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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  February 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and he wasn't the only one unprepared. >> where is your jacket, young man? >> oh, i forgot it. >> reporter: but with roads closed all over the mountains, the only way up here is to hike it. >> we ended up here. we walked a long way. >> reporter: mount tam is not the only place with a blanket of white. here is how things looked saturday morning on mount diablo. snow was covering the hills overlooking walnut creek and dusting the hilltop peaks above orinda as well as the pleasanton valley and mount hamilton will be closed until monday at the earliest. if you're brave enough, you could always bike it. >> it is a little slippery. you have to be careful. but it is awesome. >> reporter: this is the mountain amphitheater -- yeah, it is slippery. as i was saying, all of the seats are covered with snow. but sitting seems overrated.
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>> we have made snow angels. and had snowball fights. and climbed snow mountain. >> reporter: on mount tamalpais, anne makovec, cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> beautiful and treacherous. as i would mentioned, could there be snow at sea level? meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm in the weather center. >> i don't think we will see the sea level tonight but it may change in the not too distant future. looking at a lot of showers around the bay area right now. winter weather advisories around 2,000 feet. the santa cruz mountains and diablo range, and east bay hills, scattered showers, just about to start the parade there and it looks like we've got scattered showers, if you're headed in that direction and cold temperatures. down to san jose, more showers here, and stronger cell in toward palo alto and we're looking at more scattered showers through the evening hours. it looks like the storm system is beginning to wind down a bit and becoming more scattered, throughout the evening, and then i think as we head to tomorrow morning, the rain showers should really diminish.
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but we've had some very im prettive rainfall totals outside -- impressive rainfall totals outside. how about this? three inches and two inches in half moon bay and san francisco, almost an inch in palo alto, and yes, folks, we could see a colder storm headed our way by next friday. and next saturday. everything has to go right. but there is a possibility we could see some snow at sea level. right here in the bay area. we will talk more about that in the forecast in a few minutes. ann, back to you. >> thanks, lawrence. if you're headed up to the sierra, for a long weekend, the roads look good for now. no chain requirements but that is likely to change later. more snow is expected later tonight. the storm has dumped seven feet of snow in tahoe in just three days. and president's day weekend is one of the biggest ski weekends of the year. a redwood city man and his girlfriend were shot to death while sitting in a parked car. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this morning on hilton street in east oakland. police say more than one gunman opened fire on the car without warning. the couple was in the area to attend a party but they never
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made it to the house where the party was being held. right now, there are no suspects and no motive for the shooting. their deaths are the 18th and 19th homicides of the year in oakland. at this time last year, there were eight. a second pin ox l valley high school student this week arrested for making criminal threats. police say the 18-year-old was threatening a fellow student and they also say the student confessed to wanting to kill a classmate because that classmate had bullied him. he was taken into custody yesterday afternoon without incident. a 14-year-old freshman on tuesday was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill a teacher. san francisco's chinese new year parade got under way just now in spite of the wet weather and sparse crowds, participants are as enthusiastic as ever. don knapp is at the sights and sounds of the celebration. >> reporter: this is rain. and the parade is shining.
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but the year of the hare with so many bunny rabbits in the parade tonight. a very big deal. 5,000 participants. hundreds of volunteers. 26 floats. marching bands. and of course the lion dancers. we have not seen them yet. they have been staying out of the rain trying to keep dry. >> this is the chinese new year. they have been bracing for this, preparing for this, and cleaned up the city a little bit with steam cleaning an obviously they didn't need it because it is raining. there is a grand marshal for this parade. and it happens to be the san francisco giant world series trophy. the trophy is in the parade. so right now the folks are right here at the beginning, at the start and we see them starting to move out. and this is going to go on for a couple of hours. there is a celebration going on. a particular honor this year, the chinese new years's parade will have the first time in history of more than 100 years, a chinese mayor of san francisco, leading the way. so it is a very big deal, a very good deal for san
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francisco and all of the tourists who come here. and i have to say, there are people on the sidewalks ready for what is going by. so we will be here reporting and tell you more later. >> john, thank you very much. i'm manuel gallegus in madison, wisconsin. another huge crowd of demonstrators here at the state capitol. but with the new element, the tea party. we will have that story coming up. a cue from egypt, unrest in several middle eastern countries against their governments all marred by violence and death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one of the largest protests yet at the state capitol in wisconsin. but this time, demonstrators who are angry at the republican governor have gone face to face confrontations with tea party members. manuel gallegus was in the middle of it. >> reporter: this was a typical scene as pro-union demonstrators clashed with tea
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party supporters at the wisconsin state capital. for a fifth day, tens of thousands of protesters packed the state house. the legislative bill they're angry about would end collective bargaining for many of the state's unions. a direct assault on workers say demonstrators like firefighter scott hermanson. >> how can you not understand what is going on? >> reporter: but the republican majority led by governor scott walker says the proposed bill is the only way to combat the state's projected $3.6 billion deficit. his supporters say balancing the budget is what he was elected to do. despite the public outcry, republicans senators say they will pass the bill without compromise. but before any vote can legally take place, democratic legislators have to come out of hiding. the 14 democratic senators have literally left the state to stall the vote.
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and are threatening to stay away for weeks. but republican leaders say they still won't budge. >> the bill is not negotiable. what would be negotiable is what is going to take to get it back into the chamber. >> a day for free pensions. >> reporter: as both sides try to drown each other out, many other states with new leaders and big deficits are watching closely. manuel gallegus, cbs news, madison, wisconsin. organized labor groups are mounting a national campaign against what they say are anti- labor measures. they are proposed in 10 other states. sparked by egypt's successful effort to overthrow its government, protests continue all over the middle east. this is video posted on youtube of an anti-government rally in libya on thursday. demonstrators broke out after the opposition called for protests against dictator muomar quadafi. tight government control and media makes it difficult to get information about the violence
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in libya but amnesty number says 46 people have been killed. in bahrain, demonstrators flooded back into pearl square in the capital city of manama after riot police withdrew. protesters are calling for the removal of the regime. five people were killed on thursday. more than 250 people injured in the two-day crackdown. pressure from western governments including the u.s. apparently persuaded bahrain's royal family to back away from the confrontation. bahrain is home to u.s. navy's fifth fleet. a sparkling of protests going on tonight in algeria. 40,000 police flooded into the streets in algiers confronting and arresting demonstrators. the opposition lawmaker was among those hurt, suffering a head injury. authorities are lifting a state of emergency in algiers by the
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end of the month. hopes of easing congestion in the east bay. the newest bart system up and running. the expectations for helping the environment. cold rain around the bay area. snow on our mountain tops. getting very low tonight. we will talk about that, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new west dublin pleasanton bart station is up and running today. the first train left at 6:00 this morning. the $106 million station is expected to make public transit
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more accessible to the tri- valley area. bart officials hope it will also ease traffic along the 580/680 corridor. >> if you've ever been on that freeway in the morning, it is an absolute gridlock. what we are going to do and what we anticipate the ridership to be is to be about 4300 people per day, that will otherwise be taking off the road, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint as well as the congestion on the freeway. >> the new station will also add 1200 new parking spots to the train system. if you don't mind walking in the rain, it was a day to take bart because the roadways were a little slippery. >> it was treacherous out there. report of some slush and snow in low levels and it looks like things will stay unsettled and wet through the evening hours and then things start to taper off. but outside, we don't see this every day. a couple of times during the year, snow at very low levels, from the mount vaca cam at 3,000 feet, you can see the snow coming down there and making the trees look awfully
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pretty outside. more of that in the coming days, and could get very low toward the end of the week, and still winter weather advisories in the bay area and that doesn't happen all the time and the east bay hills and the diablo raise and the santa cruz mountains, 2-3 inches of snow above 2,000 feet and you could actually see some snowflakes further south of that. even lower. with that in mind, be careful out on the roadways tonight. and of course we got to worry about black isolate tonight and early tomorrow morning. high def doppler picking up on the moisture and some of it is wrapping around. the low is located just about off the coastline right here. it is wrapping back from the bay back to san francisco. if you're headed to the parade, be prepared. bring the umbrella and a thick jacket. showers and cold temperatures on tap for you. showers continuing in toward san jose. and also millipitas. we're expecting some more showers continuing in parts of the east bay as well. the numbers, moderate amounts of showers, moving in portions of brentwood, and also to the north bay, we're looking at pretty good cells making their way near heroic lease at this
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hour, be very careful around the bay area. and the storm system again, diving from the gulf of alaska, carrying with it cold air and a soak ner some parts of the bay area. official numbers in san francisco, an inch and a half of rain and an inch in mountain view and .64 in san jose and over an inch of rain in oakland. the temperatures have been very cold. the numbers out there right now, only in the low 40s across most of the bay area. you get the idea, the cold temperatures and snow. and of course, the high country, looking at some snow showers into sunday. you may want to sneak up there, a chance continuing on president's day and a chance on tuesday continuing. the storm system diving in with nice cold air and another system behind it that will form and make its way off the coastline, but for us tonight, we will see some more scattered showers, and even the possibility of some snow showers over the mountain tops down to 2,000 feet and some dusting even lower than that. with that mip n--- with that in mind, be careful out there. most of the moisture is early on in the evening and then things taper off after
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midnight. a lot of moisture out there. even tomorrow morning, the models don't want to paint it but a slight chance of a few leftover showers early and then most of sunday should be nice and dry and try and bring in some sunny breaks and temperatures are still going to stay pretty cool. highs mainly in the 40s and the 50s by tomorrow afternoon. and so plan on a cool day. and well, then after that, we will watch some changes coming up. this is where it gets interesting, folks. as we head toward monday and tuesday. another storm system will move right near the coastline. right now, i've just put a lot of clouds in the forecast. i haven't put the rain, but it is going to be close. if it moves east, about 20 miles, we could see some showers. right now we will keep it dry and keep it dry hopefully through about wednesday. and then in the latter part of the week, come thursday, we see some cold storms begin to move back in and by friday, check out the temperatures, and i will tell you what, it doesn't have to happen often, it sometimes has to go exactly right but there is a chance to see snow in the low level, we're talking sea level toward next weekend. that doesn't happen all the
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time so we're still a ways out and usually it doesn't work out that way but right now, we're looking at it. >> that would be cool. >> with the snowy winter weather, let's talk baseball. right, gary? >> that will warm things up. >> i can't wait. i love that stuff. >> the world series champs are gearing up for another one. and dennis has a report from scottsdale. strap yourself in, things got a little wild in daytona. the finish was absolutely amazing. sports is next. ,,,, [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran
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the defedning champion giants held their first full workout to the 2010 season officially in the book, the defending champion giants held the first full workout in scottsdale today. dennis o'donnell made the trip to the valley of the sun. >> thanks, gary. hello, everybody, from scottsdale. the veteran players first day of practice now, they had about a three-month break following the world series. so they step into the batting cage today, and who is the first guy they got to face? tim lincecum. >> he looks pretty damn good to me. >> it was a mismatch. lincecum blew away pat burrel, aubrey huff and mark durosa and when lincecum was done, durosa asked, hey, timmy, what were you 66 today? >> and lincecum's response? 100. >> so tim, you're throwing 66? >> no, i think it was 60%. >> i mean he looked great. >> i know especially for me, i haven't seen a live pitch since last may. >> the first pitch fastball and i thought i was going to hammer
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it and it was on my hands and i couldn't swing for the next four pitches, my thumb was still ringing. >> it was a sight to see for giants fans and coaches and players who are now relishing the role of defending champion. >> you know what? it was special. i admit when i stood up and started talking to him, i looked around and thought about last year, and how proud i was of these guys, and what all it took from them to accomplish what we did. and it is pretty neat feeling up there staying up there and looking at the world champion. >> it is great to know that we didn't have the best players and the highest payroll, it is nice to know that we're the champs. >> amazing. seeing all of the guys out here after winning the world series, and seriously pinch me. it is amazing. >> reporter: miguel tejada took the first cut as a giant but the big story today, a much slimmer pablo sand val hit two homeruns in what is clearly a critical spring training as he tries to rebound from last
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year's sophomore slump. >> do you feel the reason you weren't able to hit was specifically because of your weight. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. i am the same weight i was before and as far as having good moments and some bad moments. >> about the only negative the first day of practice was mother nature, as a down pour began as festivities ended. the forecast for tomorrow? rain. dennis o'donnell, cbs 5 sports. >> great to see those guys back. you can see more of dennis' trip to scottsdale tomorrow on game day and i expect he will do his best anthony boredane impress, the food guy. couples could only watch as his lead disappeared. he birdied four holes on the front nine and had a 67 to have one under and he will have a one shot lead into the final round. hall of fame running back olly matson passed away this afternoon at his home in los angeles and led the nation in
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rushing during usf's undefeated season in 1951, the year the dons refused to play in a bowl game without their two african- american teammate, matson and the late burl toller. matson was 80 years old. danika patrick briefly held the lead and finished in 14th. the best in the nationwide series. and landen castle bumped into brad kozlowski and spun flew the infield. gets hit again by josh wise. and four guys had a shot at it near the finish. tony stewart taking the checkered flag. look how close this thing was. nascar going back and forth to figure it out. stewart will once again try for the first daytona 500 win tomorrow. hasn't won it yet. somebody just told steve laven he is wearing too much hair gel. he lovings the gel. well maybe that's not exactly what was said. but i think so. st. john's fourth ranked pitt, and down one in the final seconds. look at that. dwight hardy gets in the lane and flips it in. st. john's beats pitt, 0-59.
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-- 60-59. the nets reportedly have a deal in place to get carmelo anthony but the knicks have upped the offer for the all- star forward. in other words, the soap opera continues. >> the trouble is, talking with the lakers last week, it was dallas, and i really don't know, i don't know where any of that is at. >> that's the philosophy. relax. let somebody else deal with it. they haven't gotten as far. >> i know if i were to go back to kansas state right now and let's get it done and get the extension signed and all of this would be over with. >> you see a problem and throw money at it and hope it goes away but this time it is not good enough. >> i'm ready for it to be over with. >> the young and the restless, and carmelo anthony. there's your sports. >> thank you very much. speaking of sports, hockey fans in the south bay give a gift that could one day help save a life. that story coming up in half an hour. plus, we will go back live
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to chinatown for the colorful festivities with the chinese new year parade. these stories and more on eyewitness news at 6:30. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you in a half hour and then at 10:00 and 11:00. news updates on have a good night. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> mitchell: tonight, standoff in wisconsin. supporters and opponents of the governor's plan to roll back union bargaining rights square off at the state capitol. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, middle east in turmoil. protesters reoccupy the main square in bahrain where violent clashes spread across much of the arab world. final offer. the head of the $20 billion bp oil spill fund issues new rules for compensation but not everyone is pleased.
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and suffering in silence. victims of sexual abuse in the military file suit against the pentagon and speak out about the years they lived in fear. >> i was so terrified that, you know, i kept a knife under my pillow. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening. we begin tonight with a look at how budget troubles in most of the 50 states are creating havoc for taxpayers and lawmakers. in all, 46 states are projecting budget shortfalls from 2% in indiana to 45% in nevada. tonight, wisconsin, with an expected shortfall of almost 13%, remains in the spotlight, locked in a battle over budgets, politics, and labor. cynthia bowers joins us from the state capitol of madison, wisconsin, with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening, russ. uc


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