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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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up, you're looking at a good cell through berkeley, had reports, many reports, of hail around the bay area overnight. continuing to see it there, lightning cells, gusty winds, hard rain. it's cold enough that we are talking about some snow on the local mountains. it looks like things will stay unsettled and wet throughout the day today. you can see a bigger band of moisture off the coastline. here it comes just beginning to organize. that's going to start to slide on shore. as it does, things will pick up as we head through the morning. so with that in mind, let's plan on another wet day outside, cloudy skies, possibility of thunderstorms and expect rain on and off throughout the day today. and you have the high surf out toward the coastline. some of the waves 14 to 17 feet. this afternoon, yup, it's going to stay much the same. maybe a couple of sunny breaks. otherwise more unsettled wet dangerous weather outside today. right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> all right.
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thank you, lawrence. the good news, we aren't seeing any big accidents out there. another day of wind advisories in effect for almost every bridge across the bay area. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic still light but you can see the wet pavement on the ground. i heard that thunder and lightning as i was coming in this morning. unusual. it felt like i was in north carolina, lawrence. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, what you can see of it. big glare out there. okay across the bridge. no incidents out there now but obviously, when it starts to rain like this, we start to see puddling especially in the middle lanes and even yesterday, we saw some flooding east of the metering lights. we have a smorgasbord of weather, great term. fog advisory at the summit. so be extra careful through the santa cruz mountains and, yes, another day of chain requirements up in the sierra. here's a live look -- i think
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this is 80 at applegate. chains required. mass transit use it, everything is on time. that's your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. a little bit of everything out there. some areas of the bay could see more than... [ pause ] >> they can see it and they can hear it, too. a cbs 5 viewer sent us this clip of hail pounding away in portola valley yesterday afternoon. you can send us your weather picture, videos, to and we'll try to get them on the air. some bitter weather continues to blow through the sierra just in time for the presidents' day weekend. pollock pines just being pounded with snow. a winter storm warning is in effect in the sierra from 7 a.m. to late tomorrow night. you heard elizabeth say chains are required. the storm is expected to reach
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from yosemite to that yosemite to talari county. we'll have realtime hi-def doppler on our weather page at to help you out. there are no suspects for a triple shooting near interstate 880 and 98th avenue. three people wounded on hunter avenue about quarter to 9:00 last night, the victims two men and a woman. two were shot on the street, the other in a car. they are all expected to survive. the commander of a task force is in jail accused of selling drugs he was supposed to be keeping off the streets. joe vazquez broke this story first on >> reporter: as commander of the central contra costa narcotics task force, our viewers have gotten to know norman wielsch quite well through the years. he has been spokesman on countless drug busts and other
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police situations. >> profit sharing weapons and have pipe bombs with them. >> reporter: but now the special agent with the department of justice is in jail. sources close to the investigation say wielsch was caught stealing drugs that were confiscated by his own officers, then was caught on video selling those drugs to an undercover informant in a sting known as a buy bust. also arrested his friend, chris butler, a high-profile private investigator seen here on a recent segment of the dr. phil show. he owns a private investigation firm. investigators served a search warrant at his business. butler serves a network of mommy pis, women who do undercover investigations. none of them are part of the sting. >> the chp and nine or ten police officers taping off an area of parking lot. so i wondered what was going on and i motioned to one of the officers and he told me that they were serving a warrant.
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>> reporter: department of justice says they are accused of selling methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids. as for the many people who have been thrown in jail by wielsch and his officers? the public defender questions whether their cases may now be in jeopardy. just how many cases are we talking about? >> hundreds, more than that. i don't know. at this point it's hard to say because i don't know again how far back these allegations go. if we're talking a couple of years' worth of cases, then yes, that is a huge undertaking. we are going to have to go back and look at every case that they were involved in. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> both suspects are in jail in martinez facing a total of 48 criminal counts between them. police have arrested a man in connection with the kidnapping and assault in oakland. 44-year-old larry wilson, jr., is now in custody. police say a 25-year-old woman was chased and beaten by two men on eileen street. she checked into a local hospital for medical treatment
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after escaping her captors. police are searching for a second suspect, 35-year-old jerry williams. president obama is coming to the bay area tonight. he will meet with heavyweights from the tech industry. the private event will be held at a home here in san francisco. the group is expected to discuss the president's tech agenda as well as jobs, education and innovation. it's part of the president's effort to reach out to the business community. the white house has not released the guest list just yet, but it's said to include facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg as well as executives from valley giants like cisco systems, intel and google. san jose's mayor chuck reed will deliver the annual state of the city this evening. the speech is set to begin about 7:00 at the civic auditorium. tonight's event won't be festive given the bleak financial situation. city. the budget deficit is projected athe $110 million. earlier this week the city said hundreds of jobs could be lost
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in the fire and police departments under a worst-case scenario. >> if you think about our patrol force itself is roughly 560, half the patrol force would be gone. that would be supplemented by people we are bringing back from the bureau of investigations and other parts of the department but it's a significant piece of our department. >> the city is also looking at millions in other cuts. the city council is asking unions for salary reductions and pension reform. councilmember pete constance says if nothing is done san jose is on the path to bankruptcy. and the mayor of san francisco also warns his city might declare bankruptcy in the next five to ten years. he tells the citizens the city needs to shave up to $400 million in employee pensions and healthcare costs to avoid future bankruptcy filings. all those city problems just reflecting what's happening with the state. california's budget mess partly blamed on the rises cost of stay employee pensions. state workers can essentially pad out their length of service for a bigger pension check in
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retirement. they have the option of things like buying up to five years of service without actually working those years. it's a program known as air time. >> when the state, you know, has these huge debts that it can't pay, it has to take that money from other basic services. so although most people don't know it or feel it they are paying for it one way or the other. >> the "los angeles times" says by september, 47,000 state workers had signed up for that air time program. there is a chance the new eastern span of the bay bridge could be ready a little sooner than expected. we'll get an update this morning on the project that's currently scheduled to be done in 2013. one of the next steps will be to realign lanes and set up detours just west of the toll plaza. that will let them finish connecting the new bridge to the oakland side ahead of schedule. exciting. every little bit. >> that never happens. >> we are excited about that.
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we use that. a massive recall from honda affecting thousands of cars in the u.s. the dangerous fault in compact cars. >> plus, you think of all places your personal information would be safe at the airport? how a ticket agent used credit cards to rip off bay area passengers. and how about this? the new app for parents whose teens have a need for speed. how it can help you put the brakes on their bad habits.
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rocket scientists! you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age!
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earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ] breakers, waves up to 15 feet at the coast today. rain, wind, hail, lightning, you name it, more details coming up. okay, lawrence, time 4:43 on your thursday. a former american airlines ticket agent accused of ripping off nearly half a million dollars from passengers at mineta international airport in san jose. investigators say micheline johnson is behind a sophisticated credit card skimming operation that dates
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back some three years. they say she stole information off the cards and used it to create counterfeit cards. investigators says she used the bogus towards buy gift cards at safeways. two san bruno fire victims won't get any more prison time. the two women have been placed on three years probation for trying to receive free benefits after that pipeline explosion. yesterday, a judge also gave them credit for the time they served in jail. prosecutors had asked for 16 months sentences. honda recalling 700,000 vehicles worldwide include the fit, freed and city compact cars because of a defective part that may cause the engine to stall. so far no accidents but 72 complaints have been filed in japan, about 122,000 cars being recalled in north america. retail sales in the u.s.
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could have the biggest increase since 2006 that's the prediction from the national retail federation. ashley morrison reports, world markets are higher today. >> reporter: asian markets rallied for a second straight day. japan's nikkei gained a fraction while hong kong's hang seng added half a percent. today wall street gets a look at the weekly jobless claim numbers. on wednesday stocked jumps jumped higher after another round of strong corporate earnings. the dow was up 61, the nasdaq up 21, and a milestone for the s&p 500, the total value of that index now doubled since hitting the low in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis. a new forecast from the federal reserve sees the economy picking up steam growing as much as 3.9% this year. that is a full point higher than last year. but the fed also sees unemployment staying around 9% the rest of the year, although it does not predict it could fall as low as 7.5% in 2012.
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and banks are pushing back against debit cart reform. at a congressional hearing today they are expected to ask lawmakers to either delay or repeal new laws cutting back on the fees they can charge every time a card is swiped. banks now get an average of 1% to 2% of each debit cart transaction but new rules could cap the fees at 12 cents per transaction, a 70% reducks. banks say if new laws are in effect they will be forced to scale back on consumer perks such as free checking accounts and debit cart reward programs. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in -- in new york, i'm ashley morrison. there is a new app that allows parents to keep track of their kids' car on the road. you can set a boundary as small as a block or as big as a city. it's only available on the android app market but in two weeks others will be able to buy t for it to work, it has to
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be downloaded on both phones. it allows the parent to monitor the speed of the driver. a senator comes forward with a shocking secret. the abuse even his own family didn't know a thing about. there is no reason to accept any chemical that causes cancer in our food supply. >> it's not just sugar in soda causing concern these days. the cancer risk linked to a main cola ingredient. >> it was by no means a fluke. >> the winner takes it all. the super-computer beats jeopardy's two genius contestants. why watson's creators say humans have nothing to fear. that and much more coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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began yesterday in libya for the it is 4:49. this morning, anti-government protests are spreading in the mideast. demonstrations gang yesterday in libya for the first time.
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people there want to end the 42- year rule of moammar qaddafi. and things getting ugly in the tiny persian gulf nation of bahrain. medical official there say four people have been killed in antigovernment protests. today riot police broke up demonstrators in the capital with tear gas and clubs. the government has put the city on lockdown, warning citizens to stay off the streets. the junior senator from massachusetts is revealing a secret he has kept for nearly 40 years. republican scott brown talked about being abused by a camp counselor when he was just 10 years old. he makes those revelations in new book, against all odds. and he talked about it with leslie stahl for sunday night's "60 minutes" broadcast. >> you were actually sexually abused more than once? >> yup. fortunately, nothing was ever fully consummated so to speak.
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but it was certainly back then very traumatic. >> 51-year-old brown says never reported the abuse, not even to his mother. all right, folks. looks like another wild day around the bay area. storms just whipping up the surf out toward the coastline. big-time swells out toward the beaches. got to watch out for some coastal erosion. some breakers will be as high as 20 feet to go along with high tide after 10 a.m. making for some dangerous waves on the beaches. stay off the rocks. but you're probably going to want to anyway. we have stormy weather around the bay area and we are going to see those showers, the possibility of some thunderstorms, gusty winds, hail, and we are seeing some pretty good activity this morning. we have had some lightning strikes already and some moderate pockets of rainfall showing up outside. and it is going to continue on and off probably going to intensify just north of concord. looking at this wave that's moved on through bringing good rainfall across the area.
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walnut creek with showers toward orinda and scattered showers all around the bay area. but there is another wave of moisture off the coastline. that's going to be pushing onshore throughout the morning and it looks like things are going to be picking up so if you are heading up, plan on a wet one around the bay area, cool temperatures only by the 40s by the afternoon, chance of thunderstorms, highs in the 40s and 50s. isolated thunderstorms with cold air overhead and hail. i have had many reports of hail around the bay area. but you can see this next batch of moisture off the coast. that's going to be pushing onshore through the morning hours. the rain is going to be picking up. pretty nasty commute out there so be careful driving out there on the roadways. unsettled weather continuing for today and into tomorrow, as well. maybe even into the first part of saturday as this deep trough of low pressure hangs out along the coast keeping things going as far as rain is concerned. computer models picking up on it. you can see the nice pulse of heavier amounts of rainfall especially in toward the santa cruz mountains latter part of the day could get whacked pretty good as the storm moves
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through. maybe some breaks with a little sunshine in between. but you get the idea going to be a wet one outside. maybe another inch of rain in the north bay, maybe two inches of rain in toward the santa cruz mountains and about another inch along the peninsula. so let's plan on a chilly one outside in spots, only 40s and 50s for highs today and yup, the high country lots of snow up there. winter storm warnings in effect, could see another two to three feet of snow across some of the higher elevation, maybe even more than that across some of the highest elevations. still it looks like things settling down towards sunday. but that's only a brief break. more rain is expected as we head toward the beginning of the next week. all right. let's get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. yeah, that thunder and lightning pretty wild this morning. >> exciting. >> very exciting! or hide under the bed scary, i'm not sure which one! here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good. we still have high wind advisory in effect for pretty much everyone bridge in the area. right now no big accidents but obviously we are seeing puddling already in the middle lanes. you can see a few cars making some splashes. so yeah, just take it slow.
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it's going to be another slow drive this morning. probably no time for that extra cup of coffee. you want to get an early head start. here's live look at the nimitz freeway. windy conditions, you can see our camera moving around quite a bit. taillights are northbound traffic towards downtown oakland. we were just getting a report of an accident. it doesn't appear to be causing any delays. this was westbound 580 right around the livermore truck scales. apparently two big rigs were involved and it was just cleared to the right shoulder but i wanted to show you this so you can see your drive coming out of the altamont pass still looks okay. and same thing for marin. obviously it's wet there, too. but across the golden gate bridge, you're still looking pretty good. we'll throw up a drive time. on southbound 101 between-foot and san rafael, still an 8 minute right. any minute they should do a lane change offering four lanes to southbound 101 traffic betweennovato and san rafael. we have photographers
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positioned all across the bay area on storm watch this morning and here's a live look at 101 traffic near the alum rock exit. everything is good to go in either direction. that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 4:54. crib injuries in the u.s. are still high despite better safety measures over the past 20 years. a new study finds around 26 kids suffer crib-related injuries every day. mostly from falls. researchers say cribs need to be designed better and parents need to make sure they are using them properly. a house subcommittee is expected to take this up issue today. food police are raising a big red flag about soft drinks. it's ball what makes some colas brown the caramel coloring. dr. kim mulvihill tells us a watchdog group is calling for an fda ban. >> reporter: cola is one of the most popular sodas in the country. >> tons of people drink it. >> reporter: but the center for science in the public interest has a warning that might kill
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your craving. it says the chemicals in the artificial caramel coloring can cause cancer and is calling for a government ban. >> unfortunately, at least two of them cause cancer in laboratory animals. and we have to assume they cause cancer in humans, as well. >> reporter: according to the center, the caramel color becomes dangerous when mixed with ammonia and sulfites at high temperatures, which is how colas are made. >> there is no reason to accept any chemical that causes cancer in our food supply. >> reporter: but the beverage industry argues the claims are not based on sound science and are unnecessarily raising the fears of consumers. even cspi acknowledges the cancer risk is small. >> if you're consuming a reasonable amount of these sodas, you're actually getting very small amounts of these chemicals and i don't think there is any real danger. >> reporter: not everyone is willing to change their drinking habits. >> i'm pretty sure everything has chemicals that uhm, cause cancer for a person in like the
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future. >> reporter: just last month, california added one of the chemicals to the prop 65 list of known carcinogens. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. as early as next year, you may see prop 65 warning labels on colas that exceed a safe limit that's set by the state. right now the state is proposing ally. a limit of 16 micrograms a day. i wondered how this is going to turn out. now we know. ibm's super-computer is the new jeopardy champion. watson triumphed his human opponents winning nearly $78,000 last night. jeopardy fans right here in san francisco came together last night to see the end of the three-day competition. first round looked promising for us guys, the humans but in the end, flesh and blood proved no match for metal and silicon. >> i think it's a great result.
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i'm very gratified by the result. i think it was earned. it was by no means a fluke. >> watson's racks and racks of hardware can scan 200 million pages of information at blazing speeds. 80trillion operations per second. good luck to those guys, huh? ibm says it hopes to use the computer's technology to help doctors diagnose patients. see where that all goes. time now 4:5 7. hail, lightning and thunderstorms and there is a lot more to come what to expect from the next round of storms coming our way. >> reporter: and an alleged dirty cop behind bars in contra costa county. what authorities say he was doing with the very drugs he was supposed to be taking off the streets. >> reporter: and significant progress is being made on the new eastern span of the bay bridge today. we are expecting an update on what we can expect over the next few weeks and months. we'll have the story coming up. and president obama rumored to be headed to the bay area to
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meet some silicon valley heavyweights. the special friend rumored to be on the guest list. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is
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linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. 0 good morning, folks. rain, wind, hail, even some snow on our mountains going to be another wild weather day. we'll have details coming up. yeah, the rain is coming down and it's already causing a nasty start to our morning commute. here's a live look at a shaky camera showing you 880 traffic through oakland and we are just getting word of a new injury crash in san francisco. we'll have all the details coming up. bay area drug cop on the other side of the law. the claims he was selling the very drugs he was supposed to keep off the streets. ahead of schedule? we'll have an update this morning on construction on the new bay bridge span. the detours you will need to know about. and good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it is thursday the 17th of february. i'm sydnie kohara. frank >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's expected to be another windy rainy


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