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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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martin. >> i'm dana king. the mind behind one of the world's most powerful companies is resigning. late this afternoon, steve jobs stepped down as the ceo of apple effective immediately. kiet do is at apple headquarters in cupertino where the news is sending shockwaves through silicon valley and the world. >> reporter: the few employees who talked with us off camera said it was sad and they didn't find out through company email. they found out by watching media reports so it gives you some idea how secretive this company is. a couple of pr guys greeted us but didn't want to talk on camera and referred us to the company press release. this is video of jobs' last appearance in june. because of his appearance, stock prices dropped. tim cook the company's coo is
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now the ceo. jobs has also been elected to the chairman of the board. he released a resignation letter saying, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple ceo i will be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. i hereby resign and ceo of apple. i would like to serve if the board sees fit as chairman of the board, director and apple employ each i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. as far as apple customers are concerned, reaction was mixed about the company's future. >> sad for his family. but this is an unbelievable organization and it's a tribute to him and what he he has created but this is not about one person. >> what are they go to do? he is the brains for the operation. i don't see good things happening after that. >> reporter: jobs had a liver transplant in 2009.
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he left and then came back. he left indefinitely in january. the company had a success plan in place which tells that you they were expecting this to happen and it was not a questions of if but when steve jobs was stepping down. >> kiet do in cupertino, thank you. now, the news of jobs' retirement is already having an impact on the company's stock price. apple shares closed today at $376 a share. the announcement came after the market closed. but in after-hours trading, apple stock is down about 5%, $19. the big question what does it mean for the apple brand? cnet editor-at-large brian cooley is here to talk about the company's future. a lot of questions. this wasn't unexpected. >> no, it wasn't. in has been happening in stages. we have seen apple deal with jobs being in and out of the company through his various health battles. the guy taking over for him tim cook exceptionally competent at
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operations and running the company. has been doing it when jobs hasn't. now it's officially his title as ceo. jobs is now chairman. that was confirmed also late after the announcement so hasn't left the building. he stays involved with the company but not day to day. >> part of that brand, part of building that brand, was the charisma of steve jobs. >> huge part. when he walks up there he is an icon of silicon valley, california and u.s. innovation. he has all these layers he represents and is aligned with this company's brand like no other ceo. he is aligned with the company in front of the consumers. most other company ceos are not present to the consumer so he carries great weight in the market the way other ceos don't. >> his employees rate him at 97% approval rating. >> yeah. >> the politician would love to touch some of that. [ laughter ] >> but it's also been said that apple's plan is years ahead, 2015 maybe. so that's in place. you just don't have the figurehead. >> keep this in mind. they have a year to a year and a half of their road map baked
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or virtually baked. they are not suddenly scrambling saying what are we going to do about iphone 5. iphone 6 is visionarily done. what happens in 18 months to two years? that's what wall street is overreacting to tonight, i have to say. >> tim cook. what can we expect of him and these are awfully big shoes to fill. >> the biggest in the tech industry. the way things are going on the stock market,s biggest in american street. he runs the company, day to day. he revamped their manufacturing for seven years. this is why apple has the best high quality manufacturing. this is the guy who made this happen and high quality on time and surprisingly good on price. h has that nailed. who is going to say no? jobs says no to overfeatured products and initiatives that don't have a clear purpose or
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work. that's what a lot of companies have the hard time finding guts to do. >> it's a big day in the tech world. >> it is. but they are not totally unexpected. and this has been managed as well as you can with the situation like this although they are relatively nontransparent about what his health has been so that's always frustrated the shareholders. >> it really happened. >> not i can't believe this was coming. we knew that. >> we'll keep an eye on this tomorrow. certainly the stock when the market opens. >> that will be our next milestone. >> cnet editor-at-large brian cooley, thank you. tonight bart appears to be changing its tune on a tactic it used to try to disrupt a protest recently. this as angry community members lashed out at board members today. joe vazquez on what the board said about the decision to shut down the cell service during protest. >> reporter: they have changed their tune. before it was we did the right thing and reserve the tri-state do it again. but now it's we might do it
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again only in extreme emergencies. >> you have taken matters into your own hands as vigilantes. >> reporter: the bart board got an earful from the public. >> your counter protest strategy is failing miserably. >> reporter: about its recent decision to shut off cell phone coverage on its train platforms. >> a designated public forum becomes a public forum like a park. we all know that you have to allow demonstrations in parks. >> reporter: the cell signal decision august 11th was made to disrupt a protest about a recent shooting on the part of bart police. that protest never materialized. since then a group of online activists calling themselves "anonymous" have organized two demonstrations. >> return to the sidewalk! >> reporter: those protests the last two mondays have disrupted train service and even blocked car traffic during evening rush hour. another one is scheduled for next monday. >> the protests will end when you disband your police force. >> reporter: the bart board is not going to do that. >> can we now start looking at saying we're sorry --we made a mistake and we're sorry? >> reporter: but they are going to draft a new cell service policy.
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if we're -- >> if we're going to shut off cell service ever, it needs to be under the most extraordinary circumstances that i equate to 9/11 levels. >> reporter: the board president says the new policy needs to be proportional. >> so if we're silencing everyone for a very limited thing, that's not appropriate. if it's maybe for 10 minutes or --i think there's varying degrees of when it's appropriate. >> reporter: the board expects to have a new policy in place within the next few weeks. it's not clear whether that's going to be enough to quell these protests. they have another one planned monday. >> i was just going to say there's another one planned before the next few weeks. monday it is , huh. >> reporter: so it's planned. it's "anonymous." it's on the internet. so it's not clear how many people are going to heed the call. >> joe vazquez, thank you. in other bay area headlines now, the san jose police department is ending its partnership with homeland
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security after only two months. operation community shield was designed to combat gang violence. some activists worried it would lead to a crackdown on illegal immigrants, though. but police say that the program is being ended because it simply is no longer needed. the man who fell to his death at half dome has been identified as 23-year-old ryan leeder of los gatos. he was hiking alone in yosemite monday night when he went over the side of the iconic dome. leeder is the 17th person to die at the park this year. the waters back on in the san mateo county town of pescadero. crews replaced a broken pump but people are warned to boil water for at least a day or two until health official determine whether it is safe to drink. it's scary because like here it is going to the store to get breakfast and end up in the middle of a robbery and murder scene. >> a bay area bank heist gone
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bad. the life or death decision for one suspect. this tragic case has now come to a close. >> she disappeared without a trace ten years ago. now south bay police say they know what happened to jeanine harms. the new evidence that led them to her killer. sounds like something straight out of a hollywood movie. the delicate operation right now to prevent a disastrous explosion near sacramento. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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following an a a would-be bank robber is dead three other people including a police officer are wounded following an attempted heist in the east bay. it happened outside a wells fargo this morning in the pinole vista crossing shopping center. juliette goodrich there to tell
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us how it unfolded. >> reporter: quite a wild shootout today as you can see. a female armored truck guard shot and wounded. a police officer shot. both were flown to the hospital. one of the suspects, the robbery suspect, is dead. the other drove himself to the hospital with gunshot wounds and is now in police custody. >> it's scary because here it is going to the store to get breakfast and end up in the middle of a robbery and murder scene. >> reporter: this witness was caught in the crossfire just after 9:00 this morning. police say two armed suspects tried to rob a loomis armored guard outside wells fargo bank in pinole on fitzgerald drive when shots rang out. >> there was a gunpoint so to speak on the fitzgerald side of the wells fargo bank. >> reporter: a female loomis armored guard was shot and injured in the crossfire. a pinole police officer responding to the incident was shot in the shoulder. one of the suspects was shot and killed.
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the other suspect tried to flee. >> he was attempting to run across the street and all of a sudden i heard a couple of shots fired and i saw his body drop to the ground. >> reporter: police believe the other suspect somehow managed to drive himself 15 minutes away to doctors' medical center in san pablo to be treated for a gunshot wound. >> we believe that suspect was involved in a gunfight prior to pinole police arriving with a member --an armed security guard from the loomis truck who was also shot. >> i didn't know anything. i saw it was away from me so i just stayed where i was at and i was trying to turn to go that way and they directed me over here. >> reporter: the pinole police officer who was shot has been with the police department for two years. before that, he was in the air force. >> he is diligent, a school resource officer. he's one of those guys --'s a very large individual. but he has a heart of gold. >> reporter: while the fbi was
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called in to investigate, streets were closed off. shopping centers shut down. this couple planning a wedding couldn't make their bridal appointment today. >> we are trying to go to david's bridal to pick out the wedding and bridesmaids dress. >> are you able to go in? >> we have to talk to them and see if we can sneak past the police. >> reporter: the pinole police officer and armored guard are expected to survive along with one of the suspects, who is at john muir hospital in walnut creek right now. once he is out of the hospital, he will go straight to jail. juliette goodrich cbs 5. a 10-year-old murder case may be solved. len ramirez on how this case was finally cracked. >> reporter: the announcement today that maurice nasmeh murdered jeanine harms came as
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no surprise because he was only -- the only real suspect ever identified and he was the last person to see her alive. the only real question and people are asking themselves in the building behind me that tonight, is why did it have to take so wrong for this to happen? if maurice nasmeh were alive today he would be tried for the murder of jeanine harms the case the district attorney says he could prove to a jury and win. >> maurice nasmeh killed her, rolled her up in a rug, put her in the back of his jeep and disposed of her body according to all the evidence. >> reporter: harms disappeared in july of 2001 after a night of the drinking and marijuana smoking that began at the rock bottom brewery in campbell where harms first met nasmeh. they later went to her duplex after buying beer at this liquor store, the last place harms was ever seen. investigators don't know how harms was murdered but they say
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a new and exhaustive crime scene analysis by an illinois company microtrace confirmed that 27 fibers from harms' persian floor rug and a latch hook rug she was making were found in the rear cargo area of nasmeh's jeep shortly after she disappeared. >> there is no innocent explanation for those 27 fibers being in the back of nasmeh's jeep cherokee. >> reporter: nasmeh was first arrested for harms' murder in 2005. but he was set free two years later after the competence of the original criminalist on the case was called into question before trial. he always maintained his innocence. the case took another tragic twist last january when harms' brother wayne shot and killed nasmeh and then killed himself after the two had a chance encounter at a san jose shopping mall. >> this case is layered with tragedies and i think it centers on the amount of time that the family has had to wait for an answer. >> reporter: investigators say other circumstantial evidence points to nasmeh. he had a history of violence toward women, especially when
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he drank or smoked pot according to former girlfriends. and that six-pack of beer none of the empties were ever found at harms' home. >> while i'm satisfied with the result of the investigation in terms of the work that was put into it, i'm not satisfied with how long it took. we weren't able to bring justice to the harms family and to our community. >> reporter: jeanine harms' body has never been found. and lot case is now closed, the district attorney and police in los gatos are asking anyone with any kind of information as to where her remains may be located, they are asked to now step forward and give that information up. dana, this afternoon i spoke with jess sanchez her father, off camera. he told me that he didn't want to comment. the only thing he would say is that his only hope and his wife's hope now is that somehow her remains will be found while they are still alive. >> hopefully that will be fulfilled for the family.
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len ramirez, thank you. firefighters near sacramento trying to keep a railcar filled with propane from exploding. that tanker car caught fire yesterday afternoon in lincoln northeast of sacramento. and as you see, firefighters are putting water on the car to keep the temperature down. according to fire crews it could take hours for the propane fuel to burn off. a mandatory evacuation is in place. more than 4800 families nearby have been ordered out of their houses. the first day of classes for an entire school district had to be cancelled. >> it's hard because i'm missing school, too. and it's just hard right now. >> it's sort of sad. i mean, kids are all excited about getting back to school. >> fire crews say hope to to have that fire under control within 24 to 48 hours. several people are missing after hurricane irene swept across the dominican republic today. around 7,000 people were evacuated before irene hit.
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the category 3 storm with 120- mile-an-hour winds ripped through towns around the capital of santo domingo causing flooding and extensive damage to homes and buildings there. the hurricane irene is expected to reach the east coast by the weekend. >> we're thinking about packing up and leaving tonight or early thursday morning at 3 or 4 a.m. we are still playing it by ear to see what they say with the track of the storm. >> irene is expected to get stronger and could become a category 4 storm with winds of at least 130 miles an hour by tomorrow. let's see what the computer models are doing, lawrence karnow watching that. >> yeah, guys. it looks like like this is going to be a serious storm. still a tough call on exactly which way it is headed. right now the track continues to move further and further away from the coastline making its way onshore possibly up in new england. here in the bay area, we are enjoying a gorgeous summer day. lots of sunshine all the way to the interior valleys but we are
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seeing some fog out toward the coastline. and we are going to see more of that in the next couple of days. that's a sign of a cooldown in the works here in the bay area. so yeah, what a day it's been but that fog is gathering along the coastline pretty thick and just beginning to nose its way through the golden gate bridge here. so we have some fog as we head in toward the evening hours. dense at the coastline, probably going to see some drizzle overnight. still temperatures on the hot side inland. 90 in concord right now. 8 livermore. 91 fairfield. we have 63 degrees cooling down with a couple of patches of fog moving into san francisco. tomorrow, by the afternoon, you will see some hot temperatures still inland. but the numbers coming down especially along the coastline and just inside the bay. comfortable though, becoming mostly sunny into oakland about 72 degrees. 81 in san jose and sunny. patchy fog at the pacific, cooler and 62. 90 degrees into fairfield. so the next couple of days the ebb and flow of the weather as temperatures start to cool off
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just a little bit toward friday. bottoming out, then, i think as we look toward the weekend, high pressure builds in. we may see an offshore wind kicking in and clear skies to the coast and some very nice weather over the weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. google settles with the feds. the rogue ads that cost it half a billion dollars. i hope they missed their mistake on this. >> they used to give it away for free but not anymore. why some say costco pulled the plug at the worst possible time. google has agreed to pay 500 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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million dollars, to settle a federal investigation into rogue drug it's one of the biggest
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legal settlements in u.s. history. google has agreed to pay $500 million to settle a federal investigation into rogue drug ads. the feds were looking into the mountain view-based company for allowing canadian pharmacies to advertise prescription drugs to american citizens. the settlement means google will not face civil charges. the fine was based on gross revenue google had collected for the ads and from illegal sales of those drugs to u.s. consumers. costco the place with your doesn't just buy stuff, you buy lots of stuff. and until recently the stores were actually giving something away. no charge. not anymore. robert lyles on what that was and why some say it's a decision that costco will eventually regret. reporter: electric cars, a vision of the future we have
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heard about for years. >> connecting them to the grid. >> reporter: costco was buying in bulk. >> costco was phenomenal. for almost 15 years, they have had charging infrastructure that was really critical. >> reporter: but that was then, this is now. among those who noticed the change electric vehicle owner advocate jay friedland. >> this is where the costco chargers used to be and as you can see, they have basically covered it up. you can see where the electrical feed was. >> reporter: store by store, the mega-retailer is removing every one of those stations even in the famously green bay area. >> people would come to costco, charge, they would go in and buy things. >> reporter: so why pull the plug on the future? costco didn't speak to cbs 5 on camera but a spokesman did say by phone, this is a chain with millions of customers and virtually none of them were using the electric fueling stations. and there's one more problem.
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>> the old chargers that were put in place 10 or 15 years ago no longer work with the new cars. so cars like the nissan leaf, the chevy volt. >> reporter: that new generation of cars will still need a place to juice up. and eb believers say costco missed an opportunity by erasing instead of updating. >> we're seeing businesses all over the united states invest in charging. >> removal of chargers without a plan to basically deal with the coming ev market is probably something they will revisit. >> i hope costco admits their mistake on this and realizes that they had done the right thing and that they are going to do it again. >> reporter: in san francisco, robert lyles cbs 5. cheaper cable, hundreds of new jobs. the new high-tech offer for san francisco. but why some say it comes at too big a price literally. first the east coast, now
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the bay area gets rattled. kind of creepy late-night connection between the earthquakes. >> i cannot believe in this day and age that people would hurt a child trying to better themselves. >> kicked out before the school year even starts. why the college freshman was booted over an email. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an ambitious plan by a-t and-t to beef up its internet and cable tv service in san new at 6:30, a community group is fighting an ambitious plan by at&t to beef up its internet and cable tv service in san francisco. now, they are not against the technology. instead, how it looks on city streets. phil matier has the story. >> reporter: san francisco neighborhood activists love the city's landmarks. what they don't like, however, is anything that clutters up the streets. and they are especially not happy at at&t's plans to install 726 boxes similar to this one around the city in order to compete with comcast for neighborhood internet and tv service. >> the purpose of the boxes are to bring fiber technology closer to where the customers live. >> reporter: maybe. but a group of neighborhood activists filed suit today asking for a full environmental review of the plan all in the hopes of putting the brakes on
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the city hall's approval of the boxes. >> this is a private enterprise with a benefit to private parties. why should the public be subsidized a dallas-based corporation? and having to look at these ugly boxes in the process? >> reporter: it's an issue that even has city hall divided. >> there are many of us who thought that the city should look into whether there was any alternatives to having these huge large ugly boxes on our narrow street sidewalks. >> i personally think it's a great idea. i think we need a little challenge to comcast. i think monopoly never helps. and when we get the competition, it means better cable rates and tv rates and hundreds of new jobs. >> reporter: that may be. but for opponents the big question is -- >> can i put one of these in your front yard? they are only four feet wide, four feet high and 2.5 feet deep and frequently subject to a lot of graffiti. >> reporter: on the other hand. >> i have a suspicion that four or five months after they are in people won't notice them i
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know more just like the ones there now, probably only noticed one or two of the 50 on your drive from the studio here. >> we have facilities underground. they are 9 feet by 20 feet underground and in an old city like san francisco, it's hard to find the places in the public right of way underground with the old sewer and cable and power and everything. >> reporter: so there you have t technology comes but it comes with a price and this time it is aesthetic and so people are upset about it. they are filing suit. they want a full environmental review. >> the point of the infrastructure being limited underground, that's a valid point. >> reporter: i remember they pulled up one thing up on telegraph hill, hit three gas lines and -- now, look. the other thing here that's interests is that the fact that the approval for this actually got so far in city hall. it wasn't that long ago that something like this would have been stop dead in its tracks,
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environmental review, environmental review. but this year whether it's a change in tone for business or jobs it got the six votes needed to pass the board of supervisors. that's going to be interesting as this plays out in an election year in san francisco. >> indeed. >> i am guessing there will be a lot of finger-pointing. >> reporter: you got it. [ laughter ] >> all right, phil, thank you very much. two minor temblors shook the bay area just a day after the earthquake rattled the east coast centered in the same area a 3.6 magnitude quake shook last night at 11:36. and almost equally strong 3.5 rumbled at 9:57 this morning. >> the earth is hotter in california than it is in the east coast. and when the earth is hot, the seismic energy doesn't travel away from the earthquake fault nearly as far. >> people record feeling the pair of earthquakes as far north as yolo county and as far south as santa cruz. last night's quake hit, get
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this, just as david letterman was giving his daily top 10 about the east coast being all shook up. >> it feels a little bigger than the earthquake but it's just an aftershock. [ laughter ] >> he was poking fun of the reaction on the east coast. bay area viewers were riding out their own minor shaker. well, officials on the east coast spent the day searching for hidden damage after yesterday's surprising quake there. danielle nottingham reports on the trouble found at some of washington's most treasured monuments. reporter: stone masons in hardhats get a firsthand look at the damage tuesday's earthquake did to the washington national cathedral. the 5.8 quake knocked statues loose and sent capstones from the highest parts of the towers crashing down to the roof. it's a sad sight for some members of the mason group. >> from 1994 to '98, we spent four years up here doing restoration work. >> reporter: the cathedral
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remains closed and so does the washington monument. national park service crews found at least one crack in the top part of the 555-foot landmark. it's off limits to visitors until further notice. >> i feel kind of sad because we didn't get to go to it. >> reporter: the washington monument may be closed, but it's business as usual at virtually every other museum and memorial here on the national mall. about 80 miles away at the quake's epicenter, and the small town of mineral, virginia, things are anything but ordinary. store owners are cleaning up the mess left behind. this was the scene inside millers market the moment the ground started shaking. as many as 12 million people felt the biggest earthquake to hit the east coast since 1944. while most communities made it through with just minor damage, inspectors are still checking
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for structural problems. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. battles flared in the libyan capital of tripoli today as rebels hunted for moammar qaddafi. the opposition is now offering a $2 million bounty for the fallen dictator as well as amnesty for anyone who kills or captures him. there is still no sign of qaddafi but in an audio message, he vowed to fight until victory or martyrdom. die-hard loyalists continue to fight the rebels in tripoli. but the opposition insists it is close to controlling the entire city. security at sfo gets a little less revealing. the new tactic that's supposed to make it easier to spot terrorists. booted off campus before school even started. the email glitch that cost one freshman his spot.
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can see? san francisco international is making sure your privacy is kept concerned about what
6:39 pm
airport security can see? san francisco international airport is making sure that your privacy is kept private by installing new software called automated target recognition. it's supposed to be less intrusive because the image is less revealing making everyone look more generic. it's still able to spot, though, anything suspicious on passengers. sfo is one of 40 airports through the country getting this new technology. well, it was back to school for thousands of students at san jose state university. but not for one student, who failed to do something very on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why he has learned it's a tough lesson to check your email. >> if you sent a letter to accept us, then if you are going to withdraw us, you need to send a letter. >> reporter: but instead, rick found out his son had been unenrolled from san jose state when they showed up at freshman orientation all because the son didn't check email. >> if there was something important i thought they would directly put it in my email instead of their website.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: instead of saying go check my sjsu account. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: students are required to regularly check messages on their senior account and they get an email notification that there's a waiting message but when started logging on during the middle of the senior year? >> every time i checked them it was like something not important. >> reporter: then after taking his english placement test, he got this email. >> if you already signed up for or taken an ept test, please disregard this reminder. >> reporter: so after he saw e- mails like this he stopped checking because told this him to disregard. >> exactly. >> reporter: but there was a problem with his english placement test and because he thought he could disregard all e-mails referring to that test he missed the one that said he had to respond or face unenrollment. >> whether it comes via us mail or email, you are responsible for checking every message and following up as needed. >> reporter: pat harris says the administration of san jose state requires all students as to stay on top of their messages and they refused to make an exception for this student an estimated 200 students unenrolled this year.
6:41 pm
while rick admits his son should have stayed on top of his email he also believes parents should be notified and a letter should be sent. >> he was in the middle of finals. he was about to graduate. i cannot believe in this day and age that people would hurt a child trying to better themselves by going to college because of a missed email. >> reporter: and this turned out to be a costly lesson. they already paid registration fees, dorm deposit. it's too late to enroll anywhere else and can't enroll here again due budget cuts until he is a junior, allen. base a tough lesson. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. ever feel like you would just like to give back but don't have the time? >> it's something i have always wanted to do. but i was, you know, raising kids and doing the wife thing and taking care of home. >> this week's jefferson award winner felt the same way.
6:42 pm
we are going to show you what she has done to help the less fortunate now in her community. all of the sunshine has been nice for most folks but the fog is gathering again. what that means for the next couple of days coming up. are the giants in search of a new closer? we have reaction. i'm dennis o'donnell. and he was seconds from winning the greatest spectacle in sports when it all went wrong. his life and the aftermath coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now - to keep a rail car filled wi there is a very delicate operation ongoing near sacramento right now to keep that railcar filled with propane from exploding. these are pictures from our live chopper 5. this tanker caught fire yesterday in lincoln. nearly 5,000 people have been evacuated in the area, the schools are all closed down. the crews are using a process that's called hot tapping. they are trying to drain the propane out of the tanker car. in fact, a special crew has been flown in on a chartered night from texas to do exactly that. again, this is near lincoln, tanker car filled with propane.
6:46 pm
they are trying to keep it cool so that it doesn't explode. we're keeping an eye on it for you. an east bay woman says she wanted to find a way to give oakland a big hug. sharon chin shows us how this week's jefferson award winner has been doing just that for three years. reporter: teray frederick has transformed her hayward home into a headquarters for giving. as her two daughters nerd adulthood she made a new commit men to serve her community. >> it's something i have always wanted to do but i was, you know, raising kids, doing the wife thing and taking care of home. >> reporter: in 2008, teray founded the ascending sisters social club. the nonprofit collects close an food and donates them to hundreds of low income people mostly in oakland. her eight volunteers help her decide which neighborhood to serve next. >> oakland needs uplifting, someone to grasp and just hug the whole city. and, you know, that's what we're trying. >> reporter: besides the clothes and food distribution
6:47 pm
every other month the club also hosts backpack giveaways, christmas toy drives and hiv prevention awareness events with local biker clubs. teray, a medical assistant, said serving her community just feels right. >> i used to repossess cars, believe it or not. [ laughter ] >> and i did not like taking. i did not. my boss used to tell me, we're not going to get this money if you keep making these little itty bitty payment arrangements. and i'm like did i it for nine years and it killed me. >> reporter: growing up, teray said she was inspired by her parents and grandmother's generosity. >> our door was always open to people that didn't have. >> reporter: her father, louis stone, describes teray as selfless, even as a child. >> she would give her candy way, you know what i mean? i'd buy something and she would give it to somebody else. >> reporter: today her compassion for the poor moves her fellow volunteers like tonja fuller-bryant. >> she is always moving, you know, to make sure that
6:48 pm
somebody's getting something. no one's left out. >> we thank you for sister at the ray and the vision that you have given her. >> reporter: and tina brown- preuitt says she is honored to pray and serve with teray. >> she is a leader. and she is god-giving heartfelt tenacious. she just has so much love in her heart. >> i feel as though i'm doing what god has in store for me to do. i don't see it any other way. >> reporter: so for organizing events that supply the needs of hundreds of low income east bay families this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to teray frederick. sharon chin, cbs 5. all eyes turning toward the eastern seaboard. they have a major hurricane brewing there. this is irene. the latest category 3 sustained winds at 120 miles per hour.
6:49 pm
likely to go to category 4. it's moving along the eastern seaboard. the original track had it coming onshore in florida then the next in georgia, south carolina, north carolina. you get the idea it's been pushing further and further east. we hope that continues. but right now, the latest track has it making its way onshore possibly as a category 2 in new england. all right. outside here, we have patchy fog. that's moving onshore right now. drizzle overnight tonight but changes in the works for the next couple days. the fog is pushing into san francisco but high pressure finally weakening no real strong areas of lope off the coastline. temperatures will be cool but toward the weekend, that high pressure ridge builds back in and temperatures going to soar
6:50 pm
around the bay area towards saturday and sunday. 76 and sunny in union city. temperatures in the 80s and 90s inland. 70s in place like oakland and alameda. 60s at the coastline. 70s and a few 80s in the valleys. and looking out over the next couple of days, the temperatures will come down a little bit. high pressure building in for the weekend. hot in spots inland towards saturday and sunday. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are they just blocking another blocking another team from getting him??? are the giants trying to trade for padres closer heath bell or just blocking another team from getting it? they took him off waivers. san diego now has the option of trading him to san francisco or keeping him instead. giants might have put in a claim for bell to pre-- to
6:54 pm
prevent him from going to arizona. here's what bell told us a short while ago. >> i guess i got thrown on waivers. giants claimed me. but there's nothing done so there's no facts to anything. >> will it be weird if you're out there facing them tonight knowing that who knows in the next 24 hours you might be in that dugout? >> no. because i plan ongoing to arizona after the game with my guys here. and go try to beat the diamondbacks this weekend with the padres. >> stay tuned for that. as going for their second straight in the bronx. 8th inning with cc sabathia already out of the game, coco crisp drives one past robinson cano. scott sizemore gave the as a 3- 2 lead but it's now tied. the game is in the 9th inning. nfl peyton manning is recovering from off season neck surgery and now there's a question that he may not be ready by week 1 against houston on their opener so today, indy brought former raider quarterback kerry collins out of retirement. manning has made 227
6:55 pm
consecutive starts and the thought of another quarterback has the locker room a little rattled. >> we're not really considered a vanilla offense, you know? so he is going to have some studying to do. i'm not sure how he is with the books. you know? uhm, not sure how that penn state education rates. but he is going to have to do some studying. >> you can bet paterno has those kids going to school. ind die driver returns to his home track this weekend at infineon for the grand prix of sonoma. and when the topic of baseball comes up between him and his fellow drivers, hildebrand has all the bragging rights. >> there are two times ever in my whole life that i have been by myself sitting somewhere jumping up and down on the furniture, throwing stuff, running out into the street. i mean, mind you, this is in indianapolis so nobody cares that the giants won the world series. >> reporter: a world series' tightle is the baseball version of winning the indy 500 and last may the bay area nearly
6:56 pm
had champions in both. >> 23-year-old from california, listen to the crowd cheering him on! >> reporter: in his first race on motorsports' biggest stage, he was a mere turn from chugging the milk until he approached charlie kimball who was in 13th place. >> oh, no! he hit the wall. >> had to make a split second decision. either jam on the brakes or go for it and try to make the pass. and so, you know, to me there was no contest. indy is a race. go big or get home so i went for the pass and as everybody knows hit the wall and, you know, drag okay down the straight to finish second. >> if you were to ask him, you would have finished second in the indianapolis 500 he would be pretty happy so you have to see the big picture. >> reporter: three months later he has no regrets. >> i can't sit here and tell you that it's not something that i think about but there are definitely -- there is a learning experience in the whole thing and there are some things, yeah, the same kind of thing happened again, would i
6:57 pm
make the same decision to go for the pass? absolutely. and now i kind of look at it as a battle scar. >> reporter: that attitude has produced promising results over his last three races. he is still searching for his first trip to victory lane and wants nothing more than to do it with a glass of wine in his hand. >> we have been north carolinaing on the door a few times -- we have been knocking on the door a few times this year. it's not consistent like we would like. it's something we know we can do now and that's part of what came from indy. >> yeah. hopefully he will get a win there. yesterday's east coast earthquake spooked some people who had never felt one before. check out ravens receiver tori smith who was taping a promo. >> i have maryland pride. what is this?! [ laughter ] >> where did he go? [ laughter ] >> i think he is hugging on somebody, right? [ laughter ] >> 1989 when the earthquake and the world series, remember? everybody was scared. but i knew it was an earthquake but the east coast people were
6:58 pm
scared stiff. no idea. >> yeah. >> give you a heart attack. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. me. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure.
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