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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everyone. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is the last day on the job for hundreds of san jose city employees. >> more than 250 city workers are losing their jobs because of budget cuts including dozens
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of police officers. as anne makovec reports, this comes at a dangerous time for the city. isn't that right, anne. >> reporter: that is right. the murder rate in san jose is on pace to be the highest in 30 years. a lot of that is gang crime and with 70 officers turning in their badges today, we have heard from both police officers and the mayor saying people have reason to be concerned. >> it is very difficult. it's a dark day in the history of san jose pd. >> reporter: a dark day that even with contract concessions and months of negotiations could not be avoided. the last day on the city's payroll for 70 officers in san jose. >> anytime that you dilute personnel in the field, response times could go up and we're going to do everything we can to avoid that but it's a realistic possibility. >> reporter: it amounts to about 6% of the force off the streets today. >> sad day to see officers turning in their badges. unfortunately, we don't have enough money to pay them all. >> reporter: mayor reed says it's the retirement costs that sealed this deal, a $25 million
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increase this year for the pd alone. >> i think the community should be concerned. we don't have enough officers. our police department is small to begin with. and we're shrinking it again. we need to get control over the retirements costs which is draining money out of service and pouring it into retirement. >> reporter: some of the officers with experience from 2 to 6 years will join the police reserves in volunteer positions. about 25 of them have already accepted jobs with other cities. and the officers who are left in san jose have a lot of work to do. there have been 28 murders so far this year. police are being pulled from investigations and property crime to work on emergencies and violence. some beats won't be staffed at all. >> when it's on the news, when it's in the newspapers, everybody reads it. law-abiding citizens read it criminals read it. and it may affect whether or not they are going to commit a crime. >> reporter: the only good news, it could have been worse. the city was originally talking about laying off more than 200
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officers. but next year looks grim, as well. >> budget for the next fiscal year 2013 looks just as bad that is year and we'll be struggling to maintain the officers we have because retirement costs are going to jump next year again and that's going to hurt us. >> i can only speculate what it feels like to be losing your job especially for some of them who have been born and raised in san jose and this was their dream job. >> reporter: the mayor says the department is still hoping for some federal grants but won't be near enough to cover the officers leaving today. the total city budget deficit in san jose is $68 million. grace? >> anne, has the city indicated that if they get those federal grants, if they would bring back some of the officers? >> reporter: yes, they are definitely going to over the next year bring back as many as they can. but again, it is not going to be enough for the 70 and they are looking at such another huge deficit for next year simple floor this year or worse that more layoffs will likely
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be to come. >> anne makovec, thank you. meanwhile, in oakland, the clock is ticking for city leaders to come up with a budget plan there. the council will meet in a special session sometime this afternoon. it follows a four-hour hearing on tuesday. that's where councilmembers discussed three separate budget proposals but were too divided to settle on one of them. oakland is trying to close a $58 million budget deficit. the search for a missing nursing student michelle le has now gone out of state. hayward police tell cbs 5 that they followed a possible lead in arizona. a san diego television station reports two calls were made on le's phone after she vanished last month. apparently the first call was night a person in reno and a second made to a woman somewhere in arizona. le's brother confirms that a woman contacted him about the reported call. >> i did get a phone call from her. and i just relayed that to the police. every day gets harder and so my resolve has to be that much
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stronger. >> hayward police tell us that their trip to arizona was not connected to that alleged phone call. in the meantime a spokesman for the le family dismissed the news report in a statement saying, quote, we want to emphasize that the facts in this article have not been acknowledged by the family and were not given out by the hayward pd, which makes those facts untrue and potentially damaging. >> a major airport security scare. this afternoon, investigators are trying to figure out how a man allegedly managed to fly cross-country from new york all the way to l.a.x. with an expired boarding pass in somebody else's name. as kendis gibson reports, he almost did it twice. >> reporter: a nigerian-born american is in fbi custody after flying across the country using someone else's boarding pass. the man got through security at jfk airport last friday with a day old boarding pass that didn't have his name on it. tsa agents are supposed to check every ticket and match
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the to identification. he was able to get to los angeles. halfway through the flight an attendant noticed he was sitting in a seat that was supposed to be vacant. he showed the attendant the expired ticket and an id from the university of michigan. >> when the flight landed here at l.a., he was questioned and released. but he returned again yesterday and tried to board another flight, this time to atlanta, using another expired boarding pass. customs and border agents arrested him at the gate. authorities searched his bag and found 10 other boarding passes with various names on them. he is now charged with being a stowaway. >> when stuff like this happens, it just shows me we really don't have the security that we're supposed to have. >> security isn't doing the job so far. they need to be sure who is flying on the plane. >> reporter: early indications are that he was not a terror threat. authorities are investigating the security breach and checking to see if he has done it before. kendis gibson, cbs news, los
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angeles. a national security shake- up, defense secretary robert gates retired today. president obama surprised gates by warding him the presidential medal of freedom. >> a humble american patriot, a man of common sense and decency, quite simply one of our nation's finest public servants. >> during his time as defense secretary, gates oversaw two wars and military operations around the world. current cia director and former monterey county congressman leon panetta will take over his post. as part of the security shake-up, the commander in charge of coalition forces in afghanistan now takes over the nation's intelligence operations. in unanimous vote, senators just confirmed general david petraeus as the next cia director. a lot of people credit petraeus with turning around the war in iraq. some new developments in the debt showdown on capitol hill. today the president turned down
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an invitation from the senate's top republicans to discuss it. a white house spokesman says he is not interested in going over gop objections on taxes. senators are skipping the july 4 recess in order to work on the nation's debt limit. both parties know an agreement is critical to the country. if they fail to raise the debt limit, the u.s. could default on its loans which could trigger and economic collapse. >> put away for life. coming up an inside look at nancy garrido's new life behind bars and the one memento she is desperate to get back. and the royal newly webs hopping across the pond -- newlyweds hopping across the pond. the first stop on their north american tour. diet soda may help make you fat. well, we're still seeing some patchy fog along the coast but sunny skies and warmer temperatures are on the way. i'm erika martin with your pinpoint forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bars. she's serving 36 years to life.. for the 18-year kidnapping ordeal of jaycee for the first time we are getting an inside look at nancy garrido's life behind bars. she is serving 36 to life for kidnapping jaycee dugard. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: that's how this short note as nancy garrido started. her attorney received it a few days ago. >> other than some slurs from fellow inmates, she's doing okay. >> reporter: nancy getting harassed and making friends. he says she is currently living in a cell alone able to talk back and forth through the bars with fellow inmates. she writes, i'm doing fine. it's a rude awakening here. so far, i have met some really
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nice ladies. please give phillip my information. >> she still loves him. whatever you say, she's in love with him. so she wants to contact him, obviously. >> reporter: staying in contact with her husband, the most important thing for her, along with getting back her wedding ring. the el dorado county jail wouldn't allow her to take it to state prison so tapson is going to mail it to her. he collected her belongings from the jail last week. this was her bible. in it, certain passages highlighted including, from the first book of kings. god, please let this child's life return to him. and in psalm chapter 15 speaking the truth from sincere heart. >> letters from phillip to her. >> reporter: there's more than 200 letters here. philly writing mainly about god and his love for her. for now, they are in a paper bag until tapson decides what to do with them. >> they love each other. so whatever you say about that,
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how bizarre that is and how stupid that is, that's the way it is. >> right now tapson says that the california department of corrections is still determining whether nancy should even be in protective custody. he believes she should be at least until the prison system has time to see how other inmates adjust. coming up, something one bay area high school has never seen before. the unusual thing that happened when a student was put in charge. a popular east bay school closed for repairs. it's a growth problem. of the race to get it fixed in time for the warm holiday weekend. newly-weds prince william and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. coming up, apricots and white nectarines, two great tips. ,,,,
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the first stop on their north american tour.. huge crowds turned out to greet the duke and duchess of cambridge are in ottawa, canada now. the first stop on their big north american tour. these are live pictures from canada. huge crowds turning out to greet kate and william. some people waited for hours to get a little face time with the royals. they are set to celebrate canada day tomorrow and then on july 8, next week, they are going to fly down to california and hang out down in l.a. and hobnob with movie stars and all that good stuff. >> packed out there. >> yeah. >> well, a popular public pool in the east bay could re-open as early as today. >> the richmond plunge has been closed for sewer repairs.
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the city is using cameras to determine what is causing the backup. now, would-be swimmers say they hope the pool reopens in time for the warmer temperatures expected this weekend. >> great pool. it was re-opened because a lot of people got together and put up money and pressured politicians and all of what needed to get the community facility back in. >> the plunge is the oldest indoor pool of its kind in the bay area. and you might need it with the way it looks this weekend. >> yeah. they better open that baby up this weekend because we're looking at 90s maybe even 100? >> triple digits. i think you said early an inferno? we are seeing a few clouds over the region towards the east, a little moisture still in the atmosphere. but again, it will dry out as that high pressure ridge sits over the area. here's a look at our current temperatures. san rafael 70, san francisco 65, oakland 70. so these temperatures are still
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trending below average but we'll warm up nicely. for this afternoon, we can expect temperatures ranging from the high 50s to mid-80s. sunshine and just a bit warmer. tonight we will see some patchy fog across the bay and the coast. sunset 8:35 p.m. so get on out there and enjoy about 8 more hours of the day. a warm -- we are going to be warm into the weekend. here's the high pressure ridge moving over the forecast region and that means warmer temperatures all around. the expected high for mountain view 75 degrees. 79 for milpitas, union city expected high 75 degrees with mostly clear to clear skies. 67 for richmond. danville and san ramon 80. brentwood 84. santa rosa, 79. fairfield 83. benicia 78. so these temperatures are still trending slightly below average. but as that high pressure moves in, we can expect warmer temperatures. here's a look at our extended forecast. we have 90s in the forecast
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tomorrow. triple digits sunday and monday. then we have tuesday, well, it's going to be just a little bit cooler. not that much, though. grace, frank, back to you. >> that's a nice looking forecast. >> looks good. >> thank you. there is no one else to do the job, then i will. that's the motto of a san francisco teenager who jumped in when his school lost the librarian. as sharon chin reports, that's only one reports, that's only one reason why he is this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: when wallenberg high school in san francisco lost its librarian in budget cuts last year, 18-year-old senior logan cai volunteered to take over. he and a fellow library intern fanny lau put in the time when they weren't in class. >> after she gave me this two weeks of training, oh, maybe running a library? how did she do all this stuff? >> reporter: social studies teacher judy mahnke says what happened next is unprecedented. >> logan made the proposition to the new principal, you know, can we run the library? and she was like, can't have kids running the library. it takes a master's degree. then she met logan.
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he did the presentation and she said, okay. >> reporter: then logan developed a survey to decide what books to buy with $6,000 in proposition h library money. another librarian was impressed. >> she couldn't believe kids had done that because those are like -- it was like exactly what she would have done. >> reporter: logan's service extends far beyond the library. here at wallenberg, each senior is required to do 100 hours of community service but logan says he has done so much, he lost count. when the school budget didn't have enough money for a yearbook staff last year, logan involved -- volunteered to do most of it himself. >> i enjoy doing it. it's very fun, creating pages and going to all the sporting events. >> reporter: he became the only student at school with the box in the teacher's mailroom. his friends call him an inspiration. >> i learned that there's always a solution to every problem. he can find it even if most of the adults can't. >> when there is a need, you jump in. why? >> why? good question. because i don't like to see
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things falling apart. >> reporter: at the campus wellness center, he developed such a successful nutrition presentation, he was asked to repeat it at a uc-berkeley health conference. he developed the school website. he was a member, even founder, of countless school clucks. the san francisco giants recently honored his community service at home plate. >> its great that they're recognizing me, but i feel like it's a bit too much for me. i don't like to be praised that often. >> reporter: there is no doubt wallenberg will miss the "a" student who is bound for ucla. >> it's going to be hard to replace him. and i fear we are going to need to replace him with several adults who get paid for what they do. logan's service to the school has been incredible. >> reporter: for showing extraordinary initiative in serving his high school this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to logan cai. sharon chin, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pounds! researchers at a diabetes conference reported volunteers who drank two or more diet sodas a day actually gained weight. over a decade, their diet soda may be packing on the pounds. volunteers drank 2 or more a day gained weight.
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over a decade their bellies grew 70% more than others. one expert says that diet soda may turn on your sweet tooth and you'll keep craving sweets until your body gets its sugar fix. let your sweet tooth be for a good cause. the oakland as are serving up rootbeer floats for juvenile diabetes fundraising. roberta gonzales and julie watts are serving up the rootbeer floats. last year's event raised more than $31,000. we have a special guest to our right, tony tantillo decided to leave new york and come home and lay out a little tip for us. >> this is my home, too. >> i know. >> i love rootbeer floats. >> what happened to our invitation? >> eating healthy is good but rootbeer floats are fantastic. two fruits i brought are apricots locally grown and they are the patterson variety. fantastic and white nectarines. >> i love them whenever i pick them, i feel like they are not
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sweet. >> they are very sweet and this variety here you don't have to wait until it gets soft to enjoy. you can enjoy this variety with a little bit of firmness to it and that's all. look for the nice color just like this all way around and no greening. the skin could be a little shriveled on this. >> hard as a rock though. >> too crunchy. you don't want that. then when you cut them open in half look at that. isn't that beautiful? it's like sugar. >> looks like an apple. >> it's like a cube of sugar and they bruise so easily so buy them and treat them like eggs. then apricots, they are the most nutritional tree fruit of all. loaded with vitamin c and a. they are great for us. i just like to rip them open like this. you see that? and just eat them like this. also, this shot right here, right? also on the grill, they're fantastic. grill them for 30 seconds. then put a little piece of
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cheese in the middle. it's beautiful. >> you're not italian, are you? >> sicilian. close enough. >> that's fantastic. you want to try some? >> after the show. tony, great to have new studio. >> i love being in studio. >> you should come more often. >> i used to be here ten years in the '90s. >> come back again sometime. >> i love to. >> enjoy the weekend. >> you got it. >> enjoy the fruit as we leave. cheers. enjoy your thursday. we'll see you manana. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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