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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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francisco boulevard in san rafael is the suspect in a stabbing at a grocery store over the weekend. don knapp, last time i talked to you the girlfriend was in the hotel with him. >> reporter: that's still the case. i talked with margo rohrabacher and asked her if she was a hostage. we said we didn't know but we know she is lock in the hotel room with the man with the gun who is refusing to come out. so obviously they have to treat it has a hostage situation. the traffic mess is as a result of this fact that that gunman was over that freeway that leads to the richmond/san rafael bridge and there was a shot fired earlier today which of course messed up traffic going through the bridge. we are a block from the hotel now near the command center. police went to the extended stay hotel about 8:30 this morning looking for the suspect wanted for the stabbing at the united market on sunday. the suspect in the room with his girlfriend allegedly fired
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a shot from the room around 10:45 this morning. the chp had no recourse except then to shut down the freeway in front of the hotel room. we have a surveillance camera picture of the suspect taken at the market on sunday. police say this is the same man in the hotel room with the girlfriend now but they don't know the identity of the man. they said think didn't have an identification is what they are saying. 40 residents of the hotel were evacuated and police did send emergency calls to businesses in the neighborhood to let them know what was going on. there are at least 75 police officers maybe more. it's a huge police standoff and according to san rafael police spokeswoman margo rohrabacher. >> about 75 officers here now, there are s.w.a.t. teams throughout marin and also sonoma county and our hostage negotiators are speaking with him since the beginning of the incident. there is dialogue back and
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forth which is good. these events sometimes can take a long time and we want a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: police are going slow on this to try to end it peacefully. obviously this all stemming from what really was just a shoplifting incident on sunday. allen? >> don, as far as we know, the man in the room isn't making any demands that police have to meet? he is just refusing to come out? >> reporter: if he is, we're not hearing about them. obviously they are going to keep that part quiet from us. we can understand because they say they have been talking to him all day long. they have had phone and voice communication with him. they are apparently close enough to talk to him by voice. >> hopefully the lines of communication stay open and it gets resolved quickly. thank you, don knapp.
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in other news tonight, people in oakland are fighting to hold onto the headquarters of the mtc. that organization act as guardian and banker for local bridges and wants to move. but as phil matier shows us that plan is hitting more than one snag. phil. >> reporter: that's right, dana. today, as a matter of fact, the plan to relocate in this old postal building might have actually the a wrecking ball. here's -- might have actually hit a wrecking ball. here's the story. the metropolitan transportation commission which oversees toll collections on the state bay bridges is outgrowing its oakland offices so they want to partner up with three other agencies and buy this old san francisco post office building at a cost of $105 million. then spend another $75 million to fix it up for a total cost before $180 million. youall to be financed from borrowing from bridge tolls the same tolls that went up by a buck. >> this purchase decision went
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through a very lengthy analytical objective process. >> reporter: but after initial approval the plan hit a wall today when heavy-hitting east bay politicians activists and building unions all rose up to cry foul. instead, the oakland folks want them to build a new building in this empty lot in part to keep jobs in the downtown. >> i understand at least 60% of your employees come from oakland or the east bay. that in the long term is also going to have a negative impact. >> reporter: mtc's response? >> the cost of doing that is much more expensive than buying an existing structure. >> reporter: there's also a question about how much mtc is paying for the san francisco building. just a year and a half ago, the post office sold it for $60 million. mtc is now being asked to pay $105 million, a jump of over $50 million. >> it's obvious that the market has changed. >> reporter: there was also a
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letter by eight east bay state senators and assembly members who control a good deal of state money all of them questioning the use of toll money to bankroll the $180 million deal. what do you think is going on? >> it depends who you talk to. a lot of them are using that as, you know, on one side saying, it's an inappropriate use of funds but if you come to oakland it's okay. >> reporter: is it a smart move in these times? some of the criticism is toll money is being used as a bank, this is and expanding bureaucracy and this building looks fine. >> it's absolutely a smart move. when you talk about having four agencies that are all paying rent, agencies that are going to be around for decades and decades paying rent every month, buying in the long run is the better choice. >> reporter: well, faced with this kind of opposition, mtc has done a politically astute thing that we see bureaucracies do. they appointed six of their commissioners as a study group and they are going to report
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back in 60 days after reviewing the materials again and once again fry to make up their minds. dana? >> i'm guessing that 60 days is going to turn into another and they won't be moving anywhere anytime soon. >> reporter: i have a feeling you're right especially with this kind of heat coming in from sacramento. >> thank you, phil matier. bay area golfers aren't happy with the end to affordable links. you can play nine holes at the han cho dell pueblo golf course in san jose for about the price of a movie ticket and len ramirez with why the city is looking to get rid of it. >> reporter: the budget problems go on and on in san jose. the city is looking at another 70 to $100 million budget deficit again next year and the mayor says the city can no longer afford to pay the $2 million that it puts into this place every year. but the problem for the community is there's really no other place where they can get a good healthy golf experience for so little money.
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12-year-old richard espinosa has the swing. he perfected it with the help of the first tee program at the city's most affordable golf course, rancho del penally, the nine hole city course built 10 years ago lies in a low income neighborhood in east san jose. >> there's a lot of kids that go here. >> reporter: where greens fees are less than the price of a movie ticket. >> other courses are far from here and more expensive than this course and it's closer to my house. >> it's like our east side country club. everybody here knows everybody. >> reporter: ian joseph mccrae first started coming here when he was a kid. he now works at the course part time and stars on his city college golf team. >> it's the last working man's golf course around. >> reporter: but all that affordability comes at a price to the city. rancho del pueblo has never turned a profit. it lost $200,000 last year and costs the city about $2 million a year in debt payments. >> $2 million a year could keep open a couple of libraries, a whole fire station.
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>> reporter: now mayor reed is proposing to close the course, sell the land and possibly locate more than 500 homes on the property. >> should we close the golf course in order to save a library and community center? yes. >> reporter: but golfers are trying to save one of the few affordable recreation choices left. >> seniors use this golf course, beginners use this golf course. it's a community place. i think the community really needs to speak up about the value and the importance of this place in their lives. >> reporter: and we are back to our live picture now. there aren't many people interested in this driving range right now but actually there's a lot more people that would be here but they are at a community meeting right now at the mayfair community center where they are meeting with the city go over this proposal to close down the golf course so a lot of the people left for the meeting. they want to hear firsthand what the city has in mind. obviously they would like to keep this course open if possible. >> well, you know, as a
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golfer, len, i can tell you, a lot of these affordable places are disappearing one by one. >> reporter: that's right. this used to be way back when here in san jose, this used to be an 18-hole course. they cut it back to 9 holes about 10 years ago. and now can't even keep that flying. so it's getting to be kind of discouraging here in san jose with a lot of these things, the core services and then some of the amenities being cut, as well. >> let us know what happens at the meeting tonight. we know you'lll follow it up. >> reporter: sure. >> thanks, len. well, they struck again. the internet group anonymous hacked into another bart website and this time, things got personal with police. joe vazquez on this latest cyberattack. joe. >> reporter: last thursday, bart cut the cell phone service for their passengers as well as demonstrators who are trying to quash a protest. now the bart police are worried about their own safety. >> reporter: they have marched through the street.
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they have shut down train station. they have hacked bart's passenger information. now "anonymous" has hacked into the bart police union's website and posted online the personal information of more than 100 bart cops. >> i'm angry. i'm upset. these guys are a bunch of criminals. >> reporter: this officer says the fbi is now investigating. he says there are 250 members of his union, 102 of them got hacked, including sekhon himself. >> these officers now have their residences in some cases known to the public to criminals that they have arrested. to people they are going to come in contact with who may want retribution. >> reporter: bart's president of the board wants anyone upset about last week's cell phone decision to let bart know. they have received 9,000 e- mails already. what does this accomplish? they have gotten your riders information out there, now your police officers. what have they done. they have drawn attention to
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themselves and they are nobodies. they are anonymous. so that's what they have accomplished. they have hurt innocent people. they have exposed innocent people. we cannot stand for that. >> reporter: "anonymous" has called for another protest monday evening. will bart cut off cell service again? >> we haven't had any intelligence that there's any need to so practically i doubt it will happen but as the deputy said it's a tool. >> reporter: late this afternoon, i got an email directing me to an internet chat room where i met a person who says she is a woman from france and that she was responsible for today's hack attack. dana, that just illustrates how difficult this is. usually we wouldn't tell you about it until we verify it but in this case it's very difficult to pin down, you know, we're not sure who this person is or if she is who she says she is. we are not sure who conducted
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the attack. this woman said she did it because she sympathized with "anonymous" but not at their behest. >> the irony is that they remain "anonymous" and yet they are putting the lives of officers and their families, children, wives, spouses, out in the public and there is really very little that they can do to stop this at this point. >> reporter: right. and members of this group, remember, this started with a protest against the police officers as you might imagine, they believe that it's justified that their action is justified as they believe that obviously the police were in the wrong during those recent police shootings. >> that's taking it to a whole new level. joe vazquez, thank you. their 3-year-old was shot and killed but today, they said curfews and gang injunctions are not the answer. what victims and community leaders say it will take to make oakland safer. it offers a report that's supposed to put you at ease but it turns out carfax may not have the whole story.
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how it can miss cars that have been involved in accidents. and then later they told us it would be tough. but were they right? we check in with students and families reporting to college after round after round of fee increases. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the only gunman who survived a club shootout in san jose 7 months ago has finally been identified. police believe it is this man, arturo velasquez and that he has ties to the city of salinas. velasquez is believed to be the gunman seen in a bulletproof vest chasing the owner of the mexicali club grabbing him and forcing him outside. police say velasquez shot the bar owner, who survived. the gun battle did kill two the suspect's accomplices and an
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armed man in the bar who confronted them all this over an alleged drug debt. now police are looking for velazquez and hector milla who they say drove the getaway car. a day after 3-year-old was laid to rest oakland leaders propose a curfew and gang injunction to stop the violence. christin ayers reports not everybody is sold on the idea. >> reporter: including carlos nava's family. they are worried that the toddler's name will be used to push a political agenda. today they came out strong along with some activists with what they say are alternatives to a curfew crackdown. >> a little 3-year-old getting killed on the street is not something that anybody no matter what you're affiliated with is going to tolerate. >> reporter: a day after 3-year- old carlos.5 va was laid to rest his family grieving came to the corner where he was killed to make a statement.
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>> injunctions and curfews will only bring the community more apart. >> reporter: it's a backlash to a proposed gang injunction, a citywide curfew and lawsuits against east and west oakland gangs. >> i talked to the president of the counselcy larry reid and we are going to really force the real debate. >> reporter: the debate is already heating up here. community activists joined the nava family today calling the proposed crackdown a knee-jerk reaction and saying there are better solutions, job training programs, strong educational city an community activities for young people. >> the real issue is lack of jobs, education, lack of activities for young people to engage in.
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>> reporter: artists say dozens of residents painted a mural peacefully but others say it will take more than a mural to stop gun violence. >> think they should have curfew. it will safe some teens and keep them off the street at night. >> it might help quite a bit especially in the parents know that they have to be in and -- especially if the parents know they have to be in and be responsible for them. >> reporter: some of the strongest critics of the gang injunction have been the mayor and vice mayor. they will all be looking at this proposal in mid-september when the council comes back together after their recess. in the meantime this community looking for some solutions of their own. they will be holding a peace rally, allen, on saturday at 11 a.m. to try to continue to garner support for the issue. >> as an ambulance swings by. thank you, christin ayers. [ siren ] it's wednesday and it was a warm one today. >> not bad at all. in fact, it was near seasonal as far as the stats are concerned. this is our cbs 5 weather camera looking live from dublin towards diablo mountain range,
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upper 80s and low 90s. compare that now with this live camera looking out towards ocean beach where the temperatures are in the mid- to high 50s. robust winds out of the west up to 20 miles an hour and where the clouds are playing tag with the coast. they have now inundated the peninsula, working their way in a southerly fashion through woodside heading into the santa cruz mountains. you can see the bank of low clouds and fog traversing across the bay towards newark, as well. and where the clouds lingered today we were only in the 50s in pacifica, upper 60s across the bay into oakland. outside number was 90 degrees in fairfield back in through the vacaville area. these numbers near normal. but still a good 5 degrees below average in san jose in the santa clara valley. here's the deal. i'm going to start this pinpoint forecast with tonight. 10:00 watch the clock tick by. you can see the penetration of the clouds as they go past the bay through the bay into the east bay over the altamont pass into the delta. but wiping away, scouring out,
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very rapidly during the daytime hours. the bottom line is your headlines do suggest areas of clouds for the morning commute, sunshine bayside clearing, partial clearing at the coast. 50s tonight. temperatures tomorrow same as today 50s at the coast, 90s inland. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. well, it bills itself as the premiere reliable source for anyone buying a used car but carfax admits it is not perfect. what advocates suggest you do to really find out about your car's past. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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demand for used cars is taking off thanks to the economy. people are turning to carfax to check a vehicle history but julie watts reports, the carfax
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reports can omit important piece of information. >> reporter: brook never knows if his car will start. he purchased the 2006 car last year from a private certainly for $6,000. >> the guy told me there was no problem with the car. >> reporter: the seller showed him the carfax report which showed no history of damage or accident or so it seemed. two weeks later the sentra started acting up. >> there was some noise i heard some shaking. >> reporter: so he brought the vehicle to a mechanic who determined it had been in a major crash. a crash that actually happened back in march of 2010 nine months before the man purchased the sentra. a crash that did not show up on the carfax report. >> can't totally rely on it. >> reporter: carfax reports can omit problems and some
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unscrupulous car dealers take advantage of that. >> one problem that cropped up is that sometimes the car dealer say, look, here's the carfax, it's clean. use it as a selling tool. >> reporter: carfax tells consumerwatch it gathers information from thousands of sources including motor vehicle agencies, police, and auto auctions but it also admits some information can be missing. in fact, read the fine print. every carfax report says it's based on information supplied to carfax. the information about the nissan's crash did eventually show up in carfax's database 11 months after the accident. too late for the buyer but perhaps in time for other car buyers. >> not something i can count on. >> reporter: now, carfax is still investigating why the accident didn't show up on the first report. but consumer advocates suggest you first go to this site will tell you whether the car has been totaled or salvaged and it's a lot more common than you might think. costs about $4.
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remember, if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. now, drivers caught using cell phones behind the wheel are about to pay more. governor jerry brown is expected to sign a new bill that would significantly increase fines. right now first time offenders are hit with a $208 penalty. that will jump to $328. repeat offenders may face a $528 fine along with a point on their driver's license. drivers say they are not sure if the fees will be enough to break the habit. >> they are trying to get more money because of the economy. i don't think it's a safety issue. >> probably trying to get more money. >> the new bill will impact cyclists. $20 for the first ticket, $50 for the second. well, he went against his party. now his office is closing, his staff being let go. the california politician some say is a victim of political
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payback. and if you want to be commander-in-chief come 2013, now is the time to hit the road. the politicians driving their message to potential voters and the attacks flying across state lines. >> the threats turned to actual cuts. now it's time to see what happens after students pay the piper. the financial reality as csu students move in. ,,
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for the same politician, whose office is about to go dark. as nearly a dozen capital staffers are about to be laid off who work for the same politicians whose office is about to go dark. as mike luery shows you political payback may be the reason why. >> good morning. >> reporter: this capital office will soon be going dark. the doors are to be locked shut. and all the staffers you see working here 11 altogether will soon be shut out of a job. >> my 20 year experience i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: trent hager will be out of work in october caught in the crossfire of a political fight between the assembly leadership, speaker john perez and rules chair nancy skinner on one side and
6:30 pm
assembly member anthony portentino. >> it's unconscionable. it's petty. >> reporter: staffers are on leave without pay for six-week. anthony calls it direct retaliation because voted no on the state budget. in open defiance of his party leaders. >> i got a letter nine days after that vote telling me that my entire district and capital staff were going to be laid off for 40 days because frankly the leadership fabricated an overage in my but the. >> reporter: his budget was cut and told him he was overspending by $67,000. >> mr. portan tino claims he is being punished for voting no on the budget. >> all of us in the assembly receive allocations and we have to live within our means. >> reporter: anthony portantino
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rejected a pay raise and car and cell phone. he asked for proof of overspending but said assembly leaders refused. we asked them to show us the money trail. instead we received this official letter stating those records were exempt from mandatory disclosure. california common cause says taxpayers have a right to know. >> who wants to keep funding state government when they won't tell you how they are spending your money? >> reporter: in sacramento, mike luery, cbs 5. the building of our infrastructure is at risk. that's what senator barbara boxer said today about federal highway taxes that are set to expire september 30. the senator paid a visit to the caldecott tunnel project. she says that if highway and gas taxes are allowed to expire, hundreds of thousands of jobs in california will be lost and so would the money to rebuild roads, highways and bridges in the country unless a bill is passed. >> so i'm ringing the wake-up call to america. we need to have bipartisan
6:32 pm
cooperation and pass a highway bill and reauthorize the gas tax. >> congress is currently considering two versions of a highway bill. the house bill would allow $230 billion over the next six years. the senate version is asking for $109 billion over the next three years. president obama and the republicans in the race to replace him focused on the economy today. the president talked jobs during his last stop through the midwest but as tara mergener explains, gop candidates also took the chance to point out what they said the president doesn't understand. >> reporter: president obama started the last leg of his three-state, three-day jobs road trip shaking hands at a county fair. >> you're not 88. >> reporter: his advisor says this bus tour is not a campaign swing but talking with voters one on one the president is testing the level of support he has in the heartland. at a town hall meeting in atkinson, illinoiser, said
6:33 pm
rebuilding the country's roads, bridges and school assist one way to get americans back to work. >> the only thing holding us back now is our politics. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs news, president obama said the country's not in danger of another recession. >> but we are in danger of not having a recovery that's fast enough to deal with what is a genuine unemployment crisis for a whole lot of folks out there. >> reporter: right after labor day, president obama plans on addressing the nation to lay out a new plan with specifics on how to bring down the unemployment rate. it's still above 9% and voters aren't happy about it. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and his fellow republicans running for the white house are fighting to convince voters now is not the time to reelect president obama. >> i don't think he is a bad guy. i think he cares for the country just like everybody else but i don't think he understands what it takes to make the economy work. >> reporter: romney and texas governor rick perry both kept their focus on economic issues during visits to new hampshire.
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each arguing he has the experience to shore up the nation's sagging economy. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. a shot fired at lunchtime leads to a highway shutdown and commute time. what has part of the 580 looking like a parking lot? and what we now know about the man police say is responsible. the cost is nearly doubled in a decade. how budget cuts have impacted the 2011-2012 school year. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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day. all because of a stand off at a san rafael hotel. update now on the traffic mess that's been going on most of the day in the north bay. it's all because of a standoff at a hotel in san rafael. a stabbing suspect is still barricaded in a room at the extended stay hotel on francisco boulevard. that prompted the closure of the richmond/san rafael bridge for a time. it's open but traffic is crawling. don knapp has been talking with police about the negotiations. >> reporter: in a quote, allen,
6:37 pm
the negotiators say, or at least margo rohrbacher of the san rafael police says the only indication is that this is going to be a protracted incident. of course, we know it's been protracted all day long starting at 10:45 this morning when that man police are talking with fired a shot from that hotel room that overlooks the 580 roads that lead to and from the bridge in san rafael. that's been shut down by the chp for safety reasons although there is access from the sir francis drake side by san quentin. the man and woman in the room have no alternatives. they are surrounded by police officers. at least 75 cops including s.w.a.t. teams. negotiations are continuing so there is perhaps some hope this will be resolved peacefully. so far they are not moving very far. they will have protracted negotiations and they are not making progress. >> could be a long night. thank you. it's back to school time and tonight thousands of california college students are
6:38 pm
spending their first night in a new dorm room. but as mike sugerman shows us, they are already learning a tough lesson in economics. >> so come on in. >> reporter: well, sure, dad michael is huffing and puffing. >> we have a second floor room. >> reporter: climb these stairs ten times so far and the car isn't yet empty. >> okay. so we have three women and seven pieces of wood. we can do this. >> we doon it. >> reporter: while the men climb, the women build. >> yes. you don't even need to read with ikea. >> reporter: the theme is being repeated thousands and thousands of times this late summer in dorm rooms all over the united states. 7,000 freshmen and transfer students are about to enter san francisco state. >> supposed to have this going into an end. >> reporter: the mullins family from mission viejo in southern california is experiencing it all. >> my dad cried and my sisters cried and i'm just trying to be
6:39 pm
less emotional about it. >> i just ripped open my pillow! shoot. okay. >> reporter: there will be time for crying later maybe when the family finally drives away. the fun, the energy, the excitement, the emotion of the first day of college move-in day. you can feel it. it's in the air. but what's not on the top of people's minds is what's going to happen long after this is all forgotten. >> it's about 25,000 for this year for the full year. that's what they told us it's going to run. >> reporter: years ago it was little more than half -- ten years ago it was little more than half of that. while shelley helps her son matt move in she can't help as much as she would like to financially. the latest increase, 10% this year just over last. in four years, that's another $10,000. >> you know, the idea that these children are going to have, you know, end up with maybe $70,000 of loans on them when get out of school is scary for them. >> god bless the ones that can. but there are some kids that want to go to college and they can't. >> reporter: something these
6:40 pm
families should remember on this most special of days. mike sugerman, cbs 5. a man out to help kids in his community went above and beyond just lending the ear. the local program he joined more than 20 years ago and how it's helped kids around the country. it's back. a deeper marine layer. but not as deep as it will be by the end of the workweek. we'll pinpoint the coolest day coming up. but first, dennis, are we ready for some football? >> roberta, you're not going to believe it. the 49ers have a new quarterback. and the giants closer is examined by an elbow specialist. we'll give you the diagnosis coming up. what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot... ...storewide! and, unlike other stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours!
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the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot... ...storewide! and, unlike other stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours! jcpenney. volunt when this week's jefferson award winner first came to san francisco, he knew he would like to volunteer. it's been 22 years since he began to make a big difference for local teens. kate kelry. >> reporter: phil is comfortable navigating through the streets of the financial district. in 1989, he left wall street and cofounded a private equity firm in san francisco.
6:44 pm
in the 22 years since, life has grown. he has a family, more employees, but he has never forgotten the first day he volunteered to help homeless teens just 10 blocks from his office. but a world away. >> reporter: it was powerful. you see the kind of circumstances that these young people have to deal with and you know, they are 13, 14, 15 years old. they have come from awful places. they are trying their level best just to hang on and survive. >> reporter: for the last two decades, phil has volunteered with larkin street youth services, from doing outreach on the streets to fundraising in the board room where he currently serves as chairman. >> he brings a huge passion and commitment to young people. >> reporter: sherry lynn adams is executive director. >> it was a little drop-in center when he started and now we are this 25 programs in 14 sites this full continuum of services for youth 12 to 24. >> reporter: service that now include residential facilities, medical treatment, educational
6:45 pm
and vocational support. >> it was all about helping these people find hope again. >> i was living in golden gate park and had nowhere to go. i couldn't find food. i was looking in trash cans for food. >> reporter: david wesolowski dropped out of high school in ohio before he ended up in larkin street. >> he when came here i was looking for a meal a place to get out of the cold but i found something a lot better. >> reporter: he is now a college student working toward a career in personal training. >> they encouraged me to push me to do things i would have never done on my own. >> reporter: in the 27 years larkin street youth services has been operating in san francisco, it has grown to become a national model with 25 programs that have helped 70,000 kids get off the street. >> i couldn't look myself in the eye in the mirror in the morning if i didn't do something. so i try to do something every day. >> reporter: which includes weekend. he formed a panned and together they play at charity events.
6:46 pm
but even with his many commitments, he is mindful another 3500 kids will need larkin street youth services this year. >> i look forward to the day when we work out zest out of business, when there aren't any more homeless kids that are abused. that would be, like, fantastic. so we'll keep working inle that happens. >> reporter: so for working for over two decades to support homeless youth to reach their full potential this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to phil estes. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards to find the email nomination form. >> money goes to a good cause. >> christmas parties. >> hard enough to accept back to school. >> i hard my first christmas commercial on the radio two days ago. we don't want to go there. summer finally arrived in the
6:47 pm
bay area. temperatures are near normal. there you have the scene from dublin looking out toward the diablo mountain range where today's high temperature in dublin at 90 degrees which is spot on for this time of the year. but compare that with this summertime picture. the transamerica building getting shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. the transamerica building stands roughly about 856 feet tall so you can see how low that deck of clouds is. currently as a result of the clouds moving in, it's 59 degrees in san francisco. but where the sun is still shining mid-80s in the eastern portion of our bay area. it is in the mid-70s in the santa clara valley. so temperatures span 55 to 86 degrees if you are out and about or plan on it in the next 45 minutes. here we go. pinpoint forecast. 10:00 tonight working your way through the overnight hours, everybody becomes overcast with that blanket of marine layer. and then it retreats very rapidly and we'll have one more day staying close to normal for this time of the year as high pressure continues to build in
6:48 pm
from the four corners states but that low will drift down and wait until you see your weekend forecast but let's kick- start with tonight into the 50s with the deck of clouds. it's a modest marine layer so we'll treat back to the coast tomorrow. 59 degrees in stinson beach with barely any clearing there. but we'll see 83 in sonoma, 88 pittsburg, 78 in san leandro closer to the bay of water. 60s line the seashore there. meanwhile 66 in half moon bay to 79 degrees in san jose, slightly below average. we'll bump up that temperature near 90 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy. the extended forecast calls for 5-degree cooldown on friday with a deepening marine layer. in fact, we'll see a little bit of drizzle return with that deep marine layer about 2500 feet deep and then over the weekend we'll keep the temperatures slight buy below average. dennis, you probably want to
6:49 pm
talk about this, allen, you, too, you like fishing. check out mount lassen. >> is that ice fishing? >> the family on vacation just last week. they are from santa rosa. and they captured this photograph. keep them coming to the difference is, ralph captures pictures and fish. dennis, what do you catch? a cold? [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. okay. the giants lose their closer. we'll tell you for how long. and he is one of the new kids on the block. or in this case, the corner. he's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
to florida to have his elbow examined by dr. james andrews who performed elbow surgery on on was giants closer brian wilson flew to florida to have his elbowed expected by dr. james andrews who performed elbow surgery on wilson in 2003. wilson was diagnosed with elbow inflammation. but manager bruce bochy said it's nothing serious. why should you never slide head first? well, eli whiteside, there's the reason. big daddy cane was on his game 8 innings allowing just one
6:53 pm
unearned run. cabrera, big daddy hopped 2-1. two batters later eli's turn before that head-first slide he raked an rbi single. giants four runs and they win. stand by! i have an update. 7-2 in the 9th inning the giants about to win. as and the orioles playing this afternoon's rubber match. kurt suzuki two home runs today. 4-2 as. check out how the game ends. as up 6-4 in the 9th, runners at the corner. nick base hit to right, one run scores, de jesus bobbles the ball, blake davis tries to score to tie the game. de jesus at the plate? dana? >> he is out. >> he's out at the plate! [ laughter ] >> 6-5. maestro? ♪ [ music ] electric violin... it had
6:54 pm
tuners, st in washington, d.c. the anthem played on a baseball bat turned into an electric violin. it had tuner strings and a distortion pedal. the actual bat served as the fret board only on cbs 5 will you get that. 49ers signed former raider quarterback josh mccown giving san francisco more experience behind alex smith. battle of the bay kicks off saturday right here on cbs 5 between the raiders and the 49ers and it will be a meeting of old friends-turned-enemies. with the release of nate clements the 49ers needed a new number one cornerback. and they got one. they signed former redskins first round pick carlos rogers. >> it was a difficult organization to come from, one that was losing to one that has been losing. >> i mean, i look past that. i look at what comes in the locker room, guys that wouldn't to work, not guys that about they self and when things go wrong, you know, they run to
6:55 pm
the owner or they run to a higher authority. just getting better every day. >> reporter: the 0-year-old rogers was chosen ninth overall by washington in 2005. rogers has 68 career starts with 8 career interceptions in washington. he was viewed as one of the top corner backs available in free agency and the front office had some help convincing him to come to san francisco. >> talking to frank, talking to bernie. when i came here on my visit, they came into the office and said, give me all they lines. but i believe those guys. i know those guys are for -- a long time before i started coming to san fran. so, you know, i trusted their word and so far it's been good. >> reporter: rogers has a deep history with current raiders quarterback jason campbell. the two went to auburn university and were both drafted in the 2005 class by the redskins and now they are both playing football in the bay area. is he coming at you. >> 's coming at you.
6:56 pm
i called him and told him jason don't come over here with this dutch junk man. it's going to be just like in practice with you coming at me. he's a competitive guy. he is going to run his offense but in the back of his mind he is going to try to go to the left side of me. i'll be ready for him. >> that will be fun to watch. isaac is making a position change this year. 325 pounds, 2004 draft pick going to nose tackle where he claims he has to learn a new stance similar to a sumo wrestler. so he says he is so focused he had trouble remembering lat year's defensive coordinator. >> same thing as -- same scheme as last year with i forget the guy's name. [ indiscernible ]
6:57 pm
great stuff he scored 43 points including the buzzer beater shot in a surprise summer league game. he just shows up. can you imagine being there? and kobe shows up. gets swarmed at half court. classic kobe winning short. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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one of the hottest trends sweeping the nation has now made it to the countryside and we are going about as far east in the bay area as you can go to livermore to prove it. >> the tasty street food movement is on. it goes


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