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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we're tracking the ups and downs of the market following the release of investors are watching the big board carefully. here's a live look. it's up 82 points. it's been up and down. glatch?
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>> i'm grace lee. >> i'm frank mallicoat. we'll have a live report on the state of the economy. first closer to home: a 9-year-old boy is recovering after being struck by a hit-and-run driver last night as he was leaving a giants game with his family. kristy seifkin is at san francisco general hospital with new details. good afternoon. >> reporter: ryan's injuries are not life-threatening. that nine-year-old boy was hit last night at mission and new montgomery. it's been a rough night for the family. they have requested their privacy from the media and aren't taking any interviews at this time. we have just gotten word about the suspect, who was involved in this hit-and-run accident. police have told us that they have detained the individual in san francisco. he is sitting in san francisco jail right now. they have confirmed that andrew vargas, a 21-year-old from hayward, is in custody. he is charge with leaving the scene of an accidents, driving under the influence, causing injury and possession of an open container.
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currently he is being held on 65, $100 bail. in addition to hitting him, he also injured a 58-year-old fee main from granite bay. her injuries are minor. the suspect vargas was detained in hayward early this morning after being stopped from hayward police about 11:30 at night. he is being held on $61,500 became. his truck had major front end damage from hitting other vehicles. san francisco brought several witnesses -- police brought several witnesses to hayward to look at that truck. a white toyota truck, they said that it matches the one that was involved in the hit-and-run accident. now, ryan white was hit about 10:30 last night when he was walking just ahead of family members of the the suspect had been driving on new montgomery street, turned left on mission and he hit ryan. the driver fled the scene. he had hit several other moving vehicles and parked vehicles, as well. we actually spoke to ryan's uncle earlier who said that
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ryan's family was visiting from philadelphia spending team with his son woody who lives in san francisco. >> it was special, going to see the giants game. they were excited. ryan and kevin are huge phillies fans. they were excited to go see the game there. >> reporter: now, we have just heard in a report from the "san francisco chronicle" that the driver was actually with a passenger in the car. the two of them told the "chronicle" they had a couple of drinks, were leaving to go to a nightclub, they were scared and fled the scene as a result. we learned from ryan white's uncle when he was attending the game he was there with several family members, his mom, dad, cousin and his aunt. so certainly that was a traumatic event for them to see him be hit. once again the good news his injuries are not life- threatening and we'll continue to update you from the hospital as we get them. back to you. >> we wish him well. receive at san francisco general, thank you. in the meantime, hundreds
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of airport construction workers in the bay area could be back to work as soon as monday. today, the senate approved an end to a two-week partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration and it's cost the government millions. in the meantime tens of thousands of jobs across the country would be restored. so far a roller coaster ride on wall street today following a new jobs report. we learned that the nation's unemployment rate fell to 9.1% last month. and employers created more than 100,000 jobs. [ yelling ] >> well, markets around the world though fell big time after the worst day on wall street since 2008. yesterday here in the states, european and asian markets close lower on worries that the u.s. may be sliding back in a recession and that europe's debt crisis is getting worst. oil prices too, they are down as well in line with the gloominess in the markets since a weak economy hurts demand for energy. the price of a barrel of crude
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oil is down by more than $1.50. the u.s. markets are having a ripple effect at home and abroad. >> jason brooks with kcbs and explains what it means and what we can expect. jason, what a ride it has been for investors today. >> reporter: absolutely, grace. my neck hurts from all the wall street whiplash. we surged out of the gate up 170 on the job report for the dow. then it fell as much as 230 before staging a comeback on word out of italy that they are going to institute new reforms for their finances which could attract bond buying from european central bail to avoid a bailout. spain is also a big issue. that sent the dollar lower against the euro and helped the stock market but in the final hour of trading it's weakening quite a bit. the dow at the moment is up only by 25 points. after yesterday, we'll certainly take that when the dow lost more than 500. nasdaq has been having a tough go of it all day down 32.
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s&p lower by 4. the nasdaq real admitting hit hard by san jose network gear maker brocade communications. it's going to miss its revenue forecast for the prior quarter. its shares are down almost 30%. it's a sign that business investment might be starting to weaken and that obviously have an impact on the stock market. >> well, we have our arms around our 401(k)s and we are heaping. >> reporter: it's been tough. a lot of people asking, what can they do next? the big factor right now is that there's just a lot of uncertainty, whether it's u.s. economy, the entire global economy, people just aren't sure what's going to happen. when fear takes over it results in quite a bit of selling as we see now. >> we'll settle for any gain today. we'll final out with an hour to go. >> reporter: thank you. >> jason brooks with kcbs and, thank you. today dozens of new firefighters took their oaths in san francisco. the city's fire department is expanding when many in the bay area are cutting back. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco where the department
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is filling a pressing need. good afternoon, elizabeth. >> reporter: good afternoon, grace. that's right. all we keep hearing about is people struggling to keep their jobs and city budget cuts. it's nice to hear about a fire department that's actually hiring. 35 entry level firefighters joining the ranks of the san francisco fire department. among the new graduates, nick oxford, who says he is living out his dream. >> i feel honored, lucky, proud. i'm ecstatic. it's like i won the lottery. >> reporter: while so many fire departments in the bay area are cutting back, san francisco is looking to grow with many recent retirements. >> it's because we're short so many firefighters that there really isn't anybody to cut. >> reporter: and new jobs numbers also show encouraging signs with an improving july jobs report. >> it's a great time for us. so it's always good to have new employees. >> reporter: other bright spots. nearly two dozen laid-off firefighters in san jose recently got their badges back. in san carlos, the fire
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department is looking to fill job openings after another department dissolved. >> edwin marazul low, jr. >> reporter: but we are far from an economic recovery. this is the first graduating class in san francisco since 2005. so oxford considers himself one of the lucky ones. >> i think that it's definitely a strong testament to the city and the support of the city from the top down. >> reporter: and the assistant deputy fire chief says hopes to possibly hire another 40 firefighters within this fiscal year. and to give you some idea, guys, of how desirable these jobs are, 5,000 people initially applied. they whittled that list down to 35. 35 graduates here today from the san francisco fire academy. back to you guys. >> elizabeth, with all the turmoil we have seen on the marks, wouldn't it be nice to coverry story where people aupbeat and happy about a little bit of a recovery? >> reporter: i know. it is. i mean, as they say, this is a good thing for the san francisco fire department. and they may even be hiring more possibly later this year.
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>> all right. elizabeth wenger in san francisco, thank you. and coming up, high-tech help for some lost tourists. >> yeah. this is cool. next, the digital way hotels are now pointing them in the right direction. coming up. and hot lava action. how long this volcano has been active. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we have low clouds and fog just breaking up outside right now. what can we expect for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama says there's no doubt it has been a tumultuous year. "my concern right now, my singular focus, another look at wall street, down 9. president obama speaking today and he says there is no doubt it has been a tumultuous
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year. >> my concern right now, my singular focus, is the american people. >> today at a press conference, the president spoke about the economy and a new plan to get veterans back in the workforce. that includes giving businesses which hire veterans a tax break. instead of giving maps now some hotels are now going a little high-tech. in fact, big-time high-tech in providing tablets along with some special apps. >> this is cool. the ritz-carlton in washington has several ipads in the concierge and lobby. guests can find directions, make restaurant reservations and send it all to their smart phones. but for those who would rather skip the lobby, intercontinental hotels let them do it themselves with their concierge app. >> it's for the tech savvy tabl. >> the w has appear app that
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lets you access the music. >> if you get to keep the ipads, that's cool. >> neat. >> it is. new fitness craze has health fans shaking it. >> still to come, the full body low impact workout from hula dancing. trying to shake up the fog and low clouds around the bay area today. looks like we are starting to clear things out at least in some parts of the bay area. more on your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the last three decades.
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scientists say the new new lava bubbling out of a volcano in hawaii. it's become active for 30 years. it's nowhere near homes. it's inside a national park. lawrence karnow was upset because i was just there! two weeks ago. >> just missed it. >> how do you time that? >> i know. but when are you going to get a nice shot like that! that's something else. >> it's upset that i left. >> you took the lava rocks. [ laughter ] >> that could be it, too. hey, folks, the weekend looking good. we are going to see some sunshine on the bay. we have some patchy fog that's beginning to break up nicely outside. over the city of san francisco, still kind of a split here. we have some patchy fog in the distance a little sunshine beginning to make its way out into the bay. how about this? over coit tower clouds in the distance looks like more sunshine on the way. should improve as we head in toward the afternoon.
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mostly sunny skies inland today as highs in the mid-80s in the warmest spots. so warmer today. inside the bay 60s. 70s toward the santa clara valley. at the coast it will be cool with the low clouds and the fog. tonight becoming mostly cloudy once again, likely going to see that drizzle again so very damp especially as you approach the coastline. and just inside the bay. still it looks like slightly warmer for most folks today as high pressure, well, slides east a bit and you know what? it looks like that ridge will build toward the bay area toward sunday. that means the temperatures will improve throughout the weekend. around the state you're looking at 90s toward the central valley. 90 yosemite and 78 degrees in lake tahoe. locally those temperatures not bad at all. how about this? 70s toward the santa clara valley. high as 85 in morgan hill. 73 san mateo. 81 san ramon. 68 oakland. it will become mostly sunny in many spots inland as you head toward the north bay. plan on 77 in san rafael, about
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80 in novato, and about 85 degrees in fairfield. out toward the coastline, temperatures in the 60s. warmer sunday, normal temperatures in the bay area on monday and tuesday. highs in the 90s by the afternoon. >> this week's jefferson award winner is a big example for people for those who made bad choices in the past. kate kelly reports. >> what about you? what you rourking on. >> reporter: shirley lamarr's
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life has come full circle. 22 years ago she would have been wearing an orange jumpsuit at the county jail. >> you want to bring it up so you can resolve it. >> reporter: instead, she comes to work here at the maguire correctional facility in san mateo to help run an in-custody recovery program called "choices." >> every day i walk through that door with the thing on here, i prove to them you don't have to be in orange. so you want to tell me a little bit about what you was worked up about last night. >> reporter: shirley says she did it all, drugs, crime but she left that environment of abuse behind when she entered delancey street and turned her life around. >> the philosophy is don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal. it's on the wall right downstairs. give a damn about somebody else. >> reporter: that's what she is teaching inmates in the choices program a unique joint venture between san mateo sheriff's office, the county health department, and the board of supervisors based on the delancey street formula. shirley started as a counselor with choices 17 years ago. >> guys are making things complicated for no reason. >> reporter: she now helps run
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the voluntary program where county inmates receive counseling, mentoring, education and a healthy dose of shirley's tough love. >> got to walk away, you have to shut up, you have to leave it alone. i know the dark side. and i know the light side. i show you both pieces and i demand that you pick the right side. >> i heard shirley before i saw shirley. >> reporter: rosalind walton served time for drug possession before shirley helped her pick the right side. >> she would walk in a room and everyone would stop and listen. she gave me inspiration and she empowered me to know that change was possible. >> reporter: san mateo county captain mark hanlon says rosalind is just one of many success stories. >> it's important to us because we have seen some other changes where we don't have as many of the revolving door inmates coming back, once they have been through this program. so this is one of the cells here where i lived. >> reporter: this former inmate shakes his head when he looks
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at his old cell. choice inspired him to go to college, find a job. he is now giving back as a counselor with the program. >> choices had taught me the value of decency. they taught me how to be accountable. >> my life is more than just being clean and social and staying off drugs. it's about making people understand what change looks like, what it takes, what it is. >> very good. >> reporter: so for helping inmates to see change and make positive choices, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to shirley lamarr. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> and if you would like to nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online, just go to, click the connect button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. there is a new workout that can be as mellow or intense as you want it. >> the body benefits from hula dance workout. it's coming up.
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but let's face it. for can praisecy salad, it's already done for you, tomatoes, mozzarella, boom, it's done. >> thanks, tony. the dow has been up and down all day. but we are up now. coming up tonight at 5:00, activists ready to wage war for a former inmate. >> they say it's all because of what guards refused to see him. but before all that forget about going to the gym. believe it or not, dancing the hula is a natural workout. [ yelling ] >> this is a southern california dancing instructor teaching the hula for five years. it's a full body workout by using legs, core and your upper body. and it's becoming popular. what once started in her garage has now grown into a studio.
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it's a huge workout. >> i guess so. there is a guy in there. okay. lawrence, you're off the hook. >> my hips don't move like that. i'd break something. >> you practiced. >> i did try that in hawaii, yeah. >> that video will never appear on air. [ laughter ] >> we might have to dig it up. >> your daughter is going to give it to us. >> she is doing the hula right now. [ laughter ] >> have a great friday. a great weekend. see you on monday morning. >> caption colorado, llc
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