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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 10, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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security scare. three are arrested for trying to sneak a fake bomb past security at the phoenix airport. stocks surge, wall street leads the way as global prices rebound, at least for now. and missing in aruba, a maryland woman vanishes on the same island where natalee holloway disappeared six years ago. captioning funded by cbs >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston in for betty nguyen. in the news at this hour we're learning about a scary incident at the phoenix airport. three east african nationals are
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in custody after a tsa screener found a suspicious package in their carry-on luggage. this happened friday and it was just revealed by phoenix police. jay dow is in washington with details. good morning, jay. >> good morning to you, randall. investigators are still trying to determine if this incident was terror related. a total of three people, two men and one woman were arrested at phoenix sky harbor international airport after tsa screeners found what was described as a fake bomb inside the woman's carry-on bag. the package was holding a paste like substance with a cell phone taped to the outside of it. it was tested and not found to be explosive. police are still trying to figure out a motive here and have not ruled out the possibility of a terror link. that said, officials stress no terror connection has been found so far. but the obvious question here now is, was this just an innocent mistake or was this some kind of dry run to try to test security?
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only the woman identified as 51-year-old mowaisa daman of ethiopia actually tried to board the plane. she told acquaintances of hers gave her the package to deliver to des moines, iowa. when police tracked him down, he said he had gotten it from another man. all three are in custody being detained in phoenix, charged with possessing a hoax device. additional criminal charges could be filed as the investigation continues. randall? >> scary. jay dow in washington, thanks. there was another artillery exchange between north and south korea this morning. north korea fired three shells near a disputed island close to the line separating the two countries. the south returned fire. no word on damage or casualties today but last november four people were killed when the north shelled the island. china has its first aircraft carrier. it's a former soviet ship that
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china bought back in 1998. after a thorough refitting the vessel left on its maiden voyage yesterday. today. it will be used for research and training. it does not yet have a name. the chinese are said to be planning to build four new carriers. in london officials took no chance last night, they had thousands of extra police patrolling the streets, that kept things quiet in the capital, but not in other british cities. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: the trouble didn't go away on the fourth night of rioting in britain, it just moved, north to the cities of manchester and birmingham, where looters tried to take up where those in london had left off, but there were more police and fewer rioters, just as there were in london, where police numbers were more than doubled to 16,000, and where they chased trouble down before it could begin. after three nights of looting and burning, britain declared it had had enough. >> this is criminality, pure and
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simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated. >> reporter: where the fires had burned, the morning light revealed destruction that looked like the wartime blitz. many of the rioters had been coordinating movements using blackberry messaging service because unlike texting it can't be texting. "shops are going to be smashed up so come get free stuff." said one message. we're about to get free stuff in east listen done" said another. >> i don't know why people do this. >> reporter: who controls the streets has been the question for days. now the police are trying to provide the answer. the old empire is striking back. and it's not just the police. citizen groups and other stricken areas are beginning to organize their own patrols and their own defense. the police may be in force now
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but where were they, when they needed them. the white house is expected to lay out tough new sanctions against syria tomorrow including a call for syrian president bashar assad to step down. in damascus yesterday turkey's foreign minister urged assad to stop killing anti-government protesters. a video posted online show tanks rolling through a town in eastern syria. activists say at least 1,700 people have been killed in syria since march. in pakistan intelligence officials say a u.s. drone missile strike killed 20 militants, most members of an afghan troop fighting militant forces. it happened along the afghanistan border, that not far from the afghan province where 30 special operations troops died when their helicopter was shot down this past weekend. the u.s. military has launched an investigation into the incident. at dover air force base in delaware yesterday president obama stood at attention as the remains of the 30 dead were returned for identification and burial.
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on the "cbs moneywatch," following yesterday's big gains on wall street, asian markets were up solidly this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> and good morning to you, randall. overseas markets shot up this morning. japan's nikkei snapped a three-day losing streak closing up more than 1% and hong kong's hang seng did even better, gaining more than 2.5%. other markets saw significant gains with bank stocks leading the way, that follows wall street's big day where stocks saw their biggest rally in more than two years. a wild ride on wall street, after a 600-point swing the dow finished up nearly 430 points. >> crazy. crazy day. >> reporter: stocks dipped after the federal reserve suggested the economy will remain weak for two more years but got a boost after the fed said it expects to keep interest rates near zero
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through mid 2013 and indicated the possibility of more bond purchases. bargain hunters moved in and the dow recovered two-thirds of what it lost in monday's 634 point freefall. >> the bulls and the bears are in a battle not quite to the death but they are in quite a battle. >> reporter: the biggest comeback was staged by the country's largest lender, bank of america, it gained 16.7% a day after a 20% plunge. despite tuesday's gains, the dow is still 12% off its high for the year. analysts expect the uncertainty and volatility to continue until there are more positive signs from the economy. >> i feel that, you know, we are going through one of those crisis points in our system, which will be nice if we could avoid and at the end of the day i believe we'll come out stronger. >> wall street will get more on the economy today. the commerce department will release trade inventories and the labor department will have the latest on the job market a little later on this morning. randall?
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>> ashley morrison here in new york, thank you very much. the first three members of the debt reduction super committee have been selected, all democrats. senate majority leader harry reid named senators patty murray, max baucus and john kerry. nine more members are expected to be announced next week, their job is to find $1.5 trillion in spending cuts to reduce the deficits. the results of the wisconsin election are announced. republicans managed to hold on in four of six races. that leaves them in control of the senate. democrats forced the special election after governor scott walker pushed through a disputed labor law earlier this year. just ahead on "the morning news" another american disappears on aruba. plus on the run, the dougherty gang, three fugitive siblings may have been spotted in colorado. fugitive siblings may have been spottpot in colorado.
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in texas, part in texas, part of interstate 45 in houston is still closed this morning because of a bizarre accident. the crash yesterday left an empty big rig trailer leaning against a structure that holds the highway signs. the trailer separated from the truck's cab and somehow lifted up into the air. three people are recovering this morning from an accident north of houston that was caught on video. a street sweeper smashed into the back of a pickup truck. the driver of the sweeper and two passengers in the pickup were injured in the monday crash. in a case from an incident of natalee holloway a maryland man is questioned from police in aruba about another woman who disappeared. robyn collson-gardner has vanished last week. wusa has the story. >> reporter: 35-year-old robyn
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colson gardner in missing a week now, when her traveling companion reported she disappeared when they were snorkeling, it's like a bad replay of the natalee holloway case, a suspect in custody being questioned but few solid clues. here in bethesda, richard forester who says he is a serious boyfriend who is among friends beside himself with anxiety. >> i've never felt anything like this. i'm sad. i'm scared. i'm lost. i'm angry. there's a whole array of emotions that i go through. >> reporter: forester enlisted the help of a natalee holloway foundation to publicize the case in hopes of solving the mystery quickly. online forester's facebook is
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comments, some about the suspect about giordano, the suspect, court records show a history about a peace order taken out by a woman against him and convictions for theft. >> i'm -- terrified. >> that was scott brum of station wusa in washington reporting. the dougherty gang may have been sighted in colorado. police say they have credible information that ryan, dylan and their sister, lee, may be in the area. the three are accused of shooting at police in floor and robbing a bank in florida last week. officials say they are heavily armed and apparently willing to die. >> it's concerning to all local and federal and state law enforcement that these folks will engage law enforcement with weapons and of course the public, the risk to the public who might be unarmed, and unaware they're near these individuals and they might try to take some action against the public or against law enforcement if they're approached.
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>> the fbi says it's unclear where the fugitives may be headed. polygamist leader warren jeffs is in prison. it took a jury only 40 minutes yesterday to sentence him to life behind bars. jeffs was convicted last week of sexual assault on two underaged girls. texas is officially inned midst of its second worst drought on record. after ten bone dry months the national weather service says the current drought tops one that ended in 1918 as the second driest in state history, the worst was a 70-year drought that ended in 1957. the nasa satellite that monitors activity on the sun caught pictures of a giant radiation flare that's headed our way, seen in a false color image the burst of radioactivity is likely to disrupt gps and satellite communications here on earth, and possibly cause some radio blackouts. straight ahead your wednesday morning weather and in
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i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. here's a l here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york thunderstorms, 90 degrees. same thing in miami, 92 degrees. chicago partly sunny, 83. dallas 105 and sunny, l.a., partly sunny, 80.
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time for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clusters of strong thunderstorms across the southeast and central plains. storm clouds are scattered in the northeast. later today storms will bring hail and gusty winds from oklahoma city to memphis. southern florida will see heavy rain. it will be sunny and pleasant in the midwest. texas remains hot. in sports, cleveland and detroit battled into extra innings last night. in the top of the 14th, a great diving catch by the second baseman and bases loaded bottom of the 14th, david cawley hit a cleveland batter forcing in the runner from third. cleveland edged detroit 3-2. the ninth inning in new york mariano rivera gave up a two-run homer to right by the angels and los angeles defeated the yankees 6-4.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. strong storms will bring hail and gusty winds from kansas east into tennessee, except for a few storms in washington, the west coast will be dry and pleasant, midwest sunshine, low humidity. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a show of force in london, thousands of police stop the
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rioting there, but it spreads to other british cities. and the markets rebound worldwide but can investors hold on for their new gains that help avoid a double-dip recession? while the u.s. economy has been floundering and many businesses are struggling to survive, one continues to thrive, apple. in fact, apple is now the most valuable company in the united states. ben tracy has more. >> reporter: while exxon continues to pump its profits with old-fashioned energy -- >> here's to the crazy ones. >> reporter: apple has done exactly what it said it would do, think different. apple sales have increased 80% this year, about ten times faster than the average company. >> they are very often a company who takes someone else's idea and they execute it better. >> reporter: apple's gravity defying stock rise from roughly $5 per share to nearly $375 began in 1997, when steve jobs returned as ceo. >> it just all works. >> reporter: apple debuted the
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ipod music player in 2001 and the online itunes music store has made apple the world's largest music retailer. >> iphone is like having your life in your pocket. >> reporter: then in 2007 came the iphone. the company has now sold 125 million of them. lately the ipad is helping push apple's stock. the company began selling the tablet computers last year and they're already changing the industry. >> do you like everything so far? well i'll try not to blow it. >> reporter: steve jobs has reportedly battled cancer, and some investors worry what becomes of apple without him. >> i don't see a lot of reason for them to slow down in the immediate future. >> reporter: analysts believe apple is on pace to become the world's first trillion-dollar company. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. this morning on "the early show," the stock market's wild ride and what the fed is doing to boost the economy. i'm randall pinkston. this is the "cbs morning news."
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newly released video this morning shows the effects of the may 22nd tornado in joplin, missouri, that left a third of the town, leveled a third of the town and killed 160 people. security cameras inside the high school show what happened when the twister hit the building. when school opens next week, students will attend classes in other buildings. the sell-off storm that hit wall street and stock markets worldwide eased in the past 24 hours at least for now but many americans are wondering about the company behind the u.s. credit downgrade, standard & poor's. wyatt andrews looked into that. >> reporter: perhaps most baffling to investors is how just one company, standard & poor's, caused so much market
4:26 am
turmoil. s&p which downgraded america's debt last friday is just one of the big three investment ratings agencies, but its two main rivals, fitch and moody's disagreed with the downgrade. the company acknowledged a $2 trillion error and critics say s&p was wrong on the basic facts. >> i would say they didn't look enough at the ability to pay. >> reporter: jay foyerstein the ceo of the 2100 xenon group say s&p focused too much on the gridlock in washington and too little on the size and capacity of the u.s. economy. are you suggesting that s&p overstepped its bounds? >> well, i believe so. i really do, but if you look at our ability to pay and to meet our financial obligations regarding our debt, it's some of the best ever. >> reporter: but the downgrade did tap into very real concerns about the deficit. s&p defends its decision by pointing to the end result of
4:27 am
the painstaking debate over the debt ceiling. managing director david beers argues the actual deal adds trillions more in borrowing. >> it, in our opinion, does not go far enough to halt the rising debt burden of the u.s. government over the near to medium term. >> reporter: ironically, agencies like s&p gained their power from the u.s. government, which in the 1930s began requiring the banks to use their ratings, but that power has cost the economy dearly when the agencies have missed the big ones, especially the collapse of enron, freddie mac and the entire '08 mortgage crisis. and yet another irony, the downgrade of u.s. bonds has made them more valuable. that's because as investors dump stocks, they bought safety in the form of u.s. treasury bonds, the very investment s&p says has grown more risky. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. coming up a little later on "the early show," the explosion of street violence that took britain by surprise.
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what's behind it and how modern technology helped it spread. plus erica hill with continued live coverage of the famine in east africa. and the latest on britain's current "it" girl, royal-in-law pippa middleton. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm randall pinkston. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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