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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. so is it a possible cover-
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up? a body has been discovered under a newly constructed patio in novato. fbi teams have been combing the crime scene looking for clues. christin ayers is there to explain why authorities aren't calling it a homicide but that could change. christin. >> reporter: they have stopped short of calling this a homicide. they are still investigating but are saying this scene here in novato is a crime scene and as they move the body -- as they work on moving the body back there, they are investigating whether a cover- up happened. >> the team is continuing to remove the dirt from around the remains. still going to be a slow and tedious process because it is quite a -- the body is fairly deep. so they are taking their time to do it right. >> reporter: this morning fbi investigators made their way into the backyard of this novato home where the body was discovered buried about 4 feet deep. they are working carefully to remove the body while preserving evidence but they
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won't know whether this is a homicide until they identify the body and get an autopsy. >> shocking. yeah, surprising. >> reporter: neighbors hadn't seen the man who lived here 74- year-old dale smith since last fall. >> we never saw it dale. >> reporter: one neighbor told us his wife evelyn was ee vasive when asked where he was and said the couple was always a little eccentric. >> they were different, kept to themselves an awful lot. i guess they had their arguments once in a while. >> reporter: no one was prepared for the news that a body was buried in the backyard under a patio. one neighbor watched evelyn smith bring in workers to construct the patio and said the activity raised a red flag. mrs. smith's lawyer says she is a person of interest. when his disappearance was investigated a few weeks ago, she said she didn't know where
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it was. but the couple's daughter said the man died sometime ago in tennessee. evelyn is cooperating with authorities. she is the one who authorized the excavation at the home. however, her lawyers are not telling us where she is. she is not at this home or in custody. so that's unclear. authorities are hoping to talk to her in a short time here. they say they are communicating with her through her lawyers at this time. frank? >> thank you, christin ayers live in novato. san francisco police a step closer to being armed with tasers. the police commission has voted to let the police department study the issue. the department will then report back to the commission in 90 days. supporters say officer-involved shootings will be reduced if they have the option. critics are worried that they might be overused. later today, san jose will be swearing-in chris moore as its new police chief. the 25-year veteran has been
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serving as interim chief since rob davis retired in october. mayor reed will deliver opening statements at the ceremony set to begin at 5:00 in city hall. opponents of smartmeters turned up in san francisco today at a meeting of the state public utilities commission, concerned about electromagnetic fields from the wireless devices. >> we got dozens of complaints, you know, at our website, people suffering from nausea, dizziness, headaches and there's only so long that the commission can continue to bury its head in the sand and utilities can continue to deny that regular people are suffering, sleeplessness, headaches, these real health impacts. >> smartmeter opponents want the puc to halt installation and open independent investigation. pg&e says the meters are safe. get ready for a big, big change in the weather. >> yeah. it's getting cold and get this we could see snow maybe even at sea level. road crews certainly are not
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taking any chances. caltrans has snow plows on standby. this one is in mill valley. >> and the last time we had real snow at sea level was during the '70s. bonnie sent thus picture from the cambrian part of san jose. bomb that's a vw bug with a few flakes on it. so when is the snow going to fly here? let's check in with the man who knows everything about weather, when are we getting hit? >> reporter: it's on the way. i don't think we are going to be skiing down the embarcadero. but i think we'll see some snow, at some unusually low levels and probably see some snowflakes right into san francisco. at this hour, it is too warm though. we are seeing showers showing up right now. and you can see that in parts of the south bay, good cell in union city and fremont and hayward. more of that on the way. it picks up in the afternoon. pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall in through benicia and the north bay. the north bay, that's where the snow is going to start first down to 1,000 feet later on today. and going to get even lower for
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tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. a terrorist bust in texas today. a college student from saudi arabia has been arrested and charged with plotting a terrorist attack. the justice department says that man bought materials he needed to make a bomb on the internet. court records say he wrote about possible targets like former president george w. bush's house and nuclear power plants. he is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. and meanwhile in libya, soldiers and militia loyal to leader moammar qaddafi are striking back against the opposition. that group now controls most of the eastern part of libya but the capital city of tripoli is all but locked down as qaddafi fights to hold on to power. earlier today he accused osama bin laden of fueling the unrest
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by putting hallucinogenic drugs in protestors' coffee. 10 days of violence have left at least 300 people dead in libya but some reports put the death toll as high as 1,000. and the violence in libya is sending oil prices skyrocketing. the price for a barrel of oil almost reached $102 for the first time in more than two years. gas prices have hit nearly $3 .20 a gallon, highest ever for the month of february and because of the chaos, some oil companies are now pulling workers out of libya shutting down about a fifth of that country's oil production. in new zealand, hope is fading fast for finding more survivors. so far, 98 people are confirmed dead, 226 are still missing. no survivors have been found since yesterday afternoon. but crews are starting to expand the search area. officials say there have been more than 40 aftershocks since that quake first struck. damage estimates now as high as $12 billion. we have a new recall by
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toyota. two million vehicles to tell you about. we'll tell you the problem. it's already a tongue twister. we'll tell you why some want to give san jose's airport a new and even longer name. we heard a lot of poop on the deck on the cars. >> yes what a members of the the mysterious seagull invasion at one bay area neighborhood and why get rid of these guys? won't be easy, when we come back. ,,,, [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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vehicles in the united states. the problem this time? gas pedals that can get jammed in floor mats a big new recall by toyota more than 2 million recalls in the u.s. gas medals can get jammed in the floor mats or carpeting.
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they are adding three models, the forerunner suv, the rav-4 compact suv and the lexus lx570. after today's recall was announced, the federal transportation commission closed its investigation into toyota. san jose is thinking about changing the the name of its airport. the norman y. mineta san jose international airport is the current name. a committee is looking changing it to norman y. mineta san jose silicon valley international airport. why? the city thinks it could better market the airport to attract more international flights and many flyers agree. >> it's not as though it's the only place that's considered it. silicon valley is kind of a nationwide label that people know and think fondly of and so i think it actually brands the airport in a positive way. >> and the public gets a chance to weigh in on the name change at 1:00 today. well, it's a scene straight out of a horror film. hundreds of squawking flapping seagulls all making san jose a
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neighborhood there, their home and leaving behind a messy calling card or two. as anne makovec reports, no one is really sure where they came in or how to get rid of them. >> reporter: like a scene out of a hitchcock movie, parts of san jose's almaden valley neighborhood blanketed with birds. >> they are noisy. >> reporter: and they create a mess. >> a lot of, you know, a lot of bird, uhm, stuff left behind. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's not just anesthetics issue. a lot of people are concerned about sanitation because these birds are hanging out on the playing fields at several local schools and bringing junk with them like rubber gloves and chicken bones, presumably from the nearby dump. the santa clara valley water district owns these overrun ponds. >> we are kind of in a pickle. >> reporter: no one knows where they are coming from. their numbers seem to explode this past november. >> they started coming by the
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thousands. >> reporter: much to the dismay of neighbors. >> they have told me that they don't want to go outside in their backyard because they are being dive bombed by bird poops at times. >> reporter: he thinks they have been displaced by a local marsh restoration project. >> obviously, they do have to go somewhere. i mean, it's not the birds' fault. >> i think it's the dump. i mean, we have seen the flocks of birds circling around the dump for years and years and years. >> reporter: and recently the dump has been using loud noises to get rid of them, a process that requires permits, management says it's complying with all local laws. >> i say let nature take its course. it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: it's illegal to shoot them. >> there is not much we can do about these birds, unfortunately. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, at least they are not geese. >> yes. >> because geese are worse. >> and out in the middle of it all. it doesn't just keep you in shape. there is evidence yoga can wipe away the side effects of cancer
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treatments. use it for something new and different with different things. >> more than just an art lesson. how this week's jefferson award winner is teaching kids the importance of building a better future. coming up. cold showers now showing up around the bay area. when and where might we see some snow. we'll talk about that next. ,,,,
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but they also have harsh side effects.
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now, some doctors are turning to very old remedy. keem no and radiation can have hard side effects. now doctors are turning to an old remedy, yoga. it's been around for thousands of years. recently doctors discovered it can significantly ease pain, improve sleep, and even reduce anxiety in cancer patients. >> when people are relaxed, they have less pain. when people are relaxed, they sleep better. when people are relaxed, there is less depression. >> it's all good. right now more than a dozen studies are being done on yoga and its impact on cancer treatments. and some hospitals actually have started their own yoga classes for those cancer patients, as well. so whatever it takes to ease the pain there. >> something we haven't seen in more than 30 years in the bay area at sea level, snow. >> that snow is coming in fast. viewers have been sending in great photos of the last time we saw snow at sea level in the
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bay area. . >> how about this one: what do you think those vehicles are? >> i think that we may see some very interesting weather here tomorrow. you know, we are still watching the storm system coming in our direction. of course, lots of snow in the sierra nevada. they have seen a ton of snow up there. but what would be really fascinating if we could ski on twin peaks! that would be the place to hang out tomorrow if you want to see the snow in san francisco. but we do have scattered showers out there right now. no reports of any snow just yet but the atmosphere is starting to get chilly out there. got a good cell in toward fremont. seeing some moderate amounts of rainfall in with this one continuing to see scattered showers making their way in along the peninsula and out over the bay. showers now into san francisco as well also looking at the showers into parts of the east bay. you get some pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall
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with these systems rolling on by, and the north bay is what we are really watching where we are seeing some of the colder air and that is going to be sweeping on in and that will help to cool down the temperatures. then we'll start to talk about snow there. so to as we get you into the afternoon, we are expecting temperatures to still be on the chilly side. 40s and 50s, cloudy, showers, snow a real possibility toward the evening hours in parts of the north bay. showers continuing arnold the bay area, snow in the hills tonight above 1,000 feet or so in the north bay. higher levels as you head further south but you get the idea this cold front just developing along the coast. we are in the warm sector now but as this goes by overnight, you will see snow across the higher elevations and then as that sweeps on by that's when we'll start to see the snow lower around the bay area. some of the computer models down 300 feet so we'll see flakes even lower than that probably in san francisco by tomorrow afternoon. so chilly indeed. we are going to see snow below 1,000 feet into friday evening. i think that could be the magic time, friday evening into saturday morning, not a
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whole lot of moisture out there. but what we do see will likely start to fall as snowflakes. winter weather advisory in effect above 1,000 feet. expect to see about 1 to 2" sticking at 1,000 feet. and you could see as much as a half foot of snow above 1500. plan on temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and as we look out over the next couple days, yup, things settling down. warming back up come sunday. a warmer storm headed next tuesday. that's a look at weather, frank. back to you. >> thank you. should be fun. get your cameras ready friday night. it's a long hard road cleaning up the site of an old navy shipyard in san francisco's bayview district. but as sharon chin shows us now, one san francisco woman has found a creative and new way to help kids envision the vibrant community it can become. become. >> reporter: elementary students at willie brown academy admire their masterpieces in heidi hardin's
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art class. 11-year-old elijah morgan. >> i got to work with clay and use my creative mind for something different and learn different things. >> let's cut it out. >> reporter: heidi created a nationally acclaimed arts program for under served kids in the bayview. >> do you want me to help you? >> reporter: she was a bayview artist who served on the citizens advisory committee overseeing the clean-up and reuse of the hunters point naval shipyard superfund site. she wanted neighborhood children to see how their community could change for the better. so in 1991, she started the children's mural program, using art to teach environmental science. >> they learned that when the air, water and soil at the shipyard are cleaned up, then they can have happy healthy futures. >> reporter: armed with a grant from the environmental protection agency, heidi added field trips in 2001 including a visit to the naval shipyard that changed fifth grader deondre evans' perspective. >> we had a field trip and then it looked changed. it didn't -- when it was
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changed i liked it. >> reporter: the arts programs anchored the nonprofit heidi founded in 2004, think round, incorporated, a name that highlights community. >> we're all connected. so if you're thinking in straight lines, you'll see that it will come back up behind you, that line. >> reporter: a board member calls heidi trailblazer. >> she was the first of the artists at hunters point shipyard to make the connection to the community. a lot of artists wanted to but they hadn't figured out how to do it. >> reporter: over the years think round has recruited local artists to teach art to thousands of kids at bayview community centers. in 2009, heidi coordinated a kids performance celebrating civic leaders like willie brown. school counselor valerie bell says the students have gained self-confidence. >> self-esteem. people around with aaa and ooo, they say i'm proud did i that. >> reporter: the students' best work appears on murals throughout the bayview but
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funding has flattened, so think round, which once had programs in all five bayview elementaries, can only afford to teach at one elementary school. heidi presses on. student essays remind her how much the art classes mean. >> you think they just aren't getting it but when they write about it, you know that they are and they love it. >> reporter: for creating art and science programs for thousands of bayview children this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to heidi hardin. sharon chin, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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