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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  October 1, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> verne: first play on offense for the florida gators, john brantley goes deep to andre debose, 65 yards and it gave florida a 7-0 lead. alabama countered with the field goal and the tying touchdown as richardson scores from two yards out and one of the key plays for the crimson tide, brantley back late second quarter throws in the midsection of courtney upshaw and went 45 yards for his first career touchdown, 17-10 after the interception return. a.j. mccarron a one-yard touchdown rushing increased the lead to 24-10 and john brantley, 45 seconds to go in the first half, leg injury, right leg and let's check in for more with tracy wolfson. >> tracy: verne, there are a lot of rumors down here regarding
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john brantley whether it was his knee or ankle. i was told it hiss with leg, some where in between. no further information. if we get anything we'll pass it along. >> verne: trace, thank you. and the conversation continues with charlie weis and jeff driskel. on the florida bench in the meantime third and 1. alabama up by 14. richardson moved the chains. trent richardson, 24 for 117 now. >> gary: as big as he is he can hurt you around the edge, sets up the blockers and goes inside. the guy refuses to go down. catches the ball on the extreme pass well and literally such a weapon for alabama. they do not have a julio jones but very balanced. one of the weapons no one talks about is michael williams, their
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tight end, number 89. >> verne: three catch tonight and as a blocker very effective. there's mccarron fires to rich aren'tson and trent richardson's inside the 40 yard line before being tackled by jonathan bostic. >> gary: mccarron just looks comfortable out there. this is not an easy place to play but he does not appear at all he's nervous or has happy feet just looks like what nick saban thought about him last year he's the real deal and the next heir to play quarterback for alabama. >> verne: and in saban's world, high praise is he manages the game well. >> gary: he does. >> verne: yep. that's how saban referred to his effort last week. disciplined effort. third down at the 35 and let's check in back in new york once again here's tim.
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>> verne, case mccoy and david ash split time between iowa state and this is ash finding jackson shipley for the touchdown and texas handles iowa state and gets revenge for last year's loss, 27-14. back to you. >> verne: thank you, tim. third down, 3. here the 11th play of the drive. nick saban turns 60 at the end of the this month. how about that. richardson. >> gary: look at that. >> verne: very good night. touchdown. >> gary: oh, my. >> gary: i thought maybe jaye howard had a chance for him but i tell you, josh evans number 24
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had no idea what he was coming up to tackle. he was coming up full speed and a train passed him full speed. >> verne: mccarron will hold. carson tinker snaps it back. richardson a 5-yard touchdown run tonight and tacked on 36 on that one. >> gary: i tell you, warmack did a good job on the play. offensive line blocks down, down and warmack makes the block inside and a delay draw and watch warmack, oh, look at that. fits exactly with the linebacker and then bam, he's supposed to be a big back and a first down back and he's a game-breaking back also. >> verne: he's got 155 yards on the ground tonight. ♪ well, that kickin' coney's gonna smack you right ♪
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the place is starting to empty out now as alabama as extended its lead to 21. 31-10. trent richardson, i think we should reopen the heisman conversation. >> gary: no doubt. if they go undefeated and he's footing numbers like this undefeated team the two quarterback and a running back with the south carolina loss you might have to look at this guy here in the middle of it. >> verne: played two years behind a heisman winner, mark ingram. and really a young man delightful in conversation. here's the quick taken by solomon patton. driven out of bounds. monday the only thing these two girls have in common is they're broke. see why "two broke girls" is tv's number one new show after "how i met your mother."
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only, cbs. the intent of alabama was to negate the running game and goodness have they done that. demps with three carries for four yards. rainey fewer than that. first down 10. jeff driskel on in place of the injured john brantley and sacked by ed stinson, number 49. >> gary: i think florida has to think about next week. they need to get their quarterback ready for lsu and see chapman limping off and they'll go on the road and this will likely be their quarterback for lsu and they need some positive for him in the rest theft game. easy throws. >> verne: there's one. and from the 36 yard line, jordan reed. that's just a really difficult
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schedule facing the gators. it was with brantley in there and alabama tonight. first time in history they have played back to back regular season games against two top three teams. lsu a big win over kentucky today. >> gary: and back to back to back. you played three national champions from the s.e.c., b alabama, lsu and south carolina. >> verne: personal foul. face mask on the tackle and take another look at the end of play. oh, yeah. midfield at the 49. driskel, nick gentry this time, number 58. >> gary: there's a guy i never
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talk enough about. nick gentry every time i watch him play and i go why didn't you mention number 58. he's a gamer. he's not a super star but makes plays throughout the whole game. >> verne: and was an important part of one of the key plays tonight and it led to the interception by upshaw and the subsequent return for a t.d. five sacks now for the crimson tide. kirkpatrick is coming and a fumble taken by alabama. >> gary: oh, my goodness. >> verne: yep. nico johnson number 35. so the crimson tide is surging now. >> gary: yeah, this is -- i thought florida might have a chance to win this game if they did everything right and
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>> verne: well, here's an as-if addition to the game as if they needed another injury the florida gators with the end of the play with driskel. >> gary: he got didn't he? is that upshaw again >> verne: he might have been and he's on the bench getting tape. let's go to tracy. >> tracy: they're taping up his left ankle and no one is warming up on the sideline and we expect him to finish this one out. >> verne: thank you. look at the rushing yards tonight. wow. richardson, wildcat. >> gary: first of the year. >> verne: yes. josh g. willis. first down. >> gary: you know what this kind of reminds me of now is how nick
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saban used mark ingram a couple years back when he won his heisman against south carolina. remember that? he had all those carries. the team was close to 250 yards in that football game and i think saban now is showing the rest of the people especially lsu be ready for this too by the way. remember, we got this too. >> verne: richardson's career high now with 167 earlier against north texas earlier in year. marquis maze and the direct snap to richardson. he adds to the total. >> gary: do you want to go back to the one play they think kind of broke this thing open in the second half for alabama. the third and 9 throw from mccarron to maze on the sideline. that was probably the only pressure packed play for mccarron the whole football game and he came through.
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>> verne: the starting offensive line still in there. >> gary: oh, yeah, you're not taking them out as long as number 3's in there. >> verne: mccarron lined up wide to the top of the screen and the wildcat again and marquis maze. here's richardson. >> gary: pretty impressive isn't it? >> verne: is it really, really is. >> gary: i think this is probably going to be the last series for richardson in the football game and there's the last carry. >> verne: there you go. >> gary: nicely done there by nick saban. >> verne: a career high 189 yards on 20 carries. >> gary: the career high. >> verne: eddie lacy has taken
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his place. lacy with a career high and season high of 162 and look at him, touchdown, alabama. and you said two weeks ago thunder and thunder. >> gary: thunder and thunder. you can't talk enough about how -- one of the things that will muschamp told us and i think he learned it from nick saban. we recruit great players and we coach hard if you're not ready you don't come to alabama or florida. i've been to those practices. it's tough. they coach them hard there but you can see they are well drilled and play tough football. >> verne: eddie lacy a 20-yard gallup for another alabama touchdown. they're about to put this one away. all these give safe drivers a discount.
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to either side, brantley has time and now breaks down and throws, intercepted, bama. courtney upshaw down the sideline, 20, 15, 10, 5, 48 yards on the pick six. thank you, very much. touchdown, alabama! >> verne: thank you, very much, eli gold. good to hear your voice on the broadcast. >> gary: a little bit of an inside job from last week. >> verne: it was last week. we introduced eli and he never made air. he's an old, dear friend. a very treasured personality in the state of alabama. and so 38-10 here with 8:45 to go. case foster will kick it off. solomon patton.
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fumbled again. >> gary: yep. >> verne: florida got it. >> gary: we thought perhaps doing our homework before the game that kickoffs could be an important part of this football game. we thought we were right until the quarterback went down. >> verne: exactly. and look at this. richardson and lacy, 213 and demps and rainey, 25 yards. >> gary: last year in the sec championship 629 yards rushing by alabama, 172 yards running by florida. can't win.
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>> verne: here's rainey. d and another visit with tim brando. >> a big night for wisconsin. all wisconsin. the 15-yard touchdown run the fourth of the night and 30 carries, 151 yards that's badgers roll and notre dame doing the same to purdue. by the way, verne, i call eli trouble up turn four gold. back to you. [laughter] >> verne: a little nascar reference to eli gold. you bet, tim. second down under 8:00 to go. handoff right side. >> gary: verne, i feel a little bad. when that fumble play at the end of the half i go who, florida caught a big break there and if you remember ironically it might be the break of the year for florida because as in no quarterback. it could be the worse break of all time. something you think you catch a
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break on ironically you lose your only veteran quarterback. >> verne: and brantley -- >> gary: changes the whole dynamic. >> verne: for the season, yes, a absolu absolutely. >> gary: if he's out for any extended period of time it will. >> verne: number 49 makes the tackle. >> gary: you wonder what charlie weis will do. i can't win with this so i'll go to a wildcat with trey burton and try to come up with something different next week. >> verne: now charlie weis known for his fiery personality and very interesting, we've enjoyed chatting with him the last couple of weeks and he said i'm -- i coach hard during the week but i'm very calm during the game. we saw that with john brantley and sadly gary said it looks like brantley's going to be out for a while and weis said the
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his biggest challenge was to instill confidence in driskel. >> gary: kirby smart recruited him to alabama. boy, discouraging. it's going to be discouraging and will muschamp will have a job in front of him. he doesn't have a lot of head coaching experience he'll have to fall back on everything he's learned on his career to handle the situation arising right now to be the head coach for the florida gators. >> verne: the sophomore is in at running back now. goes right. and look at him power his way out across the 35. 36. >> gary: got to say something about d.j. fluker the big right
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tackle for alabama. florida felt they could attack fluker and believed he wasn't quick enough. now i've watched him all game, he's handled the job. he may not be at the level you want as a number one draft pick but he's greatly improved from where he was last year and handled the florida speed all night tonight. >> verne: second down now and under 6:00 to play. breaks the tackle, first down, alabama. what's in front of alabama now. >> gary: who do they lose to, right? you can't believe vanderbilt's going to beat them. >> verne: i don't think. >> gary: ole miss is not up to it. now tennessee do they have hunter back? maybe. and they got the the other they're not losing that one. >> verne: and what's the game. >> gary: the one with lsu. that might be on their schedule until the last game.
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how about the at auburn game again. that thing always turns out funny. >> verne: yes, it does and jason hunter from tennessee is out for the year so they're going to miss him. it's like flying with one wing. >> gary: right. >> verne: phillip sims is in at quarterback replacing mccarron and the entire offensive line left and there's a decent contingent of alabama fans behind the crimson tide bench and none of them have left i promise you >> gary: and to highlight the job by the offensive line they've produced running yards, 232 but also remember this, no sackses in this football game. not one sack given up by this alabama football team. second down. not this time. fowler dropped all the way back
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to the 40. there's john michael boswell is in there and there's barrett jones on the right. barrett jones a delightful, calls himself a nerd. plays the violin. >> gary: he's a nerd first-round draft pick >> verne: yes, he is and a wonderful young man. his brother is on the field, a freshman and harrison jones they got on the field together last week and in the huddle harrison said what are you doing here he said coach put me in and he said get the guy over there. fowler.
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quanjo and here's mccarron. how do you assess his night. >> gary: everything the coaches said about him he's come through. he hasn't disappointed them all and i think alabama fans can rest easy they have a quarterback. he may not play every game but he has the potential to be a winning quarterback and take them to where they want to go. that's the only one play. sec championship and the winner of that game usually plays for the national championship. >> verne: robert clark if not call for the fair catch and kirkpatrick takes him down. 40-yard punt nothing on the return and clark lids to the bench and the player of the game, 181 yards, two touchdowns on the ground and also caught a couple and he just continues to impress. he had a modest start to the season against kansas state.
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>> gary: now i know you don't do this any more but you got to wonder if alabama doesn't take one period every day now at practice and prepare for lsu. >> verne: you think. >> gary: i don't see how they lose to those teams. >> verne: mike gillislee number 23 and jeff driskel is back on the field having had his ankle taped. longest run of the game the 31-yard scamper. nice pass complete to reed and then here's where he went down, tweaked his ankle and it was wrapped and he's back on the field. final 2:15 to go.
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on the 33. freshman linebacker out of ohio is the tackle. a quick reference to the georgia bulldogs. >> gary: they won today. and they're alive. beat south carolina and that's a team they needed to lose because they lost to them. >> verne: lost their first two of the season, boise state and south carolina. >> gary: south carolina still has a tie-breaker but -- >> verne: yep. >> gary: life. >> verne: third down. gillislee. fourth down. that's vinnie sunserri and his brother the starting quarterback for pittsburgh made the start


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