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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 3, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. unfortunately, we lost a firefighter today and it is a tough day in san francisco. >> a bay area firefighter killed inside a burning house. a second clinging to life. tonight the neighborhood that came back to haunt the san francisco fire department. >> that fire made so much worse by a flashover. we'll show you what that is and you'll see why it's so deadly. >> plus the defendants learn their sentences. now we're learning more about how jaycee dugard was kept captive. chilling details revealed late today. and free to walk out of class any time. why one school district thinks students should not need
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permission to go to the bathroom. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. it took only a few seconds. a house fire that quickly turned into an inferno. >> the fire at the house on berkeley way in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood killed one firefighter, critically injured a second. that fire made much worse by a flashover. >> robert lyles shows us what a flashover is. first grace lee is at the hospital with the latest. grace. >> reporter: dana, i can tell you inside the walls of this hospital, there is a struggle for survival going on. firefighter and paramedic is surrounded by his family and they are just trying to be positive. hoping their energy will help him in his recovery. that recovery could be very long because he is inside the intensive care unit being watched around the clock. when the call came this morning in diamond heights, san francisco firefighters answered like they do every day. >> the fire grew so fast.
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>> but this was no ordinary day. the flames moved so quickly that three firefighters were hurt in what's known as a flashover. heat so intense it burns at 1100 degreestarian fahrenheit. >> two firefighters were carried out badly burned and suffering from smoke inhalation. >> we tried everything we possibly could to save his life. >> there was too many damage to save lieutenant, a 21 year veteran of san francisco fire. a former marine and a previous alameda county sheriff deputy. >> it was a great guy. he always lightened up the mood at the fire house. he had a good sense of humor. as a firefighter, he was the first guy in the fire and the last guy out. he was a real firefighter firefighter. >> and so with a final salute, his fellow firefighters said
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good-bye to the 48-year-old as his body was taken out of san francisco general hospital. >> the members you see gathered here is out of respect for lieutenant perez and his service to the city and to the great guy. he served the san francisco fire department. he was a classmate of mine. he started out together on april 2, 1990. born and raised in san francisco. a very proud san franciscoen. >> the fight is far from over for anthony. we spoke with his younger brother, mark. >> i was able to go in there, yes. it's not for the weak stomach. it looked pretty bad. >> according to his family, he is now on life support unable to breathe on his own. >> have they given you any hope as far as -- >> this thing is pretty touch and go right now. it's not hopeless. >> he's always helping us and taking care of us. we needed him, now he's the one needing us.
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>> fire officials say tracy courtney was hurt while battling those flames. in the meantime, there are signs of mourning tonight at station 26 where lieutenants perez and valerio served. the outward displays of grief on the spaces of their comrade for the fallen. >> our hearts are heavy today and they will be for a long time. >> but one thing they can be very proud of is that they fulfilled their mission today. no san francisco civilians were hurt in this fire. what made this fire so dangerous is a phenomenon called flashover. what makes it so unpredictable and what exactly is it? robert lyles is live to explain. robert. >> thanks so much. to best understand a flashover, i want you to consider a balloon blowing too much air in that balloon and it will burst. well in the burned out home here on berkeley way, burning
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household fixtures generated too many dangerous gases. too many gases for either the walls or the ceiling to contain. so the burst here was actually an explosion and at least 1200 degrees fahrenheit. >> he took us inside the fire simulator to best understand a flashover. >> a flashover is really the end of the fire phase. all those particles in the smoke. all the furnishings, products in the room are simultaneously heated to a point where they completely come bust. and it's fatal. >> the flashover starts in the ceiling in the smoke, he says. unlike the movie, firefighters aren't walking in, they're on the floor crawling looking for victims and trying to put out the fire. above, crews cutting the rooftop trying to release those super heated gases. that is when firefighters will likely notice jets of fire and
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the smoke over their heads. >> one of the warning signs of getting close to that temperature where we are going to reach a flashover. >> the other warning sign, the heat. >> flashovers can reach anywhere from 1200 to 1500 degrees even at the floor. >> but the heavy coats and pants, even their face mask cannot withstand more than 500 degrees. >> what i'm holding here is a mask that is not been in exposed heat. what i'm holding in the other hand is a mask from a fire we had what we believe temperatured reached up to 600 degrees and you can imagine at 500 to 600 degrees what would happen if that gas were to come in contact with his skin, let alone his lungs. >> bottom line, flashovers are deadly and he believes fire training and repeated practice are what firefighters need to identify and survive
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flashovers. while the department and city mourn, the next step is investigation. >> how deep were they when it went south on them? what happened and did that lead to part of their demise? >> the chief wants to stress, this was not a back draft. that's where the fire is suffocating. he says you can see the building sucking in and out. that is uncommon, he says. what is common is the flashover. in fact, so common two contra costa police officers were all killed in the same flashover back in july of 2007. ken, back to you. >> we forget that work is so dangerous sometimes. thank you both. the last san francisco firefighter to die in the line of duty was in that very same area of the city. 1995. 60-mile an hour winds fanning a house fire less than a mile away. three firefighters got trapped that time when the garage door
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suddenly slammed on them. one died, 11 other firefighters were injured trying to get them out. the diamond heights area is particularly dangerous because the canyon up there makes it very windy. of course we'll be following the condition of the other critically injured firefighter. we also have extensive coverage of the fire and the chief's news conference this afternoon. all of that on >> justice served tonight in the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. after pleading guilty to abducting her nearly 20 years ago. serial sex offender was sentenced to 431 years in prison. his wife, nancy, 36 years to life. during the sentencing, the judge called phillip a poster child for a sexual predator who had gone shopping. and over the next few decades, reinvented slavery. neither defendant spoke or made eye contact. and in a statement read by phillip's attorney. he accepted responsibility and
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expected no leniency. he wanted to spare dugard and his children a trial. jaycee dugard did not appear in court, but issue add statement saying quote, i hated every second of every day for 18 years. and you stole my life and that of my family. now that the case is closed, we are learning some new details about jaycee dugard's captivity. chris pickle on how the garrido's manage to keep jaycee in that backyard all those years. warning, some of the details are graphic. >> jaycee's ordeal began in her lake tahoe neighborhood walking to school. jaycee's testimony revealing at first she thought phillip garrido was going to ask for directions. instead he drove up and used a taser to abduct her. all of a sudden his hand shoots up and i feel tingling and i'm in the bushes trying to go back and somebody is dragging me. subdued in the back of his car,
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the 11-year-old heard garrido laughing, saying to his wife, i can't believe we got away with it. for the first year, jaycee was kept locked up alone in a flume a backyard hideout. phillip and nancy began spending time with their captive, watching tv, even sleeping in the same room. for three years, phillip raped jaycee weekly until she got pregnant. according to jaycee, after having her first daughter, phillip continued to rape her, but less frequently. he knew i was really scared about getting pregnant again. he said he just couldn't help himself, but he was really trying to stop. and then i got pregnant again. and that's the last time he had sex with me was when she was conceived. in testimony, jaycee said she never tried to escape. at first, it was fear. then the little girl came to believe by phillip garrido
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raping her, she was stopping someone else from getting hurt. he said that he needed help with his sexual problem. that he had a real problem and that you know, i was helping him. and he didn't say that he would take somebody else, but the impression i got was that i was helping prevent something. after her second daughter, jaycee wanted as normal a life as possible. they created a type of family, phillip, the father, nancy the mother. jaycee who was never allowed to go anywhere alone wrote in her journal her feelings of being trapped. >> i didn't know what to do. i couldn't leave. i had the girl. i didn't know where to go. what i would do for money or anything. i didn't have anything. >> jaycee dugard is writing a book about all this. it is due out in july. the memior is called "a stolen
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life." the bay area city about to shift the animals elsewhere. >> the suspect in the beating of giants fan brian stowe still not charged. tonight we learned detectives have questioned a little girl. her potential role in getting the suspect released. and hackers are at it again. the g mail accounts they accessed that has washington worried. timing, timing will certainly be of the essence as we track this new storm and how it's going to impact your weekend. the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the city of alamed close it's animal s they may be the most helpless victims of the budget crisis. the city wants to close its animal shelter to save some money, but at a public hearing tonight, animal advocates said if that shelter closes down, the animals would be sent to overcrowded shelters in neighboring cities. they want nonprofits and volunteers to take it over. the bay area has the leading thinking on this issue of how to get shelters operating well. and alameda has been not sort of allowing that to happen for many years. >> the council is taking public comments until they sign the budget on june 30. >> checking other bay area headlines now, heyward police say the phone of michelle lee was transmitting signals until midday saturday. the 26-year-old lee was last seen friday after a nursing class at the kaiser permanente
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building in heyward. they interviewed at least 15 people in her disappearance, including a former female friend. the man being held for the beating of giants fan, brian stowe, has not been charged. five days after being taken into custody. 32-year-old giovan ira irai ramirez continues to be held. they interviewed his so-year- old daughter because he was watching her at the time stowe was beaten. google is saying that china is at it again. the company says hackers broke into hundreds of gmail accounts. some high level government officials. wyatt andrews on how they did it and what they were after. >> it's the second time google has blamed a major computer hacking scheme on china. this time google says unknown
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hackers from china, a city with a military command center stole the personal gmail passwords of hundreds of senior u.s. government officials. the hacker's goal was to eves drop on the officials. the monitor the content of the user's e-mail. that rang alarm bells in the administration. >> these allegations are very serious. we take them seriously. we are looking into them. >> according to a respected security blogger, the attack that targeted the state department looked like this. it was an innocent looking e- mail that offered the latest u.s. china joint statement, but if the reader clicked on the document, what appeared next was this. it was fake, and which fooled some of the users for giving up their private password. >> u.s. officials who work at
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home use gmail. while teams communicate where and when? the risk is growing. too much secure information is being held on nonsecure systems. >> anyone who wants in government showed not be using a personal e-mail account, such as one that would be found on gmail to put any government activity information. >> china denies that the hacking is state sponsored, calling that allegation completely unfounded and made with ail tieror motives. but the fbi is investigating and that this new revelation is added heat between the united states and china. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. all right, roberta, what do you have? >> we are heading to san jose. a wonderful night at music in the park. i say wonderful, because it was precipitation free. it was rain free. now i'm going to get right to
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it. in the morning, brain develops, crowds. so when you wick up and you head out the door tomorrow for the commute, it be raining. pinpoint forecast, notice by the lunch hour we are already seeing hit and miss showers. then everybody is wet by the evening commute. also portions of the santa clara valley. the bulk of your day will be dry. the rain intensifies. this is the main front of this system barreling towards the bay area. it pushes on shore in the overnight hours. so the heaviest rain friday dismieght saturday morning and then notice the rain continues to splice from the north bay all the way into the san ho cruz maintains. this is how it looks like from above. the satellite imagery. this area of low pressure diving out of north carolina.
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students in san francisco may francisco may soon kiss them goodbye. the district is g a plan that would who needs a hall pass. students may soon kiss them good-bye. the district is considering a plan that would let students leave the classroom without asking permission. district leaders say in some cases, teachers were denying requests as a type of punishment and that could put some students at risk for health problems. dozens of teachers are already fighting it. well a good question tonight that might surprise you. michael of san francisco asked, who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of my home?
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the city or me? >> most people who purchase property in the bay area check out the plumbing, the electrical, the roof, the foundation, but what most people don't realize is there's a whole lot more to your home than what's behind the front door. >> i think it was more than 60% of people think the sidewalk is the city's responsibility. the city of san francisco has 650 miles of sidewalks. believe it or not, most of it is your responsibility. so what's the city's responsibility? well you see the curve here? the 6-inch strip of concrete? everything from this line out to the street, that's the city of san francisco. everything in that line in, that's all you. >> in order fortous be compliant with the american with disabilities act, we need to make sure there's a moot and
2:03 am
safe path of travel, which means no defects. >> it's not just san francisco. state and federal law is clear. in most cases, any over grown trees, landscaping, graffiti, garbage, or those cracked sidewalks are the responsibility of you. the property owner. go to click on connect to send me your good question.
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posey scott cousins, the florida marlins player who knocked buster out for the season received death threats. that according to his agent. giants general manager ripped cousins for the hit on his surprise catcher. >> he had his mind up that he was going to have contact with the catcher. if you don't call it malicious, it's unnecessary. why baseball has to look into it. if i never hear from cousins again, i think we'll all be happy. >> the only one keeping score, brian wilson doing the same in st. louis and he had to write a lot of hr's for that man. iewbly ruff, two-run shot. aubrey huff again. 10-3 giants. one more time. 9th inning, bye bye baby.
2:07 am
hit 3 in 1 games. they are back in first place. >> i woke up june 1 and said hey, it's a new season. you know it just so happened it was june 2 and she wanted to be home today. >> giants coming home tomorrow. well tonight, i'm not sure who crashed harder down the stretch. jared or the miami heat. durk was playing with a torn tendon in his nonshooting hand. miami led by 15 with 3 minutes to go. >> 3 points remaining. miami out of timeout trailing by 2. james backs away. put it up for the win. oh my goodness. >> mavs even the series one game a piece. this year's spelling bee
2:08 am
winner. >> i-chous. >> that's your winner. 14-year-old sue sukania roy. look at the golf cart trying to get out of the way of the golf ball. at number three, it's not top five without lebron. but lebron loses tonight. number two, college softball, the cal bears in the world series are shut out, so they'll play friday against oklahoma sit. gave up a grand slam, but made up for it. delta fans, he ,,,,
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