years with the as but missed over games over the last few season due to neck and back injuries. he hasn't played in 100 games since 2006. how about an opening day at the swamp. san francisco state. can they beat fresno? giving up one running in seven innings to gets the win for gators. it is time for your friday night top 5. at number 5. six people were injured after being struck by ice and snow falling from cowboy stadium. temperatures are expected to be in the 40s by kickoff on sunday. number 4 islander's goalie will miss four to six weeks after brent johnson left him with facial fractures wednesday
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night. number 3, begin 3. number 2, clippers up one late. getting called for a flagrant foul with less than a second to go. al horford would make both free throws and they beat the clippers 101-100. number 1, if only lebron james had checked this out in cleveland, the cavs blow a 12- point lead against the grizzlies and lose another game. longest losing streak in league history for them. they estimate it dropped 26% since losing lebron james and heat has gone up 17%. >> wow. you don't even want to see that happen. the team you don't like the most. you know. >> i would like to see a little
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more on timmy's mustache. >>,,,,,,


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