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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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into the san francisco. south bay also more rain has been pretty consistent all morning long in the south bay just some lighter amounts of showers but that moves up into the mountains and turns into some of the snow and more of that on the way all around some of the higher peaks. mount diablo likely seeing some snow up there as well with those cold temperatures and you know, the north bay hasn't had a whole lot just yet but beginning to see it creep a little bit further in this direction. i think they will see plenty of rain toward the afternoon. you know what? we have more expected for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes, guys. back to you. thank you. and remember, you can check the weather in your own neighborhood at we have realtime hi-def doppler on our weather page. well, you just heard lawrence say more snow it on its way. anne makovec is live along mount hamilton road and anne, i know you just came down from the peak and for good reason. tell us why. >> reporter: yeah! it was really dangerous up there. in fact, caltrans is at the bottom right now of mount hamilton road. they are telling people not to
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come up here. but, of course, we came up anyway to try to get you guys some good pictures of the snow. and you can tell from the hills here behind me that it's just gradually getting snowier as you go up which of course is usually the case but take a look at the pictures that we shot earlier. this is some video from the top. very, very snowy up there. we actually plan to go live from up there. we would have loved to. i would have loved to have built a snowman. but we just didn't have enough time. our truck started sliding all over the place. it got a little treacherous there. it was pretty scary. and we decided we just better come on down before the snow starts piling up because we also didn't see any of the trucks that come to clear the roads, thinking that that stuff was just going to be piling up since caltrans was telling people not to come up here. that seems to be the theme that they are wanting only people that live on the lower half of this mountain to drive up here. but it's awfully pretty when you get up here so i'm glad we were able to bring some pictures. but it's just that sleety stuff
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coming down at this point at the elevation i am, which don't even ask me what number i would throw out. i don't know. but lawrence said i think it's around 3,000 so we are probably around that level right here. >> i think mount hamilton goes over 4,000. do you know the accumulation? i know you don't have a ruler but 2", 3", more than that? >> reporter: at the top i would say about 4, 5 maybe? tops. >> sounds good. i'm getting blamed for all this coming from boston, a couple weeks ago, and it's 60 degrees there today! >> reporter: i know. it's nasty but it's pretty. >> all right. we'll take it because we have to. anne makovec in the south bay, good stuff, thanks, anne. for skiers looking to head up to lake tahoe, we have good news because there is lots of fresh powder up there. >> i thought afternoon was at lake tahoe. want to let you know it could be tricky getting up the mountain. here's nick janes from dutch flat with what drivers were facing this morning. >> reporter: it promises to be a rough right for many people leaving the dutch flat rest stop. as for us, we could barely find
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a place to park, there is so much new snow. >> this is a lot of snow up there. >> reporter: you would be smiling, too, if your business was selling chains. >> they are taking a good hour from get from reno to truckee. >> reporter: 10 miles per hour. slow going on interstate 80 and forget about the back roads. snow drifts are several feet high, almost as tall as street signs. >> dang! >> reporter: it was an adventure just finding a place to park to set up our live truck. the normal spot the turnout at blue canyon was buried in several feet of snow. caltrans worked to keep the interstate and main exits clear and this trucker is finally able to leave dutch flat. >> 4:00 yesterday afternoon waiting it out. having fun, hanging out. >> reporter: these marooned workers. where are you going? >> oh, look out! >> reporter: pass the time with an impromptu snowball fight. >> we work up here and couldn't get in today. we are waiting for the boss man to tell us what to do. >> reporter: drivers know they will have to chain up before
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hitting the road. >> we are coming from alameda. >> bay area. >> yeah, bay area. >> reporter: do you have any idea what lies ahead? because there's a lot of snow on the ground up there. >> i heard there's a bunch of whiteouts and stuff that's been happening. >> but we really don't really have that big of a clue. >> reporter: it certainly promises to be a busy weekend at those sierra ski resorts. the holiday weekend. but may just take drivers a little longer to get there. >> that was nick janes reporting. if you plan to drive up into the mountains this weekend, you will need chains on all three of the major transsierra highways. also, part of highway 88 over carson pass is closed because of avalanche prevention work. now to the san bruno pipeline blast and the skyrocketing cost of the clean- up. it now appears pg&e severely underestimated the tremendous toll of that deadly explosion and christin ayers says customers may end up paying for it. christin. >> reporter: that's right, sydnie. pg&e customers including some of the ones out here in the
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very neighborhood where the pipeline explosion happened possibly asked to pay for part of that ever growing bill as pg&e handles the disaster and consumer advocates told me they are vowing to fight that. no one thought handling the aftermath of the san bruno pipeline explosion would be cheap. >> we also expect to incur substantial legal costs related to the investigation, third- party claims and stow forth. >> reporter: legal fees are one thing you but not even pg&e thought pipe maintenance and testing cost would climb so quickly. >> the scope of the work to be untaken is not clearly known but it must be done. >> reporter: work that's going to cost money, to be exact $200 to $300 million for pipeline tests and other inspections, $220 million for lawsuits from last year, and another $180 million for lawsuits this year. all together, $763 million and pg&e official seem to hint that
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customers could be apt to pick up the tab through rate increases. >> it's more than unfair. it's absolutely outrageous. pg&e needs to take responsibility for the massive mistakes that apparently led to the san bruno disaster. >> reporter: mindy with the utility reform network, also known as turn, says pg&e has the wrong priorities. >> we are talking about a company that pays its ceo approximately $10 million a year. >> reporter: they plan to pressure the public utilities commission and demand that pg&e pay for san bruno some other way. >> this is money that should come from shareholder profits not from customers. >> reporter: pg&e has acknowledged that the disaster has battered their bottom line. their profits were down nearly 10% this quarter. they also said that the numbers don't take into consideration insurance payments so that certainly could impact what, if any, consumers wind up paying. syd? i. >> thank you, christin ayers in
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san bruno. in other headlines two former antioch police officers are due in court later today accused of stealing confiscated drugs and then revealing them. norman wielsch is a commander of contra costa county's narcotics enforcement team. he faces 22 drug-related felonies, also charged former colleague private investigator chris butler. hundreds of drug cases are being reviewed now as a result of this investigation. they cut the ribbon on a new bart station in dublin today but passengers won't be able to board trains until tomorrow. the west dublin-pleasanton station is located in the median of intersection -- make that interstate 580 between dublin and castro valley. the $100 million station includes garages with 1200 parking spaces. and we are getting a look at changes in the drive over the bay bridge in the coming months. this is animation of what the first detour will be like driving out of the tunnel towards oakland. the detour will make way for crews to build a 1,000-foot
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section of the new span. it's called the oakland touchdown. the changes could mean the new bridge will be ready in 2013 a few months ahead of the current schedule. another court hearing in connection with the tucson shooting. what the media is asking a judge to release about suspect jared loughner. and a picture of contrasts in the middle east. while cairo celebrates, another country staging a day of rage. where those demonstrations have turned violent coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whether new detail e accused tucson shooter will be released. it is up to a california judge whether new details about the accused tucson shooter will
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be released. the media requesting a new mugshot now of jared loughner and to unseal records of a police search at his house. defense attorneys say that would hurt loughner's chance at a fair trial. a san diego judge is hearing arguments today since arizona judges recused themselves from this case. loughner is accused of killing six people and wounding 13 others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords last month. violence and unrest is spreading throughout the northeast and africa. in libya two days of clashes left 24 people dead. a very different scene today in egypt. charlie d'agata reports. >> reporter: tens of thousands of egyptians held a victory rally in tahrir square, where one week ago their protest led to the overthrow of president hosni mubarak. she says, we're feeling freedom for the first time. the military is now in control of the country and pro- democracy demonstrators want to
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make the government deliver promised reforms. egypt's pro-democracy revolts are flaring across the arab world. in libya anti-government protestors seized control of an eastern city, even some local police reportedly joined in. but in the capital of tripoli, demonstrators turned out in support of president moammar qaddafi. he is africa's longest serving ruler in power for more than 40 years. in bahrain, thousands defied government orders to stop demonstrations that have gone on for five days. mourners held funerals for four demonstrators killed when riot police carried out a violent crackdown. two protestors were killed in yemen when anti-government demonstrators squared off against police and supporters of president saleh. one of them died when someone
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threw a hand grenade into the crowned. the president promised sweeping reforms but like other countries in the midst of widespread revolt, promises aren't enough. charlie d'agata cbs 5. president obama said good- bye to the bay area today. just about three hours ago, the president took off from sfo in air force one. mr. obama stopped by the bay area to talk with silicon valley leaders about jobs and the economy. did he that last night at a private din -- he did that last night at a private dinner in woodside. he just touched down in oregon where he will talk this afternoon at an intel plant. former president bill clinton is in the bay area this afternoon. he will talk about the challenge of globalization and the growing interdependence between nations. it's all at a private computer security conference today at san francisco's moscone center. her appearance at a wrestling tournament made history. >> why her opponent decided to forfeit the match and what happened in the next round. it's all coming up. and the rain we have the
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snow in the mountains. what could it mean for the holiday weekend? we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you are a skier or snowboarder don't you wish you were already there? sierra at tahoe live pictures. looks like they are relaxing right now. >> you better wish you were there. you're going to have to chain up. it's going to take a long time
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to get up 80 and 50. i came back to california thinking i would see sunshine. >> you did see it. >> for a few days. but all this snow, lawrence, what's up with that? >> look what you brought back with you! >> complaining already. >> some big changes in the weather here. we needed the rain and they are getting tons. snow in the sierra nevada. couple, three feet of snow across some of the higher peaks with this system. winter storm warnings are up, up there and, of course, it is pretty tough to get up there just because the roads -- you need the chains and yeah treacherous driving conditions outside. we don't have the rain in the city of san francisco. we don't have the snow. but we have the rain. we have some snow on our local mountains. very cold temperatures outside. 30s and 40s around much of the bay area and there we go cleaning it up a bit. but we have some more rain in the forecast for today as the system really kind of is winding up from the south here. some moderate amounts of rainfall pushing in now in across the san francisco area. and right across the golden gate bridge, parts of the north bay and marin you are going to continue to see this happen throughout the afternoon.
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we'll see these cells move by. you will see that rain picking up. lighter amounts in toward san jose right now just some lighter showers continuing since early on this morning so it's been wet there almost all day long. east bay some of the higher elevations getting snow and moderate amounts of rain toward antioch and brentwood and, of course, you have that rain now spreading into parts of the north bay just now beginning to show up in the napa area and, well, petaluma you have some showers not too far away. so this is what we're dealing with. we have the storm off the coastline. somewhat unusual spinning up from the south, coming in this direction making its way in toward the bay area. it's going to move onshore. that's going to be for today. this one right here, that's going to start to drop down in toward tomorrow. so we have a couple more days of some showers to worry about. i think really this afternoon we are looking at rain all around the bay area. those very cool temperatures, 40s and 50s for highs, tonight more showers continuing. the snow level will drop from 3,000 during the day to 2,000 at night with those cold temperatures so yeah, nice dusting of snow across our local peaks. yup, the storm system bringing that moisture onshore right
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now. we'll continue to probably amplified toward the afternoon. that means we'll see more of that wet stuff toward the latter part of the day. so it looks wet tomorrow although this is probably the wert day as tomorrow will be scattered showers around the bay area. computer models picking up on this. it's getting bullish, scary as they are trying to pick up on a whole lot of rain. don't think we'll see that much but you get the idea, it's going to be progressively wetter into the afternoon today and things taper off tonight a bit. in the high country, grab the chains. winter storm warnings up there, as well. things beginning to taper off into saturday and just a chance of some snow heading into towards sunday and great skiing conditions then, too. numbers for highs today, in the 40s and also the 50s. i think we are going to keep things very cool toward the afternoon hours and maybe not a whole lot warmer for tomorrow. chance of showers for tomorrow as well, drying outcome sunday. i think as we head in toward monday and tuesday there is at least another slight chance of rain and don't forget we have the chinese new year's parade
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this weekend light chance of showers. if you go out there, some cold temperatures to go along with that. have a great weekend. see you later. >> thank you. well, tough day over at berkeley. it's the beginning. end today for cal baseball. today is the team's final season opener. last week, the university administration eliminated men's baseball and gymnastics because of budget shortfalls and now players on the golden bears squad say they want to win to make administrators regret that decision. cal, by the way, they got a good team. they are ranked 17th in baseball's america preseason poll. they open today. one of the first females ever to compete in the iowa state high school wrestling tournament is out. cassy herkelman made it not next round when her first opponent defaulted rather than rest wrestle a girl. joel northrup believes that wrestling is not how to treat a girl. >> i'm sure it's hard for him like anybody. but, you know, it's a decision that his family made.
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and that's what it is. >> she was eliminated in the next round as was a second female wrestler who also made it to the tournament. >> tough call there. stampede for savings. what created this chaos in manhattan. it may surprise you. we got that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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the tasty trend of fermented today's tip of the day is star fruit. they look like a star and when you cut them, look at that beautiful star it has. but you have to select and store star fruit right or otherwise, it's not going to taste good at all. come over here, let's talk about selection. when you buy your star fruit, you see the edges here? they have to be nice and firm. a lot of times, they will start to brown here and shrivel here. that you do not want. the color a little bit of green on the edges right here and nice and yellow. and firm. very important, free from any had shriveling. store them in the refrigerator. but they are great at room temperature too and great for us. star fruit, coming in from florida, not bad for this time of year. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i'm going to try one! refreshing! >> coming up tonight at 5:00, the tasty trend of fermented
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food. the health benefits linked to the good bacteria. those stories and more at 5:00. it is a race with a storied history in manhattan. no, it's not the new york city marathon. it's the running of the brides! this is filene's basement. women make the mad dash for a chance to pick up deeply discounted gowns. shoppers as you can see actually strip down to their underwear. they don't care on the spot to try one on. and i guess would you lose your inhibition, too, for a chance to get a $10,000 dress for a couple of hundred dollars. >> absolutely. >> this originated actually in boston. my mother-in-law did it before my wife and i got married. she spent $200 and got a pink gown. she didn't wea it. >> then you have more money to spend on the honeymoon. >> i think she still has it. [ laughter ] that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> eyewitness news is always on enjoy that snow out there! see ya. ,,
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