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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the bay area. total impressive across some of the mountain peeks. almost 3 inches of rain. san francisco, glenn park, over an inch. almost an inch in wood side and in pacifica, also almost an inch of rain, but can you believe it, we have a colder storm coming our direction. could we actually see snow down to sea level? it's possible. we're going to talk about that coming up in a bit. back to you. bay area families who wanted to see snow headed to the hills to enjoy the winter weather. they didn't have to go far. some people found snow in the north bay. >> i am playing with snow. >> on bay area hills and mountains, the snow covered ground was perfect for snow angels. >> hey. >> conditions were just right for a fight. >> got you. >> it's been great. i love it. it's been so fun. i've had so in snowball fights. >> everyone taking advantage of the rare weather conditions including a few inches.
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> it's good, wet snow for packing and also good for snowballs. but making snow men seemed like the right thing to do today. >> when he couldn't find the proper hat, he used his own. he wasn't the only one unprepared. >> where's your jacket, young man? >> with roads closed all over the mountains, the only way up here is to hike it. >> we ended up here. >> but it isn't the only place with the blanket of white. here's how things looked saturday morning. snow was covering the hills overlooking walnut creek and dusting the hill top peeks. as well as the hills above pleasantton in the trivalley. and almost a half foot has fallen on mt. hamilton road so far. if you're brave enough, you could always bike it. >> it's a little slippery. you have to be careful, but
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it's awesome. >> this is the mountain amp, yeah, it's slippery. all of the seats are covered with snow, but sitting seems over rated. >> we have made snow angels and had snowball fights and climbed snow mountains. >> ann makavik, cbs 5. viewers from all over the bay area are sharing their snow pictures with us. the first one is from julie. and the next one is from rusty in lake county. snow in clear lake's oaks north of napa. and robert and ruby chambers showed us the view from outside their window. well, the trek this year was a lot smoother. the snow cleared off making it
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for a smoother ride. how people are dealing with the changes in the weather. >> just because the snow has tapered off, doesn't mean business has. lots and lots of money coming in. >> a lot busier than i would have expected it to be. >> for manny sing, every ring of his door's bell means another sale at his sierra gas station as the snow sits on this president's day weekend. > windchill wiper fluid change. some people come for gloves. >> and there is plenty of it out here. to give you an idea of how much snowfall that we have seen over the past couple of days. this is actually the roof. the top part of a minivan and this is all the snow that has accumulated on top of it. with just about a foot overnight, something happened this morning. this snow stopped falling, sending more people willing to make the trek up.
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coming from all over. >> we are from eldorado hills. >> many having it planned out, deciding to wait out last night's storm. now over, giving caltrans a chance to breathe and making way for clear, dry roads. >> with the storm and the weather, we decided we'd wait and turned out good. >> so once it's up the hill on this long holiday, it's down to business. serious sledding and fun, meaning real business for manny sing as well. >> probably a bigger crowd tomorrow. more than likely. >> and of course, there is an expectation to keep that money rolling in here in the sierra throughout monday. >> that of course is derek shore reporting. if you have any weather related pictures, we would like to see them. you can send your pictures to us on our website.
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click on connect with us. well now to oakland where yet another radio malfunction hampered police response this time to a double shooting. the gunfire broke out at the laquinta inn around 3:30 this morning. a 19-year-old survived being shot in his chest and another man suffered less serious gun shot injuries. the hand held radios that the responding officers used kept going in and out. the city's promised to fix. >> in east oakland, a couple headed to a party was shot and killed early this morning. police say a man and his girlfriend were sitting in a parked car when more than one gunman opened fire. a motive is unknown and police have no suspects. this mark's oakland's 18th and 19th homicides. san francisco could lose hundreds of veteran police
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officers if supervisors discontinue a special pension plan. the deferred retirement option program or drop serves officers who served 25 years and earn their full salary, plus a pension. after three years, they retire and they get a chunk of that pension money. supervisors could decide to drop the program for budget reasons, but without that incentive, many older officers may retire. >> if they were to walk out the door, it would take us five or six years to get those cops back, through attrition, getting them trained. it would be a big hit. >> the board of supervisors will vote in april. tonight, pro human demonstrators remain inside the wisconsin state house after another day of protests. 70,000 protesters turned out to voice their opposition to the republican effort to scrap union rights for most workers. this time, supporters of the
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plan were there, too. >> by night fall, only a few demonstrators were outside wisconsin's capital arguing over the state's controversial budget bill. >> inside, the state house was still packed with protesters who say they won't leave until there's a compromise. earlier, tens and thousands of pro union demonstrators clash with outnumbered tea party supporters. >> i'm on the right side. >> the legislative bill they're angry about would end collective bargaining. a direct assault on workers say demonstrators like firefighters. >> how can you not understand what's going on? we need to keep our rights. >> the republican majority led by goff nor scott walker says the proposed bill is the only way to combat the state's projected $3.6 billion deficit. his supporters say balancing the budget is what he was elected to do. >> we need to remove the power from the union and put it back in the hands of the taxpayer.
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even though protesters are vowing not to give up, republican state senators say they will pass the bill without compromise and in the meantime, democratic legislators are boycotting the process. the 14 democratic senators have literally left the state to stall the vote. and are threatening to stay away for weeks. republican leaders say they still won't budge. >> the bill is not negotiateable. >> the whole country is watching what is happening here, including president obama, who views the bill as an attack on organized labor and whose arm of the democratic committee is helping to mobilize the demonstrators. cbs news, madison, wisconsin. outside the white house today, hundreds of protesters urged president obama to help the people of libya. libya is just one of several countries in the middle east involved in antigovernment protests. demonstrators in bahrain
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celebrated as the military withdrew its tanks and riot police from the capital. the monarchy appears to be backing away from further confrontation. the country faces violent clashes in algeria and yemen. a new stop for bart. the station that will help thousands in the east bay to get around. and tonight, thousands brave the cold to celebrate the chinese new year, which stopped as soon as the parade started. opened for ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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passengers today the 106-million s the trivalley area has a new bart station. the pleasantton stop opened for passengers today. the $106 million station is expected to make public transit more accessible to people in
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the area. they also hope it will ease traffic. the station will add 1200 new parking spots to the train system. well, it's been named one of the top ten parades in the world and it's been a san francisco tradition for almost 150 years. so a little rain wasn't going to stop the chinese new year's parade. the welcome celebration for the year of the rabbit. >> just about everything and everyone in this chinese new year's parade was dressed in plastic rain gear or carrying umbrellas as the parade was getting underway. they brought their kids from davis and came early. >> okay, so what's the plan tonight? >> we don't know. we're going to try to stay warm. >> you have an hour before the parade. >> we should find some place to keep dry then. >> the new year must be a lucky one. once the parade started, the rain stopped. >> it wasn't forecasted to be
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pouring rain. it's a little more than we thought, but we are making the best of it and we're glad we're here. >> it is a special year for the parade. for the first time in the parade's long history, the african mayor was up front. behind him, 5,000 people marched, danced in the parade. including just about every politician and officer in san francisco government. the two hours plus parade wound up in chinatown with traditional finale. in san francisco. lucky for you, it didn't rain, otherwise you would be
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getting lots of e-mails. >> i snuck up to the parade there. brought the umbrella, only opened up a couple of times. it wasn't too bad. >> for the people who did brave the weather and get out there. >> it was cold out there. cold temperatures around the bay area. that will be the story as we head toward tomorrow morning as this storm system is winding down outside. but what a storm it was around the bay area. good soaker outside. clouds beginning to park a bit and yeah, the showers starting to come to an end. it looks like overnight tonight, that will completely dispate and we will stay dry the better part of sunday. still with that in mind, we are looking at some dry weather as we head in through the next couple of days as the system rotating on by here, sliding on through, beginning to weaken. you see all the clouds dispating and all the radar dispates, too. with that in mind, we'll dry things out. we had a nice soaking rain. over an inch of rain. over an inch in san rafael. this adds to pretty impressive
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totals. 112% of normal. 109% of normal in san francisco and now 86% of normal in san jose. those temperatures getting chilly. 35 degrees right now in santa rosa. 37 in napa. starting to see patchy fog developing. you'll have to watch out for that. also patchy frost and icy conditions. watch out for the black ice. could be a concern as the temperatures are cold. this arctic air mass continues to pour into the bay area and that's bringing cold temperatures, enough to have the snow down to 1500 feet in the bay area. but the showers are coming to an end and the showers are looking good as we'll see a nice break in the storm. the ground is very saturated. can't get much more until we talk about flooding. temperatures about 33 degrees in napa. tomorrow morning, a bit chilly there. freezing in santa rosa. 32 and 33 degrees.
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36 in redwood city. as we head towards the afternoon. temperatures should warm up a little bit. 40s and 50s for highs. we should see more sunshine as we head toward the ladder part of the day. this is where it gets interesting. we have a storm system that will head towards the coastline. right now it looks like it's going to stay off the coast. we'll see a lot of clouds making their way in. as we head toward the middle of the week, staying with partly cloudy skies, but then we got a very cold storm diving in toward the bay area, bringing showers as early as thursday. by friday and saturday, that cold air makes its way into the bay area and if it stays this cold and it has to work out just right, we could see some snow down to sea level in the bay area. everything has to be perfect. it's like throwing two perfect games back to back. but right now, it looks like a possibility. >> i know two little kids who would love that. >> i would be going nuts. that would be so much fun. >> thanks.
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the temperatures aren't going up, but guess what? postal rates are. they will be going up to 44 cents for -- not the price of the first class stamp, that will stay at 44 cents. each additional ounce will cost 20 cents up from 17 cents. postcards will rise from a penny to 29 cents. prices for express mail will not change. the rate increases permit price hikes. they take effect april 17. all right. gary is sitting in tonight. he has sports. >> little sports action coming at you right now and i'll tell you something, we have a lot going on. let's go ahead and do that. go ahead and dust off everything. we have a report for spring training. a little fun from all star weekend. how about a dunk contest. can you do that? i can't. stick around, sports after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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champion giants held their first full workout today in arizona... their first home game in scottsdale is on february the defending champion giants sell their first full workout. their first home game is on february 25. right around the corner. dennis o'donnell made the trip to check in on the champs. >> thanks a lot, gary. hello everybody from scotts dale. the veteran players first day of practice now. they had about a three month break following the world series. they step into the batting came today. who is the first guy they are going to face? tim lincecum. >> he looks pretty good to me. >> it was a mismatch.
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lincecum blew them away. >> when lincecum come out, you are throwing 66. no, i think it was 60%. i mean, he looked great. i know it's -- especially for me, i haven't seen a live pitch since last may. >> i thought i was going to hammer it and i couldn't swing for the next four pitches. >> it was a sight to see for giants fans, coaches, and players who are now relishing in the goal of defending champions. >> you know, it was special. i started talking to them and thought about last year and how proud i was of these guys and you know, what all it took from them to accomplish what we did. it was a neat feeling staying up there and look at the world champion. >> the big story today, a much slimmer pablo hit two home runs
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in what is clearly spring training. >> you feel the reason you weren't able to hit was specifically because of your weight? >> i don't think so. >> about the only negative the first day of practice was mother nature. as a downpour began as festivities ended. the forecast for tomorrow, rain. in scots dale with the giants, dennis o'donnell, cbs5 sports. you can see more of dennis' trip tomorrow night on game day. he will give a taste of scots dale for us. can't wait for that one. this little guy was looking up the last time a shark had a hat trick. 6 minutes into the game. devon scores on the break away. that put him in the perfect position. 3-0 sharks after 1. that was more than enough for anthony. he saves all 25 shots for his third shutout of the month. here we go. he gets that first career hat trick with a minute to go.
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the sharks beat the avalanche 4- 0. not everybody tosses out their hat on the ice. neil young, what's up? toss it out there. probably too expensive. the sharks won 12 of their last 15. patty mills returning to check out his old team. first half, mickey mcconnell from 35 beat out. nothing but net. st. maries was up 9 at the break. the lead would not last. brady takes a picture and make it a poster, my friends. utah state outscores 48-29 to win 75-65. st. maries can clinch the regular season title with one win in their final two games. recollection walters, only trail by 2 at the half. they came out hot in the second half. carter knocked down back to back three's. he held usf to 21 points in the final 20 minutes and win 70-53
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to move into a tie. all right, all star saturday night from staple center. stove right there represented the warriors big time. he blew through the obstacle course in less than 30 seconds. james jones out did celtics teammates to win a three-point shootout. and of course, the main event, well that was the dunk contest. ♪ [ music ] thank you. >> there it is. the clippers rookie, blake griffin doesn't disappoint. jumping over a car to win the dunk contest. still to come, fred couples tried to hang on to his lead against the young guns down in la and the race before the big
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race. a little bumping during the nationwide. don't go away. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afternoon at his home in los angeles... he led th hall of fame runningback passed away this afternoon in los angeles. he led the nation. he was 80 years old.
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danika patrick briefly had a lead, but settled for 15th. 16 laps to go, lanan, he sprung through the infield and bam. as for the finish, four guys had a shot at it, it is tony stewart taking the checkered flag, but not by much. still stewart gets the win and he will once again be looking for his first victory in the daytona 500. and finally a little golf. fred couples could only watch as his lead disappeared. birdied four holes and shot a 67 to get the 10 under par. take a one shot lead. still, that lead just down to 1. hang with the young guys. i like to see that. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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