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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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free man tomorrow. a difficult father's day for brian stow's children. why the key suspect could be a free man tomorrow. >> we're staying strong and fighting for her. we're getting her back. >> after an extensive three-day search, there's no sign of michelle lay. the process of elimination. and a swan's tale with unfortunate twists and turns. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. the man suspected of beating giants fan brian stow could go free this week. he has a parole hearing tomorrow. >> reporter: giovanni ramirez could be set free tomorrow if a parole officer says a gun found
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at an apartment complex wasn't his. the state has to show that giovanni ramirez had knowledge that there was a gun in the household, which he did not. >> investigators arrested ramirez during the raid. >> there are going to be witnesses that say giovanni doesn't live there. the parole revocation hearing is not a trial, which means detectives won't have to prove very much to keep him locked up for a conviction not related to the beating case. >> if the state can show that it's just possible that it happened the way the police think it did, they're going to sustain it. >> he could be sentenced up to a year in state prison. that would allow the lapd to line up the case against him
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without showing their files to the district attorney's office. >> the parole board, even though they're supposed to be objective and looking at this independently of any investigation he might be under knows full well that he's a prime suspect in a brutal attempted murder. >> the lawyers had been -- about their strategy, offering alibis for their client, but it's said they may not believe some of those alibis and they submit polygraph tests to those witnesses. >> for whatever reason, if they think it should happen, i personally don't see a problem with it. i just don't like it. >> well, volunteers in the east bay today wrapped up three days of searching for missing nursing student michelle lay. there's no luck. lay disappeared after leaving the hospital in hayward. police classified her disappearance to a missing person -- to a homicide.
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they were focused on the niles canyons area. the goal is to eliminate areas for police to search. >> we're working with the hayward pd. they direct us on where to search, so our family, we don't flow the details as to why, but we trust in their expertise and why they're leading us in these specific areas. >> the voluntary searches for continue next weekend and for as long as necessary. a brush fire damaged some home this is afternoon. it broke out near highway 780. several buildings, including homes suffered damages from the flames. they had the blaze under control quickly and the cause is under investigation. a church pastor make as controversial move in one east bay community. we have the story from berkeley and why parishioners are objecting. >> reporter: if the pews looked
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a little empty, it's because a lot of parishioners are outside. >> we need to move on. it's like having two heads -- two pastors. >> protesters are upset about the loss of former pastor george dressman. he remained part of the parish. recently he was asked to leave where he had lived. >> it's always at the discretion of the pastor. i could say i know father john wouldn't make a decision like that arbitrarily. >> father john -- is the current pastor. >> we find his leadership style and ability to community indicate have been lacking. >> many people don't like the direction he's taking the church. >> it's slowly becoming prey of the most -- they say the church has cut back on social justice
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campaigns, like protesting nuclear testing and the death penalty. >> we tried to speak with father john, the current pastor. he didn't want to speak on camera, and he didn't have a statement to give. >> i think with a lot of good will we should be able to work things out. after all, we're christians. we're united in our faith in christ. >> i don't like it. that's not going to accomplish anything. especially church. to me, this is not respect. >> in berkeley,, anne makovec. >> they're supporting a measure passed by the assembly this month which is said to be taken up by a committee this week. it extends benefits to workers
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like sylvia lopez. she told us of her experience cleaning one home. >> reporter: there were rats. the dogs lived inside the house. there was trash everywhere. >> lopez says she's asking for the same protections other workers have, like safe working conditions, breaks, and overtime pay. labor laws passed in 1930s excluded domestic workers. today asemilyman tom -- responded on the early addition. >> we cut as much as we can. what the resolve is going to be, i don't know. i hope there's more of an honest communication than what happened in the past. >> he went on to say brown's veto angered people because they had no indication it was coming. brown arked the democrat's proposed wasn't valid. and vetoing it was the only way to proceed. don't count on catching a cab. cab drivers are planning a
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strike on tuesday. they're pro testing a series of policies by the city. among them, allowing cab companies to charge the drivers 5% for credit card transactions. the cabbies will have to fate for fare increases that were supposed to take effect august 1 august 1st. the increases could be delayed for another six weeks. new swan troubles at the palace of fine arts. the baby disappeared from the lagoon on thursday. a keeper believes a hawk killed 3-week-old -- bella had just returned to the lagoon after a month away, being treated for her injuries. in san jose, even with fewer officers, police promise to crack down on gang violence. the sergeant says the department is -- strictly to gangs.
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as of this weekend, there were already 27 homicides in the city this year. the highest in 20 years. police believe half of those murders are gang-related. >> this is another night of murder and terror. >> civilian casualties in libya, children among the dead. plus the threat that evacuated a passenger plane and halted all flights at a major u.s. airport. i hope you enjoyed this warm father's day. i've got your pinpoint forecast next.
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at killed civilian regrets the loss of any civilian life and doing all it can to protect the people of libya. >> nato apologizes for an air strike that kills civilians. children are among casualties. the fighting is heating up and tonight there's questions about
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u.s. involvement. republicans say it violated the war powers act. now more on the legal action to halt the conflict. this is the neighborhood where libyan government officials say a nato bomb deliberately killed nine civilians, including two children. >> this is another night of murder and terror and harra caused by nato. >> nato admits one of his -- missed target and may have caused civilian casualties. this comes as u.s. involve. in libya has reached a milestone. it's been more than 90 days since the first air strike, possibly putting the administration in violation of the war powers act, which requires the president to get permission from congress for continued military action. >> we're spending $10 million a day, part of an effort to drop bombs on gadhafi's compounds. >> but the white house insists
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it is complying with the act because there's no troops on the ground. >> i believe that president obama has complied with the law consistent in a manner with virtually all of his predecessors. >> the united nations are -- an outcome many lawmakers feel is necessary. >> if we fail against gadhafi, that's the end of nato. egypt is going to be overrun. >> they're using the war powers act to halt the conflict. >> the bomb squad swept through a u.s. airways flight in washington, dc today after a bomb threat. all passengers got off the plane safely. officials temporarily halted flights there while the bomb squad inspected all the luggage. they did not find any
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explosives, and the person accused of making the threat is in custody. there are still some delays for united passengers, but things are getting back to normal. a five-hour computer outage shut down the airline fry -- friday night. they blame the glitch on network connectivity issue. anyone planning to fly united today, print out your boarding pass at home instead of airport kiosk. six plus nineteen, equals time to celebrate. well, is it hot enough for you today? it's going to get hotter. . i've got your pinpoint forecast. stay tuned. ♪
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in plenty of green at the box office. "the green lantern," starring another superhero saga raked in plenty of green at the box office, the green lantern starring ryan reynolds opened at no. 1 earning almost $53 million. last week's top movies, super 8 dropped to second place. jim carey's -- crowds are gather gathered in the plaza
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this weekend. the juneteenth festival celebrates the end of slavery in the united states. people began celebrating this day in galveston texas in 1865. it's the date people learned there that slavery was over. this gathering has taken place for more than 25 years. certainly a hot day. i think there's more heat in early da's -- erika's forecast. the range between these temperatures, really, i worked on my forecast for about four hours, and i really could have kept working on it. there's so much out there in terms of temperature differences. week see mostly clear skies with a few clouds making their way over, but not much to talk about this. we can talk about this ridge making it into the region. it's just starting to set over
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the forecast region. to the east we have this low. so we're getting this northerly flow. we'll take a look at our current temperatures. we can see 91 for concord. santa rosa 87. pacifica, cooler there, 58 degrees. you just might want to take that considering how warm temperatures are. we've got this, inc. mostly clear sky for the coast and the bay. sunny skies for the inland area, so overall, we're seeing a pleasant evening. napa and fairfield, 75. here are your expected highs for tomorrow. we're seeing warm temperatures. remember the uv index is very high. we've got 77 for san mateo. as we work our way to brentwood, 95. antty i don't care, 95. i was conservative in these numbers because i want to take
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a look at how intense this solar -- s. here is your extended graft. we've got 90s for the next couple of days. very warm temperatures. dare i say triple digits. we just may see them in the inland areas, and that's just because temperatures are going to -- well, a lot of sun, of course, and as we tilt your way toward the sun, the officials summer season starts. here's the extended forecast, a little cooldown by the end of the week. temperatures are going to be very, very hot. >> we can get through the next few days. >> i think so. >> all right. dennis o'donnell is here. happy father's day. you have two beautiful kids. >> thank you very much. it was a great day, in fact. you talk about hot temperatures, i just got back from auburn this morning. upwards of 100 degrees, but it was a fun day to be in the lake. >> good. back to the business of sports, the as going for a
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opened their run at the college world series against the top team in the nation... virginia... " " lights the cal baseball team opened against the top team in the nation. virginia. >> the story is great. we actually joked with it at the start, if we make it this far, they will make a movie out
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of it. >> lights, camera, action. it's his first appearance in 12 years at berkeley. >> cal's defense kept them in the game. virginia could not cash in. line drive to left, caught by bunker. it stayed that way into the seventh inning. virginia takes a 1-0 lead. 2-0, virginia in the eighth. king lines one just out of the reach of chad bunting. they go on to win 4-1. the bears next play tuesday in a loser's bracket. another loss and they're done. >> i think we've got them right where we want them. from here on out, everybody is going to be coming off a loss and we're going to be coming off a win. that's when we were at our best. >> cal being here is one of the best things that could happen for college baseball.
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i think it sends a message across the country that there's a lot of programs that really care about their baseball programs. you know, i was just glad we had an opportunity to play them today and fortunately fortunately we won. >> you have to think brian say yap is making a lot of calls. trevor cahill, winless in his last several starts. nate schierholtz comes around to score, and the giants lead 1- 0. nothing can end a pitching slump better than facing the giants' offense. cahill strikes out the side in the fourth. retired ten straight at one point and with the bullpen overworked, cahill gives them -- strong innings. the routine popup turns into a
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great catch by burress after crawford lost it in the sun. coco crisp knocks in a hit. the rookie had three more hits today. he's hitting .364 since being called up. landon powell crush as fastball, his first how were of the year. it ends up being the difference. how about this, the as win 2-1. they sweep the giants. oakland under the great -- has now won five straight. tiger woods is not playing this week, but rory mcilroy has turned in a tiger performance, leading by eight strokes going into the final round. tiger held a four-stroke lead in the masters and blew up with an 80 and lost. on his practice range this morning, he hit the cart that collects range balls. no harm done. he had a laugh. don't know about the cart guy.
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the first round tells a lot. he jars his put to go 15 under par. any nerves were settled there. mcilroy's play has been -- all week. he would make another birdie to increase his lead to ten strokes. time to get the history books ready. mcilroy put on a performance reminiscent of tiger at pebble beach where he won by 15 strokes. mcilroy's tee shot at ten, but when you're hot, you're hot. the ball goes down the slope, stopping inches from the hole at 17 under he's enjoying life. at 18, the drama far removed, he taps taps in for par. final score, a u.s. open record, 16 under par, 268, the 22-year-old wins his first major championship and
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celebrates with dad. mcilroy finished 8 shots better than jason day. they were the top americans, making two straight opens now for northern ireland. >> a lot of pints of guinness going down. >> he said they kept the pubs open late last year, they will probably do it this year. >> i hope so. i know my friends will be partying and i can't wait to get back and join them. >> so the debate on the radio is is he going to be the next tiger woods. from an american perspective, he's not going to have the same exposure because he plays in europe. the next time you will see him is in a major. >> all right. well, that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30 we hope to see you back here in half an hour. happy father's day to all the dads out there. good-night. ,,,, [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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