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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 27, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[meow] [laughter] i know what you're think, hey, why have they got the camera on lesbian row? >> you're going to take that. craig: listen -- so, a scotsman, an indian and a jew, i think that would work, don't you? >> two scotsman came walking out of a bar? craig: no. >> could happen. [applause] craig: here's the thing -- here's the thing, should i be offended by that? >> no. >> you've got a brain surgeon sitting here. craig: brain surgeon! should i? >> absolutely not. craig: do you get offended by indian jokes? >> yes. >> let us hear your indian jokes. craig: not around here. i'd tell you that for nothing. well, we're done.
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larry, you want -- >> who's on tomorrow night, craig? craig: oh, who gives a -- tootsy frootsy? oh, actually, it's matthew mcconaughey tomorrow night. >> oh, that's great. he's great. craig: he is actually good. we've got a full week of guests. look, everybody, remember this, cbs cares. am i right, fellas? uh-oh! [cheers and applause] i am so sorry... let's just think of warm new- -steak grilled sandwich...piping hot with tender steak, grilled onions, and bourbon barbecue sauce all covered with hot melty cheese on grilled artisan bread. hot...steaky... toasty...melty... this isn't working, i'm just getting hungry. that's working...that's...
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san francisco's new top cop. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. he was demoted twice while wearing the badge but, tonight, he is san francisco's top cop. more women are dying during child birth. the group most at risk. why millions of playstation video game junkies have been cut off. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. tonight we have learned san francisco has selected its new police chief. >> it's someone who has a long history with the department and, as robert liles shows us, he has seen his share of scandals as well. robert? >> reporter: the new chief, his name is greg investor. he is currently the captain of
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the bay street station. he is also described as a cop's cop. but the popular cop's road to chief has been a popular one, in 2003 he charged him with conspiracy to obstruct justice, then in 2005, former chief heather phuong stripped away his head of patrol title following the controversial g-8 that left a officer with 7 staples to the skull. he was in charge of the federal service commission. he was completely demoted from command staff to a captain after accusations he failed to report a domestic violence complaint against a friend. he gets 5th credit for a 50 hers drop in homocide and the full sport of mayor ed lee. he tells the chronicle i feel
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very good about this. it's the best choice we definitely have a leader. now initially he was rumored to be heather phuong's replacement. in fact the officer's union has main taped his demotion was a political employ to remove him from any consideration as chief. he was cleared of any wrongdoing in that if a heat a gate scandal, he will be sworn nhs the morning. you said he is a top's cop. >> absolutely. >> the department as we know has suffered from years past having a guy or a woman in charge who the rank and file didn't really follow. >> consider this. there are about 1400 members of the rank and file, they certainly need someone that they feel they can look up to. you also know niese are union protected positions so in turn collective bargaining greets are coming up. they need someone they believe is going to shepherd the department through this process and make that transition somewhat easier so it seems he the appropriate choice at this point. >> robert liles, thank you for that. well it's not something you
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expect to see in the united states much less california california. but recent numbers show more women are dying during child birth than they were decade abo. elizabeth cook tells us a closer hook at the numbers reveal a more frightening figure. >> reporter: it's news no mother want to talk about. crystal carter had her baby less than a year ago. >> i would be scared for the next one to get pregnant. i don't want to die. >> reporter: more women are dying from meg nancy related complications world war ii. >> pregnancy and child birth in california are still very safe but i would have to say the numbers out today are troubling. >> reporter: the california department of public health says 14 women out of 100,000 die from child birth. more than double than what it was 10 years ago. a number of factors could be to blame. >> better reporting, better data. secondly, we've got older motors and, with that, we're
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seeing more chronic medical conditions, whether that's obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease. >> reporter: more women are also choosing to have c sections. >> the more cesarean sections a woman has the greater her risk of having a fatal problem relatedded to that child birth. whether it's him raging or blood clots in the lounges lungs. >> reporter: african-american women are four times more likely to die of child birth than other women. >> health issues such as being obese or overweight, or environmental factors. we don't know all the answers, we know it's a risk factor and we have to address it. >> reporter: debbie edmonds had her children 30 years ago and things are >> seems like things are done more fast food like. >> reporter: experts stress today's findings have a silver lining. >> the good news is that because we're able to identify the problems that we'll be better able to prevent them in
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the future. >> reporter: well health professionals are already working to change the death rate numbers. they have made strides in preventing haemorrhaging during child birth and state-wide there are measures taken to prevent premature births earlier than 39 weeks. >> it is such a joyous time but we cannot forget the risk involved. it is still very dangerous. >> absolutely. it is incredibly dangerous and can be an incredible toll on your body. san jose trying to close the budget gap. more than 600 workers got pink slips. among them 120 police officers, their jobs being eliminated as the city struggles to close that $150 million budget gap by jump 1st. mayor chuck reed says salary cuts and other concessions by labor unions simply were not enough. >> i think every department in the city is going to see reduction in people and layoffs most likely. the average citizen will see a
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reduction in services throughout the city in every department and every section. everybody is taking a hit. >> yeah, that means in the police department, property crimes like theft and burglary will get less attention as officers will have to deal with more urgent violent crime. there will be few you are firefighters available to respond to your emergencies and probably reduced library hours as well. in other bay area headlines now at&t's plan for a network upgrade that is expected to improve iphone service in san francisco is in limbo tonight. the board of supervisors delayed a vote to discuss how neighborhoods can play a role in deciding whether they even want the 4-foot tall boxes on their sidewalks. critics have called for an environmental review of at&t's plan to install those 726 boxes. they are supposed to upgrade internet, cable, and land line service, and help smart phone service as well. in fremont a fight to stop
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the chopping. community members and environmentalists are upset that cal tran recently cut down about 100 trees to widen highway 84 through niles canyon. and the department plans to keep cutting. caltrans says that the project will make the highways safe are for drivers and bicyclists, tonight's fremont mayor says he will ask governor brown to push caltrans to restudy the project and conduct a thorough environmental review. livermore police believe the same man may be responsible for a series of attacks on women. it all happened along a street that is popular with joggers and walkers. the most recent incident happened sunday morning. a 19-year-old woman was walking on eve lane when a man snuck up from behind and tried to pull down her shorts. she wasn't hurt. police say this the suspect could face battery charges. also in the news tonight, a major security breach has
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closed down sony's playstation network. sony is warning gamers that their personal information may have been stolen, mark sayier on why that warning could be too little too late. chris meyer has been enjoying sony playstation games more than a decade. >> it's relaxing, always fun to see what people have come up with making new games. >> reporter: he hayes he was not too alarmed when the problems with his system first began last week with an on screen error message he has seen before. >> we have been through this before. we have seen other playstation network outages so we know that when that shows up something is a little wrong. >> reporter: but meyer says he is now on high alert after sony announced customer of its playstation network had their personal information stolen including name address and log- in passwords, sony also says it cannot rule out the possibility that as many as 77 million customers' credit card numbers may have been compromised. >> having that exposed to anyone really does present a
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lot of worries. >> reporter: that news is hitting pretty hard because sony has had this outage on their network ongoing for several days and they hadn't said anything or much about it. for them to suddenly announce 6 days in a ton of personal data was compromised plus maybe credit card numbers has people more than a little bit upset for now. >> reporter: nor chris meyer he is now going to check his credit card regularly to make sure there are no unauthorized charges and he believes sony has also lost some good will in the gaming community. >> i think it has been a really big hit for their public relations and for sony's security general. >> reporter: while it knew of the intrusion it was not until monday it new the extent of the data loss and notified the customers and the public promptly. in san jose, mark sayier, cbs 5. woe is we. soon it will be game over for nintendo's gaming system. they plan to replace it with a new console. the we first went on sale just
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five years ago but technology has evolved so much since then and other gaming companies are keeping up. plus, more people play games on smart phones and on facebook these days, so what will nintendo's new console feature? 2 company plans to unveil it at california's e-3 trade show in june. >> always wear the strap for safety. good advice. the world's largest retailer bringing business into neighborhoods, walmart's latest experiment in the bay area. for royal watchers there is no better place to be. how fans are roughing it just to get a glimpse of the bride and groom. you're not gonna get much of the glimpse of the sun tomorrow. the clouds and when to expect it and how ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder.
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chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. walmart. tonight some people in the south bay got grease reese delivered directly to their homes by walmart. the big box retailer is testing the pilot program in some san jose neighborhoods, they charge 5 to 10 bucks and offers next- day delivery service. the biggest advantage, its groceries are cheaper than the big supermarkets offering the same service. so far, though, not many shoppers are buying it. >> like if i'm sick or something and can't leave my house then i wouldn't mind having to order online but otherwise i'm a touchy feely person, i have to touch and see if the food is good and it's okay. >> if it is successful they
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plan to expand the "to go" service across the country. people are camping out to get a glimpse of the bride and groom. the wedding is not until friday. gata shows us what some brought to make their stay a little more comfortable. >> reporter: it's not a likely location for camping. yet for royal-watchers there is no better place than the street outside westminster abbey. >> why am i here? >> reporter: bernadette smith has the best seats in the house and to keep them for the next three days she will be roughing it english style. >> it's mattresses sleeping bags, we even have a little guest day so we can make a cup of tea. >> reporter: inside the abby a final group of tourists got a first-hand glimpse at the exact spot where prince william will harry kate middleton. but they opened them to large potted maple trees that will line the aisle leading to the
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altar. final preparations have begun. by friday they anticipate hundreds of thousands of people to be gathered here outside westminster abbey and the surrounding areas. they have no doubt some of them will be up to no good. small groups are promising to disrupt the wedding including muslims against crew says which post add count down clock. tuesday police appealed to the public for help. >> anything suspicious or out of place that you may see, please be our eyes and our ears, and let us know immediately. >> british taxpayers are forking over $30 million to pay for the largest security contingency in british history. for some, it's well worth the price. >> i think that we're very well covered, you know, i have good faith in the english security system. >> reporter: a system that will be put through its masses overnight. the military will be outlining the procession route by the 10 0's to the royal rehearsal.
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gata, cbs news london. you can watch the royal wedding all night. dana will be there are, there, she will be watching as well. coverage will begin at 1:30 a.m. a.m. >> i'm excited. >> friday morning. >> i'm, it's just, i'm excited. what can i say. you know that wohl game of love on friday? it looks like thunderstorms in the forecast in the uk now with a high of 68 degrees. but here in the bay area this evening, great night to get out and about. tonight we do have the relative humidity up to 77% in napa going down tonight to 404 degrees, et will feel a little bit cooler than what it is. across the veil, light jackets or a couple layers to get you off to the morning commute. it certainly will be a dry commute. you'll notice dry and sunny skies. those clouds are associated with this area of low pressure. you see the fringe end of it here, actually the leading edge of this system as it works its
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way towards the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. this is all associated with the fetch of moisture out over the eastern pacific. we will not see any precipitation but we'll be noticing some increasing clouds, by the evening commute it should be come partly to mostly cloudy objection securing the sunshine but nevertheless we'll still be under the influence of high pressure and it will be a dry day. the winds are going to increase with that approaching front out of the west 15 to 20 miles per hour, ushering the pollen around, the tree pollen is on the high side. if you're sneezing and weaseling it could be from the grasses as well. temperatures north of the golden gate bridge, to the mid- 60s in novato, 69 degrees, one of the outside numbers in sonoma as well as in fairfield and vacaville. east of the bay again those westerlies up to 20, temperature-wise 70 in brentwood, tracy, oakley, otherwise 67 degrees in san ramon, cooler in hayward. peninsula numbers stacking up into the mid-60s, breezy to
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blustery along the sea shore, a string of 60s, otherwise 67 in san jose, down from the average high of 72 degrees. the forecast, clouds high tail it out of here by thursday afternoon, leaving us with sunny skies on friday, warmer conditions approaching near 80 sunday, inland areas. dry weather continues all the way until this time next week. tonight, our picture was sent to us by stephen welsh of hayward. gorgeous sunset just beautiful. keep your photos coming to dana, i know you're liking that. >> it's pretty. a search for aliens that inspired a hollywood movie is now on hold in the bay area. scientists used radio dishes in mountainview as electronic ears to listen to the heavens forth signs of intelligent life. the study institutes allen telescope array is even
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featured in the movie "contact." each year it got closer but now it is suspended for lack of funds. >> so ironic that just when we know that all these worlds are there to examine we have lost, for the moment, our ears in the sky. >> but the search for the cosmic company will not stop. scientists are using tablet computers to search for discreet signals. well you're on the do not call list but you're still getting those annoying phone calls? why is that happening? we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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online coupon business. network giant facebook is putting its own twist on the on-line coupon business so, starting today, the social networking giant is test marketing the program it calls facebook deals in san francisco and four other cities. any coupon sites have a social component but they are usually circulated by email. they want to offer deals to do
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with friends like restaurants and concert tickets. when they buy it shows up on their friends' news feed. it was started to stop you getting those calls from home. the national do not call list has been around for a while. why am i still getting those unwanted calls. that's tonight's good question. >> we thought we've got rid of these people 8 years ago. >> the do not call registry was enacted in 2003 and. >> to its credit, they have brought some big enforcement actions against costa violated this. >> like the $5.3 million action several years ago against directv. but consumer action's joe ride out says tell marketers, especially little guys, are pestering people. >> it is coming from small operators because they believe they can slip through the cracks and they won't face an enforcement action from the
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sfcc. >> some have gone offshore saying u.s. law doesn't apply to them. >> a lot of the scamy work at home companies trying to degree fraud people are doing these phones. >> smart phones now have the ability to block calls and there's even software that can redirect your phone number. but there are exceptions to the law. >> charities, political campaigns, orally zhitnik matt surveys or poll stores sisters, you can still receive calls from these sources even if you're on the do not call registry. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. karen ford answers the call in pittsburgh. the giants unleash their secret weapon. ,,,,,,
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ye pt the sharks dreams of winning the stanley cup were crushed pretty hard last year by the blackhawks who swept them in the conference finals. >> anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that three of those four games could have certainly gone our way. >> would there be a rematch with chicago? the blackhawks needed to beat vancouver in game 7 to make it a reality. under 2 minutes to go in regulation on a canucks power play jonathan toews scored the shorthanded goal. he tied the game at 1 and forced overtime in the extra frame. vancouver puts it away. alexander burrows scores the goal. the sharks will play a rested
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detroit red wings team who last played on wednesday. the giants bats were lousy tonight. but that doesn't matter when you have speed racer. wn... giants down a here he comes, here comes speed racer. >> he is a deem on on wheels. >> he is. i know, inserted as a pinch runner darren ford nearly won the game on his own. giants down 1 in the eighth, scampers to third on a hit and run and scores on a buster posey sac fly. johan ra hand, wild throw on the pick off attempt, ford slides to third putting himself in tying scoring position. freddy sanchez grounds to second, neil walker casually gets the out at first and ford makes him pay. the throw home is bad and ford gets the giants a win. he is is a deem on on wheels, 3- 2 is the final. starter brandon mccarthy struggled for the first time with the a's. alexei am a reese is making his major league debut, on the very first pitch he sees rips a two-
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run double. mccarthy gives up 14 hits, allowing 7 runs, a's lose 8-3. lakers and hornets, kobe bryant, how is the left ankle. looks pretty good on this nasty jam. 19 points for kobe t lakers win 106-90 and take a three games to 2 lead. all quiet on the 49ers front in santa clara. players were allowed to return to work with the lockout lifted. some players did, just not in the bay area, players could not discuss contracts, reed a play book or even lift weights including shake weights while the nfl appeals ruling, confusion over the bizarre situation starts the top 5. >> a little weird. it's like he was sneaking into the club or something like that, and they knew that you weren't supposed to be in there but they haven't done anything about it yet so -- >> kobe is part of the 25g club. this time doing his best willis reed. milan lucic with a nasty
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hit on jiri 'slav spacek. probably something like this. >> lala lala la. >> canadien beat the bruins. number 2, shin-soo choo makes a diving catch against the royals. the game ends in the bronx. he robbed a-rod to end the game. number 1, tigers and mariners, miguel olivo didn't have a home run until ryan rayburn gets involved. the ball squirts out of his glove and goats over for a home run, robbing him of extra bases with that other great crash and catch into the wall, it's baseball karma just working out. >> it was kind of funny. you're looking at me like why are you laughing at that? i thought it was funny. >> he about broke his ba,,,,,,,,
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