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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. breaking news, any moment now the family of bryan stow is
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expected to file a lawsuit against the dodgers following stow's brutal beating outside the team's stadium. >> sharon chin is at san francisco general hospital where stow remains in a coma. >> reporter: the family is expected to file the lawsuit in superior court. the attorney says it will at the time the limits on the liability of the team and its owner. the lawsuit argues that the dodgers inappropriately exposed stow to the criminal acts of third parties. the lawsuit notes that it took dodgers personnel 10 to 15 minutes to get to where stow lay injured. just yesterday, stow's parents and sisters held a news conference here at san francisco general where stow remains in critical but stable condition. his family thanked lapd for arresting the key suspect in stow's brutal beating outside dodger stadium after the season opener. family members said they are treating from public view as they focus on stow's recovery. >> hearing bryan's story has given so many people an
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opportunity to help. your e-mails, cards and letters and contributions to brian's care and children have given us hope and relief. that being said, we have entered a new phase of this emotional and draining time. need to some time to just focus on bryan so we ask you that respect our privacy. >> reporter: and apparently that new phase includes suing the dodgers. now, the dodgers' owner frank mccourt is quoted as saying after the beating that it was, quote, unpreventable and that even if you had 2,000 policemen it still would not have changed that random act of violence. >> no sign of the family today? like you said they are not mentioning anything about it today, sharon? >> reporter: no. the hospital says that they are not available today. >> sharon chin, thank you. we want to know how you feel about this lawsuit. post your comments on in other news, a taser for
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every cop? that is what bart is considering. it's one of the recommendation following the fatal shooting of oscar grant by a former bart officer. the bart board meets thursday morning and will consider spending $140,000 to buy 130 more tasers. an elderly man brutally attacked inside his menlo park home. right now he is recovering in the hospital. but as kiet do tells us, the guys who did it, well, they are still out there. >> reporter: menlo park police say there is a crew of guys running around town kicking indoors and trying to rob people. it all started sunday morning and happened at three homes. the first was right here on windermere avenue where the guys tried to enter through a side door. police say two people kicked in the door and confronted the man who lived at the home alone. he is 88 years old. intruders hit him on the head, knocked him out and ransacked the house. the incident on windermere avenue happened at 5:15 sunday morning. 25 minutes after that, someone tried to kick in the front door of a home on the 600 block of
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central avenue a mile away but didn't get in. and then 10 minutes after that one, intruders once again unsuccessfully tried to kick in the front door of a home around the corner on laurel avenue. does it freak you out? >> a little bit. a little bit. >> reporter: neighbors say they are forming neighborhood watch groups and trying to be more vigilant but say crime is happening more often in the area. >> of course i'm concerned as a home owner here in this area. but i think, you know, this is a -- it's not unique to that area, i would say. probably a sign. times, i guess. >> something was taken out of my car not too long ago. my son was the victim having a window broken. the house behind us was broken into. so, yeah, it's happening but from what i'm understanding this is not typical for this neighborhood. >> reporter: investigators say while there is no concrete evidence given the timing, the m.o. and the suspect description, there is a good chance all three incidents are related. if you have any information,
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call menlo police. kiet do, cbs 5. right now rescues in joplin, missouri combing through big box stores and apartment complexes desperately searching for survivors from sunday's devastating tornado. 117 people are confirmed dead but we are hearing some amazing stories of survival. at least 17 people have been pulled out of the rubble alive. and as joel brown tells us, that is motivating rescue crews. reporter: search teams in joplin, missouri are racing to find signs of life before more severe weather moves in. they want to clear two flattened apartment complex by this afternoon. >> i hope to find survivors between now and then. if not, we'll move into recovery mode after that. we'll literally have covered every foot of this area over the last 2.5 days. >> reporter: the missouri governor expects the death toll will rise with at least 117 known dead. the twister that hit joplin is all right single deadliest in the u.s. since 1950.
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more than 100 people are still unaccounted for including 18- year-old will norton. his sister says her brother and father were driving loam from will -- home from will's graduation when the tornado hit. >> he had his arms around will when will started slipping. he flew through the sunroof. >> reporter: will's family thinks they will find him eventually at an area hospital. crews searching smashed cars and buildings are spray- painting big xs on the sides to show they have been checked. the tornado demolished about 2,000 buildings in this city of 50,000. >> it's overwhelming, just the a destruction that's everywhere. >> reporter: the devastation at one of the region's main hospitals is a major blow to the recovery and joplin's economy. but saint john's staff is still providing care around the clock. >> it's an incredible group of people to work with. they are very professional and they are the kind of people that you just can't knock down. >> reporter: missouri's governor is looking forward to president obama's visit this weekend to keep the spotlight
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on a city that needs the country's help. joel brown, cbs news, joplin, missouri. israel's prime minister addressed a joint session of congress today bringing his blueprint for peace with palestine. >> in any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond israel's borders. now, the precise delineation of those borders must be negotiated. >> he is against president obama's proposal for 1967 borders. netanyahu told the president in a private meeting the issue is not negotiable. they are trying to keep the palestinians from bringing their bid to statehood to the united nations in september. iran says it is a joke to use the term hikers to describe
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three americans charged with espionage. this morning's state tv report suggests that iran is not easing its claims despite failing to hold a court session this month. the fresh accusations come as the families. two detained hikers -- of the two detained hikers brought in a heavyweight to appeal for their release. mohammed ali joined others at a news conference in washington, d.c. >> we're here to pray that iran will hear this appeal and at last show the compassion to shane and josh that was demonstrated through my release and, of course, to ask people around the world not to forget these two innocent men. >> shane bauer and josh fattal have been held for 662 days. a search is going on for a missing teenager from danville. 15-year-old allison bayliss was last seen by her parents yesterday morning riding her bike at san ramon valley high school. then today before dawn, the girl's family told authorities that they found her bike in san francisco in the battery east parking lot near the golden gate bridge. allison is only 15 years old,
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5'8" with blonde hair. anyone who has seen her should call 911. new details about a contra costa county kidnapping that's stranger than fiction. 4-month-old ramy gallego was reunited with her family in knightsen last night. the family reported her missing sunday morning taken from her bassinette overnight. authorities got a tip that she was with her paternal grandmother in los angeles county. detectives say 58-year-old erica gallego took a cab and a bus all the way to the east bay to grab her granddaughter, then took a taxi back to southern california. >> right now, i'm just -- i have no hatred, i have no anything in my heart. i'm just so happen foye have my baby back. >> i think yesterday was the worst moment of my life and today is probably the best moment of my life. >> there are reports the grandmother had been pretending she was pregnant and even threw herself a baby shower and wanted to pass that baby off as her own. she is now in jail in an l.a. county jail awaiting extradition to the bay area.
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oh, no. not another -- surprise in the schwarzenegger sex scandal? >> i guess so. it was maria shriver who leaked the story about his secret child to the media according to tmz. shriver was apparently so upset with the former governor that she threatened to hold a news conference to get the word out that he had fathered a son with her former housekeeper so after their separation the celebrity website reports it was shriver who then tipped off the "l.a. times." >> and now, there is talk that schwarzenegger may have fathered more than one child out of wedlock. here's what actress jane seymour told cnn. >> i was not even remotely surprised. [ inaudible ] >> one of his housekeepers pregnant. >> and i heard about two more that somebody else knows about. >> maria shriver has since hired a high-powered divorce attorney and so has mildred baena, the mother of arnold's secret child. she has hired an attorney because she believes her good name has been muddied in the
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media. this story is far from over. hey, new car that suddenly needs thousands of dollars worth of repairs. what happened when one bay area dealership tried to make the driver foot the bill? cbs 5's consumerwatch is on the case. a royal stop in san francisco. new details about william and kate's california visit. plus, overwhelmed by lady gaga, how the popular singer managed to bring amazon to a screeching halt. coming up. a beautiful day all around the bay area. plenty of sunshine and temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday but we are going to see a lot of changes starting tomorrow. wet weather back in the forecast. i'll tell you when in just a bit. after we make a dingy floor look brand new, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be b about.
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but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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mamas in pajama's.. as they call
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themselves.. are protesting education cuts across the state. dozens of parents showed up for this rally f thousands of mamas in pajamas are protesting education cuts. dozens showed up for a rally in san francisco. them lawmakers to support the extension of temporary tax hikes. >> schools have been cut more than their fair share over the last few years but if the legislator doesn't step up and actually find a way to balance the budget and give us that funding, our schools are absolutely going to be devastated. >> since 2007, there have been $18 billion in budget cuts to public education. imagine this. you have a fairly brand-new car and something goes wrong and the dealer tells you it's your fault. julie watts on how consumerwatch came to the rescue. reporter: eli mcintyre knows having a little car can be a big advantage. >> great to park in the city. >> reporter: but not everything about mcintyre's mini is so
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great. last month, the clutch starter failed. he took the 2-year-old car to the dealer for what he was sure would be a covered repair. >> they immediately put the blame on me, they called me an abusive driver. >> reporter: not only that, bmw mini of san francisco wanted mcintyre to foot the bill. >> they said it was going to be $3,000 to fix. >> reporter: pretty steep considering the car only had 13,000 miles on it. >> that's way too early. >> reporter: the independent repair shop emerald auto repair has replaced clutches on nearly a dozen minis. he says even in a hilly place like san francisco, the part should last several years. >> even if you're a bad driver you should get 60 to 70,000 miles. it looks like a high performance clutch not made for the city hills. >> reporter: but apparently it's just fine for racing all over europe like mark wahlberg and charleze theron in "the italian job." we found more than two dozen
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online complaints from mini owners though say their clutches failed while the car was still under warranty. and many say they too were told it was due to driver abuse. the solution? it may not be practical but it is a consideration. >> avoid hills. that's about the only way. in san francisco? figure that one out. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, after our consumerwatch volunteer chuck made a few calls, mini agreed to do eli's repair for free and the company tells us, like most carmakers, it does see more problems with accelerated clutch wear in areas with hills and heavy traffic like san francisco. if you have a problem, call our volunteers right now at 1-888-5- helps-u. >> amazing what a phone call will do. >> reporter: what our volunteers can do. they are magicians, let me tell you. >> chuck was working! thank you. lady gaga was apparently just too much for >> the online retailer offered the singer's new album for 99 cents so now what happened. a ton of fans tried to download
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it and they brought amazon basically to a screeching halt for about 10 hours. >> oh, my gosh. >> get what you pay for. >> 99 cents. >> is it worth it? >> haven't heard it yet. i don't know. >> how about the power of kristy seifkin in our weather forecast? >> i'm bringing sunshine today. if i can consider that power. it's out of my control. i'd like to take credit but plenty of sunshine out there today. and enjoy it today because it definitely is going to change starting tomorrow with some showers back in our forecast. but looking outside right now looks pretty nice. blue skies and a little bit of cloud cover in some places around the bay. clouds building up tonight but this afternoon mix of sun and clouds. temperatures running a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. by this evening, starting to see those clouds build in before that storm hits us and temperatures sitting in the 40s and the 50s. now, the reason that we're seeing that nice weather today is this area of high pressure that's temporarily holding as this low drops in tomorrow. that's where we are going to see that wet weather along with some cooler conditions as well
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but for today, nice weather out there. temperatures like this 70 in palo alto, 68 in union city, 71 for milpitas and for santa clara. walnut creek 70. cooler in alameda at 65. 66 is the high today in berkeley. definitely keeping it breezy and cool at the beach. 57 at sheila stainback, 68 for san anselmo, 77 vallejo. showers tomorrow late morning and then we dry out for thursday and friday. temperature bumping back up low 70s. then an unseasonably cool weekend i stores, mostly sunny skies, clouds for your memorial day weekend. back to you. >> thank you. a controversial new kind of face-lift. >> how doctors are using the healing power of stem cells and why some question if it really works. ,,,,,,
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a growing number of cosmetic surgeons are u so how would you like to look younger without invasive surgery? >> oh, yeah. a growing number of cosmetic surgeons using the healing power of stem cells to give patients a little lift. it involves taking fat from the stomach, then a technician uses a special machine to separate out the stem cells. that process takes about 30
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minutes. the stem cells are then injected into the face. >> the patient notices over the course of weeks, months, even years that their skin becomes more refreshed. >> my husband yesterday looked at me and he told me how beautiful i was. >> compared to plastic surgery, using stem cells means less down time and it can be a few thousand dollars cheaper but not everyone is convinced. some doctors claim this lift provided by the injections is only temporary. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight at five: eating fish caught in san francisco bay well, today's tip of the day is going to be is fresh cilantro in the market right now. the growing areas are coming in with some beautiful cilantro. but you have to select it and store them right. i like them just like this. right out of the box with the roots. you see this? that's fresh cilantro. the roots are already attached. when you buy them, green all the way around, just like this. so important. and they got center that wonderful cilantro aroma. if the roots are attached, that's great. when you bring them home, cut it here to the roots. cut it right here with some scissors put it in a glass of water. in that glass of water in the refrigerator, you know what happens? it gets fresh and tastes fresh. if you put it in the plastic bag like this and in the refrigerator in the vegetable drawer it turns black and
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that's not good at all. cilantro, it's addictive, use it in so many different dishes. you will thank me and enjoy it. i just love that smell. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. back in the box it goes. somebody can buy the box. i got walk away. coming up tonight at 5:00, eating fish caught in san francisco bay may be hazardous to your health. a new safety guideline just out. >> and proof that customers with gift receipts are getting shortchanged. that and more at 5:00. >> will and kate could be coming to the bay area. >> the london "daily mail" reported the duke and duchess of cambridge may visit the bay area after they stop in l.a. in july. so far though nothing has been finalized. but there's talk of the royal mister and misses going to yosemite and touring the redwoods before stopping in san francisco. third time's the charm. >> i hope not. but if you want to mark your calendars here you go. the doomsday preacher who said
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the world would end on saturday, there he is. how does october 21 sound? >> let me put it on my calendar. >> camping says god decide hot is saved already and now we have to wait. >> now we can party like rock stars until october 21. >> we are all going to vegas and relax and enjoy our lives because it's all over in october. that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> have a good day. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30 and back here at noon. >> caption colorado, llc
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