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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> heat wave in the works. temperature dropping off all around the bay area. expecting a high of 65 in san francisco. warmer spots only into the 80s. we'll continue to cool off. we'll talk more about that in the moment. >> reporter: we still have bart delays. it's eight to ten-minute delays for richmond and the fremont, richmond, millbrae and san francisco direction. we'll have more traffic including a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up in a few minutes. barry bonds is up to bat in front after judge today. >> one more time. anne makovec in san francisco where the slugger could find out if he will be tried again on those perjury charges. anne, good morning. >> reporter: didn't we think this was all over in april? well, apparently not. this morning in federal court the judge will look at a couple of things. number one, what barry bonds was convicted of, and number two what he wasn't convicted of. there is going to be a hearing this morning, a stat hearing,
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at 9:30 a.m. so to recap, bonds was found guilty on one of four charges on april 13. but the jury was hung on the other three charges of lying to a federal grand jury in the balco steroids case from 2003. so today the judge could rule on when bonds' lawyers can start the process of reversing that conviction either by the judge throwing it out or a new trial. the prosecution could say -- they have a limited time, they have 70 days after a mistrial to start a new trial. the new deadline will be july 18. we'll learn more about the future of this continuing case against barry bonds. barry bonds will be here. >> my guess is you will cover
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this story again and again. >> reporter: i think so. definitely we'll keep you apprised. it's always a little bit of a circus out here, everybody trying to catch the shot of barry bonds walking into court and his bodyguards around him. >> enjoy it. anne makovec live in san francisco. thank you. an 81-year-old crime boss is off the fbi's "10 most wanted list" and he is on the way to court today. somebody told the fbi that james "whitey" bulger was living in santa monica. the tipster has seen a new fbi ad highlighting bulger's girlfriend who was also arrested. bulger was inspiration for the martin scorsese movie "the departed." new this morning a suit filed in alameda county claims emergency workers did not do enough to try to save oscar grant's life after he was shot on a bart station platform. grant died about 5 hours after
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he was shot in the back january 1, 2009. the suit by an oakland fire department employee says his colleagues failed to bandage one of grant's wounds but the "chronicle" reports that the interim fire chief has investigated those claims and he is calling them, quote, preposterous. >> 6:03. today members of congress will be presented a bill that would weaken federal marijuana laws. the bill would essentially allow each state to have its own marijuana policy. the federal government's role will be limited to controlling pot crossing the u.s. border and between states with conflicting laws. oakland democrat barbara lee is one of the bill's co-sponsored. a viral video and photos upsetting parents all around the country and this morning, the tsa says it's now beginning to rethink its policy. kristy seifkin is live at sfo with the new directive with more. >> reporter: good morning. the tsa has certainly received a lot of criticism in recent months for patting down young
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children and they actually announced yesterday that they are about to change that policy. they are going to make repeated attempts to screen children ages 10 and under without having to resort to that patdown. and the reason that people are enraged about the patdowns is when a youtube video circulated on april 5 of a 6-year-old child at new orleans airport being aggressively patted down. tsa said they had to since she moved while walking through the imaging machine which then blurred the image. and just last month another image circulated of tsa screeners patting down a baby at the kansas city airport after his stroller set off an alert of possible trace of explosive. part of the reason that these patdowns are put into place in the first place was because of that underwear bomber. you may remember a nigerian man who attempted it take down a plane over detroit during christmas of 2009 carrying explosives in his underpants.
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tsa has received a lot of criticism for screening children with low security threats but they say terrorists have used young children as suicide bombers and it's also important to note that with this policy change it doesn't eliminate the patdowns for children but it just tries to reduce them. back to you. >> thank you. kristy seifkin life at sfo, thank you. now 6:05. i believe this is what lawrence refers to as the fizzle period. >> we sizzled all week. >> but 85 inland isn't bad. >> not bat. but at the coastline we have a little drizzle, and some of the fog stretching into the bay right now. offshore winds and hot temperatures long gone. patchy fog should return to the coastline where it's going to sit there the better part of the day but it's surged onshore making its way into the bay right now. it will break up and we'll squeeze a little sunshine and temperatures very mild in many spots today. numbers in the 50s to begin the day. by the afternoon, 70s and 80s by the afternoon, a little
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chilly at the coast. i don't think we'll find elizabeth there. 50s and 60s right at the beaches. >> no. i'm actually heading inland today. >> i bet you will. >> i am. i have some plans inland. thank you, lawrence. let's go out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are coming from inland and heading towards san francisco, right now really we have not seen many problems across the east bay. pretty quiet now heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. so they did wrap up that roadwork by the way on the lower deck. should have wrapped up a few minutes ago. bart delays just on the richmond line so you will notice into and out of richmond that's this red, orange line right here, delays of 8 to 10 minutes right now. everything else is on time heading into san francisco. and the silicon valley ride looks great. westbound 237 very light heading out to san jose. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. the president revealing his exit strategy from afghanistan. the backlash he is already getting from his own democratic party.
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>> and after 16 years, a notorious mob boss is finally nabbed. we are going to have a live report just ahead on his court appearance today. and a bombshell in the casey anthony trial. what her own parents say about the murder suspect. when we come back. ,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron.
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care for your car. on the f-b-i's most wanted list. welcome back. if you are a bart rider we are dealing with delays into and out of richmond. apparently there is a mechanical problem. all other trains are on time. every other mass transit ace, caltrain, muni looks good right now but we'll continue to keep you up to date plus show you a live look at traffic in the east bay all coming up in just a few minutes. thank you, liz. he was next to bin laden on the fbi's "most wanted" list. and this morning a mob boss who was on the run for 16 years is behind bars and headed to court. >> it's been a long time. kristine lazar is in l.a. with more on how whitey bulger was finally captured. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi telling us that they received a tip that whitey bulger and his girlfriend were living in an apartment by the beach. both of them will be in federal court sometime today.
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we'll show you now their photos. he had been on the run since 1995 when fled boston after learning that he was going to be indicted. the couple were taken into custody yesterday evening. they were living on the third floor of an apartment complex in santa monica. he is now 81. she is 60. again, he had been on the run for 16 years wanted in connection with 19 different murders. the fbi swarmed the complex yesterday evening. they took multiple boxes and bags of evidence out of that third floor apartment and it certainly startled neighbors. >> we were only just starting to get the information now. you know, it's like are you kidding?! now? >> this is an announcement by the fbi. have you seen this tomorrow? >> >> reporter: and that right there was a commercial that the fbi just started running one day before the arrest so just two days ago and then they got a tip. they were actually looking not for whitey in that commercial but for his girlfriend, catherine greig. they figured if they could spot
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her, that she would lead them to him and that's what happened. there is a $2 million reward out for his arrest and conviction. so possibly, someone will be getting that $2 million. they will be in federal court today. he is wanted on a number of different charges. he will face a number of different charges, murder extortion and money laundering. she will face harboring a fugitive. live in downtown l.a., i'm kristine lazar. back to you. >> did the fbi say they had altered their appearance to remain in hiding? >> reporter: they do belief that they both had altered their appearance. she changed her hair color. and interestingly enough, there was a sighting of him and her back in 2000 in orange county. in fact, someone said they saw whitey bulger sitting outside a hair salon while catherine was inside getting her hair done. there are spottings of him throughout the world over the past decade or so. but most recently here in
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southern california was in 2000 in orange county there. were rumors also that he was robbing banks. so it will be very interesting to see what they have been up to, how long they have been living in santa monica. those things we don't know. the neighbors we talked to say that they have only lived there for a short period of time so they are not sure how long the couple had been living there. >> it will be interesting to see what they look like and their demeanor in court today. kristine lazar in l.a., thanks so much for that live report. 6:13. think you got a bumpy commute? wait until you find the most potholes and rocky roads in the bay area. we are going to tell you where the worst roads are. >> plus, bringing the troops home from afghanistan. why the president's plan is already coming under fire from within his own party. if you have to catch a plane, you are cleared for take- off. sfo we are looking at a couple of clouds, lots of sunshine, 65 degrees. we are going to see some storm clouds though making their way in toward the chicago area and yes, the possibility of a few showers there. 68 degrees. continuing on toward new york, a little more bumpy as we
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expect the possibility of some thunderstorms erupting there as we look throughout the day. still 81 degrees a bit muggy, too. ,,,,,,,,
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in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. federal court in san francisco this morning. he could learn whether he will tried on in the headlines, barry bonds is back in federal court in san francisco or he will be this morning. he could learn whether he will
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be retried on perjury charges. giants fan bryan stow is now in serious condition this morning. doctors say his medications have been reduced and his seizures are subsiding. new security changes at airports. the tsa now says it will make repeated attempts to use body scanners on kids but it will resort to patdowns on children if needed. all right. folks, we are waking up to a cooler day. some patchy fog moving in around the bay area. but looking good in the valleys right now. it will be noticeably cooler many spots inland. yesterday we were pushing up to the mid-90s again. today we are struggling to get up into the 80s there as that sea breeze carrying some of the that marine air is onshore. temperatures are down, fog and drizzle at the coast, temperatures cooler around the bay area already. by the afternoon, 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s in the bay. and breezy conditions at the coastline. it's going to be chilly in
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spots. temperatures there into the 50s. here's the low cloud deck sweeping onshore now trying to break up in parts over the north coast right now but - the fog stretching inside the bay -- but otherwise the fog stretching inside the bay will hang out at the coast for the better part of the day. low pressure is dropping in. the trough will hang out along the coast. that will keep things cooler than what we have seen the past few days. these numbers running actually below the average as we head in toward the afternoon. about three to six degree below the average around the bay area. so you get the idea the temperature is coming down and now we are not too bad as we head toward the afternoon. still a pleasant 76 degrees in santa clara. 77 san jose. 74 and sunny in union city although a little breezy there. 70s and low 80s as you head further inland. 60s inside the bay. as you make your way to the north bay, we're planning on 50s and 60s at the coast. lots of 70s in many spots inland with mostly sunny skies toward the afternoon. all right. looking out over the next few days, probably going to continue to cool off a few degrees, although it doesn't look very frigid. just temperatures coming down
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quite a bit toward the coastline. low clouds and fog for the next five to seven days. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> we'll go right to our maps show you what's going on out there. first we'll start off with a live look at the san mateo bridge. everything is moving fine. in fact, we have been problem- free on our bridges pretty much all morning long since we went on the air at 4:30. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's go to our maps. on mass transit, different story. still dealing with about 10- minute delays now into and out of richmond. they are dealing with some kind of mechanical issue on one of the bart trains so again, that's the only bart line right now dealing with these delays, pittsburg, bay point, dublin- pleasanton. all other lines are on time. the antioch bridge looks great. usually good traffic off the bridge there. just a little bit of slowing, better than normal, as you make your way through antioch for this time of the morning. looks good all the way out towards 242. if you are commuting later on this morning, though, westbound and eastbound highway 4, caltrans is warning us they are doing some roadwork. they have to restripe that area. these are going to be kind of
6:20 am
rolling closures from san pablo avenue out towards highway 242. scheduled between 9:00 this morning all the way until 3:00 this afternoon. so really expect delays for that roadwork for much of the day. westbound highway 4 pretty slow ride. we actually just took a call from don with the kcbs phone force. it took him an hour to get from manteca to livermore. you will find stop and go conditions from 205 all the way towards vasco road. then it looks like speeds improve closer to the dublin interchange. this is westbound 580 traffic, looks okay as you reach 680. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a bombshell statement in the casey anthony trial. an attorney for her parents telling cnn they don't believe their daughter is innocent but they don't want her to get the death penalty. she is charged with seven
6:21 am
counts in her daughter's death including first-degree murder. testimony continues today in orlando. president bush will be at fort drum, new york, today. it comes hours after the president addressed the nation announcing plans to start removing u.s. forces from afghanistan. the president said he remains committed to bringing 33,000 americans home by september of next year. the process will begin with 5,000 removed from afghanistan this summer. top republicans say the withdrawal timeline is too abrupt. >> well over 1,000 young americans have already given their lives. and i would hate to see us take an unnecessary risk by withdrawing too early. >> some democrats including house minority leader nancy pelosi believe the timeline is not fast enough. 6:21 now. it's the worst food you can eat when it comes to gaining weight. we're not talking about sweets, either. >> plus, we have more details leaking about the new iphone. we'll have a preview of the sleek features and when you can buy it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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holes. if you think you have a bumpy commute, some bay area cities apparently are faring better than others when it comes to those potholes. the metropolitan transportation commission says the worst roads
6:25 am
are in rio vista, unincorporated sonoma county, larkspur, st. helena and orinda. here are the best roads. they are apparently in brentwood, belvidere, dublin, los altos and in foster city. and if you are waiting to get your hands on that new iphone. >> both of us. >> the best. >> some apple stores say that's going to be hitting in september. >> bloomberg reports the new iphone 5 will have a faster chip that already is being used in the ipad 2 and apple upgraded the camera to 8 megapixels, twice what the iphone 4 has. just get the iphone 4 and they come out with the 5. that's the way it works. another reason to steer clear of junk food. >> apparently potatoes are the worst culprit when it comes to adding inches to your waistline. there is a new study in the new england journal of medicine and says that a daily serving of spuds is worse than a sugary can of soda. harvard researchers found that fried, baked, mashed or boiled, potatoes can add nearly a pound
6:26 am
a year to your overall weight. the biggest problem is its high number of calories in a single serving. >> watching the potato chips get made there. speaking of calories. >> you are going to found an awful lot of them at the 99th annual alameda county fair because they deep fry everything there. exotic food booths are offering up wild alternatives. some of the items including alligator, yak, maggots. >> ugh! >> wow. that's new. >> next week's featured item will be fried raccoon. >> i don't even want to eat potato chips now. >> is that true? >> yeah, they have a whole list of stuff that they are serving. i kind of call it exotic. >> i think i'll eat the potatoes. 6:26 now. coming up, a southwest pilot learns the hard way to watch his mouth. hear the rant that has him apologizing this morning. >> plus, could paper and pen be the key to fighting prostitution? one bay area city's creative
6:27 am
campaign to embarrass johns. federal prosecutors could be taking another swing at barry bonds. we'll have a look at today's hearing coming up. and first a 6-year-old gets patted down in new orleans and then a baby in kansas city. now the tsa is changing its regulation for how it screens children. i'll be back with a full report in a bit. ow you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's already thursday. june 23rd, i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:30 now. a lot of people getting ready for the big 4th of july weekend taking next week off. if you do, you have good weather this weekend anyway. >> looking nice as we'll see those temperatures coming down much more comfortable around the bay area today. 60s into san francisco, nearly 70 in oakland, 70s in san jose. 80s on the high-end anywhere for today. how much cooler will we get is it we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you. we are going right out to chopper 5 talk about the bay bridge. they turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge. i believe we can see what's going on. we got word of some police activity out there. well, hopefully we will -- we are trying to get chopper 5 up.
6:31 am
we'll hopefully have live pictures in just a minute. no lanes blocked on the upper deck but watch out for activity out there. they turned the metering lights on so it's stacking up beyond the west grand overcrossing. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. baseball's home run king will be back in federal court today in san francisco this morning. >> and as anne makovec reports, barry bonds could find out whether prosecutors are going to take another swing at him. good morning to you, anne. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. a 9:30 status hearing here at the federal courthouse today could set the stage for a retrial for barry bonds. they are going to be discussing not only a possible retrial but also the possibility of overturning the one count that he was convicted on. let's take you back to april. that is when bonds was found guilty on one of four charges, that was april 13 but the jury was hung on the 3 other counts of lying to a federal grand jury in the balco steroids case from 2003. so today, the judge could rule
6:32 am
on when bonds' lawyers can start the process of reversing that conviction either by the judge throwing it out or granting him a new trial. the prosecution could also announce whether it plans to retry bonds on those deadlocked counts. there is the question of whether or not bonds was ever injected with anything by trainer greg anderson and that count looks to be the most likely for a retrial because the jury originally voted 11-1 in favor of a conviction but was deadlocked because of that one person. that's why a mistrial was declared in that one. the other votes appeared to be a little closer. again, 9:30 status hearing today and the prosecution really does have a deadline when it comes to deciding on whether or not they are going to retry barry bonds because of a speedy trial act clause which means they would have to start that retrial by july 18. we'll be here 9:30 and barry bonds himself is expected to be
6:33 am
here, as well. frank and gray? >> anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. 6:32 now. a new lawsuit claims oscar grant didn't get adequate emergency treatment after he was shot by a former bart police officer. grant died about five hours after johannes mehserle shot him at the fruitvale station on new year's day in 2009. the suit by an oakland fire department employee says his colleagues failed to bandage up one of grant's wounds but the "chronicle" reports the interim fire chief investigated the claims and calls them propos instruments. the fire chief of san francisco says -- calls them propos instruments. the fire chief of san francisco says the fire department may have to resort to brownouts involving temporary shutdowns of engine companies. the removal of pay raise assist part of the reduction of the $306 million deficit of san francisco. oakland police hope that a
6:34 am
new letter writing campaign will help weed out prostitution. people who live near the area known as the track on international boulevard will be on the lookout for johns in cars. participating neighbors will jot down the latest plates and the east bay asian youth center will pass that number on to police. the car owner will get a warning letter. >> they might be ashamed. they might feel remorseful or they might just be scared and we'll take any of those three. >> these prostitutes are people's daughters, sisters, aunties. so just to shed light on the whole problem, i think it is an effective tool, i do. >> the program kicks off on july 15th with a community walk. so watch out. and one of the fbi's 10 most wanted is under arrest and due in court today. notorious boston mob boss james "whitey" bulger was on the run for 16 years. he was wanted in connection with 19 murders. he was arrested in santa monica just last night thanks to a
6:35 am
tipster who saw a publicity campaign that the feds just launched the day before in l.a. and 13 other cities. that campaign focused on bulger's girlfriend who was also arrested. time now is 6:35. some people getting a jump- start on the weekend and we have good news because the weather looks perfect. a little cooler but not too bad. >> already thinking about the weekend, lawrence. >> i'm thinking it's looking pretty good although you may have to search more for the sunshine especially with the low clouds and fog surging back onshore. seeing that sea breeze and that carried fog into the bay area. cool especially inland where you had mid-90s, today struggling to get into the 80s in many spots. the fog has returned and you will feel it throughout the day today. the sea breeze is going to blow. the low clouds will continue at the coast. temperatures much cooler in many spots than yesterday into the 50s right now. remember yesterday, we had a lot of 60s this afternoon 70s and 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and cool 50s and 60s out toward the coast. time for a traffic check with
6:36 am
elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go out to chopper 5. all right. i have a little more information about what's going on, on the bay bridge. if you are driving across the span, there is some activity out there. it sounds like the coast guard is out there in the water. they have dropped some kind of dye in the bay. now, there are unconfirmed reports there may be a person in the water. that's what's going on. just want to let you know, coast guard also has their helicopters flying over, as well. so if you see anything and you are heading into san francisco, no lanes are blocked on the upper deck. they also turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge so it's actually starting to back up beyond the pay gates. i think chopper 5 will likely head there in a bit but here's a live look. you can see that it is stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing. all right. let's check elsewhere. all the approaches to the bay bridge so far look good. and no big delays right now once you get onto 880 or highway 24. everything looks good down the eastshore freeway but quickly we are going to tell you there is a giants game at 12:45 so
6:37 am
expect delays at the ballpark later on this afternoon. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the images have gone viral. young children getting airport patdowns. this morning, the tsa says it is rethinking its policy. kristy seifkin is live at sfo with what some parents are saying about these new marching orders. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: tsa certainly received a lot of criticism in recent months for patting down children. and tsa actually made an announcement yesterday that it's going to change its policy. tsa is going to try to screen children again 10 and under without resorting to doing a patdown and i caught up with some mothers who were inside of the airport here at sfo a little earlier who were pretty happy to hear about the policy changes. >> i think that kids should be given more freedom and should be treated with greater respect. >> we are teaching them to trust and to learn what travel is about. and instead of feeling like they're criminals in some way, which is not the way we want
6:38 am
our children to feel. >> reporter: now, this change came about after there was public outrage over an april 5 youtube video showing a young girl in new orleans who was being aggressively patted down by security. tsa argues that they had to pat down the girl because she is moved while going through the image screener blurring the image and then last month another image circulated of tsa screening a baby whose stroller set off an alarm, an alert of possible traces of explosives on that stroller. now, part of the reason that the patdowns are even put into place was the underwear bomber. you may remember him. a nigerian man who attempted to take down a plan going over detroit during christmas of 2009 by carrying an explosive inside his underwear. tsa received criticism that children are not a high threat but they responded to this by saying that terrorists have been known to use children as suicide bombers. it's important to keep in mind as a parent that when you go to the airport, the patdowns
6:39 am
haven't been eliminated. they are trying to reduce the usage. back to you. >> kristy, is tsa offering any information on how to dress your kids and how to help them get through security a little bit quicker in light of the policy change? >> reporter: the information just came out yesterday and so they haven't released any details. but i imagine as they start to implement the policy in the coming weeks, certainly they will probably add some of those details and help parents out to make the process easier for everybody. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live at sfo, thank you. a pilot for southwest back in the cockpit now following a rant that was broadcast to air traffic controllers. microphone was switched on when he was complaining to his first r about the lack o >> that pilot didn't know his microphone was on. he switched it on when he was complaining to his first officer about the lack of female flight attendants on his plane. passengers did not hear the rant, which happened this past
6:40 am
march. southwest did not identify the pilot. we are told he is a 12-year veteran, and he has since apologized. 6:39 now. and there is new talk about possibly tearing down the landmark hangar one at moffett field. work is already under way to remove theexterior skin because of toxic materials. the plan is to restore the siding. the daily news reports that the nasa memo questions the $3 3 million cost and reopens the possibility of demolition. the massive hangar was built in the 1930s and its floor covers 8 acres. president obama will be in upstate new york today. he will be visiting servicemembers at fort drum. this visit comes just hours after the president addressed the nation announcing plans to start removing u.s. forces from afghanistan. the president said that he remains committed to bringing 33,000 americans home by september of next year. the process will begin with 5,000 removed from afghanistan this summer. some democrats believe that the
6:41 am
timeline is not fast enough while some top republicans are saying it's too abrupt. 6:41. and it's a grim new sign. jobless market. plus why oil prices are plunging this morning. and the car company that's so broke right now, it can't even afford to pay its own workers. the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. you can see down across the board, way down on the dow, about 154 points! coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 am
saab. good morning, bay area. we have some changes in the works. low clouds and fog sweeping onshore. chopper 5 up and about checking out some of that fog looking back toward the city of san francisco. and you see the fog has moved in but it's some sunshine trying to poke through in our skies. we are going to see more sunshine in the afternoon. but that cool sea breeze is going to bring that cool air inland today and that means temperatures dropping off across the board. out the door you're heading? well, we have temperatures cooler. we have patchy fog and drizzle at the coastline. by the afternoon, the 90s are gone. it looks like temperatures into the 70s, and 80s inland. milder conditions there.
6:45 am
60s and 70s inside the bay and breezy out toward the coastline, low clouds and fog better part of the day and those temperatures staying cool in the 50s and 60s. so fog hugging the cost line right now. it's going to retreat toward the coast toward the afternoon. looks like we'll see cooler temperatures as high pressure getting out of the way now. some breezy conditions developing in the afternoon hours, as well. trough will camp out pumping in that cool marine air and bring the temperatures well below average for this time of year. a good 3 to 6 degrees below average across the board. so so much for that heat wave. it is just a distant memory now. temperatures still will be comfortable in the afternoon. 77 degrees in san jose today. 75 in sunnyval, fremont and redwood city. 60s inside the bay into oakland and alameda. and the north bay looking at 70s, maybe low 80 in toward fairfield but you get the idea. cooler temperatures at the bay area. not going to freeze but it's going to be chilly in spots at the coastline, highs in the 50s and 60s.
6:46 am
that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> back out to chopper 5. chopper 5 continues to cruise over the bay bridge right there by the "s" curve and traffic actually okay right now. it's sluggish up the incline. speeds improve closer to treasure island heading into s the coast guard has now left. for a while the coast guard had their helicopter up. they were searching in the water but now everything is good to go, just usual traffic heading into san francisco. so obviously a little sluggish out there. a lot of people heading into san francisco right now. metering lights turned on before 6:30. we got a giants game later on this afternoon. golden gate bridge light, no issues, a little less fog today than yesterday from the view of our camera right there before you reach the toll plaza. so north and southbound 101
6:47 am
moving fine all the way through marin county into the city. silicon valley commute, so far, so good. a little sluggish though as you make your way out of milpitas. typically closer to 7:00 is when we start to see delays out towards closer towards zanker road into san jose. westbound 580 the ride out of the altamont pass has been sluggish. we have taken a couple of calls from the kcbs phone force letting us know stop and go conditions from 205 through livermore. nothing unusual, no incidents, just a lot of commuters there heading towards 680 and the dublin interchange. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. not a good time to work for saab. the owner of the swedish automobile company says it doesn't have the cash to pay its staff. saab is trying to secure some short-term funding but there is no guarantee that will happen. problems with saab and problems for some workers right here in the united states and a move that has oil prices going down.
6:48 am
here's jason brooks with kcbs and jason, with lower oil prices, could that mean lower gas prices? >> good morning, grace and frank. absolutely, that's what we are going to be seeing in the next few days at the pump. gas prices have already been falling about 22, 25 cents over the past month. we are going to see an even bigger slide. the international energy agency decided to tap into the world's strategic petroleum reserves. it's going to release 60 million barrels of oil onto the market over the next month. the u.s. will represent about 30 million of those barrels. it's because the production has dropped in libya 1.5 million barrels a day. crude prices are down over $4 this morning to about $91 a barrel. that's a level we have not seen since early february. unfortunately, stock prices are also plunging this morning. weekly jobless claims came in higher by 9,000 to 429,000. we have not seen claims below
6:49 am
400,000 in over 11 weeks. that signals continuing stalling of job growth. that's something that's really vexing the economy right now. the federal reserve yesterday lowering its target of economic growth this year to a range of 2.7 to 2.9%. that's not going to make much of a dependent in the unemployment rate, which sits at 9.1%. probably both won't get below 8.5% until sometime next year. let's take a look at those numbers. it's not pretty. right now the dow is lower by 171 points. the nasdaq is down by 35. frank, grace, the s&p is down. >> i can hear my 401(k) going, no! >> and we have greece, too. if they don't pass the austerity moves next week, expect a lot of unsettled sellers on wall street. >> a couple of years ago it was worse. hopefully this is a bump in the road. >> reporter: hope so. >> jason brooks with kcbs and thank you.
6:50 am
it is do or daytime for cal's baseball team in the college world series. they have to win. they play virginia today. it's an elimination game actually for both teams. they are both tied at one. they are coming off a 7-3 victory over texas a & m. but they lost to virginia on sunday, close game 4-1. hopefully the bears can get motivated, keep winning and then perhaps have a very interesting weekend. >> in the rain even. 6:50. let's look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." and we do that with our good friend chris wragge live from new york. >> good morning. you guys just talking about the cal bears a second ago? >> we were. >> my alma mater. >> i don't know any famous alums. [ laughter ] >> ha. funny you should mention that. >> i could name a few if you have a half hour.
6:51 am
>> i didn't want to list the other famous alums. you're the most famous one i know. lots of good ones there. coming up on "the early show," capturing a kingpin. the arrest this morning of one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives that may have been one of the fbi's most embarrassing cases. thousands are on the run from rising water in north dakota. today may be the worst day of flooding in minot's history. >> some communities face a new reality, losing their hospitals. so we are going to look inside of that disturbing trend coming up this morning on "the early show" in a couple of minutes. frank, grace, back to you. >> i get the feeling you two guys know each other. >> we have hung out a little bit. >> frank and i go way, way, way back. >> chris was a little wide receiver -- not little. unh many moons ago. >> you and i should take later, huh, frank? >> 6'3", frank. nothing little about this guy. >> you got an inch on me. chris, have a good show. it starts at 7:00. >> bye. there is a little bit of construction going on, some
6:52 am
cool architecture last night here in the city. canstrucktion. it was the san francisco food bank's big fundraiser. 13 groups turned 50,000 cans of food into little works of art. i had think you will notice a little san francisco theme here. i had the honor of being one of the judges last night along with brian boitano. we had an architect, contractor, designer. the judge's favorite here is a cable car sculpted entirely out of cans. they call it the little engine that can. >> best use of labels went into this lombard street creation. the cobblestone streets, those are actually bean cans. >> you can't see it but on the back side of that, they have the golden gate bridge which was cool. and an honorable mention went to this one, fear the beard! that's right. that's giants pitcher brian wilson's trademark moustache and black beard. we thought that was the most creative. and the display is open to the public on fourth street at the metreon city room 11 a.m.
6:53 am
to 7 p.m. and you can see it through sunday. >> and it's free. check it out. take the kids. they will have a good time. there are 13 displays. bring canned goods. 6:53. it's a big day in court for barry bonds. how prosecutors are taking another swing at the home run king. >> plus, he apparently flies half naked. here's his photo. and he does it all the time. how this cross-dressing passenger is defending his rather strange attire. do you have a great story idea or comment you want to share with us? here's the guy that you email, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:56 am
♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. again on perjury charges. anne makovec is in san 6:56. barry bonds wants it to happen soon if he is going to be tried again on perjury charges. anne makovec is in san francisco where bonds could find out if there is going to be a new trial. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two things expected to be discussed here in federal court this morning. the charm that barry bonds was convicted on. -- the charge that barry bonds was convicted on and two, the
6:57 am
charges that were as a result of a hung jury. barry bonds was found guilty of one of four charges. there was a hung jury on the charges regarding the balco steroids case from 2003. the judge will rule on whether the case can be thrown out or have a new trial. the prosecution could also announce whether it plans to retry bonds on the deadlocked counties. they have a time limit for that according to the speedy trial act. 70 days within the period of the mistrial. so they have until july 18th to start a new trial if they decide to do so. we'll be here and barry bonds will be, too, at 9:30 this morning. grace? >> anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. here we go. a phoenix man says he dresses in skimpy women's clothing on airline flights because it's so much fun. the 65-year-old caused a stir after his photos went public
6:58 am
showing him at the airport in fort lauderdale, florida. he told the "san francisco chronicle" that he has done it for years and he frequently travels on u.s. airways for business. >> it's not just the blue ensemble. he has a black one, as well. here are a couple of other photos showing him wearing another outfit on another flight reportedly shot at dulles international airport. that's near d.c. "chronicle" says the man agreed to the interview as long as his name wasn't published. but certainly not afraid to have his picture out there and everything else for that fact. >> it makes sense he is in florida, phoenix, in d.c. in the summer it's so hot. here it might be chilly. >> not trying to alaska in that get-up. >> put him out on the coast, it would be a whole different story. cooler weather is bringing relief from the heat that we have seen the past couple of days. highs today in the valleys 70s
6:59 am
and 80s. cooler at the beaches. cooler more so into friday and saturday. it looks like this trend is going to last for the next five to seven days. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> san jose northbound 101 on julian street. one lane is blocked because of an injury crash, speeds under 30 miles per hour. 280 is a good alternate out of downtown san jose. the ride out of the altamont pass has been heavy, stop and go from 205, sluggish through livermore right there approaching vasco road. speeds improve a bit as you get closer towards the dublin interchange into and out of san francisco starting to get crowded, as well. up and down the central freeway crowded. bart delays into and out of richmond, 10-minute delays. bay bridge toll plaza, it's already backed up to the maze. and speaking of the may see, chopper 5 continues to fly over the maze where it looks okay through there. watch out for delays and the metering lights if you


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