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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  June 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> he was a great brother. he is going to be missed. it seems like he is still here. another blow to a devastated fire department. a second san francisco firefighter dies. how the city will honor both men. an out of control car slams into a garage tonight. what happened to the people in the car and the house? rainfall records being washed away this weekend. the impact on countless outdoor events. when the rain will finally end. i'm ann notarangelo. two line of duty deaths. two firefighters lost in two days. tonight the san francisco fire department is dealing with the loss of a second firefighter one . anne makovec on the
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second emotional tribute this week. >> reporter: in the pouring rain surrounded by dozens of san francisco firefighters the chief made the announcement so many had feared. >> unfortunately this morning at about 7:40 a.m., firefighter paramedic tony valer erio was pronounced deceased. he worked for the city for 27 years. one of two firefighters who died after being overcome by a flashover of super heated gases while fighting a house fire in diamond heights on thursday. valario arrived at the hospital badly burned in cardiac arrest. >> this was a minute-to-minute struggle for his life from hen he got hurt to when he died this morning. minute-to-minute. and we lost him. it was just too overwhelming. we couldn't bring him back. >> reporter: doctors say it was a blessing that he had 40 hours surrounded by his family before he died.
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>> i have had a lot of trouble in the last couple days sleeping. i can't even think about life without him right now. i don't know. it seems like he is still here. i can't really quite process that he has actually passed. >> reporter: he was the oldest of seven children. his family calls the fire department his second family. they lined up to salute his body as it was wheeled into the medical examiner's van this morning. >> it is particularly difficult. mourning the loss of one and then to have another very close from the same fire is challenging for us. it is painful for us. but we will be strong. >> i think he would want all of you to remember him as that happy person, always telling jokes and just living life and that's what he did. >> he was very selfless. he loved everybody. he loved life. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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anne makovec, cbs5. >> we have learned there will be a joint funeral for lieutenant perez and paramedic firefighter valario next friday at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. we will post more information at when we get it. in san francisco tonight a car crashing into a home damaging a gas line. it happened about two hours ago in the visitation valley. the driver lost control an crashed into the garage of the house hitting the gas meter. the three people in the car were unhurt. there was nobody in the house. the damage meter will only affect gas service to the building not the entire neighborhood. investigators in the south bay are working to determine if phones found in a county park are human. park rangers made the discovery yesterday in santa clara county. one of the investigators says it seems unlikely though not impossible that they belong to missing nursing student michele lee. right now the area is being
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treated as a crime scene. rainfall records are falling like -- well, like rain drops this weekend. soggy saturday just a preview of the week ahead. don knapp is in san francisco with a look at some of the events that were spoiled today. don? >> reporter: ann, finally today we got some breaking up of the skies that put to an end perhaps one of the rainiest june days on record but not before bringing down trees and power lines and as you suggested washed out events planned for a june day. >> reporter: rain is good for plants and other living things but it can be really bad for social gatherings like this planned art and music event in the gardens of lake mary. a year in the making. >> you can never predict the weather. it is a garden. and we keep our smiles on. keep upbeat and it is what it is. and actually gardens are beautiful in the rain. >> reporter: last year here it was 80 degrees and people were looking for relief from the heat. this year making the best of a
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wet situation. at alameda's crown beach the annual sand castle contest was rained out by jasper hayward said the family reunion was on. >> meeting my family. we are going to enjoy the day. rain, shine, anything. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: watching folks on rainy crown beach you would think they were enjoying it. >> a little rain ain't going to bother anybody. >> reporter: but does sab sabrin sabrina enjoy it? >> no. >> a tree missed this home in penngrove and brought down a power line. this tree fell on her hermit in santa rosa. this port a potty became airborne after winds picked it up out of a pickup truck.
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the owner was able to wrestle it to the side of the road and put it back on the truck. despite rain and mud, the contra costa county fair was also a go in antioch. not that the pigs minded the mud nor did participants like michael redding who was involved in a barbecue competition. >> the cold temperature a little hard to keep your barbecue warm but not really doesn't affect it really too much for the amateur barbecuist, rain or shine anyway. so here we are doing our thing. >> more rain than shine perhaps but people seem to be cope being quite women. perhaps getting used to the idea, ann, that this weather is the new normal. >> no, no, don knapp in san francisco. we won't accept that though. >> let's check in with erika to see what sunday has in store. i hope this is not the new normal. > >> abnormal for this time of year. polar jet stream dipping just below where it should for this time of year. outside currently doppler showing us that things are dry
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but we do have a lot of moisture that is working its way in. we are in between the front and the center of the low. so currently we are definitely going to see dryer conditions just for the next couple of hours but we are going to see it pick up in those showers by later tonight. as we take a look at those rainfall totals we can see above average rainfall for this time of the year. mill valley over an inch there. oakland almost an inch and a half of rain. i've got your seven-day forecast coming up and things will get dryer by the ends of next workweek. >> thank you, erika. b.a.r.t. riders. making the seats more narrow and train aisles wider. make sure the new seats can be clean as well. getting to one of san francisco's most famous landsmarks will take a bit more effort. the city will return to
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restricted weekend parking another coit tower this summer. visit the bottom of the hill and take a muni bus up to the top. the program will be in place until the ends of september. hikers and bikers now have access to a hidden gem in san francisco. today was the grand opening of the interior green belt park. it includes a half mile trail that leads to a magnificent view. the open space has been gated since the 1960s. visitors can now experience the great outdoors without leaving the city. well, she knew her cup cakes were a bomb. what she didn't know was how her recipe ended up on a bomb making website. who put it there and why. what happened when a bouncing house full of kids flew away.
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al-qaida... ilyas kashmiri --in line to succeed osama bin laden-- is believed to be one of nine militants killed yesterday in an american drone it could be another blow to al-qaeda. a man to succeed bin laden was killed yesterday in an american drone attack. he was the master mind in the terrorist attack in mumbai in 2008 that left 160 people dead.
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a fax believed to be sent by his followers is promising revenge. senior u.s. officials say they can't confirm he was killed. intriguing trick to confuse al- qaeda with cup cakes. one of the popular recipes was used by british spies as part of a cyber attack on the terrorist organization's computer. operation cup cake was replacing al-qaida's online bomb making instructions with the bakery's cup cake recipes. >> the bakery owners are no idea how their recipe was. so sweet to double o so sweet. that's cute. it made history with a splash landing in the hudson river. tonight the air bus is making one last journey to a museum in
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carolina. how the famous plane is still grabbing the public's attention. >> reporter: new jersey drivers are sharing the road with a piece of history. >> didn't think i was going to see the airplane on 21. >> reporter: the air bus 320 captain chesley sullenberger splashed landed on the hudson river. >> knew what he was doing. is he a good pilot, man. >> reporter: the so-called miracle on the hudson captured the world's attention in january 2009. >> go ahead. >> reporter: and the unusual journey u.s. airways flight taking to its original destination will be turning heads for the next several days. >> reporter: squeezing under bridges and negotiating narrow streets. all the damage caused to it when it landedded in hudson. >> frozen in time as it landed in the river. so we are not going to repair any damage that happened in the
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accident. >> reporter: the president of the museum where the plane will have a permanent home. some of the passengers helped unload everything from emergency exit doors to seat cushions. >> they have had a debate, was it a crash or landing. it was a crash when you see this stuff. >> reporter: it will arrive next saturday in charlotte with a reception for crew and passenger. another bit of aviation history. this one in new mexico today. 9-year-old bobby bradley became the youngest person to fly solo in a hot air balloon. a small crowd of friends and family gathered to watch the historic half hour flight. because of his age bobby had to fly a smaller hot air balloon. his parents are licensed pilots and trained him for the sola journey. it has happened again. a bounce house picked up by the winds and sent flying through the air. this time it was on a soccer
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field in long island. three of the houses got pushed across the field. one went airborne with children inside. 13 people were hurt by the injuries were minor. investigators now know what caused the e. coli outbreak in germany that sickened hundreds of people including for americans. charlie d'agata saying investigators are now trying to figure out where it started. >> reporter: this 12-year-old boy had to fight for his life after falling critically ill with the deadly e. coli bug. his kidneys failed. >> i feel better now he says but when i sit up i get dizzy. >> reporter: the world health organization says german investigators are now certain contaminated cucumbers, tomatoes, and/or lettuce are to be blamed for spreading bacteria. 95% of those infected ate one
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of those raw vegetables. spending time in germany in may including four americans who recently returned home. a festival in hamburgh. 17 people fell ill after eating in a restaurant. nearly 200 new cases reported in the last two days. and german health minister warns the cause of the infection may still be active. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. from san francisco to los angeles. kicking off tomorrow. weather permitting. bikers arriving for orientation today at the cal palace. splashing through the rain keeping their fingers crossed that it will be dry tomorrow for the 10th annual ride. thousands of cyclists raising money and awareness for hiv and aids services. let's ask erika martine. >> i feel like the most
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unpopular person today. >> need some sunshine. >> so right now we are seeing a break in the pattern. >> okay. >> the cold front has passed. all of that moisture has worked its way towards the east so now what we are seeing is a little bit after dry spell and then we are going to see that cold front. the rest of that low work its way into the region and that's what we can expect here by late tonight. only have a couple left for tonight. showers will make their way in. as we take a look at our high- def doppler we can see that we certainly do that have dry spot. here are those showers lingering over the region pushing towards the east. all that instability. all that moisture. then we will take a look at this low. we will see all of the energy lying underneath it. these are those showers we saw earlier. bands of moisture. energy. here is that low and this is where we are currently sitting right now. so we are seeing a dry spot right now but this is going to
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change. by tomorrow we will see those thunderstorms starting to build up. we will have cold air mass make its way over the region over some hotter air and that's going to cause the thunderstorms. bringing all the energy. we do have those shores starting later tonight into tomorrow and then those thunderstorms for tomorrow possibly lingering through monday. now, temperatures still ranging below average. oak land 64. concord the warmest. 69 degrees. not very warm at all. here is a look at our seven- day forecast. we are going to see those increasing clouds, temperatures still lingering. below average for today. chances of showers before monday. not very warm at all. then by tuesday we are going to get a little bit of a break there. temperatures increasing ever so slightly wednesday, thus and
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thursday then partly cloudy skies and maybe a bit of a break. >> we will take that. thank you very much, erika. >> gary is in tonight for kim coyle. good to see knew good to see you. i'm here. ready to roll. a lot going on. >> good. >> right to it. you promised me more than one minute. >> you get more than one minute. >> so here we are on cbs5 a lot more time. stanford and cal taking the diamond today in the d 1 baseball championships. the giants beat the rain and what caused jonathan papelbon to flip out? was it the as and their comeback? highlights from the marathon 14 inning game and a whole lot more. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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complete for the giants if they didnt place someone on the disabled list... brandon belt has a hairline fracture in his week wouldn't be complete for the giants if they didn't play someone on the disabled list. a hairline fracture. came off after a 22-minute rain delay. scoreless in the 5th. right into the colorado dugout. troy tulowitzki then trotted home. up 2 in the 6th. cody ross with his fifth home run of the season. there it goes out of there. ross. cool thing doing all this on his bobblehead day. there is his head bobbling around. bottom of the 9th. rockies up 2-1. final chance for the giants. crawford gave it a ride. running it down. ouch. that hurts if you're a giants fan. the rockies win 2-1. the giants fall half a game behind the diamondbacks in the west. you know it is a long day at the ballpark when you stand up and stretch and sing take me
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out to the ballgame twice. that's what happened today at fenway. coco crisp hit into the game ending double play. the ball goes under the glove of dustin pedroia. it just began for jonathan papelbon. conor jackson ripping that one down the third baseline. kicked off the glove of kevin youkilis. cocoa scored and right behind him is cliff pennington to tie the game up at 7. jonathan papelbon blew the lead then blew his lid. he may even get suspended for bumping the ump. ann, never bump the ump. can't do that. andrew bailey first saved chance of the year. after two strikeouts the first two by the two batters there. back-to-back doubles. red sox tie it up. another blown save for the as making it 8 on the season.
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j.d. drew the hero right here. bottom of the 14th single. red sox win the five-hour marathon 9-8 the as now losing five straight games. college baseball regionals in fulton. tommy in the house. sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. just ask this guy right here. fulton pitcher ramirez. look what i found. flips his glove behind him and snags that one. robs lonnie right there. scoreless notice 6th. stanford's player launching one off the billboards. third home run of the year. stanford beating fulton 1-0. one win away from advancing to the super regionals. california playing rice tomorrow. usf lost 4-3 to u.c. irvine taking on ucla in an elimination ballgame. softball action. 40th game of the season this morning. but came up short in the nightcap. florida scored three runs in
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the 3rd. gators went on to win 5-2 eliminating the bears from the college world series only four teams remaining. upsets and injuryies. finals. trying to make it back-to-back french open titles but she wouldn't have enough to get past the 29-year-old from china. she was just too good. how about that shot right there? 31 winners. taking the first set 6-4. then finishing it off in the second set winning the last nine points of the match to finally win her first major and maybe even more impressive she becomes the first chinese player, man or woman to ever win a grand slam. go from the clay to the grass. we go to ohio now. steve stricker finishing his round with a hole in one and birdie. today picking up right where he left off. right into the cup. that one was pretty nice. eagle on the par 4. stricker would add another eagle on the
11:26 pm
5th and lead by as many as six strokes. struggle down the stretch with three bogeys on the final holes. three listen shot lead over jonathan byrd going into the final round. more to counsel after the break. checking in on the earthquakes and the bruins were hoping to rattle the ice. and tie things up with vancouver in the stanley cup finals. keep it here. we are coming right back. ,,,,,,
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johnson was a member of the famous million dollar backfi john henry johnson passed away last night in tracy. he was a member of the million dollar backfield. 81 years olds. former shark back in the vancouver lineup for the first time since mid-march. third period bruins cling to go a 2-1 lead. alexandre burrows finds a wide open daniel sedin for his ninth goal of the post season. in case you blinked and missed the start of overtime here is how it ended. >> if it even went that far. here is alexandre burrows. takes the drive and around behind. scores. >> alexandre burrows' second goal of the night wins it 11 seconds into overtime. that's all it took. the canucks take a 2-0 series lead. grounds crew trying to keep
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the stadium from turning into a slip and slide. earthquakes hosting the houston dynamos. scoring. quakesquakes win 2-0 despite not having their forward who is playing for the national team in that lineup. that's your sports. >> that was it? we gave you enough time this time. >> enough time this time. got it all in. >> thank you. we will be right back. call themselves movers and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shakers for free speech. speech. about 200 people danced today at the jefferson me they call themselves movers and shakers for free speech. about 200 people danced today at the jefferson memorial to protest a court ruling which banned the activity. in 2008 police arrested more than a dozen people who did the same thing to celebrate the third president's 265th birthday. the courts upheld the arrest saying it detracted from the solemn atmosphere. today they dispersed before police could arrest them again. that's it for eyewitness news at 11 p.m. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. until then our updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,,,
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