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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  February 17, 2011 3:10am-4:00am PST

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chris: the river card. there's tony's ace! tony g: ace from space. [laughter] phil l: ace from space. phil h: okay, so 12,000. yes, i finally won an insurance bet on high stakes. tony g: minus 10 percent -- we'll work it out by the end of the show. phil h: so, he owes me 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- he owes me like 72,000. joe: that's it for our phil and tony special. i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did. any parting words, mr. tony g? chris: phil, you can't play that hand. you're a professional. you're the worst cash game player i've ever seen. joe: all right, save the phil hellmuth. we'll see you next time on the big game. goodnight, everyone. phil h: show some class! show some etiquette! get back on your side of the fence, son. tony g: because he talks that he's the best. phil h: he's crossing the line too much, and so i'm just kind of smacking him back over the line. tony g: i never claim i'm the best. phil h: i say get back to your side! tony g: and i want to show everybody at home that you can come and beat him. daniel: seeing those two go at each other, it's priceless.
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chris: the preceding was a presentation from,,,,,,,,,,
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bahrain crackdown. riot police in the arab nation launch a deadly attack against anti-government demonstrators. union fight. government workers in wisconsin battle plans to enact some of this country's most aggressive
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anti-union legislation. and a senator's secret. scott brown opens up about the childhood abuse that still haunts him. >> he said, if you tell anybody, i'll kill you. i will make sure that no one i'll kill you. i will make sure that no one believes you. captioning funded by cbs and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the political upheaval in the middle east and a surprisingly swift crackdown by the government of bahrain. security forces on the island nation launched a deadly attack against protesters who were camped out in the capital. this morning, pearl square was littered with debris. police used tear gas and tanks in last night's assault. opposition leaders say at least two people were killed in the attacks that they describe as terrorism. cbs radio news reporter


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