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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the world... tonight, the evidence that the mubarak regime you're watching cbs5 news. >> down down. >> the calls timber around the world tonight, the evidence that the mubarak regime is unraveling. >> we're getting screwed because they are not letting us in. >> thousands of baseball fans descend on at&t park, as they struggle to get up close to the athletes. and getting more bang for your super bowl bucks. how advertisers are looking to gave you "game day" x pleasure. it is 9:00 a.m. in egypt right now, a new day begins without top party leaders, all of them including
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hosni mubarak . mubarak.(july10.ecl)
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numerous rallies. mubarak's son and four others quit their roles, a move the u.s. welcomes, but the obama administration has not pushed for mubarak to immediately step down? president mubarak's continued leadership is critical and his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending an international security conference, she said it's important egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is underway to keep the middle east stable. at the united nations michael herzenberg, cbs news. >> the protest spread here to the bay area today. thousands gathered in san francisco joining the call for a new start in egypt. don knapp attended their demonstration. [ yelling ] >> reporter: demonstrators at san francisco's un plaza say they are encouraged by and want to support the massive
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antigovernment protest in cairo. >> i think just the fact that people are refusing to leave the streets despite how mill take arrived and tactics of fear the government has been bringing, that the people's spirits are so much stronger than that, it's really inspiring. >> reporter: anti-mubarak demonstrators say they have been heart end by tunisia which forced a long time person from power. but they don't want to live under tierney, oppression, a dictatorship and despite what the united states and other powers may be to try to get them to go along with the mubarak regime people have consistently said no. >> reporter: optimism is strong here in san francisco. >> i want everybody to be evacuees at egypt. i think he is going to hope that it is going to be safe and good again. and i also do. >> reporter: it's not the time
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to fear what might happen next says one demonstrate tore, but to push ahead with the change that is necessary. >> in terms of why now? who knows. but all i know is that now is definitely the time. it's been the time for decades and decades, but the fact that it is happening, we're wanting to focus on that and continuing with the momentum. [ chanting ] >> reporter: demonstrators may be unhappy with the u.s. response but not unhappy with the u.s. >> people in san francisco from all over the bay area coming out in support of the people of egypt and tune isto, you know, get what they have been demanding for from their government just to be free like all of us here in the united states. >> reporter: the target audience for the san francisco demonstration is the obama demonstration. they want the u.s. to show more determination in getting hosni mubarak out of office. >> don, thank you very much. the spy trial of three
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berkeley graduates is very likely underway in iran. they were arrested on the iraq/iran border in july of 2009. she was released on bail and returned to the united states. it is not clear if she will be tried in absentee a, the hikers' lawyer says he was denied a request to visit the men just hours before the trial was to begin. a quiet bay area community that saw a spike in crime is trying to turn things around. [ singing ] dozens of people gathered in a south san francisco park and planted trees for peace and to remember those lost to violence. there were 6 homocide in the city last year, 3 in a single attack, just days before christmas, some or all, police believe, were drug relatedded. >> it is a very good community, a very tight-night neighborhood down herings as are all of the
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neighborhoods in south san francisco. so you know, all i'm gonna do is i'm gonna to the best i can to get it back to the level where people are feeling safe going out on the streets. >> the city council has approved four new police officers and the chief says he'll put them in the neighborhoods identified as gang territories. checking other bay area headlines, oakland mayor june quan held what she said will be the first in a series of town hall meetings. it attracted several hundred people. they have discussed everything from crime to the lack of grocery stores, quan has been visiting neighborhoods every weekend since taking office. a man is recovering after being stabbed while shopping in oakland. it happened at the s and a market on 14th street just before noon. the victim was rushed to the hospital, witnesses say the injury looked serious. the suspect is in custody but police aren't saying what the motive might be. san jose airport is considering a plan to hire
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private security to do the job of police and fire. the move could save the financially strapped airport as much as $10 million a year. the police and fire unions say it is endangering. endangering.(july10.ecl)
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lawsuit surrounding overdraft fees. $410 million, that's how much bank of america has agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit surrounding overdraft fees, the law suit accused them of manipulating bank fees to maximize often as high as $35. before the law changes took effect they charged several overdraft fees in a single day. all of them shuttered car dealerships may get a new lease on life. a company executive says models like the chevy cruze are selling well in coastal states and gm may need more dealerships to meet demand. some 2000 dealerships were closed after gm declared bankruptcy over two years ago. a chrysler ceo is issue uk a statement a mistake.
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he said the interest free loans were "shiester rates," they are paying up to 12% interest or more on $7 billion in loans and is trying to refinance. he says he is still grateful the government came to chrysler's rescue. a southern california neighborhood says a new pot club is just too close to home. ann him family raising two babies says they are virtually prisoners in their apartment. one month ago the first floor of the home they lived in for three years became a medical marijuana dispensary. they say they can't go outside or open the windows because of the wasting pot smoke. nothing they can do. wafting pot smoke. >> it's unbelievable how they can have the heart to do that in a local neighborhood. >> if it was put across the street it would be more acceptable than on a residential street. >> local officials say there's nothing they can do. anaheim's attempt to ban pot
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dispensaries is tied up in court. on the eve of the super bowl thousands of bay area sports fans were thinking baseball. they turned out in droves for a chance to get close to their world champion team. many had trouble even getting through the gates at at&t park. >> reporter: i live the giants, breathe the giants, bleed the giants. >> reporter: it's that die-hard attitude that brought over 30,000 people to at&t park for the giants annual fanfest. >> eh baby, number 1. >> reporter: but hundreds never made it. the park was over capacity before noon. >> this is really a drag. >> hordes waited outside hoping things would clear up. >> i'm praying i get inside. >> reporter: even those fans that waited since last night felt zhitniked by the crowds. >> we're kind of getting screwed over here, they are not letting us in. all these people cutting in front of us and forced us back in line. >> reporter: inside, baseball
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utopia. >> i feel like a superstar here you know. >> it's amazing, these fans deserve it. they take that for us, we take that from them. >> showing off everything from crappy costumes to high hair. >> it is a new form of fortune -- >> just a closing sound, that's really the pain. >> reporter: and all of the big stars were giving autographs as long as you were willing to wait. >> the lines are 3 hours to four hours long so we're just gonna catch a bus, that's all we're gonna get here today. >> and the people so desperate for autographs, they wanted more. >> you're welcome. >> i'm flattered. >> thank you. >> but it was the newly slim panda catching everyone's eye. >> you look awesome. >> i'm fine, happy to be here you know. >> and so was everyone else. at at&t park, anne mackovic,
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news 5. another bird rescue in the bay area. a loon trapped in a man-made pond, workers from wild rescue were able to catch the bird and set it free. they say a high fence made it impossible for the loon to take flight. the owners of the pond saw the bird was stranded and called rescuers for help. lawrence is joining us now and we're breaking records? >> yeah. 14 records went down around the bay area today. i mean it was some kind of start to the weekend. but don't get used to it. we've got some changes. rain likely to make a return to the bay area as we head towards next weekend. enjoy the sunshine, another super day around the bay area tomorrow. plenty of sunshine on the way. how about this for a moon shot for you. looking good outside as we've got the moon out there. couple high clouds moving on by. otherwise fantastic weather around the bay area, the one exception is some of the winds, we have been seeing gusty winds above the mountaintops. wind advisory in effect across the bay area hills. that will continue until about 10:00 tomorrow morning, winds
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blowing 25 to 35 miles per hour with an occasional gust to 45. but other than that down below we're looking good, high pressure building in overhead, getting ready for another sunny and warm day around the bay area. get the sens of that ridge, clouds moving from the north to the south here, tall to the top of that ridge, lots of sunshine coming our way, those temperatures are going to be simply amazing, another day of record-breaking weather around the bay area, 70s to 80s possible inland. lots of 70s acrowned the bay, out towards the coastline, sunshine, temperatures 60s and 70s up near the beach. something else. records just about everywhere you look around the bay area today. 79 in napa, 80, record in santa rosa, san francisco 77, record in oakland. you get the idea. pretty warm around the bay area. right now pretty mild. 68 degrees redwood city. 69 still in livermore, and 65 degrees in napa. probably around the state you'll find mostly sunny skies and some pretty nice temperatures go along with that 71 in the sacramento valley.
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50s and 60s there, no rain to speak of. that's likely gonna change as the ridge starts to break down as we head into the week. what a ridge it is. just a dominant one right now. you can see everything over the top of this ridge, we're seeing high and dry, offshore wind, that approaches the coastline, starts to heat things up, we get those very warm temperatures outside. so tomorrow we're looking at a great day in the afternoon, want to swing outside, get away from the super bowl. 75 in santa clara, 77 degrees in milpitas, redwood city. numbers easily in the 70s in many spots, 76 degrees in oakland, 76 in pleasanton, 75 in brentwood. how about the north bay, some of the warmest temperatures, probably hitting 80 and over. also in the napa valley and the santa rosa valley. another warm one on top of the bay area, things as early as monday begin to change as we begin to pick up more of a sea breeze, that will cool things down.
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more cooling as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday. we begin to see some clouds creeping into our skies, maybe rain comes our way next saturday night. >> all right lorne. thank you. >> welcome. all right. well super bowl xlv kicks off in about 16 hours but, as you know, not everyone is watching for the game. half watch for the commercials the one that air tomorrow are the most expensive yet. don knapp shows us how some bay area companies stretch those advertising dollars. >> reporter: apple wasn't thinking about social media when this ad ran in the super bowl in 1984. but apple got a lot of mileage from it in the 27 years since. well over 6 million plays on youtube. >> macintosh. >> reporter: volkswagen put its new super bowl ad on youtube four days before the game. >> this is it, you pay your dollars, you get 30 seconds and you're done. but now it's how do you make a bigger experience around it. >> reporter: vw also bought
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youtube's home page ad for monday after the game. this 2010 ad wags number 1 in the top 10. it's still getting plays and lesson youtube. the super bowl ads are now running $3 million for 30 seconds, advertisers want more bang for their bucks. >> advertisers are looking at how do we engage consumers with twitter, with facebook, with these other things alongside their super bowl ads. >> reporter: bud light is asking facebook users to get lots of its super bowl ads and they are the first to promote a twitter/hash tag tie-in. it's super bowl ad was constructed over the internet in concentration with william. he would create new script. upload that to chatter. millions who were working with us could see that script, we could preview new images. >> reporter: and figure out how
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to use internet to get more bang for the millions of bucks they are spending on television. in san francisco, don knapp, cbs5. and for the first time in if warriors get 56 points from steph and monta, but was it enough to knock off the bulls? and for the first time in 34 years, berkeley gets 65 minutes of basketball. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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[ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. berk it had been 34 years since the cal fans retreated to as much bonus basketball as they saw tonight in berkeley. jorge gutiirrez scored a career- high 25 points but fouled out in the first overtime.
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that's right, first overtime. episode of regulation here is a three, arizona's melo jones gets the hoop and the foul. he gets the free throw and sends the game to overtime. now it's arizona up two with less than a minute to go. allen crab spins in the lane and hits the floater to force double overtime, 27 for craft. bears down 1. harper kemp books in two of his career-high 33 points to put cal back on top. but, once again, mo mo jones wouldn't let the cavs lose. he sends the game to triple overtime. cal up 103-102 when jones strikes again finishing a transition, to put arizona back up one, 27 points for momo jones. they had a chance to force a fourth overtime but misses the jumper and wins it, in a game with 17 lead changes, first place arizona survives to win 107-105. randy bennett and the gaels
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have reached 20 wins for the fourth straight season, first half mickey mcconnell lobs it up to rob jones for the alley- oop. 15 points for jones, 10 assists for mcconnell. they led lmu by 10 at the break. matthew develop a va dove a and mcconnell play a little hot potato before he lets it fly. he leads the gaels with 23 points as they win 79-70. with a battle for second place at the hill top santa clara's kevin foster leads the wcc in scoring. tonight wasn't his night though. he goes 4 for 17 over all. they lead by as many as 16 in the second half. rashad green leads the way with 18 points, the dons win 68-62. with the win usf takes over sole possession of second place in the wcc. next week st. mary's will travel to santa claire 0 a on thursday and visited the hill tops on saturday night. stanford banging away at
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mains against last-place arizona. jeremy green scored a season high 23 points and was a perfect 5 for 5 from downtown as the team, the cardinal knock down ten threes. they led by 10 at the half and held off asu in the second half. dwight powell with the big put- back. the cardinal win 83-75. on the women's side, fourth ranked stanford blew out arizona 95-61 to tia school record with their 48th straight pac-10 win. point guard derrick rose didn't look like an this much candidate against the warriors. he commits a career high up 7 turnovers, the warriors led by 1 at the end of three, opened the fourth quarter on a 16-2 run. vladimir radmanovic, nice pass to on doris biedrins, curry to reggie williams up ahead to monta. that's your ball game. ellis and curry combine for 56 points as the warriors win 101-
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90 to snap the bulls' 6-game winning streak. to say the cleveland cavaliers have struggled since lebron took his talents to south peach would be and understatement. last night they tied a record with their 23rd straight loss. >> we're going streaking, yeah. de back to him but >> down four in the final minutes, sessions throws one off the shoulder of j.j. hickson, deflects right back to him but he misses the layup and it's been that kind of season for the cavs. portland wins 111-105. cleveland sets a new nba record with their 24th straight loss. to the ice now. joe thornton returning to boston for the third time since being traded to the sharks. logan couture was back this the lineup after missing two games with the flu. he gets one past the best goally, tim thomas, 23 for couture, 1-0. sharks playing with thomas in the opposite
11:26 pm
net. he turned back all 26 shots by the bruins for his third shutout of the season, the sharks beat the bruins 2-0. still to come, the nfl announces its latest hall of fame class and guess who is climbing the leader board in scottsdale. we'll hit the links next. ,,,,
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we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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for the pro football hall of fame and will not be headed to h the rest of for the second straight year tim brown did not make the final cut for the pro football hall of fame and will not
11:29 pm
beheaded to canton with the rest of the class of 2011. the pro football hall of fame 2011 class oven shrineys consists of richard dent, marshall faulk, chris hamburger, less richter, ed sabo, deion sanders, and we'll have a class of 7, the seventh name on this list is shannon sharpe. scottsdale... jarrod lyle gave >> ricky fowler doing his best to win over the gallery on the rockets 16th hole in scottsdale. jarrett lyle gave them something else to cheer about when he be came the first pro since 2002 to hit a hole in one on the 16th. you think he is excited? lyle is 9 shots off the lead but no one is a bigger crowd favorite than phil mickelson. >> hit it over the glass. whack 'em, whack 'em. >> lefty shoots a 65, leaving him four behind leader tommy
11:30 pm
gainy through 36 holes. i have been to that 16th hole, it is crazy. i have never seen another hole like that in golf. it's amazing. >> oh. >> you feel like you feel the ground move. >> maybe some day i can get there. >> sorry. >> we'll be back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a pittsburgh hospital started a ernt competition w finally tonight, it seems no one is safe from super bowl frenzy. a pittsburgh hospital started a different competition when it tweeted a picture of their new
11:33 pm
born in the terrible towels and the cutest babies in the nation. so a green bay hospital of course took up the challenge, put out its own baby. officials have title town towels, cheese heads and packers blankets. as you may know the packers faceoff against the steelers at 3:30. >> is there a game tomorrow. >> i have heard there is a little function tomorrow afternoon. >> 3:30. >> yes. oh yes. yes. >> we're kind of hoping and rooting for green bay but have a good day tomorrow. that's it for us at 11:00. maybe we'll see you tomorrow at 5:30. >> good night. >> good night. ,, [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes,
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