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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the search for suspects in a north bay robbery. nats of video oakland police say they ha their todd ller. our first look at the mo ter a three year old was gunned down in a gang fight. good morning. it's friday, august 12th. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm grace lee. time is 4:30. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. here's good morning. it's what? >> it's friday. >> yes. it's august 12, too. happen if i friday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. i like the easy questions. >> yeah. well, that's an easy one. >> the feel good questions and let's hope lawrence can deliver
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are a nice day. good morning. more on your weekend forecast coming up. let's check the roads with gianna. >> happy friday. so far, so good. it is "friday light" on the road. only thing really you have to look out for. hpoint roa around 11 last night. one worker told the dispatcher they were trapped inside, and they had just been robbed. sgt. john snetsinger/santa rosa police dept we arrived we had to free the employees because the doors were locked, secured and once we freed the employees we found that they were unharmed the victims did not know how many suspects there were, or if they were armed. police are also investigating what the
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robbers made off with - but they did not steal >> weighed to free the employees because the doors were locked. they were unharmed. we'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour. 423 now. the chaotic aftermath of a deadly shooting in oakland cell phone video caught the moment when people found out a 3-year- old was dead. >> they killed the baby. >> the video shows witnesses focusing on two men wounded in monday's shooting on international boulevard. police believe those men were the intended victims but it was young carlos nava who was killed as he was pushed in a race car stroller. now oakland police think they have the person who fired the fatal shot. 26-year-old lawrence denard was arrested in pittsburg on
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tuesday. police are looking for a third person. >> there is one outstanding suspect we are looking for. there are a couple of more loops to close. we are pursuing him. >> my office intends to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law with all the resources available. >> denard was arraigned yesterday. he denies being involved in the murder. a hearing and possible sentencing in the murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey. lawyers for convicted killer yusef bey iv and antoine mackey say broussard. if the motion is denied, broussard will be sentenced. an autopsy will be performed today on a pregnant woman killed by the family's pit bull. the dog killed the woman in their home on reina del mar in pacifica yesterday. when gregg napora came home from work, his pit bull was
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standing over his wife darla's body covered in blood. greg forced his 2-year-old boy into the backyard while paramedics tried to save her. she died at the scene. then the pit bull got out the fence and came down the driveway. >> the dog came out and started to approach the officers and first responders. two officers shot the dog three times and killed it. >> the male pit bull was not neutered. dog experts say that very likely played a big role in the attack. a necropsy for the dog is set for today. there is an emergency meeting tonight for italy to pass new measures to balance the budget and ease fears over the country's public finances. in the meantime japan's nikkei average closed slightly lower today. other asian markets were up. european markets are showing gains after new financial regulation were imposed in several countries.
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the wall street roller coaster ride continues today. the stock market sank more than 600 points monday, way up tuesday, back down on wednesday, back up yesterday. >> the craziest four days ever on the new york stock exchange. 400-plus points her day. crazy. a long campaign. eight republicans running for president all on the stand just ahead of saturday's big straw poll there. as jay dow tells us they took aim at the president and at each other. the race for the republican nomination is getting ugly. >> you said the era of small government is over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> she led the effort against obamacare. we got obamacare. she led the effort against t.a.r.p. we got t.a.r.p. that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. [ applause ] >> reporter: former minnesota
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governor tim pawlenty and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann traded sharp jabs at last night's debate in iowa. they joined six other gop hopefuls fighting to stand out in the pack. >> i am running on my record and i'm proud to run on my record. >> i represent growth. >> reporter: one thing they all had in common was their target, president obama. >> i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food. what he served up is not what i would have done if i had been president of the united states. >> reporter: the debate leads up to tomorrow's iowa straw poll. the test vote is considered a key measure of campaign strength but someone who is not even on the ballot could end up stealing the spotlight. texas governor rick perry is expected to make his run for the white house official tomorrow. he will then spend the weekend campaigning in iowa. he was absent from last night's debate. >> was he outsmarting you? >> it doesn't bother us or my campaign. that's just one more politician. >> reporter: perry has been in office for more than a decade
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and is the nation's longest serving governor. some analysts think his job creation record alone could be enough to catapult him to the head of the gop race. jay dow, cbs news, washington. no major disruptions yesterday but bart police are preparing for possible protests once again today. bart comes warned commuters that last night that activists might demonstrate on platforms. there were postings on social media sites telling people to meet at the civic center station where bart police shot and killed a man last month after he threw a knife at them. yesterday police beefed up security and briefly shut off cell phone and internet service at the station. >> we felt it was a great tool to use for this purpose in order to give us an advantage over what we thought, you know, could turn into something more volatile. >> protestors say they may demonstrate and disrupt service from now until the end of the month. more people in the bay area
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are taking transit. caltrain ridership on weekdays is up 12% from a year ago. bart up 8%. valley transportation authority 7%. samtrans .4%. and the ace commuter train up 14%. only a.c. transit and santa cruz metro reported slight declines from a year ago. okay. it's friday, it is 4:38. time to find out what that weekend is going to look like. right? >> i think we have the guy for you. >> yeah. you know what? i think the the weekend is going to be okay. >> low clouds and fog in the morning giving way to plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. today no exception. but as we head into the weekend things begin to change. the fog thickens up. we have some 50s out there now. mostly cloudy into san francisco, got some clouds in toward oakland, as well. some clear skies showing up in some of the valleys again but as we head toward the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny and bright and i think today a little warmer than yesterday. about 88 in livermore, 87 in
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concord, 77 in fremont, and a sunny 81 degrees in san jose. out toward the coastline of course that's where the low clouds and fog going to camp and that will keep temperatures cooler in the 50s and 60s. speaking of the weekend, it's not going to be bad, although we'll see increasing low clouds and fog. so temperatures are going to be falling off especially as we head in toward sunday. and this next week, gianna, those temperatures headed well below average. still not too bad. we're not too hot. we're not too cold, just a little fog in the mornings. we have a festival taking place this weekend. outside lands music festival is today through sunday. there are closures in golden gate park. looks like all entrances to through traffic are closed since last night at 8 p.m. you won't get in unless you have a ticket. avoid the area. muni will adjust for festival goes, looks like the n-judah line will run longer buses to help people get in and out of
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there. mass transit on time. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain problem-free. let's check the freeways. golden gate bridge not bad. a little sluggish out of marin county due to ongoing roadwork. back to you guys. >> thank you. a cash shortage kept et from phoning home. why the bay area search for intelligent life is heating up again. plus, hundreds arrested. now britain is blaming facebook. the new push to ban social networks after a week of violent riots. >> time to pucker up for maybe not. how long most married couples are going without kissing. coming up. . you gotta be kiddi! you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my mi, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah. they're here! ladies, you have the right to remain sexy...
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37 percent of last year's class of 20-10 left school before getting a diploma. that's new numbers reveal a dismal dropout rate in oakland schools. 37% of last year's class, 2010, left school before getting a diploma. that's nearly 1200 dropouts. statewide the dropout rate for the class of 2010 is 18% or nearly one in five.
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deadline day for candidates who want to run for san francisco mayor and the line is getting long. three mayoral candidates showed up at the same time yesterday at the department of elections. to sign up for the race, venture capitalists and two others all submitted paperwork. 10 people are running for the job. london police arrested more than 1,000 people over the deadly riots in britain. police are tracking down to punish those responsible for the mayhem across the uk this week. courts stayed open through a second night and into today. so far almost 600 people have been charged. more than 1700 people have been arrested nationwide. social media played such a big goal in organizing the riots. well, britain might ban facebook, twitter and blackberry to prevent future violence. it's unclear how that might be done, whether the site could be
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suspended or certain users blocked. british prime minister david cameron says when people use social media for violence, he says we need to stop them. >> wow. 4:43. google is adding games to its google plus social network. google says it wants to make games available for everyone on the network soon t launched google plus in june as it answered facebook and twitter. still testing. that games are a big draw on facebook, as well. the search for intelligent life in the universe will get going once again at a site near mount shasta. the array of 42 radio telescope dishes will be turned back on in september. they had been out of money but now received more than $200,000 in donations including some from actress jodie foster. she appeared in that 1997 film "contact" based on a book about the program. in the movie she needed funding, too. >> don't we all. >> all comes full circle.
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apparently not even princesses are perfect. how kate middleton is at the center of the latest airbrushing scandal. >> no, really? oh, boy. plus, how far would you go for a golden grow? how tanning all the time could actually change your brain chemistry. whose luck turne wouldn't it be nice to wind lottery? and bing. >> getting laid off has never felt so good. meet the employees whose luck turned around at the perfect time. travel time. if you are heading out of the bay area today we have mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. 69 degrees at sfo. pretty comfortable here in the bay area. but we are going to see some very nice weather as you make your way across the country. should see some sunshine pulling into chicago. just a couple of clouds moving through. very comfortable 81 degrees. toward the eastern seaboard our friends in new york going to enjoy some sunshine today, a very nice 85 degrees. the rest of your forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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immigrants and the elderly. the i-r-s says thieves are showing community a church scam in the bay area targeting asian immigrants an elderly. the irs says thieves are showing up at churches and community centers promising free money from the government. the scammers charged $200 to prepare fake tax forms. an irs spokesman says there have been hundreds of complaints from san jose, oakland, fresno and sacramento. the man arrested for a 12984 murder in the east bay says he didn't do it. 43-year-old stephen carlson was arrested sunday for the stabbing death of 14-year-old tina faels in pleasanton. carlson told the "contra costa times" that he may be a dirt bag but he didn't hurt anybody. he was 16 when faels was killed. the man accused of running down a 9-year-old boy leaving a giants game is in custody after being bailed out. 21-year-old andrew vargas was sent back to jail after
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pleading not guilty yesterday. he is accused of hitting ryan white and several cars last week and taking off before police caught up with him in hayward. hard to believe but in a month we'll mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11. new yorkers have done a lot of healing over this decade. one poll found 5 3% of people in new york feel their lives returned to normal, 36% say their lives will never be the same, 49% fear another attack and 51% say they are not too worried or not worried at all. all right. good morning, folks. we are off and running on this friday. and i'll tell you what, it should be a great day outside. the fog not as thick this morning. so again, i think it's going to be an earlier burnoff than yesterday. our temperatures should be a bit warmer. still the fog has moved in along the coastline and sneaking inside the bay in some of the north bay valleys in particular. but i think as we head through the day that's going to burn off fairly rapidly. out the door mostly clear inland. as you look inside the bay you
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will find patchy fog and at the coastline mostly cloudy this morning. by the afternoon, sunshine and some warm temperatures around much of the interior valleys. up into the 80s in many spots. maybe even some low 90s into places like antioch and brentwood. as you get inside the bay you will see a variety of temperatures. 60s and 70s toward oakland, low 80s toward san jose and at the coastline still cool, patchy fog, and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 56 degrees, clear conditions in livermore, clear concord at 58 and 59 nice and clear in fairfield. we are seeing some fog and visibility down to half mile in santa rosa. and, of course, you have some cloudy skies in toward pacifica. looks like hot weather in the central valley, 98 fresno and redding, 93 in yosemite and 82 degrees if you are headed in that direction in lake tahoe. high pressure starting to weaken somewhat and it's going to hold on for today but atoward the weekend we are going to see cooler weather on the way but we have more sunshine for today so enjoy it
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because over the weekend, likely to see some increasing low clouds and fog. and that means cooler weather around the bay area. numbers breaking down like this. plan on 80 degrees in santa clara today. about 81 in milpitas. 87 in morgan hill. and about 78 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures as high as 27 in san leandro, about 88 -- 72 in san leandro, 88 livermore, 68 richmond. in the north bay you will find sunshine by the afternoon very comfortable 79 degrees in santa rosa. and about 78 in sonoma. the weekend looking good although we are going to start to cool down the temperatures around the bay area, mor low clouds and fog on the way. cooler temperatures for the better part of this week. let's check traffic with gianna. >> we have some roadwork this morning out of marin county typical in fact this roadwork will be in effect until september. so expect these kind of delays at least for another couple of weeks. southbound 101 from 37 south there northbound as well heading through san rafael. various lanes blocked, some of
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it opened up by 5:00, some by 6:00. again we are seeing some slight delays so give yourself some extra time. golden gate bridge, "friday light," a few cars on the roads no major snaps into san francisco. later on it let busy due to the outside lands music festival. no snags on the golden gate bridge. right now we are seeing lots of green on our sensors so it's early, if you are on the flip side heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, so far, so good "friday light" no delays there and metering lights are still off easy ride into san francisco. checking the san mateo bridge also problem-free right now looking at about 13 to 14 minutes to go between 880 and 101. when do you hop in your car check in with our -- remember kcbs once you do hit the roads.
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they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. some people apparently just can't resist getting tan and now scientists think they know why. researchers in texas looked at people's brain activity while they were inside a tanning bed. apparently they found blood flow patterns in the brain were very simple floor what happened in drug addicts. scientists say like addiction, tanning may create a reward in the brain and could explain why a lot of people use tanning beds despite the dangers of skin cancer. 4:53 now. ladies, this may make you feel better because even the duchess of cambridge needed to be air brushed. check a side by side comparison between the cover of gratia and the royal wedding photo of prince william and kate middleton. according to the guardian magazine editor said she looks skinnier because they cropped her husband out of the photo. while the magazine had to apologize for the changes after an investigation by a british commission. >> come on. they don't center to airbrush the princess. >> they just made her look skinnier. a lot of married couples
4:54 am
apparently are not getting their smooch on. >> what's one that, ladies? >> ladies? >> just kidding. the british heart foundation found one in five married couples go without kissing for a week at a time and when this do, married couples kiss for no more than 5 seconds. the study also found married couples age 18 to 24 kiss an average of 11 times a week and 5% of couples over 45 make time for frequent kissing. >> 5%? not very high. moving along, 4:54, some canadians are feeling the same kind of roller coaster ride that stock market investors have. >> that's right. they got bad news on tuesday and then good news 24 hours later. so we start with the bad news. and they got the news that they were going to be laid off from their factory in ottawa. then they got the good news. they won the lottery! >> that's really good news. >> i looked at the numbers and i had to ask somebody to come and take a look at them because
4:55 am
i wasn't sure if i was reading it read and she said oh, you got them all, you know, started to shake, vibrating in my seat and then i had to get out and tell some. people that were in it and, of course, some of them wouldn't believe me. no, i'm not joking. we won. >> can you tell he is from canada, eh? >> 18 coworkers will get about $400,000 for their $4 investment. you know? every time i enter the lottery i lose. >> you got play to win, though. just a dollar and a lot of people say forget about it and i always think about those big lot toes where people go around the newsroom, hey, do you want to -- no, i can't be bothered. >> i always say that. >> give me two! they are lining up to, you know, cash in you're sitting back at work going, what a dummy. >> i know. i know a lot of people are excited about the 49ers preseason game in new orleans. >> we are happy about it too because the game is right here on channel 5. opportunity for each team to see how the players fare against another opponent.
4:56 am
also the first nfl game for 49er head coach jim harbaugh. he says he plans to focus on evaluation, execution, not the scoreboard results. sounds like a coach, right? you can see the game the 5:00 right here on cbs 5. we hope you tune in. dennis o'donnell and company do a great job. the raiders lost to arizona in oakland last night. quarterback jason campbell completed six of nine passes. rocky denarius moore made an impressive 26-yard gain here. raiders were ahead 15-10 late in the 3rd quarter. they have their sub this is and that's when the cardinals marched down the field. retook the lead in the final minute. only preseason, doesn't matter. final score 20-14. but raiders looked good in the first half. bring it on. 4:56. the first debate for the gop presidential hopefuls got a little ugly. how one name who wasn't even there could steal the spotlight. i think it's terrible. >> and a pregnant woman killed
4:57 am
by the family pit bull. the trait that made the dog more likely to attack. employees locked up at an armored car warehouse overnight. what police say they didn't try to do coming up. oakland police say they have their man. a 26-year-old is behind bars this morning facing murder charges for the killing of a 3- year-old boy monday. the latest in the investigation coming up. ,, ,,,,
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warehouse. the terrifying moments for two north bay employees. armed men on the run after breaking into an armored car warehouse. the terrifying moment for two north bay employees. >> oh, my god! they killed the baby. >> oh!! >> the man suspected of killing a 3-year-old is now behind bars. we have the new video of the horrific moments right after the gunfire. >> good morning. get ready for a big weekend because it's. >> friday. >> august 12. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. >> oh, i'm grace lee and i'm excited the weekend is here. lawrence, i know you're excited, as well. >> oh. >> what about your raiders? >> you know what, i


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