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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  February 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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juliette goodrich. ann notarangelo is off tonight. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it is another night of celebrating in tahrir square where hundreds of egyptians continue their gathering after the resignation of their long time leader hosni mubarak. this is what it looked like in cairo a short time ago where they were shooting off fireworks for a second night in a row. organizers are debating their next step. there is no sign yet the protestors are ready to leave the square where they have gathered for 19 days. as egyptians celebrate their first full day of freedom they are optimistic about the future especially after a ground swell of support from around the world and as scott goldberg tells us the people today are beginning to scrub away the old regime. >> reporter: the party goes on in cairo's central square tonight.
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egyptians don't want the celebration to end. >> people are celebrating the love for the country. >> reporter: the day began with morning prayers and then an all-out effort to scrub down and sweep up the square where protestors have camped for the last 19 days. >> the people who were not honest in the government. now we are cleaning the streets. and everything. >> reporter: some decided to finally head home after military leaders reassured them they want to oversee a peaceful transition to democracy. leaders also promised they would abide by egypt's peace deal with israel. the upsurge of hope spread across the world saturday. in london, gaza and sudan. in washington, dc, and chicago. >> many of these rallies were planned as protests before hosni mubarak steps down. now in new york city and around the world they turned into celebrations. >> they have shown the world that people protests can prevail. and we are celebrating the fact
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they have overthrown the 30- year government. >> reporter: some protestors vowed to stay on in tahrir square. others say they must go back to work but they promise to return every friday determined, they say, to see the revolution reach a happy end. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. there was also a show of solidarity today in the bay area for egyptian protestors. they waved egyptian flags at a rally at the united nation airplays. calling on egypt to ensure human rights protections for people. similar events around the country including new york, washington, houston and chicago. celebrations overpresident hosni mubarak's resignation are happening all over the world. but we will be shown how some egoingses are feeling mixed
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emotions about their country's future. >> reporter: in this orthodox search in hayward, half a world away from the jubilation in cairo, egypt, mixed reaction to the revolution. >> today is an awesome day. >> i wasn't sure it was the right thing we are doing. >> so exciting. very emotional. >> we are not so excited of what is happening because of all the new change. >> reporter: and right now the future is unknown as the country gets the chance to elect its own new leader. >> we are looking for nonreligious. >> reporter: afraid the new government could be run by extremists. >> we have a lot of strong personalities in egyptian. >> reporter: people here and abroad don't know what the future will look like. >> you can't push an american lifestyle on a country that is so different. >> then comes the real work. >> reporter: she has been in the u.s. for 22 years, laura
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knows egypt well. >> i lived very close to where all the action was and very close to tahrir square. >> she says watching history unfold was nothing short of amazing. >> we are very excited. we are very happy. and we are looking forward to a great future for egypt. it is our country. we love it. >> reporter: but love can breed concern. >> we are worried. on the surface it is celebration and hope for freedom. but we never know. >> we are happy for the people because they have finally tasted the freedom that they have always wanted. but we are also praying that the new government that comes in will be better. >> reporter: in hayward, cbs5. it appears the body of the man accused of kidnapping a 4- year-old boy in the central valley has been found. early this morning an employee
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with the delta-mendota water authority spotted a body floating in the canal near patterson. the sheriff's office says the description of the clothing match that of rodriguez. rodriguez is suspected of kidnapping juliani cardenas from his home in patterson last month. the boy's body was found in that canal february 1st. a new federal is offering more insight into the deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago. the documents obtained by the "associated press" show the tiger was likely provoked into clawing and leaping out of its enclosure. the tiger fatally malled a man on christmas day 2007 and injured two of his friends. the report shows claw marks were etched in the asphalt, an indication the tiger was being taunted. she was shot and killed by police during her rampage. well, up next why one bay area county is putting a halt
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to raids of pot dispensaries. also, more than 200 people injured when a taxi plows into a crowd of people. how young people are taking their sexual health into their own hands. how they are getting tested for stds without the embarrassment of talking about it with their doctors. i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. what a great start to the weekend weather wise but things are all about to change. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. on a sidewalk. it happened early this morning e a restaurant and a taxicab careens out of control and plows into a crowd of people on a sidewalk. it happened early outside this morning in san diego's gas lamp district. more than two dozen people were injured. 17 were taken to the hospital. many with broken bones, cuts and bruises. but six people are in critical condition. >> probably the most serious was a woman who was pinned against the wall by the cab.
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and her leg was amputated below the knee. >> police are still investigating why the cab drove up on the sidewalk. they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. after the crash the crowd was so angry they beat up the cab driver. he suffered a broken nose. no more pot busts at medical marijuana dispensaries in the south bay at least for now. four were raided last year. but santa clara county's special drug unit temporarily put an end to the raids today. it is to give prosecutors a chance to review the new laws and decide how to enforce them. dispensary advocates blasted last year's raids in attempts to intimidate legitimate business. offering at home confidential tests for stds is proving to be popular among teens and adults. as dr. kim mulvihill will tell us, these new tests are appearing to be highly effect
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if any. >> reporter: most people with an std don't even know they have it making it likely they will infect others. >> it is definitely scary. people definitely know it is around the corner. >> reporter: an online s.t. d . testing program for teens and young adults works. the website provides free, confidential at home tests for the three most common s.t. d .s. researchers say the site gets about 100,000 hits a months. >> they found it more convenient for them to access information about s.t.d.s on the website. >> reporter: about 3500 young people have taken the tests. more than 400 women and girl and nearly 200 men and boys have tested positive for an std. the website provides referrals to nearby health clinics for treatment. >> one-time treatment. you take the medicine and wait a certain amount of time and it
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is resolved. >> it can lead to other complications if they go undetected. >> they don't know where to go. >> reporter: the test is now available in six states. researchers hope to bring it soon to california. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. coming up. the world's record attempt for the most people reading at the same time. and b.a.r.t gets ready to open its first new station in eight years. we will take a look inside. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that.
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pleasanton station. construction crews are putting the finishing touches on the g the dublin next week opening the west dublin station. putting the finishing touches on the dublin templeton line. bart officials say the location made the project even more difficult. >> we are also right in the middle of a freeway. and this kind of construction has never been done in our history. so it was not only an engineering challenge, it was a learning curve on a continuous basis. >> the station's proximity to interstate 560 and 660 should retrieve traffic. the grand opening is next friday with full service starting on saturday. the san francisco zoo showing some love to their newest resident. the zoo's new baby hippo.
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make it a splash this valentine's day weekend and all the animals are celebrating. smooching, giraffes necking, flamingos tangoing. >> creative writing. did you like that one? >> yes. >> i'm just the messenger here. >> if you bring your hearts and hugs in the shape of a valentine's day card you can get $1 off regular admission. so sweet. >> i don't know, as i was reading i thought we have to keep this g rated here. >> sunshine around the bay area too. that is all about to end. >> i have seen the memos. what's going on? >> looks like a storm track. today, another fantastic day outside. one record set in livermore. yes. we have got sunshine out there still. but it is slowly slipping away, folks, as we are going to get back to wet weather and probably significant rain over the next seven to ten days.
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another gorgeous day outside. and it looks like not a bad day tomorrow. but we will notice some changes. i think sunny and mild we will call it. 70 degrees inland. inside the bay looking at 60s and 70s. mostly sunny skies. out toward the coastline couple of patches of fog. a sign of things changing. 57 in san francisco. if you do plan on heading around the state looking pretty good for tomorrow. 60s and 70s in toward the central valley. the high run up into the 50s there but big changes coming in that direction as we head into the next few daysment a dry day for tomorrow but by monday they are going to see a mixture of rain and snow. so if you head in that direction be prepared. you're going to need those chains. more snow on the way after that. high pressure starting to buckle now under a couple of systems on the coastline. this one being rain amplified by an area of low pressure. as it moves out that cool breeze will move on in helping
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to bring in low clouds, patchy fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning out toward the coastline. still going to be chilly in spots. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s again in most areas. by the afternoon we are going to enjoy sunshine and few high clouds. 69 in morgan hill. 67 fremont. east bay plan on 60s. north bay you'll notice temperatures coming down as well. 50s and 60s for highs. then here we go, folks. get all your yardwork done. chance of rain on monday, middle of the day. expect rain and a cold storm diving in come tuesday. temperatures hovering on the high side only in the low to mid-50s as we head through the middle of the week. unsettledded and wet on and off all weekend long. as a matter of fact, just about as far as i can see is going to stay a bit on the wet side. >> golf forecast, you know what i'm talking about. at&t action. >> looking good down there for tomorrow. >> speaking of which kim is here now and will tell us about
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that. did you know today it is actually lincoln's birthday, february 12, and today people in illinois are going after a world record with the help of abe hamlin lincoln. the goal to get them to read tape. >> 150th anniversary of lincoln's farewell address. he gave the speech when he left his hometown to serve as president. yesterday people gathered to read the speech in prickfield and online. the last record was set in 2006 when more than 223,000 people read charlotte's webb at the same time. the final votes won't be released for another couple weeks but we will be sure to let you know. i jumped the gun a little bit but we got the golf forecast. looking good. now it is up to the players, huh? >> and some of the players you may not recognize they are actually at the top of the leaderboard. a college quarterback.
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his audition to become the team's starter. somebody told george lopez it was moving day at pebble beach but could anybody catch steve marino? that's coming up next in sports.
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saturday's spotlight was on the celebrities... " " a lot of the big names nowhere need the leads at pebble beach -- >> if this goes on the green
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that kid has got 20 bucks right now. [ applause ] >> nice. sounded good. >> come on. i love it. >> this is all accounted for. i need a note from my wife. >> that is cool. >> but the shot of the day on the celebrity side came from george lopez. chipping it in from just off the green on 13. while that was nice i would say the celebration was even better. late night talk show host shows off his moves followed for him with the putter. as for the pros, phil mickelson finished his wound with a 69 leaving him five back.
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spy glass. bryce molder shot a four under 68. he goes into the final round one shot back. steve marino remains on top of the leaderboard. retakes sole position of the first. he is 71 with his worst round of the tournament jimmy walker shot a 53. no one in the top five has ever won a pga event. meanwhile, the top three players in the world with part of the field in dubai. yes, that still includes tiger woods and he is getting closer to the top of the leaderboard despite shooting a 72. hits the birdy on 18 to move within one shot of rory mcelroy. top ranked ohio stated looking to remain undefeated. 15-point lead in the second
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half but wisconsin's jordan taylor because the badgers back scoring 21 points in the final 20 minutes. 30 seconds to go with him up 2. buries the dagger. let the party begin in madison. for the first time in many years they knock off the number 1 team in the country beating ohio state. up in washington, state beat cal. gutierrez missing three to tie it with five seconds left. babies are now 6-7 in pac-10 play. >> we go across the pond. 1-1 in the 78th minute. wayne rooney with the incredible bicycle kick. thee second best goal ever. with spring football about one month away one college
5:55 pm
quarterback player got creative showing his coach he needs to be the starter. >> representing uconn football. >> you can only open the door from the inside. >> i'm going to come back and let isaac in. >> skeet shooting. ohhh. ♪[ music ] >> why is this guy not
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starting? he played his entire career with the texas rangers. but after he felt lied to about his role this coming season, this six-time all-star asked to be traded. it didn't go well with his number 1 fan. >> you're going to go on a different team. he is not going to play at the ranger game any more. >> he is not going to be any rangers numbers. >> any number? >> no. no more michael young on the rangers. >> no michael young? >> no more michael young. >> get that little 4-year-old a cub hat, white sox hat, maybe a dodger hat. that's too cute. >> i love that video of the why isn't he reporting for us? we need reporters like that. the creativity element. >> thank you. a killer sight out in the water today. where you could spot a pot of
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killer whales this afternoon in the bay area. all the excitement the orcas caused among whale watchers. that's coming up in half an hour on cbs5 eyewitness news at 6:30 p.m. that's it for us. we will see you back here in half an hour. see you then. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: imagine living off the grid. how an old lumber town became a hippy town. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: born free in 1795 alexander's twilight was the first african-american to graduate from an american college. he became the principal of a grammar school in vermont. he built a building way later became brownington academy. twilight was a political pioneer and was the first african-american to serve in
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>> mitchell: tonight, the celebrations in egypt continue as crowd of demonstrators fill tahrir square, the country's new military leaders promise a transition to civilian government and egyptians take the first steps on the road to democracy. >> we're very, very, very happy. >> mitchell: i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, missed signals. did u.s. intelligence overlook signs that egypt was ripe for revolution. new church abuse charges. for the first time, a roman catholic official faces criminal charges that he failed to properly supervise the priest he managed. and face of the revolution. the role played by the egyptian google executive in sparking the uprising.


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