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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 23, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. on the run for more than 30 years, finally caught and brought to justice. how the cold case involving the murder of a san francisco bartender got hot again. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> all right. we'll be back in 30 minutes. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> caption colorado, llc ley: tonight a midday surprise on the east coast. a rare earthquake shakes up millions from georgia to new england. we have chip reid in washington and jim axelrod in times square. the rebels seize the dictator's headquarters. >> this is something that the people of libya have never seen. this was qaddafi's playground. >> pelley: barry petersen is inside the compound. irene is getting stronger and headed for the east coast along a track that no hurricane has taken in years. and the music men leave us.
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we think you'll be amazed when you hear all the hits they wrote. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. it wasn't the big one everyone has been predicting. it was the small one no one saw coming. an earthquake hit the east coast today, a magnitude 5.8. it was centered in virginia and felt as far south as atlanta and as far north as maine. some injuries are reported along with some damage. and while the quake is considered moderate, it was one of the strongest ever recorded on the east coast. and it triggered evacuations in washington and new york and nuclear power plants took precautions. we have reports from jim axelrod in new york and chip reid in washington, but first sharyl attkisson at the epicenter in mineral, virginia, where the
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earthquake was its strongest. sharyl? >> reporter: scott, what a surprise here in mineral, virginia. population 400. the county has declared a state of emergency. there are fortunately no reports of major injuries, although that is still being assessed. there are some reports of minor injuries. in terms of damage to buildings, one person at the command center told cbs news, "we can't even put a number on the amount of calls about structural damage." that's likely to be significant in terms of this small town. the official described several buildings as having been, in his words, "rearranged." and one residence collapsed. undoubtedly the biggest news that has come to the small town of mineral, virginia, in quite some time, scott. >> pelley: now to chip reid in washington-- in virginia, i should say, at the pentagon. chip? >> well, scott, when the shaking began here at the pentagon, a lot of people feared it had been caused by an explosion. as you can imagine, there was tremendous relief here when everyone realized it was an earthquake.
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>> i feel movement of the earth. and then silence. and then again. another time. so far i heard a noise. boom. sound like bomb. >> reporter: throughout the washington area, office buildings were evacuated, leaving workers literally shaken. >> all of a sudden you felt the floor rumbling from under your feet. when i stood up to go see what it was, the whole building just shifted like that and shook. >> reporter: some initially feared the worst. >> i thought it was an explosion and a terrorist attack. never would i ever think earthquake in d.c. >> reporter: at the justice department, attorney general eric holder said his first thought was terrorism. he was hustled out of the building by his security detail. a camera trained on the white house shook as the quake hit. the president was hundreds of miles away, golfing on martha's vineyard, where the quake was also felt. the u.s. capitol was evacuated. as a safety precaution, the senate held a pro forma session three blocks away, the first
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time since 9/11 they've moved out of the capitol. at the washington monument, a police helicopter looked for cracks after reports of falling stone. no damage was found. but police cordoned off the area just in case. the lincoln and jefferson memorials were also temporarily closed. cars were crushed when part of a roof collapsed in vienna, virginia, and some spires were damaged at the washington national cathedral. a d.c. fire department spokesman says there were numerous injuries throughout the city, but nothing serious. >> here at the pentagon, scott, there was some minor damage. some water pipes broke and some hallways and offices were flooded, but it might have been worse. they just completed a structural reinforcement here that began after 9/11. >> pelley: chip, will you share with the folks at home what you told us earlier about what the park police told you? >> well, the park police told us that there were a number of horses-- mounted police officers
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on the mall say their horses got very antsy about five minutes before the earthquake hit. >> pelley: fascinating. chip reid, thank you very much. the earthquake triggered automatic safety systems at a nuclear power station in virginia, taking two reactors safely off line. a dozen other nuclear plants from north carolina to michigan will have safety inspections but remain in operation. we checked today and we found that quakes of this size happen about once a year in california and once a century on the east coast. jim axelrod is in times square, where the crossroads of the world shook today. >> scott, we can report with no small relief tonight that there was no major building damage here in new york, no problems with infrastructure and no serious injuries, which is especially striking when you consider new york hasn't been hit by an earthquake this size
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in 67 years. >> everybody into the park. into the park. away from the building. >> reporter: it took a 5.8 magnitude earthquake to do it but the city that prides itself in taking the uncommon in stride was more than a little shaken up. >> when you looked straight ahead, you saw windows going like this. and you thought "okay, it's time to leave." >> reporter: in most cities east of the mississippi, earthquake wouldn't be the first thought on many minds. and certainly not in new york. >> the first thoughts again 9/11, like okay what happened here? earthquake in new york? it happens, but you don't really feel it like that. >> this standard has protected... >> reporter: the manhattan district attorney was holding a news conference when the building started to shake. airports in new york and philadelphia suspended operations. in cleveland... is it just me? or was that an earthquake? >> reporter: the indians' afternoon ballgame was stopped. >> we just had a freaking earthquake. and... there's another tremor.
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holy mackerel. >> reporter: while the eastern half of the country isn't known for grand-scale quakes, history suggests their potential. in 1811 and 1812, earthquakes in the new madrid fault zone were so strong the mississippi river flowed backward and bells were rung more than 1,000 miles away in boston, which is why researchers like ernie major are working on early detection systems. >> possibly. who knows? maybe 10, 15 years from now by understanding the physics of the process and watching it, and saying "uh-oh, there's one coming." >> reporter: that of course takes funding. scott, the u.s. geological survey, the agency in charge of earthquake research, has been told to expect a 10% cut in its next budget. >> pelley: thanks, jim. it was no disaster, but we think we noticed a change in how the federal government intends to manage these things in the future. because cell phones were jammed with calls today, the federal emergency management agency said, "we request that members of the public use email or text
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messages if possible to communicate for the next few hours." lucy jones is a seismologist at the u.s. geological survey. lucy, what kind of earthquake was this? >> this is what's called a thrust-faulting earthquake, which is the description of a type of fault. it's part of the central virginia seismic zone. it's a place that has had earthquakes in the past, but this is the largest one we've ever seen. so it's relatively garden variety, just in a place that's had them, but not very often. >> pelley: why was it felt so far up and down the east coast? >> well, out on the east coast your rocks are hard and cold and no faults breaking them up. so it's like a good, solid bell. it does a better job of transmitting the energy than the broken-up rocks here on the west coast. so we always see it. the previous times the magnitude close to 6, and felt over the whole east coast. and it's just what your rocks are like out there.
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>> pelley: and would we expect any aftershocks from this? >> definitely expect aftershocks. we've recorded a couple so far. so far they've all been smaller than magnitude 3. and therefore would only have been felt right on top of the epicenter itself. to get an aftershock large enough to be felt, say, in new york, would be pretty surprising. but if it will happen, it will be within the next day or two. the risk dies off with time very quickly. >> pelley: thank you. >> thank you. >> pelley: on martha's vineyard, president obama got a briefing today on the earthquake and on the hurricane that is now taking aim at the east coast. irene is a category 1 bearing down on the turks and caicos islands, and is expected to be getting stronger. meteorologist david bernard of cbs 4 miami is tracking the storm for us. david, which way is this headed? >> well, right now, scott, it's heading to the west-northwest. pretty slowly at around nine or 10 miles per hour. again it's a little weaker. the latest information we got 90
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miles an hour winds. as you mentioned, a category 1 storm. but that is just temporary. we think it's going to get stronger. in fact, the track takes it through the bahamas over the next 48 hours and restrengthens it to a category 3. the next big landfall could be near the outer banks of north carolina on saturday. and then the question after that is, does this make a significant impact and landfall somewhere-- maybe near the jersey shore-- as we go into sunday? that would be an unusual track, i believe, for a hurricane. tell me, what is steering this? >> well, basically we have rivers of air that go through the jetstream from west to east. it depends how strong those rivers of air are. that is what will drive the hurricane. this is the set-up right now. we have a big blocking high over the mid part of the country and a big blocking high over the central atlantic. in between is the alleyway where irene might take the path up the coast. the question is, the devil is in the details with that alleyway. a shift 100 miles either direction would mean out to sea or right up the coast. >> pelley: pretty significant
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storm. david bernard of cbs 4 miami, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pelley: in libya, moammar qaddafi is a fugitive after rebels captured his fortified compound in tripoli. inside, they looted qaddafi's home and armory. our barry petersen is in qaddafi's former headquarters. >> reporter: qaddafi's compound has been a goal of the rebels from the beginning, a symbol of his murderous rule. now the compound and the country are no longer his. in a long day of fighting and dying, the rebels were throwing everything they had to find qaddafi and take his stronghold in the heart of tripoli. and after hours of fighting, the doors came tumbling down. this is the moment the rebels have been waiting for. they've breached the walls. there's heavy fighting back there. they're now in qaddafi's compound. resistance was slim and the
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rebels' firepower overwhelming. >> reporter: dead people and many guns? >> yeah. >> reporter: a prize that came with prizes of its own. anything that could be carried. hundreds of weapons, a baby carriage for twins. and this lucky man found a signature hat that the world has often seen on the dictator's head. >> reporter: but the big prize eluded them. the tyrant himself, nowhere to be found. what about qaddafi? >> what? >> reporter: qaddafi. >> we don't find him there. maybe he's underground. >> reporter: only the rare elite had even seen the inside of the sprawling compound, so big that qaddafi once showed off his golf cart, a symbol of power and wealth, that became a different
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kind of symbol today-- of hatred. the end of a more than 40-year reign of terror where his enemies disappeared into the night. >> from now on, we will have a new libya. we will have a new libya. >> reporter: for obvious reasons, the feeling here is pandemonium and celebration. raising the rebel flag, proof that they have taken the stronghold, right in front of the window where moammar qaddafi stood in defiance and said he would never be removed from office. now this is what's left of qaddafi's stronghold. tonight they celebrate the sweet taste of victory. now comes the question of if the war and all the blood shed on both sides will buy a new day for a people who have waited generations to be free. what happened here today will give a lot of people in other arab countries more courage to try and topple the dictators who
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oppress them. scott? >> pelley: barry, the question of the hour is "where is moammar qaddafi?" any clues? >> it is indeed the question. some people here think he may have headed for the hills. others wonder if perhaps he slipped away to some other country. although goodness knows what country would want moammar qaddafi. >> pelley: should remember that it took six months to find saddam hussein in iraq. barry petersen, thank you very much. what some of the unemployed are doing to increase their odds of getting a job. dominique strauss kahn is a free man-- sexual assault charges dropped. and we'll remember two of america's greatest songwriters when the "cbs evening news" continues. [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today
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♪ these are the reasons i quit smoking. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about chantix. over 7 million people have gotten a prescription. learn how you can save money and get terms and conditions at >> pelley: after the earthquake hit today, stocks dropped briefly, but they soon resumed their rally as investors snapped up bargain-priced issues. the dow closed 322 points up, the biggest gain in nearly two weeks. the housing market is not doing nearly as well. the government reported today that sales of new homes fell in july for the fourth month in a row. and here is why that is so important. the construction industry estimates that every time a new home is built, it creates three jobs. about 14 million people lost their jobs in the great recession, and not many of those
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jobs are coming back because we are suffering the weakest recovery in american history. last week, we showed you the line outside a jobs fair in atlanta, a fair organized by the congressional black caucus. today, the caucus held another jobs fair in miami. one of the people who lined up there was hagit smith, and she was kind enough to let us go along. >> good morning. you do want to be in the front of the line because you do want to show that you are very serious about obtaining a job. excuse me. thank you. >> pelley: hagit smith is 29 years old and she's been looking for a job since getting her master's degree two years ago. she graduated right into the great recession. >> we have a couple different positions we have throughout miami. >> pelley: her degree is in hospitality management and she had hoped to cash in on florida's tourist industry. >> a master's degree can be a blessing and a curse. so you have it, but we don't want to pay you for it. you don't have enough experience.
5:49 pm
should i upload my resume online? >> yes. >> i have one resume with a master's degree and one without it. depending on what that job requires then i will have a resume that can actually compete for that position. >> do you guys have a list of positions? you don't really want to mislead people but sometimes you have to do certain things to try to get your foot in the door. >> you'd just be driving to the... >> okay. i do believe that you can find a job here. you just have to find the right group of people that you can really sell yourself to. >> i chose you guys first because this is exactly my field. my field of study is actually hospitality management. >> pelley: hagit has heard every kind of rejection. >> you get the "overqualified." "not enough experience." "it's been filled internally." or sometimes you don't get a response at all. >> have a great day. you can't give up. but you still have life to live and bills to pay.
5:50 pm
you have kids that you want to set a good example for. sometimes giving up is not an option. >> pelley: not an option, but late today we checked back with hagit. so far, no luck finding a job. dominique strauss-kahn walked out of a new york city court today a free man. a judge dismissed charges that he sexually assaulted a maid. prosecutors said the accuser hasn't been truthful. strauss-kahn, the former head of the international monetary fund, called the past few months a nightmare. they struck gold over and over. we will remember two great songwriters and their music next. [ female announcer ] for frequent heartburn sufferers, summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night.
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♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> pelley: they wrote the music. america has lost two of its most prolific songwriters. jerry leiber died yesterday at 78 and nick ashford at 70. and if you think you don't know their songs, believe us, you do. give a listen now to ben tracy. >> ♪ i'm solid solid as a rock ♪ >> reporter: nick ashford and his wife valerie simpson had their own solid hit in 1984, but 18 of their 22 gold and platinum records were songs they wrote for others. >> ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> ♪ i'm every woman
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>> reporter: in 2008, ashford told "cbs sunday morning" how he did it. >> i'm not a woman. what would you say? put your hand on your hip and connect with the woman inside of you. >> reporter: in less than a decade, ashford went from being homeless to writing hits for motown. is there any ashford and simpson songs that you said, "man, i wish i had recorded that one?" >> with nick and valerie, i probably could say that about most of their songs. >> reporter: smoky robinson was there with ashford and simpson. >> they came in guns blazing and they just, you know-- everybody was very excited about them. >> reporter: jerry lieber knew all about excitement. he and mike stoller penned some of the biggest hits of the 1950s, including one written for big mama thornton but made famous by a man from tennessee. >> ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ >> reporter: there was another tune that became most of the recorded popular songs ever. >> ♪ darling, darling stand by me ♪
5:55 pm
>> jerry and mike were innovators because they were the first ones to ever put violins on an r&b song. there's a song called "there goes my baby." >> ♪ moving on down the line >> jerry lieber was one of my song writing idols as a kid growing up. >> reporter: over five decades, lieber and ashford wrote 20 number one hits. >> their songwriting was just phenomenal. songs are rerecorded and rerecorded and rerecorded. they live on and on and on. >> reporter: jerry lieber was 78 years old. nick ashford was 70. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> ♪ ain't nothing like the real thing, baby ♪ >> pelley: and we'll be right back. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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transfer! name is... peggy? come on!!! hello? want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. booze harder to buy. the strategy they think will work. next on cbs 5 plus, tonight at 10 on the cw >> pelley: an update now on this very busy day. a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in virginia shook the east coast from georgia to new england. no serious injuries or major damage. hurricane irene could grow into a category 3 storm when it hits the bahamas tomorrow. it's expected to reach the carolina coast on saturday. and libyan rebels hold moammar qaddafi's fortified home in tripoli tonight. qaddafi is now a fugitive in the nation that he ruled for 42 years. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight.
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for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a bay area community without a grocery store gets its wish. the one thing they don't want to come along with it. one unofficial community pushing in on the turf of another. how neighbors are fighting over an invisible border. and fewer days in the school year, it's up for debate tonight in the east bay. the sad lesson on why teaching less will save more. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. it's bringing jobs and pumping money into the local economy but people in one san francisco neighborhood have a message for a


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