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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  KPIX  June 26, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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housands of miles aw >> it's a celebration of love and happiness and acceptance of yourself. a parade energized by a law passed thousands of miles away. the excitement and unity found throughout the bay area today. a truck with tires so bald, it had to be taken off the road. and it doesn't end there. the troubling past of the trucking company involved in the fiery amtrak crash. and a shooting has sent five people to the hospital. good evening. it has been a busy day in the bay area, as people from near and far celebrate love and equality. organizers estimate more than a million people gathered in san francisco today for the city's pride celebration. let's take a live look at where
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the festivities are continuing this hour. it was the parade that was the main piece of it. anne mackovic reports. >> reporter: with the revving of engines from the dikes on bikes, the 41st annual san francisco pride parade was off and running, and dancing and dragging its way down market street. >> it's a celebration of love and happiness and acceptance of yourself and acceptance of the community and the whole world. >> reporter: in attendance, people of all colors of the rainbow, including enthusiastic politicians, law enforcement, a lot of children. >> it's fantastic! >> reporter: and great supporters. >> we have a lot of people in our family who a gay, to show them support and that we care. >> reporter: chaz bono, the transgender son of sonny and cher. >> this is huge for me.
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this is the city of pride. seems everything begins here. it's good to be here. >> reporter: because people being here can make an impact nationwide. >> it's really important that we have visibility like this, because this is what the youth need across the country, when they are in crisis, where they may not be allowed to be who they are. >> reporter: organizers say the parade is paramount, even though it costs millions from planning to law enforcement, to cleanup. >> they don't have the final numbers in just yet. but with a turnout like this, organizers hope they will be closer to being back in the black. >> reporter: but today, it's all about bubbles, bobbles, and being yourself. >> we're celebrating the diversity of the city and everybody knows they can belong here in san francisco. that's what i'm proud to be the mayor of. >> it's a beautiful day, a good crowd, couldn't ask for anything more! >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. two teenagers are under arrest after a shooting spree injured five people in downtown
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san francisco. it happened around 6:15 last night at market and jones streets. investigators closed off the intersection not far from where gay pride festivities were wrapping up. witnesses saw two groups of people involved in a fight before the shooting, and it was not related to productivity. police say four of the victims were innocent bistanders and all five are expected to recover. the two suspects in custody are 16 and 18 years old. police believe the shooting was gang-related. tonight, disturbing new details about a nevada trucking company under scrutiny for a deadly crash with an amtrak train. don knapp shows us what we've learned about the company's past. don? >> and the nevada crash of a big rig gravel truck into a dual engine 10-car amtrak train has left six dead and authorities searching for more. according to the train's records, as many as 210 passengers were on board, but so far, 28 of them are unaccounted for. >> reporter: the big rig driver whose truck skidded more than 300 feet and smashed through
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crossing gates to slam into the middle of an amtrak train worked for a company with a history of safety violations, according to federal records reviewed by the associated press. >> the motor vehicle itself was a truck/trailer combination with double bottom, dump, semi trailer, owned by john davis trucking -- john davies trucking of mountain, nevada. >> reporter: john davies trucking company has been cited repeatedly state authorities for crashes, unsafe driving, and operating a truck with tires so bald the vehicle had to be taken off the road. it's not yet known if any safety violations played a role in this crash 70 miles east of reno. but the ntsb says it's one area they will be looking at. >> the vehicle factors, focusing on vehicle records, the truck equipment, whether the systems are all functioning properly, whether there are any recording devices that can provide data. >> reporter: the ap says the company's been cited for two crashes in the last two years. a january inspection found trailer tires so bald that the
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rig was deemed an eminent hazard to public safety. ntsb investigators will also be investigating the background of the big rig driver who was killed in the crash. >> well, as i said, the team will take a closer look at the driver, his history, develop a 72-hour history, look for fatigue issues. there's a large number of issues that will be looked for. >> reporter: meanwhile, county coroner workers continue to sift through rubble too badly burned railcars, looking for bodies. a forensic anthropologist is expected to join the team tomorrow. >> the truck driver and the train's 68-year-old driver, identified as laura lee, are among the dead. officials are working to confirm the others' identities. >> don, thank you very much. well, a second person has died from injuries suffered when an elderly woman slammed into a south bay nursing home. 100-year-old suzanne fontaine and 88-year-old esther buck
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buckner were injured in yesterday's crash. the 90-year-old driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake when she crashed into the room at amber wood garden's home on peterson avenue. police are investigating, but say the driver will not face charges. the controversy surrounding college football player deshon marman's arrest at sfo more than a week ago continues. the ncaa cp hosted a public forum today at san francisco's jones methodist church. people spoke out, criticizing the way the airline and police handled the situation. >> these are our young black children got to learn that racism is real. you got to represent yourself when you go out in the public, anything can happen. >> the naacp have called on the airline to implement a sensitivity program. how prius owners are taking the end of the road in their own way, having a little party. and who the spotlight is on
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now in iowa. models are showing showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. i've got all the details, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the white house. a new poll out in iowa-- shows tea party favorite new numbers in the gop race for the white house. a new poll out in iowa shows tea party favorite michele bachmann a strong contender, at least for now. susan mcginn miss has more from new york. >> reporter: the race for the republican presidential nomination is heating up. a new poll conducted for the des moines register shows minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann as one of the top choices among likely caucus- goers in 2012. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has the support of 23% of likely caucus-goers, but bauchman is right behind, with 22%. >> confirms what we were hearing on the ground. we're gratified, but we know it's a still a long road ahead. it's a marathon, not a sprint. >> reporter: while early polls generate excitement, they don't always predict the outcome. mitt romney led the des moines register poll in 2007, but mike
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huckabee actually won the iowa caucus. at this early point in a crowded race, some in the gop are hesitant to jump on any band wagon. >> i like all of the candidates. but i'm going to keep an open mind. >> we are excited about going to iowa! >> reporter: bachmann will ride into a former announcement on monday. and she is making the economy her top issue. >> my focus will be on turning the economy around and job creation. >> reporter: bachmann is formally declaring her candidacy in waterloo, iowa where she was born. she says her native ties give her an advantage with socially conservative voters who are expected to play a big role in the caucus there next year. susan mcginnis for cbs news, new york. drivers are finally catching a break. gas prices have dropped about 11 cents in the past two weeks. that's according to the lindberg survey of fuel prices. the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.58. as usual, it's higher here in
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the bay area. the average price for a gallon of regular in oakland is $3.82. in san jose, it's 3.84, and in san francisco, it's the highest in the states at $3.93. well, there's less pain at the pump for all drivers. hybrid owners may soon spend more time on their commutes. the yellow stickers that allowed hybrid owners to drive solo in the car-pool lane are about to expire. july 11 marks the end of the road for the popular highway perk. a sticker removal party was held in san jose today. the dmv does not plan to renew the program. coming up, catching a much needed break from a record- breaking flooding. why not all of north dakota cities are in the clear. th '-is) well, we're getting a cooldown. temperatures are getting a little bit cooler and we also have some showers in the forecast. i've got all the details, coming right up. [ male announcer ] you know there are germs on every surface in your mouth. but did you know those same germs can build up and form a resilient layer called biofilm?
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river in north dakota is finally receding tonight, leaving behind record flooding. s of homes are flo the souris river in north dakota is finally receding tonight, leaving behind record flooding. thousands of homes are flooding, and one third of the population of minot is under evacuation orders. many of them don't have flood insurance and fema assistance could amount to as little as a few thousand dollars apiece. >> i have tears in my eyes this morning. you know, sickening feeling, because i know when i come back, it's probably not going to be worth fixing, because the house is almost a hundred years old. >> state lawmakers may be able to bail them out, thanks to north dakota's oil boom, which
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generates $1 million in tax revenue annually. hopefully they can help. eric martinez is here. we're looking at flooding there. we're looking at rain here. >> rain, blame it on me! >> that's what we like to do. thunderstorms later? >> yeah, a lot of activity out there. definitely be careful. i've got the detailed forecast coming up, but enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow, because we are going to see increasing clouds and increasing chances of showers, paving the way to possible thunderstorms for much of the forecast region. here's a look, a lovely look at the bay bridge right now. for the most part, mostly clear skies, a few main level clouds, but not much going on right now, although this low is picking up plenty of moisture. as it dips on down, we'll start to see a lot of that instability pushing its way into the area. now, here's a what at what to expect this evening. low 50s to high 70s, mostly sunny in the inland area. light breezes as the upper level low starts to push on in, so we'll see that introduction of the low and that increase in
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instability in the atmosphere. we've got partly cloudy skies for the bay, increasing clouds for the coast. sunset, 8:36 tonight. get out there and enjoy the last couple hours. santa rosa, 46, your expected overnight low. pacifica, 50. 54 for oakland. temperatures tonight, cooler than you did feel last night. and that's because that low is pushing in a cold front as well. sunnyvale, 76. 81 in san jose. we'll start to see that decrease in those daily temperatures due to that instability and that upper level low. we've got 68 for richmond and berkeley. 69 for oakland and san ramon, expected high, 80 degrees, making your way into sonoma, 80. you'll definitely see thunderstorms and you'll definitely see those thunderstorms initially. i want to prepare you, because as that instability works its way down, we'll see a lot of instability, lot of action
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there. petaluma, 74. here's a look at our extended forecast. we are seeing those thunderstorms in the forecast, especially for tuesday, into wednesday. by thursday, things are going to get a bit warmer, a little drier, as a high pressure ridge works its way into the region. by thursday, we'll see a warmup, but we do have thunderstorms to contend with for tuesday and wednesday. then our holiday weekend looks absolutely lovely. make wonderful plans, because we're getting 90s and possibly, possibly triple digits for sunday. >> really! then monday, of course, is the 4th. we're getting way ahead of ourselves! thank you, erica. well, berkeley celebrated california's oldest juneteenth festival today. juneteenth honors african american heritage. it's become a day not only to mark the end of slavery, but to celebrate african american culture. >> it is an opportunity for people to get together and just
5:48 pm
like black groups, to be able to provide an opportunity for people to actually enjoy the culture of america's rich black culture and heritage. >> this is berkeley's 24th juneteenth festival. the actual date of juneteenth is june 19th, but the day of the celebration varies around the bay area. how do we reverse the curse? >> for some reason, every time somebody comes on with me, something bad happens! a's player troy neil, designated hitter for the a's, had him on my show, next day sent to the minor league and sent to japan! you can't explain it. last sunday's guest, tony stewart crashes at infineon. today, we'll show you who hit victory lane, next. ,,,,
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the nascar race at infineon into lot of people talking about the traffic today, and a lot of that caused in the north bay, all the fans heading to infineon. >> i got hit at 37, coming home from auburn, then in san francisco with the gay pride parade. long day if you were on the roads today, but longer day if you were some of the nascar drivers. last year, jeff gordon turned the nascar race at infineon into a smash-up derby. of course he apologized to every driver he took out of that race, except for kurt busch. the sonoma track, one of only two road courses on the nascar circuit, last year's champ, jimmie johnson and five-time champ jeff gordon, always favorites there. lap 37, too many cars coming
5:52 pm
toward the tight turn number 111. brian vickers in the 83, spins out, smashes into the tire barrier. he wasn't pleased, and for good reason. take another look. from inside tony stewart's car, stewart bumped him from behind, sending vickers into trouble. dale earnhardt drought continues today, a blown engine leading him to the garage, finishing 41st. 24 laps to go, vickers gets payback. vickers rear ends stewart, sending him into the wall. look at how stewart ends up with his backside elevated on the tires. that is getting even. another look, vickers let stewart pass him before the turn, only to plow into him from behind. stewart held the lead at 1 point today, but finished in 39. didn't matter today, though. kurt busch dominated, leading 76 of the 110 laps. his 22 car takes the checker flag easily by 4 seconds over, guess who? jeff gordon. it's busch's first-ever win on a road course.
5:53 pm
first one of the year for busch this year, too. he said gordon came into victory lane to congratulate him, although he still didn't apologize for last year. series points leader carl edwards was third. ambrose ends up 5th this year. >> what's changed over the last month for you? >> for me, shut up and drive. i've done my talking, now it's time to do driving. >> the car gets stronger after five or six laps of running and that's not normally. normally cars start dropping off on pace. testament to my guys, all the testing we've been doing, and the preparation to come out here and try to win one of those road courses, finally did it. >> it was payback, but i dumped him first and i dumped him because he was blocking. been complaining about the way the guy's been racing all year. i like brian. i don't hold it against him. i don't care if it was ryan newman. i would have dumped him too. if they want to block, that's what's going to happen for the rest of my career. josh ottoman was drafted by the phillies in 2005.
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today, he got the chance to face them. unfortunately for him, the opposing pitcher was roy halladay. the a's might have to start juggling the lineup to get a little offense. roy halladay getting nice help from his friends, namely carlos ruiz on his rear end. ottoman off to a rocky start. victorino with a drive past cliff pennington. rollins comes in to score, 1-0 phillies. 2-0 in the 4th, but then ryan sweeney with a texas leaguer to center field, rollins cannot make the catch. coco cocoa comes in to score. tying runs in scoring position for david de jesus, roy halladay, strike 3 to end the inning. halladay with 4 strikeouts and is loving it. a's get the tying run to the plate in the 9th. halladay trying to close it out, gets sweeney to bounce into rollins for the 6-3 double play. ball game. halladay's 10th win, 5th complete game. a's lose two of three.
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3-1 is the final. in detroit, before the game, the tigers retired number 11 for hall of fame manager, the late sparky anderson. arizona leading 2-1 in the 8th. bases loaded, miguel cabrera, base hit left field, drives in a pair of runs for the lead. detroit scored seven times in the inning to win 8-3. why are we showing you this? because the giants lead by the diamondbacks is now one game in the west. last week, rory mcilroy blew away the field and won the u.s. open by 8 strokes. this week, it was another 22- year-old running away with a major championship, beginning the final round in the lpga championship with a 5-stroke lead. and she didn't give anybody a chance to make a run with birdies on the second, third, and fourth holes. 66 to finish the tournament, 19 under to win by 10 strokes to become the youngest player to win four majors. paula kramer tied for third. pga in connecticut,
5:56 pm
jacobson in search of his first pga tour win, got to 20 under par with a 63 today. ryan moore tied him. at 18, he needs that for par -- oh, he bogeyed it! he bogeyed 18, and that was an easy win. final round 66. tapping in for the par and for the win. soccer, women's world cup is now under way in germany. the host nation has won the past two world cups and is favored again, despite being ranked second in the world. germany gets on the burled against canada with the header. germany with 2-1. u.s. plays its first game tuesday against north korea. tonight on game day, the man who went without a baseball team to being named the national coach of the year, cal baseball coach, is in studio. and nascar coverage, kim coyle with aj, tonight at 11:30. i don't know who is bigger in
5:57 pm
this studio today, esquer, or a movie star in our building. do you know who it was? >> rob lowe! >> i was in the elevator with rob lowe! >> name-dropper! >> we go back a long way. well, coming up tonight at 6:00, summer's here, lots of people taking advantage by jumping into the water. guess what. rescue crews have made a record number of saves in just the past few weeks. tonight at 6:00, there is a new program to save swimmers and rafters. we have to go, because he's still trying to talk about rob lowe. >> don't believe me? come on. see you back here in half an hour, and of course at 10:00. have a good night. johnson director:
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