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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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couple of hours. got an early wake-up call, i guess. >> reporter: that's right. the circus is back in town outside the federal courthouse in san francisco. a couple of things could come up today. number one, whether or not the conviction against him will stand and whether or not prosecutors are going to move to retry him on the three counts that he was absolved of in april. this hearing is going to start at 9:30 this morning. it is a status hearing. bonds of course found guilty on one of four charges on april 13th. but the jury was hung on the other three counts of lying to a federal grand jury in the balco steroids case from back in 2003. so today, the judge could rule on when bonds' lawyers can start the process of reversing that conviction either by the judge throwing it out or granting him a new trial. and the prosecution could also announce whether it plans to retry bonds on those deadlocked counts. according to the speedy trial
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act, the court has 70 days after a mistrial to start a new trial and both sides did already agree on a couple of extra weeks in there which would set that date for the speedy trial act of july 18, when a new trial would have to begin. so basically, the action we're going to see here today is the setting of dates for the future and also finding out whether or not there will be a future in this trial that seems to go on forever. the status hearing again set for 9:30 and bonds is expected to be here. >> thank you, anne makovec live in san francisco. one of the fbi's ten most wanted is expected in court in southern california today. 81-year-old james bulger was arrested in santa monica last night. authorities say the boston mobster played a role in 19 murders and he had been on the run for 16 years. the arrest apparently came
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because of an advertising campaign that the fbi launched just one day earlier. that campaign focused on bulger's 60-year-old girlfriend. the fbi says that the ad led to a tip that catherine grieg and bulger were in santa monica. we'll have a live update on the arrest from los angeles in a few minutes. new this morning a suit filed in alameda county claims emergency workers did not do enough to try to save oscar grant's life after he was shot on a bart station platform. grant died about five hours after he was shot in the back january 1, 2009. the suit by an oakland fire department employee says his colleagues failed to bandage one of grant's wounds. but the "chronicle" reports that the interim fire chief has investigated those claims and calls them, quote, preposterous. president obama will visit u.s. troops today at the fort drum army post in new york. the visit comes just hours after he addressed the nation from the white house announcing plans to start removing u.s.
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forces from afghanistan. the president said he remains committed to bringing the 33,000 servicemembers home by september of next year. the process will begin with 5,000 this summer, another 5,000 will come home by the end of the year. >> the goal that we seek is achievable and can be expressed simply. no safe haven from which al qaeda or its affiliates can launch attacks against your homeland or our allies. >> some democrats including house minority leader nancy pelosi believe the timeline is just not fast enough. arizona senator john mccain is among the top republicans who say the withdrawal plan is too abrupt. back here at home, man, what a difference a day makes. you know, tuesday i got shorts on when i went out. yesterday i had my ski coat on. >> was it that cold? it was freezing! >> you can see people in earmuffs and thick coats at the coast. >> maybe not that bad. >> the giants game, it was home last night. >> it gets chilly when the fog sweeps onshore and you get that wind blowing, as well.
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that's what we're seeing this morning. the fog and low clouds stretching further onshore. that marine air working its way to some of the interior valleys. so the temperatures will be coming down around the bay area today. a lot of 60s in the interior valleys, not today. all 50s across the board. by the afternoon it will still be pleasant many spots inland lots of sunshine temperatures into the 80s in the valleys and triple digits long gone now. 60s and 70s as you make your way around the bay toward the santa clara valley. out toward the coastline some 50s and 60s. looks like we are going to see some continued cooling as we head in toward the next couple of days. looks like taking us right into the weekend, maybe a little warmer into sunday and monday but not by much. and then cooling off again toward the middle of next week. all right. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> okay. thank you, lawrence. and we'll start off with a look at the central freeway. everything is quiet into and out of san francisco. most of our sensors picking up top speeds this morning so we are doing well, nice start. live look at conditions through the south bay, here's a live look at 280 traffic approaching
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the 880 interchange. looks great up and down the peninsula. let's see what i can talk about. roadwork a little bit from novato northbound 101 so watch out for that, various lanes blocked for the next hour or so. but the golden gate bridge looks fine. i mentioned that earlier accident northbound 101 approaching the novato dump. that is now completely cleared. so really no major trouble spots through marin county. the ride out of the altamont pass delay-free here, as well. 15 minutes is your drive out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. we'll let you know as soon as that starts to slow. give it another half hour or so. and likely we will start to see some changing colors on our sensors. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 5:05. the tsa is rethinking its policy on screening children at airports after a lot of public backlash. >> video emerged of a 6-year- old girl being patted down at the new orleans airport back in april. you might remember this. the incident caused a lot of people to question if that procedure was really necessary. the tsa now says it will make
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repeated attempts to use body scanners on children but will resort to patdowns if needed. previously, patdowns were given after one failed body scan. >> and kristy seifkin is at sfo. she just arrived. we'll have a live report coming up in a half hour. it is 5:06 now. notorious mobster james whitey bullinger is behind bars after a decade plus. we are going live to l.a. with how the big bust went down. >> using me millation to weed -- using humiliation to weed out prostitution. the letter to johns in one bay area city. >> he says he does it all the time, the man who wore women's underwear on a u.s. airways flight speaks out. there he is. the reason behind his skimpy outfit. should save for retirem, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity hus get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line.
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welcome back. here's a live look at conditions through pleasanton approaching the dublin interchange. so far, we are off to a trouble- free problem-free commute. coming up we are going to check the bay bridge plus mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. 5:09. the fbi can cross a name off its "most wanted" list. >> a big name at that. kristine lazar is in l.a. where a fugitive mob boss on the run for years is expected in court today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. whitey bulger and his girlfriend catherine greig are expected inside the federal courthouse today. they were both arrested yesterday in santa monica without any sort of trouble. we'll show you now their photos. obviously, these are some older photos. he has been on the run since 1995. the mob boss is wanted for his involvement in 19 different murders. he fled boston back in 1995 after being tipped off that he was about to be indicted. bulger is now 81 years old. his girlfriend is 60. the couple were living on the
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third floor of an apartment complex in santa monica. they were taken into custody yesterday. neighbors say bulger went by the name of charlie that he was balding and had gray hair. the fbi swarmed that complex yesterday taking bags of evidence out of their apartment and startling bulger's neighbors to say the least. >> we were just starting to get the information now. >> this is an announcement by the fbi. have you seen this woman? >> reporter: that's a television ad campaign that the fbi just recently launched. they were hoping that if someone recognized catherine grieg, that finding her would lead them to bulger. that's what happened. there was a $2 million reward for the arrest capture and conviction of
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bulger. there was an alleged sighting of bulger in 2000 in orange county. there were rumors that he may have been robbing banks. but this was the first official sighting and they captured him yesterday in santa monica with his girlfriend. both of them now behind bars, both of them to appear in court today. so scratch their names off the fbi's "most wanted" list. live in downtown l.a., i'm kristine lazar. back to you. >> kristine, a quick question, do the neighbors tell you how long he may have been living there? do they have any idea how long he has been in southern california? because there were sightings one in london, they had someone that thought they might have seen him in italy, and now here he shows up in santa monica. >> reporter: yeah. there was that sighting in orange county. there was someone who believed they saw him outside of a hair salon while his girlfriend catherine greig was inside getting her hair done. the neighbor had only been living on that third floor for one year.
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the entire year he was there, he said that the couple was there. but we were not given any sort of indication how long they lived there simply because that neighbor hadn't been in the complex that long. but what did he say is there was nothing that -- what he did say is there was nothing that raised any suspicion, they seemed nice, friendly outgoing. another neighbor would shake hands with him and say hi. they certainly weren't hiding. this is a very popular street, third street in santa monica, where they were living, kind of a quiet and humble life. >> really. little did that neighbor know, right? >> kristine, any word on someone getting that $2 million reward for the tip? >> reporter: you know, we have not heard. that of course we all want to know. i do believe that he actually has to be convicted before they get the reward. the fbi just confirming they are behind bars. we are expecting them both in federal court today. hopefully we'll get more information. someone could be $2 million richer if they did indeed turn
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him in and he is convicted. >> wow. on the lam for a long time, okay, kristine lazar down in l.a., thank you very much. 5:13 now. a south bay family gets sick after drinking bottled water. the scare prompting one store to take action. plus, an extremely close call on a runway out in new york. how a pilot's quick thinking stopped a head-on collision. and if you do plan on traveling around, well, looks like heading out of sfo not too bad. 65, clouds, mix of sun and clouds of sunshine. we'll so more clouds heading across the country and the possibility of some showers as you make your way into the chicago area. very comfortable 68 degrees by the afternoon. continuing onwards towards new york storm clouds gathering just a bit so the possibility of some thunderstorms, a little muggy, too. 81 degrees and warm. ,,,,,,
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that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. barry bonds will be back in federal court this mor let's check some of the morning's top stories. barry bonds will be back in federal court in san francisco this morning. he could learn whether he will be retried on perjury charges. a warning from san francisco's fire chief. she tellings "the examiner" newspaper that because of budget problems, there could be rolling brownouts at fire stations if firefighters don't give up scheduled raises.
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and president obama says 33,000 u.s. servicemembers will come home from afghanistan by september of next year. today the president will visit troops at fort drum in new york. well, we're just waking up to some cooler weather around the bay area. yes, a break from the heat. hot temperatures into the 90s but today we'll struggle to get into the 80s in many spots. low clouds and fog sweeping onshore into the bay. some fog and drizzle at the coastline, mostly clear inland. just a couple of patches of fog. the afternoon still looking very nice. just some milder conditions as we head toward the latter part of the day. 70s and 80s many spots inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and breezy. at the coastline cooler temperatures, 50s and 60s, breezy conditions with the patchy fog. low clouds and fog stretching in along the coastline here some of that making its way into the bay. i think we'll see mostly clear skies inland toward the afternoon but it looks like yeah that ridge weakening somewhat. this trough starting to drop in. cooler air is on the way. breezy conditions kicking up today and the next couple of
5:18 am
days so temperatures below average. 3 to 6 degrees below average. and this is really headed back to a spring-like pattern that we saw the better part of the year, numbers well below average. still comfortable and sunny inside the bay. 77 in san jose. 74 union city. 59 cool in half moon bay. east bay numbers up into the 80s well inland. 82 in antioch. about 82 in livermore. about 78 degrees in dublin. and about 69 degrees in san leandro. the north bay expecting cooler temperatures coastside. 60s there. 70s as you head further inland. maybe as high as 80 into fairfield. so looking out over the next couple of days, the pattern stabilizes a bit. numbers below average, cooling off a bit into the first part of the weekend and night and morning low clouds and fog really going to be the story on how far they penetrate each day determining how warm we get. looks like it's cool in the middle of the next week. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with
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elizabeth. . >> thank you, lawrence. we just got off the phone with caltrans. apparently they are doing striping work this morning into this afternoon so watch out for rolling closures both directions highway 4 between san pablo avenue and highway 242. that's scheduled again later on this morning until about 9:00 all the way to 3:00 this afternoon. elsewhere, for right now, you can see green meaning top speeds everything great right now all the way through antioch in those westbound lanes of highway 4, they delays through concord towards 242. our bridges problem-free here, as well. that one live traffic sensor showing speeds about 62 miles per hour as you head towards the san mateo bridge toll plaza. looks great across the span. bay bridge no traffic or very light traffic heading into san francisco. there is still some roadwork on the lower deck. one more reminder if you are commuting in san francisco. southbound great highway closed between lincoln way and sloat has been closed since monday. and that closure is expected to continue until 3:00 friday
5:20 am
afternoon. one more live camera. we have our photographer standing by in san jose showing traffic near the alum rock exit. headlights moving northbound and everything looks great. check us out on twitter for the latest hot spots or tell us what kind of hot spots you do see once year on the road. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a woman says she and her son became nauseous and actually started foaming at the mouth after drinking bottled water bought in fremont. she says the vomiting was so bad they both had to go to the hospital on sunday. she says the crystal geyser water was purchased at a lucky store. lucky and crystal geyser say they are still looking into the matter but so far, they haven't received any other complaints. the store, though, as a precaution pulled that water off the shelves. oakland police will start sending potentially embarrassing letters in an effort to crack down on prostitution. people who live near the area known as the track, it's on international boulevard, will be on the lookout for johns
5:21 am
stopping by in their cars. participating neighbors will. the down the license plates and the east bay asian youth center will pass it on to the police. the car's owner will get a warning letter. the program kicks off july 15 with a community walk. 5:21 now. you probably think you have the worst roads. but how do you compare to your neighbors? the best and worst roads in the bay area. and he boarded a plane in women's underwear and it's not the first time. the u.s. airways cross-dresser speaking out on his right to fly nearly naked. ,, the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. airport. eavy. now we a very close call in new york as two jets almost collided on the runway at jfk. . >> hold your position. as you see what's going on. no need to speak about it on frequency, dude. >> federal aviation officials say that the pilot of one of the planes had to slam on the brakes monday when another plane began taxiing towards the same runway after making a wrong turn. ay after making a the incident is now under investigation. a phoenix man says he dresses in skimpy women's clothing on airlines. why? because it's fun. >> of course. oh, man. he is 65. he has caused quite a hubbub this week after photos went
5:25 am
public showing him at an airport in fort lauderdale, florida. he told the "san francisco chronicle" he has done this for years and frequently travels on u.s. airways for business. [ pause ] here's a couple of newly released photos if you haven't seen enough showing him wearing a different outfit. this is on another flight. they were reportedly shot at dulles international airport near washington, d.c. the "chronicle" says the man agreed to the interview as long as his name wasn't published. doesn't mind showing the rest off. no name. he has standards. [ laughter ] >> i got nothing on that one. 5:25. we're on pothole patrol this morning. some bay area cities are faring better than others. the metropolitan transportation commission says the worst roads are in rio vista, unincorporated sonoma county, larkspur, saint helena and orinda. the best roads, on the other hand, are in brentwood, belvidere, dublin, los altos and foster city. there is a little bit of
5:26 am
construction going on last night here in the city. >> there was. it was san francisco's food bank's big fundraiser. 13 groups turned 50,000 cans of food into works of art. i think you will notice a theme. we have some pictures. i had the honor of being one of the judges along with brian boitano and architects. that's a cable car sculpted out of cans. they called this one the little engine that can. >> very cute. best use of labels went to this lombard street creation. that's amazing. you can make out the cobblestone streets. those are the bean cans. >> and they also got judged for the type of food, too, because all this is going to the food bank, too. honorable mention to fear the beard. yup. that's giants pitcher brian wilson's trademark stash. we like that because that was, you know, kind of different. >> cool. >> i guess the display is open to the public on fourth street at metreon city room 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. through sunday.
5:27 am
>> check it out. it's free but they ask you to bring some canned goods for donations. >> maybe you can do it with beans. >> and cans. they also had one of chinatown that was just fabulous. so go check it out. 5:27. well, help for struggling homeowners this morning. the new program just launched coming up in your moneywatch report. plus, a lawsuit in the shooting death of oscar grant. why it's being filed by an emergency worker. coming up. barry bonds back in federal court? that's what's going on here this morning at 9:30. we'll tell you what we are expecting to go on coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is thursday, june 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's thursday! we're so close to the weekend. >> yeah. yeah. you got kind of a potpourri of it is. inland 80s, around the coast you better have a jacket, i guess. >> that's the great thing about the bay area. we kind of can pick and choose our weather. if you like the cool stuff, head to the coast. today not bad. mild inland 80s in the valleys. 60s near san francisco. 50s at the coast. more on your weather in just a
5:31 am
moment. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. everything looks great. off to a great start. got to hit the road, get to work, no problems. live look from milpitas, 880/237. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. barry bonds could find out today whether he will have to go on trial again. anne makovec is in san francisco where bonds is due back in federal court this morning and anne, here we go again. >> reporter: that's right. a couple of things are expected to be discussed here in federal court downtown san francisco this morning. number one, if the one conviction against barry bonds will stand. two, if he is going to be retried on three other counts. there was a mistrial declared in those three other counts. so could those be brought back to the table? there is a deadline coming up for that. so at 9:30 today a status hearing that could set the stage for a retrial. bonds was found guilty on one of four charges on april 13th. but the jury was hung on the three other counts of lying to
5:32 am
a federal grand jury in the balco steroids case from 2003. so today, the judge could rule on when bonds' lawyers could start the process of reversing that conviction either by the judge throwing it out or granting him a new trial. the pollution could also announce whether it plans to retry bonds on those deadlocked counts and if that sounds unlikely, consider this. this is a question of whether or not bonds was ever injected with anything by trainer greg anderson. well, the jury voted 11-1 in favor of a conviction on that count. but that was deadlocked because that one juror would not vote for a conviction. that is the mistrial in one of the three counts that were thrown out. so that is certainly possible that the judge could decide to retry that. the time limit coming up though, there's a clause called a speedy trial hearing. that retrial would need to start by july 18 if that's going to go on. so we shall see. bonds is expected in court this
5:33 am
morning at 9:30. >> anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. a new lawsuit claims oscar grant did not get adequate emergency treatment after he was shot boy a former bart police officer. grant died about five hours after the shooting on the bart fruitvale platform on january 1, 2009. the suit by an oakland fire department employee says his colleagues failed to bandage one of grant's wounds but the "chronicle" reports the interim fire chief has investigated the claims and calls them preposterous. the fire chief of san francisco says service could be reduced if firefighters don't sacrifice their scheduled pay raises. joanne hayes-white tells "the examiner" her department might have to resort to brownouts. that would involve temporary shutdowns of engine companies on a rotating basis. the removal of pay raises is part of the mayor's budget plan to reduce san francisco's $306 million deficit. 5:33. one of the fbi's ten most
5:34 am
wanted is now under arrest. he is due in court today. the notorious boston mob boss was on the run for 16 years even inspired the hollywood film the departed. the feds finally got james "whitey" bulger in santa monica last night. authorities say he played a role in 19 murders in the boston area. he was the inspiration for jack nicholson's role in "the departed." a source tells the "associated press" that the bust came from a tipster who saw a publicity campaign the feds launched just the day before in l.a. and 13 other cities. that campaign focused on bulger's girlfriend, 60-year- old catherine greig who was arrested with bulger. she will be in court, as well. president obama will visit u.s. servicemembers today at the fort drum army post in new york. this visit comes just hours after he announced plans to start removing u.s. forces from afghanistan. the president said he remains committed to bringing 33,000 americans home by september of
5:35 am
next year. the process will begin with 5,000 this summer, another 5,000 are set to come home by the end of the year. 5:34. we are both kind of wimping out. it's cold. >> it is cold. but the weekend is so close, i'm already trying to make plans so need to one guy to help us here. >> i have to be that guy, i guess. you know what? i think it's going to work out okay. if you really like the sunshine and the warmer temperatures, you head away from the coastline. out toward the beaches, though, we have the fog and low clouds and boy, when that wind blows and you get the fog, it can feel very chilly towards the beaches, you know that. 50s inland as the marine air is onshore. as a result, the temperatures are going to be down today. temperatures struggling into the 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s keeping you cool out toward the coastline, elizabeth. >> okay, thank you, lawrence. we have a map coming up. i'm just trying to get some new information about a fire in oakland that we are just hearing about.
5:36 am
it is near 18th and castro streets. if sounds like the fire may be visible from 980 so watch out for that. we are trying to work out now on getting more information for you. in the meantime, the nimitz 880 through oakland, this looks okay as you pass the coliseum. top speeds up and down from hayward out towards downtown oakland. now, i mentioned we would show you as soon as we started to see some slowing, coming out of the altamont pass. well, it started. only a 15-minute drive though heading out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the images have gone viral. young children getting airport patdowns. >> and this morning the tsa says it's actually rethinking its policy. kristy seifkin is life at sfo with the new marching orders. >> reporter: good morning. tsa has received a lot of criticism in recent months for patting down children and so they made an announcement yesterday that they are going to change their policy and make
5:37 am
repeated attempts to try to scan children ages 10 and under without having to resort to patdowns. this change in policy came about after footage circulated of on youtube april 5 of a young girl 6 years old being patted down aggressively at the new orleans airport. now, tsa argued that they had to pat down the girl since she moved while walking through the sensor which blurred the image but just last month another image circulated of tsa screeners patting down a baby at the kansas city airport after his stroller set off an alert of possible traces of explosives. part of the reason that the patdowns even started was of course the underwear bomber. you may remember in christmas of 2009 attempted to take a bomb in his underpants on a plane to take down a plane over detroit. and the tsa has received a lot of criticism from people who say the kids are low risk. but tsa has responded by saying that terrorists have been known to use small children actually
5:38 am
as suicide bombers. and one thing that's important to note with this policy change is that it reduces the use of those patdowns but does not eliminate them. back to you. >> when does it go into process? when are they going to do it? >> reporter: they haven't announced when the change will go into effect. they said they are working on the changes now. >> all right, thank you kristy seifkin, life at sfo. emergency relief for struggling homeowners. the new program to help you pay your mortgages. that's coming up in a live moneywatch report. >> plus, heartbreak hotel. women and men cheating at nearly the same rate. how the workplace is closing the gap between the genders. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:40 am
another sign the job market is weakening: new unemployment numbers released j it could be another sign that the job market is weakening. new unemployment numbers released a few minutes ago show new jobless claims rose sharply last week by 9,000. it is the second jump in three weeks and the biggest increase in a month.
5:41 am
let's talk about the housing sector because most of us realize that it remains in bad shape. >> it does. that acknowledgement just made from the federal reserve. jill schlesinger editor at large of joins us with more. i'm trying to sell a house, jill, it's tough. why is this market so stuck in the mud? >> reporter: well, you got too much company. there's just too many houses on the market and not enough qualified buyers. the national association of realtors reported this week that there are 3.72 million homes that are listed for sale. that works out to about 9 months of unsold homes at the current pace which is 50% more than the 6-month level that's considered normal for a healthy market. experts add in something called shadow inventory including foreclosed homes that have not yet hit the market. homes that are in the foreclosure pipeline. and those whose owners are seriously delinquent. there are 1.7 million of those extra homes that could come on
5:42 am
the market so the glut of housing is not going away anytime soon. >> jill, are certain areas better than others? because i was reading that sometimes it's worse in the inland areas because their supply is higher than the coast. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, even if you look at the san francisco market it's a great example where you can have like a mini market inside of a market inside of a market. so the numbers in san francisco look pretty good broad-based but you're absolutely right. there's a sign here that there's a bit of encouragement. and it is that rents are rising. so if you are renting in san francisco and all of a sudden your rent is going up, as that rent goes up, you start saying, well, wait a second. maybe buying is a better decision for me. i should also let you know that data indicates fewer americans are actually walking away from their mortgages. those are two pieces of a little bit of good news in the housing market. >> it's a good time to be a buyer, that's for sure, because we're working with a buyer right now who asked for my big-
5:43 am
screen tv, my washer and dryer, my lawnmower... also a couple of -- my dining room set and then asked for the couch and chairs too. i said, is this a furniture store or what?! and i ended up giving half of that stuff away. >> reporter: wow. you know, the thing is in order to move a house, you have sellers who are really making these amazing concessions. now, i also want to make a point here. there is a new plan that just launched because a lot of folks are listening and they are saying, hey, i'm under water on my mortgage. i still can't get help. the government program was bad. so there is a new program called the emergency homeowner loan program. ehlp. only in the government can they not figure out that they should have spelled help. this is a zero interest loan of up to $50,000 to pay your mortgage, your property tax, insurance bills, for up to two years. so for more information on the new ehlp plan, go to
5:44 am to see if you can qualify. >> then you pay it back after you sell the house? or you have two years to pay it back? >> well, yeah. you actually still have the loan but it gives you a two- year breathing room period. and a zero percent interest. >> let's hope it gets better. jill schlesinger editor at large of thank you for joining us today. thank you. >> folks, you just getting up, we are looking at a cooler day around the bay area, low clouds and fog along the coast. still mostly clear in the valleys although we are seeing that patchy fog moving inside the bay. and some low clouds and fog even some drizzle at the coast. temperatures noticeably cool the other side in the afternoon. 70s and 80s towards the latter part of the day. sea breeze it the coastline, cool, low clouds and fog, sea breeze at the coastline, 50s and 60s. fog and low clouds onshore making its way into the bay here overnight and trying to make its way inland, although it's going to pull back toward the coast. yup, high pressure getting out of town. so as this low drops in it means we'll see cooler
5:45 am
temperatures the next few days as more of that strong sea breeze will continue. so these numbers are running below the average as we head in toward the afternoon. still comfortable. it will be 81 degrees in concord but that's 6 degrees below average. it will be 78 in santa rosa, 77 degrees in san jose and 65 degrees in san francisco. all these numbers though below average for this time year. heading around the bay you will see sunshine and 76 degrees this afternoon in santa clara. 83 in morgan hill. 74 in union city. 50s and 60s at the coast. 60s into alameda and also into oakland and berkeley but 70s and out as you head further inland to the east bay so those triple digits long gone now and we won't see that for some time. numbers as you head to the north bay looking at 60s toward the coastline, pleasant 70s lots of sunshine in the valleys maybe even 80 degrees toward fairfield. as we look out over the next couple of days, temperatures may cool down a couple more degrees but not by much. things stay steady toward the next few days right through the
5:46 am
weekend. so if you like the fog, head to the coastline. elizabeth, temperatures inland in the 80s. >> thank you, lawrence. let's update you on this fire in oakland. we learned that it's just a tree on fire and it sounds like fire crews say that it's a small fire. earlier kcbs was reporting it was visible from 980 freeway so again not a big deal, 18th at castro where the fire was reported. the freeways look good. 880 through oakland, no issues right now up and down the nimitz if you are heading from hayward towards oakland. bay bridge looks great. lower deck roadwork wrapping up shortly. san mateo bridge fine. 280 looks good coming out of san jose, 11 minutes from 101
5:47 am
out towards cupertino. all mass transit is on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check of today's top stories. we begin with barry bonds. he will be back in federal court this morning and he could find out whether he will be retried on those three perjury counts. the jury that heard the case is deadlocked on those charges this past april. the fbi has caught one its 10 most wanted. 81-year-old james "whitey" bulger was caught last night in santa monica. the boston crime boss is linked to 19 murders. and today members of congress will be presented a bill that would weaken federal marijuana laws. the bill would essentially allow each state to have its own marijuana policy. a lucky store in fremont is pulling some bottled water from its shelves this after a woman claims that she and her son became violently ill. tammy molina says they were so sick they had to go to the hospital on sunday. so lucky and crystal geyser say
5:48 am
this they are still looking into the matter but so far, they haven't received any other complaints. giants fan bryan stow is doing better this morning. doctors upgraded his condition yesterday from critical to serious. his medications are being reduced and his seizures are subsiding. stow was attacked on opening day at dodger stadium. only one arrest has been made. some tough news for a preacher that hosted a radio show here in the bay area. harold camping's show will go off the air at the end of the month. the station plans to replace it with new programming. the 89-year-old suffered a stroke on june 9. he has been incorrected twice about the end of the -- he has been incorrect twice about the end of the world. a pilot for southwest is back in the cockpit following a rant that was broadcast to air traffic control. listen. >> there's 12 flight attendants individuals never the same
5:49 am
flight attendant twice, 11 [bleeping] over the top [ bleep ] homosexuals. and a granny. >> there you go. the pilot didn't know his microphone was switched on, of course, when he was complaining to his first officer about the lack of female flight attendants on his flight. passengers did not hear the rant, which happened in march. southwest did not identify the pilot but we are told he is a 12-year veteran who has since apologized. 5:49 now. apple has one less app this morning. its connection with violence against israel coming up. >> put a sock in it. the complaint against wimbledon and it's coming from the chief exective . we'll explain. [ player screaming ] te healing. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker.
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[ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. the u.s. supreme court
5:52 am
could rule today on violent videogames. the court is considering a california law that restricts minors from buying or renting what are called ultraviolet videogames. state senator leland yee of san francisco authored this bill that then governor schwarzenegger signed in 2005. free speech groups oppose it and a federal appeals court later struck it down. apple has removed a controversial app that was seen as glorifying violence against israel. the app called on users to organize protests against the country. it linked back to a website that helped organize violent clashes against israeli troops. apple says the app violates developer guidelines because it is offensive to large groups of people. two former business partners of facebook founder mark zuckerberg have given up their fight for more money. tyler and cameron winklevoss, the twins, claim they were shortchanged in a $65 million settlement with zuckerberg. so they sued again hoping to
5:53 am
get a little more dough. facebook's value has skyrocketed, of course. in new court documents the pair says they won't pursue the matter. they also got a piece of the company, too. do or die for cal's baseball team in the college world series in omaha today. they play virginia. it is an elimination game for both teams. the bears are coming off a 7-3 victory over texas a & m. they have already lost to virginia in their opener on sunday 4-1 but they played the top seed very tough and if they can win, they will keep on playing. from the diamond to the tennis court. >> people complain about everything. the head of wimbledon says that the players are grunting too loudly. [ screaming ] >> i don't know. let 'em play. >> i know. if they grunt, they grunt. what do you think? if you ask the head of the event he blames the younger players both men and women
5:54 am
equally. one bello russian player had her grunts registered at 59 decibels. apparently that's equivalent to the noise in a subway. >> monica selles i mean it was her trademark after every point. she was, you know, just making that noise. you get that little extra oomph into your forehand or backhand. how are you going to stop that? >> we'll have to see. tiger woods, schwarzenegger, these are the names that you usually think of because it's guys who always are caught up in the scandals, right? >> usually. but it turns out women are catching up with men when it comes to cheating apparently. indiana researchers found that 23% of men, 19% of women admit they have cheated before. the numbers for women are up from surveys back in the 1990s. reports women are most likely to cheat if they are unhappy in their relationships while sex is the main reason men cheat on their wives. >> i wonder if that's up because of the internet. there's a lot of the social internet that might --
5:55 am
>> a lot of that flirtation online with old girl friends or boyfriends. >> maybe the weather is cooling off? it's chilly at the coast. temperatures coming way down toward the beaches. low clouds and fog sweeping onshore. cooler temperatures all the around the bay area. by the afternoon, though, you will still see some 80s in some of the valleys. but cooler numbers over the next few days indeed. got a great picture for you today? sunset, great one from daly city high clouds moving in. if you would like to send us a picture send it to we would love to put that on the air for you. >> i bet it's foggy there right now. >> they are socked in. that ought to make for a nice gray picture. >> that's a great last name. >> yes. >> word of new bart delays on the richmond line. they are doing track maintenance so watch out for that. sounds like out of richmond in
5:56 am
all directions trains are delayed 8 to 10 minutes. all other tracks are on time. ace train number one, no delay, everything on muni and caltrain good to go. roads problem-free for the entire 5:00 hour so we are doing well heading into san francisco at the bay bridge. no metering lights yet. and we'll get a check of the south bay. we have a camera near 101 near the alum rock exit. look how great that is. everything is fine in the northbound lanes. it's gotten a little more crowded in the last 10 minutes or so. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. all right, guys. 5:56 now. of all the things we eat, what is the worst for us? coming up, the one food that makes us gain the most weight and it's popular. >> explains a lot for me. plus, lots of talk about the next iphone. when you can buy it and the new features it will have. and the circus is back in town in the form of barry bonds back at the federal courthouse. we'll take a look at what's
5:57 am
expected to happen in this morning's hearing coming up next. and first a patdown of a 6- year-old in new orleans, and then a patdown of a baby in kansas city. now tsa is changing its regulations for how it screens children. i'll have a full report coming up. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity.
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5:59 am
tracked him down with an ad campai a mob boss on the run for 16 years is caught right here in california. how the fbi tracked him down with an ad campaign. >> here we go again. former giants slugger barry bonds back in court once again. why prosecutors could take another swing at the home run cringe -- the home run king coming up. good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. >> we can feel the week


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