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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> barry bond's trainer didn't want to testify against bonds but the jury hears him any way. secret recordings revealed in court. hear how damaging to bobbed bonds they may be. and a recall. the store that called everybody who bought one to warn them not to eat it. first, lot more rain on the way. >> it was the 11th straight day of rainfall in the bay area. between seven and nine this evening it was pretty busy with gusty winds and heavy downpours and some of them contain hail in the san bruno area as well as walnut creek, vacaville and fairfield. now just light rain showers but right there a moderate cell over the bay bridge moving toward the eastern span. moderate downpours around san rafael. to the south around the santa
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clara valley you have light rain in between san jose and gilroy along highway 101, i have done the math, come up with tomorrow's total it'll be day 12 of rainfall, the watches and advisories you need to know about we have a long list. >> all right. thank you. a secretly recorded conversation took center stage at the barry bonds trial. in it bond's personal trainer talks about injecting bonds ; enough to prove is he guilty about lying? listen for yourself. robert lyles. >> reporter: prosecutors waited until today to play for jurors an eight year old recording between this man, bond's boyhood friend and his former trainer greg anderson. >> i never -- i never -- [inaudible] i learned that when i first
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started doing this 15 years ago. >> reporter: does it paint a picture of guilt in. >> it doesn't stand alone and it's not an independent smoking gun to indicate guilt your innocence in this case. >> reporter: that's why paul henderson said federal prosecutors didn't play up the possibly explosive details that bonds and anderson disappeared into a bedroom only to return with a syringe. >> if you make it to strongly any good defense attorney will be able to stand up and say did you test it, do you have a background to be able to test it so you don't foe what it could be or what it was. >> reporter: instead he said prosecutors are layering the case with circumstancal evidence, that bonds lied, like this. >> everything that i have been doing -- [inaudible] >> reporter: bond's turn didn't want to comment on the
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testimony. >> we are presenting our case. >> reporter: but raked hoskins over the coals saying bonds fired him over forgery charges. behinder son said expect cross like this tomorrow. >> it's a recording and it could be taken out of context depending on how the defense is going to paint it. >> reporter: now hoskins also testified bond's shoe size and even glove size jumped in size not to mention his physical stat you're. he claimed he secretly recorded the conversation you just heard to prove to bond's father his son was on steriods but keep in mind bond isn't currently on trial for steriods, this jury is being asked to decide if he lied to a grand jury. >> in california it's illegal to tape somebody without their
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knowledge unless they are in a room where others can hear them. is that the case with this? >> reporter: that is the case here in california and nobody is addressing whether hoskins faces charges for recording someone without their permission. that is a question that still needs to be addressed. >> all right. thank you. japan now says the tsunami at its peak reached 77 feet and that's about the height of a seven story building. in the meantime a warning about the tap water, it is not safe for infants to drink. people ran out and bought nearly all of the bottle the water. the levels of raidation in tap water are twice what's considered okay for babies. rebels in libya are getting more organized. the times reports opposition
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leaders now in regular contact with western military officials helping to identity targets for the united states led area assault, the assault that is working. >> reporter: dave five of the bombing campaign over libya and the coalition air forces have declared something like victory. >> the air force no longer exists as a fighting force, to the point that we can operate over his air space with inpunity. >> reporter: control of the skies has led to near control on the ground as gadhafi's forces have learned. as the bombing has continued the brave face of the regime is showing worry lines. instead of going on for hours as he often does gadhafi's latest pep rally lasted three minutes. out in public is a risky place for him to be these days and where the cheering crowds once numbered in tens of thousands,
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now they are often down to a few hundred, sometimes mere dozens. even the once vaughned pr machine is grinding down. today after much promising to show the world when it said were innocent victims of the bombing it either got lost. are we lost? where are we going? >> reporter: they never found the house or the victims weren't innocent. there is been the sound of more bombing and more shelling by gadhafi forces. significantly when the proforces were bombed from the air residents there said the shelling stopped at least for a while. mark phillips. >> gay marriage will not resume in california for now. a federal appeals court has refused a request to allow gay marriages while it considers the constitutional of
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proposition eight. it'll probably take another year at the least. other bay area headline, the city of san jose has reached ten takive agreement was three more unions to reduce the pay and benefits by 10% over the next two years. the unions represent city eveningers, supervisors of trade workers and midlevel managers. leaders say the sacrifices needed to save jobs. san jose faces a 105 million- dollar deficit. what would you do? a man found a bag of cash in the hilltop area of richmond and turned in to police. police won't say how much was in it only that it was over $100. if nobody claims the money the guy who found it'll get to keep it. there is a recall of cant lopes but if you bought them at one store you may already know about it because that store made an effort to call you. >> reporter: less than a week ago a man bought a bag of them.
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>> this is the last of three and i ate the other two obviously because when you buy three after a week you have to eat them or throw them out. >> reporter: was it to much of a good thing? >> about 3:00 in the morning i woke up with a real severe cramps, muscle aches, and thought i was coming down with the flu. i thought maybe it was the appendix. >> reporter: cosco learned from the supplier that about five or six thousand sold may have had salmonella. they dumped them, brought in fresh and started a massive recall with phone calls. they apparently have very good records of who buys what. when they learned of the risk they were able to call all 140,000 customer who bought them. >> the fda today announced a limited recall of fresh
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cantoloupe. >> reporter: dennis got the call today. he was just getting over his fever, cramps and now wonder itself he is in for another round. >> the first thing i thought was that i had cantalope for lunch. >> reporter: there is no hard evidence he had salmonella but he makes a connection between eating it and getting sick. still he isn't mad at cosco, just glad they called him. >> link all of these things together, my shopping with a card i use, the date, the product, and my phone number and call me. >> reporter: they are giving refunds for them even if you already ate it. >> a warning to homeowners tonight. what's in the mail that the state says you should take a long hard look at. and the show will go on just not in the castro. why britney spears show is being moved at the last minute.
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and not just the first actress to earn more than a million dollars for a role. tonight a look at her role in the fight against aids and the legacy she leaves in the bay area.
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e payments: . the state is now telling
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bay area homeowners having trouble making their mortgage payments be careful of a new batch of letters in the mail. julie shows you what they offer. >> reporter: cheryl and bennie say it was ray of hope, a let erin viting them to join a lawsuit. >> first got it thought wow, maybe we can keep the home. >> reporter: when they called for details they were told getting in would cost a flat fee of $7,000. >> i looked at ben and we said yeah, if it's going to save our house i don't care. so, that's when we started filling the papers. > >> we have been hearing a lot of clients. >> reporter: an attorney said homeowner is be wary. >> it's another way to suck consumer who are in disstress, homeowners in distress. >> reporter: the department of
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real estate is going one step further, tonight it's issuing a warning about the so-called mass joinder lawsuits, lawsuits that represent multiple plaintiffs and require a fee. southern california lawyer is behind one of the lawsuits. he has a series of videos on his website and youtube explaning how they work. >> the only people that win are the lawyers. >> reporter: his law firm has an f rating from the bbb. after contacting consumer watch the clients decided not to join the suit and are now looking up with a nonprofit counseling agency. >> this is my home. i'm going to raise my grandkids here. i just want to keep my home. >> reporter: bottom line if you are looking to save your home you should first contact a mud approved counseling agency, you shouldn't have to pay a fee . on the consumer watch. >> this weekend's free britney
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spears concert won't happen in the castro, its being moved to the bill graham civic air, the reason, possibility of bad weather. the free show is being taped for a network morning show to coincide with the release of her new cd. producers didn't want to take a chance on rain and moved it inside much to the dismay of people and businesses in the castro. let's get to it, it's raining again. >> yes and it'll continue to through saturday. this is the 11th straight day of rain here in the bay area and we had hail that was actually accumulating between seven and nine in san brun, walnut and vacaville. now we are just seeing rain showers but some of them still contain moderate precipitation right there near the golden gate bridge on top of it leading out of san francisco in towards mill valley. also when you see the pockets
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of yellow that's moderate to heavy also around san rafael and -- and upstream also being soaked at this time. it's the morning drive that will be dire, that's when the heaviest will hit, the gusty wind as well and this is why the weather service has issued the urban flood advisory for much of the bay area tomorrow in addition to the wind advisory that goes into effect. some of the wind gusts up to 45- milance hour and that's the higher elevations, lower about 35 miles an hour but it'll be nasty going over bay area bridges for the drive. while this system passes we have a little bit of a lull before the next storm rolls into the bay area. there it is right now and here comes the rain, by your morning drive watch this line here. that is the front as it passes, then this is the unsettled air mass and we have that threat of a thunderstorm, snow in some of the mountains, right now it's looking like we could skip to
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an inch and a half of rain throughout most of the bay area. three to four inches of rain around the coastal mountains. that is on top of already soaked soil, 95% already soaked. tomorrow's daytime high, under 60 everywherer the winds up to 35, downing trees, the possibility of downed power lines, we will see a break in the activity by sunday and then mostly cloudy monday, tuesday, i'm looking at full on sun one week from today on wednesday. >> saturday's storm won't be as strong as tomorrow. tomorrow is the biggest storm so far this month. >> one week. have to wait a week. >> got to get through tomorrow. >> thank you. of course to see doppler for your neighborhood go to the website and click on the weather tab. some are calling it her greatest role. the legacy she leaves in the fights against aids.
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with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty five storewide. and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make it affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. films, 2 oscars for best actress, and 8 marriages. . i wish your mother was here. >> she is here, she is inside
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me. >> more than 50 films, two oscars for best actress and of course eight marriages. tonight hollywood remembers elizabeth taylor. she skyrocketed to fame after starring in national velvet at the age of 12 and then spent the rest of her life in the spotlight. the movie star died this morning at a los angeles hospital surrounded by her four children. she was 79. she was the first star to speak out to help and defend aids patients. that was in the 80s. mike shows us her efforts still making an impact. >> i wish your mother was here. >> she is here. >> her star power started early and lasted a lifetime. >> i'm not like anyone, i'm me. >> reporter: that was true in the movies, in the community and in the aids community. >> when she embraced someone with aids it really helped
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eliminate the stigma. >> reporter: san francisco about as far from hollywood as you can get, a doctor thought agent his own dealings with her. >> one thing we learned is she didn't like to be called liz, it was elizabeth. >> reporter: the doctor a star in his own right for his research met her several times. she got in to the funding business after her good friend rock hudson died of the disease in 1985. >> she suddenly -- it hit home that was something that hit all of us and something that was not going to stop and she wanted to put her so to say star power to finding a solution. >> reporter: which is what he continues doing today. 30 years after the disease started hitting san francisco's gay community. this fundraiser in the city was
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magic johnson was part of her work and with the group she helped start. she has help raise more than a quarter billion dollars. >> at the time it was thought of as something for only gay men and she raised the issue that it was broader than that. >> reporter: part of her fund racing was for a hospice, 15 room aids facility the only one of it's kind in california. the money goes mostly to help for nutrition. >> lets me focus entirely on healing. >> reporter: casey has aids and didn't know much about elizabeth taylor, out received the movies and the marriages but is living in comfort because of her extraordinary work for aids patients. fundraising even more important as congress talks about getting rid of a lot of the money that had built up in the government over the past 30 years. in san francisco, like sugar man, cbs5. >> have you seen stanford's
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the sharks are knock knock knocking on detroit's door for the second spot in the western conference with just two weeks left in the regular season. no pain no gain? got plenty of both tonight. first mitchell, the deflex goal to make it 1-0 san jose, then, andrew -- scoring his first career goal to make it 2-1, patty on a break away to make it a 2-2 tie. then marlow again, this time on the power play, mitchell notches his second goal of the game in the second period and we are just getting rocking. they are unstoppable. rookie sensation, 28 on the season. sharks win and are with in one point of being second place movement brian wilson throwing for the first time since being hurt but he had to stop because
11:29 pm
of soreness. he immediately started limping and was taken off with a vained calf. matt cane who hadn't allowed an earned run all spring was roughed you by bobby abreu and they loose 8-0. other than that it was just a great day. got a feel for smart. his poor play may cost him a job. montae -- it was all rockets. martin slicing, dicing, golden state just like he used to as a king. golden state drops their 6th in a row. the stanford women are headed to spokane to take on north carolina on saturday in the ncaa townment and they will have a new anthem and music video to take with them. ♪ [ music ] . when you think stanford you don't think rap video but they
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are playing them, having a close relationship with everybody. >> you know that's what happens when you give stanford kids down time. >> really cool, it's one of those things where i can check that off my list now. ♪ [ music ] >> who is the food dancer? > that's great stuff. it's all good on the farm. not sea in connecticut where yukon women's head coach blasted fans for not showing up last night. >> free parking and hand outs at the gate might help, letting some of the fans participate in coaching the team, guest coach every quarter might help, we have a real spoiled group of fans who just assume we are going to win. >> you tell them coach. watch griffin, clippers beat
11:31 pm
the wizards in double overtime. he comes flying. how wow like to eat a hot dog and see -- that's chad trying to play soccer, he will play for free. ramirez smacked a line drive off oswalt, xrays negative. josh mcroberts, pacers win, he -- long time ago went to duke and he is looking forward to their match up against arizona as the ncaa gets ready to go again. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow night. >> what's going on with the warriors? they were so excited to have a new coach. >> and he is a good guy and the players like him and they play for him but i think at this point when they had a rough stretch and knew there was no playoff they just kind of tanked. i think it could be one and out because that was the deal. he got hired late so it could be run and out and that would be unfortunate because it looks
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like he can coach. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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