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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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cancer may prevent the disease. facing the cameras, a congressman sets the record straight about tweeting inappropriate photos. will he be forced to resign? good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the raw chilling emotion of a grieg mother poured out this afternoon after police arrested a teen suspected of killing her baby boy. the gunman opened fire on a family driving home from a baby shower on wisteria drive in east palo alto yesterday. len ramirez on the terror, tears and breakthrough in the case. >> reporter: east palo alto police say they brought in every last officer available to investigate the case and several officers in the case. it resulted in the arrest of a 17 and 16-year-old suspect. officers admit they were emotionally affected by the
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case because of the victim. hobbled by gunshot ruined and crushed by the loss of her baby, yvonne garcia lopez came to a news conference to say she is thankful for one thing. >> really grateful to all the people who have helped for the apprehension of the perpetrators and i'm so grateful for the police department, everyone that has helped for the capture of these people. -- that killed my baby. [ crying ] >> reporter: early this morning, police arrested a 17- year-old boy who they say is depicted in this composite sketch in the fatal shooting of 3-month-old isaac jesus garcia lopez. they are olding a 16-year-old who may have been the second shooter. >> one of the subjects made a statement implicating himself in the homicide that we're investigating. that subject has been booked into san mateo county juvenile hall based upon his age.
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>> reporter: the shooting happened early sunday morning on wisteria drive. the garcia lopez family had been attending a baby shower at this house and were driving home when the gunman opened fire. >> we were going through and they shot us in the side. >> reporter: she was ride offing in the back seat with the baby and 4-year-old son. she tried to shield the children with her own body. >> tried to protect them as soon as i heard the gunfire. i protected the 4-year-old with my body and i thought i had protected my baby in the carseat but one of the bullets went into his head. i didn't even realize until i saw him crying and i was -- i saw him bleeding from his head. [ crying ] >> i took him out of the car seat and he had a hole in his head. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: the anguish and the tragedy, police say, was a case of mistaken identity. according to investigators, the 17-year-old was out for revenge after he was beaten up last
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week in redwood city by a sereno street gang. >> the suspect we arrested saw two individuals on wisteria that he believed to have been participating in the crime in redwood city. arming himself and his thus unidentified accomplice they went to wisteria drive. they fired upon the car as it was leaving the scene. >> reporter: yvonne garcia lopez and her 22-year-old husband and the father of the boys were both wounded in the shooting. the father is still in the hospital today. the case right now yvonne is being made in the building behind me by all the investigators. they are going to be presenting their case to the district attorney tomorrow morning to bring formal charges against the 17-year-old and they are still investigating against the 16-year-old who is being held on the weapons charge. they have not made the case officially against him in this
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murder. >> it's hard not to feel just so much emotion for that poor mother. len ramirez in palo alto, thank you. a disturbing discovery in a south bay neighborhood where the body of a woman was found stuffed inside air giant trash bag. police got a call about 10:00 yesterday morning about a suspicious bag tucked between bushes on ticonderoga drive. blood appeared to be coming from that bag and when officers went to look inside they say they found parts of a body. the autopsy is under way but police say the body is that of an adult hispanic woman. a search is being conducted for a man who attacked and robbed an elderly woman in santa clara county. a man posing as a pest control worker forced his way into a home on porter lane early on saturday. he attacked the 73-year-old woman, stole several pieces of jewelry. the woman is expected to be okay. so far police only have a rough description of the suspect, who got away in a white cargo van. there is a new alibi, the attorney for the man suspected
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of beating bryan stow now says there is video proving his client's innocence. today the lawyer for giovanni ramirez filed a motion to get surveillance video from a hollywood motel. he says it shows ramirez was not at dodger stadium the night of the attack in march. ramirez's daughter also says she spent that whole day with her dad. ramirez remains in jail on a parole violation. the reward to find a missing nursing student is growing. it's been 10 days since michelle le left class at a hayward hospital. no one has seen or heard from her since. police found her suv a half mile from the medical center. the reward rose to $65,000 today after contributions from her school and her employer. hayward police identified several persons of interest but did not arrest anyone yet. they are working with the fbi. in san francisco, fire investigators returned to the scene of a hours fire that killed two city firefighters last week.
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they are still not saying what they think started the flames. linda yee reports family members who lived in the home say they know what happened. linda. >> reporter: they do have their suspicions. but first, i want you to take a look at that bus behind me. just a few minutes ago, a busload of firefighters from around the country just arrived to pay their respects to the firefighters of station 26. all day, we have seen grateful public coming here with flowers and cards for the grieving firefighters. and meantime, that investigation does continue in that devastating house fire. reporter: fire investigators continue poring over every detail. the fire chief was also back on the scene trying to understand how her firefighters got trapped in the inferno. >> we do still have our team taking a look, putting all the pieces together in terms of not only cause and origin but what we think might have happened, where the members were, where tony and vince were when they went down. >> reporter: the family who lived in the house were also
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back thanking the firefighters and mourning for them, too. >> everybody is fine. just sad for the firemen. familiar list is to lose a fireman. just supposed to be a small electrical fire and it just got out of hand very quickly. so. >> reporter: investigators haven't said what caused the fire but the family thinks no. >> our vacuum cleaner started sparking and then just got the curtains on fire. >> reporter: it sounds like it could be -- >> it sounds like it could be that, as well. we are not revealing that at this point. that's what it's headed towards is my understanding. >> reporter: at station 26 the memorial to the fallen firefighters continues to grow. a moving tribute to lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter tony valerio. their gear sit among the flowers and thank you cards. >> thank you for doing this you guys are no problem. >> means a lot. >> reporter: firefighters from around the bay continue to help their grieving brothers and
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sisters. on this day, a barbecue lunch that will go to all the stations of the city. >> you know, it's gut-wrenching when something like this happens. the fire service is a tight- knit community so it affects all of us. this is the least we can do is come up and help these guys out. >> reporter: this is probably on your day off, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: all you from san jose? >> san jose fire, yeah. >> reporter: the mayor has ordered that coit tower be bathed in red light in honor of the firefighters. that begins tomorrow. thursday night, there will be a vigil for the fallen firefighters. and allen, on friday, they expect thousands of firefighters from around the country for funeral services. >> i'm sure it will be a tremendous outpouring on friday. all right, linda yee in san francisco, thank you. apple's steve jobs took center stage in san francisco this morning coming off medical leave to introduce a new product. [ applause and cheers ] >> it's not a new gadget. the icloud service will allow users to store their data using
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documents, photos and music on a remote server. most of the services will be free including storing music purchased on itunes, putting non-itunes music on the cloud will cost about $25 a year. but jobs says apple will still make that easy. >> we're scanning and matching your library so we didn't need to upload that large part of your library. and the few songs that remain, well, we'll upload them. >> jobs says the icloud system will automatically synchronize photos, documents and other files across all apple devices. no more sinking. the music features are available now. the other features are coming in the fall. well, a bombshell announcement from a u.s. congressman. >> to be clear, the picture was of me. and i sent it. >> after a week of denials, anthony weiner admits sent a lewd picture of himself to a
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co., a san francisco original. new york congressman anthony weiner admits it's all true. he did use twitter to send that lewd photo of himself to a college student and says there were others well but he says he is not going to resign. nicole collins on the bombshell that could lead to an ethics investigation. >> to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. >> reporter: congressman anthony weiner comes clean admitting he accidentally posted a lewd photo to his twitter account more than a week ago when he tried to send it as a direct message to a
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female college student in seattle. >> i took it down and said i had been hacked. >> reporter: it followed a week of lies told by weiner to the press and his family. >> i haven't told the truth. [ pause ] >> and i have done things i deeply regret. >> reporter: before weiner took the podium in a new york sheraton ballroom, conservative blogger andrew breitbart commandeered the mic. breitbart who published the image in question and what appears to be a shirtless photo of weiner on, claims of he has another x- rated photo of the congressman and while he didn't release it, he demanded an apology from weiner for trying to shift the blame. >> this was his strategy was to blame me, to blame me for hacking. oh, don't worry, breitbart's our regular whipping boy we can accuse him of anything and the press will not hold those journalists to account. >> reporter: breitbart got what he came for. >> i apologize to andrew breitbart. i apologize to the many other members of the media that i
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misled. i apologize first and foremost to my wife and to my family. >> reporter: congressman weiner admits to having inappropriate online relationships with six women over the past three years, some before his marriage and some during. the congressman says he and his wife plan to stay together. in washington, i'm nicole collins. the field of official republican presidential contenders just got a bit more crowded today. >> i'm ready to lead. i'm ready! [ applause and cheers ] >> in front of a hometown crowd, former two-term pennsylvania senator rick santorum made his white house run today official. santorum is considered a favorite among social conservatives. it's being hailed as a breakthrough, a breast cancer drug that treats the disease may also prevent it. dr. kim explains. mentally prepared for it physically prepared for it. you're not. >> families flee a massive
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wildfire in arizona. how close crews are to containing the flames tonight. from the cbs 5 weather center, the end is near! it's true! the end to the drizzle, the cloudy skies, we'll have your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues on the cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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low humidity and strong winds he the weather is making it harder for firefighters to fight a wildfire in arizona. low humidity and winds helped it grow to more than 300 square miles today. mountain communities along eastern arizona and the new mexico state line are evacuating. there is zero containment even though thousands of firefighters have been fighting this fire for more than a week. >> we have watched 100-foot wall of flame come over the top of you and those men and women are risking their lives every minute of it. thank god for them. >> so far flames destroyed four summer rental cabins. worse, high winds and lightning are in the forecast. this is the third largest fire in arizona's history. >> lord knows what our season is going to be like. >> the end is in sight. right now the city by the bay,
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the city of san francisco, we have mostly cloudy skies, a little bit of drizzle there, as well. but as we traverse 60 miles to the south, take a look at san jose where we have partial clearing of the skies. for your tuesday, as we were alluding to, there is an end. cloudy skies to kick-start the morning. partly cloudy during the day then fog at the seashore and bay. tonight overnight we are going to see these temperatures in the mid-40s. 60 in oakland at this hour, 60 in santa rosa. by the way, if you are out and about, partly cloudy conditions inland away from the bay. bayside at the coast filled in with mostly cloudy skies as this area of low pressure continues to affect our immediate area. sure for the most part, it's lifting to the north moving to the east taking the cloud cover with it. but some of the clouds linger around the vicinity. for the most part overnight we
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will see our skies become partly cloudy overnight as we dip between 45 and 51 degrees. tomorrow, your forecast panning out to partial clearing inland. some clouds lingering around pacifica back through moss and montera beaches. that's where the highs will stay in the mid-50s. but notice we are beginning to recover in our inland areas into the low 70s, 74 degrees will be that outside number and that will be pretty much right there in the fairfield and vacaville area, mid-60s around the bay and mid-50s at the seashore. repeat performance on wednesday. your warmest day of the workweek will be on thursday with full-on sunshine inland. but more of a summertime weather pattern with the clouds at the coast and then over the weekend notice, we have sunshine. this is day 2 of the life cycle ride. we'll keep you updated on the ride as they go 545 miles to los angeles. allen and elizabeth? >> all right. thank you. had some big news coming out of a medical conference in
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chicago. researchers say that they have a pill that can help prevent breast cancer. dr. kim mulvihill joining with us details. welcome back. >> kim. >> reporter: thanks. the drug is called aroma asin and aromasin. this pill may prevent breast cancer but let's look at the numbers. six years ago beth's doctors discovered she had abnormal cells growing in her breast tissue which could lead to cancer. >> i was extremely upset and stressed out and scared. >> reporter: a new drug already approved to treat breast cancer may actually prevent t researchedders studied more than 4500 post-menopausal women at moderately higher risk for planner. the study compared the drug to a placebo. the women's taking aromasin had a 56% lower risk of developing invasive breast cancer. >> i think this is going to begin the possibility of using these bugs for breast cancer
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prevention in post men no -- drugs for breast cancer prevention in post-menopausal women. >> reporter: but out of the thousands of women in the study, 32 women who took the placebo developed breast cancer compared to 11 who took the drug. that's a very small percentage in both groups. >> you would have to treat 94 healthy women with this drug, 94 women who would not otherwise develop breast cancer in order to prevent just one case of breast cancer. >> reporter: the representative of breast cancer action said the study didn't know if the cancer was just prevented or delayed. side effects are hot flashes, joint pain and fatigue. >> we are concerned that so many women, thousands and thousands of healthy women who wouldn't otherwise develop breast cancer are exposed to these side effects. >> reporter: now, this afternoon i spoke with national experts at the conference. dr. laura asterman of ucsf says while this drug provides women with another option, we need to
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define who is at higher risk of breast cancer before giving healthy women a powerful drug for prevention. we need a strategy to go after prevention, one that extends beyond drugs. it's not a be all, end all. talk to your doctor. thank you. some are calling it skyway robbery. what you really can expect to pay when you factor in all the those extra costs when you fly.
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>> reporter: from overhead bin space to exit rows the airline industry raked in $22 billion from a la carte fees last year. what does that mean? we asked our station controller who handles the travel expenses. a la carte i might accrue starting for business starts off with overhead bin space. >> $35. leg room $49. exit row $35. comfort blanket and pillows up to $15. perks like the airline club $50. meals up to $10. pets, $125. wi-fi, up to 15. and baggage up to $45. and the total is? >> $3 79. >> how much of that would i be reimbursed if i was traveling for cbs? >> probably just the baggage. >> reporter: while most folks won't have to pay all those fees, many incur as much as 50% of the total ticket cost and travel attorney alan in a lick says when it comes to baggage it's more complicated. airlines have changed the way
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they measure oversized bags catching even savvy consumers by surprise. >> you're going to be smart. you think by everybody bringing a little bigger bag you won't have to have two and the bigger bag just got you for $150 each way. >> reporter: he says that bag you have been traveling with for years may now be considered oversize. the airlines have started factoring in the wheels and handles when measuring. if the length, width and hide add up more than 62", it could be $300 roundtrip. the industry points out domestically $22 billion in fees only translated to about a 2% profit margin. and airlines need to make up for added costs, fuel and things like that. we'll hear more from the industry at 6:00. beware when buying the ticks. a $20 savings on expedia may cost more at the airport. price added fees along with fares and find a breakdown of those on our website,
5:26 pm >> thank you. i think. [ laughter ] >> now we know. >> don't mean to be the bearer of bad news. >> thanks, julie. a florida man got a bear of a scare this weekend. >> what did it look like? >> like a bear, black, big black bear, 300-pound huge bear. >> pretty scary. how the man got away without a scratch. tonight we'll have mandy clark with u.s. forces fighting in afghanistan, plus fresh information on how the president is planning to withdraw troops from there and iraq, then treating cancer, a new approach that has some exciting results. those stories on the cbs evening news. ,, [ female announcer ] for over 60,000 california foster children,
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what did it look like? a big black bear 300-pound huge bear. >> about 5 or 6 feet. >> looked like 800-pound big bear when it was a big bear. >> didn't stop to take pictures. [ laughter ] >> but this guy in florida says he escaped by running into his home got his gun, didn't need t neighbors saw what happened and call fish & game. that was that. well, coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00, some routine school forms get a bit too personal. why a california mother says how she gave birth is none of the school's business. >> a convicted prisoner is demanding and may get the state to pay for his sex change operation. all that and more at 6:00. >> caption colorado, llc


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