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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 26, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] this is a cbs news special report. i'm scott pelley with an update on hurricane irene as it closes in on the east coast. the surf is up, the first bands of rain are beginning to hit the carolina coast and people are moving to safer ground. the eye of the storm is 300 miles south-southwest of cape hatteras, north carolina. teras, north carolina. winds are about 100 miles an hour, a category 2 hurricane. it is expected to make landfall in north carolina tomorrow and then move right up the coast to
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new york and new england. watches and warnings are posted from north carolina all the way up to boston including, of course, new york city. the mayor of new york has ordered the first ever mandatory evacuation for people in low-lying coastal areas. that's about a quarter of a million people. mark strassman is where irene will hit first in north carolina. >> pelley: i'm scott pellly an update on hur hur as it closes in on the east coast. the surf is up, the first bands of rain are beginning to hit the carolina coast and people are moving to safer ground. the eye of the storm is about 300 miles of carolina., 2 it is to up the coast to posted , of of is the beaches and towns are mostly deserted. just the last couple days here in dire county, 180,000 people have evacuated. the major worry with irene is flooding, major flooding from both sides of these barrier islands. it could cut them two and threaten anyone who so far has defied a mandatory order to get out. and by this time tomorrow, scott irene's full force should be here. >> pelley: mark strassmann on the beach in north carolina. a little bit earlier today, mayor bloomberg in new york told
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new yorkers that they would not be arrested if they avoided the mandatory evacuation order but he did warn them that they would be taking their lives into their own hands. cbs news will be tracking the hurricane and its impact around the clock. there will be more about all of this on your local news on this cbs station and on and, of course, later this evening on the "cbs evening news." until then, i'm scott pelley, cbs news, new york. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good friday afternoon, i'm grace lee. you have been watching a special report from scott pelley on hurricane irene. and as scott mentioned, we'll have much more coverage on that massive storm as well as the preparations later in this newscast. back here in the bay area,
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imagine waking up and walking right into the middle of a violent home invasion. it happened earlier this morning on a quiet street in richmond. a grandmother was shot and killed, her son wounded. as anne makovec reports, this is the second time in a week family members have had a gun pointed at them. >> it's very upsetting, you know, to hear them screaming in the middle of the night. >> reporter: he lives next door to what is now a murder scene. just before 4 a.m. this morning, the father of the house had just come downstairs to make breakfast in the middle of a home invasion. >> it appears in a the resident just came -- it appears that the rest didn't just came upon someone inside their house and that's when gunshots came out. >> reporter: the father was shot and critically injured. his mother, the grandmother, came to see what was going on. she was shot and killed. >> the neighborhood lost a good person. >> reporter: the rest of the family mom and two young kids went to this neighbor's house.
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>> the move -- just petrifying, you know? it's sad to see kids to see that kind of stuff with their parents. >> reporter: that neighbor also says the mother and the grandmother had been robbed at gunpoint a week ago on the street about a block away. police won't say if the crimes are connected. they have been having trouble figuring out exactly what happened this morning on this dead-end street in a normally quiet neighborhood. >> the family was really unclear and unable at the time to provide concrete information on how many people may have been involved in this. >> the family is really nice, friendly people. i hope they can stick around in the neighborhood. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. >> police are questioning two men in connection with the case. one was seen running from the house, the other seen near the crime scene. several passengers are in the hospital after an amtrak train from emeryville to
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chicago derailed in nebraska. the train plowed into a farm vehicle on the tracks near the nebraska border with kansas and colorado around 8 a.m. several cars derailed. some tipped on their sides, but nothing caught fire. there were 175 passengers on board. no one was seriously hurt, but several people were taken to the hospital. the other passengers were bussed to a nearby high school to be taken care of. amtrak is renting private buses to move the rest of the passengers to chicago. the two men convicted of killing an oakland journalist will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. a judge just sentenced yusef bey iv to three consecutive life terms and antoine mackey received two life terms. the two former members of "your black muslim bakery" were found guilty of killing chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007. bailey, the editor of the oakland's post, was working on a story about the bakery's financial troubles. there is no easy answer but they are trying. they are meeting today on gang
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prevention in san jose involving police, the mayor and federal officials. now this comes as the city ends a collaboration with the feds. stephanie chuang is in san jose where some are concerned that the recent headway against gangs may not last. good afternoon, stephanie. >> reporter: the feds are wrapping up a two-day visit here in san jose to figure out how the city has been fighting gang crime. but this comes just 48 hours after police here dropped help from federal immigration agents a move that has some people here a bit concerned. >> represents where i was raised at. >> reporter: art mendoza's tattoo reminds him where he grow up in the meadowfair area. >> it's one of the northern gang hubs for san jose. >> reporter: a gang hub, he believes, will thrive again after san jose police cut ties with federal agents two days ago. >> i think it's going to start surging up after a couple of months when they actually see things going you know --
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calming down. everybody's hiding right now. >> reporter: there hasn't been a homicide here for more than two months. police chief chris moore credits his plan of reassigning 38 metro officers to focus only on gangs. >> we had 38 metro officers out on the street. i really believe that was the major factor in what made this happen. >> reporter: they monitored the hot spots during the past eight weeks and put officers wherever needed. this is the kind of intel the department of justice is here for. the feds are wrapping up a two- day visit to learn from sjpd which they believe has a good gang prevention model. mayor reed is hoping the collaboration will bring in some much-needed money. >> we are trying to get a grant for re-entry program because we know that many of our gang problems, our violent crime problems, caused by unsuccessful reentries from people coming back from prison. >> reporter: in the meantime mendoza who works with kids and teens on juvenile probation says he noticed with fewer police and no more feds on the streets, he worries gangs will be acting up soon. >> they are using knives and
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clubs and catching you at bus stops so everything is more incognito. >> reporter: again, san jose police are very confident. in fact, the police chief chris moore is so confident in his new plan, he is keeping those 38 metro officers assigned to gang patrol only. grace? >> let's hope it works. stephanie chuang in san jose, thank you. the new head of security for the national football league will be at the weekend game in san francisco as well as oakland. jeff miller will meet with the san francisco police chief in the wake of last weekend's violence at candlestick park. espn reports san francisco has not done well on nfl security reviews while oakland has actually shown significant security improvements. three marines are facing charges for hazing a santa clara corporal who committed suicide in april. 21-year-old harry lew killed himself after being beaten and taunted while stationed in afghanistan.
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investigators say they were angry because lew fell asleep pleadly on the job. coming up, a deadly explosion in the u.n. headquarters in nigeria. what witnesses say the suicide bomber did to inflict the most damage. plus, a moving tribute for a fallen marine. how a chocolate lab prod to be man's best friend until the very end. this morning, couldn't even see the blue sky peeking through. it was lots of gray, drizzle at the coast. but changes are already out there. take a look outside here from mount vaca. plenty of blue. i'll tell you how hot we'll get this weekend when we come back. , but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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(sirens) a suicide bomber attacked a u.n. compound in nigeria today. and it had lethal results.
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witnesses say a sedan ran through two gates. the driver then set off explosives in the reception area. 18 people are confirmed dead in the bombing but that toll is expected to rise since hundreds of people may have been inside. a radical muslim sect has claimed responsibility. today in libya british tornado fighter jets bombed a large bunker in the hometown of moammar qaddafi. the capital tripoli is tense today. rebels have been searching for qaddafi loyalists in the neighborhood of abu salim where there was heavy nighting yesterday, as well. there are reports of piles of corpses in an abandoned hospital. the red cross says it is concerned about the treatment of detainees on both sides. incredible story here. a man's best friend to the end. this was the display of loyalty. a soldier's dog refuses to leave his master's side even during the funeral.
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hundreds turned out last week to say goodbye to navy seal jon tumilson. he and 29 other u.s. service members died in afghanistan when their chopper was shot down. this video is viral. that's hawkeye beside his master. another seal has adopted hawkeye. coming up, struggling with student loans. the shocking rise in defaults and who is paying the price. all indications point to this being a historic hurricane. >> the window for preparation is quickly closing. >> north carolina prepares for a direct hit from hurricane irene. the drastic measures being taken to prepare for this massive storm. and it's also a little chilly in some locations this morning and was very gray. but look at this picture now. plenty of blue even at the bay and definitely inland. we are going to get warm this afternoon. i'll tell you how warm when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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[ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe... we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly shredded cheese. we're not just making great cheese. we're taking it further. ♪ the east coast. the carolinas - already feeling tropical storm force winds as she comes to hurricane irene is roaring towards the east coast. here's a live look at north carolina where you can see just how strong the surge has become already. rain already falling in the area. and the sky looks ominous. the carolinas are already feeling tropical storm-force winds. as you can see, the storm is examined to make landfall in north carolina sometime tomorrow and then barrel its way up the coast. from maine to south carolina,
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they are preparing for a potentially heavy blow. there are multiple states of emergency and mandatory evacuations. even president obama decided to cut his vacation o martha's vineyard short. drew levinson is where the storm will hit first in north carolina. >> reporter: the surf is starting to kick up and the clouds are thickening along north carolina's outerbanks. hurricane irene is expected to make landfall here tomorrow with winds topping 100 miles an hour. tourists and residents have been ordered to evacuate. but a few like catherine mary and her father john are staying put. aren't you worried about staying here? >> i am worried about staying here but my father has the house here. i have a house here. >> reporter: from north carolina, forecasters predict irene will skate up the east coast with its sights on one of the most densely popularity part of the country. 65 people may be affected. evacuations are under way along
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the jersey shore and new jersey is making emergency plans. president obama is urging everyone in irene's path to be ready. >> you have to take precautions now. don't wait. don't delay. >> reporter: high winds may not be the only problem here in north carolina. irene's storm surge could heavily damage the coastline. waves 10 to 15 feet high could wash away many of the sand dunes and the sand dunes are what protects homes like these. fema is warning people who live inland to expect widespread flooding. carleton smith, jr., racing to harvest as much corn as he can before irene arrives. what was your fear with the hurricane? >> oh, that it would get blowed down and we won't be able to pick it up to harvest it. >> reporter: unless irene makes a sudden turn, the storm has the potential to inflict billions of dollars of damage from north carolina to massachusetts. drew levinson, cbs news,kill devil hills, north carolina.
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>> for more on hurricane irene, go to kristy seifkin. it's actually weaker but still very strong, right? >> still very much a strong storm, absolutely. it's weakened slightly t slowed down a little bit but still a category storm moving to the north and slightly going to move to the east as it gets closer to new jersey and new york. as we get to the carolina coast, it's still category 2 early-morning hours on saturday. then making its way up to the virginia coast about saturday night. sunday is when we'll see it hit new jersey, new york area. and actually it will be downgraded to category 1. at this point we are seeing winds up to 100 miles an hour gusts up to 125 miles an hour. and it's moving 14 miles an hour so strong significant storm. here in the bay area, conditions certainly a lot calmer this afternoon in the bay area. we are going to see plenty of sunshine in those inland spots, sun at the bay shores and temperatures mild. coastline cool, low clouds through the afternoon. and tonight, we are going to keep seeing clouds at the coast maybe a little drizzle, as well. and then we'll see mostly
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cloudy at the bay, partly cloudy inland 50s and 60s by this evening. then that fog has already started to mix out in the north bay and seeing it pull back to the coastline. it's going to link there are throughout the afternoon so if you want sun -- it's going to linger there throughout the afternoon so if you want sun, go inland. stronger high will warm us up through the next few days. triple digits in redding, chance of thunderstorms in yosemite, 96 there. monterey cloudy and 65. here's your highs for today. 81 milpitas, 82 sunnyvale, 77 in redwood city and mountain view. low 90s inland. 89 for walnut creek, pleasant hill and danville. 77 for san rafael. 92 fairfield. 63 stinson beach. temperatures bumping up over the weekend as high pressure builds n monday, tuesday we'll see a slight cooldown and then continuing to cool down for wednesday and thursday, dropping down to the high 80s in the warmest locations. on cbs 5 this saturday, texans
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taking on the 49ers 5:00 at game time. it's going to be 67, pretty pleasant, clear skies. get outside and enjoy the game. and you can see that here on cbs 5. back to you. >> thank you. a growing number of college graduates are having trouble paying student loans. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why defaults are up dramatically and why experts think it's only going to get worse. >> reporter: raquel is just starting law school and already having second thoughts about the 15% loan she has taken out to pay for it. >> it's just insane. >> i was in shock. 15% on a $15,000 loan, just to cover her for this first year. >> reporter: her mother says the family had few options. her daughter's school empire college school of law isn't eligible for federal aid. so the family had to resort to a much more expensive private loan for from wells fargo. >> it's not affordable. the finance charge just for
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the -- for this year is $35,932. we have to do this two more years. >> reporter: raquel's projected payment, $353 a month for 12 years. >> you don't have to pay it off right away. just the fact that it's there lingering is very stressful. >> education debt is enormous. it will surpass credit card debt in its totality this year. >> reporter: the financial education organization says many new graduates aren't earning enough to pay their loans. the median starting salary for a new college graduate is $27,000. >> students are graduating into a recession where the unemployment rate is high. it's very difficult for students to find good jobs when to leave school. >> reporter: the number of student loans in default is skyrocketing. more than 11% are now at least 90 days late. re now at least the advice to those who can't pay? don't ignore it. contact your lender and let them know you're aware of the debt and offer to pay something. >> do something even if it
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feels very small in the landscape of what can feel like an overwhelming amount of education debt. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. coming up, two clowns walk into a jewelry store waving guns. the duo may have made off with the loot but you will find out why the joke is on them. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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it up. hold on. just kiddin! do not send in the clowns. a joke was on two robbers who robbed a jewelry store. they threatened store workers with guns. they stripped the display case clean of precious stones. here's the punc line, it was all fake jewelry. because of the economy, businesses are using fakes in their display cases. that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. due to preseason football there won't be a 5:00 or 6 p.m. newscast. the next local newscast is on the wb at 10 and cbs 5 at 11. see you at 10.
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