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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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local investors and are ready to spend $70 million to buy the great america amusement park. the park is located right next to where the team wants to build its new billion dollars stadium, a stadium the team's old owners were dead set against, because they felt it would hurt the park's business. >> this creates a great opportunity for us to resolve a lot of issues all at once. >> reporter: stanford university economist says while it may not pencil out in the long run it's still a smart move by the team in the short- term. >> it is an addition to their team in santa rosa. >> reporter: can you imagine someone come to the park with your family and some want to go to a football game, others want to ride a rollercoaster. >> reporter: but he interests out this is not the first that tried it. >> you know who first had that idea was disney. back in the 80s they bought sports teams, if you recall, it was for the purpose of integrating disneyland with the
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anaheim sports facilities for exactly the same idea. >> reporter: how did that work? >> >> it didn't work at all. they don't own 'em any more. >> reporter: all of great america workers will keep their jobs and benefits and the park will stay open. as for down the line ... does great america make line. >> they make money and contribute $5 million to the general fund because, remember, great america is on our land. >> reporter: i spoke with jed york owner of the 49ers a little while ago and he says he plans to keep it open and operating even as they are building the new stadium here. he has got big plans for it. by the way, it looks like the deal will be finalized before the santa clara city council in the next month or so and it will be the last obstacle of getting that billion dollars they need to build this.
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>> and does it mean mass transit because that's a lot of traffic. >> reporter: it's a lot of traffic but here is what it is. behind us is the big parking lot that is posed to handle a lot of that. at 20 to 25 bucks a pop they are gonna want it. >> phil matier, thank you. firefighters from several agencies are battling what they call a heavy brush fire in alameda county. it is burning in chabot regional park. there are no reports of any threatened structures. flames have burned at least 3 acres there. air units are being used to fight the fire. not clear how it got started. investigators say they are close to finding the cause of reno's air race crash. [ screaming ] >> the death toll from last friday's crash now stands at 10. they have recovered portions of the plane's tail and photographs show a piece of the tail section was missing which could have caused the accident. memory cards from a camera on board and a data recorder were also found at the crash site. >> we will be investigating what kind of comprehensive plan
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was created for this particular show, and race, and then determine whether or not it was met and we're gonna actually find out not just what happened, but why. that's what will allow us to make recommendations so something like this doesn't happen again. >> reno's crash wasn't the only air show disaster over the weekend. a pilot was also killed during a crash during a show in west virginia. meanwhile, in southern california two u.s. marines have died in a helicopter crash that sparked a fast-moving wildfire there. an ahs cobra went down about 1:00 this afternoon at camp pendleton. emergency responders pronounced the two crew members dead at the scene. that fire has grown to at least 50 acres. firefighters are fighting the flames which are moving toward the town of duluz. it's not clear why that helicopter went down. more than $44 million, that's what the owner of the costco buy son has agreed to
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pay for the 2007 spill that dumped thousands of gallons of oil into san francisco bay. an is there with where that money is going. anne? >> federal, state, local authorities announced the largest-ever natural damage settlement since the exxon valdez oil spill in 1989. >> this bay is a jewel of the san francisco region and the costco luzon oil spill left a scar across our water. >> reporter: just about every agency you can think of wanted to weigh in today to tout the cooperative effort that resulted in a $44 million settlement with the owners and operators of the costco buzon. they are being held financially responsible for the clean up of the waters affected by the oil spill. >> for all of those who use our public ways and our public waters and our public lands and our natural resources, there is a public trust there to protect those resources, not only for
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our generation but for future generations. >> reporter: 2007 it slammed into the bay bridge's tower fender spilling more than 53,000 gallons of fuel. the clean-up was extensive. thousands of birds died, the herring population took a hit and the beaches were soiled. last year the ship's owner was ordered to pay $10 million in a criminal settlement. the pilot was sentenced to jail time. >> if anybody is thinking about doing something that might harm that public trust of wildlife in california you better think twice because this settlement will act as a very sufficient deterrent. >> 3.6 million will go to reimburse the taxpayers of the city and county of san francisco for direct costs the city incurred in responding to the oil spill. >> reporter: communities throughout the bay area will share the money. 28miles of east bay shoreline have been affected by the spill. along with researching the oil's long-term effects what is significant in this settlement
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is it also addresses the fact people were kept away from the parks and beaches so recreation budgets are getting a boost. >> that could include a new boardwalk, rest interrogation of the beach for the habitat and the recreation areas, project enrichment for projects along the east bay shoreline. >> reporter: and a settlement was filed in federal court this morning. it will take a few months though to get the paperwork finalized but the owner and operator of the costco buzon are expected to come up with a lump sum of $44 million. >> ann notarangelo, thank you. after months of searching for a hay ward nursing student family members are now waiting. they are waiting to learn if the body found this weekend is the remains of michelle le. juliette goodrich is standing by in hayward where her accused killer was in court today. juliette? >> reporter: ken, the big question is were the remains
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found on saturday that of michelle le's and right now we have preliminary information to indicate the remains on saturday were that of a female. right now they are conducting an autopsy and so the official confirmation has not been released. meantime, as you said, the accused killer was in court today 7 months pregnant. >> court is back in session. >> reporter: 27-year-old giselle esteban, suspected of murdering michelle le, appeared behind a glass partition 7 months pregnant. her court-appointed attorney says she met esteban and three of her family members for the first time today and says her client is "coping." prosecutor and actuary legal analyst steve cope says her pregnancy is going to play a huge role in this trial. >> miss esteban's medical situation is going to be relevant to whether she committed this crime, and
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whether she can come to court. >> reporter: she was part of saturday's search, wearing a michelle le t-shirt, when a searcher discovered decomposing remains in a rugged area of the canyon. >> all we want is for michelle to come home. >> reporter: thee roo mains were found in the same area where police believed her body had been dumped. this is the 8th search organized by le's family. this particular area is where cell phone records show the two women had traveled the day le disappeared. >> they are gonna spend a lot of time in an autopsy trying to establish cause of death. now it is difficult, because the body has been, you know, gone for many months. >> reporter: the judge agreeing to continue esteban's arraignment until next week, her attorney needing more time to study the case. all the while her client's unborn baby remains a concern. >> she has a complication it will get dragged on further, once the baby is born, how do
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you deal with that issue? she is going to be allowed to bond with the child, breast feed the child and for how long. >> reporter: esteban is expected to enter a plea in court next week when she is arraigned on the one charge of murder murder. as for michelle le they say they doesn't bring closure. they say bringing michelle le home will bring closure. juliette goodrich, cbs5. police are searching for the suspects who killed a 14- year-old boy and left another teenager wounded. it happened last night on first lane in south san francisco. police say the two boys along with a third teenager were standing outside when as many as four suspects drove up in a black 2004 or 2005 four-door honda and started shooting. other bay area headlines now. a new bill sitting on the governor's desk could allow b.a.r.t. to ban people who repeatedly break the law and crackdown on those protestors. anyone who violates the rules
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three times within 60 days could be barred from riding b.a.r.t. meantime, b.a.r.t.'s new general manager grace credit union eye gan says she is willing to meet with protestors to hear their concerns. a suspect has been arrested in a string of cab robberies in san francisco. at least four cabbies were robbed at the same intersection on -- in the western addition neighborhood. the suspect would hail a cab and then rob the driver at knifepoint. none of the drivers were hurt. coming up, a man shot while pumping gas. a talk show host murdered. now san jose's most wanted is caught. the special help they say led them to a suspect behind a one- man crime wave. >> a 71-year-old woman jumped into action to save her daughter. the gutsy thing she did to scare off a robber. what is this thing and why is it so important to the delta?
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i'll have that story coming up. ,,,, ,,,,
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crime spree in the south bay. it arted with a shoot tonight a parolee is behind bars, accused in a deadly weekend crime spree in the south bay. it started with a shooting at a gas station in san jose on friday. mike sugerman joins us now to show us how police say they caught their man. mike? >> reporter: dana, this was a very high-profile case of a man police said was armed and dangerous and it was an around the clock effort to find him. it had san jose cops on the job, virtually all hands on deck, 24/7 all weekend. it started at a gas station on friday morning, a botched robbery. then a carjacking, shots fired at police, the victim -- the suspect apparently tried to run over some policemen, the testscape into an apartment complex by the suspect, an 11- hour standoff, the suspect escapes, a carjacking victim
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found later, a well-known vietnamese radio host and real estate agent, 60-year-old cindy noiin killed over the weekend, the police spotted the suspect, they called san jose police, after making sure it was the guy they arrested him without incident. it was a 60-some odd our investigation. >> between the homocide unit and the robbery unit and all of our special operations personnel we were working tirelessly around the clock following up on leads, creating leads, here at the command post those were being communicate todd the officers in the field who would foul up and locate either the victim or the suspect. eventually sunday night we did catch up with him. >> that suspect is paul castillo, 33 years old, and apparently has spent a third of his life in prison, as i mentioned the victim, 60-year- old cindy nuin well known in
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the vietnameze community and her friends and family are broken up about what happened over the weekend. >> no doubt. mike sugerman, thank you very much. a 71-year-old grandmother comes face to face with a robber and takes him on. the man tried to rob a family beauty supply store in stockton. he hand add note to the clerk saying "give me all your money or i'll shoot you." that's when the grandmother grabbed the man's arm, shoed and cheesed him out of the store. >> she is, you know, i'm old enough, something happened to me, it's okay if i die it's okay. >> my mama is a very good mama and she is strong to pull somebody's hand out like that. that's very strong mama. >> freaked out the bad guy. he absolutely gave up and ran away. he has not been arrested. the family plans on increasing their store security. >> julie walz in for roberta tonight. what a week. >> you enjoying the sunshine my
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dear. >> oh yeah. >> interview: >> i live in san francisco, she lives in the bay area. there is a lot enjoying the sunshine. many of you are enjoying it as well. take a look outside this evening, we've got clear skies out there, not a cloud in sight. just some light breezes out there by the bay. hay, if you like this weather i've got good news for you. it's here for a little while longer. if you don't like it good news for you too. i'll explain that coming up. in the meantime the temperatures are a little on the warm side to say the least. san francisco, the average temperature 70 trees, 83 an take rose a, 83 degrees for concorde, livermore, santa rosa, we're running anywhere from 11 to 15 degrees above average today, as i mentioned it is here to stay, at least for a few more days. high pressure setup in place over the top of us, holding off any of that cooler air to our north. although as warm temperatures continue so does spare the air days. one more in effect for you tomorrow. in the meantime, temperatures will remain nice and warm, a bit more mild by the bay, hot
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erin land for some location, low to mid-90s, in santa rosa, livermore, oakland 80, 78 san francisco, 70 in pacifica, even coastal locations will see temperatures tomorrow in the 60s and 70s, so really another beautiful day, but it's not gonna stay here forever. in fact, we start to cool things down, a gradual cooling trend as we inch toward fall and that, of course, begins on friday. we're talking mid-70s for the next few days. after foregive, our first day of fall, look at this crop. we're down into the mid-80s for the warmest locations, inland will see a few more clouds in the mix, yes your sunshine will continue for at least a few more days dana. >> right into fall. >> right into fall. that's when we see the change. >> it does seem to move inland a bit. >> yeah. >> you're boring everybody. we have been in the 90s since april. >> we're just now enjoying some of it. >> i did a little spring cleaning this week. >> there you go. >> what the sun looks like.
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>> yeah. >> all right. >> absolutely. 16 bay is getting healthier. a new environmental report shows that the bay is far less polluted now than it was in the 50s and 60s, but it is still far from getting a clean bill of health. among its problems, less freshwater flowing in, and mercury that's running into the bay from closed mines in santa clara county and the sierra. major effort to protect endangered species has just been finished in contra costa county. don ford explains the details on this state of the art project that cost millions of dollars. >> mr. secretary, joe campbell. >> joe. >> you're the president -- >> reporter: secretary of the interior kim salazar visited rock slough in the delta today. inspecting a brand new $30 million federally-funded fish screen. high says it's money well spent. >> looking around at the 30 acres, cattle in the background, the water flowing down the canal today, is a demonstration of success. >> reporter: the key to the
6:19 pm
success is this specially designed stainless steel screen, 14 feet wide, weighing nearly two tons with openings only 1/16th of an inch. 48 of them are installed across rock slough, which is the main water intake for the contra costa water district. dan orr supervises all construction in the district. >> we do have a fair amount of fish that has gone threw in the past, we know that by doing some fish studies, now we know that these screens are robust enough to keep sensitive species in the dale take where they belong. >> reporter: officials say these pumps will no longer suck up fish, only screened water from now on, rancher jerry due artie's land is adjacent to the project, he has only 1 concern. >> you can't fish within 30 feet of a fish screen. >> oh, that makes sense. >> you know, i think it's 300. but i don't fish any more anyway, so it doesn't hurt me. >> reporter: the contra costa water district supplies water
6:20 pm
for approximately half a million people. with the completion of this fourth and final project, the contra tosca water derrick now says that all of the delta pumps are completely screened to protect fish. don ford, cbs5. a viral mystery solved. what video gamers figured out that could help lead to a cure for aids. >> their odds of surviving were 1 in 10 million, the risky operation to separate baby sisters joined at the head. that's coming up in 2 minutes. >> closed captioning for "eyewitness news" is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers. a san francisco original. ,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by accura. accura, advance. for years: they cracked a molecular puzzle, that could well it turns out video gamers have solved a mystery that baffled scientists for years. they cracked a mo alec yoular puzzle that could help cure aids or other illnesses. players of the on-line game fold-it discovered the molecular structure of an aids- like molecule found in monkeys. that could help develop drugs or bio fuels or solve genetic engineering problems. the findings were published in nature, structure and molecular biology. it's being called a miracle surgery. doctors in britain have successfully separated twin girls joined at the head.
6:24 pm
experts say only 1 in 10 million babies born this way survive past infancy. tina krause on the extremely complex and rare operation that's giving these girls a chance at long and healthy lives. >> reporter: these baby twin sisters could not have survived without each other until now. british surgeons separated 11- month-old rital and rataj gabor a in a series of operations. >> i'm so happy because everything went smoothly, everything was great. >> reporter: the sudanese twins were born joined at the head, something that happens in about 1 in 2 1/2 million births, the girls shared a blood supply to their brains, giving doctors an especially difficult challenge in separating them. >> there is a lot of blood flowing from one twin to the other and the twin that was receiving most of the blood, her heart was being overloaded. >> reporter: that's when the family flu from sudan to london to get help. a team of doctors here at great or man street children's
6:25 pm
hospital performed four surgeries on the twins at no cost. doctors say the operations were complex, since blood vessels crossed over from one baby to the other. surgeons say their toughest decision was deciding which twin got what arteries and veins to ensure they both had the best chance of survival. now, just a few weeks later, retal and retaj are happy together and happy to be apart. >> they like to be close together most of the time. they will learn to love each other more and more. >> reporter: doctors said the twins showed no signs of brain damage and should go on to lead healthy lives. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> a miracle, huh. >> uh-huh. a dangerous problem plaguing bay area streets. >> it knows no boundaries. these gang recruitments. >> what mayors say could change
6:26 pm
the culture of gang violence and the residents who hope that it will be more than just lip service. >> we didn't know what was goin' on, so yeah, there was no wrecking. a scare on a flight to oakland. the message found scribbled at a book store across the bay. a star-studded premier, the bay area city rolling out the red carpet for brad pitt.
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the battle against gangs. they're attending a cali the bay area mayors calling for a unified front in the battle against gangs. >> in fact, they are attending a california mayor's gang prevention summit in oakland. christie mayors is in oakland where families of violence shared their painful stories. kristin? >> they sure can, dana. the mayors of oakland, san francisco, and a few other cities all here today calling for the kind of funding that will truly have an impact on gang violence. but some of those families told me they hope this is more than just lip service he wanted to be a doctor, gpa, very bright, a 3.8, and all around loveable young man. >> reporter: in two days it will be a year since ray
6:30 pm
convenience justice's son was, a straight a student was gunned down. >> someone knocked on door, said my baby had just got shot a block from my house. he died in my arms. >> reporter: for the family there has been no justice. no clues, no arrest. raven, a single father, has quietly watched oakland's homocide rates store. >> i'm thinking about starting an organization called justice for you. it will help kids get off the street. >> reporter: it's exactly the kind of program they are advocating in an tee gang violence summit in oakland today. they came together to sign a call for action lobbying the federal government to support grants aimed at stopping gang violence. >> it knows no boundaries, this gang violence. >> clearly what we're saying is what works is not just more police, but comprehensive services. >> reporter: from better house to go educational support programs. it sound good in this hotel conference room. >> a good way to get that.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: but what seems like a world away in west oakland, over a game of dominos, differing views over what could change the culture of violence here. >> they should have police walks, police beats. as the officer walks the street, knows the communities, they don't have than any more. >> reporter: and budget cuts mean a large increase in the police presence is better. but he believes what might have saved his son had little to do with police presence. he wants the talk to translate into something bulger we can all talk. i mean we have been talking for years about putting programs together for youth, i really want to see some action. >> reporter: and the conference is still going on. mayor jean quan is expected to moderate a discussion here in a half hour about what has been working, what has not. she says this is just the beginning. the next step is a conference next month, geared towards organizing the community. an alaska airlines flight made an emergency landing in
6:32 pm
oakland after a bomb threat was discovered. the spokesperson from the airport says an employee at sfo found a note that include add flight number and details about a bomb. the oakland-bound flight landed just before 8:00. 126 passengers, including 6 crew members, were evacuated and rescreened. >> it was -- we didn't know what was goin' on, so yes, it was nervewracking for a while. >> we had many law enforcement agencies respond to the situation, the information was credible, very specific. >> the tsa and f.b.i. agents even brought out bomb- sniffing dogs to the scene, but after searching the flight and luggage, they didn't find anything. still no official word on when those two americans imprisoned in iran might go free. last week, iran announced that shane bauer and josh fattal would be released soon. president mahmoud am din bad wanted the men freed in time for his arrival at the united nations but it didn't happen. the official explanation is
6:33 pm
that a second judge, who needs to sign the bail papers, is on vacation until at least tomorrow. but there is speculation that ahmedinejad's political rivals rivals are holding up the release. today a federal judge decided that video recordings from last year's prop 8 trial will be made public. the video will be released september 30th unless a higher court over rules or over turns that ruling. another federal agency investigating the solyndra bankruptcy. the labor department is looking into whether employees at the fremont solar facility lost their job because of competition from china. a fed roll program provides additional benefits to any american who loses their jobs to foreign trade. the investigation could mean up to $14 million in additional benefits for the laid-off employees. president obama is challenging house republicans to put aside political differences in order to solve
6:34 pm
the country's massive debt crisis. today the president outlined a plan to shrink the national debt by more than $3 trillion. danielle nottingham on why republicans are not buying it. >> reporter: president obama is rolling out his plan to slash the deficit. >> president obama: this is not class warfare. it's math. >> reporter: but it may be political warfare. the white house plan is calling for higher taxes on wealthy americans to help trim more than $3 trillion from the deficit. the president's proposal would also cut over all spending on government programs including medicare and medicaid by $580 billion. >> president obama: these would be among the biggest cuts in spending in our history. but they have got to be part of a larger plan that is balanced. a plan that asks the most fortunate among us to pay their fair share just like anybody else. >> reporter: republicans are condemning the president's approach arguing a tax hike on wealthy americans and corporations will only hurt job
6:35 pm
growth. they are pushing for deeper spending cuts to curb the deficit. >> we could get into this tax the rich, tax the rich, but that is not the basis for america and it's not gonna get our economy goin' again. >> reporter: currently the highest income earners can pay as little as 15% in taxes while most middle class americans pay an average of 25%. president obama's plan would end bush-era tax cuts for couples making more than $250,000. he says he will veto any bill that does not raise revenue by asking wealthy americans to do more. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. and fears about financial instability in greece grease sent stocks plunging. the dow fell almost 250 points early in day but rebounded to close down 108 points. meantime, shares of apple have hit an all-time high, almost $412 a share. home.
6:36 pm
as soon as it came out the garage door they were waiting for him, obviously. >> a husband and wife shot in the driveway of their east bay home. why neighbors believe they were targeted. off limit to tourists? the hollywood dispute that could put one of the most popular spots in california out of reach. and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. what one photographer is doing to try to give unwanted pets a second chance. ,, ,,,,,,
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they were ambushed in the iveway of their home hayward police are staying tight-lipped about a shooting that killed a man and wounded his wife. they were ambushed in the driveway of their home. neighborhoods believe the man's business may have made him a target. >> pow pow, and then like a 3- second delay, for another pow. >> just like bang, bang-bang. >> reporter: how loud.
6:39 pm
>> loud enough to know they were gunshots. >> reporter: at 7:30 on an otherwise quiet saturday morning the lives of the people who lived here on a quiet street in hayward changed. it is believed the man was killed and his wife was injured. >> i'm not sure exactly how they made their living but i think selling gold was one of them. >> reporter: according to hayward police the shooter or shooter managed to get away before the police arrived and there are no clues to a motive. >> i came back out, opening the van door, she is creaming and crying for help. >> reporter: susan grace lives a few blocks away. she didn't want on the seen on camera but she didn't want to be seen on camera. >> so can you consider leaving losing your father and seeing your father dead in front? >> reporter: the mercedes in front is registered to amador.
6:40 pm
>> it was obviously planned. who would be out here. soon as he came out the garage door they were waiting for him obviously. >> reporter: hayward police could use your assistance. if you have any information regarding this case you're strongly urged to contact them. patrick sadeo, cbs5. why a california icon is in danger of becoming off limits to tourists. and thousands of unwanted dogs euthanised. one photographer says it's all because of an image problem. the unusual thing she is doing to give them a second chance. summer continues here in the bay area with highs today topping out in the mid-to upper 90s, we even broke a record at the oakland airport, sunny and warm the story today but cooler changes on the way just in time for the first day of fall. i have your details coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell at the hollywood beat paramount theater in oakland. brad pitt has entered the building, you will hear from the movie star about the movie "moneyball" coming up.
6:41 pm
they are just dating but now this bay area couple is putting things on the fasttrack. >> we're not 100% comfortable with one another, so it's a process of learning. >> can they survive the ultimate race? on cbs5. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. save big with no interest until 2013. visit out-of-towners stop their cars for people who live near
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the famous hollywood sign are getting tired of tourists who clog up their streets. out of townshippers stop their cars to pose for pictures leaving trash and causing traffic problems in the area. so some locals have now posted signs of their own directing visitors to a park where they can snap all the photos they want. some locals also post more hostile messages, they are meeting with city leaders now to try to find a solution to what they say is a big problem. they say a dog is man's best friend but what about a homeless dog? steve hartman on why one photographer says it's all a question of marketing. >> come here. >> reporter: theresa berg of dallas, texas, is a professional pet photographer with a major league pet peeve. >> it could be so much more appealing. >> reporter: her issue? bad dog adoption photos. >> reporter: that's not the ideal pose i take it. >> i would think not. >> reporter: they pose these pictures to help them to adopt.
6:45 pm
>> would you invite them into your home. >> reporter: thousands of dogs are euthanised for no other reason than bad marketing. >> reporter: i can't stand the thought of for want of a good picture a dog goes homeless. >> reporter: that's why three years ago she started working for homeless dogs pro bono, if you will, volunteering to take their adoption photos. she works almost exclusively with a dachshund rescue group. >> we were getting photos but slowly. >> reporter: she took pictures, brought 'em in focus, put 'em in pearls, got 'em out of jail and on the the couch, and replaced the nick nolte mug shots with dog fancy cover shots. after the retoews every one of these dogs got adopted in record time and, today, adoptions at the rescue are up 100%. >> pictures make a difference.
6:46 pm
that dog looks like he could be my friend. ooh. >> this was liberty's picture. the day after it was posted three people called to adopt her. >> how are you? welcome. >> reporter: theresa is now trying to multiply her results by training others and by persuading other professional photographers to lend their cameras to the cause. >> if every photographer took in one rescue group we could save so many more dogs, we really could. >> reporter: she is talking tens of thousands of lives. picture that. >> julie, you going to be able to talk to us? >> i'm a mess. my heart is melting for these dogs. >> they are adorable. >> they sure are. adopt a pet, people, adopt a pet. don't buy. sorry, that's a public service message for the day. my heart is melting and so are many of you dealing with these temperatures today. take a look at this. 95, santa rosa, 94 in fairfield, today we broke a record, oakland airport hit 91, beat the old record which was
6:47 pm
90 degrees, but still warm nonetheless. here is a look at those temperatures as of right now. things are still pretty toasty out there and, hay, we're gonna see more of the same as we move on throughout your workweek. why? high pressure holding strong right over the top of us, holding off any of that cooler air well to our north but as warm temperatures continue so do those spare the air dates. something to keep in mind as you head off to work tomorrow, if you can take public transportation, not a bad idea. taking a look at futurecast here you can see not a whole lot going on, that cooling mechanism, our marine layer, pretty much none existent here. we'll likely see a few coastal clouds during the morning hours which may help to bring temperatures down alittle bit along the coast. but by a few degrees well above average, 72 in half moon bay,
6:48 pm
70 in pacifica, 94 morgan hill, 90 in san jose, 87 tomorrow in union city. the farther inland you go the warmer those temperatures will be. we're mid-to upper 90s, places like pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, even dublin at 94, vallejo 90 degrees, 93 for folks in napa tomorrow. the north bay seeing similar temperature trend, again just a couple of degrees of cooling in some of those locations, 94 santa rosa, petaluma where it is 65 in bodega bay, 68 in sin is a beach and 68 in daly city. all in all these warm temperatures do continue through much of your workweek but if you're waiting for that cool down hang in there, they are around the corner as is the first day of fall. as we move on through the workweek, we see temperatures of mid-90s, 60s, or 70s 80s by the bay, 60s and 70s along the coast. the first day of fall everything changes, starting to bring temperatures down, throw in a few more clouds for you, the high is the warmest spots inland, down into the mid-80s by this weekend and monday. 60s by the bay and 50s and 60s along the coast as well. cool down is here but a few more days of beautiful summer
6:49 pm
weather for you. coming up we've got sports with dennis o'donnell. stick around. ,, [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings. they are the purest way to gauge success. maybe the only way to gauge success. but the most powerful thing about humble beginnings is that they are... ♪ ...humbling. show where you're going without forgetting where you're from. ♪ now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified lessees. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
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and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by your northern california lexus dealer. test drive a luxurious lexus vehicle today. >> brad pitt as billy beane and
6:52 pm
i believe dennis o'donnell is playing the part of dennis o'donnell. >> i believe so. but dennis, instead of popcorn, top, could you bring brad pitt here? >> brad pitt is here. and i will tell you what i have credentials from super bowls, world series, the biggest events ever, eat your heart out you guys, this is a brad pitt "moneyball" press conference, red carpet only. >> what did he bat in 1995? that's a baseball card. >> i love those things. but brad pitt has entered the building. >> reporter: let's go ahead and show you the big deal of brad pitt entered -- well, for about half an hour ago, for the premier that began at 6:00 tonight. now fans paid 100 to 500, group tickets up to 7500, all of it went for charity for oakland's children's hospital, and stand up to cancer. this, of course, is the debut, the premier of "moneyball," the
6:53 pm
movie about the oakland athletics and how billy beane used saber metrics to build the oakland athletics organization. brad pitt spoke about why he chose to do this movie. >> you know, i read the book and became a bit dogged with it. material like that doesn't come along too often. >> there's 14. then there's 50 feet of crap, then there's us. >> that's a dollar, man. >> what? >> welcome to oakland. >> inequality of sports, you don't think of that and how did these guys stay competitive? these guys were questioning why we do what we do in going up against conventional thinking, conventional wisdom, and i just wanted it to be really inspirational. >> reporter: yeah, it's pretty cool. a little brush with hollywood as pit and the rest of the cast in the building. we'll try and get reviews to find out how "moneyball" is going over. the rest of us common folk will have to wait until the 23rd,
6:54 pm
friday night, when "moneyball" debuts in theaters. i guess i got to talk sports, that's why i'm here. the 49ers blue a 10-point lead midway through the fourth quarter and lost to dallas in overtime yesterday. dallas outgained them and sacked alex smith 6 times. after the game tight end vernon davis who had just two catches for 18 yards implied he needs to have a bigger role in the offense. >> everybody, in order to win games, we -- everything that we have have to be involved. that's just the way it got to be. >> there's frustration on vernon's part, i'm sure, that he was doubled much of the ball game. but, still, you know, there's -- you know, finding that role, creating that identity for vernon in the passing game, he is going to be asked to do multiple other things in terms of the run game and pass protection. meanwhile, the raiders blue
6:55 pm
a 21-3 half time lead in buffalo. the bills scored on all five of their second half possessions including the game-winning touchdown to a wide open david nelson on fourth down down with just 15 seconds left. one raider defender was not very happy about the raiders blown coverage. >> just do your job, whatever it is, man. if you got that guy, follow him to the bathroom. for a man to score on the last play of the game, man, wide open? come on, man. come on. do your job. that's what the man pays you for, do your job, man. >> now while tommy kelly did not rip any of his teammates by name i can tell you that hue jackson, today, was upset about tommy kelly's comments. >> there will be no more addressing players, names, positions, any of that, as long as i'm the head coach here because here's the keel. we lost as a football team. all that crap about "well this guy, that guy," you got to look
6:56 pm
in the mirror first, okay, as a football player. and, umm, last time i checked i'm the head coach of this team and they are the players. bad news for stanford linebacker willie coal. he will miss the rest of the game. skow was if leader of the team which allowed 23 points in 3 games. mariano is sit and the pitch is strike three. he has got it. he has done it. ball game over. yankees win. the yankees win. >> and with that call, 602 times with mariano rivera standing on the pitcher's mound. he moves past trevor hoffman for most saves in baseball history. the boys of nascar in chicago, the race was postponed yesterday due to rain, tony stewart took the lead for good with 30 laps to go and held on for his first win since october of last year, but more
6:57 pm
importantly, with the win stewart moves up to second place in the cup standings, just 7 points behind kevin harvick. that is it from the paramount theater, the debut of "moneyball" and my one-on-one with brad pitt who apparently was going to come out and meet me, but i guess he is still watching the movie. >> all right. we'll keep an eye out. >> that's dennis o'donnell. "eye on the bay" is coming up next. >> good night. 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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an all-new "eye on the bay" starts now in hd. they call it glamping, glamor camping. >> it's exploring the great outdoors but from a ho


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