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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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question in the san bruno blast. its own crew installed the failed pipeline. new concerns about other projects. plus, it's the second day of summer and we are still feeling the heat. conditions are ripe for fire danger, but some relief is on the way. good morning, it's wednesday, june 22. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. and get ready for the big cooldown i guess, right? >> i know. it was so fleeting. it was like summer for two days. >> i like it that way. you get a little heat, though, comes in and moves out, finally cools things off and we are starting to see cooler temperatures around the bay area today. the fog and low clouds have moved in along the coastline. today in san francisco, much cooler at 67 degrees with partly cloudy skies. oakland you have 76, sunshine there. 86 in san jose. still hot though in concord at about 93 degrees this afternoon. much cooler weather is on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. we have a traffic alert in
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san jose. northbound 87 by san carlos street overturned car blocking a lane. this is a growing hotspot. we also have fog in stretches including across the golden gate bridge. we'll show you life look coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. pg&e answers a key question in the san bruno blast. its own crew installed that failed pipeline and anne makovec is in san bruno with new concerns and the admission that's raising those new concerns. >> reporter: the question is what other pipelines of pg&e's did this particular crew work on and what exactly did they use as material in some of these pipelines? we know that the pipeline here in san bruno that blew up some of the sections apparently were used from metal back in 1944 rather than pg&e purchasing a full piece of new pipeline. it's all part of the ongoing investigation into the explosion. pg&e released 225,000 pages of new documents this week on the
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history of its pine lines, who worked on them, when, and what they used as material. but even this document dump is not complete because pg&e as we have been reporting has had a lot of problems finding all their records. these new documents reveal a history of new welding problems in their pipes including line 132, which exploded in san bruno on top of the faulty recordkeeping that pg&e already admitted. to you may remember the utility listed the line that exploded here in san bruno as seamless when it turns out it had a patchwork of welds and different sort of metals. it was a pg&e crew who put it together, not an outside contractor. the testing methods also coming into question this morning. it turns out according to the "mercury news" that pg&e had used what's called a soapy water test putting very soapy water into the lines and then seeing if you could see the bubbles coming from the welds and that was supposed to prove
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whether or not the welds were sufficient. well, state regulators and the ntsb have been asking pg&e to use a more stringent testing such as sending robots into the pipelines or using high pressure water tests. of course, it's all under investigation and pg&e is not saying much until they get their records intact. frank? >> you said all that paperwork if it was stacked up would go how high? >> reporter: 75 feet. that's how tall all of the documents if you line them all up would be what a challenge for the regulators to go through this and figure it out. obviously for pg&e, especially when they are rounding up all these documents from different offices instead of having them all in one comprehensive area. it's quite the process. >> it makes you wonder, all the pipeline in the country that's been buried for a quarter century to a half century, just knowing what condition it is, it's -- it's pretty crazy.
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>> reporter: yeah. people have not paid a lot of attention to these things in the past. we are going to talk in the next half hour about some other leaks in similar pipelines that we have seen around the bay area. so stay tuned for that. >> okay, anne. anne makovec she is live in san bruno. anne, thanks. no budgets, no pay for state lawmakers, that's the word. the state controller is withholding paychecks until there is a balanced budget. they got work to do. john chiang says the democrats' budget plan would have spent nearly $2 billion more than it took in. he says many parts of it were miscalculated or unfinished. there's already talk though of a lawsuit to challenge his ruling. doctors at san francisco general hospital plan to give us an update today on bryan stow's condition. the giants fan has been in critical condition since he was attacked just outside dodger stadium on march 31st. meanwhile, l.a. police continue to investigate this case. the prime suspect has been sent back to prison on a parole violation but he has not been
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charged with the attack. the family of missing nursing student michelle le is now hiring more help. le's cousin says the family has the frame group of private investigators on the case. the goal is to help develop information about her whereabouts. the private investigator is expected to seek out anyone who saw the woman who vanished in hayward nearly four weeks ago. if you like this hot weather, support on the way. >> cooling down a bit but it's still hot. there is a heat advisory today for the bay area. kristy seifkin is in pleasanton with some hints on how to void problems. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: good morning. here in pleasanton at mission plaza where at 5 a.m. it's already reading 70 degrees outside and only going to get warmer later on today. we hit the triple digits yesterday. a little cooler today but doesn't expect to adjust to the heat quite yet. we talked to the head of the emergency room at contra costa hospital yesterday who said it can take four to five days to adjust to the changes in temperature and it can take
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even longer for children. and since kids can be particularly sensitive to heat, we caught up with some kids who were at the concord tennis camp yesterday who were sweating through a very hot practice. so the children that we spoke to yesterday were certainly having a tough time with the heat. they were saying needed to drink extra water and the coach was taking time for them to rest off to the side but it's not just children who need to be worried about the heat. everyone should be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion. you can see if you're feeling tired, nauseous, any redness in the face, those are certainly symptoms of heat exhaustion and even more severe symptoms if you stop sweating or start feeling disoriented, those are signs that you need to seek medical attention. now, contra costa health center has also told us that the air- conditioner is the best way to beat the heat but, of course, if you are cost conscious right now as many of us are and don't want to spend the money on the air conditioners, there is always a movie theater or library as a cool escape.
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back to you. mother nature's air- conditioning starting to kick in. we are seeing the sea breeze and the low clouds and fog but it's going to take some time to work its way into the valleys so yeah, it will be hot there once again. toward the coastline though we have some patchy fog right now. some of that dense right at the surface near the beaches. numbers right now you have 50s and foggy into pacifica. san francisco you have some partly cloudy skies with some fog especially in the south san francisco area. but clear inland and the warm temperatures in the livermore valley, you have 67 degrees. now, by this afternoon, again, many places moving up into the 90s in the interior spots. 95 one of the hotter spots into fairfield. about 93 into concord and livermore. inside the bay cooler temperatures here much cooler out at the coastline. and cooler temperatures en route for the entire bay area. we'll let you know more about that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. it sounds like this accident in san jose is in the clearing stages. now. northbound 87 approaching san carlos street. for a while they had a couple of lanes blocked. there was an overturned accident in this area. sounds like minor injuries. we are not sure if chp just
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left the scene or they are clearing the scene. there may be a few flares in the road but never caused backups because of course it's still early. all of our sensors across the south bay showing top speeds this morning so no major issues on 101, guadalupe parkway okay now as you head through -- through downtown san jose. 280 heading out of downtown no problem. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain on time. back to you. >> thank you. you might remember the story we told you, u.s. airways pulled a passenger off at sfo because of maggie pants but now there was a -- because of baggy pants. but now there was a half naked cross-dresser that was no problem. we have a picture to prove it. jill tarlow got a passenger to pose for her before they got on a flight from florida to phoenix on u.s. airways. the man wearing a woman's bathing suit bottom among other things black lace thigh high stockings, high heels. tarlow says there were
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complaints on the plane but u.s. airways told her the passenger was okay since no part of his anatomy was showing. >> i just kept thinking to myself, what if i was wearing that outfit? what if, you know, i was in the same outfit. would u.s. airways not ask me to cover up? >> they might. the incident happened just a few days before deshon marmon was forced off the u.s. airways flight in san francisco because of his saggy pants. marmon's lawyer says it was a cast of racial discrimination. you got to think, there must be some sort of protocol that they have that they follow because we had that frontier airline disabled person tried to get on the plane, the pilot said no, you can't. he waited a couple of hours and got on another plane. >> just comparing the two the baggy pants versus the purple bikini bottom, to me it just seems like they are both inappropriate. so either way you go, maybe you should be careful. >> the baggy pants things seems
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to be a trend. kids wear them, bu -- >> i'd probably end up sitting next to that man, coming down the aisle, hi, how are you doing. 5:10. president obama addresses the future of afghanistan. we have a live report from washington. the tough challenge he faces bringing our troops back home. black market transfers costing muni a lot of money. how they are cracking down with the help of our investigation. a frat house is gutted. how san jose state is stepping in to help students who lost everything and the special item that survived the flames coming up. ,,,,
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introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. marina district. this morning, we are learning the identity of the body found with a trail of
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blood in san francisco's marina district yesterday. 20-year-old dennis knowlton of washington state was found floating in the water yesterday. police are investigating it as a homicide. neighbors told police they saw two young men living out of a car in the area recently. investigators are focusing on a green volvo that had washington plates and a sticker traced to an air force base outside olympia. san jose state is setting up a relief fund for the 28 fraternity brothers whose fraternity was gutted in a huge fire. yesterday's morning fire started in the laundry room. some tried to put it out with extinguishers but it was out of control as it went to the attic. all the students got out safely. kappa sigma house a total loss. a few items were salvaged including a guitar. it's a crime cbs 5 cameras caught on time. now san francisco police have made some arrests.
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the crime, counterfeiting and selling muni transfers. our investigation found people selling tickets on the street. police say the illegal sales are crossing muni thousands every week -- are costing muni thousands every week. now two men are accused of counterfeiting those tickets on a home on 18th street. >> all the paraphernalia was there. there was a single laptop, cutting devices to cut them properly. there was even computer programs that help you print things. they had the special paper that was needed. >> confiscated 287 counterfeit tickets. they sell them for a buck each on the street but they were selling so many of them that they think they were bringing about $500 a day, which is pretty good money considering it's only a dollar each illegally. $2 legally. >> thursday of story. >> yes. >> a couple of days ago, right? >> yeah. now they are cracking down on the other side. if you buy them illegally you can get fined $75 the first time, $500 the third time. >> were they selling them on
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the streets? >> oh, yeah. all day. just right out in the open. >> well, okay. 5:14 now. the cal bears keeping their college world series hopes alive. how the team came back in game2. we have highlights coming up. plus we'll go live to washington with a preview of the president's big speech on afghanistan that we are expecting tonight. the tightrope he is walking bringing our troops home. travel time, cleared for take-off at sfo today. patchy fog this morning, sunshine this afternoon. 72 degrees. if you are heading to the south, though, we are looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms, some delays expected this morning heading in that direction. a hot 92 degrees and the rain and thunderstorms continuing there. heading first east we'll also see some clouds and the possibility of some more showers as you head in toward the atlanta area, even the possibility of some thunderstorms. so watch out for that today. could be a little bit bumpy. we'll have your local forecast coming right up. ♪
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so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. during a prime time speech tonight. president obama plans to lay out the next steps for the war in afghanistan during a prime time speech tonight. >> joel brown is live in washington, d.c. and joel, the president is bringing some of the troops home but some people aren't happy that he seems to plan to do this in stages, right? >> reporter: yes. it took a few weeks for the president to settle on a number but here's what he plans to announce tonight. we are talking about the 33,000
5:19 am
troops he ordered back to afghanistan in the surge. 10,000 would be withdrawn in two phases by the end of the year. 5,000 troops would be withdrawn in the next couple of months and the next 5,000 in the months after. that would leave about 23,000 surge troops in afghanistan. the president plans to have them out by the end of 2012. >> and how does that register back home with his critics who say, let's just get out altogether? it's time. >> reporter: there are many americans who want to get out of afghanistan period. the most recent polls show most americans want this war over now. one of the president's top allies the top democrat on the armed services committee said yesterday insisting on a withdrawal of 15,000 troops and the president's only going to be calling for 10,000 this year so there are certainly many probably on both sides of the aisle who are going to be disappointed with the president's announcement tonight that believe he is not
5:20 am
moving fast enough. >> joel, is there any the target date that we'll have all the troops out by, you know, 2012, 2013? >> yeah. u.s. officials say the scaling back in afghanistan is going to last three years. the president hopes to have afghans completely in charge of their own security by 2014. at least that's the goal. >> the whole idea was to get bin laden. they have done that. so we'll see what happens. joel brown is live in washington. joel, thanks. the president's speech is set to begin today at 5:00. you can watch it live right here on cbs 5 as well as on our website, good morning, temperatures now beginning to come down. the sea breeze kicking in. that's bringing with it more fog and low clouds outside along the coastline today. some of that dense at the beaches. and sneaking inside the the bay, as well. still clear inland and very mild temperatures there. hot in some spots inland today but you have to look harder to find it. some mid-90s the warmest spots
5:21 am
inland. milder inside the bay. and a mix of sun and clouds at the coast. high pressure starting to slide eastward. we are going to see more of a sea breeze kicking in carrying it more fog and low clouds in the coming days and temperatures will drop. you want sunshine? you will find it inside the bay. 89 degrees and warm in morgan hill. 82, sunny in fremont. 78 degrees in san mateo. east bay numbers still on the hot side up into the mid-90s into brentwood, antioch and 93 in livermore. as you look toward the north bay, you will find some sunshine except at the coastline, patchy fog there going to keep it cooler. 50s and 60s. next couple of days we'll cool down the temperatures, probably head to below normal into the weekend with more fog and low clouds on the way. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here's liz. >> thanks, tracy. -- that's a look at weather. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. obviously fog an issue and causing some visibility problems for the golden gate bridge. there is no official fog advisory. do want to let you know that.
5:22 am
chp didn't issue one for any bridge. visibility slow north- and southbound on 101. watch out for that commuting through marin. northbound guadalupe parkway near 280, accident is cleared. chp left the scene. for a while two lanes were blocked. it was an overturn accident. for right now, 280 and 101 in this and quiet. there is a lot of fog on highway 1 in pacifica, also portions of daly city so again fog our biggest traffic story right now. to the east bay, see what's going on there. not much. roadwork from high street to the embarcadero. various lanes blocked until 6:00. bay bridge roadwork on the lower deck but no major delays heading into oakland or san francisco. that's your traffic and weather. >> thank you. a new kind of debit card is
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debuting in the bay area. we'll toll you how to score serious cash but there is a catch. >> always a catch. the cal bears closer to the college world series win. highlight of yesterday games as well, stick around. ,, hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel!
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it's the first debt kind in fact nation. a san francisco neighborhood is giving residents a new incentive to shop local. neighbors launched bernal bucks in the bernal heights area. it's a debit card issued by a credit union. it gives customers 5% back and it can be spent at participating shops in the area. cool stuff. all right. uc-berkeley baseball team alive and well in the college world series. >> the bears beat texas a & m yesterday in a soggy 7-3 victory, the team's first win on college baseball's grand stage in more than 30 years. tomorrow they play virginia the top seed which beat the bears in the openers. but if they win that one they move on. quite the dream season for a team that nearly got cut. lost everything. you will have to bust out the
5:27 am
gold tie again, frank. it is 5:26. no pants, no problems. the skimpy outfit allowed on a u.s. airways plane just days before a man was kicked off just for wearing saggy pants. >> and parking got more expensive in the south bay. we'll tell you about the new rate hikes coming up. confusion not only about what kind of pipes pg&e has in the ground for its natural gas lines but also who might have installed these pipes. the latest on the pg&e document dump this week coming up. and i'm kristy seifkin here at mission plaza in pleasanton where it's already 72 degrees early in the morning. going to be another hot day inland. i'll give you some tips in a bit for keeping cool. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's hump day. good morning. it's june 22nd. it's summer. who cares. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. you know, i really enjoyed yesterday. and we have one guy to thank for this. >> well you know, lawrence karnow didn't get a lot of love a couple weeks ago. but now -- >> he is the man. >> in the middle of spring nobody loved me but things are nice the last couple of days.
5:31 am
but things are cooling down and low clouds and fog have moved in, some of this thick at the beaches. this afternoon much cooler, 67 in san francisco, sunny and 76 in oakland, about 86 and sunny in san jose. yeah, no triple digits inland but still hot into concord at 93. expecting some cool weather on the way more on that in just a bit. right now it's traffic time with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. no major hot spots now but we are dealing with fog. check the live picture of the golden gate bridge. visibility at issue this morning if you are coming into san francisco from marin. more traffic in a bit. all right. guys, thank you. this morning, pg&e admits its own crews installed that pipeline that exploded back in september in san bruno and anne makovec with why that's now raising concerns about some of pg&e's other projects. she joins us now with more. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. pg&e is trying to figure out what other lines that
5:32 am
particular crew may have worked on. they are also looking at the materials that were used. instead of buying new pipe online 132, pg&e decided to use parts from other pipes and weld them together, include a part of a pipe from 1944. this is all part of the ongoing investigation the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes last september. they revealed 225,000 documents. the pg&e has already admitted to faulty recordkeeping. you may remember the utility listed this line as seamless when it turns out it had a patchwork of welds. and it was a pg&e crew who put it together not an outside contractor as previously believed.
5:33 am
another disturbing element of these new documents, leaks caused by weld problems, including some reported elsewhere in the bay area, in san jose in 2010, in oakland in 2005, and in san rafael in both 1997 and 1998, leaks again found to be caused by weld problems. so we have a lot of history to go through with pg&e when it comes to where are these welds, where did the crews work, what exactly did they use? and how much of these records can pg&e even find? because even though they found all of these thousands of pages of documents, which add up to about 75 feet tall of just paper, this is not all of the documents that they need to be materializing for this investigation. so it's a real mess. frank? >> a real mess. i think that's a good way to sum it up. my guess is you're going to be doing this story for the next five years, anne. >> reporter: we have been really digging into this since
5:34 am
the explosion last september and new information just keeps coming out. so yeah, this is going to be an important story for our safety all over the bay area as it goes on. >> yeah. indeed. okay, anne makovec live in san bruno, thank you. you might remember the passenger booted over saggy pants. now u.s. airways has allowed a nearly naked man to fly. jill tarlow asked this passenger to post for a photo before they got on the flight from florida to phoenix. the man was wearing a women's bathing suit bottom and matching top, black lace thigh high stockings and high heels. tarlow says there were complaints but u.s. airways told her that the passenger was okay to fly since no part of his anatomy was showing. >> i thought to myself, what if i was in the same outfit. would u.s. airways not ask me to cover up? >> thens didn't happened just a few days -- the incident
5:35 am
happened just a few days before deshon marmon was forced off a flight in san francisco because of his saggy pants. marmon's lawyer says it's a case of racial discrimination. she brings up a good point, too. if it was her wearing it. >> certainly got people talking that, that's for sure. i venture he didn't have trouble goi through tsa. you, go ahead. crazy. this morning we get an update from doctors at san francisco general hospital on the condition of injured giants fan bryan stow. the santa cruz man has been in critical conditions since he was attacked outside dodger stadium last march. the prime suspect in the beating has been sent back to prison on a parole violation. giovanni ramirez has not been charged in the attack. wee have warm weather. >> hard to sleep at night when it's 80 degrees. temperatures hitting record highs yesterday. kristy seifkin is in pleasanton
5:36 am
with ways to avoid health problems from all of this heat. i'm not complaining, though. >> reporter: you like the warm weather, then. i have to agree about sleeping through the hot weather. it is tough. the good news is we are starting to cool down but it's going to be hot in pleasanton and inland. already 72 degrees is the reading here on the temperature gauge at mission plaza. and good news is it is going to get cooler but don't expect to adjust to the cool weather quite yet because it's still going to be hot. we talked to the head of the emergency room at contra costa medical who said that it takes four to five days to adjust to large changes in temperature. and those changes affect kids most strongly. and since kids are most sensitive we caught up with a couple of kids at the concord tennis catch yesterday as they were sweating through a very hot practice. >> when i first started playing, i had lots of energy. but like at the end of the day, feels like just sitting on a couch and die. >> they are more tired. we make sure they get water and we sit in the shade as much as
5:37 am
possible. they get through it as long as we step up the amount of water and rest they get. >> reporter: and even if you're not exercising outside, it's still important to be aware of the heat outside and of the signs of heat exhaustion and those include being tired, being nauseous, redness in the face. and if you actually stop sweating entirely or if you start feeling disoriented, those are signs that you need to seek medical attention. the contra costa health services told us air- conditioning is the best way to beat heat but we know people are cost conscious and certainly might not want to turn the air conditioner on. so if you must escape to the movie theater or to the mall, the cdc also recommends drinking clouds before you get thirsty and to avoid fluids with alcohol and sugar because they can dehydrate you. back to you. >> at least it's a dry heat. back on the east coast it was soaking wet. here it's dry, it's okay. >> thank you, kristy seifkin.
5:38 am
it has been warm but sounds like it's not going to be as hot today. >> the big cooldown. we are out of 100, which is good and in the 90s and the 80s, i guess, huh, lawrence? >> yeah. many spots inland you will see 90s but you will have to search harder for it. remember yesterday we had 80s even 90s around the bay and at the coast was great and clear but the fog has moved back onshore. and the sign of the sea breeze kicking in as high pressure is weakening somewhat. that's our natural air- conditioning here in the bay area kicking in and cooling off the temperatures. it's cooling at the coast but that cool air isn't working inland yet. so it's going to be hot interior spots today. it will take another day before the cool marine air gets there. plan on 93 in livermore, 59 fairfield, 93 concord, 70s and 80s around the bay. and some cool 60s out toward the coastline. numbers will continue to drop toward thursday and friday. as a matter of fact the weekend we are expecting more fog and low clouds and the way. keep those temperatures way down from just a couple of days
5:39 am
ago. that's the latest weather. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. actually not much changed in the last 10 minutes or so. we are still doing well. live look near mckee. we have a photographer standing by showing you north- and southbound traffic on 101. we're on twitter now so if you are driving out there you notice a hotspot, you can check us out on twitter. check out the latest conditions or let us know what's going on@cbs 5 traffic. let's go to the maps and show you what else is going on on the bay bridge. nice and light, metering lights looks good across the upper deck. roadwork on the lower deck towards oakland. giants game later on tonight. they take on minnesota. frank, is that right? >> the twins. >> okay, thanks. 7:15. so watch out for extra delays near at&t ballpark but for right now, your silicon valley ride looks great. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. another search is scheduled this weekend as michelle le's family continues looking for
5:40 am
the woman who disappeared nearly four weeks ago. le's family is hiring more help. le's cousin says they have a group of private investigators on the case to help develop information about her whereabouts. the p.i. is expected to seek out anyone who can help find the nursing student who vanished in hayward. san francisco police are asking for help in the city's latest homicide. a man's bodies would found in the marina district yesterday. he was 20-year-old dennis knowlton of/limp yeah, washington. -- olympia, washington. yesterday neighbors told police that he saw two young men living out of a car in the area in recent weeks. the car had washington plates and a sticker traced to an air force base just outside of olympia. a relief fund now set up for the dozens of fraternity members left homeless by that big fire near san jose state. yesterday morning's fire may have started in the laundry room there at the fraternity. it destroyed the kappa sigma house at san jose state.
5:41 am
all the members get out safely but lost their belongings. the estimated damage caused $1.7 million. neighboring frat houses have offered temporary housing and help as well. 5:41. thousands of troops set to come home from afghanistan. the exit strategy president obama plans to roll out today. plus, black market muni transfers. how police have busted part of a counterfeit operation with the help of our investigation. all coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. rding the war in afghanistan. the president is set to deliver he president obama appears ready for a change of course regarding the war in afghanistan. the president is set to deliver a prime time speech to the nation this evening. he is expected to announce
5:44 am
plans to withdraw about 10,000 u.s. servicemembers from afghanistan within the next year. sources say the first 5,000 are likely to leave the country this summer. the white house for now is being a bit more vague. >> the president identified in december of 2009 the forces would begin to draw down in july of 2011. he is keeping that commitment. >> you can watch the president's address live right here on cbs 5 beginning at 5 p.m. no budget, no pay for state lawmakers. state controller is withholding paychecks until they get a balanced budget. yesterday, john chiang said the budget has been nearly $2 billion more than it takes in. he said many parts are miscalculated or unfinished. there's already talk of a lawsuit though to challenge his ruling. governor brown meanwhile vetoed the proposal by state lawmakers and now he is preparing an alternative budget plan. he told democratic lawmakers he would present it to them today.
5:45 am
he may come up with a plan with no tax increases. it would need support from two republicans in each house if it had tax increases. we are looking at a cooler day in part for the bay area. we are going to drop the temperatures down somewhat, check it out. this is a great shot for you. the transmeasure building at 850 feet looking down toward the financial district in san francisco. see that low cloud deck of fog? the sign of the sea breeze cooking in, and that is going to help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area. but it's going to take a while for that cool marine air to work further inland. so temperatures still very mild in many of the interior valleys. up into the 60s. you get inside the bay cooler with patchy fog there. of course patchy dense fog at the coast. no triple digits inland for today. a stronger sea breeze will kick in over the next few days. that will carry with it that
5:46 am
cool air moving further onshore each day as high pressure really going to start as to slide eastward. that will usher in cooler than normal temperatures around the bay area. so not hot today. we had 100 degrees yesterday in consumer report. should be 7 degrees cooler today at 93. 10 degrees cooler in san jose. a 12-degree drop in san francisco temperatures at 67 degrees. so you get the idea that cool air beginning to work its way onshore but still some very warm temperatures in many spots. 86 in san jose. 82 palo alto. but you're looking the 60s at the coastline with that patchy fog. hot in the valleys. 59 in brentwood. 93 in pleasant hill. 70s into oakland a stronger sea breeze there by the afternoon. 80s and 90s well inland in parts of the north bay. at the coast mainly into the 60s. next few days those
5:47 am
temperatures start to drop. cooler than normal into the weekend and we'll keep it that way. let's check your traffic with elizabeth. bark outside, once again to our photographer standing by to the mckee exit this morning. given another hour we'll see a little extra con is at those northbound lanes. southbound traffic is fine just fine, as well. ings with wound 580 out of the altamont pass, from 205 to 680 and the dub interchange. looks okay through livermore. speeds pick up pleasanton at the dublin interchange. westbound highway 4 just a couple of slow sensors here past a street. make your way towards hillcrest. let's talk about the fog.
5:48 am
vis i want an issue on the golden gate bridge. westbound traffic gets by fine. san mateo bridge good in the commute direction. 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. caltrans watching out for the highway workers especially overnight when we see a lot of that roadwork. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. they are all on schedule. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic and your
5:49 am
weather. back to you. >> thank you. pg&e's crews installed the pipeline that exploded in san bruno not outside contractors. as part of the investigation, state regulators ordered the company to release hundreds of thousands of pages of company records. bryan stow's doctors will give an update on his condition this morning. the giants fan was attacked on opening day this past march in l.a. he is listed in critical condition. gifts gifts gifts and her husband astronaut husband are writing a memoir together to cover their courtship as well as the shooting in tucson last january and its aftermath. the city council of san jose approved changes to rates at city-operated parking garages. starting july 1 three garages will start charging a $5 flat rate on saturdays. at san pedro square a $5 flat
5:50 am
rate goes up to $7 on major events at hp pavilion. and on top of that standard weekday and week night rates are going up. visitors will still get two hours of free parking with validation from downtown businesses. first it was at&t. now verizon wireless is about to end its unlimited data plan. starting next month the company will move toward a usage-based model. verizon says the price adjustments will be minor and customers who are already under contract will not be affected. at&t was the first company to drop its unlimited plans last year. last month t-mobile did the same thing. today is the first day of the alameda county fair celebrating its 99th year. tickets start at $6.
5:51 am
if you are having trouble falling asleep we'll tell you how you can get to sleep faster. a big crackdown this morning on counterfeit muni tickets when we come back. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant.
5:52 am
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in a cbs five investigation: the crime: counterfeiting and selling muni transfers. our san francisco police have made an arrest in a crime we highlighted in a cbs 5 investigation. that crime was counterfeiting and selling muni transfers. our investigation found people selling tickets on the street. the illegal sales could be costing muni thousands of dollars a week. now, two men are accused of counterfeiting tickets in a home on 18th street.
5:54 am
>> all the paraphernalia was there. a single laptop, there was cutting devices so they can cut them properly. there was even computer programs that help you print things. they had the special paper that was needed. >> so when arresting those two men, police confiscated 287 counterfeit tickets. they sell them for about a buck each on the street. and they belief the counterfeit operation was raking in $500 a day. cal's baseball team is sleeping well tonight no doubt after finally getting a win. the bears are staying alive in the college world series. yesterday, they captured their first cws victory since 1980 beating texas a & m 7-3. they will play virginia tomorrow in an elimination game. virginia beat cal on sunday 4-1 in the opener but cal held them scoreless for quite a while so hopefully they can beat the top seed and continue on. >> go, bears. they are the best of the best. >> they are. the top sports franchises just
5:55 am
named by espn. the magazine. >> number one we have the green bay packers. the san jose sharks are 13. the san francisco giants came in at 19. the athletics at 84. the warriors came in at 89 followed by the 49ers. and the raiders were 104. >> what? [ laughter ] >> yes, lawrence. >> i demand a recount! [ laughter ] >> really. way down there. well, i can't believe the 49ers are way down there, too. but it has a lot to do with their stadium and, of course, they haven't won in a long time but the raiders, man. >> way down there but we are on the upswing right now. >> yeah? >> i think so. >> trying for a while. >> everyone is good this year. they are not playing right now. we have some fog moving in outside right now and the fog is carrying with it some cooler temperatures around the bay area. neat shot for you from the transamerica building and you can see the fog swinging through the financial district right now a sign of the marine air working its way slowly onshore. that will help to cool down the
5:56 am
temperatures today and yes, those numbers are going to take time to drop inland. still staying hot in the valleys but much cooler temperatures into the weekend with plenty of clouds. by the way, the first day of the alameda county fair, this is the all alaskan pig racing team right there. catch them at the fair. if you want to check it out it will be sunday and hot at 93 degrees. that's a look at your weather. elizabeth? >> i don't know if they have it at the alameda county fair but fried kool-aid is the new hot trend. you fried beer last year. fried kool-aid this year. think on that for a while. here's live look at the bay bridge. a lot of the bridges dealing with fog this morning, not the case here. everything is quiet now heading into san francisco to beat the rush a void the metering lights and good to go for right now into the city. lower deck traffic looks like that construction should have wrapped up. san mateo bridge pretty good in either direction across the span and mass transit remains on time. that's your traffic.
5:57 am
back to you. >> fried kool-aid. >> yeah. >> how do you do that? >> we're not sure. we are going to find out by 7 7:00. in the next half hour, no pants, no problem. why u.s. airways allowed a guy in women's underwear to fly while a kid wearing saggy pants got arrested. >> and president obama prepares to announce his exit strategy from afghanistan. how soon troops will start coming home. and we all know what happened with the explosion here in san bruno. but this morning, new concerns about what danger may lie in pipelines underneath other areas of the bay area. we'll talk about the latest pg&e document dump coming up. and we're here in pleasanton where it's already 71 degrees early in the morning. temperatures going to climb into the mid-90s later on today. i'll give you some tips for keeping cool and for protecting your property. ,, ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points?
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