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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  February 12, 2011 8:30am-9:30am PST

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the bay. >> we love it. >> indeed we do. and we've gotten a little spoiled. come first of the week, this pattern changes. make the best the next couple of days, because it looks like we're headed back to the cold and wet for next week. but in the meantime, we've got some great weather shaping up out there today. bit of haze in and around the bay, as you can see here, looking across the bay bridge. and temperatures are probably going to peak out today. we may even set a few records here in the mid-70s once again, but as mentioned, cooler and wetter weather on the way. soon coming. >> all right, but looking forward to a gorgeous saturday. >> great weekend. topping the news this morning, egypt's military rulers promised today that the country will abide by international agreements. that is a clear indication that egypt will stick to its peace deal with israel, even after the resignation of president hosni mubarak. more celebrations today, in the streets of cairo and around the world. people climbing on top of tanks, showing the danger of confrontation with the army has passed. thousands of people are still
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camped out in tahrir square. you're looking at live pictures right now. they are pushing for more changes. today, the military relaxed a nighttime curfew in washington. president obama is urging movement towards free elections. he commented on the role of the military during the transition like this. >> that means protecting the rights of egypt's citizens, lifting the emergency law, revising the constitution and other laws to make this change irreversible. >> even though the military is in control of the country right now, obama says it's only a temporary caretaker, and despite the euphoria in egypt, he warns days ahead will be difficult. he says this is not the end of egypt's transition, it is just the beginning. and signs of unrest today in another north african country. about 10,000 people flooded the streets of the capital of
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algeria. as many as 30,000 police officers tried to stop the protests. a human rights activists says more than 400 people were arrested. marchers want democratic reforms, but unlike in egypt, the protest in algeria is not geared towards getting rid of the president; a state of emergency has been in effect there for nearly 20 years. at least 21 people are dead after a taliban attacked today in afghanistan. 15 police officers are among the dead. insurgents raided the kandahar police headquarters armed with bombs, automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. soldiers and civilians and one intelligence service agent were killed. dozens of others were wounded. the attack reportedly lasted for several hours. closer to home this morning, police in vallejo are looking for a witness in a deadly confrontation yesterday. a man was shot and killed after he pointed a gun at vallejo police. officers say they tried to pull
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over the 45-year-old man in the north end of town, but he refused to stop. during a brief chase, a passenger jumped out of the car and took off. the driver finally gave in and was ordered to get out of the vehicle. when he did, police say he was holding a gun. more than one officer reportedly opened fire on the man and he died at the scene. the passenger was detained and then released prior to the shooting. police are now looking for him for questioning. san jose police hope the public can help track down the driver in a hit and run crash yesterday. they released a sketch of the suspect. there it is. he's described as being in his mid-30s with a split mustache and short black hair. he was driving a silver or gray newer model sport utility vehicle. the victim, 18-year-old erica luna, was hit early sunday morning on the city's east side. police say she was dragged nearly 2000 feet along fontane road.
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luna underwent more surgery yesterday. hundreds turned out in tan to remember giuliani featured a slide show, enter tiff dancers and speeches from the boy's mother and grandmother. giuliani was snatched out of his grandmother's arms last month and his body was later found in a canal. suspects believe the suspect, jose gonzalez, is also dead, but his body has not been found. one man faces 60 years in prison for the 2001 murder of federal intern chandra levy. a judge sentenced the defendant yesterday after he again denied he had anything to do with the murder. levy's mother addressed him, calling him lower than a cockroach. susan levy read a statement from her husband, which said the defendant should rot in
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hell. chandra levy was from modesto. it was almost a decade ago that her disappearance became a national sensation. she was romantically linked to gary condit, then-congressman from the modesto area. levy's remains were found the following year in washington's rock creek park. people living in tents near a freeway in concord are being told to pack up and move out. the tent city is along highway 4 and marsh drive. it was not visible to most drivers until cal tran trimmed brush in the area last week. >> they came and they said we're giving you guys two weeks and then you'll have to be out. next day, they came up and took all the bushes. >> cal tran says it is state property and trespassing is not allowed. well, have you ever run a red light, then turned yourself in? you might have without even knowing it. kit dough explains how some local police departments are using snitch tickets to get drivers who admit fault.
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>> reporter: aaron chavez got caught by a red light camera, but then claims she got caught by police who tricked her into confessing. >> so you in essence snitch on yourself? >> i did snitch on myself. yes. >> reporter: chavez got this violation notice in the mail from police, because she's the registered owner of the car, with pictures and a badge number, looked like an official ticket. >> i thought it was real. >> reporter: but it's not. it's what people are calling a snitch ticket, because her driver's license photo shows her with long blonde hair and the pictures behind the wheel show a woman with short dark hair, police probably couldn't identify her. that's where the snitch ticket comes in. it says you must complete this information, asking for the drivers name and license number. >> there was some terminology in there where i felt that had i not responded, i would have gotten into serious trouble. >> reporter: and it looks legit. it's called a traffic violation notice. a real ticket says notice of
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traffic violation. legally, you don't have to answer the snitch ticket, but aaron did. >> i felt swindled. i was extremely upset that i had essentially turned myself in when i didn't have to. >> reporter: according to california law, police are required to positively identify the photo taken by the red light camera with someone's driver's license photo. and if they can't, most police departments throw the tickets out. but some areas send out notices anyway, hoping to snitch out the ticket. >> i definitely thought it was a ticket. >> reporter: matt irving got the same kind of notice in the mail. cameras caught a woman behind the wheel of his car not making a full stop before making a right on red. he doesn't want to say who it is, because he ignored the ticket. >> it's unethical. >> reporter: traffic attorney sherman ellison says that's what he advises his clients to do. >> police have the right to mandate that people snitch on
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another person? the answer is no. >> legally, can anything happen if they ignore it? >> legally, no. >> the department is not getting rich on the lights. >> reporter: streets would be more dangerous without them, officers say. the manager of the city's red light cameras sees near- tragedies and close calls every day. he says snitch tickets save lives. >> individuals driving somebody else's car will not take responsibility when running a red light, and if they think they can get away with it and, then more people can be injured because they are not slowing down and stopping for red light. >> reporter: but some do take issue. >> specifically prohibiting snitch tickets. >> reporter: one state senator proposed legislation that would let people know their options. >> if you're going to ask someone to identify the person in the photo, you have to be very clear that they are not obliged to do that and they
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could be punished. >> reporter: the way to tell a difference, a real ticket will have a notice to appear, court dairkts and location. the snitch tickets do not. >> what what's the lesson to be learned here? >> don't snitch on yourself. keep your mouth shut! >> reporter: but if you want to avoid it all, just obey the law. in san mateo, kiet do, cbs 5. >> novel idea. here's a look at which bay area police departments send out snitch tickets. other bay area cities with red light cameras include emeryville, hayward, newark and san leandro. south san francisco would not return our calls to say whether or not they use snitch tickets. how many police departments do you think are very irritated with that report? >> probably about as many as there are motorists irritated by it. you know, don't run the red light. good news now in the weather department. why don't you just take over the rest of the show? >> exactly. >> it's just gorgeous!
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why don't we all move it outside. >> not a bad idea. we are running out of these days, believe it or not, at least for the short-term. as we will see an increase in cloudiness here, and as advertised, some rain appears to be headed our way for the beginning of the week. let's not focus on that. let's take a look outside right now, where we see lovely weather as the weekend will be warm and mild. i'll have more details on the forecast, coming up for you in just a few minutes. also, it is the halfway point to the clam bake. still to come, who is up to par at the celebrity-studded pro-am at pebble beach? plus, how folks in one apartment complex are taking a stand to keep smart meters out of their neighborhood. we'll be right back. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people.
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8:44 now. people in one monterrey county apartment complex are telling pg&e they do not want smart meters. the complex in marina has mesh wire cages built all over the
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142 of its older analog utility meters in the building. the fire department inspected and approved the cages, but ordered that any locks be removed to allow emergency access. the apartment complex manager believes the cages still make a point. >> it's the message. it's the message. we want to put that cage up there to say to them, these meters are potentially dangerous. >> smart meter opponents believe the devices pose health risks. pg&e says scientific studies suggest they are safe. back to the weather now. gorgeous out there. it's actually warm in the morning, warm last evening. i was walking around, just loving it. >> we're done. that's it. it's going to stay that way all weekend. >> okay. >> you don't want to hear the rest. >> we'll concentrate on the weekend. >> we are focusing on the weekend here. a great day out there today, could even set more records as we take a look around the bay. we'll find lots of sunshine even at the beach.
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there is a bit of haze out there. air quality is moderate today as a result of the sinking air mass, but we do see the warming continue here with, as mentioned, the potential to set a few records to the mid to upper 70s. blue skies across the city today, as we see from the mount vaca cam, more of the same. a bit of haze and fog looking back to the central valley here. we see that will burn off through the day. i think we'll hang on to the hazy conditions. above that, just high, thin clouds across the area. lots of sunshine and temperatures for the warmer locations pushing the mid to upper 70s here today, which could set a few records out there. we'll look for sunny and warm back to the bay, mid to low 70s there. at the beach, looks like mid- 60s today. high pressure system entrenched across the coast, weakening. only a day or two left of this pattern, which has been in place basically since the beginning of the year. you see the storm track going
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by to our north, starting to inch south here, moving into northern california by tomorrow, bringing with it a change in this weather pattern. now, the first several waves of moisture to push through this high pressure system will probably shred, as they come in. so i wouldn't look for a lot of rain out of the first one on monday, but progressively through the week we'll see a series of frontal boundaries or little waves of energy moving into the area. each one getting a little wetter and a little stronger, which will leave us with some rain and showers on and off through the week, with temperatures as you would expect, cooling. also, as mentioned, air quality today on the moderate side. tomorrow, a little more mixing in the atmosphere, and improvement in that air quality. across the region, as we take a look at our seasonal rainfall totals after this dry spell, here's where we end up. right now today, upper 90s across the north bay, mid-60s to the south bay. it's time to get busy here and start collecting a little more rain in the rainfall buckets to make it through spring in good
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shape. after all, this is normally our wettest time of the year. not so much this year, but hopefully we'll do a little a little catchup. quite nice throughout the bay, low 70s over in east bay, pushing the records into the mid to upper 70s out across the interior. and of course it's going to be great in monterrey as well. mid-60s, sunny skies, a little coastal haze, but plenty of good visibility. seven-day forecast here, my goodness, what's that moving into the picture? looks like rain arriving monday, continuing on and off through the week. there will be several waves of energy as i mentioned. first one, pretty weak. tuesday and wednesday, wetter. hopefully you haven't forgotten how to contend with a little bit of moisture on the highways and biways making your way to work. >> but in the meantime, again, we'll enjoy this. a little pebble beach forecast, chamber of commerce weather, they call it down there. used to work down there. oh, what a weekend for that! >> just another boring day in
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welcome back. san jose sharks try to extend their five-game winning streak, and plenty of action at pebble beach. you can see today's round live at noon. here's kim coyle with yesterday's highlights. steve marino has played in 122 pga tournaments and still searching for his first career win. nobody wanted to dig themselves too big a hole in round 2. giants president larry baird, not exactly the most comfortable looking stance, but he sinks the putt for bogey. marina followed up his opening round to take a 4-shot lead into the weekend. points is in second at 9-under. over in dubai, tiger fires the low round of the day, a bogey
8:52 am
366 to move within 4 shots of leader mcelroy. the sharks allowed two third period goals to the devils and had their season- best five-game winning streak snapped. new jersey wins 2-1. and finally, the streak is over for the cavaliers! antione jamison pours in 35 points, beating the clippers in overtime to end their 26-game losing streak. that's a look at sports. have a great day! and tennis action in downtown san jose in quarterfinals at the sat open. top seed and defending champ fernando beat iceman in straight sets. he is going to take on juan martin tonight in the semifinals. well, more and more mobile phone applications are geared towards kids these days.
8:53 am
that's all fine and dandy until they start making purchases and running up very big bills. for tips on preventing this from happening, we turn to jim steyer from common sense media. the app world is like the wild, wild west right now! >> the app world really is the wild, wild west right now, because there's no regulation. honestly, it's the one area of media -- by the way, kids play on these platforms all the time, right? >> kids are always asking to borrow their parents' phone. >> our 6-year-old jesse likes to borrow my iphone so he can download games. there was a story this week in the washington post about a kid who downloaded $1400 worth of stuff in the middle of the game. what they are doing now is embedding stuff in the middle of apps where you're playing at a certain level, but it's like a smurf game that your 8-year- old wants to play. then you can get more advanced players, more points, if you want, or tap zoo, as you see on the screen. you can actually rack up purchases, because the iphone and the ipad and ipod touch
8:54 am
have parental controls. there's this 15-minute window after you put in your password where your kid can make a purchase. >> what kind of things are they buying? >> usually things that make a character cooler or more fun or faster. >> who wouldn't want that? >> if people know farmville, for example, on facebook, one of the most popular apps on facebook, you can buy virtual goods, but it costs money. kids go and actually pay money. the thing you need to remember, an iphone and an ipad, or your various smartphones today, are like mini computers. kids are using them. parents don't know that. i see parents log on, give their kid the iphone to shut them up in the back of the car. here, just over here, sonny. the problem is, there's a lot of content that's inappropriate and you can -- they can do purchases and all sorts of other stuff you're not aware of. >> what should you do? >> well, you should use common sense. we're the only folks who rate
8:55 am
apps. if you go to or use our iphone app, you can literally see what is in the app and find out that. check out what's in an app. disable the in-app purchase. you do not want your 8-year-old to be able to make purchases of $5, let alone $1400. >> is that an easy thing to do? >> yes, it is, on an iphone. a little more complicated on the android phone, but you've got to disable the in-app purchases. keep your pass code private from your kid so they don't go in there and make a purchase without your permission. most of all, talk to your kids about your smartphone. i don't believe you should give kids smartphones until maybe they are in late high school or college. i'm actually quite conservative about that. i think you shouldn't give your kids cell phones until they are much older than a lot of people. >> but then there's the safety factor. >> that's safety with the parents thing. let me be frank with you. the kids know much more. they sit there and they are not using it for safety. and the steyer children don't get a cell phone until high school and they have turned out
8:56 am
okay. we didn't have cell phones! and the problem with smartphones, you can do so much more. there's so much content on there, like a computer. you've got a computer. the phone is a computer now. you give your 8-year-old a laptop? i wouldn't. and so be careful. talk with them. set rules. and beware. again, go to common and find out what's in an p before you download it. >> you have all the apps rated, at least for apple, and you're coming out with the android version. >> and it's the wild, wild west, remember that. >> thanks for joining us and shedding some light. it is called bay area rapid transit, slowly expanding to more parts of the bay area. how bart passengers have a brand-new destination in just a few days. and he was california's latest actor-turned-governor. where arnold schwarzenegger's career is turning next.
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a police chase leads to the death of a man in vallejo. what led officers to open fire and who they are looking for now. dark time for baseball fans, but new hope for other athletes at a local university. and a brand-new day in egypt. the new people in charge of the country are making a promise, as the celebrations in cairo
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continue. welcome back to weekend early edition t is 9:00. thanks for joining us. i'm anne mackovic. >> i'm jim bernard in, to take a look at the fast few days of our dry weather pattern, which has been quite lovely the last month or so. but it's time to get back to normal. looks like we'll do that come beginning of the week. in the next few days, we'll continue with high and dry weather. a bit of fog showing up in the central valley this morning. lot of haze in the bay. but above it, as it spins through the afternoon, lots of blue sky, sunshine and temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday. could even set a few more records today, mid to low 70s for many locations. we've still got some gorgeous weather ahead here before the rains return, come next week. >> it is the perfect day to be outside. >> another one. >> more details coming up. thanks for that. topping the news this morning, police are seek tion information in connection with an officer-involved shooting in vallejo. they are looking for a witness this morning. officers say they tried to pull over a 45-year-old man in the
9:01 am
north end of town yesterday, but he refused to stop. during a brief chase, a passenger jumped out of the car and took off. the driver finally gave in and was ordered to get out of the vehicle. when he did, police say he pointed a gun at the officers. that's when several of them opened fire. he died at the scene. the passenger had been detained and released prior to the shooting, so police are now looking for him for questioning. several hundred people turned out yesterday to remember a 4-year-old kidnapping and drowning victim. the tribute to giuliani kardon in patterson featured a slide show, interpretive dances and speeches from the boy's mother and grandmother. giuliani was snatched out of his grandmother's arms last month, his body later found in a canal. authorities believe the suspect, jose rodriguez, is also dead, though his body has not been recovered. police searching for the --
9:02 am
colleen waterman was found inside a room at the ram today limited on lumbar street thursday. she and her husband were reported missing in riverside county on monday by their daughter. soon after the body was discovered, the couple's car was found on highway 1 parked near devils slide. there was no trace of the husband. right now, police say they are looking for this man, billy waterman, as a person of interest. police have arrested a teenager in connection with the shooting of an ac transit bus in richmond. a tip led officers to richmond high school yesterday, where they took that teen into custody. they say he had a gun with him at the time on the school campus. the shots fired on wednesday night shattered a bus window and broken glass then hit a passenger in the face. now, buses traveling through north richmond have some added protection. the alameda county sheriff's department is escorting ac transit buss in that area after dark. on thursday, bus drivers refused to even drive the route
9:03 am
because of safety concerns. >> it's enough. it's, it's -- no more. i have told the operators that if there is no sheriff, we will not go through north richmond. >> the sheriff's department will follow buses along the 376 line in north richmond beginning at 7:45 each evening. the escorts will begin at south market avenue and rumrill boulevard and continue until 6th street and mcdonald avenue. 9:04. a great american past time and 100-year-old tradition at uc berkeley that this may the school will no longer have a baseball team unless they raise some dramatic funds. it's all in the name of saving money. the athletic department has cut men's gymnastics. on the other hnd, the university did decide to save lacrosse, women's gymnastics and rugby. school officials say it was not an easy choice. >> say what they want, this is
9:04 am
an extremely difficult and painful decision, and right now, given the university's financial situation, we have a collective obligation to our students, to our faculty, and to the taxpayers of california that we're spending our resources wisely. that means in times like these, we have to make some really, really tough calls. >> supporters of the sport raised millions of dollars, but it was not enough to keep all five programs open. school officials say it would have taken $10 million just to keep baseball going. bart is giving the media a sneak peek at its spanking new west dublin-pleasantton station. the new train stop is set to open a week from today, next saturday. crews are putting the finishing touches on the buildings now. it's the first bart station to be constructed in the middle of an active transit line. bart officials say the stop location made the project even more difficult. >> right in the middle of a freeway, and this kind of construction has never been done in our history. so it was not only an
9:05 am
engineering challenge. it was a learning curve on a continuous basis. >> the station is very close to both interstate 580 and 680. bart officials hope it will reduce congestion along the busy commute corridor. the station is also going to add 1200 new parking spaces to the train system. egypt's military rulers said today there will be no break in its peace deal with israel, even after the resignation of president hosni mubarak. the statement on state tv underlined the military's quote, commitment to all of egypt's international treaties. in cairo, people were climbing on top of tanks, showing the danger of confrontation with the army has passed. you're looking at live pictures right now. thousands of people are still camped out in tahrir square. many want parliament to be dissolved and the formation of a broader-based transitional body to oversee reforms until those elections are held. military statement did not rule that out. the public celebrations in
9:06 am
egypt started early yesterday evening and lasted all night long. there was happiness mixed with a good measure of shock at the 18 days of protests actually toppled a president. terry smith shows us the sights and sounds. >> finally we'll get our freedom! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: this is what freedom looks and sounds like. >> celebrate! celebrate! celebrate! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: virtually enslaved for 30 years, the people of egypt rose up and found their voice. tonight, their prayers were answered. >> newly named president, announced mubarak had stepped down. [ cheers & chants ] >> could you believe this day actually happened?
9:07 am
>> yes! >> it's like a dream, it's like a dream come true and it happened so suddenly that we cannot imagine it at all! and everybody's happy and shocked at the same time. >> reporter: egypt's incredible people, rich and poor, religious and secular, they stood together, not as factions, but as egyptians. >> i'm 23 years old and i've never lived in a country where i felt safe around my people. this is the first time i can actually see the egyptian people are united. >> reporter: united and this is the day egyptians regain their dignity, and with it, dreams of possibility. >> does this seem real to you? >> yes, yes! it seems like we can do anything! we can do anything! >> reporter: this is the scene in tahrir square. people are literally dancing in the streets. it's a state of euphoria, state
9:08 am
of disbelief. people are know what they believe in their heart is true. >> thank you! thank you! >> reporter: there is euphoria and more, a message for neighbors. >> we want to live in peace with all our neighbors, including israel. [ indescernible ] [ cheers & applause ] >> i am very, very happy. we are egyptian! >> reporter: the celebration goes on into the night, because this is a moment no one wants to forget. >> everybody in egypt believes in rights and freedom. >> people who were here this night will never forget this experience, nor for that matter will millions of others who
9:09 am
watched and witnessed it around the world. harry smith, cbs news, cairo. 10 minutes after 9:00 now, and signs of unrest today in another north african country. about 10,000 people flooded the streets of the capital of algeria, defying a government ban on protests and chanted "no" to the police state. as many as 30,000 police officers tried to stop the protests. a human rights activists says more than 400 people were arrested. marchers want democratic reform, but the protest in algeria is not towards getting rid of the president. a state of emergency has been in effect there for nearly 20 years. at least 21 people are dead after a taliban attack today in afghanistan. 15 police officers are among the dead. insurgents raided the kandahar police headquarters, armed with bombs, automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. three afghan soldiers, two civilians and one intelligence
9:10 am
service agent were also killed. dozens of others are wounded. the attack reportedly lasted for several hours. today, president obama is giving a broad preview of his administration's budget for the next fiscal year. in his weekly radio address, obama says he is making cuts that will allow spending increases in education, technology, and infrastructure. he says the combo of cuts and spending will translate into an overall freeze in domestic spending for the next five years. senate republicans response, utah senator orrin hatch says obama's budget plans are too timid. he's calling for an overhaul of the tax code and the start of a debate about changing social security and medicare. speaking of changes, we'll see plenty in the weather department. but in the meantime-- >> couple more days of this lovely weather pattern. we've been enjoying this for the last almost month and a half now. as we see a return to a typical winter pattern, it is on the horizon, but not today.
9:11 am
temperatures peaking out. a few records possible. slight cooling into tomorrow. rain comes the beginning of the week. the rest of the details, coming up for you in just a few minutes. and former governor schwarzenegger is looking for work again. we'll tell you about his plans for the near future. ♪
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[ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts.
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the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge there. he said he would be back. now he's making good on his promise. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is getting his old job back as an actor. schwarzenegger posted online yesterday that he is ready to consider film roles again. he said his friends at creative arts talent agency have been asking him for seven years when he could start taking offers seriously, and now he has given them the green light. i don't know. are we surprised, jim? >> no, i'm guessing acting is much easier than politics. >> much more lucrative. >> that, too, much less
9:15 am
headache. no headaches today weather wise, as we see another gorgeous day taking shape for the bay area here. it's time to dwindle down, so you might want to take advantage, as temperatures peak out today, cooling a bit tomorrow and more so come the beginning of the week. could set a few records today. mid to low 70s may be just enough to do it, as we will see clear skies prevail. there is a good bit of haze out there, but depending on the filter on your camera, you might not pick it up. looks like all blue skies there. of course the haze thickens towards the water, and out into the valley. more of the same there. we will see that haze layer thinning out a bit through the afternoon and improving by tomorrow, which means the air quality will be much better tomorrow than today, where we're looking at moderate conditions throughout the bay area. sunny and warm, though, both across the interior and into the bay, as well as the beach, as we see temperatures again peaking out in the mid to upper 70s range. high pressure continues to
9:16 am
prevail, beginning to weaken. storm track going by to the north, lots of rain to the puget sound. not so much for california. here in the last month, month and a half, again, as this high pressure system finally shifts and begins to move off to the east, we'll look at these next few frontal boundaries making their way into california. first one will likely move in monday, light rain shower. series of weak weather appearance move into the area through the week. each one will progressively be a little stronger and we'll get measurable rainfall from the looks of things after a long dry spell here. a mild weekend continues, sunny and warm today. slightly cooler tomorrow. pattern change kicks in on monday. get out there and enjoy the weekend, as it should remain dry and mostly clear into the beginning of the week. rainfall totals again this time of year, here's where we stand. even after this long dry spell, doing pretty good, mid to upper 90s for most locations. much different down in san jose. 66% of normal.
9:17 am
looks like it's time we got busy and start to pick up some of our spring rainfall totals here, as, again, that pattern shift will probably continue for the next several weeks. as our high pressure system weakens here on the west coast and moves off to the east, it will finally bring relief to the eastern half of the country. they are going to be looking at high and dry here for a week or so, with warmer temperatures, meaning rapid snow melts for many of them. taking a look at temperatures today, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. a little warmer across the interior. mid-70s and maybe an upper 70 or two. down in monterrey, mid-60s, gorgeous day for the golf tournament down there, as again, it will be most lovely along the coast, as well as throughout the bay area, as we see the change arriving come the beginning of the week. light showers on monday. looks like the heaviest rainfall will probably be tuesday, into wednesday, and then continue with scattered showers on and off through the end of the week, as we go back
9:18 am
to normal for this time of year. >> it has really been unreal. >> oh, record-setting, no complaints. >> thanks, jim. a powerful bay area export to africa. >> we're building businesses, teaching people how to support themselves. >> hope on two wheels. just ahead, how they are doing it and how you can help. ,,,,,,,
9:19 am
[ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can.
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one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. time now to dust off a story from the archives. it was on this date back in 1973, more than 100 american prisoners of war were freed from vietnam. they were the first pow's released since the signing of the paris cease fire treaty that ended the u.s.-vietnam conflict. many of those men had been imprisoned for more than six years. two bay area business owners are so passionate about bicycles, they are helping thousands in africa take the
9:21 am
ride of their lives. sharon chen with this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: ken martin and matt adams give 15 to 20 bicycles donated today, piled high in their san rafael warehouse. >> i had no idea they would go to africa every year. >> reporter: ken and matt own a bay area chain, but since 2007, their passion for bikes has steered them overseas at least once a year. they have traveled, bringing used bikes to people who need an affordable way to get around. ken says it's a rewarding ride. >> when you see kids on bikes, you know, kind of for the first time, you can see they kind of thought they maybe would never have a bike and all of a sudden they are riding off through the sand. >> here you go. >> reporter: ken and matt started the mike's bikes foundation in 2007. they hope to put the brakes on a common problem with donating free bicycles to developing countries. >> when the bikes are given for free and there's no support there to keep the bikes
9:22 am
running, first time they get a flat tire literally it gets thrown on the side of the road and the project basically goes back to ground zero. >> reporter: ken and matt started building bike shops in africa. they ship used bikes, valued at up to $1000 apiece, that businesses could sell at a fraction of their worth and they train the store owners in accounting, marketing, and repairs. sometimes the shop is a simple hut. once, matt says, they transformed the shipping containers into a store. >> as much as we're spreading bikes, we're building businesses and teaching people how to support themselves. >> reporter: time lapsed video shows several hundred bikes packed into a 40-foot shipping container. 10% of profits go to its foundation and covers the transportation costs. in all, the foundation has sent eight shipping containers to africa. that's 5000 bikes. >> this is the tag that goes on the bike when the customer drops it off. >> reporter: customers never imagined the power of two wheels would link their bay area chain to the other side of
9:23 am
the globe. >> the bicycle is such a great tool to change communities and change people's lives. you know, if we can make it better over there, one bicycle at a time, that's fine with us. >> reporter: for supplying bicycles and building businesses in developing african countries, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ken martin and matt adams. sharon chen, cbs 5. a new attempt at a world record. how abraham lincoln is playing a role. yes, that abraham lincoln. we'll have a look when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:24 am
9:25 am
well, live shows, if you're planning a night out on the town. let's start off with laughs. veteran comedian john witherspoon, head lining tonight at the improv in downtown san jose. shows at 7:00 and 9:00. paula west performing at the
9:26 am
razz room in san francisco's hotel nikko, tonight at 7:00 and 9:30. i think regardless, you're just going to want to be outside for the rest of the day. >> nice night. temperatures have been cool the last few evenings, but warming up. people in l.a., they have a story to talk about. they are keeping busy indoors, trying to break a world record right now with the help of abraham lincoln. their goal is to get a quarter of a million people to read outloud at the same time. >> sounds confusing. yesterday it was -- yesterday was the 150th anniversary of lincoln's farewell address. he gave the speech when he left his hometown to serve as president. yesterday, people gathered to read the speech in springfield and online all at the same time. >> the last record was set in 2006, when more than 223,000 people read charlotte's web at the same time. the final results will be released in a couple of weeks.
9:27 am
the things that people spend their time on, always amazes me! yeah, speaking of which, the latest super bowl champs, the green bay packers have gotten more than a sterling silver trophy, but a sand sculpture of the trophy as well. >> the 50-ton master piece of sand created for the packers this past week, on display at bay park square mall in green bay, wisconsin. have to have something like this indoors in wisconsin. the sculpture features the players' names, numbers, dog wearing a cheese head, the lombardi trophy, and super bowl ring, of course. similar sculpture was created back in 1997, the last time the packers won the super bowl. >> i would have thought it would have been made out of cheese. >> you would think! you would think! a great weekend shaping up weather wise. make the best of it! >> we can't look at that forecast and not. >> just look at the first two days. sunshine, warm temperatures and come next week, looks like change is on the way. >> enjoy it while we got it. meantime, next newscast is at
9:28 am
5:30 this afternoon. we'll be back here tomorrow morning, 7:30. join us. ,,,,,,,,
9:29 am
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