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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 5, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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little more twirly whirly. geoff: now, those are code and i know it. craig: no, that's not code. geoff: a little twirly whirly. craig: you liked versailles? geoff: i loved versailles. craig: do you know what i liked about versailles? i was walking around and i had a quiet moment, i was pretending i was the queen of france. geoff: you do that too? craig: buddy, i do it right here, every night. geoff: that's awkward. craig: why sit ackstpwhard geoff: because i'm standing at the podium and you're pretending to be a woman. craig: not a woman, the queen of france. geoff: yeah, good point. did the queen look like a lesbian? craig: how dare you? you know i'm sensitive about
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looking a bit like a lesbian. craig: yeah, and liza minnelli. i couldn't resist. craig: that's all right. i tease you about only being able to move your hand and only being able to move 12 feet from an outlet. geoff: i hate you. craig: yes, but victory is mind. quick, we have to go back on the plane to get ready for tomorrow's showed. geoff: let's go. craig: good night, everybody.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. a tough day for anyone who has even a little money invested. but, tonight, traders are worried about a much bigger problem than today's stock market sell-off. >> i know, i know. you look at me and all you see is a man with a mustache that makes angels weep. >> in this tough job market you have to do something to stand out. the lengths this man went to get a interview with google. he turned around at me and smiled and i was as close to him as i was to you right now. >> a bay area connection to a 40-year-old cold case.
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>> i'm elizabeth cook. dana and ken have the night off tonight. brace yourself when you look at your 401k and other investments. >> today's losses on the stock market from the biggest since the mortgage meltdown in 2008. the dow closed down 513 points, erasing all the games maid made this year and then some. the nikkei dropped 314 points in three minutes of trading. we have seen stock sink for weeks now because of the debt ceiling mass, the weak job numbers, buttery becka jarvis explains today's panic is because of a whole other set of problems. >> reporter: a stock market sell off in europe spread to the u.s. markets today. stocked ha been under pressure for more than a week. the dow and s & p 500 have dropped more than they gained this year. art cashion warns more trouble
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the is brewing across the atlantic as skittish european banks and investors look to cash out of american companies. >> there's an old saying in wall street, when you can't sell what you want to sell, you sell whatever you can, including your grandmother's necklace. so i think some of the people in europe are having a very difficult time raising the kind of capital they were hoping to get, and looking at whatever assets they have here in the united states and selling here. >> reporter: fears that italy and spain cannot overcome their mounting debt problems led to huge market losses across europe. england, germany and france, all closed down. there is a double dip recession, perhaps in the u.s. and another global financial crisis. >> with the economies of the world, frankly, not in a very robust recovery at the moment, the worry is a slow-down in europe really drags the entire globe down again. >> reporter: and it wasn't just stocks. oil and gold both fell as
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investors rushed to cash. rebecca jarvis, cbs news, new york. amid all of the economic gloom there is good news for hundreds of construction workers here in the bay area. robert liles shows us, because congress got its act together on the faa, those workers will soon be getting a paycheck again. >> reporter: they. >> they can call me right now and i'll be there in two hours working with my tools. >> reporter: rich zim lock is an electrician, he said it took him 10 years to get the job at oakland international, now he is a step closer to financially desperate. >> then i've lost my pension benefits, i've lost my medical benefits, and i've lost my vacation benefits. >> reporter: and it seems that, with no hope, with both houses of congress taking vacation, and not broke erring a deal to save the faa, until senator harry reid announced a temporary deal late today. >> it's a short-term agreement
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but it should mean that bay area construction workers are back in the air, literally, 260 feet above oakland international, finishing construction on that brand new air traffic control tower. including construction jobs at sfo on a new tower, ramp, and taxi way. 70,000 jobs across the country are expected to be restored once president obama signs the deal. and that's expected on friday. but this lady-off electrician is not so certain. >> he didn't say it was going to be done for sure, he said it is supposed to be. what that tells me is, eh, there is still some more if a nag egg to go on. >> reporter: he is not off base. they have attached a rider, one that cuts funding to airports, this deal is only an extension that expires september 16th. >> you're going to be right back to the table going over the same thing again. i'm getting to the point where i'm getting places, running out of places to turn to here, i need to go to work. >> reporter: robert liles, cbs
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5. well that tough job market has many rethinking their strategy as they look for for work and that includes one frustrated job seeker who came up with a rather unique way to get himself noticed in that sea of resumes. kiet do shows us it's now gone viral. >> reporter: if you believe matthew epstein the worst sin while job hunting is being forgettable. >> google, please, sit. >> reporter: epstein launched a hyperfocussed online marketing scheme to get a job at you know where. >> now, google, i don't want to pussy foot around. i want to work for you. >> reporter: he goes for break with a fake mustache, a glass of brandy, and no pants. >> reporter: let's talk about one of my things. >> reporter: we talked with him via skype. he launched a site "google, please hire me." >> really it was born out of
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frustration. at 9% unemployment it is really hard to stand out. >> reporter: we showed the video to con salo alvarez, a job counsellor, who has counselled hundreds of people. he said if companies don't get it efforts like this could backfire. >> we here don't recommend anybody doing that. the idea hasn't come up. we haven't thought of getting our job seekers to do anything like that. so, therefore, i don't think you need to do something like that. >> but i can assure you of one thing, google. i'm a real marketer. >> reporter: with 135,000 views on youtube and counting not only did he get a phone interview with google but with amazon and microsoft as well. >> i didn't intend to show it to the world, i intended to show it to google, the world ended up seeing it. but i believe my chances are good. i believe in what i can do. what i am asking you for is one
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phone call. >> kiet do, cbs 5. this is definitely not kid's play. after kids got in a fight an adult grabbed an automatic weapon and opened fire. it happened last night in hayward at the ponderosa apartment complex. kids there were throwing rocks and one child was hit the in the head. when that child went to an adult the adults started arguing, when they argued one adult left, came back and shot up the apartment building, one person was hit. no one has been arrested. they want to shame the guys trying to pick up prostitutes but they can't yet. the tonight community activists marched down "the strip" to call attention to the sex trade. they also posted a billboard warning johns to stay out. they wanted to send the johns potentially embarrassing letters and put their mug shots on the city's web site. but the attorneys aren't sure if they can legally access the
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dmb database for that purpose. other bay area headlines, a freight train apparently sparked a number of fires along the tracks in the oakley and nigh on the areas in contra costa county. the biggest fire burned in a junk yard. neighbors helped put it out. nobody hurt in that. the teenager who settle off an amber alert now faces charges. they thought hasan ford was kidnapped at a barbershop where he worked. but, now, they believe ford was actually an accomplice. he faces robbery, carjacking, fire arm charges, that suspected robber you see there has also been charged, eric walker. in san francisco a rescue 16 storeys up. two window washers dangled from their safety harnesses outside this high-rise condo complex in mission bay after the ropes on one side of the scaffolding gave way. rescuers shifted one window washer on to the roof, he was
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hospitalised with serious injuries, rescuers pulled the second worker through a window, he wasn't hurt as badly. cal o.s.h.a. is looking into with to what happened. >> now an update into one of the greatest mysteries of the 70s, d.b. cooper jumped out of a plane and was never seen again. 40 years later this is warming up. an oklahoma woman has come forward claiming to be cooper's niese. the san francisco connection to the only unsolved sky jacking in maryland. >> i was flying back from seattle to portland. >> reporter: he tells his story the first time. he was on the plane with d.b. cooper and found himself alone in the back of the plane while they circled seattle. >> i said gee, we were up here so long, if we were up here any longer we could have thanksgiving up here." this gentleman on the right side of the plane turned around
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and looked at me and smile. i was one row behind, as close to him as i was to you right now. he said d.b. cooper finally landed. after they taxied to a remote part of the airport a bus and people came on board. >> a guy came, a man, came walking down the aisle with a white sack and, to me, it looked like a pillow slip. and it had all these jagged points in it. and i remember the thought i had was that looks like bricks in it or a bag of money, i thought. >> reporter: he said he believes he may have seen the $200,000 ransom db cooper demanded along with the parachute. the passengers were taken off the plane and put on the bus. he has a vhs copy of a documentary on the d.b. cooper story. >> there, that's me right there. they took us into the terminal and there was f.b.i.
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agents there, he didn't have much to tell them, he didn't know it was a hijacking until he got off the plane. >> that was all there was to it. there was thaw conversation to it. he didn't say anything to me. we went back to the seat, they let everybody off, he took off and jumped out eventually. >> reporter: jack all stead might have had a better story the tell if he wasn't such a reader he read through it all? >> yes, it was probably a mystery story. a brutal government says one thing but the pictures show a far different story. eating better is harder than you think. how much extra it costs you to eat healthier. by the time i wake up i'll have an email from aarp asking me to call president obama and tell him to protect medicare. >> millions of people, but only 6 sitting u.s. presidents of do ,,
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and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. gunmen randomly shooting down people in the stre one witness said people are being slaughtered like sheep. gunmen randomly shooting down people in the streets. >> a city in syria suffered a fifth day under military siege laura logan reports, so far, the rest of the world hasn't done much to stop it. [ sound of shooting ] >> reporter: this is what the government of bashar el as sad
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doesn't want the world to see. the syrian government gunning down its own people on the streets of ha ma shown on this captured video. an independent account of the situation is impossible. the syrian government continues to deny their forces have tented the city but amateur videos recorded boo eye the people a ma show a different pick. the u.s. ambassador of syria went to hama before the crackdown. >> the syrian government was saying there are armed groups up in hama. i went there, i didn't see a single gun. the most dangerous weapon i saw was a slingshot. >> reporter: as the army tightens its grip activists and human rights groups say at least 100 people have been killed there. secretary of state hillary clinton says the syrian government has killed 2,000 people, countywide, since
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protest began four months ago. >> the shooting death of a 1- year-old, recently, by the syrian regime tanks and troops is a very stark example of what is going on. >> reporter: the people of hama have a history of rising up against the sad family. up to 25,000 people were killed there in 1982 when a rebell i don't know was crushed. an eyewitness in hama interviewed on thursday criticized the arab world and the international community for watching silently as the syrian people are being butchered, echoing the sentiments of many protestors in syria. lara logan, cbs news, washington. for many it's hard to eat healthy, simply because of the price tag. a new study urges the government to do more to make healthier meals more affordable. one suggestion, offer food assistance coupons for produce. they also say adding more potassium, fiber, vitamin d and
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calcium to your diet can add hundreds of dollars to your grocery bill each year. his poll numbers a little lower, his hair a little greyer, the president is another year older. bill plant shows us the party. [ singing "happy birthday" ] >> reporter: free, finally, of the debt limit crisis, president obama last night celebrated with friends, and raised campaign money in chicago. making light of his 50th birthday. >> president obama: by the time i wake up, i'll have an email from aarp, asking me to call president obama and tell him to protect medicare. >> reporter: president obama is only the third president since 1900 to turn 50 in the white house. theodore roosevelt marked the day with a cabinet meeting. bill clinton hailed his mid- century mark with a star-
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studded 10-million dollars fundraiser. and, like those predecessors, barack obama's once jet black hair is now turning grey. an outward sign of the burden. >> president obama: wooe new the climb was going to be steep. i have to admit i didn't know how steep the climb would be. >> this morning the eastern high school band of washington, d.c. lined up outside the fence to salute the president. and there is a party this evening, barbecue for family and friends, so, you met barack obama when he was about 30 years old, and he was michelle's fiance. >> 20 years ago this summer. >> reporter: valerie jared is one of the president's closest confidants. >> he embraces it as the next phase of life and end joyce it. there's nothing he can do about it. it's better than the alternative. so i think he is perfectly fine with being 50. >> reporter: and, at 50, barack obama is still younger than all the major republicans who are after his job. bill plant, cbs news, the white
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house. i cannot believe they were talking about his grey hair because you want grey, i'll give you grey. your pinpoint forecast is still straight ahead as eyewitness news continues, right here, on cbs5. ,, turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. video camera for lectures. game pad. have you considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. android powered. playstation certified. the xperia play by sony ericsson.
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only $99.99.
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wrapping up this thursday, august 4th, temperatures were ankling anywhere between 6 and 12 degrees below normal today. it was clear in livermore when we shot this video 30 minutes ago but now it is there. the waxing gibb lets moon is on its way to becoming the crescent moon. into the 50s across the board, 58 for an overnight low, not too bad in fairfield, but low 50s coincide out of the west at 21. meanwhile, tomorrow morning, the clouds will fill in everywhere, with even some localized drizzle. it's marine layer, it's so deep
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it extends well inland, watch, by lunchtime, still pretty cloudy around the bay, clouds in and out of the immediate sea shore, keeping the temperatures there only into the 50s. we have been experiencing unseasonably cool weather for the beginning of august, all into this menacing area to the north of us, not going anywhere quickly. but enhancing the marine ray layer and spilling some of this cooler air mass down in a southerly direction. it was 6 to 12 degrees below average. tomorrow we will begin to rebound ever so slightly as far as our temperatures are concerned. in fact, starting with the bay area, anything to the north of the golden gate bridge, department or the beaches, 65 degrees in san francisco with an average high of 68, east of the bay, the winds out of the west at 20 during the afternoon hours. that's pretty blustery. temperature-wise into the 60s in berkeley, 83 however in livermore up from 76 today. 60s, 50s, beaches. by the way speaking of the sask.
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bay we have the summer pop festival this weekend into the 70s, grab the jacket as the sun sets. there you have the extended forecast and, notice, the temperature goes gradually up by saturday, back down again on sunday, then back up again on monday and stays even tuesday and wednesday. that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thanks. >> thanks. all right dennis. >> okay, let's get ready for a little football. but i got a good one. guess who leads the bridgestone,
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pence...they didn't get him, but the phillies did. madison bumgarner facing cliff lee..and there was little room for error.. mistake #1: this pitch to hunter pence. 1-0 phillies. mistake #2: up in the zone to john mayberry, jr...2-0 prior to baseball's tradings 6 deadline they made a run at hunter pence, but they did. hunter pence had two runs
2:05 am
batted in. first mistake, hunter pence, he got two runs. those are the only runs bumgarner allowed through 8. problem was delivery lee didn't allow any. 8 strikeouts, including four of cody ross. it took just 106 pitches for lee to dominate the giants. 3-0 the final. i spent the night watching alex smith look very sharp takings his first snaps of summer, drafted number 1 overall in 2005 will now throw to number 81, braylon edwards, who was the 5th overall pick in 2005. he signed a 1 high pressure year $2.5 millioning crockett late this afternoon but was on the field in the evening, he made it clear after practice he is not there to be a backup. >> i know coach harbaugh all my life, he and my dad played together, i thought it would be a good thing. then i thought a rebuilding team that has a lot of talent
2:06 am
and ability, but hasn't crossed over yet, but i think i can be a part of that. make no bones about it, i'm here to be the guy, i'm here to make plays. i'm here to compliment whoever is on the other side or the side which should be burning, so i didn't come to accept a quiet role. i'm here to make some noise. >> you got to like that attitude. donti whitener was not at practice, but he will be. they signed the former bills safety to a three-year contract. meaning incumbent deshaun will not return. they put a league-wide email looking to trade safety taylor mays. darren mcfadden has a broken orbital bone, he will miss the first two weeks, probably the first exhibition game. a bat boy opening in the phillies dugout after this poor kid took a tumble trying to get the bat. number 4, the orioles mark reynolds can't get the stopper,
2:07 am
and a bull charging an umpire. the owes lose 9-4 to the royals. bridgestone invitational. british open champion derrick clark eagle 678 but his score looked worse than the dow jones. how many times have you seen a fan drop his beer? that fan snags the ball and keeps his beer. red sox lose. tiger woods new caddy had three birdies on the back 9. finished two under. pretty good, huh. but he is 6 back of the leader, adam scott. and do you know who adam scott's caddy is? steve williams, who tiger woods fired just last week. oh, that is good stuff. >> you know the pga would love that. >> they need a little drama under there is no better drama ,
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