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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. he is one of the fbi's most wanted and inspired a hollywood movie. how a notorious mobster was finally nabbed in california. barry bonds is back in court. the key decision today about another trial for the home run king. good morning, it's thursday, june 23. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. we are inching closer to the weekend and lawrence because just saying, you know, i woke up this morning, hit the alarm clock, we only have to do this one more day this week. >> something to look forward to. hate when that clock goes off
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at 2:30. >> what time? >> coffee is right over there. [ laughter ] >> temperatures cooling down around the bay area. yesterday fog and low clouds. now fog is stretching further onshore. numbers are coming down even inland. plan on a high of 81 in concord, still sunny in the afternoon but a far cry from the hot triple digits a couple of days ago. 77, sunny in san jose. 69 in oakland. san francisco, you're looking at 65 degrees, mostly sunny skies this afternoon after that patchy fog burns off, elizabeth. >> this week went by quickly. thursday already. [ laughter ] >> thank you, lawrence. let's go out towards northbound 101. it sounds like it's just past the novato dumps. we have an accident and car went into a ditch and we are seeing some slowing on our sensors already. looks like backed up beyond highway 37 or at least sluggish beyond highway 37. the golden gate bridge, if you are continuing southbound,
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everything fine, less foggy than yesterday. so overall pretty good to go heading into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. one of the fbi's ten most wanted is under arrest due in court today. the notorious mob boss was on the are under for 16 years even inspired a hollywood film. the feds caught one james whitey bulger yesterday. rob schmitt explains the role the suspect's girlfriend had in the arrest. reporter: bulger now 81 was the leader of the winter hill gang when went into hiding back in 1995. he was caught in a building along with his girlfriend catherine grieg. the bus comes just one day after the fbi released an ad campaign across the country and 14 cities looking for grieg who they hoped would lead them to bulger. >> this is an announcement by the fbi. have you seen this woman? >> reporter: the fbi says this tv ad spawned a tip that led them to bulger in santa monica.
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they were both arrested without any trouble at a residence there. bulger was the inspiration for the leonardo decaprio move the departed. bulger was an fbi informant and former fbi agent tipped him off that he was about to be indied the for his role in -- indicted for his role in several murders. bulger and krogh are expected in a downtown los angeles courtroom today. bulger the 81-year-old faces charges including murder, extortion and money laundering. his 60-year-old girlfriend faces charges of harboring a fugitive. for cbs news, i'm rob schmitt in los angeles. barry bonds could find out today whether he will have to go on trial again. >> anne makovec is in san francisco where bonds is due back in federal court this morning. here we go again. good morning, anne. >> reporter: the circus is back in town. a couple of things are expected to be announced today at a 9:30 status hearing. number one it's a conviction already against barry bonds, whether it will stand. number 2, whether he will be retried on the other count. he was found guilty on one of
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four charges on april 13. but the jury was hung on the other three counts of lying to a federal grand jury in the balco steroids case from 2003. so today, the judge could rule on when bonds' lawyers can start the process of reversing that conviction, either by the judge throwing it out or granting him a new trial. the prosecution could also announce whether it plans to retry bonds, which according to the speedy trial act they have 70 days from the mistrial in order to start a new trial and both sides had already agreed on a delay so that would be july 18 where a new trial would begin on the hung jury three counts. today they will set a date for other trials and we are going to find out what the next step
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in this whole deal will be. back to you guys. >> and bonds definitely will be in court today? he has to appear as well? >> reporter: that's what we've heard. so you never know especially when they are dealing with celebrities. sometimes, you know, the authorities like to pull a little switcharoo but he is set to be here this morning. we will be as well, 9:30. >> we know you will. thank you, anne makovec live in san francisco. president obama will be in new york fort drum today to visit u.s. troops hours after the president announced plans to start removing u.s. forces from afghanistan. the president said he remains committed to bringing 33,000 servicemembers home by september of next year. the process will begin with 5,000 this summer, another 5,000 coming home by the end of the year. >> the goal that we seek is achievable and can be expressed simply. no safe haven from which al qaeda or its affiliates can
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launch attacks against our homeland or our allies. >> some democrats including house minority leader nancy pelosi believe that the timeline is not fast enough. many republican lawmakers say it is too abrupt. >> well over 1,000 young americans have already given their lives and i would hate to see us take an unnecessary risk by withdrawing too early. >> former utah governor jon huntsman, a potential republican challenger to president obama, suggested a stronger focus on counter- terrorism that would require even fewer u.s. troops in afghanistan. 4:36. a suit filed in alameda county claims emergency workers didn't do enough to try to save oscar grant's life after he was shot on a bart station platform. grant died about five hours after he was shot in the head january 1, 2009. now, the suit by an oakland fire department employee says his colleagues failed to bandage one of grant's wounds but the "chronicle" reports the
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interim fire chief has investigated the claims and calls them preposterous. the fire chief of san francisco says service could be reduced if firefighters don't sacrifice their scheduled pay raises. joanne hayes-white tells "the examiner" newspaper her department might have to resort to brownouts. that would shut down engine companies on a rotated basis. san francisco has a $3 $06 million deficit. a three-alarm apartment fire in sunnyvale was caused by a man who was cooking. two people were injured. the man told investigator he had a pot on the stove when fell asleep watching television. a smoke detector woke him up. it took firefighters from 4 agencies more than two hours to finally knock down those flames. what a difference a day makes. it cooled off a lot.
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>> the sea breeze blowing, the temperatures -- we are not going to get crows to 90 today. some fog and low clouds moving in along the coastline, some inside the bay. it fog will hold at the coast. cool air worked inland today. this afternoon very nice. pleasant temperatures, 82 sunny in livermore, 81 in concord. you have 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. comfortable in many spots. numbers below average for this time of year. then toward next week, we'll keep the temperatures down a bit probably in through tuesday and wednesday. low clouds and fog next week. how about that, keeping those
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temperatures cooler, elizabeth. >> i don't like that as much. i need to work on my tan constantly to avoid -- yeah, right. thanks, lawrence. northbound 101 as you past the novato dumps we have an accident just cleared to the right shoulder so sounds like kcbs now saying no delay to traffic northbound. southbound 101 looks okay towards mill valley towards the waldo grade. as we saw in the last traffic report golden gate bridge traffic looks great. no major issues other bridges. westbound towards the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light. there is still some roadwork on the lower deck. this is overnight roadwork continuing until about 6:00 this morning. so several lanes blocked again as you head towards treasure island and the tunnel. and we have a lunchtime giants game tonight. we are going to zoom in towards at&t ballpark so you may find some extra delays as you approach embarcadero around 12:45 giants taking on minneapolis. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you.
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>> cool. i like that. 3-d. >> yeah. well, you think you have a bumpy commute? some bay area cities are faring better than others when it companies to potholes. the metropolitan transportation commission says bay area roads are in fair condition at best. the worst roads are in rio vista, unincorporated sonoma county, larkspur, saint helena and orinda. the best roads are in brentwood, belvidere, dublin, los altos and foster city. >> my hometown has bad roads. what's up with that, come on, guys. >> we have bad roads everywhere. >> i thought that was only in the east with potholes. the ones on the east coast are the size of your car. one bay area store is pulling a certain brand of bottles water off the shelves. >> plus a bay area city tries a new scare tactic to weed out prostitution. the embarrassing letter being sent to johns. >> and a near head-on
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collision. a pilot slams the brakes, coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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welcome back. 4:42. a woman claims she and her son became violently ill after drinking bottled water boat in fremont. tammy molina says the vomiting was so bad they had to go to the hospital on sunday. she says that the crystal geyser water was purchased at a lucky store. lucky and crystal geyser say they are still looking into the matter but so far, they haven't received any other complaints. the store pulled the water from the shelves. bryan stow's condition is up graded from critical to serious. he is breathing on his own. he can open his eyes and respond to simple commands. doctors say his medications are being reduced and stow's seizures are still subsiding. but they say the improvements don't mean he is out of the woods yet. stow is still recovering from being beaten on opening day at dodger stadium. it is 4:43 now. oakland police will start
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sending potentially embarrassing letters in an effort to crack down on prostitution in the city. people who live near the area known as the track on international boulevard will be on the lookout now for johns in cars. neighbors wil take down the license plates and the car's owner will get a warning letter. >> they might be ashamed. they might be remorseful or they might just be scared and we'll take any of those three. >> these prostitutes are people's daughters, sisters, aunties. so just to shed light on the whole problem i think it is an effective tool, i do. >> the program kicks off on july 15 with a community walk. today members of congress will be presented a bill that would weaken federal marijuana laws. the bill would essentially allow each state to have its own marijuana policy. the federal government would be limited to controlling pot crossing the u.s. border and between states with differing laws.
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oakland democrat barbara lee is one of the co-sponsors of the bill. 4:44. the twins who claim that is facebook was their idea all along are giving up the fight for more money. tyler and cameron winklevoss had claimed that they were shortchanged in a $65 million settlement with founder mark zuckerberg. the brothers say zuckerberg stole their idea and misrepresented the company's value. a judge ruled that the twins could not reverse the agreement. yesterday, the pair said they are giving up the legal fight. 4:45 now. and it's the one food that can add a pound a year to your waistline. and we're not talking about some sugary sweets. >> no, you're not. plus a southwest pilot's homosexual rant caught on tape. the comments that have him now apologizing this morning. and tiger woods, schwarzenegger, it's usually the guys who are caught up in the scandals. but see why women are cheating just as much as men. if you have to catch a plane today, here's your travel
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forecast. should be mostly sunny into sfo today. 56 degrees a couple of passing clouds out there, not too bad in or out around the state. 65 degrees at sfo. but you are going to see showers across the country. houston, 92 degrees there, kind of steamy conditions, very muggy in houston, as well. continuing on towards atlanta, well, we see more rain, maybe even the possibility of a couple of thunderstorms out there, too. a little cooler 83 degrees. more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rattled northeast japan this morning. it started in the same area of the pacific where a massive magnitude ni tsunami warnings went off after a quake in northeast japan this morning. it started in the same area of the pacific where a massive magnitude 9 quake hit in march triggering the devastating tsunami. there were no reports of damages or injuries. it centered 325 miles northeast of tokyo. two jets on the runway at
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new york's jfk airport almost sped into a head-on collision. >> hold your position. as you see what's going on, no need to speak about on frequency. federal aviation officials say the pilot of one of the planes had to slam on the brakes on monday when another plane became tax significant toward the same runway after making a wrong turn. the incident is under investigation a southwest pilot is back on the job after being suspended for a cockpit rant that was broadcast to air traffic control. >> there's 12 flight attendants individuals, never the same, 11 [ bleep ] over the top [ bleep ] homosexuals and a granny. >> the pilot didn't know his microphone was switched on when he was complaining to his first officer about the lack of a woman to date because the flight attendants were either old, fat or gay. passengers did not hear the rant which happened in march. southwest would only say the pilot is a 12-year veteran and
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has apologized. it is doomsday at least for one preacher's radio show in the bay area. >> harold camping's weekday segment open forum will go off the air at the end of the month. the radio station plans to replace it with new programming. camping, who is 89, suffered a stroke earlier this month. he gained notoriety after incorrectly predicting the end of the world twice. all right, folks. this morning, we are waking up to a cooler sea breeze sweeping onshore. and that's going to help to drop those temperatures bringing with it some low clouds and fog. looks like we are even seeing fog and drizzle at the coastline today. partly cloudy inside the bay and couple of patches of fog although mostly clear in the interior valleys. by the afternoon still going to be a very pleasant day but the temperatures will be milder as we are expecting that marine air to work its way further onshore. 70s and 80s inland. a lot of 60s and 70s inside the bay and at the coastline you will find 50s and 60s, patchy fog out there. low clouds and fog sweeping
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onshore, pushing right into the bay here. going to see that slowly work back toward the coastline throughout the day today but yeah, that ridge moving eastward and as it moves on out, it is going to continue to let this low drop on in so as this drops in we are going to see, well, looks like some breezy conditions for today, some cooler air over the next couple of days and temperatures below average, about 3 to 6 degrees below average. still very pleasant in many spots but a return to more of what we saw the better part of spring which we saw cooler-than- normal temperatures about all of spring. numbers about 83 degrees in morgan hill. 77 in san jose. 75 and sunny into fremont. 75 degrees redwood city. 50s and 60s at the coast. further inland remember just a couple of days ago triple digits we were talking about. today a lot of those numbers struggling to get into the 80s. 82 livermore, 83 brentwood, 79 in pleasant hill. 60s inside the bay into oakland and alameda. and then in the north bay we are looking at temperatures up into the 70s in many spots
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maybe as high as 80 degrees in fairfield while out toward the coastline plan on some cooler temperatures there with some low clouds and fog continuing. it looks like over the next few days we are going to watch those temperatures cool off a little more into the weekend. no real major changes in the forecast pattern. we are just going to see some night and morning low clouds and fog over the next few days. next week cooler temperatures into tuesday and wednesday. some of the computer models dropping a cold system down into the bay area. we'll see if that happens or not. time to check out traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. out live to edgar our photographer who got up extra early this morning to show us this live traffic shot at 101 alum rock exit. headlights moving northbound. both directions look great. check us out on twitter at cbs 5 traffic. a lot of green meaning speeds are moving well across the east bay. a live look at conditions
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heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. there is roadwork on the lower deck towards oakland. once again want to mention this lunchtime giants game. they take on minnesota at 12:45 over by at&t park. obviously i'm not a huge baseball fan. bigger giants fan. i can root for the giants. 880 through oakland, no problems towards oakland. mass transit on time. bart has 23 trains on time. ace train off to a great start. and other bridges, the antioch bridge nice very light at this time. morning. so far no delays from antioch, pittsburg, concord, all the way towards 242. we are doing weather. so no major hot spots right now. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. >> but they do play minneapolis. minnesota. >> right. [ laughter ]
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>> right. >> don't get me confused. >> it's an american league team playing a national league team which kind of throws you off. no matter which way you eat them potatoes are one of the main culprits of adding inches to the waistline. >> there is a new study published by the new england journal of medicine that says a daily serving of spuds can be worse for you than a sugary can of soda. harvard researchers found that fried, baked, mashed or even boiled, any way you slice it, potatoes can add nearly a pound a year to your overall weight. the biggest problem, a high number of calories in a single serving of the vegetable. >> are you a potato junkie? >> i love potatoes. >> chips. >> chips. any way you slice it. >> baked is okay unless you don't put a ton of butter ton. >> sow cream. >> that's where you go wayward. >> speaking of gaining weight. not just doughnuts anymore. fans of krispy kreme will soon have some healthier options at their doughnut shot.
4:55 am
they plan to add oatmeal, fruit juice and coffee drinks to their menus. the expanded menu is part of a revival of krispy kreme. its stock has more than doubled in the past year to 9 bucks a share. >> hard to eat oatmeal when you have doughnuts in front of you. right? >> i think it might be another option if you don't want to go in there -- those doughnuts are -- well. >> pretty tasty. >> yeah. they're addictive! 4:55 now. actress lindsay lohan will be back in court this morning. a probation hearing is set for 10 a.m. in l.a. the hearing comes as lohan nears the 35 day stint on house arrest for violating her probation by taking a necklace from a store without permission. no word though on what prompted today's hearing. it looks like american women may be catching one men when it comes to cheating. >> well, indiana university researchers found 23% of men and 19% of women admit they
4:56 am
have cheated. the numbers for women are up from surveys in the 1990s. reports women are most likely to cheat if they're unhappy in their relationships while sex is the main reason men cheat. interesting stuff. maybe there are just more people admitting it. >> could be. moving along. 4:56. she was allowed to fly -- he was allowed to fly in women's underwear. why the cross-dresser at the center of the clothing controversy says he has every right. >> reporter: federal prosecutors could be taking another swing at barry bonds. he is expected in federal court this morning. live outside the courthouse with the update, coming up. plus, we have shown the video, kids as young as 6 years old getting airport patdowns. how the tsa is change its policy. >> and a mob boss busted. the tip that landed whitey bulger behind bars. ,,,,,,,,
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. barry bonds is back in court today. the key decision on a possible
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retrial. he was next to bin laden on the fbi's "most wanted" list. how the mob boss who inspired a hollywood film was finally nabbed in california. good morning, it's thursday, june 23. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00, inching towards the weekend. i guess a little bit of a cooldown but not a bad weekend. let's check in with lawrence and get the skinny. >> no, temperatures going to be comfortable around much of the bay area but temperatures coming down. sunshine inland. approaching the coast more fog and low clouds. and that sea breeze and those temperatures will continue to drop more on that in a moment right now let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are off to a great start on this thursday morning commute. so far, so good on all our bridges including a live look at the san mateo bridge. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. 4:59 now. a big day in court for barry bonds. the slugger could learn if he will face another perjury trial. anne makovec is in san francisco where bonds is expected to arrive


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