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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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ding as some degree you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. new international efforts to calm the crisis in egypt, how the people are responding and some degree of normalcy returns. the trial begins in iran for the three berkeley graduates, what the defendants told the court on day one. victory is sweet! >> an old-fashioned nail biter in dallas, highlights from super bowl xlv and tension it created for fan as. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. egypt's a army fires on crowds in tahrir square, but the bullets were just a warning and no one was hurt. as the conflict in cairo enters its third week the egyptian government is making a move toward constitutional reform, but protesters refuse to quit until president hosni mubarak steps down. we'll see the crisis is crippling tourism. >> reporter: egypt's most
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famous tourist attractions stand largely quiet. few are visiting the great pyramid and sphinx in giza. 10 miles northeast in cairo signs of normal life are returning. traffic flowed through the streets, shop owners resumed sales and some schools and banks opened but not in the center of town where protesters lined up after work trying to enter tahrir square to show they want president hosni mubarak to step down now. >> he has to leave because he's reason that the country is in this condition. >> reporter: egyptian vice president omar suleiman met with opposition groups for the first time offering new concessions, freedom of the press, the release of detained protesters and eventual lifting of emergency laws that give the government dictatorial powers. >> we are responsible and we promise that we will do. >> reporter: protesters and option leaders who took part in
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the talks welcome the promises of change but want president mubarak to resign. >> only he knows what he's going to do. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news that aired before the super bowl president barack obama said egypt will not go back to what it was before the protests began. >> the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: the pope prayed for peace, as did christians in bethlehem and americans joined egyptian americans issuing a call for liberty in egypt on a banner flown around the statue of liberty. in new york, cbs news. the uprising in egypt is largely the work of young. the country has a huge youth population. the median age there is just 24 and young people between the ages of 15 and 29 make up 90% of the unemployed. that's despite the fact many demonstrators who have grown up only knowing one ruler are highly educated. >> most of the people actually
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have really good degrees but can't find anything to go into. our government doesn't take care of us. our government doesn't give us opportunities that they should be giving us. >> tuition at egypt universities is just $60 a year and there are many more students than jobs. only about half of the 600 to 700,000 graduates a year find jobs. the trial of three american hikers has begun in iran. two of the defendants wasted no time explaining why they were in the country. d josh fattal entered not-guilty pleas. the ndant, sarah >> we were going to kurdistan as a tourist. >> shane bauer and josh fatal entered not guilty pleas. the third defendant sarah shourd was released in september upon bail and has not returned to iran. the three berkeley grads were accused of illegally crossing the border 18 months ago. they say it was an accident. iran says they were spying. the family of a missing teenager is worried tonight
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about her whereabouts. 14-year-old julisa valdez is a stewed at fisher middle -- student at fisher middle school and has not been seen since friday. today students and teachers handed out flyers to try and kind fined her. >> we just want her to come -- find her. >> we just want her to come back. her mom is worried about you. >> we really miss you and wish you could be here with us. you don't know how much we miss you and how your mom and your family is thinking about you. >> julisa is 4' 11 tall, about 115 pounds and speaks spanish. you're asked to contact police if you might know where she is. oakland a police are investigating a possible abduction. witnesses told police they saw two men chase a woman and corner her in an apartment building in the 1000 block of alien street. she was assaulted and thrown into a car. the woman has since turned up at a local hospital no, details on what happened. san jose police call the
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discovery of a decomposed body in a residential neighborhood suspicious. the person was found in the 1000 block of branham lane wednesday night. all investigators say is that it's a woman. the coroner is trying to determine her cause of death and how long ago. checking bay area headlines, six people recovering after a limo and cab collided in san francisco's nob hill overnight. at least two of the injured were hid by debris when the limo hit a light pole. witnesses tell people police vehicles ran the red light. a neighborhood in hillsboro is not happy with its new view. the college of san mateo has removed more than 200 large trees that shielded the tobin park area from campus lights. the school says the removal was required by fire mitigation. residence are demanding the college replace the trees and they've started a petition drive. the teachers uncertain for
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oakland's jack london aquatic center, the nonprofit that manages the facility saying it has to hand management over to the city queue to budget -- city due to budget problems. the city is still working to find a way to keep it open. a classic match-up for super bowl xlv, the packers and steelers did not disappoint. kim coyle is here with more. >> good things come to those who wait. this is the 49ers had the first overall pick in the 2005 draft and went with alex smith. cal's aaron rodgers played 24th to the packers. i bet he's over that by now. rodgers and green bay hot early packers leading 21-10 at the half. pittsburgh comes right back. it's a four-point game. packers hit rashard mendenhall forcing the fumble. rodgers cashes that turnover in and finds jennings for another
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touchdown. packers lead 28-17, final minute packers lead is six, 4th down for the steelers. mike wallace can't come down with the leaping catch. green bay is once again super bowl champs winning 31-25. rodgers threw for 304 yards, three touchdowns is named the most valuable player. of course, you'll hear from rodgers and many more in about 25 minutes on gameday. >> it was a good game. thanks, kim. well, for sports fans super bowl sunday really is like a holiday. friends gather at their homes. they go to bars. of course, there's food and beer and linda yee says the high five. [ cheering and applause ] what's sparked a drive to unseat >> victory is sweet! awesome! two city counselors for >> reporter: that's sound of victory, but for bay area packers fans it was a long nail biting night. before the win their team made them sweat. >> making me a little nervous
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there. >> reporter: you guys are ahead. >> oh, yeah. we need to hold on for this victory. >> if we were up by more than four, i'd be having a great time. >> reporter: you guys have been winning all game. >> yeah, but chuck's out, so i'm feeling nervous. >> reporter: the steelers kept getting close and even though they were behind their fans were confident. >> we are champions right now and we're going to get no. 7 today. >> reporter: how's it going for you right now? >> so far, so good. we're behind a little bit, but, you know -- >> reporter: you're behind by two touchdowns. >> excuse me, we didn't ask you. >> reporter: steeler fans partied on till the end, even nonsteeler fans finding a reason to celebrate. >> reporter: you're not in the right color here today. >> actually i am. i'm a true 49er fan born and raised in san francisco and taking it live. >> reporter: appear, of course, there were those who let's -- and, of course, there were those who let's say can't appreciate all the screaming. tonight the celebration was
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theirs. for the steeler fans and everyone else it's wait till next year. for some people it really doesn't matter who wins the game. it's almost like the final score -- it's all about the final score in the office football pool. >> i wonder if that's our office. well, a recall effort grows in a bay area community, what sparked a drive to empty two city counselors for abusing their power. and what happened to winter? the mantra in the bay area today and why it might not last. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center, a record breaker in the last couple days, but we could see rain in the not too distant future. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is counting petition signatures the accusation is abuse of power and tonight a group at hercules is mounting petition signatures to oust the leaders they say did it. don knapp on their recall campaign. >> reporter: while just about everyone else in hercules was at a super bowl party leaders of a city council recall effort were having a petition party in the home of anton young and
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lori chin preliminarily copying and validating petitions to be sure the 250 names collected are enough to force a recall collection of the city council members. citizens are more than ready to sign. >> i think they're angry. of all the people we asked to sign the petition less than 35 have not wanted to sign. they know about it. they're angry and they want to do something about it as citizens. >> reporter: recall campaigners worked hard and fast putting in 1,000 hours at community gathering points and going door to door. the petitions claim council members donald heene and joanne ward supported the former city manager's questionable sweetheart development deals, that completed the city's development funds and had overruns in the tens of millions. >> these things come out that the city mayor had multimillion dollar contracts with his daughters. those things made citizens mad. >> reporter: it wasn't too hard to get the signatures. >> that's correct. >> reporter: they say it's a grassroots campaign run on a
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shoestring. this collection bucket helped raise $3,000 they claim, not quite half the 7,000 the recall effort is costing. if they are successful and get their own candidates on the council, then what? >> he they're going to have major problems to deal with in terms of the finances, in terms of cash flow, in terms of ready development projects. we hope they can put a plan together and right the >> reporter: councilwoman ward said she realizes she and the council she was on have lost the public's trust and pledged to use her remaining time to restore it. as for councilman keen any he told the san francisco chronicle -- keeney he told the san francisco chronicle that hercules' finances are a mess and had he known he would never have gone for public office. two ohio men jailed tonight accused of opening fire at a fraternity party. a 25-year-old youngstown university student was killed and 11 others wounded. the shooting was a dispute at a party on an off campus house. one of the wounded is a 17-year- old in critical condition with
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a head injury. wildfires burning on the outskirts of perth australia have destroyed more than 40 homes. hundreds have spent the night in shelters. the fires are the latest in a serious of natural disasters to hit australia. last month's floods and last week's cyclone killed at least 35 people. while the rest of the country has been battered by winter the bay area is enjoying record high temperatures. we'll hear about some people and places you usually don't find crowds in pheasant. >> reporter: yes, this is the bay area in the dead of winter. >> this is sort of a rare weather for february. so we're really liking it and trying to get some vitamin d. >> reporter: and with temperatures around 70 degrees, this family went all in. are you cold at all? >> no. >> great day to be at pacifica and enjoy the waves and surf and be at the beach without a
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parka like we normally have. >> reporter: another fabulous benefit for people who wanted to soak up the sun today, plenty of room on the beach. >> there's a lot of people out because of the super bowl. >> reporter: but in the east bay plenty of people still made it to the park. >> i think today is a very good day to let the kids go outside and play. >> the water is going to be nice. >> reporter: we don't mean to brag, our sympathy to those dealing with the foot and a half of snow they just got in colorado or the treacherous roads in indiana and good luck to those in ohio where they're dealing with an ice storm. oh, yes, back in the bay where one of the few people not pleased with the temperature its is this guy. the warm weather is not so good for you. >> not now. >> reporter: his sweat shiers are normally a hot seller among ill prepared tourists. >> nobody buying today it. >> reporter: you are aware it's not normally like this in san francisco. >> yeah. i've been here before and it was very cold. >> i think we got lucky this week.
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>> reporter: so did we all. a milestone for our 40th president... in san francisco ann macovich, cbs5. >> lawrence says this weather is kind of going away. >> a lot of people forget we had cold temperatures and a lot rain in november, december, but turned out to be a pretty dry january and february, too. now we're heading into record breaking temperatures around the bay area, what a day, gorgeous all the way to the coastline tonight. calm outside and yup, looking good so far, skies mostly clear, but we just may see a hint of fog developing out toward the coastline overnight tonight, a sign of some changes to come. high pressure still holding on but starting to weaken a bit. there's a couple clouds going over the top of this ridge here, see more of that in the next couple days. tomorrow, though, mostly sunny and mild, not going to see the 80s but 60s and 70s in the interior valleys, a lot of 60s and 70s inside the bay. out towards the coastline mostly sunny, patchy fog and
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cooler numbers. set a record today, 77 degrees in san jose, 81 the all time hot record for all of february in oakland, 77 degrees in san francisco, 79, a record in san rafael, records really falling around the bay area and boy, they were getting knocked down hard as we had that strong ridge above, the offshore winds, 70s and 80s commonplace about everywhere you went. really i think this was the last day of record breaking temperatures. we'll watch them tumble a bit, 70s and 80s out there for all the bay area. now numbers coming down a bit, 50s and 60s at this hour, but you know what? this ridge brought with it a lot of dry conditions and that offshore wind. now we're beginning to see the cold front work its way across the top of that, weaken it somewhat. that means we'll begin to pick up more of a sea breeze. that cool air off the ocean will help drop down the temperatures. we'll watch the temperatures come down and maybe breezy conditions toward tuesday. still numbers tomorrow around
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the bay don't look bad. plan on 60s and 70s, mostly sunny skies in the south bay. inland 60s and low 70s as well. north bay, no 80s tomorrow afternoon but nice, plenty of sunshine and temperatures running up to the 60s and a couple low 70s. yeah, it was a fantastic weekend, but it looks like temperatures begin to cool down a bit and then it looks like heading towards wednesday the temperatures may just warm up a couple degrees, but on the long range computer models they're pointing to major changes beginning next weekend. some of them say maybe rain starting next weekend. if not rain, it looks like the whole pattern will change. no longer will we have that huge blocking ridge on the west coast that keeps all the storms away. it looks like everything will start to up on and here comes that rain again. >> winter's back. >> yes. we'll remember. some fine days we've had. well, a mile sewn for our 40th president. -- milestone for our 40th president. how the late president's life was celebrated today. while gas prices are still
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for a laotian general who served ally in the vie thousands of mourners turned out in fresno today for the week long funeral for a lay ocean general who served as a -- for a laotian general who served as a u.s. ally. people were angry about the decision not to allow vang pou
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not to be buried in the arlington cemetery. he died last month of pneumonia at the age of 81. this week has been a celebration of president reagan's life. sandra hughes shows us the biggest event at the ronald reagan library in ventura county. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: a patriotic celebration in simi valley to mark ronald reagan's 100th birthday. ♪ i'm about to be an american ♪ >> reporter: can canons boomed a 21 -- canons boomed a 21 gun salute, spider jets streaked across the sky and nancy reagan made a rare appearance. >> i know that ronnie would be thrilled and is thrilled to have all of you share in his 100th birthday. >> reporter: ronald reagan's presidential library will reopen monday after a $50 million renovation. 30 years after taking office
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ronald reagan's endowment which funds the library and its foundation hit $100 million his political legacy still influences. president reagan said you can't be for big government, big taxes and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. and that's been left out in the cold today. >> there were those who didn't like ronald reagan's politics or his policies, but they couldn't dislike the man. >> reporter: reagan was nicknamed the g beginner in his 1940 -- the gipper for his role in a 1940 film and was also known as the great negotiator. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> reporter: his ideas put reagan in the crosshairs of critics, but they made him this crowd's hero. sandra hughes, cbs news, simi valley, california. sluggish times at the
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theaters, one release that had the biggest audience this week and making use of too much snow. some football fans find the perfect solution. i'm kim coyle, coming up tonight on gameday right after this newscast. he was passed over in the draft. now six years later aaron rodgers is on top of the nfl world. we'll hear from this former cal standout on his biggest night as a pro. he was a surprising hero throughout the giants postseason run. cody ross sits down for a one on one interview coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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ruled the box office this office this weekend. the thriller, "the roommate," starring "gossip girl" leighton meester moved into the t a psycho college student ruled the box office this weekend. the thriller the roommate moved into the top spot with more than $15 million that was good enough to beat out tankdom, the 3d underwater adventure produced by james cameron. no strings attached, the king's speech and the green hornet round out the top five. aol is buying the online news site the huffing top post reported to be a $315 million deal and a clear bet on the future of online news. the acquisition the latest in a series and of a strategic move by aol's ceo. analysts say tim armstrong is determined to reshape an internet icon who which has
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lost its luster. gas prices continue to climb across the country. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded was 1.5 cents in the past two weeks. the average price is $3.12. san francisco drivers still pay the most, 3.35 a gallon but analysts now say earlier forecasts of 3.50 to four bucks per gallon by summer are unrealistic and supplies should keep prices down. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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