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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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safety issues we're now learnin alarming details about a fiery crash between an amtrak train and a truck. is it game over for kids who want to buy violent video games. the high court ruling we can expect in a few hours. i am grace lee >> i am frank mallicoat. we were chitchatting we are all in black. mourning the loss of the weekend. monday came much too quickly. >> it did. >> the weekend was nice though. >> you know what, i think we are wearing black because we have some rain coming. >> i know we have the potential -- i can't believe it this is amazing for this time of year
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to see the chance of rain. a dry day today, a lot of clouds out there, low cloud and fog stretched on shore it will pull back toward the coastline, 67 degrees san francisco, 83 sunnyville, concord, 79 san jose, oakland we will talk about the possibility of rain in a moment. good morning we are off to a very good start. live to the bay bridge toll plaza, just a few cars out there, so far so good. we will check 880 coming up but back to you. if only it would last. well, it is 4:31 a.m. likely to be months before the cause of that deadly train crash in nevada is concerned. the final destination, in emoryville of the amtrak train that never arrived. >> reporter: yes, five as eninjury are still reported missing off that -- passengers
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are still reported missing off that amtrak train. they are questioning why the trucker failed to stop the john davis trucking company has come under fire the employer of the trucker that crashed into that amtrak train the kept of public safety cited that company for numerous things unsafe driving, cargo violations oil leaks, drivers not using their seat belts and cited for two crashes in the past two years but experts are saying the investigation is still so new it is hard to determine if those citations are unusual for the trucking industry. as for the missing passengers, ntsb says some of them may have gotten off the train before the crash and that would account for why they weren't found or walked away from the scene without checking in. investigators continue to search for those five individuals today, tuesday they will meet with the trucking company that employed the
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trucker that crashed into the train to find out more about his medical history, training and experience. christy in emoryville thank you. a second person has now died from her injuries after a car slammed into a san jose nursing home 100-year-old susannah, and 88-year-oldester were killed and several others were injured in saturday's crash. the 90-year-old driver hit the gas pedal instead of a brake. it crashed into the common woman at the amber wood gardens home -- common room at the amber wood gardens home. a mother saying she just ran over her own child 4-year- old boy is on life support at children's hospital in oakland. police say the boy had been playing in the front yard on saturday morning but he walked into the drive way his mother was pulling in at the time and didn't see him. >> today marks one month since the disappearence of michelle
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lei in hayward her family continues to hold out hope she is alive. loved ones say they have eliminated most of the area they were advised to search evidence is being looked at by police. the family has hired a private investigator. two teens are under arrest in connection with a shooting spree that injured five people downtown san francisco. witnesses saw two groups of people involved in a fight before the shooting on saturday. police say four of the victims were innocent by standers they are all expected to recover the two suspects in custody are 16 and 18 years old police believe the shooting was gang related. today an east bay lawmaker introduces a plan to get rid of the death penalty here in california. lonnie hancock from oakland says the death penalty is
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helping make california bankrupt and not deter crime her bill was replace capital punishment with life without parole. the plan would need to be approved by the legislature and california voters. the supreme court will look at a ruling restricting minors access to violent video games in california, a law bars the rental of violent games to kids under the age of 18 governor schwarzenegger signed the law in 2005 but it has been tied up in the court ever since. >> loved ones of a football player arrested for wearing saggy pants on a plane are asking for changes. people spoke out at an naacp public forum at jones methodist church they say he was the victim of racial injustice. >> young black children have got to learn racism is real you got to represent yourself when
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you go out in the public. marvin was arrested after refusing to pull up his sagging pants before boarding a plane at sfo days before u.s. airways allowed a white man to board another flight wearing women's underwear naacp called on u.s. airways to implement a sensitivity training program. >> speaking of sensitive tsa is defending its actions after forcing a 95-year-old woman to take her adult diaper off it happened during a security pat down at a florida airport the woman's daughter said a security agent felt something strange in the diaper and it had to be removed in the bat room. >> they -- bathroom. >> they came out and told me it had something to do with her depends it was wet and firm and they couldn't check it thoroughly i had to leave the security area and take her to a public restroom there at the airport and take it off of her. >> the tsa released a statement
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saying tsa works with passengers to resolve security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner we determined our officers acted pow if he is fallly the woman said her mother was -- professionally the woman said her mother was calm and she doesn't plan to take any action. >> it is june but there are talks about rain >> i guess this is kind of -- i haven't been around for awhile but rain in june is kind of odd. >> we usually can put the rain the bed by now but this is a season that just won't end looks like a chance of rain again. this morning low cloud and fog started to stretch on shore some of that up into the napa valley as well and it will slowly burn off today. we will not worry about the rain today. 50s showing up all around the bay area. by the afternoon 70s and 80s in some of the interior valleys, 82 liver more, 83 concord, sunny in fairfield plenty of
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70s inside the bay. thick with low clouds and fog but this is where things get interesting later on tonight clouds start the roll in a chance for rain here in the bay area tuesday looks like a pretty good system out of the gulf of alaska, cool, clouds into wednesday as we turn the door on the storm system high pressure building back in by this next friday weekend temperatures moving well into the 90s next couple days, that's right giana, a chance of rain in our forecast. >> i can't believe it. is this summer? over to the freeways, one minor accident, highway 4, concord on the on ramp no lanes are blocked a vehicle went off the roadway it has been there about an hour it should be in the clearing stages, mainlines of highway 4 uneffected a live look at 880, so far nice ride no major snags here traffic very light as you work your way northbound into oakland a few cars headed southbound, hayward
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and an easy drive as you work your way on the golden gate bridge. just slightly foggy give yourself extra time mass transit off to a good start, ace no problems, cal train and muni doing well as well. this morning a ribbon cutting will mark the reopening of the california street cable car line it has been closed for 6 months for $24 million in repairs crews replaced electrical, mechanical components, rebuilt curbs replaced sewer lines below the ceremony happens 10:00 a.m., call foreign gentleman and drum streets -- california and drum streets. finally get up california. >> bells start ringing again. hybrid owners mark your calendars, driving to work will take a little longer plus. >> i am tara mergenner in washington. the latest coming up.
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placing all bets new octopus making predictions for this year's soccer world cup presidential rac,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mergener rep an iowa native is in her home state today to jump into the presidential race. the move comes more than 7 months ahead of the iowa caucuses. michelle balkman is hoping her hometown roots will help steer her to the office. the minnesota congress woman kicked off her presidential campaign with a rally in waterloo iowa her birthplace. des moines register showed the tea party favorite, neck and neck with mitt romney. last night, balkman urged
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supporters to keep that momentum going. >> you may have heard there is a straw poll coming up in august that is not a small deal that is a big deal. >> analysts say her bid is a critical test to see how far the tea party movement can go. congress woman is running on promises to cut spending shrink the government and repeal president obama's health care overhaul. >> this is the obama deficit, obama debt due to obama spending. >> sunday the mother of five continued blaming the president for economic woes but came under fire for comments she made about him in 2008. >> do you wish you put it another way when you said he had anti american views. >> of course. >> she will get a chance to chart a new path starting today. 4:43 a.m. president obama is preparing to meet with senate leaders today to tackle the federal deficit
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pressure is mounting with an august 2nd deadline to increase the debt ceiling or default on debt obligations the main obstacle is whether to increase revenue. they want to end tax breaks republicans say any increased tax burden will further slow economic recovery. >> in san jose the final week on the job for many laid off city workers including 100 plissessers and all 264 people are losing the police officers, all 264 people are losing their jobs to reduce the deficit some workers packed their belongings up on friday for the rest, including the 100 officers their final day is this coming friday. all city workers are taking 10% pay cuts several dozen are taking bigger hits in salary because they have been moved to lower paying jobs. drivers are finally able to keep a little more money in their pocket gas price haves
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dropped 11¢ past two weeks according to the lindberg survey of fuel prices national average, $3.58 closer to home the average is 3 .8 2 and san jose 3 .8 $4 san francisco always a little higher, $3.93. >> less pain at the pump for all the drivers lie brit owners may -- hybrid owners may soon spend more time on their commute the yellow sticker program that allows them to drive solo in the car pool lane is about to expire. july 1st is the last day. did you catch any of the parade or get stuck in it? >> i got caught in the traffic for an hour. >> right in front of my apartment it was cool organizers of san francisco's gay pride weekend calling it a
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big success. >> festivities ended yesterday, with a signature event, a parade i knew about it and forgot about it. one of the entertainers. >> it is like san francisco pride and you know seems like the city where everything gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans gendered begins. san francisco police increased security after a shooting last year. >> same-sex marriages can begin in new york on july 30th people danced all day in the streets of manhattan yesterday parade goers in every color of the rainbow showed up and governor cuomo signed a bill into law friday night and that legalized same-sex marriage. the parade was like 3.5 hours long i watched an hour, went and worked out came back and it was still going. relief after days of
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flooding in north dakota, financial troubles homeowners are having to go through. >> getting your kids to fall asleep what they should not do after 7:00 p.m. >> nascar speeding into the north bay how sonoma proved to be a turn around for one racing star when we come back. if you are headed out the door, by the afternoon cleared for take off, 67 degrees outside sfo. another round of thunderstorms headed toward chicago heading in that direction expect to be bumpy, 83 degrees moving on from there, i think those skies clear out nicely heading into new york. lots of sunshine coming your way, 83 degrees as well more on your local weather coming right up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these are live pictures of a hotel fire. we're hearing the roof collapsed not too long live pictures of a hotel fire out of florida. you can see the flames going through this building.
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some smoke coming out of there. black smoke we are hearing that this roof collapsed not very long ago. this is just outside of orlando. looks like not even firefighters are even on scene just yet but we do know again this is just outside orlando not far from disney world we will get you more information when we get it. today the international criminal court is expected to announce whether it will issue an arrest warrant for libyan leader, moammar gadhafi prosecutors want to try him along with his son and intelligence chief for crimes against humanity the accusations include giving orders for troops to open fire on demonstrators and shell funeral processions. lieuiers for the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage have asked a judge to keep him from being forcibly medicated we are talking about the suspect. federal prison officials decided to give loughner anti psychotic drugs they say he is
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a danger to himself he has been in a prison medical facility in missouri since he was declared incompetent to stand trial he pleaded not guilty to charges in a shooting that killed 6, injured 13 including gabriel giffords. grace, 4:51 a.m. dozens of homes under mandatory evacuation ordered as fire sweeps through parts of northern new mexico the evacuation area includes parts of white rock ands will alamo the national laboratory is closed today all radio active and hazardous material is protected as a precaution. neighboring arizona, crews have contained one of three major wild fires burning in that state for weeks that fire burned 348 square miles near portal, southeastern arizona, crews are also making progress on the two others including the one that destroyed 57 homes near sierra vista and the 841
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square mile wallow fire the largest on record in the state is now 77% contained. 4:52 a.m. souris river in north dakota is starting to recede but leaves behind record flooding more than 4,000 homes are damaged and forecasters are warning the town of minot will not be clear of danger until later this week. one third of theton's population is -- of the town's population is under evacuation orders, fema assistance could amount to as little as a few thousand dollars a piece. some are fearing what they will find when they return. >> you know, sickening feeling i don't want to come back it probably won't be worth fixing the house is almost 100 years old. state lawmakers may be able to bail them out the oil boom generates $1 billion in tax revenue annually.
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>> how about the weather let's toss it to lawrence car know we will see rain nothing like that but a little bit of rain. >> very late in the season to see these storms dropping out of the gulf of alaska. out the door, clouds out there that are just mainly low cloudfog temperatures 50s and low 60s. as you look toward the after nonwe will see a a lot of sunshine. looking at the fog sticking around temperatures going to be cool, 50s and a few 60s but yeah, we do have them off the coastline here it is the one that could very well provide rain slow mover, not expecting those until later on tonight we could get wet as we look towards tuesday. temperatures around seasonal, mild numbers outside tomorrow that will all change a chance of showers much cooler than normal as the system drops into the bay area. outside, sunshine, 79 degrees
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san jose looking nice there. 78 in sunny vail, 77 degreess will gatos, 58 daily city patchy fog and 84 morgan hill. east bay temperatures 60s and 70s inside the bay as you head further inland you will find those numbers turning into the 80s. plenty of sunshine try valley well -- tri valley, well inland, north bay, 70s, 80s as you head into the fairfield area. coastline mainly into the 60s. looking out over the next couple days, chance of rain turn into the bay area tuesday, couple left over clouds as we head in towards wednesday high pressure really begins to build back in. 90s as we head in towards next weekend let's check the traffic with giana. right to the central freeway where traffic is so far so good in fact most of 101 off to a good start, sensors are
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updating traffic is very light a live look through there headed south, 101, through the peninsula, both directions off a good start, 101 north off sfo no delays, 280, checking in 57 miles per hour as you work north or southbound, 92 a good start no delays between hayward and foster city once you get to 880, traffic is good here northbound construction in the oakland area that is cleared no major snags to report, southbound as well as you work towards hayward most of your travel times east bay off to a good start, only an 18 minute ride westbound 580, altamonte pass to 680, again 880 clear, 16 minutes 238 to the maze once you get to the bay bridge not bad at all a few cars approaching the toll plaza metering lights are off a nice ride across the upper deck, headed out of san francisco into oakland, construction,
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hoping to have some activity through that portion the rest of the bay problem free no major snags to report and a nice ride on the golden gate bridge don't forgetkcbs 740 am and 109 fm. a new study finds kids between ages of 3 and 5 have more sleep problems if they watch a lot of tv after 7:00 p.m. at night. researchers tracked more than 600 kids in addition tonight time viewing, shows with violence any time of day caused problems some would follow nightmares and daytime sleepness the result appears online today in pediatrics. kyle bush has his first nascar victory of 2011. >> he was the first to reach the checkered flag yesterday in sonoma. jeff gordon, finished second. >> and the octopus has spoken.
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>> she is predicting the winner for the women's world cup of soccer so far she is one for one she correctly picked germany over canada by the way the u.s. women play their first game tomorrow. >> they have one for the men's world cup south africa, his name was paul he died shortly after the world cup. >> i think he was exhausted from predicting all those game wins. >> he was right all the time. >> unbelievable. >> time 4:57 a.m. making changes on death row why one state lawmaker wants to get rid of the death penalty. >> five people still missing after big rig crashes into an amtrak car investigators are turning to the trucking company for clues about that crash. a live report coming up. is it unconstitutional to ban violent video games to young kids? the u.s. supreme court will
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decide today. both sides of the argument coming up. if you can't beat them hire them the unique move facebook is taking with its hiring process ,,,,,,,,,,
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