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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 29, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> president obama: we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored. >> president obama tours tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri, his promise, to help the people and the town recover. mystery throughout the disappearance of a nursing student from the east bay. the plans she made before she vanished. it went off without a hitch. the new configuration on the bay bridge. what we can expect next in the construction projectism i'm ann notarangelo. he saw the immense damage one week after the twister in job lip, missouri. president obama toured the area and spoke at a memorial for those killed. tonight the death toll is over 120 with 140 unaccounted for. the president offered help with
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the healing conference pro process. >> reporter: president obama walked through the devastation of last week's tornado, then he attended a memorial service for the people killed. >> president obama: the spotlight might shift but we'll be with you every single day until this community is back on its feet. we're not going everywhere. >> reporter: the recovery is going to day years but he says it will be restored. >> that storm, the likes of which has never been seen has brought for ard a resilience the likes of which we have never seen. >> reporter: earlier sunday parishioners gathered for mass at the st. peter's apostolic church. >> i don't know how you get
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through without faith. >> reporter: father justin monaghan survived inside his bath tub. >> i think we're all saying, eh, we're strong, we can put this together, we'll rebuild, and we'll be stronger than ever. >> reporter: parishioners say they'll rebuild the church where this metal cross is still standing. ins pe ray, cbs news. that tornado caused a much wider path of destruction than first estimated. the national weather service first said it caused a 6-mile swath of damage, it's actually double that, 12 miles. from ground zero it moved east, it first damaged homes and power lines and the destruction got worse from there. tracy wiiant trace test tornado path. >> reporter: by the time the tornado got here it destroyed everything in its path. including one of the icons of this community, satellite l st.
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john's hospital. this is where we first came hours after it was hit, talked with a family trying to salvage what they could, despite a rain and hail storm. >> it started off in hail, i'm used to, that it went insane afterwards. >> reporter: here is the collapsed depot where we first met 17-year-old maria osborne, desperately searching for her father. >> my dad and my uncle are in there, i'm hoping and praying they are okay. >> reporter: turned out they were buried in that rubble. we're now 7 mimes to the east of where the tornado first touched down. as you can see there is still lots of damage here so those original estimates of 6 miles on the ground are way too conservative. this is where jim and stacey richards lived. stacey survived the tornado by hanging on to two dog crates as her home collapsed around and on top of her. >> that was scary, lying there screaming screaming screaming
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and it was horrible. >> reporter: they got their insurance settlement so they can rebuild. meanwhile, st. john's medical center setup a temporary medical hospital across from the damaged campus. it is called st. john's mercy hospital. they started to see patients today and will continue to do so until a new hospital campus is built. work on the eastbound bay bridge toll plaza have finished ahead of schedule. it shifts lanes to the right as you come off the bridge. it was expected to day three nights this weekend, it only took too. anne mackovic on how it went and what's next. >> reporter: as of 8:15 this morning this is the new view from the oakland driving east from san francisco r san francisco on the bay bridge. there is a asking to the right in the road way, a new set of lanes that moved traffic over so crews can continue work on the brand new bay bridge. >> didn't seem too bad. there was a bunch of little
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blips. >> this driver didn't even notice the curve to the right. >> i did not. i didn't have my coffee so -- >> reporter: a lot of coffee for the crew which worked from 1:00 a.m. to 6:15 finishing so quickly that the construction scheduled for tonight is canceled. after the whole s curve debacle where construction confused a lot of drivers in 2009 caltrans wanted to make sure this transition went smoothly. >> i'm expecting it to be different and being cautious about it but i'm afraid other people might not know about it, then i might have to watch out for them. >> reporter: now drivers can watch out for the next phase of construction, a testimony repair recatwalk built on the new structure within the next couple months, where they'll start stringing cable later this year. then, in early 2012, we'll see another jog in traffic, this time westbound. >> reporter: early next year, westbound, we're gonna build out the bridge, the approach a little bit, shift traffic over, then once we have made that traffic shift we're going to surgically remove part of that
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structure and that's what's gonna give us the space to put a construction crew in between the two bridges. >> reporter: the new bridge tower is almost complete topped with the world's largest cable saddle earlier this month. the bridge is expected to be finished ahead of schedule in 2013. anne mackovic, cbs5. other bay area headlines, an underground transformer exploded near san francisco's peer 3 this morning. two-man whole covers were blown off. no one was injured but part have the embarcadero was could have had closed for a time. >> they are looking for this nursing student. michelle le was last seen in hayward. she left class during a break that night and never came back. police found her car a few blocks from the hospital. she had planned to go torino to visit friends, authorities tried calling her but she did not answer her kev. full display at san francisco's carnaval parade today. parade
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samba'd down 24t ♪[ music ] >> latin rhythms, colorful costumes, a lot of skin on full display at san francisco's carnival parade today. participants sambaed down the 24th street, topping off a celebration of latin american and caribbean an culture, food, music and of course dance. an annual memorial day event, thousands of bikersen verge on the nation's capital. but, this year, it wasn't entirely focused on veterans. i'm don ford in san rafael. a woman's pet is killed by coyotes. not that unusual these days. i'll have the story coming up. ,,
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. morial today. but the annual memorial day rolling thunder motorcycle ride roared into washington and to the vietnam memorial today. but, this year, the bikers' annual tribute to those who served was overshadowed by politics. as knee said, a possible presidential candidate joined the ride. >> reporter: 250,000 motorcycles rolled through the streets of washington, d.c. for the rolling thunder event. but one rider got most of the
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attention. former alaska governor sarah palin took photos and shook hands near the pentagon. >> we are veterans. >> reporter: she and her entire family hopped on motorcycles for the entire journey for a stage near the vietnam memorial. this is the start of the palin's family bus tour of historic sites on the east coast which she is promoting in a new youtube video. >> the future of our country. >> four vietnam veterans started rolling thunder to bring attention to prisoners of war but it's not a political event. the hundreds of thousands of participants had mixed feelings about sarah palin's presence. >> she is a political influence. >> i think she is very intelligent and, i think, boy, she lit a fire under people. >> reporter: she didn't address a crowd here at the national mall but some wonder if her trip to washington and a stop in new hampshire mean she will run for president. >> if she wants to run she will make the announcement, good if
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she does, if she doesn't i support her that way too. >> reporter: it also featured a military fly-over and a number of speakers including robert gates. palin made no indication sunday if she would run for the republican nomination but she went to iowa where a film about her career and life say buttes next month. u.s. troops in afghanistan observed mere mole day with a candlelight ceremony remembering fallen comrades. it was held at the u.s. army corps of engineers compound in kabul. they remember what brought them there nearly a decade i go. they said it was important to them to observe the holiday as the work continues. the last of the experiments are finished, the crew aboard space shuttle indenver said good-bye to those on the space station earlier tonight. they will prepare for the trip back to earth on wednesday.
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during this mission they performed four space walks to make repairs on the all. on the iss. a warning for pet owners in the bay area. an increase behind pets missing. skies today a bit breezy, there is a change in store, i've got your pinpoint forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,,
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pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. get a free tv at mancini sleepworld. >> hitting the road? get real time traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. all news kcbs. 106.9 fm >> announcer: a mysterious pneumonia, a global health
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crisis. how the bay area went from it to compassion. >> it was absolutely terrifying. >> this is not a death sentence any more. >> the rage to resilience. >> i'm still here and it's gonna be okay. >> they report aids at 30, past, present, future, monday at 6:00 on cbs5. ,, ,, tonight, case closed. don ford
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tery solved, and t a missing cattle case in the bay area taken up by a dog team in southern california. tonight, case closed. don fordham, a mystery solved, and the warning for pet owners. >> reporter: this is juliette, a sigh me see cat who was joan wise's pet for 14 years. earlier this week she didn't come home. after looking for seven days she hired a professional search dog team from los angeles. >> they had four dogs trained to find loose cats and little dogs. >> reporter: last saturday the search team arrived. it didn't along. >> these dogs were remarkable. they found remains of juliette. almost all within an hour and a half or so. >> this says they believe coyotes killed the cat in her bush just yards from her home where she liked to room.
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miss wise isn't alone. >> unfortunately we have had some reports of coyotes going after pets. this is the time of year, for example, where pups are born and so coyotes are gonna be a bit more territorial. >> pet owners living near open spaces should day precautions such as not leaving food dishes out, spilled garbage cleaned up, and keep those small dogs on a leash while walking. gary harrington says coyotes will eat almost anything but they are not a real threat to humans. >> they are reknee not known to be a threat to humans. there are certain times of year where you're going to notice coyotes a bit more. >> reporter: still, emotions run deep when a loved pet dies. >> i'd like to see some of them killed, maybe a lot, and i've never said that about an animal before. i've always loved animals. >> it's really hard to console somebody after that, you know. for those that have lost pets, we know how that feels, and the emotions she feels never go
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away, really. >> reporter: coyotes are becoming increasingly unafraid of humans so if you see one in your neighborhood report that sighting immediately to your local humane society. in san rafael, don ford, cbs5. and with the weather we have had today our animals do want to be out and about. erica martin in tonight, today sounded like a holiday weekend. >> it is a bit nice. did you and your daughters enjoy it? >> yes. >> okay good. a wonderful day today. conditions were just warmer, mostly clear all around, and definitely a nice day to get around out there and enjoy. however, there is a bit of a change in store. as we day a look outside we can see a wonderful shot there of the bay bridge, mostly clear sky conditions, and folks, not very many clouds there at all. so get on out there and enjoy today because things are going to change. now if you're headed out this evening you can see that we're going to see mostly clear skies, a little breezy still
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tonight lingering through tomorrow, in the coastal areas we're gonna see temperatures ranging between the low 50s and high 50s, inland 65 is your high, bay area seeing 53 to 58 degrees. so certainly a lot to kind of deal with there as far as the weather because we do have those breezy conditions. but really beautiful conditions nonetheless. here is a look at what we can see here as far as our satellite radar image. we can see a lot about low. all those clouds we did see over the area have moved on, south and east over the region, we're currently sitting under the influence of that high pressure reserve i'm talking about yesterday, and a low is working its way in soon enough. here is that low working its way in by tomorrow night bringing us some chances of showers that could linger through thursday. in the meantime here is a look it our low. napa 45 degrees, fairfield and oakland your high, 50 trees along with san francisco and the highs for tomorrow, not as warm as we thought today, again partly cloudy. sky conditions but still a wonderful day on tap. as far as the daytime hour
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goes. daytime hours go, then we're gonna start to see those showers building up into tomorrow night and lingering into thursday. this five-day forecast we can see here we do have temperatures cooling down tuesday through thursday, warming up by friday, we're gonna see partly cloudy sky conditions for the weekend ahead and as we move on into saturday and sunday we can see we've got 70s in the forecast, partly cloudy skies, but in the meantime get on out there and enjoy today and tomorrow. so not that bad at all. >> not that bad. tomorrow is going to be nice. >> yes. >> by the time we go back to work it will be okay. >> that's right. >> okay. we could use oh good news? >> i'm about to give good news and bad news for you. did you see any 500 today? that wasish credible. buster posey has surgery today. good news/bad news. and the incredible ending of the indy 500 involves a local driver. ,,
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500...and j.r. hildebrande of sausalito was on the verge of winn waits the 100th anniversary of the indiannapolis 50 and j.r. hildebrandt of salsalito was on the verge of winning his first start. they were firing on all cylinders, danika patrick had a strong day starting 25th and leading this race. but a fuel pit strategy backfired and she finished in 10th place. still a good showing for her. hildebrandt took over the lead with 4 laps to go. then, with one turn left, it
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was his race to lose. >> no. no. >> he hit the wall. just before the checker. dan well done is going to win the race. >> yeah,. that is unbelievable. >> hildebrandt crashes on the final turn and gives up the lead to dan well done who wins his second indy 500. hildebrandt's car slides in for a second place finish. >> the team deserved a win today, they came in three years in a row, i i didn't want to be the next brides made maid. when it came to the endive felt i owed this to this team and it's a bummer to come in second. >> reporter: i knew it was okay because i could see you moving. it's an incredible feeling. i want to say hi to my family back home and my mother.
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somewhat bittersweet and emotional. she was recently, his mother, diagnosed with cancer at age 55. buster posey went under the surgical knife to put two screws in his bone. he will miss the rest of the season. the only entertainment came up in the sausage race. niger morgan comes into score, the brew crew day a 2-0 lead. brandon bell making his first start since being recalled from fresno. they welcome him back with a 93 miles per hour fastball. they saw 8 shutout innings. big daddy kay spent the majority of his day pitching from the stretch. rickie weeks a two-run double. kahne not good, he ties a career high allowing 11 hits, the brewers with 6-0. more bad news, red hot d-backs win, they
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day over first place in the national league west. the a's going for the sweep against the orioles at the coliseum, 5-1, come back begins." willingham, three-run jack, team leading ninth of the year, they score 4 in the 10th, andrew bailey activated off the disabled list. pitches a 1, 2, 3 seventh. daily, they should start tomorrow or often. he shuts the door in the ninth for his second consecutive game and picks up the save. the a's sweep their first three game set of the season 6-4, the final there, they are back at .500. the yankees ph town tomorrow to start a three game series. joline henderson started all three games, this weekend's super regional, after getting blown out by kentucky this morning. the bears bounced back in the deciding game. jordan wallace, a tua oh two- run double. cal goes on to win 9-0. they are headed back to technology the college world series for
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the first time since 2005. >> we're going streaking. >> you don't like that, do you. the winning streak is up to 43 matches for djokovic. he beat risk charred chastain to advance to the quarter finals of the french. he is three short of tying the record, which means you x expect to see more of him. byron nelson championship. palmer fired up the crowd, he forced a sudden death playoff with keegan bradley. he put his second shot in the playoff hole into the water and that led to a a bow gee. bradley gets on the green and safely taps in for his first pga tour victory. only 5 players finished under par this week end in that tournament. coming up tonight on game day, he is regarded as the best talent evaluate tore in basketball. what does jerry west have in store for the warriors?
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>> putting a team together is like a muzzle i think. if you like the winners in west virginia and they are missing a few pieces it's not a complete puzzle and when i look to a team obviously they need size in the back court and at the front. >> reporter: west wants the warriors to day risks and that might mean breaking up the back court. we want to know what you think makes sense, to trade monta or stephen curry. i think it's gonna happen. all with a splitter, kpix will share some of your comments on the on game day. this is interesting. father grew up in the coal mines, he had a real humble beginning, that's what kind of set his, you know, the way it is i guess. >> we'll tune in at 11:45. any more on buster posey, no more of him? >> no, but that's the best thing for the team for the season -- >> we'll see you back here in half an hour. have a great night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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