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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> six dead five still missing after a big rig rams into an amtrak train. this morning the safety issues we are learning about. >> violent video games, should young kids be able to buy them. the decision coming down later today. >> it is monday june 27th i am grace lee. >> i am frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 a.m. straight up right now you know it is july 1st on friday how about a little rain. >> no, this is strange. we shouldn't have rain this time of year right lawrence? >> well, it happens every once in awhile this happens to be that once in awhile. folks we could be talking about showers coming our way but not today we will stay dry a couple clouds out there by the afternoon lots of sunshine temperatures 70s and 80s. more on that rain coming up in a moment. let's check traffic with giana. >> so far nice ride on the
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freeways, let's check traffic to the south bay, you are cruising along 880 and 237 intersection through milpitas, no major snags most of the bay area looks like this a live look of the bay bridge coming up. >> thanks a lot. 5:01 a.m. a nevada trucking company and one of its drivers under scrutiny after a deadly truck train crash. christy is in emoryville where the train was headed when it was hit. >> reporter: good morning yeah, five individuals are still missing and that investigation is continuing to look into why that truck driver didn't stop even though the arms at the crossing gate were down and lights flashing investigators are looking into what may have been going on to cause him not to stop perhaps was he talking on his cb, looking in his side view mirror or was he talking on a cell phone and john davis trucking company that employed that trucker is now coming under fire as well. the reason for that, is that the department of public safety
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cited the company for many things, in recent years unsafe driving, cargo violations, oil leaks, drivers not using seat belts and several other things and they have been cited for two crashes in the past two years. but experts say this investigation is so early on at this point it is hard to determine if those violations are in fact unusual for the trucking industry. as for the passenger it is national transportation and safety board said some of those passengers may have gotten off the train before the train crashed or they may have walked away from the scene without checking in with officials they will continue to search for those five individuals still missing on tuesday the investigators will meet with the trucking company to look into the medical history of the driver and look see his training and any of their prior violations back to you. all right christy, thank you. 5:02 a.m., two people are now dead after a driver smashed
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through a san jose nursing home 100-year-old woman and 88-year- old esther and several were -- were killed and several others injured. the car crashed into the common room at amber wood gardens home. the driver will not face charges. san raphael investigators are looking into more suspicious firs crews were called to one vegetation fire just after 9:00 p.m. last night off francisco boulevard west they found three fires along the railroad tracks, behind a car dealership and vacant bookstore. a transient was arrested after two other suspicious fires june 14th and some other small fires in the city last month. two teens in jail this morning, they are accused of a shooting spree that injured five people downtown san francisco. witnesses saw two groups of
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people involved in a fight before the shooting saturday. four of the victims were innocent by standers including a tourist from england they are all expected to recover. the two suspects in custody are 16 and 18 years old, police believe that shooting was gang related. decision will come from the u.s. supreme court on the sale of violent video games to kids at issue is california law that would restrict access but has been tied up in court for years. in san francisco with more on what is at stake. good morning. >> good morning yeah, big business, video games, multi billion dollar industry. game stores here do big business. at least every household in the us has one system at home. the u.s. supreme court today will decide whether or not a 2005 california law is constitutional it was written
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by leyland owe he wants to prohibit -- yee he wants to prohibit the sale of ultra violent video games to children. he has lots of support including american academy of pediatrics and argue kids under 18 exposed to violent video games leads to aggressive behaviour, makes them more desensitized to violence and can impact social behaviour the video gaming industry is putting up a big fight they say much research is biased and skewed they point to a 2007 department of justice report that shows violent crimes by youth ages 14 to 17 is down since the early 1990s and they also point to another key stay it'sic most violent -- statistics, most violent games are bought by parents and kids together. they also say frank, if you ban video game sales to kids, kind
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of like alcohol they still have access to it, so more emphasis should be put on marketing and research than banning the sale or rental. kind of a catch 22 ban them they will get them one way or the other maybe regulate them better. >> thanks. if an east bay lawmaker gets her way california will stop putting inmates on death row. state senator lonnie hancock is introducing a bill to do away with the death penalty it is not a crime deterrent but a big drain on california's finances all capital punishment cases would be changed to life without parole. were you out early this morning? >> yeah, you know just out and about. >> i know we will get some rain lawrence but only for a day. >> looks like for about a day but not today. we will stay nice and dry.
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some patchy fog out there right now, looks like that is going the clear up and we are going to see it pull back toward the coastline temperatures running in the 50s outside, and hey, by the afternoon we will see those numbers up in the 70s and 80s many of the valleys, 50s and 60s out towards the coastline, slight chance for showers as we head in tomorrow, looking pretty good now with a trained professional, giana with the traffic. >> you would have been all right lawrence i think. construction projects to lookout for, south 101, shut down an ongoing closure until noon tuesday. do plan for that there are detours in place not effecting the mainlines of the roadways, if that is a usual off ramp or on ramp plan through there. >> summit road and bear creek road, should wrap up by 6:00 p.m. slight delays there.
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no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights still off clear into san francisco,. giana, you ready to do weather? >> i can try. lawrence would have been okay if it was a wednesday monday tough. >> early though, so makes it slow. >> all right 5:08 a.m. he was arrested for wearing saggy pants the one change some people want to see on u.s. airways. >> race for president gets more crowded the critical test, the newest contender will face. and your hired the unusual move facebook is taking with its newest hire ,, whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby!
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is off to a nice start, a look at the rest of the bay area coming right up. 5:11 a.m. a young nursing student in hayward has now been missing for a month the family of michelle le continue to hold out hope she is still alive as a result volunteer efforts in the past two weekends, loved ones have eliminated most of the areas they were advised to search in evidence is being evaluated by police. le was last seen may 27th kaiser medical center hayward. change, that is what family members are asking for after a football player was arrested for wearing saggy pants on a plane. people spoke out naacp public forum at san francisco's jones methodist church they say he was a victim of racial injustice. >> first of all, young black children got the learn racism is real they got to represent yourself when you go out into
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the public. he was arrested after refusing to pull up his sagging pants before boarding a plane at sfo. just days before, u.s. airways allow add white man to board another flight wearing women's underwear naacp called on u.s. airways to implement a sensitivity training program. there is a deadline in massachusetts in the case of accused mob boss james whitey bulger, his temporary court appointed attorney must assign whether he must be assigned a permanent public defender he suggested he could pay for a lawyer the government gives him the money seized when he was arrested in his santa monica home that brought up quite a laugh in federal court authorities found $800,000 there but my guess is he is not going to see that again. probably not. >> getting to work, might take you longer the popular highway program days away from expiring. >> new hopeful officially
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enters the presidential race why this is such a critical test for the tea party movement. >> time for your travel forecast cleared for take off sfo looking at 67 degrees, several passing clouds heading toward the afternoon heading toward los angeles we are looking at clouds early on, latter part of the day, 83 degrees, a lot of sunshine mixed in there too if you plan on continuing on, towards phoenix, leave those heyy clothes behind 115 -- heavy clothes behind, 115 degrees expected in the desert today. more on local weather coming right up ,,,,,, [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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in friday's deadly amtrak crash in nevada had a history of e let's look at the mornings top story it is trucking company involved infully day's deadly amtrak crash in -- in friday's deadly amtrak crash in nevada, had a history of violations. u.s. supreme court expected to issue a ruling about a california law restricting minors access to violent video games, free speech advocates oppose this legislation. sour section river expected to drop 3 feet -- souris river
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expected to drop 3 feet. we are expecting our own precipitation. >> a few more rain drops before we wind down on this rainy season today it looked like it would stay dry a couple low clouds and fog, typical temperatures in the 50s and a few low 60s inland, again toward the afternoon a whole lot of sunshine around the bay area, 70s and 80s. inside the bay a lot of 60s and 70s. a lot of fog on the beaches, 50s and 60s after that, things change quite a bit. we have the cold front diving in from the gulf of alaska. unusually strong doesn't mean it is a bigger storm system, pretty impressive still, seasonal weather the day fairly mild conditions outside most spots warm inland, this guy drops in tomorrow chance of showers and unseasonably cool. with that in mind numbers should be all right, 79 santa
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clara, 78 milpitas, 73 degrees san mateo, east bay numbers up in the 80s in many spots well inland, as high as 85 antioch, 83 walnut creek and berkeley, sonoma, 79 and napa and 83 fairfield as we look at this day ahead, not bad but by tomorrow those clouds are here and there is a chance of showers developing around the bay area, could sweep across the bay area as we head into the afternoon hours, a couple clouds wednesday, thursday and friday, dry, much warmer and dry as we head towards next weekend. let's head over to the roadwayget a live look at 580, 680, traffic not doing badly extra volume, 580, as you work toward pleasonton dublin interchange no accidents right now, if you are headed through the altamonte pass, extra volume as you work your way
5:19 am
westbound typical for your monday morning elsewhere, 680, problem free as far as accidents go but we have road work to lookout for, 680, both directions, we hope to have things wrapped up by 6:00 p.m., as you work your way off the antioch bridge, traffic light so far so good as you head towards the antioch, pittsburgh area, slight delays, overall, mass transit, bart, ace, muni, cal train all checking in problem free, ace train number one is on time over to the south bay, road work ongoing closure, south 101 shut down, that will not reopen until the 28th and they are saying noon. so there are detours in place, do take an alternate, 101 not effected at this moment. a live look 280, you can make out a few cars on the roadway, traffic cruising along through downtown san jose.
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don't forget kcbs 7:40 a.m. and 106.9 fm. >> are those head lights? >> a couple. >> okay just checking. another contender jumping into the republican race for the white house minnesota representative michelle bachmann plans to announce her candidacy in waterloo iowa. she said there is nothing personal in her effort to unseat president barack obama but feels he is just wrong on his policies for america. >> would you wish you put it a did i have aren't way when you said he had anti american views. >> sure there is a whole lot of things i wish i would have said differently of course. >> a new straw poll finds her at the top of the republican field. a debt show down on capital hill, president obama will meet with senate leaders to tackle the federal deficit pressure is mounting with an august 2nd deadline to increase the federal debt ceiling or face possible default on debt
5:21 am
obligations democrats want an approach that makes spending cuts but also ends tax breaks republicans say any increased tax burden will slow the economic recovery. help wanted, facebook why the social network hired a hacker. >> piece of music history sold to the highest bidder how much someone paid for michael jackson's red jacket from his video thriller. ,,,,,,
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7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. we've got low cloudfog. 70s and 80s inland, 50s and 60s out towards the coast. 5:24 a.m. hybrid owners, better mark your calendars, driving to work could soon take longer. those little yellow stickers that allow you to drive solo in the car pool lane are about to expire. july 1st marks the end of the road for that popular highway perk, a sticker removal party was held in san jose yesterday dmv does in the plan to renew the program. >> man accused of hacking now hired by facebook. he tells tech on that facebook is an amazing place to work he has been sued by sony for jail breaking into playstation three
5:25 am
and one of the first hackers to unlock an old versionover the iphone analysts think facebook's new hire is connected to development of an ap for the ipad. a piece of music history went up forbid and went for big bucks. >> that's right a texas man paid 1.8 million dollars for one of michael jackson's jackets. 1.8 million dollars. the singer wore the black and red calf skin jacket in his thriller music video. proceeds will go to a cat sanctuary that houses two tigers jackson once owned the jacket will be sent on tour, it will be used as a fundraising tool for children's charities. >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> if you are in the market for an older piece of history, this photograph, billed as the only authenticated picture of billy the kid, that is cool. it sold for $2.3 million at a colorado auction. look at all the cool stuff
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we are missing out on. >> if only i had a big check book. >> $4 million to spend on the jacket and picture. >> what will you do with the jacket? i guess raise money for charity. 5:26 a.m. a 95-year-old woman with cancer strip searched at an airport how tsa is defendling itself this morning. >> a plunge at the pump how much gas prices have fallen and why would you see a bigger dive in a matter of days. >> california state law goes before the u.s. supreme court can the state ban the sale of violent video games to young kids both sides of the debate coming up. five individuals still missing in the amtrak crash now investigators are turning to the trucking company for clues, a live report coming up. ♪
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it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. and i'm grace lee time is 5- well, good monday morning june 27th, good to have you onboard i am frank mallicoat. >> i am grace lee. it is supposed to be june. >> well, it is june technically but i guess, mother nature you know she puts her own curve balls all yearlong.
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why not a little rain. just when you think you put the doppler away for the season we have a storm brewing. doesn't look like it will be here today. it will be normal low cloudfog 60s and 70s. 80s inland, rain coming up shortly let's talk to john about traffic. >> a live look at 580, 680, dublin interchange lots of cars on the roadway. altamonte pass. we will take it thanks, trucking company with a history of safety problems now under the microscope in a deadly train wreck. christy is in emoryville, the final destination of the amtrak train that never arrived kristy what is the latest? >> reporter: well, they are still looking for five individuals missing and then they are continuing the investigation of this trucker to find out why he crashed even though the wig wag arms were down and the lights were
5:31 am
flashing. >> they will take a close look at the drivers history, develop a 72 hour history, look for fatigue issues. >> reporter: now the davis trucking company -- excuse me john davis trucking company the employer of that trucker in the crash, has certainly come under fire and the reason for that is that the department of public safety cited the company for unsafe driving, for cargo violations, for oil leaks, not to mention several other violationthey have also been cited for two crashes in the last two years. but experts say the investigation is too early on to determine if these types of violations are in fact unusual for the trucking industry now as for the missing passenger national transportation and safety board says some of those passengers may have gotten off the train before it crashed or they may have walked away from the scene without checking inthey will continue searching for those five missing
5:32 am
individuals and then talk with the company to find out the medical history of the truck driver. you have to thing about fatigue like the ntsb mentioned because in the morning daylight and high plains desert, lights down, arms down, you could see for several hundred yards any way i guess the skid marks happened right before he hit the train so maybe this guy just dozed off. >> yeah, and they are thinking fatigue might be one of the issues another may have been he was talking on his cb and distracted they are looking at potentially he was on his cell phone a lot of questions are out there now. >> okay christy, live in emoryville thanks. police in san francisco are holding two robbery suspects who tried to get away this morning jumping into the bay off hunters point. police say a security guard was patrolling the old shipping yard when he saw a man and woman trying to steal copper.
5:33 am
he went after them and they both jumped into the water a crew on a security boat fulled the -- pulled the woman out first and the man pulled out around 4:00 a.m. three more suspicious fires in san raphael crews were called to francisco boulevard west just after 9:00 p.m. last night they found three fires along the railroad tracks behind a car dealership and vacant bookstore they were put out quickly a transient was arrested after twoother suspicious fires june 14th and some other small fires in the city just last month. shooting spree downtown san francisco leaving five people wounded this morning, two teens are both under arrest it happened 615 saturday night mid- market area, not far from where gay pride festivities were wrapping up four victims were innocent by standers all five are expected to recover, suspects, 16 and 18-year-olds, police believe the shooting was
5:34 am
gang related. >> new push to end the death penalty here in california, state senator from oakland will introduce a bill that will replace capital punishment with life in prison. the death penalty is something that will bankrupt the state and doesn't prevent crime a recent study found the cost to have death penalty will rise to $9 billion by 2030 the plan would need to be approved by the governor and california voters as well. forcing video game companies to clean up their acts, should it happen? today the supreme court will decide whether some of those violent games should be off limit to kids, in san francisco with more on what is at stake good morning. >> reporter: good morning grace. that's right the u.s. supreme court is waiting for the last year of this day's session to decide whether or not banning video games to young kids is
5:35 am
unconstitutional. leyland owe offer add 2005 california law prohibiting rental and sale of violent video games to kids he said it can lead to kids becoming desensitized to violence. parents need help protecting kids this law aims to do just that he has a lot of support 11 states have submitted support to the law and several leading national civil rights and medical associations also are supporting the law but is it constitutional that is what the u.s. supreme court will decide today. video gaming groups say the banning of sales of their product is unconstitutional and say research and studies have been biased and skewed and violent video crime is down since 2007. this is a new game coming out you can see its rating is pending right now but a lot of video games rated m which means
5:36 am
mature content are actually the video games targeted. video game industry expert says 45% of those games are bought by parents so they say again they are being unfairly targeted and banning their product is unconstitutional. is there any indication which way the court height rule? >> well, based on the past, a lot of these cases where it is an issue of first right amendment, that have gone in favour of supporting the gaming industry, so without looking into the crystal ball that probably is what a lot of people are expecting but that decision will be made later on this morning. thank you. a few bucks at stake too. >> organizers of san francisco's gay pride weekend are calling it a big success it ended yesterday with a big parade. one of the guests was chazz
5:37 am
bon, transgendered son of sunny and cher. >> the 41st year for the parade in san francisco. >> gay activists in new york are celebrating as well same- sex marriages can begin in the empire state it begins july 30th they are happy about it the date was set after governor cuomo sign add bill into law friday night makes the new york state the 6th state in the united states to legalize same-sex marriage. drivers are finally able to keep a little bit of money in their pockets, gas prices have dropped 11¢ in the past two weeks, according to the latest lindberg survey and prices are likely to drop further.
5:38 am
a prime tourist attraction is back up and running this will reopen the reowning of the california street cable car line in san francisco it has been closed 6 months for a $24 million repair job. crews will place electrical and mechanical components, they rebuilt the curb and replaced sewage lines. >> tourists will be happy about that as they hop on one on tuesday they will get wet. >> true. >> i think there is a very good chance we could see rain drops in the bay area. it is unusual to see the storm system drop in this time of year but here we are. it is going to break up throughout the morning hour, the cloudfog a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. many temperatures in the 50s. 50s and 60s out towards the coast more on chances for rain coming up we will talk traffic. thank you lawrence.
5:39 am
golden gate bridge, marin county to san francisco, traffic is fairly light, 8 minutes working your 85 to 37, south 101 through mill valley not a whole lot of cars on the roadway. back to the news. >> thanks, 5:39 a.m. a 95-year-old woman with cancer forced to strip is the an airport tsa is defending its actions. >> this happened during a security pat down at an airport the woman's daughter said security agents thought there might be a weapon in the woman's adult diaper. >> they told me it had something to do with her depends it was wet and firm and they couldn't check it thoroughly i had to leave the security area and take her to a public restroom there at the airport and take it off of her. >> the tsa released a statement saying quote tsa works with
5:40 am
passengers to resolve secure aalarms in a -- alarms in a sensitive manager they singled the woman out because she was in a wheelchair which cannot go through a metal detector. >> she was 95. >> yeah, i know the woman was very calm her daughter said and they don't plan to take any action. >> maybe a little too too much there. the pressure is on to get lawmakers to pass a deal. michelle bachmann kicks off her presidential campaign how she is setting herself apart. >> thriller of an auction incredible amount of money someone paid the own a piece of the king of pop. coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, low cloud and fog it moves in over the bay see some of that extending there it made its way into the bay and some valleys as wellment we will break that up -- well. we will break that up. temperatures running mainly into the 50s. a couple low 60s inland as we head in toward the afternoon sunshine, 70s and 80s in the valley, toward the coast you will find fog. look at this, a cold front off the coastline diving in from the gum of of alaska that could mange things interesting as we head into tomorrow. today normal, tomorrow unusual, cold front driving in our direction, unusually cold temperaturechance of rain drops, numbers working out like this, 79 degrees, san jose, 89
5:44 am
los gatos 70s and 80s inland, 60s and 70s inside the bay to friends in the north bay sunshine in the afternoon, 79 napa and 73 in pet lieu that. looking out over -- petaluma. looking out over the next several days, more rain drops, thursday and friday we start heating up sunshine returns temperatures getting hot towards next weekend. all right let's go to the south bay for a check of traffic through milpitas, not a whole lot of cars in the roadway traffic light as you work between the 880, 237 connector, free and clear both directions through there most of the south bay, same story, the only thing you need to lookout for is this ongoing closure, south 101 shut down that will not reopen until the 28th at noon. plan ahead as you see 101 showing lots of green on sensors here traffic still light as you work your way
5:45 am
through there. same story 280, off to a good start, a few cars on the way overall traffic, through that portion, working your way elsewhere throughout antioch, sluggish conditions one of our slowest spots, westbound highway 4, delays, not too bad as you come off the antioch bridge traffic looks okay through there. altamonte pass looking busy, 17 minutes a couple more minutes to your drive time there. extra volume once you hit the dublin interchange metering lights still off no delays live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic in both directions don't forget kcbs 106.9. thanks 5:45 a.m. let's look at the top stories on this monday deadly train crash nevada desert focuses on the truck driver who hit the train and the trucking company
5:46 am
five people still unaccounted for at the crash site. one month since the disappearence of michelle le in hayward, search crews have eliminated most of the acres that they were advised to search. >> >> soiris river -- souris river in south dakota is starting to recede, more than 5,000 homes damaged in the town of minot. iowa native in her home state the day. the move comes more than 7 months ahead of the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: michelle bachmann is hoping her hometown roots will help steer her to the white house. >> everything i needed to know i learned in iowa. >> reporter: this morning the minnesota congress woman officially kicked off her campaign for republican presidential nomination with a rally in waterloo iowa her birthplace des moines register
5:47 am
showed the tea party favorite neck and neck with mitt romney among likely caucus goers last night bachmann urged supporters to keep that momentum going. >> you may have heard there is a straw poll coming up in august, that is not a small deal that is a big deal. >> reporter: analysts say bachmann's bid is a critical test to see how far the tea party movement can go the congress woman is running on promises to cut spending, strengthen the the government and repeal president obama's health care overhaul. >> this is the obama deficit, obama debt due to obama spending. >> reporter: sunday the mother of five continued blaming the president for the country's economic woes but came under fire for comments she made about him in 2008. >> would you wish you put it a different way when you said he had anti american views. >> sure there is a lot of things i wish i would have said differently. >> she will get her chance to chart a new path starting
5:48 am
today. >> tara mergenner, cbs news washington. >> president obama will hold a key meeting with senators on government debt ceiling issue. august is looming. the main observing stackment here whether -- obstacle here whether to increase tax revenue, republicans say any increased tax burden will further slow our economic recovery. >> pressure on california lawmakers to pass a bud vet is increasing this -- budget is increasing this week. state legislators are going without pay because they failed to pass a balanced budget. wednesday democrats can pass a budget without republican votes although they need two thirds majority to raise taxes governor brown has been negotiating with them. >> they haven't been paid in a
5:49 am
good week. >> we will see how quickly they get that passed. >> that is 4-$500 a day. good motivator. >> yes, it is. >> big distinction for a pint sized pooch the world's ugliest dog. >> it is ugly let me tell you. >> having trouble getting your kid to go to sleep. bedtime activity that may be playing a starring role. she notices when my skin's rough. (announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening.
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but now scientists have identified a "lean gene.." that puts slim people at risk. pgh >> scientists have identified a lean gene that puts some people arteriesing and what watching tv does to kids, terrell brown explains. >> reporter: if your child has trouble sleeping, tv may be to blame a new study in journal pediatrics finds sleep problems are more common in 3 to 5-year- olds that watch television after 7:00 p.m. shows with violence also linked to sleeping difficulties watching nonviolent tv during the day didn't have a negative impact. diabetes is on the rise worldwide according to a new study the number of adult s with the disease more than doubled over the past three decades jumping 347 million people. an aging world population and growing obesity problem are to
5:53 am
blame. being slim doesn't necessarily mean you will have a lower risk of heart disease researchers discovered a lane gene lynn -- lean gene linked to having less body fat and increased heart disease and type two diabetes, men with the gene may be more at risk because they tend to store less fat than women. those are some of today's top medical stories, terrell brown cbs news new york. some body paid a lot of money, 1.8 million dollars for a jacket. this is the radulater jacket worn by michael jackson -- red leather jacket worn by michael jackson in his thriller video in the 80s. they will put it on tour to raise money for children's charities. at least it is going to a good cause. >> i guess take care of his two tigers. >> the cat sanctuary. >> yeah. >> you were taking care of a dog this weekend. >> i was. >> little fella, labrador.
5:54 am
>> very cute dog. ran me around quite a bit they all do. hey, folks heading out the door, some clouds out there this morning low cloud and fog extending into the bay that will break up you should see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon, tomorrow a chance of rain in the forecast. that's right. a couple drops cooler than normal through wednesday then we start to heat things up may get hot towards next weekend. this is from moss beach by mary ryan a beautiful shot out there, the coast on a nice clear day if you would like to send picks send them to my pix at cbs it is busy lots of folks headed to work. along highway 4 westbound seeing delays, 8th to leverage typical give yourself extra time also the altamonte pass busier a minutes to your drive, westbound 580, from the altamonte pass, 680, a little
5:55 am
slow and go as you approach the dublin interchange. a live look at the bay bridge, metering lights are off that. will change in 20 minutes, still looking good across the upper deck and use mass transit. some good spots. >> traffic is like the weather if you don't like it just wait. >> that's true >> i don't know if you know this but this is a champion in northern california, tiny pooch from petaluma, it has been crowned the world's ugliest dog. >> this is not the dog lawrence was taking care of chef >> yoda is a mix between a chihuahua and chinese crested. the prize for this ugly little dog, trophy, 15 times her size and a thousand dollars. >> that's not bad. >> yeah, she was rescued 14 years ago her owner said at first she thought the dog was a rat. >> i could see that.
5:56 am
yeah. it is aptly named yoda looks kind of like it. if it talks it is really scary. >> ugly cute >> any hue. abercrombie & fitch slapped with a big lawsuit the accessory one bay area woman said got her fired. the push to ban the death penalty in california. five individuals missing in the amtrak train crash now investigators are turning to the trucking company. a live report coming up ,,,,
5:57 am
has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleaned hardwood floor? well, i have seen the glory of steam-cleaned kitchen tile in the early morning hours! i have saved floors. i have lived! also, we'll be passing a card around for carl. please sign it. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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what we're learning about the search resumes for more victims of a fiery crash involving an amtrak train. what we are learning about the troubled past of the company whose truck was involved in the
5:59 am
collision. california state law goes before the u.s. supreme court. can the state ban violent video game sales to young kids. both sides of the debate in a live report. some welcome news for all of us drivers, gas prices are plunging why we could see a bigger drop on the 4th of july weekend. >> that is good news. >> good morning it is monday, june 27th, i am frank mallicoat >> i am grace lee. let's get you to weather lawrence, big changes coming this week. might lose the popularity contest. >> temperatures taking a big dive looking pretty nice patchy fog sunshine by the afternoon yep, there is a chance of rain in the forecast more on that in a moment let's check traffic with giana. >> thank you starting to get busy out there as well. we are dancing around in the studio as you work your way 586, 880, extra volume a live lookout of the altamonte


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