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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. new video of the man behind a shooting rampage in santa clara county. what family members say about the gunman's violent history. and a new crackdown on legal pot clubs in california. why they may be forced to shut down. storm clouds now headed east. high pressure building in. what does it mean for your weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have chopper 5 live over the 880/92 connector. we'll have your complete look at your roadways coming up in a
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few minutes. good morning. it is friday, october 7. i'm elizabeth wenger in this morning for frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 6:01. well, this morning, employees at a cupertino quarry are expected to be briefed about the shooting rampage they survived. and we are learning this morning some disturbing details about the suspect's history of violence. stephanie chuang is in sunnyvale, where the man was killed by deputies. >> reporter: good morning. as you know, that past details is about his violent temper. we have new surveillance video caught here at this arco gas station where we're live. allman was found and killed a couple of streets in us here on the 900 block of lauren way a neighbor just behind us. there we counted about 28 bullet holes in the garage at the home where he was found in front of and some 30 bullet casings scattered all around that area. santa clara county sheriff's
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deputies say they spotted allman crouched behind a car in the driveway and ordered him to surrender but instead he said something suicidal and pointed the gun at them. and that's when they say they shot and killed him. we also this morning have new surveillance video of allman after he ditched his car at this gas station and you can see him calmly walking carrying an assault rifle. this is after he gun downed he could workers a few miles away. one of the men who escaped that wednesday morning shooting recounted the horrifying moments after allman pulled out his gun. >> he said do you think you can [ bleep ] with me? that was it. he kept saying that repeating that and shooting and then repeat it and then shoot. so he had a grudge against the specific people. >> reporter: now, according to the "mercury news," court documents reveal allman has a bad temper. in 1992 his ex-wife got a restraining order against him after she said he hit her on the side of the head with a brass lamp that knocked her out. she also said he, quote, has a
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violent temper, cannot stand anyone to disagree with him, he interprets it to be a challenge to him and he reacts with physical violence. now, as for the three deputies who caught and killed him, the sheriff's office says they have different experience ranging from 1 1/2 years to four years. so relatively new to the department and they are still trying to figure out exactly his footprints here where he was hiding overnight, although we do believe he stayed in this area. >> thank you, stephanie chuang. police are now telling us that they have arrested a gunman who robbed and shot a woman in oakland and the long search made a mess out of yesterday's afternoon commute. westbound 580 was closed for three hours. it all began around 2:00 yesterday near a bank of america at 39th avenue. police tell us that the man stole the woman's purse and then shot her, then sped off in
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a lexus, crashed on the on-ramp to interstate 580, got out of his car and ran off. we don't know when or where he was found. we have dramatic video this morning. investigators are searching for the cause of a fiery train derailment about 10 miles west of chicago. it forced evacuations in the small community of tiskilwa. it has just about 800 people. that train was reportedly carrying ethanol. witnesses said they heard explosions. fortunately, no word on any injuries. close down or face criminal charges. that's the message u.s. attorneys are giving to more than a dozen pot clubs right here in california. anne makovec is in marin county at one of the dispensaries that received that stern letter from the justice department. and anne, looks like they don't have much time according to the letters. >> reporter: no. supposedly 45 days to shut down or face criminal prosecution and possibly the feds coming in to take all their property. and we're not only talking to
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people who run these clubs, also the landlords of the places that they are running them out of. people have felt pretty good about what they have been doing for several years feeling pretty safe that the feds weren't going to come in and all of a sudden the department of justice sends out this letter to at least 16 pot clubs up and down california with all of these threats outlining things like federal law takes precedence over state law and applies regardless of the particular uses for which a dispensary is selling an distributing marijuana. that's one of the quotes from this letter. the threat is for both clubs and their landlords facing federal criminal charges and confiscation of property if they don't shut down within 45 days. even though these places have been legal for years under california state law prop 215. it's devastating to the 16 states that have legal
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marijuana and it's heartbreaking. >> she is the owner of the marin alliance for medical marijuana here, also facing possible enhanced federal charges of selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a park. so the federal attorneys are going to be holding a press conference this morning in sacramento and before that happens, a lot of advocates and patients around the state will gather to protest the upcoming announcement. another interesting thing is we are still under the obama administration. they have been very laissez- faire when it comes to states that have legalized medical pot for medicinal use. then all of a sudden the department of justice sends out this memo in june saying that they may be cracking down and now they are making good on the threat. >> thank you. time for another check of traffic and weather. lawrence is here. good flying weather, right, for those blue angels? >> fantastic flying weather. would you like to do that fly
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with the blue angels? >> i don't know. [overlapping speakers] >> people who go up there always throw up. i'd love to fly with them, though. great day outside as we'll see a lot of sunshine coming our way. the rain has moved eastward and that means skies clearing out nicely but it's a little cool in spots. 43 degrees right now in the napa valley. 44 in santa rosa. 45 in livermore. and 47 degrees in san jose. i think as we head toward the afternoon, big change in the temperatures. we have a major warming trend. yesterday we were in the 60s, today popping up into the 70s in many spots. it will be 13 degrees warmer in livermore at 75 and a good 10 degrees warmer in san jose, 72 and 6 degrees warmer in san francisco at 68 degrees. even warmer for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going to go live right now to chopper 5 checking on conditions as you work your way between hayward and foster city. looking at the san mateo bridge this morning and so far traffic is very light at the toll plaza
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no delays about 14 minutes between 880 and 101. but as we jump to the maps we are getting first reports of an accident northbound 880 right at winton. the good news is all the activity is on the right shoulder. we may have debris in the road so look out for that. north 280 on the other side of the bay, right at 92, we have reports of a four-car crash with the right lane blocked. looks like it is a non-injury accident. they should have that wrapped up to the right shoulder very quickly. southbound 101 out of marin, problem-free. as you hit the golden gate bridge, traffic very light- headed into san francisco. we'll get a live look at the bay bridge coming up. right now back to you. apple officials apparently knew for days that cofounder steve jobs was close to death. bloomberg reports that the company's security official met with palo alto police earlier in the week to make sure that things were secure in that area around jobs' home in palo alto. dozens of people have gathered there to pay their respects after jobs' death was officially announced on
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wednesday. another of apple's secret projects is coming to light. deep inside the cupertino headquarters, jobs was creating a corporate university and now this was aimed at grooming executives to think like him. one apple employees tells the "los angeles times" jobs personally recruited the dean of the yale school of business to launch apple u. the goal was to instill its students with job's perfectionism, simplicity and secrecy. 6:09. concern is growing about a dangerous virus on the cal campus. why hundreds of students lined up in the rain. and bans on the rails. the new cell phone restrictions designed to keep raiders safe. from the big apple to the bay area, the growing outrage against wall street and how president obama is stepping in. ,,
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it feels like a short cut, even through customs.
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area and around the country this morning... the occupy protest against corporate greed continues in the bay area and around the country. down san jose demonstrators are outside city hall right now.
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as you can see, they have even pitched-tenths. let's go out to washington, d.c. now where again these protests are continuing all over the country. demonstrators are on wall street, at the capital, in new york. some of them plan to occupy a plaza near the white house through the weekend. the economy created more jobs than expected last month but the unemployment rate stayed right where it's been since july. 9.1%. the labor department reports 103,000 jobs were added in september. economists expected only about 59,000. california is banning rail transit operators from using their cell phones. the state public utilities commission issued a temporary emergency order after two muni trains crashed in 2008. and around that same time, there was a deadly train crash in l.a. the new regulation makes the interim order permanent and also requires cameras to be installed in order to enforce that new rule. time now is 6:14.
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the unwanted ads taking up space in your mailbox. why the post office wants to deliver you more of that junk mail. >> a mad dash for a vaccine on the cal campus. why officials expect a mumps outbreak to get worse. >> the rain moved on. high pressure now building in. a lot of festivities taking part this weekend. how will the weather shape up? we'll talk about that coming right up. ,,,,,,,,
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here's a check on some of today's top stories. oakland says they found a gunman who robbed and shot a woman near a bank after a long search that made a mess out of yesterday's afternoon commute on westbound i-580 through oakland. federal prosecutors are launching a crackdown on pot dispensaries in california. 16 stores including one in marin county are being told to close in 45 days or face criminal charges. and investigators are searching for the cause of a fiery train derailment. this happened about 100 miles west of chicago. police around that area had to evacuate. no word on any injuries. good morning, bay area! happy friday. if you are headed out the door a little cool to start w you might want to bring a jacket with you. we have temperatures into the
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50s and 50s. but it looks like just -- 40s and 50s. but it looks like patchy fog at the coastline. otherwise mostly clear skies. toward the afternoon temperatures noticeably warmer some 70s going to be common place inland 60s at the coast and leftover clouds and plenty of sunshine inside the bay. high pressure now building into the bay area will continue to build right in through the weekend. that means we are going to see temperatures really pop up towards the afternoon under sunny skies, no threat of rain. temperatures looking like this. plan on 57 75 morgan hill, 71 san mateo, 72 hayward. east bay numbers in the mid-70s in the hottest spots there. high as 76 degrees in walnut creek, 73 in the napa valley and about 76 in pleasanton. as you get inside the bay you will find 60s into san francisco, some low 70s into oakland, and some mid-70s into santa rosa. looking out over the weekend high pressure building n those temperatures could very well make it into the 70s and the 80s over the weekend so a great weekend cooling off slightly on columbus day before warming up toward the middle of next week. that's a look at weather.
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gianna has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. live to chopper chopper 5, accident northbound 880 at winton avenue chopper 5 over the scene. you can see all the activity to the right shoulder of. no lanes are blocked. debris was reported in the road. they managed to get that out of lanes, as well. elsewhere to our maps we are monitoring and accident over along the peninsula. 280 northbound right at 92. couple of cars involved in this wreck. i heard the left lane was blocked from chp. it's the noncommute direction so not a lot of delays. traffic very light still through there. both directions seeing lots of green so we'll keep you updated on that. 101 nice towards sfo northbound no delays, southbound looking good out of san francisco towards the airport. 73 miles per hour. also, if you are heading into the city, howard remains closed between 3rd and 4th streets. for oracle open world, that should be wrapping up today by 4:00. everything should be re- opening. in the meantime mass transit is your best choice. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners.
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and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. officials at uc berkeley are saying that they expect an outbreak of mumps on campus to get worse. hundreds of students and staff waited in line in the rain to get those free vaccinations yesterday. another free clinic is planned for next friday. doctors at university health services say the outbreak may have come from overseas and spread through student housing. >> the incubation period is in the range of 2 to 4 weeks so the people that we saw last week probably were infected two to four weeks ago and what i'm worried about is what this is going to look like two to four weeks from now. >> 20 people are already sick and it takes at least two weeks for that vaccination to take effect. so it is likely that more people will be getting the mumps at berkeley. it is 6:21. tim lincecum in legal trouble. the new claims that the giants
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all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. giants ace tim lincecum is the good morning. traffic stacking up at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the metering lights have been turned on. we'll have a look at 880 from chopper 5 coming up in just a few minutes.
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giants ace pitcher tim lincecum is the target of a lawsuit by his former landlord. she says he caused $200,000 worth of damage to a townhouse in san francisco's mission district. the suit claims he damaged doors, kitchenware, furniture artwork among other things and says lincecum continued living there after the lease expired without paying rent. lincecum's agent calls the lawsuit totally unwarranted. you might think the post office's plan to save itself is just a bunch of rubbish more junk mail. the post office is running ads to encourage more businesses to send catalogs by standard mail. they are suffering from historic losses and a plummet in first class mail. the squirrel that ran across home plate during the division game between the phillies and the cardinals is going viral on twitter. >> the most famous squirrel in america. someone is tweeting and sharing for the cards via the bush
6:25 am
squirrel twitter account. he has, get this more than 15,000 online followers. and the account has only been active since tuesday. [ laughter ] >> good powerful legs. that is when another squirrel was spotted near third base at busch stadium. >> very spry. these are some of the best tweets by the bush squirrel. he says, we need to win. i'm not ready to hibernate yet. charlie manuel too old to shoot me or i have a gun. saw myself on tv again. man, i look good. [ laughter ] >> i think it's one squirrel making multiple appearances. >> i think so, too. he is all about the fame that squirrel. one of the star attractions at san francisco's fleet week actually takes off later today. the blue angels practiced over the san francisco bay yesterday. pilots are staging one more rehearsal at 12:30 p.m.
6:26 am
that's before their high-flying show at 3:00 and then they are going to be doing a meet and greet with fans at pier 39 tonight at 7:15. definitely can hear them coming. >> they were loud yesterday during practice, during my nap. coming up, president obama speaks out on the solyndra scandal. how he disdepends the government's controversial low -- how he defends the government's controversial loan. a robbery and shooting nightmare. the end to a manhunt in the east bay. we'll have new details this morning about the violent temper of the man who gunned down coworkers wednesday morning. we have new surveillance video of him right before he shot his tenth victim that day. the legality of medical pot here in california is not offering much of a shield to the feds. they are planning on cracking down. we'll tell you the latest on their plans coming up. and high pressure now building into the bay area, looks like we have plenty of sunshine coming our way. how warm will it get this
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get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy. this morning's jobs repor let's go live to wall street. hoping for that three-day rally to continue and this morning's jobs report could help. more jobs were created than expected last month, 105,000. the unemployment rate is still
6:30 am
9.1% for the third month in a row. we'll check with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks in a little bit to check what's going on. good morning, it's friday, october 7. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger in today for frank mallicoat who is on a little vacation, gets an extended weekend. let's first get a quick look at traffic and weather. we are hoping for a lot of sunshine this weekend with the blue angels in town. >> plenty of sunshine today around the bay area. a little cool in spots, though. we have temperatures dipping down into the 40s right now inland. how much sunshine will we get? first traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. it's getting busy on the roads. new accident westbound 24 in the caldecott tunnel blocking lanes. traffic backing up. more on this coming up. back to you. bullet holes all over a silicon valley home. this is where a killer was gunned down. we have new information about the man who shot and killed his coworkers in cupertino this
6:31 am
week. stephanie chuang is in sunnyvale at the place where he was found more than 24 hours after that shooting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and those details are about a past violent temper. we'll have more on that in a bit. we also have surveillance video from near the gas station where we're live here at homestead and wolf before he crossed the street to the corner where the hp campus is and shot his 10th victim. he then crossed the street and was in this general neighborhood apparently. that's where he was found and killed yesterday morning in that neighborhood behind us. we counted some 28 bullet holes in the garage and some 30 bullet casings around the front of the home where he was found. three santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they ordered allman to surrender but he said something suicidal and then pointed the gun at him so they shot and killed him. now, we also have that new footage of allman after he ditched his car near wolf and homestead. you can actually see him just calmly walking there an assault rifle on his shoulder. we spoke with his friends, who
6:32 am
i sa he had visited them in sacramento last weekend and told them people at work were racist and out to get him. >> he was like yeah, prejudiced people on my job keep messing with me and stuff but he said but you know how that. uhm, you ought to know i'm a black gorilla. you can only contain a gorilla for so long. >> reporter: apparently his temper flared in the past. according to the "mercury news" in 1992 his ex-wife got a restraining order against him after he knocked her unconscious with a brass lamp. in court documents she says he has a violent temper, cannot stand anyone to guys agree with him reacting with physical violence. sheriff's officials also said that allman had apparently used his walkie-talkie to call back to the survivors of that cupertino quarry shooting threatening to finish them off and also that he had apparently two hidden assault rifles somewhere along homestead road
6:33 am
here where he was maybe preparing for some sort of final shootout. back to you. >> scary stuff there, all right, thanks, stephanie. signs are posted in dorms at san francisco state university warning students about a recent sexual assault. an 18-year-old woman says a man led her into a dorm room last friday and assaulted her. the woman thought the suspect was taking her to a party. she is not a student at the school. she said her attacker was a mixed race man 18 to 22 years old. the manhunt for a robber who shot a woman in oakland appears to be over. >> that's right. the search shut down a stretch of interstate 580 for three hours yesterday. margie schaefer joins us live on the phone with the developments. >> reporter: good morning. oakland police tell cbs 5 that they have the man suspected of snatching a purse near a bank of america atm at 39th and macarthur and then shooting her twice according to witnesses when she ran after him through a parking lot.
6:34 am
this attack as you mentioned occurred in broad daylight at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and forced the closure of 580 for hours by the california highway patrol as police found the suspect's vehicle a black lexus crashed at the on-ramp of 580 and 35th. thousands of commuters were inconvenienced. at last report, the woman remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we are still awaiting more details from the oakland police department about how and when they got their man and who he is. laurel district residents and business owners say violence has escalated in the area in the past couple months. reporting live in oakland, margie schafer for cbs 5 and kcbs. >> thank you. federal prosecutors are issuing warnings to morning a dozen pot clubs in california telling them to shut down their business or face criminal prosecution. anne makovec is in marin county at a dispensary that received that strongly worded letter from the justice department. >> reporter: pot clubs all over
6:35 am
the state have felt fairly comfortable about what they have been doing since it is legal here in california and has been since prop 215 passed many years ago more than a decade ago. and now, the feds have decided they are going to start cracking down. they are going to be making an announcement in sacramento today and that is after sending out letters like this one to 16 pot clubs up and down the state of california outlining their plans saying this dispensary is operating in violation of federal law and persons who operator facilitate the operation of such dispensaries are subject to criminal prosecution. the feds say federal law takes precedence over state law and applies regardless of the particular uses for which a dispensary is selling and distributing marijuana. the threat is for both clubs and their landlords facing both federal criminal charges and confiscation of their property if they don't shut down within 45 days even though again, these places are legal here in california. >> it seems like a concerted
6:36 am
effort to do away with medical marijuana overnight. and i think it's unfair and it's mean and it's the wrong thing for the obama administration to be doing. >> reporter: she is the owner of the marin alliance for medical marijuana in fairfax where i am right now. they are also facing possible enhanced federal charges of selling drugs within 1000 feet of a park. you heard her refer to the obama administration. they have been pretty laissez- faire thus far but the department of justice did send out a memo in june talking about possible plans to start cracking down and it looks like this is that come to fruition. so again, we are going to hear from these four attorneys coming up later on this morning but first, there's going to be a huge protest in sacramento from medical marijuana advocates and patients against this crackdown. grace. >> i'm sure there will be a huge outcry. do we know why those particular pot places were targeted or were they the larger places,
6:37 am
were they the largees disexpense ris? >> reporter: no. we're not sure. we haven't come up with a common thread. a lot of them don't like to talk to the media. they are afraid of coming out in the public in general because of this federal threat. so we know of 16 for sure that have gotten these letters. but there may be many, many more. >> trying to stay under the radar. thanks, anne. more protests today against wall street and corporate greed. here in the bay area, demonstrators are out in full force this morning in front of san jose city hall. they have even pitched some tents out there. the protestors say they represent the 99% of americans who are not rich against the 1% who control the wealth. >> show me what democracy looks like! >> demonstrators even turned up on wall street in new york again also san francisco and washington, d.c. some of them plan to occupy a plaza near the white house through the weekend. new fallout from the
6:38 am
solyndra scandal. the head of the federal clean energy loan program is stepping down. that is the program that approved the half million- dollar loan to the bankrupt solar company. president obama defended that loan yesterday saying there was always a risk some companies won't work out. the president says the program will help the u.s. compete with china and other countries in clean energy technology. 6:38 now. there are three women activists who have won this year's nobel peace prize. the names were announced in norway just a few hours ago. now, all of them won for their work to secure women's rights. the winners are: ellen johnson sirleaf, the president of liberia; leymah gbowee a peace activist from liberia; and tawakkul karman, an activist for democracy from yemen. the three will split $1.5 million in prize money. >> you are a pro at those names by now. just rolling through that list. >> i'm just amazed at what they were able to accomplish. so the least i can do is say
6:39 am
their names right. [ laughter ] all right. time now is 6:39. let's get another check of traffic and weather. lawrence, how are you doing over there in the weather center? >> doing well, guys. a lot of sunshine come our wait a minute we are drying things out weather-wise as high pressure is building in now and, of course, got a lot of things going on this weekend. we want some sunshine and i think we are going to see plenty of it. let's take you outside now. kind of a neat start to the day. couple of patches of fog out toward the coastline and a few high clouds over the bay but we are looking good right now as that ridge of high pressure will continue to build in today and bring with it more sunshine around the bay area, some dry weather outside. so we are looking good into the afternoon. temperatures warming up. planning on about 72 degrees sunny in san jose, 75 morgan hill, antioch look be at 74 degrees. 76 in walnut creek. and as you get inside the bay you will find 72 degrees, sunny skies into oakland, about 68 degrees in san francisco. and about 65 degrees in sausalito. that's a look at weather. here's gianna with a look at traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. we are monitoring this accident in the caldecott tunnel right now. we are going to go live to
6:40 am
chopper 5 and these are conditions out of tunnel on the oakland side. once you get past the wreck traffic is up to speed and looking okay heading into the maze and towards oakland. on the maps behind there, we have this accident westbound 24 blocking the left bore. this is the commute direction so you can see traffic is starting to back up in the area. so give yourself some extra time as you work your way through there but against, once you get past that traffic actually pretty light but, of course, it is backed up at the bay bridge. that's traffic. back to you. thank you. time now is 6:40. hungry and in a hurry? coming up, liam's favorite bay area food trucks. >> and memorials in the bay area and around the world grow, we get the inside story on steve jobs and about his ties to san francisco. >> and the manhattan just opened about 10 minutes a-- and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. it looks like the dow is up about 75 points. coming up we'll get an update from jason brooks with kcbs and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
happy friday bay area. just getting up we have a great day qom our way as high pressure now building in. let's take you outside now for a quick look and a few clouds making their way across our skies but not bad. we are going to see mostly sunny skies as we head into the afternoon and looks like those temperatures are going to start
6:44 am
to warm up very nicely. still we have some clear skies inland. a little chilly too in spots to begin with. by the afternoon, though, things are going to be warming up and an even warmer weekend as that ridge of high pressure builds in. it looks like it will send the threat of rain to the north and east of us for the weekend so we'll be dry today and through the weekend. fantastic temperatures. numbers looking like this. 72 in san jose. 75 degrees in livermore. 75 in santa rosa. 68 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we are going to enjoy some of those numbers up into the 70s, even some low 80s. over the weekend looking good. possibly cooling off a little bit into columbus day with some partly cloudy skies but we are going to warm things right back up toward the mulled middle of next week. >> lots of company especially on 24 compliments of an accident couple of cars inside the bore there. looking live at chopper 5 westbound 24 blocking the left bore. traffic is really backed up.
6:45 am
you can see at least to fish ranch at this point. so give yourself some extra time as you work your way through there. jumping to our maps right now, again that accident is inside the tunnel so once you get out of the tunnel, traffic actually looks good. heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza we are backed up at least to the 880 overcrossing. metering lights are on. a little sluggish up the incline but okay once you get past that area and over towards the upper deck across the upper deck into san francisco. south 680 at alcosta we have an injury accident on the right shoulder but a vehicle went into a ditch may cause some closures there on the right lane if they have to retrieved vehicle back to the freeway. so expect some slight delays there. and west 580 stacking up through the altamont pass. 6:45. that september jobs report came out just about an hour ago but not surprisingly, wall street already react. here's jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: the september jobs report turned out to be better than expected. a gain of 103,000 jobs last month. the consensus was calling for
6:46 am
about 65,000. the unemployment rate how far does stay the same at 9.1%. we need to see monthly gains of 250,000 jobs for gains. some of the gain is attributed to striking verizon workers returning, about 45,000. so that dims it a little bit. but labor department went back to august a month when it originally said there were no gain in jobs and said there was a gain of 57,000. we have had 5 straight months of gains and while it's not quite enough, it is impressive that employers are hiring considering the headlines that we have seen over the past couple months with the u.s. potentially close to default. lawyers have been cautious in their hire -- employers have been cautious in their hiring plans. but consumers are still out there shopping and that could give more employers encouragement certainly helps us pull back from that talk of
6:47 am
a potential double-dip recession. let's see how wall street is reacting. a solid three session winning street the dow up 38. tech struggling, nasdaq down by 11, s&p down by 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and apple stores around the world there are a lot of fans who are leaving behind flowers, candles and post-it notes for the late steve jobs. for the inside story on steve jobs and his ties to san francisco, we have cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor willie brown. good morning, guys. >> well, good morning. you know, this is apple, steve jobs tied to the bay area. but very interestingly tied to san francisco and to you. you know, we hear a lot about the public steve jobs. you actually met him several times privately and had a little thing going with him to bring the apple store to san francisco. >> that's how we got apple downtown. that was steve jobs's decision.
6:48 am
he wanted to put it right downtown in the heart of san francisco. >> but that's not easy because san francisco is very particular about what goes in and a lot of those buildings down there are historic or at least the idea is you're not supposed to mess with them and how did he wind up getting that whole apple front of his with that stained glass -- that sleek steel and apple and stuff? >> that's virtually a total and complete new building. when marshall smallinches who represented steve jobs at the time came to me and said the problem was this is historically significant you can't touch it and we don't -- we aren't going to modify the pattern, the pattern is going to be as it is everywhere in the nation with that metal outside and kind of shiny with the apple and that's it. >> how did you get that into an historic building? you're not supposed to touch historic buildings? >> it's not an historic building as such. you can have evidence of history in the building and in this case, in my conversation with steve jobs, when he asked me, how can we solve the problem, i says, very simple. you're a real smart guy.
6:49 am
how about just keeping the back wall? and the back wall is not observable by anybody. now, i don't know if the back wall is still there but nevertheless, we got the apple store. >> so you got the apple store in by basically saying we are going to preserve the historic nature of this building, the back wall. >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> nothing wrong with that. [ laughter ] >> and it worked. and everybody loves the building. in addition to the apple store became the template for the whole side of the street all the way up to crate and barrel so that whole side of the street in downtown san francisco -- >> did he have much of a sense of humor when he was dealing with this stuff? >> no, he didn't smile. you know, i think he was still trying to sell iphones. >> listen, i have to ask you this. it's fleet week, the blue angels are rocketing around the bay this weekend. as mayor, did you ever go up on a ride on the blue angels? >> well, i was extended the opportunity to ride in an airplane in the blue angels plane but i think i was busy that day. [ laughter ] >> i didn't -- you know,
6:50 am
besides i didn't have the clothing. unlike dianne feinstein, when she served as mayor, she actually got the whole flight suit and the whole bit and went up. i did not want to be left up there and those guys probably would have. [ laughter ] >> well, i thank you. it's going to be quit a weekend this weekend in san francisco with fleet week and stuff. i understand you're already emceeing some of the events , huh. well, i did yesterday. i was on that big helicopter i guess you would call it aircraft carrier and it was an amazing experience because of the size and the width and the breadth and the discussions with the mayors from from oakland, san francisco, and others. it was fabulous. only problem was walking out to the boat in the rain. >> every life has its troubles. >> i know. >> mess up your fancy clothes. >> tough life for willie brown. thank you. some people need to dine and dash. many are turning to bay area's food trucks for gourmet bites.
6:51 am
liam mayclem is showing us his top five picks for food on the go. >> reporter: greetings, pleasure seekers on the list, five reasons to love street food this week. you know, food trucks are aplenty but here are a few of my favorites. first up, chairman bao, a bold and spicy taste of asia, the pulled pork and steamed buns about to dive in right here. there are my must have order from the chairman. a delicious porky treat at five bucks, you have to love that. you can find the chairman on >> the sweetest treats on the planet, kara's cupcakes. her crumble and melt in your mouth cakes are delicious! my favorite, well, it has to be the chocolate cupcake with a velvety bitter suisse chocolate butter cream. you can find the trucks all over the bay area and you can follow kara on twitter and look out for her weekly specials.
6:52 am
next, for tacos with a kick, kung fu tacos. these mobile taco treats are a party on one's palate. the roast duck with hoisin sauce and mango sauce, they are the order of the day with east and south. kung fu tacos on twitter. all right. one other honorable mention, to this truck right here the asian hawaiian fusion food truck known as, wait for it, hawaiianese. hawaiian and pan-asian cuisine, the kick in the pants fried chick zen my favorite. and friends and food lovers, you can find all these food trucks at off the grid. find out when off the grid is going to be in your backyard. a gathering of the best of the bay area street food. all the information is at
6:53 am thanks a lot for watching and enjoy the rest of your weekend. cheers. >> thank you. >> can you hear that? my stomach is growling. >> some of those food trucks are so cute, too. kara's cupcake trouble? i have seen her driving around the marina, adorable. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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prosecutors to more than a dozen pot clubs in calif shut down or else that's the message from federal prosecutors to more than a dozen pot clubs in california. anne makovec is outside a dispensary that just got a warning letter. good morning. >> reporter: yes. one of at least 16 dispensaries here in california that have recently got a very stern warning from the department of justice to shut down or else within 45 days. now, these attorneys are going to be holding a press conference this morning in sacramento to announce more of their plans to crack down basically on california's medical pot industry. they sent out this letter to these pot dispensaries. the wording was not anything that left any question in people's minds. it says federal law takes precedence regardless of the uses a disexpensery is selling marijuana. the threat is for the clubs and landlords facing federal criminal charges an confiscation of their property
6:57 am
if they doesn't shut down within 45 days. these places are legal under california state law. here at the marin alliance for medical marijuana they face possible enhanced federal charges of sell illegal drugs within 1,000 feet of a park. we are going to hear from the department of justice this morning. but before that, there's going to be a huge protest by medical marijuana patients and advocates against what the department of justice is about to announce. >> thank you. dramatic video. investigators have searching for the cause of a fiery train derailment. it happened about 100 miles west of chicago. it forced evacuations in the small community of tiskilwa that has about 800 people. the train was reportedly carrying ethanol. witnesses said they heard explosions, this is that video taken earlier. no word on any injuries. killing three coworkers at a quarry in cupertino was not the first sign of violence from shareef allman. the "mercury news" reports his
6:58 am
ex-wife got a restraining order against him in 1992 after he hit her with a brass lamp and knocked her out. the paper also reports allman used a walkie-talkie to threaten survivors on wednesday's shooting spree and that allman had hidden weapons along his getaway route. deputies shot and killed him in sunnyvale yesterday morning. not really a great way to end the week. we have a lot of trouble out there right? >> yeah. so much for "friday light." in fact we are going to chopper 5 right now who has a look at the backup right now as you work your way along 24. this is westbound 24 into the caldecott tunnel. we have this accident blocking the left bore. traffic is crawling through there on the westbound side. it is the commute direction so give give . backed up beyond fish ranch. give yourself some extra time. west 24 at the caldecott tunnel left bore blocked so it's busy. lawrence? >> got some great news in weather. more sunshine coming our way.
6:59 am
temperatures warming up as high pressure is building n mostly sunny skies this afternoon, mid- 70s in the warmest spots, 70s inside the bay, 60s. sunshine over the weekend and temperatures warming up into the 80s in the hottest spots before cooling down slightly on monday. then warming right back up. by the way, fleet week this weekend, the blue angels are flying and it should be great to enjoy. >> that's a good-looking forecast. >> beautiful. >> lawrence is going to get up there and be part of fleet week. >> i would like to get on one of those guys right there. anytime you want to take me for a ride, let me know. >> that's our volunteer. >> caption colorado, llc oducer: ybarra director: bruce good morning, m


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